Online Healing & Activation Ceremonies

“Awe-inspiring! The ceremonies Vince leads are filled with a spirit of generosity, wisdom, humility, and love. Since I began attending ceremonies, my dreams have expanded into new dimensions and I now enjoy a freedom and spaciousness in my spine I didn’t even realize was possible (I developed mild scoliosis as a child, which completely resolved unexpectedly following a ceremony). I quite literally stand differently in the world, having released heavy burdens of expectation I was carrying and now feeling more aligned with my heart and soul’s purpose. As a parent, I see immense value in how my personal healings are creating ripple effects in my children’s lives, too. I’m deeply grateful for the beautiful gifts Vince is sharing with the world and wholeheartedly recommend working with him!” ~ Shelley

General Details & Upcoming Ceremonies:

My online ceremonies support the journey of healing, empowerment and ascension through the collective field — “where two or more gather,” which amplifies the vibratory power and potential of the ceremonial space. Together, in this shared portal, my participants and I accelerate humanity’s global awakening by anchoring waves of higher dimensional consciousness on our beloved planet, bringing Heaven to Earth. 

  • Cost: $77 CDN
  • Location & Access: Zoom. Ceremonies are not recorded. More on my FAQ page. 
  • Time conflict: If you cannot make it on Zoom, you can still receive the transmission in full. See further down. 
  • Minimum age to receive the healing & activation: 9 years ~ please read the FAQ’s pertaining to children
  • Minimum age to attend on Zoom: The legal age of majority (adulthood) in the country you reside in
  • Registration: Please register using the green button further down
  • Ceremony descriptions: Click here to read my growing diverse selection of ceremonies in their five categories


As of May 26th, I’m taking a break from leading ceremonies, and will re-emerge with new information through my newsletter, which you can subscribe to via the link a little bit below.


Important: Please continue reading for full details, including how to prepare your intentions. Make sure to read everything so you are clear on all the guidelines. 

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How it works
  1. Teaching: For the first 25 minutes of the ceremony, I will speak on subject matter I’m guided to address. Topics may include: our inner star child, healing trauma, chronic pain, the path of awakening, following our heart, initiation / rites of passage, relationships, self-expression, creativity, our current global affairs, and much more. 
  1. Healing & Activation: We will then transition into a 30 minute healing and activation. To properly prepare, please review the instructions below.
  1. Debrief: After the healing and activation, we’ll open it up for 15 minutes of group sharing. It’s powerful to hear how it impacted others. 
Intention setting

To make the most out of your healing and activation, please have a list of no more than 15 intentions. They should be written down / printed and placed in front of you during the ceremony. You will not be asked to share them out loud. (No public sharing is required at all.) 

If you are not attending on Zoom, I recommend you place your written intentions in a sacred place, like on your alter, or if you don’t have one, on your bedside table, as an idea. 

You can invoke the field of consciousness I am transmitting before, during or after your intention setting. Though the invocation is not necessary, it can help you to feel more connected to that which you’ll be communing with, and empower your intention setting process. 

Please do not email your intentions to me.  

For support on clarifying your intentions, I encourage you to read the 26 examples of adverse childhood experiences listed at the bottom of this article. Your current struggles are likely related to unresolved trauma and programming incurred from some of these personal experiences, as well as viral collective programming from the media, school, religion, etc. More so, suffering has roots in ancestral trauma and programming coded in our DNA, and past / parallel lifetime karmic imprints, debts and vows. All this you can ask for healing / clearing on, even if you don’t have memories or know the details

For guidance on how to best support children to set their intentions — remembering they need to be 9+ years to participate — please review the answers near the top of my FAQ page. 

When writing your intentions, I invite you to:

  • Consider all levels of health and empowerment — physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
  • Use intentional language and exclude any background story. For example: “I want to heal my depression/anger” versus writing, “I’ve been depressed/angry for years.”
  • Write intentions for you only, not for others. An example of the latter is, “I want my brother to deal with his stuff.” 
  • As much as possible, if helping a child or person you take care of, ensure it’s their intentions, their agenda — not yours. Be curious in drawing the intentions out. (This article I wrote about consent and children may provide inspiration.)
  • Consider both past and present, less and more. People often overlook the past and focus purely on the present. I strongly recommend you do both. Examples:
    • Past: I want to heal the trauma from having a violent father
    • Past: I want to heal from growing up in an unsafe home
    • Present: I want to be more present, patient and loving towards my daughter
    • Present: I want to heal my digestive issues
    • Less: I want to heal my back pain
    • More: I want to feel more empowered to speak my truth
  • If you sense something might have happened to you when you were a child, but are not totally sure, such a sexual abuse, you can use an intention like: If I was sexually abused as a child, I want that trauma healed. 
“After receiving a number of group healings from Vince I experience so much more happiness and peace. It is as if the rut I was in is no longer and I can feel all the beautiful things in my life with the great honouring of Life in a smooth and gentle way. Suffice to say, Vince’s work has been profoundly life changing. I recommend him 110% to assist you with your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.” ~ Shelley

Physical space: The security and sanctitude of your physical environment is obviously important. Please be sure that you have uninterrupted time and that noise from humans and animals is limited as much as possible. 

Seating: An upright seat, such as one from your dining table, is preferable to a couch. During the healing, it’s important that you are comfortable, yet alert and upright, as if in a meditative position. If sitting upright is not possible due to physical discomfort, please make whatever adjustments you need to make. Your physical comfort is of primary importance.

Video: Though not mandatory, I’d love it if your video is on. I enjoy seeing as many faces as possible, as it helps me and others feel connected.  

Screen sharing: You can share your screen with another registrant when I’m speaking; but during the 30-min transmission, it’s best you have a good buffer. It’s normal for people to make spontaneous movements, as well as sounds like yawning and crying; and if you are next to or near someone, you may take that person out of their experience; or you may feel the need to suppress what wants expression or rescue another from their own.

Sacred space: Though you will have a screen in front of you, I invite you to make your immediate space as sacred as possible, like an altar. Light a candle during the healing; place any statues, crystals, pictures or other sacred objects close by, along with your intentions. All this assists in amplifying the resonant field of your personal experience. 

Water: You may also want to place a glass of water on your sacred spot, to be a beneficiary of the transmission at the molecular level. Drinking the water after can further support your healing and activation. You may find it tastes and feels different! 


Rest: People often feel tired and disoriented when their healing and activation is complete. It’s therefore wise to have nothing booked right after the ceremony, at least for 30 minutes; to use this time for rest. Resting helps the integrative process. 

Turbulence: Though the healing and activation can take weeks, if not months, to integrate, the key integration period is 5-7 days after. During this period, it’s common for people’s symptoms to get worse. The healing and activation can temporarily intensify physical discomfort and dreams, cause nausea, or bring up a variety of unexpected emotions and memories. This is especially true if you carry a lot of emotional and physical pain and/or have done little healing work. Though these integrative symptoms tend to last no longer than a few weeks, you may still need more time to integrate as your system continues to clear, re-organize and re-balance. 

Integrative support: I no longer offer counselling sessions as added support, but you may find it helpful to have a practitioner you can work with for integration. For more on this, please visit my FAQ page.

General info

Can’t attend? No problem!: If you cannot attend, you can still receive the healing and activation so long as you register. Whether you are working, travelling, sleeping, etc, the power of the ceremony will not be diminished. You will, however, miss some of the subtleties of the direct feeling-sensing experience that comes with attending, as well as what you learn from listening to me and others share. Please still write down your intentions. I recommend putting them on your alter or in a safe place. You can also invoke the Spirit central to the ceremony after completing your intentions — the name of the Being in the ceremony title. This is optional / not necessary. Ultimately, please do what feels right. For more on receiving the transmission though not on Zoom, please visit my FAQ page.

Attending back-to-back ceremonies: You are welcome to do this, as many have attended two ceremonies in two days. But know that the ceremonies are often very powerful for people, surfacing much, and require a good deal of time to integrate, sometimes months. What you can do is register for the first one and then wait until a few hours before the second to decide, maximizing your felt-sense on whether another is appropriate. You can register up to 15 minutes prior, assuming space remains, which is likely the case. 

Pregnancy: There will be no harm done to your child if receiving a healing and activation while pregnant. If anything, your child will benefit from the vibratory shift in you. 

What if you don’t feel any changes? This concern arises occasionally. Because it’s a bit of a longer discussion point and pertains to all my services, I’ve listed my answers on my FAQ page.

Registration & Cancellation

The fee is $77 CDN

Registration closes 15 minutes before ceremony time. 

A 48 hour cancellation notice is required if you want your fee refunded. Should you cancel with less than that time remaining, you will not be reimbursed, nor can your payment be transferred to any future ceremonies or other services I offer. To cancel, email me at For information on how refunds are processed, please visit my FAQ page. 

If you don’t receive the Zoom link, which is automatically emailed to you by the scheduling program, please follow the instructions on my FAQ page. Scroll to the bottom — it’s the last question addressed.

Adults: where possible, only register yourself. This is important so that those attending are fully informed and prepared. More so, I’ve set up the booking system to not allow multiple registrations at once. It’s my way of inviting each person to take initiative for their attendance. The healing and activation only works if each attendee chooses from their own volition to be there. Having each person register themselves is my small way of encouraging this possibility. 

You may register others, such as children or people with physical / mental limitations, so long as you register them under their name and they have given their informed consent. For more on this, please visit my FAQ section and scroll down to the question, Can I register someone else for the ceremony, and how does that work

Arrival: Please arrive on time as we’ll be starting on time. The Zoom room will be open 10 minutes prior so you can arrive early. 

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