Frequently Asked Questions

Can I receive the healing and activation if I cannot attend the ceremony on Zoom?

If you cannot attend, you can still receive the healing and activation so long as you register. Whether you are working, travelling, sleeping, etc, the power of the ceremony will not be diminished. You will, however, miss some of the subtleties of the direct feeling-sensing experience that comes with attending, as well as what you learn from listening to me and others share. Please still write down your intentions. I recommend putting them on your alter or in a safe place. You can also invoke the Spirit central to the ceremony after completing your intentions — the name of the Being in the ceremony title. This is optional / not necessary. Ultimately, please do what feels right. 

What kind of consent is needed from my child to attend a ceremony?

First of all, you, as the primary caregiver, have to give consent for the child to attend the ceremony. After that, it is up to the child to make the decision. It’s important that the child wants to attend, at minimum, as much as you want the child to attend. If you want it more than the child does, then I do not recommend proceeding with registering. The child must be excited in their consent. More so, they must be informed about what they are consenting to. I recommend you be mindful about how you inform the child about the content of the ceremony, as possibly the description and certainly the registration page has mature subject matter, such as childhood trauma. 

Why can’t my child attend the ceremony on Zoom?

Children 9+ can receive the healing and activation from any ceremony. However, until they reach the age of majority in their particular country, they cannot attend the Zoom ceremony. This is due to possible mature content being discussed, such as childhood trauma. To repeat from the earlier Q&A, the healing and activation transmission has the same power if not on Zoom.

What if my child is just below the age limit, can s/he still attend? 

The age of nine is an important time in a child’s growth when they develop objective consciousness. Their inner observer is more online and thus capacity to discern more clearly for themselves. It is an age when their self-consciousness comes into maturity. Prior to that a child may share with excitement that they want to attend a healing and activation, but they may not have a clear sense of objective discernment that aligns with their higher self’s knowing. For these reasons and more, it is best for a child to wait until they are ready.

Can you remove the Covid vaccine from my body?

An important reason I have been guided to do this work is to transmute the Covid “vaccine”. This toxin is in essence a fear frequency, and is effectively dissolved by the higher frequencies of the Christ light I transmit, also known as Buddha light or Starlight. With its transmutation, your Higher Self can inhabit more of your DNA and human awareness. I never guarantee any results, nor do I assess whether the “vaccine” has been transmuted from your system. The most telling evidence for its partial or complete removal is obviously how you feel, and trusting your instincts. For those who have not felt any change in their health since receiving the “vaccine”, they may not feel a change if it’s cleared. What’s important should you attend one of my online ceremonies is that you make clear in your intentions that you want the Covid “vaccine” transmuted, along with all its related symptoms. For more on me working with specific symptoms, and why I don’t guarantee results, please see the third and second from last Q&A’s further down.  

Can you say more about how your work can help people with autism?

The ceremonies serve anyone in their journey of healing empowerment, whether they have been diagnosed with autism or not. I just feel that my work, being high frequency transmissions, is a good energetic match for the high frequency consciousness that those with autism so often have. Some ceremonies, like with Dolphin and Whale, I feel are particularly good medicine. For more, please read here.

Do you record your ceremonies?

I do not, partly because you can still receive the healing and activation even if not attending on Zoom, as per the earlier Q&A. But also because sometimes people share vulnerable things that need to be kept in the safe container of the ceremonial space; they do so with their video on and thus face seen. (Sharing and turning on your video are optional, in case you are wondering.)

Can I register someone else for the ceremony, and how does that work? 

The registration system only allows you to register one person at a time for one ceremony at a time. That is because each ceremony has its own unique Zoom link that is automatically sent to you upon registration. Also, you can only put in one email address / name at a time. Understandably, under certain circumstances we need others to register for us; like, if we do not have access to technology, do not have a credit card or the financial means, can’t read English, or have some sort of mental or physical limitation that prevents us from registering for ourselves. What’s important is that whoever you are registering for must be informed about the ceremony (via the description and registration pages) and give their full consent; which may mean reading the information to themThe other thing to consider is that, as you will see in the registration process, there is a checklist or small intake form listing key things to remember and that you agree to in registering. Since that person is not registering for themselves, it is your combined responsibility to make sure that they are clear on the guidelines / agreements. The registration page lists everything that the intake summarizes and reminds you of. Finally, when registering for them, please use their name and email address if they have one. If they don’t have an email address, you can use your own, but you will then receive the auto responses / email reminders meant for them.

Will I need added support after a ceremony, and can you recommend any practitioners?

I no longer offer counselling sessions as added support, nor do I recommend practitioners anymore. Given how much can surface (such as old emotion, memories and even sickness) during and after our ceremonies, it may be wise to seek out a skilled and sensitive healing practitioner to support your integration. I recommend trauma-informed and body-based approaches, such as somatic (more than talk) therapy, craniosacral therapy, osteopathy, breathwork, and bodyworkers who address more than your physical structure. Most importantly, you want to feel safe and connected with whoever you are working with.

Why do I feel so tired after doing all this healing work?

The more you heal, the more self-care is important. They go hand-in-hand. You may need more quiet and restful time as you integrate big emotions like grief and anger, and allow old beliefs and pain to clear from your system — as your system re-organizes itself. Let yourself rest and sleep more than you normally do, and without feeling guilty about it! There was a time when I was experiencing a great deal of exhaustion during my initiation with the ascended masters I work with. One of them, Mother Mary, said something to me that I’d never heard anyone say before: “Your most important spiritual practice is sleep”. Who’d ever think that sleep is a spiritual practice, right? I wrote about this here.

How often should I participate in your ceremonies?

Each ceremony is unique in its impact on your body/mind/soul; therefore, your system will integrate and reorganize differently every time. As a general guideline, I recommend about a week between ceremonies. For some, the ceremony can be so strong that they need months to properly assimilate the healing and activation. For others experienced in their healing journey who are quite self-regulated and resourced, they could likely go with less time between ceremonies. What’s most important is that you listen to your heart and body. Pay close attention to what they are telling you and to any impulses to rush past your body’s need for slow and steady. 

Do you offer private sessions?

I no longer offer private sessions so that I can meet a growing global desire for healing empowerments during this pivotal time of collective awakening. All my work is done in online (group) ceremonies. Ceremonies are no less powerful than privates. In fact, the collective field amplifies personal transformation. Overtime, as things continue to accelerate, there will be more ceremonial options to choose from at any given moment; and, in various ways, the ceremonies will incorporate and build upon my private session themes, while offering new possibilities for healing and empowerment. 

Do you teach classes on how to transmit healings and activations?

I do not. There is no technique in my work, and therefore nothing to teach. My capacity to do this work transcends this lifetime. Having gone through many initiations, made many sacrifices, and worked closely with certain Spirit Beings and Ascended Masters in previous incarnations, my preparation for and practice of this work transcends this incarnation. 

Can you heal my ……… , and how long will it take?

Anything can be healed with the light transmissions in my healing and activation ceremonies. As you can see from my clients’ stories, there have been plenty of miraculous results! You can also review the long list of mental / emotional / physical / spiritual ailments my work has addressed on this page. And so, it’s not necessarily a question of if you can heal, but how open or ready you are; how receptive you are to my transmissions. For more on this initial point, please read the next Q&A. As for duration, that’s different for each person. Some clients have had chronic symptoms go away very quickly, often to their shock and amazement. For most, it has taken time. I invite you to see this as a journey, rather than quick fix, one that takes commitment and courage, and that is much more than simply feeling better so you can get back to everyday, normal living. Ultimately this is much more than having problems go away and feeling better. It’s about feeling more deeply, and awakening to You and new transcendent, soulful possibilities, with your various pains and general suffering being gateways. 

The healing journey is not necessarily about feeling better, but being better able to feel. 

What if I don’t notice any changes after the ceremony?

It’s impossible to receive the transmission and have it just bounce off with no penetration into the body-mind-soul. Yet despite this, some of my clients are disappointed when they don’t feel any shift in their health and well-being. 

Key reasons for not getting the results you want include:

  • Subtlety: A layer has been healed, but not enough has been released to feel the subtle shift.
  • Time to integrate: The healing has planted the seed of healthy change that will blossom into felt-awareness in the perfect time and season. In other words, the healing needs further time to integrate, sometimes months. People may wake up one morning three months down the road and feel different. They won’t attribute it to our work together, but nonetheless, the shift has made its way into conscious experience. 
  • Evolutionary course: The illness has not fully run its necessary evolutionary course through the body/mind/spirit; meaning, there is still learning to be gained from enduring the suffering. Perhaps one needs to humble or slow down more, or the illness is meant to open the individual to their creativity, wisdom, purpose, or an unforeseen encounter. Until that time, the pain is required “curriculum”, a necessary teacher to listen to.
  • Identification with pain: The individual identifies with the illness to such a degree that they are not ready to depart from it. Usually done unconsciously, they still depend on it to define themselves and their lifestyle. The more steeped the pain is in the system, the greater the “comfort” can be with that pain. Herein lies a perceived security that underlies and upholds one’s pain-identity: I am my pain. One must be ready enough to release or surrender that identity to open to the healing.

Suffice to say, though it always works, there is a possibility that you don’t get your desired results, at least at the desired time. Therefore, I must state that I do not make any guarantees. 

I didn’t get the Zoom link for the ceremony after registering. Can you help?

Sometimes people do not receive the unique Zoom link in their email inbox after registering, which is automatically sent. This can happen if people misspell their email address or it arrives in their Junk/Spam folder. First, please check the latter. If it’s not there, email and the link will be sent to you. Because this is likely going to be a reoccurring issue, if you register for another ceremony, please follow these steps so you can get the link yourself: Once you enter your payment information for your next appointment and reach the confirmation page with the large font date and time, you will see the long green Zoom link. Please right click and copy it. Or you can click on it and keep that browser window open until the ceremony. But at minimum, I would suggest you copy and then paste the link somewhere secure and easy to find. When ceremony time comes, you can click on that link stored on your computer and it leads you to Zoom. If you use iCal or Outlook, you will see options on the confirmation page to directly attach the appointment and Zoom link to your calendar. That is a second option. 

I also recommend you register for an account by clicking the “Register for an Account” link on the confirmation page. For any ceremonies registered after you create an account, you can receive the link online in your dashboard. This way you don’t have to copy and paste every time. You’ll see Log in in the top right of any of the registration pages, which is how you reach your ceremony links.