Hathor Star Nation Healing & Activation

A transformative online ceremony for embodying the limitless creative genius of your stellar multidimensional consciousness

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  • Minimum age to receive the healing & activation: 9 years ~ please read the FAQ’s pertaining to children
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Known as the Sky Goddess and Sky Cow, horns rising with a solar disc between, Hathor, like Isis and Osiris, led a highly advanced society in the recesses of Egypt’s ancient history, or Kemet. It was a time prior to Lemuria, when her initiated community were dedicated to embodying their multidimensional sovereign power and potential, connecting to the stars, and bridging Heaven and Earth through a reverent commitment to soul expansion and service. Together, Hathor and her initiates inspired a Golden Age, and left a legacy of transglobal mystery schools and Divine Feminine Christ consciousness we are the beneficiaries of today. 

Hathor’s legacy is largely influenced by her inter-stellar missions with the Sirius star system. From this principal congregative centre of advanced overseers, this stargate priestess seeded and cultivated ancient ascension teachings, sometimes by facilitating the arrival of its elder teachers, which activated the intelligence of Sirius (and other stars) in her family of Earth initiates. Sacred stellar communion upgraded their DNA, meridians and neural pathways with new diaphanous frequencies, with the Greater Mysteries of the Universe, enabling them to explore and advance their multidimensional capabilities to new heights, and rejoice in feeling how electric and powerful they were.  

As with all initiatory practice, or theurgy, meaning “divine or god-work,” this was a return to the childlike innocence, beauty and wonder of re-membrance. A twinkling Diamond light recognition that stars are aspects of ourselves, our Cosmic Body, to work, play and serve with in creative and celebratory expression. To identify with, not simply gaze upon. Embodying star frequencies and wisdom, especially in our heart, in love, was and is thus a Homecoming, a return to holiness and wholeness, to the Infinite Playground of Life we are! 

For people of all ages and times, stars have touched hearts and inspired wonder for these reasons. Sung, painted, danced and written about, igniting creative fires and dreams of starry-eyed children, our flickering friends call us into their radiating arms, into remembrance, in still, subtle ways. There has always been a quiet knowing, deep within, that we belong there, up there, to the places dreaming children point us to. Through creative expression, we still the rigidities of logic and wanderings of discursive thought, to feel into, stir and awaken these deep origins. Which is why it should be no coincidence that star and arts have the same letters. That is our divine clue! Giving ourselves to the arts, we give ourselves to the stars, and vice versa. We give in and up to their divine inspiration. We bring up there down here, into our body, a merging of Heaven and Earth through a spontaneous hymn, a stroke of a paint brush, a warm brush of our beloved’s cheek. 

Our profound longings, which differ from material wanting, must be honoured in full. They prompt and guide us, bringing us into resonant embodied remembrance, into feeling the desire to be-long to that which we long for, and actualizing this potential. Another clue lies in the word desire, which derives from the Latin desiderara, meaning “to await what the stars will bring,” for stars to align. Desire is our reaching to the stars, our prayer of be-longing; like yearning branches rising into the night sky, reaching for the boundless Universe to land in our bodies. The reaching is both ways, with those flickering luminous arms of Sirius, Alcyone, Arcturus and other celestial friends desiring to fulfill our wish upon a star

With awe and wonder
we gaze at the stars,

not realizing how much
they forever
gaze back at us

with the awe and wonder
of eternal love.

Indeed, for eons, each beloved star through its ancient, unique and unfathomable wisdom emanations and love has inspired imagination and longing, a remembrance of our divine inheritance and origins. Their crystalline rays and presence streaming throughout the Multiverse have guided planetary and soul ascension in ways beyond human comprehension. Hathor was one beautiful soul who knew and embodied this in full, and fulfilled her mission to guide her beloved people to also realize this infinitude of celestial blessing in embodied form. 

Hathor’s integral commitment to connect her people to their stellar origins diametrically opposes how our shadow government has programmed us to veil our Cosmic consciousness and remain “matrixed” in a bubble of limitation, lies and enslavement. Her guiding leadership towards luminous, embodied Truth contradicts the viral programming from religious / dark authorities who have manipulated our human and divine origin stories into lies of separation, of falling into “original sin.” It’s no wonder that disaster has prevailed for so long, a word that interestingly means disconnected from the stars: dis + astrastar.

Disconnecting from the greater theurgical purpose of sacred sites in this materialized, tourist consciousness has contributed to this global disconnect. Like the vortices of Stonehenge, Mount Shasta, crop circles, and other sacred sites, the pyramids of Kemet acted like portals, harmonizing with and anchoring stellar frequencies and ascension wisdom. They were like a communication hub, where the ancient language of the Cosmos could come to Earth, and through which Earth and its people could communicate back up, in a sacred feedback loop, a dialogue of light and frequency. (This reciprocal communication also happens between the sacred site of our body and our Oversoul through a quantum biofeedback loop.) Chambers within pyramids acted like a womb-tomb for the initiate dedicated to eso-thodos, the inner way, a place of celestial resonance where the aspirant could courageously give way to death and welcome rebirth.

Looking at the three majestic pyramids gracing Giza, we see how they magnificently align with Orion’s belt, informing us what many now realize — that pyramids across Gaia, such as those in Mesoamerica designed in sacred alignment with the Pleiades, have long been more than burial sites for Pharaohs, Kings, Hierophants. They literally point to the stars, to who we are. They show the path of soul ascension from the denser, lower material planes their wide base symbolizes, to higher planes. Duality and density lessen with pyramidal ascension, eventually converging at the apex, Oneness.

Hathor and her community, as their Legacy of Love, made this connection and embodied awareness more possible for us today. Usually relegated to a historical figure of limited understanding, or a worshiped deity of the Egyptian mythos, not only was Hathor an embodied stargate priestess of the highest order and woman of the world, but her stellar contributions still permeate the consciousness of our planet today. “She of a thousand voices” has never left us. Now, as an Ascended Master, she shines on as a guiding overlighting force, dear approachable friend, and presence of love. She is here, offering herself to you in radiant abundance, at this most pivotal time in our human ascension. 

The Hathor Star Nation is the collective field of consciousness made up of Hathor’s initiates who, having fully activated their angelic DNA, ascended with her to Sirius. They are ophanim angels of the highest order, amplifying Hathor’s transmissions in service of the mighty project of Cosmic evolution, soul ascension and divine reunion. In this sacred ceremony, you receive a direct transmission from Hathor and The Hathor Star Nation, which supports you to heal multi-generational and -lifetime trauma and programming that has disconnected you from your angelic Soul Star nature.

Communing directly with this empyreal field of consciousness attunes you to their Divine Feminine Christ presence. This ignites resonant mirroring and re-membrance in your subatomic universe. The dormant light codes of your spiritual or angelic DNA in resonance with the consciousness of the Sky Goddess and her family of angels activate. To greater measure, you embody and mirror ancient frequencies, wisdom and gifts Hathor represents, existing equally in your Soul’s DNA. They rebirth your heart and human awareness as part of your next-level ascension, as if you were receiving initiation in the ancient pyramids of Kemet.

You become more multidimensional, like Hathor was during her incarnation, more capable of utilizing the unfathomable breadth of divine creative genius stored in the miracle of your human form — in your spiritual genes. Even memories and latent mastery associated with previous incarnations and initiations in ancient Egypt may activate. All this accelerates your spiritual evolution and empowers your role as a Starseed Lightworker and Stargate here to birth the Golden Age before us. 

Via the link below, you are encouraged to set intentions for any healing empowerments you want. Nothing is too much to ask from the Hathor Star Nation. Most of all, trust Hathor and her family of angels to know exactly how to serve your courageous ascension journey. 

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