Sacred Rose Heart Healing & Activation

A transformative online ceremony for opening the divine expression of your Sacred Rose Heart and consecrating it to the Heart of Life

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  • Can’t attend?: You can still receive the healing & activation if not on Zoom
  • Cost: $77 CDN
  • Minimum age to receive the healing & activation: 9 years ~ please read the FAQ’s pertaining to children
  • Minimum age to attend on Zoom: The legal age of majority (adulthood) in the country you reside in
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Your Sacred Rose Heart is the cardinal temple of your human experience, and the central location where your Higher Self meets and breathes holy life into your body and mind. It is intimately woven into the Sacred Heart of the Divine Mother of All Life, She who gave birth to you from Her Heart Womb. From Her Heart to your own there is an unbroken bond, reminding you always of your divine origins and that you are eternally loved and held, belonging as one with the beauty of All That Is. The more you open your Sacred Rose Heart, the more you return to this blessed awareness. To divine union, which is your greatest longing. 

Your Sacred Rose Heart carries the fragrance of Truth and Love that is boundless in its desire to serve others and reconcile life to its divinity. As a fractal of the Divine Mother’s Heart, in its naturally opened state, there is no power greater than your Sacred Rose Heart to create, transform and unite; to command Heaven-on-Earth miracles and birth realities far beyond humanity’s current comprehension. Fully opening the petals of your Sacred Rose Heart and actualizing this potential is the achievement of all Masters of Light who have walked before you; men and women who have embodied the limitless superpowers of their heart and served from it to initiate consciousness and revolutionize species.  

Realizing this heart potential requires living at further edges of your vulnerability each day. There is no heart opening without the uncertainties and uncomfortable feelings of the raw human experience; without making sacrifices, such as leaving people who are more accepting of you with your heart closed, or renouncing cultural ideas and personal beliefs that tie your worth to remaining hidden and small. Sacred is wedded to the word sacrifice for this reason. For your Sacred Rose Heart to flower open to Truth and Love, to its full divine expression, painful lies and fear accumulated through lifetimes must be sacrificed. Similarly, there must be the necessary sacrifices made, inside and out, to choose joy, and bravely follow the spiral path of your heart’s curiosities, desires and destiny. 

Within the Plant Kingdom, the Sacred Rose is the supreme carrier of the signature qualities that constitute your heart and consecrate it to its blossomed divine potential as one with the Heart of the Divine Mother. Humanity has known this interrelationship instinctively, which is why the Rose has been the primary flower of love shared between individuals. Without words, it speaks the language of the heart most poignantly, bridging our soul to our beloved’s. Each time you behold a Rose with gratitude and reverence, taking in its colours, peering into its spiralling, unfolding centre, and smelling its sweet perfume, an ancient message and medicine is transmitted from the Spirit of the Rose to your cardinal centre. Your heart purrs and softens and opens, just that little bit more, beautifying you and your perception of life, and blessing you into a deeper remembrance of your heartfelt divinity. Indeed, this powerful teacher of the Plant Kingdom has done more inconspicuous, unheralded wonders for the human heart and relationships than one can imagine. 

In this ceremony, you commune with the ancient message and medicine of this force of life, what I call the Cosmic Sacred Rose. You experience a direct transmission from the universal consciousness that births and guides each physical Rose into existence. This allows you to feel its holy resonance and experience its transformative power at a deeply intimate cellular and heartfelt level; which upgrades your neurobiology, spiritual centre and soul consciousness to new heavenly heights; and empowers you to trust and live from the guiding voice of your Higher Self that speaks through your Sacred Rose Heart. 

The Cosmic Sacred Rose has a special focus in this ceremony, and that is, of course, your tender heart. It brings the perfect medicine to heal wounds spanning lifetimes that have made it unsafe to share your vulnerability and reveal your divinity. I personally feel that the deepest wound is to the human heart. That is where our greatest vulnerability lies; and yet it’s this depth of vulnerability that also gives our heart cardinal status as the central source of our power; as the throne for the Light of Truth and Innocence we are. The Intelligence of the Cosmic Sacred Rose comes to liberate this holy power by purifying lifetimes of pain that has curled your heart petals inward and tight. This is the instinctive protective response that acts when we realize it’s unsafe to feel and intuit; be creative, powerful, and generally different from others; when it’s too painful to be true to ourselves. 

A particularly deep heart wound, incurred especially during adverse childhood experiences, arises when we experience ourselves as not wanted. To not feel wanted is to believe you do not matter to others, and the world. You can picture these related beliefs as: I’m not wanted or Nobody wants me; and I don’t matter. Carrying these stories is a profoundly dark, lonesome experience for attachment-driven children, what I call unbearable aloneness. It’s very painful to the sensitive heart that longs to feel and rest in connection. 

It is no coincidence that we associate the word “matter” with “heart” by saying “heart of the matter”. Reversed is what we hear less of, but that points to personal truth: “A matter of the heart”. What matters to the Sacred Rose Heart is belonging through connection, a survival need foundational to tribal societies going back in time, and to all children. Belonging matters so much to a child’s survival that, if threatened, they sacrifice authenticity to feel whatever semblance of connection they can, and to mitigate heart pain. Children adapt by being who they need to be (smart, strong, quiet, pleasing, obedient, good, etc) in order to be-long — be longing in the heart of the parent, especially the mother; to be a matter of the heart in their primary attachment figures. 

This ceremony serves to heal these and other tender wounds spanning lifetimes by giving your Sacred Rose Heart the felt-experience of belonging. Communing with the safe and loving universal presence of the Sacred Rose, for your own heart, is like feeling into and returning to its Divine Mother. Your beautiful heart senses a familiar coloured fragrance that reminds it of its primordial divinity, power and purpose. It is this resonant loving likeness that creates an I remember feeling, inviting your heart to whisper the integral truth: This is who I am. It’s safe to open, love and be me.

With enough time and patience, and with each vulnerable, tear-fed, courageous unfolding of your precious petals, you trust more deeply how wanted you are; which inspires a feeling of belonging or coming home to your natural, holy-whole state as one with the Heart of the Divine Mother. Embracing how loved and welcomed you are in the Kingdoms of Life, how much your heart’s gifts matter to others and the world, you gradually fall in love with yourself, and all of life. And you feel empowered to fulfil your longing to serve and reconcile other hearts to their divinity. In belonging, you be that which you long for, which at its heart, is love joyfully in service to love.  

Activation means this beautiful spiral unfolding, opening and remembrance; this alignment with divine will. But there is another form of activation that goes beyond the spiritual heart itself and that this ceremony serves. Receiving the transmission from the Cosmic Sacred Rose awakens the consciousness of this plant that is part of your divine inheritance. As a perfect holographic mirror of All Creation, you carry the message and medicine of Rose within you already, and in equal measure to the totality of the Cosmic Rose. This plant’s consciousness already exists within your Soul’s Cosmic blueprint or divine DNA in the form of crystalline light codes that lay woven against your biological DNA. At this time, these Rose codes are largely dormant in the vast majority. 

Activating them births the holy qualities of Rose into your human awareness. New neural pathways are formed, streaming this Cosmic and Earthen intelligence; and greater quotients of life force can travel from your activated Sacred Rose Heart to your other major chakras, harmonizing and up-levelling them and their areas of influence in your physiology and psychology. Furthermore, with your spiritual heart transformed, so too are your inseparable emotional and physical hearts. They are empowered to live, love and breathe as one unified system, with your subtle-felt sense and emotional body becoming stronger guiding forces in your life. 

The divine qualities that the Sacred Rose represents that progressively activate in your body, mind and heart include: trust, compassion, beauty, grace, innocence, openness, tenderness, courage and truth. But with its thorns being part of its full expression, the Rose wonderfully integrates these qualities with pointed fierceness and protection. Activating the crystalline codes of Rose into your human awareness is thus a birthing of the whole Rose, not just the consciousness of its colours, petals and perfume. It is the actualization of a progressively balanced you who integrates and masters both ends of the spectrum as a unified field of consciousness. Parents are regularly tested with this in their need to be tender one moment, and then fierce and protective at other times. Each quality is an expression of love, and thus the whole Sacred Rose Heart. 

We can safely say that your relationships with your children, partner, friends, co-workers, and others serve to benefit from your healed and activated Sacred Rose Heart. Through touch, voice, emotionality and overall presence, more of your vulnerability, love and truth can be shared. With these and other divine qualities present each moment, your Sacred Rose Heart can be presented, irrespective of whether a physical Rose accompanies it. It is the touch and fragrance of this Divine Rose that your human family longs for most, to receive and give, more than any physical representation.

All in all, as you activate and integrate your inherent wealth of Cosmic Rose Consciousness, you live like tribal or land-based cultures have going back millennia — in closer embodied kinship with the Plant Kingdom, and thus Mother Earth. You carry this flower-teacher’s profound medicine and message with you at all times, with your Sacred Rose Heart consecrated to the Sacred Rose of Life. 

You are empowered to travel the most courageous and noble of path of all: The Way of the Sacred Heart. Far from easy, it is the most direct route to fulfilling your purpose and experiencing divine union; for it is the path of and towards truth. Indeed, truth is in the heart. Travelling The Way, your Sacred Rose Heart is always aligning you with the truths of your human-soul journey, while also guiding you to even greater, transcendent truths. And through its feltdiscernment, your heart prompts you to leave or disregard anything that compromises the integrity of your sovereign divinity and destiny. 

This is the accelerated way of self-mastery, the path of embodying expanded thresholds for truth. It’s a pilgrimage that includes mastering the seeming paradoxical wholeness of the Sacred Rose Heart in its full divine expression, and embracing advanced levels of paradoxical wisdom only the heart can bear. 

Via the link at the bottom, you are guided to set healing empowerment intentions for anything you want. There is nothing you cannot ask for from the Cosmic Sacred Rose regarding your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. You may be surprised how many psychological and biological ailments humans struggle with that have roots in a pained and closed heart (connected to unresolved trauma and programming). A few examples are: 

Contracted breathing and musculature; back and chest pain; irregular heartbeat; chronic fatigue; thymus gland maladaptation; low self-worth; depression and anxiety; poor empathetic attunement; judgment towards or disregard of feelings and emotions; heavy emphasis on analytical / rational thinking; issues with sexual and emotional intimacy; struggles trusting intuition, discerning nefarious intentions, being creative, voicing personal truths, and relating to and playing with children (due to closing off from one’s Inner Star Child), to name but a few symptoms.

Examples of intentions that may resonate are: 

  • I want to feel safe to open my Sacred Rose Heart
  • I want to feel safe feeling my emotional body (like grief)
  • I want to safely enjoy emotional / physical intimacy
  • I want to release the belief that it’s bad / unsafe to feel my feelings
  • I want to heal my heart / chest / back pain
  • I want to heal the belief that I’m not wanted / I don’t matter
  • I want to trust my felt-intuition, the voice of my Higher Self 
  • I want to courageously share my creative he-art
  • I want to feel empowered to speak my thorny truth (by saying No, for example)
  • I want to know and trust I’m worthy of love
  • I want to clear the belief that I must earn love
  • I want to feel loved, held and safe

Courageously committing to the Spiral Way of your Sacred Rose Heart, you pave the way for others to follow. By the power of its emanating loving presence that has no bounds, your opened heart awakens countless other hearts into a fuller blossomed and unified state, transforming planetary consciousness – for good. That is how powerful your Sacred Rose Heart is. Before any act of doing, this is the single greatest Heaven-on-Earth miracle you can command, and your most revolutionary contribution to the dawning Golden Age. 

From my Sacred Rose Heart to yours, thank you for reading. It’s been a delight writing this for you. Please trust your heart to know what intentions to set. And that the Cosmic Sacred Rose, in its infinite love and wisdom consecrated to the Heart of the Divine Mother, will know exactly how to serve your brave spiral unfolding and expression. 

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