Green Tara Healing & Activation

A transformative online ceremony for communing with the Green Goddess and merging with the stars

  • Date/Time: To be rescheduled in the near future. Feel free to sign up to my newsletter for updates and check out my scheduled ceremonies
  • Can’t attend?: You can still receive the healing & activation if not on Zoom
  • Cost: $77 CDN
  • Minimum age to receive the healing & activation: 9 years ~ please read the FAQ’s pertaining to children
  • Minimum age to attend on Zoom: The legal age of majority (adulthood) in the country you reside in
  • Further Details & Registration: Please click the link at the bottom

Green Tara is an ancient Goddess and loving force who longs to serve you in your heroic journey of healing, empowerment and ascension. Revered particularly in the Tibetan Buddhist lineage with multi-ray transmissions such as Orange and Yellow Tara, and known as She of a Thousand Stars, Green Tara and I invite you to this sacred ceremony, a divine portal into feeling and knowing yourself as one with this universally loved Ascended Master and the countless stars. 

Starlight is Christ or Buddha consciousness emanating in infinite diversity. This understanding transcends religious doctrine; for Christ / Buddha light permeated the Earth (and Cosmos) long before Jesus and Buddha walked these planes. Hence Jesus’s present-time reference to the past: “Before Abraham was, I am.” (John 8:58). However you wish to define this primordial light, this ceremony is an invitation to viscerally remember how the mysterious stars forever serve to remind us who we are. 

A star’s twinkle is a wink. 
“Remember the light”,
it says.

Scientists tell us that everything is made from stardust. The great astrophysicist and author Carl Sagan in his book Cosmos noted, “The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff.” Articulated in a different way, all matter — our body, the trees and planets, etc — is starlight densified to varying degrees; it is the vibrational frequency of divine light slowed and crystallized into form. When we finally surrender and say, “Oh, I give up! It doesn’t matter!”, which always feels good to say, we are in that moment lightening up from the incarnate dream of maya (illusion), or unbinding from matter, which the Sanskrit word maya is related to.

This ceremony helps liberate you from painful attachments to suffering and maya by awakening you to the enlightened Master you are and your divine inheritance. You commune directly with Green Tara’s overlighting presence and calibrate to the holy qualities she exemplifies like abundance, shamanism, eco-consciousness, and the contrast of innocence (White Tara) and wrathful rebel warrior that destroys obstacles (Blue or Ugra Tara). You may find yourself unlocking memories, gifts and wisdom encoded in your DNA related to past lives in Tibetan Buddhist cultures, or from other lineages associated with Green Tara, such as Celtic Ireland and the Cheyenne people of North America who called her Star Woman. 

More broadly, Green Tara’s stellar rays bridge your human biology with our shared Cosmic Biology. Tara, which translates to Star Mother, comes from the Sanskrit root, Tar, which means star as well as bridge. Her multi-ray transmission reconciles you to the truth that stars are the neurons of the Cosmic Mind. Your human neurons quite literally fuse with the vast intelligence of the stars, enlightening your neurological highways / nervous system, and empowering you to travel and serve the multidimensional Cosmos. The stars’ uniquely diverse crystal-lineChrist lightcodes and ancient wisdom templates activate in your DNA, upgrading your current genetic blueprint to a more divine library of intelligence and possibilities. 

The potentials this ceremony holds to heal and empower are truly endless! With Cosmic light integration comes a harmonic convergence of all micro and macro parts / systems in your psychobiology. Cells, organs, your brain hemispheres, etc., communicate better with one another, operating less separately and more as a coherent, synced whole. This means chronic conditions like digestive issues, psoriasis, anxiety and joint pain can miraculously heal, and the innateness of worth, beauty, joy, and even a remembrance of interstellar purpose, can be restored. 

Health means whole, which comes from embodying our undivided holy nature! 

As above, so below. As within, so without. Interior to our psychobiology and in relationship to our larger Cosmic Body, this ceremony moves us towards greater unity. Our multidimensional Universal Playground comes more alive in our holographic electron universes and thus human awareness. Electromagnetism and alignment with divine will increases, drawing new live-giving opportunities. Progressively, we are liberated from the shackling dream of density and separation to live in harmonic union with our Higher Self, the magnificent Stars, and the Infinite Loving Intelligence of Life. 

Indeed, more than a healing and activation, this sacred ceremony invites you to experience a much deserved Homecoming. For, the same thing She of a Thousand Stars is transmitting to you is who you are. 

Via the link below, you are encouraged to set intentions for any healing empowerments you wish. Nothing is too much to ask from Green Tara. Most of all, trust your heart, and that she will know exactly how to support your journey of stellar ascension. 

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Image in the banner is adapted from the works of Zeng Hao, to whom I am grateful for.