Training for a New World

“Vince, I just need to thank you for years of enjoyment from your web site. After 40 years as a preschool teacher, and having been to three of your playshops, I am so appreciative for all the joys you have brought to my days. Thank you!” ~ Bonnie Cronmiller

The world is moving faster than ever.

We are moving into a time of great uncertainty and change where old paradigms and means of operating are not necessarily working as well as they used to. The beliefs, attitudes, behaviours and systems that used to keep our ship afloat are becoming outdated. A new ship is being born, leading us in new unprecedented directions, and requiring new tools and awareness for work and life.

For organizations and communities to thrive in the emerging new world, they will need to adapt to the changing times and examine how they operate. A movement towards making holistic and socially responsible choices will be essential for their ongoing success and happiness. For individuals, a path of healing and growth may be required if they are to move past the trauma that has long kept their life force from flowing free. 

Vince Gowmon supports organizations and communities to transform their culture and systems towards greater collaboration, positivity and productivity. His unique keynotes & playshops are rich with learning, practical in application, fun, interactive, and leaving people inspired with tools for work and life. He also offers somatic, trauma-informed counselling and life coaching to individuals in person and via Skype. 

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Something to make you smile!

Here is a short video filmed and edited by Vince called Come Out and Play ~ Embracing Life’s Infinite Playground. Enjoy, and thank you for visiting Vince’s website!

“If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play.” ~ John Cleese