Healing With Starlight: A Revolutionary Quantum Approach to Health and Empowerment

Watch this 5 minute video to learn the story behind healing with starlight—how this gift came to me and the impact it’s had on people’s lives. Continue scrolling to read a more detailed description of how healing with starlight works.

“One of the most, if not the most, important things I’ve ever done for myself is do this work with Vince.” ~ Candice 

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How it works

Done in person and remotely, healing with starlight is powerful, cost-effective, and accessible to everyone, no matter your location.

Starlight is the frequency of stillness. And stillness is the frequency of transmutation.

Healing with starlight is truly remarkable. Advanced, ancient and unequivocally alien, I am excited and humbled to share this technology with you at this crucial time in history to accelerate the evolution of humanity. 

Conducted for both individuals and groups, healings transmit starlight deep into cellular structure, transmuting programming and traumatic imprints from earlier experiences, including birth trauma, sexual abuse, childhood neglect and accidents (shock trauma). It also clears the heavy weight of karmic imprints and inherited intergenerational trauma coded into our DNA, and the viral conditioning from the collective consciousness, such as limiting beliefs and emotional discord absorbed from the media and energetic field of society. 

While people use source code to program computers, starlight transmits Source Code to activate your divine genome. 

Starlight essentially purifies and upgrades your biological “motherboard” at the subatomic particle level to a higher frequency of cellular remembrance so you feel or attune to your divine sovereign nature and its guidance for you. Nuclei, chromosomes, right down to electrons, are transmuted. DNA, the blueprint or building block of life, is re-coded from carbon to crystalline, activating your divine genome and anchoring your light body into human form. Consciousness is raised to the frequency of starlight, creating miraculous transformations in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. 

Without a doubt, healing with starlight is a profoundly mysterious and revolutionary quantum approach to health and empowerment!

“The incredible relief I have experienced as a result of our work is nothing less than miraculous!” ~ Piper

Counter to conventional scientific thinking, most psychophysiological expressions of illness are symptoms of trauma and programming stored in the aforementioned elemental sources. Longstanding chronic ailments such as joint pain, skin issues, memory loss and anxiety resolve quicker and with less effort when addressed at the causal, cellular level. Transmuting and re-coding the core energetics heals their denser manifestations of tissue, bone, muscle, organs, etc, while improving key health indicators like sleep and mood. 

The psychophysiology unwinds and returns to lightness, openness and fluidity—our natural way of being. A traumatized system is fearful and rigid. A healthy and vital system reflects qualities seen in young children—embodied, delighted, and fierce at times; free to move and express sinuously, imaginatively and joyously, while feeling a loving kinship with all of life. 

“I feel lighter, at peace and so extraordinarily grateful that it brings me tears of joy just thinking about it.” ~ Davyn

This is my hope for you as you work with starlight — to become more childlike, and to feel the immense presence of love and peace.

Scroll down to see a list of specific ways this work has helped people mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

“If you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration.” ~ Nikola Tesla

As alluded to earlier, when starlight permeates your body, mind, soul, your frequency is raised. This increases your magnetism to attract more positive, life-giving opportunities. Commonly known as synchronicities, these experiences occur more regularly, opening doors that, if ventured, align you with your higher self and purpose for being here. 

To make room for these new experiences, my clients find themselves releasing old relationships, habits (like emotional eating) and situations that are harmful, unfulfilling and no longer serve their evolution. They let go of the now outdated expressions of their previous vibrational state. With the enlightened shift at the cellular level, these decisions become easier, obvious and even automatic — as if they are being made for you! 

Instinctively, you feel compelled to live in greater degrees of integrity and harmony with your Divine Self, family, community and Mother Earth — a natural consequence of this frequency change, of coming to feel and know your true nature at the quantum, soulful, star level.

Change does not come all at once. Healings integrate into the system and person’s life gradually over time depending on the openness of the individual, their dedication to healing, and commitment to putting their intuition and insights into practice (integration). Indeed, for most, there is no quick “fix”. Healing and empowerment are an ongoing unraveling and opening process of remembrance into the larger body of our divine sovereign Self. 

Please visit my Level 1 HealingsLevel 2 Healings & Activations, and Level 3 Healings & Activations pages to explore the many ways I can support your journey of healing and empowerment!

Specific issues addressed
“Vince’s work has been profoundly life changing. I recommend him 110% to assist you with your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.” ~ Shelley

People regularly tell me that after trying unsuccessfully for years to heal with numerous modalities they, with the help of starlight, experience marked, if not shocking, improvement in their health and wellbeing. Here is an incomplete list of issues either partially or fully addressed with this technology. When reading, please remember that these are symptoms of the aforementioned experiences and imprints. 

Note: If you do not see your issue listed below, please consider: 1. This is an incomplete list. 2. As stated, I approach healing not by addressing symptoms, but at the underlying energetic causal level. So at that level, yes, I can work with your ailment, even if I’ve never had a previous client case. 

Healing with Starlight gradually increases the harmonic convergence of all micro and macro biological parts / systems, such that they operate less separately and more as a unified, synced whole. As this miracle occurs, the neurobiology opens to and experiences Cosmic Integration — you progressively live in harmonic union with your Higher Self and the Infinite Intelligence of Life.


  • Back, foot, knee, hand, neck, shoulder, hip, joint pain
  • Gut tightness / pain
  • Heart / chest pain
  • Muscle tightness, including jaw tension
  • Sciatica
  • Alopecia (hair falling out)
  • Eczema / Psoriasis
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Arthritis
  • Mobility issues
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Tremors 
  • Sleep apnea
  • Warts & cysts
  • Acid reflux 
  • Hearing and ear discomfort
  • Low energy / chronic fatigue
  • Digestion
  • High cholesterol
  • Moon time / menses (painful, irregular, heavy)
  • Candida 
  • Parasites
  • Poisoning

Mental / Emotional

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stuck fear, shame, hatred, anger 
  • Disassociation from chronic freeze
  • Habitual reactivity (such as to children)
  • Insomnia
  • Emotional eating
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Cognitive function (such as memory, focus, and neuroplasticity or mental flexibility)
  • Managing stress and uncertainty
  • Symptoms of autism (such as self-regulation and self-expression)
  • Confidence / Self-worth / Self-esteem (such as boundary setting, saying No, speaking up)
  • Relating to others more authentically and meaningfully (including with those whom there has been frequent conflict)
  • Feeling safer in the body and in the world (reducing hyper-vigilance from a high-tone sympathetic nervous system)
  • Productivity

Stars are the neurons of the Cosmic Mind.

Spiritual & Subtle body

  • Inner (star) child healing and liberation
  • Ancestral healing
  • Chakra purification and activation
  • Clearing past life debts and vows
  • Chord cutting (toxic energetic ties with others)
  • Calibrating brain wave frequency
  • Activating dormant areas of the brain
  • Harmonizing brain hemispheres
  • Increasing neurosynthesis and neuro kinetic energy
  • Increasing intercellular communication
  • Biomolecular toning (increasing harmonic resonance) 
  • Connection to animal spirits / guides
  • Strengthening intuition
  • Creativity and purpose
  • Abundance and flow
  • Ease, calm, lightness, enjoyment and peace
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