Stellar Origins & Overview

Watch this 5 minute video to learn the story behind my healing and activation work — how this gift came to me and the impact it’s had on people’s lives. 

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Stellar Origins 

“One of the most, if not the most, important things I’ve ever done for myself is do this work with Vince.” ~ Candice 

In watching the short video above, you discover the stellar origins of my healing and activation work. It began with the stars, and a private practice I simply called Healing With Starlight. Over a short period of time, just a few years, this work has evolved greatly, to something far more than I could have imagined at its humble beginnings. It’s gone through many next-level iterations in my continued maturation as a healer and through my now complete initiation with the Ascended Masters I continue to work closely with. 

Starlight is the light of Source, God, Sophia, Creator. Some call it Buddha consciousness, whereas I prefer to call it Christ consciousness or Christ light. There’s no relationship to Christianity, here; for Christ light existed long before Jesus walked the Earth. His words pointed to this truth when he said, “Before Abraham was, I am“. The eternal presence of Christ light precedes yet has given rise to all mainstream religion and esoteric spirituality. Irrespective of what we call this life-giving force, whether I transmit the rays of Diamond Light, Ascended Masters Isis and Quan Yin, or Spirit Animals like Butterfly and Dolphin, their sacred presence all converge into and shine from the one primordial Light.

For now, for the sake of this summary, I simply refer to it as starlight. I do this because the innumerable rays of starlight emanate the holy frequencies of Christ consciousness, and Healing With Starlight is where it all began.

Introductory Overview

Starlight is the frequency of stillness. And stillness is the frequency of transmutation.

Starlight is much more than twinkling wonder. Advanced and ancient, it’s here to transform the world. And I am excited and humbled to share its many emanations with you at this pivotal time to accelerate the awakening of humanity. 

Conducted in online ceremonies, starlight is transmitted deep into the cellular structure, transmuting trauma imprints from earlier experiences, including birth trauma, sexual abuse, childhood neglect and accidents (shock trauma). It also clears the heavy weight of karmic imprints and inherited intergenerational trauma coded into our DNA, and viral programming, such as limiting beliefs and emotional discord, absorbed from the media, school system, energetic field of society, and more. 

While people use source code to program computers, starlight transmits Source Code to activate your spiritual DNA. 

Starlight purifies and upgrades your biological subatomic “motherboard” to a higher frequency of cellular remembrance so you feel or attune to your sovereign divinity and its guidance for you. With shadow carbon imprints transmuted, quantum space is created for the crystalline light codes of your Higher Self’s spiritual DNA to activate. More of your Higher Self and its divine qualities can anchor into your biological DNA. This awakened crystalline consciousness streams through your neural pathways, rebirthing your mind, heart and body to a higher frequency of starlight and its many emanations, creating miraculous transformations in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. 

“The incredible relief I have experienced as a result of our work is nothing less than miraculous!” ~ Piper

Counter to conventional scientific thinking, most psychobiological expressions of illness are symptoms of trauma and programming stored in our biological DNA, and that span lifetimes and generations. Longstanding chronic ailments such as joint pain, skin issues, memory loss and anxiety resolve quicker and with less effort when addressed at the causal, cellular and soul level. Transmuting and re-coding the core quantum energetics heals their denser manifestations of tissue, bone, muscle, organs, etc, while improving key health indicators like sleep, digestion and mood. 

The psychophysiology unwinds and returns to lightness, openness and fluidity — our natural way of being. A traumatized system is fearful and rigid. A healthy and vital system reflects qualities seen in young children — embodied, delighted, and fierce at times; free to move and express sinuously, imaginatively and joyously, while feeling a loving kinship with life. 

“I feel lighter, at peace and so extraordinarily grateful that it brings me tears of joy just thinking about it.” ~ Davyn

This is my hope for you if you choose to heal and empower with starlight — to become more childlike, and to feel the immense presence of love and peace.

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“If you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration.” ~ Nikola Tesla

As alluded to earlier, when starlight permeates your body, mind, soul, your frequency is raised. With more of your spiritual DNA activated, you utilize fuller amounts of your Soul’s genetic potential. Moreover, as your Higher Self anchors into your cells, your magnetism to attract positive, life-giving opportunities raises. Commonly known as synchronicities, miraculous experiences occur more regularly, opening doors that, if ventured, align you further with your Higher Self and with your purpose for being here. 

To make room for these new experiences, my clients find themselves releasing old relationships, habits (like emotional eating) and situations that are harmful, unfulfilling and no longer serve their evolution. They let go of the now outdated expressions of their previous vibrational state. With the enlightened shift at the cellular level, these decisions become easier, obvious and even automatic — as if they are being made for you! 

Instinctively, you feel compelled to live in greater degrees of integrity and harmony with your divine self, family, community and Mother Earth — a natural consequence of this frequency change, of coming to feel and know your true nature at the quantum, soulful, star level.

Change does not come all at once. Healing and activations integrate into the system and person’s life gradually over time depending on the openness of the individual, their dedication to healing, and commitment to putting their intuition and insights into practice (integration). Indeed, for most, there is no quick “fix”. Healing and empowerment are an ongoing unraveling and opening process of remembrance into the larger body of our divine sovereign Self. 

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