A Global Crucifixion: Truth, Heartbreak & Humanity’s Heroic Ascension into a Golden Age

A Global Crucifixion: Truth, Heartbreak & Humanity’s Heroic Ascension into a Golden Age

Soul evolution and maturity depend on how well we courageously open to and embody the full-spectrum of the human journey; namely our vulnerability, raw humanity, the heartbreak that awaits us all that pain, suffering and truth initiate us into. Hundreds, if not thousands of lifetimes, spanning different planetary spheres afford us the opportunity to gradually give ourselves to each, and thus our cross.

There is no transcendence of the world, no divine union, no Higher Truth, without surrendering to our heartbreak-induced crucifixion. It’s why we are here, and what we long for more than anything — to open our Holy Heart, claim our resurrection body, and ascend to higher, heavenly planes.

It’s obvious to you now that things are far from normal. And more, that we are not returning to what was. Many throughout the world are awakening to not only the undercurrents of this storm we are in, but its higher wisdom. That we are not simply destined to succumb to tyranny, but that we are here to birth a Golden Age, with the intensifying insanity being our collective labour pains. 

The purpose of this ebook is to share the growing body of evidence for what is clearly global, centralized totalitarianism and medical tyranny on the rise; and the underlying psychology of those who are asleep to the dark storm. But more importantly, my words serve to elucidate what I see missing, even amongst the awakening narratives, that these pivotal times initiate us into. 

The so-called “conspiracy theorists” have their fingers on the pulse in naming how dark forces are catalyzing inflation, food shortages, surveillance — how they are pushing us towards a centralized digital dictatorship. And light workers recognize how the oligarchs are serving the purpose of waking individuals up. What’s missing, however, is nuanced paradoxical wisdom that transcends this painful story of good and bad, us versus them; a unifying awareness that comes home to the heart only to the degree we give ourselves to our Holy Cross.

I want to make clear that I’m not a Christian, although I love Jesus and his teachings. This Ascended Master, who I work closely with, and his living wisdom are central to this body of work. As is the mystical cross, which, as I define it, may be different than your understanding. The paradoxical wisdom I speak of comes through our heartbreak, which is being catalyzed by the immense suffering of these times. Through it, we have the opportunity to live the seeded teachings of Jesus and embody the ancient wisdom of the Holy Cross; to allow the cross to fulfil its sacred purpose of being a portal to transcending the longstanding story of suffering built from duality. 

As you’ll see, it’s through our global crucifixion that the story of us versus them dissolves in a fire of embodied Christ light, and everything is experienced and understood as one perfect, paradoxical, unified system. It’s only from this integrative higher consciousness, made real in the Holy Heart, that we end the escalating tyranny and birth the Golden Age. We close the Age of Darkness by bringing the Light. 

In reading this ebook, you’ll discover six elements woven into one that I hope allow for paradoxical wisdom to more easily find your heart: 

  1. Patterns of light and darkness, truth and lies
  2. The history of tyranny
  3. Global events and startling data pertaining to the Covid era
  4. Trauma, attachment theory, and psychology
  5. The dystopian digital vision of the dark forces
  6. Spirituality, ancient mystery schools, and astronomical alignments

In synthesizing these pieces of the puzzle, my intention is to make your read enjoyable, inspiring and richly thorough. 

This ebook is grounded by ample scientific, historic, and anecdotal research, all available in a click. A plethora of supplementary articles, videos and documentaries from brave and brilliant people, as well as links to content I’ve created, are here. This information is a key reason I chose not to turn this into a printed book. Though I wrestled with the decision, I felt it was important that you have quick, easy and direct access to related and relevant content, particularly the growing body of research around the “vaccine” and the dystopian vision the globalists have.

In an effort to keep this writing not too lengthy, there is much that I’ve written and spoken about that I chose to exclude. Though you’ll find this information linked throughout this work, I also invite you to search my blog and YouTube channel as well. There you’ll discover content that will deepen and round out many of the complex issues I address here, like how trauma and programming are impacting people’s perception of the Covid era and the larger dystopian vision.  

In the Table of Contents you’ll see anchor links that take you through the chapters. Since this writing is not available in e-reader format, you cannot page mark. However, with anchor links provided for chapters, major sections, and some minor subsections, you should find the content easy to navigate. (With Chapter 8 being quite short, there are no linked sections.) The thoroughly laid out Table of Contents allows you to review the rich diversity of topics covered in this ebook, and, of course, you have the freedom to jump to any section of interest with one click.

The final thing I’d like to mention is this. Throughout the ebook I share the words of many wonderful luminaries across time, including the teachings of Jesus, as we’ve understood them to be. I recognize the difference between the words of the true Jesus versus the historical one. Given the early Church Fathers’ and Roman suffocation of apocryphal / gnostic writings, and their own arbitrary interpolations, and given mistranslations that come when oral teachings are passed down, I do not confirm whether the teachings I present of Jesus come from the historically true or Biblically contrived Prophet. However, I can confirm that I chose the words associated with Jesus that feel true to me, most resonant in my heart.

When reading the words of Jesus, authentic or contrived they may be, and the words in my ebook as a whole, I invite you to also feel if they resonate as Truth. As you will see, turning to your discerning heart as the barometer for Truth is thematic in this writing, and absolutely necessary during these extraordinary times.

With that stated, I now thank you for reading, and hope you find my words informative and enjoyable, and what’s conveyed between and behind them a doorway into your heart.

~ Vince Gowmon
Vancouver, Canada

This ebook was first published December 19, 2022. Significant updates were made after with new studies, historical references, stories, and more. The ebook was, for the most part, completed at the beginning of October 2023. However, as more important information has crossed my path since, I’ve felt compelled to enhance this content with further minor edits.

*                    *                    *

most pure
and innocent,

resting still
in the Heart of the Divine,

has nothing to forgive,

for nothing unreal
can ever happen. 

There is only

Beautiful One,

the Love
of no-thing

*                    *                    *

Table of Contents

Two navigational notes: 

  1. As you’ll see, the contents are separated into Chapters, Parts and Sections. If your curiosity takes you directly to a Part or Section without having first read the information right before, you may miss important content. I suggest you scroll up just to ensure you don’t miss anything. For example, there is introductory content at the beginning of Part 3 of Chapter 2 that sets the stage for its first subsection — Section A. 
  1. If viewing from your computer or iPad, when you click on the anchor links below, the Chapter, Part or Section title you are taken to will be concealed behind my floating menu bar above. Scroll up an inch, and you’ll see you are in the right place!
  • CHAPTER 1:  Truth & Heartbreak
    • Part 1: From Information to Transformation
    • Part 2: The Courage to Feel Disturbed
    • Part 3: Teachings of the Caterpillar-Butterfly & Expanding Thresholds for Experience
    • Part 4: Dark’s Sacred Purpose & Ancient Dance with Light
  • CHAPTER 3:  Emerging Global Tyranny
    • Part 1: Nazism Never Left
    • Part 2: The “Vaccine” Bioweapon
    • Part 3: Depopulation through Euthanasia
    • Part 4: Censorship, Surveillance & Lockdown
    • Part 5: Cult of Seeming Safetyism
    • Part 6: Grooming Public Informants
  • CHAPTER 4:  Patterns of Fear, Denial and Abuse
    • Part 1: Wired for Good Obedient Conformity
    • Part 2: The Nefarious Trans Agenda
    • Part 3: Sexualization of Children & “Terrorist” Parents
    • Part 4: Satanic Child Rape Trafficking & Exploitation 
    • Part 5: Summary & Integration
    • Part 6: The Manufactured “Climate Crisis”
    • Part 7: Tending to the Heart of the Matter
  • CHAPTER 5:  Giving Weight to Our Cross
    • Part 1: Sacred Sacrifice & the Fire of Alchemy
    • Part 2: Creating Space for Spiritual DNA Activation
    • Part 3: Ancient Mystery Schools & Descent into the Underworld
    • Part 4: The Holy Altar of Your Body
    • Part 5: Give Me Your Weight
  • CHAPTER 6:  Global Crucifixion
    • Part 1: Outer Tyranny Mirrored Inward
    • Part 2: Dark’s Last Stand: Human 2.0 & The Digital Dystopic Dream
      • Section A: Cosmic Timing and Rays, & the Christ Grid of Light
      • Section B: Synthetic Biology & the Deeper Reason for Modifying DNA
      • Section C: Eugenics & The Fourth Reich
      • Section D: Digital Dictatorship
    • Part 3: The “Second Coming”
    • Part 4: Crucifixion & Our Return to the Garden of Oneness

*                    *                    *


Truth & Heartbreak

People keep believing and supporting absolute lies, while avoiding curious seeking and healthy debate, because they are afraid of the unknown. They protect their ideology, not realizing they are protecting the false, conditioned self terrified of uncertainty; of saying “I’m sorry, I was wrong,” and feeling heartbreak and healthy shame; of losing reputation and status, followers and paychecks, and facing other difficult consequences. 
Stubbornly stuck in cognitive dissonance and illusion, the masses remain afraid of truth, because truth unravels the lie within they’re invested in. They remain steadfast, even though this commitment is destroying kids’ lives and Mother Earth, and ushering humanity into global tyranny.
Ultimately, we are in a collective initiation; and like all true initiations this is a confrontation with our greatest fear — death of the false self. 
The question is: What are you willing to sacrifice for Truth?

Part 1: From Information to Transformation

Much of the information in this ebook I’ve had to awaken within; to embody, most fully in my heart. My vulnerable and messy journey into inner darkness spanning 20+ years has made this possible. Along this pilgrimage, with help from many loving and skilled practitioners, the Light of Truth became more real and integrated. But with Light and Truth came unexpected shadows and lies, more than I could have imagined — those I’d carried within, and those of the world I increasingly saw. 

Healing and awakening, for this reason, are not for the faint of heart. Their combined journey requires great courage and sacrifice, far transcending the rational mind’s capacity. They require heart. The path of inner reconciliation and higher consecration does not occur without uncomfortable and heroic confrontations within, and with the world, if only with our eyes. In this world of contrast, light cannot exist without shadows, just as our soul needs our dense human form for evolution. Truth cannot exist without lies, and the stories made from them, stories we temporarily lose ourselves to. Healing and awakening therefore cannot unfold without sacrificing shadows and lies, and the one who believes them. 

Learning about the world and its shadows, now and historic, is an important step in the awakening journey. Millions upon millions are realizing how trusted agencies are captured, what’s really in their food, how the CIA topples governments claiming sovereignty, and the far-reaching extent that the military is involved in child rape trafficking. Politically, economically and socially, we are becoming less naive and more global each day through the widening field of disclosure. Expanding global awareness is one expression of the expanded consciousness that comes with healing and spiritual awakening. I evolve from survival-me to you to we. I evolve from separate to unified. 

But information about global events is only the first step, a step that many do not see beyond. This myopia is the consequence of a society that prizes information over transformation, thinking over feeling, doing over being, outer over inner. This immature, material consciousness underwrites the cry to return to “normal” and the frustration that “they are destroying our democracy.” It’s what makes it difficult to embrace the perennial paradoxical wisdom that cannot separate light from dark, an integrative wisdom that accepts dark’s necessary, yet cruel role in awakening the collective.

There is Truth beyond information that information cannot reach, and that only exists in our heart. To the degree information is surrendered to the knowing, overseeing heart, it transforms and we transcend into higher thresholds of integrative Truth that may or may not include that information, a higher vantage beyond the dream of duality and the reach of intellectualism. With this sacrifice, paradoxical wisdom is born, a wisdom that’s not necessarily comforting, at least not at first; one that sees Truth within the lies, beauty within suffering, harmony within disharmony, and light in the darkest places. With time and heart integration, this wisdom matures into a powerful presence that can best serve this great awakening from the dream of duality to unity consciousness. From the dream of lies to the Light of Truth. 

With emergency and urgency before us, with the soup of lies coming to a boil, heartfelt service integrated with higher wisdom and Truth is increasingly called upon. We must rise above the waiting game of complacency that perfectly suits those in power quite willing to tell us how to fill our time; how to distract ourselves and play the game. We must rise above settling for “you are doing this to me/us” victimhood, an attitude ever-present that the nefarious oligarchs are coopting and feeding off of in astounding ways. And we must rise above the make-believe and myths we have been sold, and that we agreed to incarnate into and have contributed to, the painful story of separation, of us versus them. The Great Lies!

Rather than sinking into patterns of humdrum normalcy, reactivity, division and illusion, we must now rise by paradoxically sinking into our body, where our hearts and the Light of Truth await. Offering ourselves as a vehicle for radical transformation is the noble service required that births light into darkness. This is the heroic path of self-responsibility, embodied leadership, and mastery least travelled. Bravely walking it is how we end the game, and birth what rationale cannot conceive. 

*                    *                    *

Part 2: The Courage to Feel Disturbed

We must have the courage to see things as they are, not how we want them to be. That is spiritual maturity, and that is what these times demand.

To be a Spiritual Warrior is to courageously give ourselves to uncomfortable, even disturbing truths. Ones that live within, such as from our painful past, and ones that stand before us in our troubled world. This is the noble purpose of our resilient heart. Beyond our imaginings, it is divinely designed to be broken, again and again, which really means opened. It is wondrously designed to take in, metabolize and integrate the confronting truths that so often bring us to our knees, and yet also refine and mature us to new heights.  

Heartbreak, and feeling through the vulnerable depths of oft-turbulent and unknown waters, is a necessary rite of passage; an initiation into newfound humility, compassion and wisdom earned by embracing the raw devastations of the human story. Not avoiding them. It is a rite of passage into embracing widening spectrums of dark and light truth, and therefore the infinite complexity of our divine nature that holds both. With enough heart opening, we graduate into greater capacities to be with the fullness of life, in all its messy glory, and to serve and even alchemize the immensity of pain and suffering in our world.

Avoiding heartbreak is a formula for avoiding our vulnerable humanity and true power. We are not hear to circumvent pain and suffering. If that was the case, we wouldn’t incarnate into such toxic family situations and cultural insanity. Indeed, we came here to experience and learn through suffering; to mature and evolve through its many crucibles, like loss and uncertainty; and to walk along many passages opened only through heartbreak.  

Circumventing pain and suffering is natural, and one way we ensure our survival. It is self-preservation, as we see in children in how they adapt to avoid overwhelm in their system and maintain attachment. Yet, there is a great cost to us individually and collectively when our survival identities become so dominant in our human psyche that self-preservation and avoiding pain become the unconscious norm, the acceptable way of living.

We live in spiritually bereft world for this very reason. It is an immature consciousness that does all it can to avoid giving itself to suffering, heartbreak, and therefore denied and difficult truths. There is no truth without a heart open to it — because truth is made real in the heart. That is where truth comes home into our human awareness as a living, embodied reality. 

There are also the Divine Truths transcendent of this world that we are here to open our hearts to as part of our soul advancement. Once again, it is our sacred centre that intuitively realizes these higher knowings or realities. That’s why we say, Truth is in the heart. The brain and the psychic centre of our pineal gland are information centres, and the cells in our body are also information receivers. But it’s the heart that is the cardinal place of knowing, the final authority that determines Truth.

“Begin with the heart, which is the noblest part of the body,” says Meister Eckhart, the late 13th and early 14th century German mystic and preacher. “It lies in the center of the body from which point it bestows life on the whole body. For the spring of life arises in the heart and has an effect like heaven.”

Our heart must be active, engaged, turned towards the matters at hand, inside and out, if truth is to be seen, felt and made real. To awaken in today’s chaotic world requires being willing not only to receive/uncover information, as stated, but to be disturbed by what we take in; to feel all that comes with painful truth, particularly our grief. 

The emotional body is largely ignored in our seemingly advanced Western world, which has dire consequences in terms of people’s willingness to know and feel reality, let alone experience health. A body numb to feeling and a heart closed to truth leaves the limited thinking mind to make up false stories about what is so, and project them outward. And it leaves this disembodied state, a house built “on the sand,” susceptible to corrupt, manipulating forces seeking to inculcate their many lies. 

With the exception of the deeply troubled souls ruling this planet who are so lost to darkness, hearts are never completely closed. A pained heart, an ignored heart that has lost favour to intellect and discursive thinking, still finds room to love, to feel, to know. Busy, distracted, traumatized people with protected hearts share their goodness each day, whether at home with children, on the street with a stranger, or at work. But as we see by the glaring evidence before us, for the vast majority, the heart is not open enough to take in the disturbing truths abound: 

The global plandemic-related mass maiming and genocide; the escalating manipulation and grooming of children at school, via the media, and elsewhere; the growing use of advanced weather warfare systems; the purposeful destruction of the nuclear family and its rights to protect its children; the southern US border crisis being used to traffic drugs, like fentanyl, and children for rape / exploitation; the unconstitutional collusion between government and Big Tech to censor and surveil in what is a war on Truth; the anti-human, AI agenda that seeks to destroy the sanctity of biology, birth and gender; and the ushering in of a centralized digital dictatorship.

These are but a few examples of global events / issues, some that I will clarify in detail, all connected as part of a larger plan; not unrelated pieces in this centralized, dark geopolitical puzzle.

Again, it is natural to self-preserve, especially in this climate of extremes, and thus avoid the heartbreak that ordinary, let alone extraordinary truth brings. It is natural to protect our vulnerable emotional body, psychology, status and reputation from falling apart. It is natural, because almost everyone lives in a state of denial. 

How can we allow such colossal disturbances into our heart if we are still afraid to recognize and feel how much we’ve hurt another? How can we look tyranny in the eye if we avoid the painful reality that our parents, teachers, ministers — the authoritarianism of childhood — hurt us far more than we thought?

How can we take truth to heart if we are afraid to feel — disturbed? 

Defended against our own painful, historic truths inside, we are prone to defend ourselves against painful truths outside. Even more, we are prone to defend the lies. 

Above all, this is the primary focus of this ebook. For it is the defended, fearful, clutching self that is at stake during these monumental times. A self running out of places to run and hide. A self being fatefully led to the cross through heartbreak via the chaotic storm.  

From our so-called “leaders” we can learn, quite easily, about this dependency on running, hiding and self-preserving. On avoiding feeling, and thus truth (and integrity). Examples are abound in our increasingly absurd political and corporate theatre. Like how, against mounting evidence, these actors refuse to admit they are wrong and answer directly. They refuse to show up for healthy conversations and open debate, as the brave Canadian truckers discovered. 

I invite you to watch how the head of Pfizer refused to testify at the European Parliament special committee to discuss its multi-billion dollar contract, while handing over 100 blanked out pages of Covid “vaccine” contracts. 

Even if those in positions of power show up for formal questioning, after repeated attempts to get them to testify, they lie under oath, persistently saying “I don’t recall.” They say that they cannot provide the requested information due to confidentiality agreements; or that they’ll definitely pass on the documents in the next week, which they rarely do. If, under heightened political and legal pressure, they finally do, the reports are heavily, if not completely redacted.

Another example of redacting pertinent information lies in this video. Leading cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough reveals how the Centre for Disease Control fully redacted a 148 page study on myocarditis as it relates to Covid “vaccine” testing. “This is gross malfeasance,” says the doctor. The cowards continue to hide how harmful this bioweapon is, because it is a bioweapon! 

Indeed, these criminals outrightly act above the law, the US Constitution which is the supreme law of the land, to uphold the corrupt power they are seduced by and to serve their dark overlords. 

For a deep dive into the sublime levels of criminality amongst those in power, I strongly encourage you to take in the words of this decorated former CIA officer as he courageously reveals just how dark the shadow government is.

Keeping in mind the fundamental drive for self-preservation, to defend the imbalanced ego, and it becomes abundantly clear what underwrites the different games these troubled souls play. That ultimately, they seek not money or control of others, but something far more existential: the reinforcement of a false identity terrified of its crucifixion, and thus the Light of Truth.

This is their real business, as it is a primal motivation for everyone who has yet to fully awaken. It’s only a matter of extremes.

Considering how hard it is for everyday folks to genuinely admit, from their heart, “I’m sorry, I was wrong” — to mean it and feel it, to embrace healthy shame and learn through it — then we can appreciate how difficult, or impossible it is, for corrupt, abusive souls in power to confess their lies, apologize, face justice, and make amends. Profoundly closed, pained, darkened hearts, filled with self-hatred from having committed monstrous acts, cannot open themselves up to these kinds of terrifying, confronting vulnerabilities. It’s unimaginable. Their thick psychopathological bulwarks cannot bear dying to the cross, if only a little — which is what happens when we take to heart our actions. When we take Truth to heart! 

Hence, the relentless campaign to run and hide, to deceive and continue along paths of destruction. It is an addiction rooted in terror, fuelling campaigns of terror worldwide.   

*                    *                    *

Part 3: Teachings of the Caterpillar-Butterfly & Expanding Thresholds for Experience

The Light of Truth is the greatest threat to the false self built on lies. Faced with Truth, the latter must silence, shame and attack the unfamiliar, the Higher Truth it cannot bear, nor survive against. 

The caterpillar-butterfly is one of our most important teachers and guides during this pivotal time. This humble Spirit Animal has much to teach us about walking away from the old; the sacrifices necessary to release and open to Higher Truth, to embrace our wings and ascend into heavenly flight. Its timeless message is one for us individually, but it can equally be applied to our collective metamorphosis. 

When the emerging consciousness (Higher Truth) of the butterfly (Higher Self) arrives in the chrysalis (mystery school / temple / tomb-womb) -woven caterpillar (lower / ego self), it comes in the form of what’s called imaginal cells (Jesus, Gandhi, lightworkers, etc). As they gradually appear with their plans for revolution, they are attacked (persecuted) and destroyed by the caterpillar’s immune system. The caterpillar has no tolerance for this “enemy within,” these “domestic terrorists.” Like mind-controlled liberal media, Woke, and law enforcement, the immune system works on behalf of the larger caterpillar-establishment (globalist “elites”) that seeks its own preservation

Each imaginal cell, each seed of butterfly consciousness, is a threat to the ruling body of intelligence — just like how established survival identity structures forged from trauma and programming commonly perceive love from another as a threat; how mainstream archeology sees the likes of Graham Hancock, who are rewriting ancient history, as a threat to its institutionalized beliefs; and just like how darkness and lies see the Light of Truth as a threat. 

The caterpillar, expressed through its immune system censorship army, is experiencing a crisis of identity. Emerging imaginal cells bring something new, something foreign, something extraordinary, something Higher that cannot be tolerated that’s pushing the caterpillar beyond its thresholds for experience, beyond the lower self it has only known. It’s simply too much! The temporal, munching “me” must fight for its life.

For more on this caterpillar-butterfly metaphor, please watch this video I created.

Taking this to heart, we can apply this magnificent metaphor to human transformation, and our global chaos. To do this, though, I must first share a dream I once had….

I met a Chief of an advanced tribal society. She was strong and noble, a woman who knew how to lead from the immaculate power of her Divine Feminine Light. The Chief guided me to her hut, where we sat down. She offered me a drink, and then began to tell me about her community. I don’t remember anything other than the following. 

She said that she and the other village elders can assess how advanced or mature an individual is by their thresholds for experience. There are three: 

  • Feeling
  • Truth
  • Uncertainty

After receiving this wisdom, I immediately woke up. I then began a journey of integrating her words through ongoing reflection and writing. What I’ve discovered since the dream is how wonderfully this three-threshold model simplifies and gets to the heart of so many of life’s complexities; and how this wisdom can be applied to the timeless teachings of the caterpillar-butterfly. How it all weaves together! 

This model is a way to understand soul growth or expansion. We mature as souls to the extent that we expand our thresholds for feeling, truth and uncertainty. Truth is both dark truths, and the Light of Truth. They are inside and out. All three thresholds, I realized after the dream, are interwoven. They cannot be separated. You cannot expand one threshold without expanding the other two. 

For example, if someone chooses to take a disturbing truth to heart, he expands not only his threshold for truth, but feeling as well. He cannot take dark truths to heart without feeling emotional pain or discomfort — fear, shock, disgust, outrage, and grief. The more disturbing the truth is, the more his thresholds for truth and feeling expand. The more willing he is to embrace his feelings and be heartbroken in relation to his newfound reality, the more transformed he can be by newfound truth. 

The third inseparable threshold in this mix is uncertainty. The greater the truth — dark or Light — that we take to heart, the more our inner and outer world changes. Things are no longer the same. If you have been on a healing journey, you know this. We cannot uncover old, painful truths in the body, such as those related to childhood abuse, and not have our world fall apart to some degree. We cannot take in the horrific truths of the world and not question the world we once knew. 

Similarly, we cannot take to heart the higher multidimensional realities of our Soul and the Light Realms — the Light of Truth, and its sublime Joy — without profound confrontations with uncertainty; without having our world fall apart to some degree. We cannot have mystical encounters with angelic beings and sacred geometry, and receive healings from them, and not have material “normal” and the orthodoxy of old belief lose its secure footing in our consciousness. 

Therefore, whether we embrace dark or light truths, a sacrifice of belief, of certainty, of “normal” is unavoidable. The greater the heartfelt encounter with truth or Truth, the greater the sacrifice is asked of us. We enter a rite of passage through let-go, falling into a void, being in the dark night of our chrysalis tomb-womb, where we experience ourselves as neither here, nor there. 

Who am I now if this is no longer true?

Awakening to dark truths and the Light of Truth is thus a journey of dissolution and disillusion; of emptying — inside and out. There is no courageous experience of healing and awakening without both these interwoven experiences; without emptying the “caterpillar” lower self, to some extent, and the trauma and programming underwriting it; and without outer illusions losing their power. And there is no inner metamorphosis without feeling called to release people, places and things that were expressions and extensions of that false self. We suddenly feel called to leave relationships, jobs, hobbies, indulgences, homes, countries that we no longer resonate with. Our thresholds for experience have expanded, and so our Soul calls us to new experiences.

Expanding our thresholds goes hand-in-hand with expanding our capacity for faith (or trust) and courage. To cross the Abyss, the Wilderness, the Empty Sea from who we once were, and the life we thought true, to something different, something new, something entirely Unknown, requires immense faith in our feeling heart, and the Truth it speaks. It requires having the courage to stay true to our Soul’s course, without clinging or filling as we once might have, or returning to the safe shores of familiar, comfortable “normal.” 

As we courageously and faithfully expand our thresholds, it becomes more natural to honour and act upon our Soul’s whispers. Turning towards our heart, body, Truth, and the quiet space of no-thing, allows us to pierce the veil into higher dimensions, and to welcome our Soul as a beacon shining through the dark night. 

Let’s now apply all this to some practical examples, beginning with one that is general, perhaps something you can relate to.

Imagine a father that regularly hits his son. His son cries and shows terror in his eyes, but this doesn’t stop the abuse. Neither do the tearful pleas and attempts at physical restraint from his desperate wife. He brushes each off, and continues. But the more he does, truth speaks louder in his heart, and he feels the pangs of heartbreak. 

To fully let truth in — that he is wrongfully hurting his powerless son, just as his father hurt him, and ruining his marriage — he will need to feel his emotional body, specifically shame and grief. An emotionality that, if it had words, would say, “What have I done?!”

One day, upon hitting his son, his heartbreak cannot be denied anymore. He stops in full swing, turns, walks to his bedroom, and quietly closes the door. He sits on his bed, lowers his shamed face into his hands, and allows the first tears since childhood to flow. 

His grief is sacred. Each tear confirms and expands the knowing of what is true — that he must stop. Love tells him so. 

His thresholds for feeling and truth have risen, as has his threshold for uncertainty. For who is this tough man now when he loses his edges of control? What unfamiliar softness, what kind of uncommon gentleman, may emerge that his child and wife long for, and that tears-are-weak / tough-guy society has traditionally disparaged?

He has become more vulnerable — and that is his uncertainty. 

In this example, we can understand more clearly the importance of the opening question of this chapter as it pertains to personal transformation: What are you willing to sacrifice for Truth? There is no outer sacrifice without an inner one. 

Let’s now explore sacrifice and the three thresholds using an example more specific to the Covid era.

If a journalist suddenly finds clues that she is being controlled and compromised by Big Pharma and the CIA, her willingness to make needed adjustments, investigate further, quit, or speak truth to power depends on her three thresholds: how much she can take truth to heart (realize the magnitude of what is so); how fully she can be disturbed or outraged by the truth; and how much she can face the uncertainty (and embrace its accompanying fear) that comes with adjusting, questioning, unemployment, or being a truth-teller. Her capacity for empowered change and to say No, to courageously and faithfully take risks and be a leader, are directly related to her thresholds for feeling, truth and uncertainty. For inner and outer sacrifice. 

The lower or more rigid her thresholds are, the more she will be complicit with dark propagandist journalism, even with her conscience telling her something is off / wrong. She’ll stay, because she is unwilling to be curious and take truth to heart; to risk being radically disturbed by her findings; and because she cannot metabolize — be with, her fear. She’ll stay, because the uncertainties that come with acting from her heart are too big, such as the loss of her job and benefits. 

Fear and its questions will be pushed down and swept aside. Could this really be true? And what are the implications? This includes What if questions: What if I confront my supervisor on this, what might happen? What if I quit, how will I feed my family? These questions and their related possibilities are harder to explore if one resists the emotional body, which confirms reality and strengthens the inner conviction needed to take risks, dare ask the uncomfortable, claim one’s integrity, and brave the unknown. 

Again, faith is what encourages us to risk, explore and expand. To ask questions we “should” not. Faith whispers, “It’s safe to walk away,” and “You’ll find a way.” It carries us across the bridge of uncertainty, away from perceived security, through the dark night, and to the light calling us from the other side — to higher sacred ground.

For these reasons and more, faith, specifically to our heart, is of utmost importance right now; for, the consequences of being faithful to evil and its empire are monstrous.

I wrote this poem on Faith you may find inspiring and helpful. 

Let’s look at another example. I invite you to bring to mind one or more people you know who will not take our dark global reality to heart. With them you have shared information about the “vaccine,” the peer-reviewed studies highlighting adverse events; you’ve shared truths regarding child rape trafficking and exploitation, and transgender mutilation surgeries; and yet, from them, you experience cognitive dissonance, resistance, even anger. Those imaginal cell truth bombs are shut down by their “fact-checking immune system.” They threaten their thresholds for experience; their comfortable, familiar, “normal” “caterpillar establishment.”

Your resistant family members, friends and co-workers, and the ignorant masses as a whole, are quite capable of taking truth to heart within the spectrum of ordinary living and challenges. They can accept and grieve the loss of a loved one, for example. Or they can accept that there is some corruption in government. But what we have before us is unprecedented, far from ordinary, and global in nature. Thus, it demands an extraordinary calibre of courage, willingness, and warriorship to take to heart and feel these events as unwavering, disturbing truth.

Without a warrior heart willing to open and break, they resist. Without a “caterpillar self” willing to dissolve and experience disillusion, just a bit, they resist. If their resistance could speak, it would say: “I don’t want to feel too much. I don’t want to know too much. I don’t want to have my world fall apart (and face uncertainty).” 

“I don’t want to say, ‘I’m sorry. I was wrong.’”

At its heart, their resistance would say, “I am afraid.”

In recent times, I’ve received messages from people accusing me of spreading hatred and fear in my work. Essentially they are calling me a dangerous person for sharing uncomfortable truths. The question is: What are they not saying? Perhaps it’s this: “Your words are threatening my thresholds, and thus the comforts and familiarity of the false self I identify with that identifies with the false world.” Without self-awareness and a willingness to take self-responsibility, their feeling of being threatened is projected onto me, making me and my words the source, rather than trigger, of their discomfort. Words of Truth are “hate-speech” and “inciting fear,” and deserve censoring. I am a danger to them, and the world.

This pattern of self-deception, victimhood and projection will be explored in great detail in this book. Once you understand it, then what has underwritten our history of silencing, shaming and attacking Truth-tellers becomes more clear. As do today’s patterns of resistance, wokism, and the escalating tyranny quickly abolishing the marketplace of ideas. 

Indeed, the “conspiracy theories” we share with resistant others invites them into somatic and psychological experiences they are not ready for. Our words summon them to a line, an edge, they are not willing to cross. To cross that edge, some form of control must be released. To feel more, to know more, to embrace uncertainty, all requires a form of letting go of control. That’s important to understand. And that’s terrifying for most, depending on the magnitude of the experience. 

Bear in mind that we survive adverse experiences, like childhood neglect and abuse, through various forms of self-control (this, I’ll cover more in Chapter 4). From a survival standpoint, we have many good reasons not to want to release control — to feel more, know more, embrace greater uncertainty. Feeling less, knowing less, and being certain (vigilant) has saved us, time and again. I invite you to consider where this has been true for you. 

When our survival has depended on holding on, holding tight, being rigid, being certain, why would we want to dissolve like the caterpillar? Yet, this is what’s being called upon us, to greater measure, as our world dissolves and opens. As more and more is revealed from the collective shadows, it’s becoming harder to hold on to old paradigms, to “normal,” inside and out. As extraordinary and abhorrent lies are brought to the Light of Truth, the false self built from those lies feels increasingly unstable, insecure. Truth exposed makes it harder to avoid old survival fears that formed our false identity in the first place. It makes it harder to avoid present-time heartbreak, deep questioning and uncertainty. All this makes it harder to run and hide, and settle for the shadows of complacent living. 

This is our crisis of identity — an initiation of metamorphosis, of expanding our thresholds, that demands tremendous sacrifice. 

The crisis ends to the extent that we courageously stop controlling our thresholds, and allow them to vulnerably and humbly expand; to the extent that we admit we don’t know and that we’re afraid. The crisis ends to the extent that we be curious and take truth to heart, and give ourselves to heartbreak, especially grief, perhaps with the aid of a wise and skilled healing professional. 

The crisis continues, however, to the extent that we fearfully and stubbornly resist what we are being confronted with — inside and out; to the degree we lack courage, curiosity, humility and faith. The crisis continues to the degree that we do not trust the ancient wisdom and intelligent design in the tomb-womb of our dissolving chrysalis experience, and that of the world’s. 

“Every breath is a chance to be reborn spiritually. But to be reborn into a new life, you have to die before dying.” ~ Shams Tabrizi, spiritual teacher of Sufi Poet Jalaludin Rumi

At the core of this crisis is fear of death. That is the heart of the matter. The fear beneath all other fears is loss of self; which is why truth and Truth are such a threat and denial is so strong. 

Like Jesus did, the caterpillar models the Great Sacrifice that comes with giving ourselves to death. Both these master teachers have revealed that death is an illusion; for life, we, continue on. The caterpillar gives itself up so it realizes its wings and takes heavenly flight. Jesus made the Great Sacrifice so he could ascend, as well, and so others could embody his teachings and be twice born, like the butterfly. Both the caterpillar-butterfly and Jesus are magnificent teachers teaching the same thing: one within a chrysalis, the other upon the Holy Cross. 

Like the initiations of antiquity taking place in mystery school chrysalises, the escalating global chaos of today is an initiation into death, and being twice born. Summoned to the Holy Cross is not just old beliefs and false stories, but more to the core, the believer. As the caterpillar knows and teaches, and as Jesus knew and taught, transformation runs much deeper than simply changing thoughts. Being twice born is far more radical, vulnerable, humbling, and thus heroic than being “born again.” It’s dissolution and disillusionment at the level of personal identity. It’s death of the illusory, temporary, mortal self, one that occurs gradually, like a dimmer switch, through many lifetimes, as we expand our thresholds for feeling, truth and uncertainty.  

*                    *                    *

we must take the seriousness

of what is before us
to heart.
How far down
the dark rabbit hole we go
depends on our thresholds for
feeling, truth and uncertainty,
for being disturbed,
for heartbreak.
Only to the degree
we descend into our body
and viscerally realize
the extremely troubling realities
before us
do we mature.
From this mature consciousness
we can hold a compassionate view of,
and ample space for,
the emerging darkness and light.
We can steward this Great Rebirth 
not from New Age light chasing
or personal despair, but from
integrated embodiment
centred in our Holy Heart,
from which paradoxical wisdom
and the
non-dual nature of love
breathe life.

*                    *                    *

Part 4: Dark’s Sacred Purpose & Ancient Dance with Light

Our three thresholds determine our state of consciousness, and our state of consciousness determines our three thresholds. An expansion of our thresholds is thus an expansion in consciousness.

As you continue reading, and as you look upon the global chaos, I encourage you to carry the three thresholds in your heart and mind, and their implications for personal and collective transformation. 

You likely already know that the dark forces have, for thousands of years, influenced or meddled with our thresholds. They have been the watchful governors of humanity’s feeling, truth and uncertainty by keeping the lid on our awareness, allowing only so much experience. With help from witting and unwitting agents and operatives, they’ve concealed information regarding the UFO File and advanced technologies (including health), and suppressed inventions for unlimited, clean, free energy, illegally raiding laboratories, seizing and classifying documents, and murdering patent holders (see here & here). They’ve inculcated us with lies — for example, by aggressively inflating the relationship between sun exposure and skin cancer ($$$ for the medical tyrants) — and incited fear and doubt. They’ve created untold illness, hoarded wealth, covertly ousted democratically elected governments, like in Ukraine in 2014, and on and on — a heartbreaking myriad of deception and abuse with the intent to keep us numb and dumb, sick, poor and distracted, enslaved to darkness, avoiding the healthy uncertainty and questions that uncover truth.  

For now, I invite you into a paradox only your heart can embrace: That, on the one hand, the dark forces have played the nefarious role of creating limits to our expansion, and thus freedom; and yet, without this illusory matrix of limits and suffering, we would not evolve. For example, we cannot learn compassion unless we experience loss and pain; we cannot know courage without fear; we cannot feel the tenderness of vulnerability without loss; we cannot be humbled into our humanity without heartbreak; we cannot learn wisdom without the trials of dark nights; we cannot ascend into greater thresholds of Truth unless there is some resistance, some degree of illusion — some separation from Truth. 

Our dark overlords have been the master weavers of contrast, of separation (division), of shadows to light, so we can learn through, and gather wisdom only found in, limits and suffering. Their ceaseless machiavellian machinations have created thresholds to experience that are visible and invisible boundaries to our boundless unity consciousness. They’ve been the brakes to the gas peddle that only knows light speed; the limits to limitless awareness that knows no end. In representing that which is not Ultimate Reality, they’ve provided the contrast and illusion so we can, with our free will, choose Reality — choose what could not otherwise be joyfully re-membered if all was known as Love, Light and Truth — One.

Since the Truth sets us free, by suppressing Truth, the dark forces set the stage for us to evolve through the necessary illusions of only so much freedom so that we can remember how gloriously free we have always been.

“The self-organized systems we know as life, and the behaviors that come from them, cannot exist without the delicate state of dynamic equilibrium that occurs between balance and imbalance. Life comes from the constant interaction between chaos and order. Without the dark, the light would have no meaning or purpose.” ~ Stephen Buhner, The Secret Teachings of Plants

Limits and suffering create the fertile field for ascending soul growth, just as the weight of murky soil is the flower’s ground of blossoming potential. The baby sapling breaking through its husk, then moving upwards through the dark coarse earth, finally piercing it and breathing the welcoming air, and then beautifully reaching even higher, starward, against gravity and wind, closer to the light, is the archetypal path of expanding through levels of resistance, thresholds of experience. One after another.  

This is the heroic multi-lifetime path of soul ascension we have agreed to, with each of us choosing to courageously plant ourselves deeply into the darkness of this, or another, troubled world. From the dim, mysterious holding of our mother’s womb, we rise through all sorts of adversity — sickness, poverty, isolation, trauma, programming, etc. Some is our own choosing, agreed upon prior to incarnation; some, unplanned, is chosen once embodied; other difficulties are experienced because karmic fate steers us in that direction; while other challenges are inherited ancestrally, such as genetic predispositions to illness. These experiences are woven into the larger matrix of limits and suffering overseen and governed by our dark overlords — the indoctrinating church and “education” system, the toxicities of food and Big Pharma, the industrial slave labour of poorer nations, to name a few examples. 

Again, we as souls agree to experiences of oppression and pain, trickery and abuse prior to incarnation, aware of how they serve our soul evolution; aware of the sacred opportunity that personal, intergenerational, and collective adversity affords us as the determiner of thresholds, and the contextual field for expanding them. We recognize the power of a lifetime of severity to burn through the severe weight of karma, freeing us to rise above its imposed thresholds.

We thus do not come to avoid pain and adversity, but rather, as heroic souls, we willingly choose contrast; we do, so we can experience darkness and its mysterious ways, its inversions and previsions, curious Cosmic travellers we are wanting to experience the fullness of life, not just the “good stuff”; we choose darkness so we can be like the radiant lotus flower, rising through the blinding thickness of old mud, to be baptized anew by the pure waiting grace of water and Light.

We as wondrous souls know that, although our paths will be arduous and painful at times, darkness and its amnestic spell are ultimately temporary; a dance, a play, a wild story — a simulacrum of form having no basis in Truth.

Lifetime after lifetime, using our free will, we courageously and vulnerably expand our thresholds even more, gradually ascending to higher dimensions of awareness. From each new vantage point, we experience new soul thresholds to explore and expand in yet another heroic incarnation. They inform our next-level soul curriculum and adventure — what’s needed. Each lifetime is an opportunity to more fully embody our limitless Higher Self, to realize the Master we already are in embodied resonance. 

Taking all this to heart, we can accept that, on the one hand, the very force oppressing, abusing and destroying us, that has led us far down the Garden Path, is playing the age-old important role of creating polarity and contrast, the learning ground of illusion, the chance to bravely expand our thresholds and evolve starward like the flower. And yet, paradoxically, on the other hand, the dark players must be named, something great luminaries throughout time have bravely done, and something I do extensively in this ebook. This is especially true now as the technological, military and political power of darkness is very out of balance; and considering the rape, torture and trafficking of children occurring beyond what most can possibly imagine. 

To the degree that we give ourselves to heartbreak, that we heal our wounds and awaken our Holy Heart’s non-dual presence, we embrace this monumental paradox and its timeless wisdom. We hold Light and dark, Truth and lies, as only the heart can — not as opposing forces, not as us versus them, but integrated, as one perfect paradoxical system. Oneness. 

While the great luminaries have been frequency keepers of the Light, the dark forces have provided the necessary counterbalance as frequency keepers of darkness. It is the Way, and always has been. And along the Way, we explore, learn and expand through infinite shades of grey. 

This ebook is an opportunity to awaken this paradoxical wisdom through the rite of passage of heartbreak; to feel and embody this strange, mysterious divine dichotomy that is the ancient dance between limits / thresholds and endless possibilities; the painful illusion of darkness, and the eternal Light of Truth we are. 

As you continue reading, I invite you to remember this perspective of darkness and its relationship to the three thresholds and soul evolution as a way to navigate the oft-troubling and paradoxical content. Your felt, integrative understanding will deepen through the chapters as you allow uncomfortable truth and the Light of Truth to break open your heart.

What may also help you explore these thresholds and experientially feel through this writing are these two inquiries: 

  • Where in my life am I unwilling to expand my thresholds for feeling, truth and uncertainty?
  • What might I have to sacrifice, inside and out, to expand my thresholds?

Exploring these humbling questions as an ongoing practice helps release us from judging others for their resistance to dark truths, and the Light of Truth. And they serve to detach us from patterns of victimhood and complacency, and turn us towards self-responsibility and self-mastery. 

Finally, as this ebook takes you deeper into the darkness of days past and today, please pay attention to and care for your emotional body and heartbreak. Your emotions will likely be stirred because of the volume of troublesome details provided. And yet, in being stirred, your emotions serve the sacred purpose of confirming truth and Truth. 

Your outrage, for example, when responsibly expressed from heartbreak, is holy — not negative, as we’ve been taught. Given the evil before us, this Sacred Flame of Emotion is needed to help unimaginable reality come alive psychosomatically. With outrage, the events of our world are taken to heart more deeply. Truth can never be refuted again.

When courageously and vulnerably expressed, and heard loud enough and from enough voices, outrage, as well as grief, do wonders to break cautious hearts open to truth, and inspire the masses to no longer tolerate the intolerable. The power and beauty of our emotional body serves its sacred purpose of uniting us in common cause, and waking up the world.

Thus, the ever-growing necessity to expand our thresholds for feeling, truth and uncertainty. To give ourselves to Holy Heartbreak. 

How high
are you willing to fly
into uncertainty?
How much
are you willing to
for Truth,
inside and out?
How fully
are you willing to
bow to your heart
through the vulnerable rite
of heartbreak?
How willing,
my friend,
how willing
are you to
lose yourself to life?

The History of Today’s Tyranny

Part 1: Evil’s Front & Hidden Reality

Early on, oligarchs like John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937) learnt that they couldn’t outrightly lie and get away with it. And so, instead of publicly lying, they re-wrote “truth.” They, and their operatives, then convinced and coerced the multitude through a growing body of agencies and institutions — science, education, health, media, etc — through the world they increasingly controlled, to believe the lies as reality; that, referring to George Orwell’s book 1984, 2 + 2 = 5. This is the matrix, the “truth” of our his-story. 

“One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.” ~ Carl Sagan, The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark

“The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” ~ J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Director, quoted in The Elks Magazine (August 1956)

It can be disconcerting to witness so many still believe the lies promulgated by the government, various bureaucrats, the media puppets, and more, all working for dark forces now upping their games of global digital control. Big emotions like anger can stir as we see law enforcement serving and protecting the interests of those in power instead of the public; as in the case of “Baby W” in New Zealand, who was stolen from his parents by the state because mom and dad refused to consent to a jabbed blood transfusion during the boy’s urgent life-saving operation. We are witnessing our sheepish human family around the world handing themselves, their children and others over to preying wolves, feeding their parasitic, power-hungry appetites. We are witnessing how addicted humanity is to complacency.

There is continued wonderment at how people can still not see the truth of things, while calling others who do “conspiracy theorists,” even with all the mounting evidence. It’s as if we, the “conspiracy theorists,” are pointing to the full radiant moon, inviting the deniers to turn around and look — just look! And yet they keep their backs to the light, claiming it does not exist, while calling us climate-change denying, racist extremists. With astounding hypocrisy, it is they that judge and deny, taking no time to “look up” at the growing-glowing body of startling evidence. Their thresholds are not ready to expand that high. 

It is indeed an incredible time to be alive, wouldn’t you say? To witness such insanity? It’s a time of rich learning about the nature of being human, and how easy it is to be utterly fooled. 

“It’s easier to fool people than convince them that they have been fooled.” ~ Mark Twain

We are learning and experiencing how the history of tyranny repeats itself; that it isn’t over yet in our seeming free democracies. And we are witnessing how so many cannot correlate historic patterns of control, subservience, abuse and oppression to what is occurring today. That dark rulership didn’t just happen then, like in ancient Egypt, Atlantis, during the Roman Empire and Nazi Germany, and throughout the world by the church, but tyranny is also happening now; and not just over there, like in China, Iran and Saudi Arabia, but in our own backyard. In plain sight.

The age-old pattern of silencing, shaming, and using violence towards those who speak Truth, or Truth to power, is here for all to see and experience. And yet for great numbers still, they cannot consider that this war on Truth, this controlling of the narrative, is affecting them as they watch their “news” and listen to their “trusted” authorities; and that, more than ever, the propaganda is manipulating the impressionable minds of their children as they attend the indoctrinating state-controlled “education” system, and watch their favourite kids shows. 

For blind, complacent conformists, it’s very difficult to consider, let alone take to heart, that there is far more evil running the world than they can possibly imagine; that the ultra rich oligarchs, numbering only a few hundred, with help from their exclusive executive branches like the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission, the mafia, and secret societies like the Illuminati and Freemasons, have created a vast global network of influence for total centralized control. Infiltrated and captured are all major institutions / agencies — health, science, entertainment, media, “education,” government, law enforcement, the military, Intelligence, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Banking, and more.

That the U.S. government has only given $700 to each household of Lahaina, while giving billions to the Ukraine money laundering and child trafficking scheme, should alone make the unfathomable evil obvious. And, more importantly, since we’re on the subject of Lahaina, where are the children?

On April 27, 1961, President John F. Kennedy Jr., in his address before the American Newspaper Publishers Association, expressed his growing concern over the covert governance and secret societies controlling the nation: “The very word ‘secrecy’ is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it.” Kennedy went on to say, “For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence — on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.”

Kennedy’s father, Joseph P. Kennedy, quoted in the July 26th, 1936 edition of the New York Times, shows how he, too, had awareness of secret government control, and the nefarious, unchecked measures undertaken by this select group: “Fifty men have run America, and that’s a high figure. Fifty men… have within their power, by reason of the wealth which they control… (the ability to) paralyze the whole country, for they control the circulation of currency and can create a panic whenever they will.”

The oligarchs who rule the world are transnational in their oversight and control. Via the aforementioned networks that also include the Bilderberg Group, they govern through the psychopaths in positions of power witnessed daily on our screens. These “elected” officials deceptively disguise themselves as stewards of “peace,” “freedom” and “safety,” working on behalf of the people, when, in truth, they are working for those who control them, and who, in many cases, “elected” them. Presidents and Prime Ministers, as well as high-ranking military, corporate, technological, banking, Intelligence and bureaucratic personnel, these are frontmen and frontwomen for the deep state, their covert handlers and overseers. They are extraordinary professional liars, compromised due to personal inner conflict, outer political and corporate pressure, bullying from the deep state, and also, for some, through sexual blackmail. They have little to no knowledge of the higher levels of compartmentalized command that pulls their strings and that’s ultimately in charge. They are deep state puppets and pawns. 

“The real rulers in Washington are invisible, and exercise power from behind the scenes.” ~ Felix Frankfurter, Supreme Court Justice (1952)

Over the decades there has been a growing centralization of control across our institutions. For example, consider the number of media outlets that have been swallowed up by larger fish. Thirty-seven years ago, fifty corporations controlled the US media, this article reports. That number jumped to six in 2011. By 2020, this figure remained so, with ATT (bought Time Warner), CBS, Comcast, Disney, News Corp (the parent company of Fox News), and Viacom being the media giants.

We can also look to the rapidly growing power of BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager. It “manages a quarter of the world’s money,” with over $9 trillion in assets under management in 2023. Along with having significant equity holdings in companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and Meta, together with Vanguard, BlackRock owns “18% of Fox, 16% of CBS, 13% of Comast — which owns NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, and the Sky media group, 12% of CNN, and 12% of Disney — which owns a number of subsidiaries.” These numbers are only set to rise as Blackrock continues to consolidate its global wealth and power. 

With centralization, information is consolidated into a consistent narrative across all platforms, requiring little to no journalistic integrity. Propaganda press briefings are fed by the CIA, Pentagon — the deep state, and viewer minds are manipulated to believe what the one party narrative or transnational oligarch agenda is.

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years,” said David Rockefeller (1915-2017), grandson of John D. Rockefeller, global banker and chief architect of the New World Order, at the 1991 Bilderberg Conference in Baden-Baden, Germany. “It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

Along with the consolidation and centralized control of media, hungry Big Banks are quickly gobbling up smaller ones, seen with the recent manufactured collapse and amalgamation of Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, and others. This is part of The Plan — a gradual movement towards complete centralized control of our monetary system, which allows for control of our spending and freedom to choose. 

This is a radical step even beyond the current system of centralized monetary hegemony enforced with the 1913 criminal secret signing of the Federal Reserve Act on Jekyll Island in the U.S. state of Georgia. A small group of central bankers stole sovereign power from the government / Treasury to issue its own interest-free currency. Power was granted to the Fed — a private bank, not a government agency, to financially control and enslave the U.S. through its own currency loaned on interest. Hence “Federal Reserve Note” being on U.S. bills. 

Further solidified was the extraordinary dominance of the international banking cartel over nations and people through loan-on-interest, debt and inflation — an impoverished hole impossible for countries to dig themselves out of. 

With centralized global control, the private bankers have been able to print endless money, willy nilly, devaluing currency as they please. And yet few have asked the question: If they can do this — print endless money, why do we pay taxes? The answer is, because the system is a fraud, a lie, one of the greatest illusions of our time, that convinces the public to pay into governance they believe they need. 

More on the encroaching system of global financial control later in the ebook. 

The expanding influence of the European Union, the increasing powers of the World Health Organization, the US and UK borders open wide, parental rights taken over by government, plandemic and future lockdowns, giving everyone the same injections — all is part of the push to merge society into a numb and dumb, enslaved, centrally controlled, depopulated monoculture, in which power is easily enforced, with AI — All-Seeing Eye — being key in the algorithmic oversight.

This nefarious globalist agenda long in the works is accelerating now, at the destined hour. Yet humanity has been mostly oblivious because the dark control has existed primarily in the shadows, like the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain. Our overlords and their agents and operatives have ruled from above and beyond our senior managers, principals, captains, department heads, executive VP’s, etc; yet they have greatly influenced those “middle men and women,” often coming across with the best of intentions. Wonderful “inclusive” actors they are! 

Those middle folks unwittingly follow plans and obey commands, without too much fuss, too much curiosity, and pass the dark directives down and down. Though dissatisfied and habitually Thanking God it’s Friday, people don’t seek truth or ask questions; they don’t look too far up and keep their heads down for the most part, settling for codependent conformity with this global matrix of control — a matrix in which only so much freedom is given (and pay), and the many serve the few, while feeding their insatiable hunger for false power. 

This we complacently call “normal,” a reality contributing to the crisis of suicidal ideation, chronic addiction (drugs, food, porn, gambling), and psychopharmaceutical dependency amongst young and old.  

The masses do not realize who they are working for, the larger vision beyond the known vision, and how it impacts them. For example, good-hearted people believe the Foundation they are employed at supports the peaceful democratization of foreign nations. Though they may do some positive work abroad protecting civil liberties, even senior executives do not recognize how higher hands of Intelligence and the private banking cartel collaborate with and use their good intentions to violently overthrow democratic governments and install puppet dictators. The front is spreading democracy. The reality is tyranny, with financial enslavement and resource exploitation being prime motives. 

Sold is the “peaceful” front, or that of “human rights” and “protecting our environment”; yet the dark reality is the dark forces’ incessant war machine that kills millions and causes eco-disasters, like the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage. Sold are “advancements in technology” and their “conveniences,” yet the reality is data mining and global surveillance. Sold is “inclusion” and “diversity,” yet the reality is sowing division; such as through Black Lives Matter and Critical Race Theory, both of which nefarious minds run deep in.

Sold is the need to “safeguard” the public from Natural Health Products through Canadian Bill C-47; yet the reality is to make healthy remedies less available, and the population sicker and more dependent on chemical alternatives; to drive thousands of naturopaths out of business, and drive business to Big Pharma. Likewise, sold are the “protective benefits” of the Covid “vaccine”; yet the reality is one of making biology synthetic, mass maiming and genocide, and mass profiteering.

Sold is “education” to support our children to “thrive” and “succeed,” a vision of “no child left behind”; yet, the reality is indoctrination, dumbing-down and enslavement, and profiting off of prosaic conformity. “I don’t want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers,” said filthy rich oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller. He was a leading engineer of the modern “education” system, providing funding from his General Education Board, founded in 1902; and he was a global oligarch responsible for untold cruelty and lies (pushing the myth of “fossil” fuels, discussed later). I want obedience and conformity, was Rockefeller’s message, as all tyrants do, not self-directed sovereignty.

This standardized industrial model of standardizing unique souls contravenes the very definition of the word “education.” From the Latin “educere,” it means to draw out. Hence, to educe. Drawing out undermines the very purpose of “education” from the start, which is not empowerment, but disempowerment. And it undermines the very purpose of tyranny. (And yes, we need to put information into children as well. Only the heart knows the balance.)

Said Ellwood P. Cubberley, Dean of the Stanford University School of Education, 1898: “Our schools are, in a sense, factories, in which the raw materials — children — are to be shaped and fashioned into products. The specifications for manufacturing come from the demands of 20th century civilization, and it is the business of the school to build its pupils according to the specifications laid down.”

What better way to “manufacture” children and obedience than to create a rote, one-fit-all, standardized system of learning and thinking? A system that stomps out creativity and imagination, the instinct to question and dream beyond? Conditioned to think alike and have an external locus of control, people are more easily controlled… and more depressed. This sums up the Covid era, and the larger totalitarian methodology.

It is obviously false to assert that no good can come out of institutions or work overseen by the “Eye of Sauron”; that no innovation, beauty and joy can shine through the matrix of control. It’s false to assert that we have been fully mechanized beings with no free will, and that the oligarchs have had complete control over our lives. If this were true, it would be a dystopian nightmare. 

In my old career as a workshop leader, I regularly witnessed within organizations and institutions, like non-profit care for people with special needs and healthcare, the resilience of the human spirit and its power to serve, love, create and connect, despite the obstacles. In classrooms, children manage to find some joy, and some learning, even in the rote confines of standardized curricula. They have moments when they realize their voice and creative potential. And how many little ones have received more love, care and concern from their teachers than their parents, making school a safe haven? This blessing is very common.

Programmed and with unresolved developmental trauma, brilliant minds still manage to design wheelchairs like the one my mother sits in, and small ones for two-legged dogs. Beautiful songs, poems, paintings and other works of art are not created purely from joy and freedom, but the strains and pains of suffering and limitation. From the shadows of light. 

All this I call beautiful suffering, a beauty that is heartbreaking and inspiring at once. It’s an articulation of the triumph of the human spirit, the hero in us all that, like the sun, still shines upon the ground, lighting up the world, though painful clouds veil its radiance. 

The oligarchs have not intended to fully suppress that light and goodness — our power; to keep our three thresholds at bare minimum. It has been strategic for them to allow a certain amount of freedom so to maintain their control covertly and to avoid an angry uprising. Being seen too much, and having their abhorrent plans and deeds revealed, would be terrifying for them beyond measure; just as it’s scary for people to have the Light of Truth shone upon them, revealing their hidden secrets, the shadows within. It’s thus a balancing act for our dark overlords. Too much control and they give themselves away; too little and they forfeit their “dream jobs.” This, of course, is a spectrum, depending on where you live. North Korea is not the same as Scotland, though that is changing.

And so it is false to assume there is no room for the sovereign soul and its creativity in the matrix; and yet, it’s naive and unrealistic to believe that we can completely escape the machine. Everyday I use oil. The keyboard I type on now is made using this resource that serves our capitalist societies and my needs; but this dependency also feeds the greed of oil oligarchs and their oil wars. I pay taxes, like you do; and yet our tax dollars are being used to fund global genocide through biological, chemical and military warfare. We need the noble work of police officers; but their work is increasingly being coopted to enforce tyranny. 

Since living off-grid in the woods, homeschooling and bartering are still not a full-time option for everyone, and since our free will is in tact, I suggest that, at minimum, we ask ourselves uncomfortable questions and then sit with the disturbing heartbreak that follows; questions like: 

  • Who am I really working for? 
  • What vision am I supporting? 
  • Where is my voice needed? 
  • What rules am I willing to break? 
  • What risks am I willing to take? 
  • Where do I need to say No so a new Yes can emerge?

Even without any concrete actions taken, our collective responsibility is to turn towards truth and heartbreak. To question and feel more, things we were taught not to do. 

The collapsing system is initiating this, whether we like it or not. It’s forcing a breaking down of longstanding beliefs and ideas, causing unasked questions to arise and us to look beyond the “positive” front and into its shadows. The great collapse is catalyzing shock, disgust, outrage and grief, as pain and darkness, the secrets of old, reveal themselves more. The global meltdown and chaos are expanding humanity’s thresholds for feeling, truth and uncertainty. With accelerated evolution and revelation, a vast sweeping out of the old and grim, comes tremendous new possibilities to create a new story, what will be a Golden Age. 

This is the opportunity before us, clearly inseparable from the immense suffering that comes with destruction of economic systems, attacks on biology, growing uncertainty, death, and more. Paradoxically, strange as it sounds, now is the opportunity to claim freedom because the dark players can no longer conceal themselves and their plans as they once did, and allow the balance of freedoms previously given. 

At this given hour, with more disclosures like government corruption and evidence for genocidal intent coming to the fore, it’s all or nothing now for the dark ones. All hands are on deck. Our dark overlords and their henchmen must make their great push for their totalitarian vision. This means further disregard for the laws of the land and civil rights, accelerated Big Brother surveillance, more manufactured threats like fake UFO invasions and viral outbreaks, economic austerities like the carbon tax, greater destruction and control of the food supply, etc. New levels of fear must take hold, and system overwhelm and breakdown, which the mass flooding of illegal aliens — long part of the plan — is key in triggering.

There must be greater enforcement of the “great reset,” and increased censorship of all who oppose this “solution” and its accompanying narrative. 

“We will see definitely a lot of anger, already now, but probably increased by the end of the year. Because this crisis will be with us until we really have found a remedy. So, we have to prepare for a more angry world.” ~ Klaus Schwab (1:25 mark), Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum

Indeed, people must become desperate, disempowered and afraid enough to have no choice but to turn to the globalists for “help,” such as in the form of universal basic income — which is submission to dystopian, technocratic tyranny.

At least, that’s the plan. 

“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order.” ~ David Rockefeller, quoted at a U.N. dinner in 1994

*                    *                    *

With the end of ignorance and birth of uncomfortable knowledge comes heartbreak, as well as newfound responsibility. The knowledge I refer to is not just of global events, but history, and how the escalation of chaotic current affairs are a continuation of unresolved shadows going back millennium.

Learning some history is important if we are to wake up and step up as leaders. Looking back into the annals of time helps us recognize, understand and feel today’s rising global totalitarianism. For these reasons, I believe it is a social responsibility to take to heart the patterns of violence, manipulation and oppression woven into our history; to see how many times dissenters and Truth-tellers have been persecuted, tortured and killed for standing juxtaposed to the ruling establishment; and to, with critical thinking and intuition, draw the obvious parallels to today’s growing tyranny.

The rest of this chapter is a winding journey that elucidates the myriad expressions of darkness through time, with most of the focus being on the 20th century. I hope my words serve your cognitive learning; but more, that they bring the tragic realities of days past and their parallels today intimately into your heart, as Truth, a Truth confirmed by the depth of your emotions.

*                    *                    *

Part 2: War on Truth

That darkness is merely the absence of light, tells us how illusory and powerless darkness is. It is the Great Lie, the story that never was, whose foremost threat is the Light of Truth.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” (John 1:5)

The Truth sets us free because we are the Light of Truth. Anything other than Truth is a temporary illusion, a lie. It is the dream of limitation awaiting liberation, the dream of darkness awaiting illumination. 

In Truth, we are already free. We are sovereign and divine, holy and whole. Our multidimensional Holy Spirit, the Heart of our Soul, is invincible. No external authority, no matter how demonic its actions are, can harm, tarnish, remove or capture this Truth of who we are — the innocence, purity and power of our Holy Spirit. 

Externals cannot darken Light, just as clouds cannot spoil the sun. 

However, like clouds, our adverse experiences create temporary veils. Darkness veils us from Light. Trauma and programming, painful memories, our soul samskaras, veil us from our knowing Heart, our Holy Spirit, and thus Higher Truth.

Clues to this are found in meaningful wordplay. The inversion of live is evil. This is true at the level of consciousness, and in spelling (the spells cast by evil!). But what many do not see is that these letters also form the word veil. What veils us from truly experiencing ourselves as Light is darkness, or evil. Evil is the consciousness of darkness, expressed through personification and materialization.

If these clues were not enough, there is another word in live, evil and veil needing recognition — lie. Lie is the inversion of Truth, just as darkness is the inversion of Light. Darkness is the lie, the veil, the evil, the illusory story that never was, but that we learn and grow through as heroic souls, willing to dream.

The more one loses themselves to and identifies with darkness, the more it becomes their business to veil others from the Light of Truth; to lie as their means of veiling, and enroll people into their veils and lies. They seek to invert and pervert consciousness by saying purity is sinful, “inclusion” is inclusion, hell is heaven, boys are girls, and technology can replace biology. This has been the story of human suffering since time immemorial, with the inversions and perversions peaking at this critical time of awakening. 

“A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” ~ Vladimir Lenin

Dark players cannot destroy that which is forever invincible and immaculate — the Light of Truth. All they can do is block out the sun, so to speak, and convince the masses that shadows are real and needing attention. Clever black magicians they are, they use smoke and mirrors to create illusions and deceive, to twist and turn objective reality, and to incite us to turn against our Light of Truth and each other, and follow them.

That is their forever war on Truth, one that strangely, ironically, cannot touch what it’s at war against. 

There is a range of experience in which they engage in this war: from covert to overt; from subtle psychological operations (psy-ops) to totalitarian violence. They socially engineer by assaulting our inner world, and by shaping and attacking the outer world. They silence, shame, conceal, manipulate, corrupt and destroy that which represents or expresses Truth at the worldly level, like our body and mind, plants and animals (GMO food), and sacred texts and sites; but they cannot oppress or alter everlasting, transcendent Truth itself. That’s impossible. 

Remember that as black magicians they can only work at the level of illusion, of the story, not the level of Truth; with what’s impermanent, not permanent. They work with darkness and in the shadows, like their secret societies and secret government, or in the vaults of the Vatican. Veiled by darkness, they thus work with and in the absence of Light, and thus the absence of ultimate reality. The Light of Truth, they cannot mould.

Yet, they diligently bend pliable beliefs through mind control, directing them their way; which is not the same as the steady heartfelt knowing of the Holy Spirit. They corrupt the elastic, learned mind, but fail to touch the inalterable Light, which is unreachable for them, too bright for their liking. They work with the temporal, with mortal matter, but not that which breathes life into form, the pure, eternal Breath of Life itself.

And so they remove parental rights, without ever removing parental love. They place dissenting voices/bodies in prison, without ever incarcerating the soul. They teach that we are born in sin, but only create an illusion that veils our invincible purity. They convince people that they are racist and misogynist, that men can “chestfeed,” and that we should trust the “science,” not the silenced; but all the while, 2 + 2 still equals 4. Higher Truth & Wisdom prevail, and we remain Holy. 

When a country bans music and forces women to cover themselves with a hijab, that is darkness imposing itself, attempting to conceal beauty, and thus power and Truth. Hijab, in Arabic, literally means “barrier” or “partition.” It’s used to control women’s bodies, and veil the Divine Feminine. Covid masks were a partition, as well, used to control / shame bodies and veil Truth. Should we be surprised that the dark forces are now planning to block sunlight?

This endless, sacrilegious war on Truth is illusory, ultimately, but very real in human terms. Traumatizing, heartbreaking, painful, it is a war of continuous distracting and dividing, of inciting fear and disempowerment; a war that clouds, confuses, corrupts and conceals, so that we give our power away, feed parasitic souls our fear, and become enslaved servants bound to lies, shadows, evil, the matrix-mind tricks of old and new. 

Dream-weavers they are, creators of great nightmares, indeed, but in the end, all awaken and all rest in peace. In Truth. 

*                    *                    *

That which is incorruptible is a threat to those whose business is corruption. That which is uncontrollable is a threat to those whose business is total control. That which is True Power is a threat to those dependent on false power. That which is Truth is a threat to those dependent on lies. That which is Love is a threat to those whose business is hatred and fear. That which is United as One is a threat to those whose business is to divide, and to rule through division. 

The darkness of night is powerless to the light of dawn. That is how much an illusion, a lie, darkness is. And that is how powerful you are, as eternal Light! And so it is, that darkness can only survive by bringing more darkness or evading Light, rather than stepping into and facing the Light it fears most — the Truth. Doing the latter, it would dissolve in an instant. It would be crucified! 

Understand this, and you realize how cowardly their work is, how much they must hide and lie. And how terrified they are of You!

Just as dark players espouse lies and spread violence as their mission, avatars and heart warriors spread Light & Truth. Respectively, that is each’s full time mission, their reason for being. The more powerful the latter’s emanation, the more they threaten darkness, and its mission. As such, so many spiritual teachers and sages, Truth-tellers and heart warriors of all kinds, have become Martyrs for their cause. They have sacrificed everything for Truth, so others may know it themselves, and not be ensnared by the deceptive machinations of darkness.

I feel it’s important now to explore some examples of these brave luminaries, as well as other examples of how dark forces have sought destroy Truth. 

“No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth,” noted Plato. Underneath hatred, however, is fear, if not terror.

The life and death of Gandhi, Malcom X, Marguerite Porete, Dorothy Stang, JFK, Giordano Bruno, Hypatia, Jesus, and Socrates, are just a tiny handful of examples of the war on Truth that we must take to heart. Powerful souls who, in their uncompromising mission to liberate others and protect Mother Earth, were simply unwilling to be controlled, and therefore were deemed too much of a threat. They were “censored,” “de-platformed,” for spreading “disinformation.” For being a light unto darkness.

“Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.” ~ John F. Kennedy

The assassinations of JFK and his brother, US Senator Robert F. Kennedy, were ultimately orchestrated by the transnational deep state, or internationalists. Among other things, these brave men of integrity were against the Vietnam War, and therefore the larger war machine racket of the dark forces that rages on today. As alluded to earlier in this ebook, JFK felt growing wariness and acrimony towards the deep state-run CIA, which, in conjunction with the Military Industrial Complex and central bankers, he knew were corrupt beyond measure, and dangerous beyond control. He desired to expose their secrets, including the UFO File (and share it with the Soviets), and depotentiate their power — to unveil them, which would have meant their end.

Likely the biggest motivation behind JFK’s assassination was his decision to initiate 4.5 billion dollars of Treasury-issued bank notes backed by silver. Perfectly legal to do so within the constitution, this was his attempt to take economic power back from the Federal Reserve and the private central banking cartel; to end their financial enslavement enshrined in the 1913 Federal Reserve Act, effectively slowing interest payments to the Fed. Only five months after this bold movement towards financial/state sovereignty, JFK was killed. The U.S. currency was pulled from circulation and destroyed. The CIA worked hand-in-hand with the private central banking cartel to maintain globalist control. 

Jim Garrison, former District Attorney of New Orleans, who saw the CIA cover-up and challenged the corrupt Warren Commission, adds further perspective in his 1972 published book, Heritage Of Stone: “Until the work of the Kennedy assassins is undone, Presidents will come and go but the warfare machine and its extensive intelligence tentacles, domestic as well as foreign, will remain in control. The assassination reduced the President of the United States to a transient official, a servant of the warfare conglomerate. His assignment is to speak as often as possible about the nation’s desire for peace, while he serves as a business agent with Congress for the military and their hardware manufacturers.” Essentially, the military industrial complex.

After Kennedy’s assassination, like Garrison, many amongst the distraught public intuited it was the CIA behind the President’s death and were outspoken about this. To suppress this rising counter-narrative and publicly shame truth-tellers, the deep state, via the mainstream media, seeded the term “conspiracy theory / theorist.” From this origin we have the same mind control strategy used en mass today. This is a good example of the dark forces being deceptive black magicians working with smoke and mirrors; how they use lies to veil Truth. 

Malcolm X, another inspired Martyr (not martyr), summarized things with these poignant words: “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses. The press is so powerful in its image-making role, it can make the criminal look like he’s a the victim and make the victim look like he’s the criminal. This is the press, an irresponsible press. It will make the criminal look like he’s the victim and make the victim look like he’s the criminal. If you aren’t careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”

Television is tell-a-vision for this reason, programming the masses via its programs. With technological advancements having jumped leaps and bounds over the decades, the media of today, and those who rule it, are far more capable of mind control than ever. This is especially true given humanity’s addiction to technology and physical attachment to it. 

While Martin Luther King, Jr. bravely spoke with unambiguous piercing authority, and paid the heavy price of thirty-nine trips to jail plus his life, other luminaries were more cautious to ensure their safety and continued dissemination of truth. To avoid public persecution and the might of the inquisition, the Sufis of Islam used poetry to conceal wisdom deemed heretical by religious and political authorities. Spaced out creatively, in its poetic, non-literal form, their wisdom was also less likely to be coopted by the perversions of authority; and it was harder for genuine truth-seekers to grasp and settle for literal understandings of the ineffable only found in the heart.  

Meister Eckhart (1260-1328), too, had to be discerning with his words, and used a variety of creative, playful and paradoxical means to convey God’s message for humanity. Despite his efforts, he was eventually put on trial by the inquisition in Cologne, Germany and then Avignon, France. He did not lose his first confrontation with this corrupt authority, and died before the second trial could decide his fate.

Galileo Galilei (1564-1642), the Italian astronomer and philosopher, also had his day with oppressive power. Increasingly, he championed the Copernican heliocentric system that asserted that the Sun is the centre of our solar system, not the Earth. The Roman Inquisition would have none of this, and sentenced him to spend his remaining eight years in house arrest. A heliocentric model threatened the geocentric model, an extension of their egocentric way of living. 

In case you didn’t catch it, geo and ego have the same letters. This is a creative way of understanding the larger pattern of authoritarianism; of suppressing, twisting, coopting Truth, of propagating lies, to enforce false egoic power and strengthen the supremacy of geocentric, or globally centralized, tyranny.

We can go further back in time, into pre-history, to find examples of this age-old struggle between dark and light. Isis and Osiris led a thriving Golden Age in ancient Egypt, an advanced community of initiated people who lived in harmony with Earth and their heavenly origins. But a royal caste system eventually took control and sought the sacred teachings of these two spiritual leaders for their own shallow purposes. Much like how religious authorities did with Jesus’s esoteric messages, taking mysticism out of religion and relegating Christianity to a system of beliefs and dogma. 

Taking all this to heart, we can better understand why the pearls of wisdom from different mystical traditions have been kept secret, cloistered underground, concealed in caves or encrypted writing. The pure essence of sacred writings like the Nag Hammadi Library and Dead Sea Scrolls, discovered in the 1940’s, needed to be preserved and protected from looming nefarious forces seeking to destroy Truth and pervert esoterism for their self- and collective-aggrandizement. The burning of the Great Library of Alexandria in 48 BC, which had many thousand esoteric texts, was one precedent of many for why Truth-preservers sought caution. 

Speaking of targeting magnificent historic sites, let us consider the Earth altar Stonehenge, built by the Druids. As with the vortices of Sedona, the Great Pyramid, and other sacred structures, Stonehenge has acted as a powerful portal through which Heaven and Earth meet and the frequencies of Gaia and the celestial realms communicate. Attuned to Gaia’s Wisdom & Ways, it is believed that the ancient Druids raised this site on either one leyline, or a convergence of many. Spread in a grid throughout the world, you can think of these lines as the acupuncture meridians or nadis of Gaia which channel electromagnetic fields of higher consciousness. Aligning Stonehenge with these leylines would only enhance its power to act as an intermediary between Heaven and Earth, and to serve humanity’s connection with Gaia, their Higher Self, and God / Source. 

What many do not realize is that Stonehenge is surrounded by a number of military establishments on the Salisbury Plain. Speaking in an interview, this accomplished author of books on megalithic sites shares: “Our ancestors created up to 2500 monuments alone in that 26 by 26 mile zone. And you can’t have access to some parts of the Salisbury plane. So I’ve often likened it to Area 51 in America (secret U.S. military installation in southern Nevada used for, among other things, gathering evidence regarding E.T.’s) because it’s denied passage for the average person to go there.” Most notable of the military operations she points out is Porton Down, a highly secret and controversial facility with work that’s included testing chemical weapons. She contends, and I agree, that erecting this and other military fear-frequency operations in this region is strategic in order to alter and suppress the consciousness of that area. 

Just as it was strategic to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6th and 9th respectively, and create a radiational fracture of global consciousness during the Lion’s Gate Portal, a period beginning July 26th and ending August 12th. Initiated by the alignment of the Sun with Sirius, the Orion constellation, and Earth, through this portal, Cosmic Rays, particularly those of the Sun and Sirius, amplify Gaia’s consciousness and seed new possibilities for human and planetary ascension. The veil, if you will, separating humanity from the Light Realms “thins” substantially during this period, allowing more Christ light to radiate Mother Earth. With the gateway strongest on August 8th (8:8), I suggest there was no coincidence in the tight, bookended timing of the bombings.

Now, with this in mind, we can see the fires in Lahaina, Maui — the sacred land of Mu / Lemuria long sought after by the dark forces — in a new light; for this corruption-riddled, genocidal disaster began on August 8th. These fires were ignited by directed energy weapon laser and microwave technology that turned children, adults, animals, homes, buildings and even cars to ash — aluminum into rivulets. These powerful military tools are designed for catastrophic, rapid incineration of a new order, for depopulation and escalating the fake climate crisis narrative, and more, all of which moves the oligarchs closer to total control.

Indeed, our dark overlords know much of the invisible realms and black occult sciences. With the aid of advanced technology, some of which comes from alien sources, corrupted souls continue their quest to disempower and destroy us, profane the Mysteries, and veil us from our divinity.

I leave you with one more example in this section, another account from history, to elucidate the war on Truth, and how it predictably arises when the veil thins too much. 

Hypatia (appx 355-415) was an extraordinary woman at a time of growing turbulence in Alexandria, Egypt. Her father who had disciplines in mathematics and astronomy was a Professor at the University of Alexandria. He raised Hypatia to be a free thinker, a writer, and to speak her truth, things women were not to do. With his guidance, she rose to become a successful astronomer, mathematician and philosopher, as well as a powerful orator, bringing new insight to old ideas, and shifting conventional thought. 

She wrote commentaries on the works of great thinkers like Diophantus and Ptolemy. She stood tall and noble, elegant and charming, giving public talks in the presence of magistrates, in the assembly of men, with people traveling great distances to learn from her. And from her Neoplatonic and pagan views, she unveiled mysticism and shed uncomfortable light onto Christian orthodoxy. 

For this, she was admired by many, honoured even by Orestes, the Governor of Alexandra. And yet for this, she also became a threat. 

The Bishop of Alexandria, Cyril, found her presence and words to be a direct affront to the Christian faith, and thus to him. Either directly under his order, or indirectly from the promulgations of his hatred, Hypatia was one day dragged down the street by fanatical zealots and brutally beaten to death. 

“Revered Hypatia, ornament of learning, stainless star of wise teaching, when I see thee and thy discourse I worship thee, looking on the starry house of the Virgin [Virgo]; for thy business is in heaven.” ~ Palladas, Greek Anthology (XI.400)

Indeed, dark has always danced with light, and sought to suppress and control its expressions. This pattern makes sense to people if they watch Star Wars, Star Trek, The Truman Show, or The Matrix, or read Harry Potter; but it doesn’t cross their minds that inspired stories like these are far more documentary than fiction. That they impart great eternal Truths, archetypal passages of experience through shadows and light. And that there is a reason our stories, including those from mainstream religious texts and apocryphal literature, have had protagonists and antagonists, and portray the eternal, archetypal struggle between good and evil. 

Across the world and throughout time, different cultures and religions have known of a non-local dark force. In Islam it’s called Iblis; within the Zoroastrian religion (Persian Mysteries), it was Ahriman; amongst North American First Nations people it’s Wetiko; in the Hawaiian kahuna tradition it’s called ‘e’epa; for the Gnostics, it was the Archons; in the Qabbalistic cosmology (Jewish mysticism) there is the Archdemon Moloch; and amongst Christian and non-Christian spiritualists, this d-evil force is referred to as demonicLuciferian or Satanic in nature. 

Great spiritual teachers have also identified a non-local evil presence. Sri Aurobindo, for example, calls it the hostile forces. In his book Letters on Yoga, Vol.I he writes, “The hostile Forces are Powers of Darkness who are in revolt against the Light and the Truth and want to keep this world under their rule in darkness and ignorance.”

Why then wouldn’t dark forces exist now, far beyond the scope of thieves, rapists and serial killers whose actions are usually relegated to childhood trauma and “mental illness”? Why would tyranny and significant evil not exist today, right before us, in plain sight? Why would significant evil not exist today, right before us, in plain sight?

To quell any doubts, and take to heart how pervasive dark, hostile forces are, we must dive deeper into history and understand the patterns of tyranny more clearly. 

*                    *                    *

Part 3: Patterns of Tyranny

“The ideal subject of totalitarian rule is not the convinced Nazi or the convinced Communist, but people for whom the distinction between fact and fiction (i.e., the reality of experience) and the distinction between true and false (i.e., the standards of thought) no longer exist.” ~ Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism

In Part 3, we explore in heavy detail the darkness of days old, with most of our attention placed on the tyrannical regimes and events of the 20th century. As you read, you’ll begin to see a number of parallels between then and now, some, I hope, I’m not even aware of. These are important aha moments I intend for my readers to experience, so the dots of past and present connect, and the larger picture is more fully seen and felt. I will pause at various points of historic reference to tie past events to the emerging themes of tyranny today; however, most specific parallels will be drawn in the following two chapters especially. 

As you read the remainder of this chapter, and truly, the remainder of this ebook, I invite you to carry in your heart and mind the opening question in Chapter 1, as well as a second question: 

  1. What are you willing to sacrifice for Truth?
  2. What are you willing to sacrifice for lies?

Each is a crucifying inquiry. The first invites us to sacrifice what’s false for what’s true; the second invites us to sacrifice what’s true for what’s false. 

Take these questions to heart, and the story of human suffering and liberation becomes more clear. 

*                    *                    *

SECTION A: Mussolini Italy & “Common Will”

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” ~ Voltaire

Campaigns for total control have always relied upon deception and mind control; on convincing the populous to believe the unbelievable. They have necessitated turning the multitude against the integrity of Truth within, thus inciting them to turn against those who speak Truth; who do not conform with emerging tyrannical ideologies. 

There must be self-deception, a split within causing a betrayal of one’s own heart and conscience, and warping of objective reality. In this confusion, receptive space is made to believe and act upon what is unholy, untrue and completely absurd. Any space for questioning within one’s consciousness must be filled and straightened out by an outside force so one does not fall back onto felt Truth and objectivity. 

When this deception and mind control is achieved en mass, it’s called mass formation psychosis, with psychosis meaning split; as in inner split, and split from objective Truth. The uniqueness of each soul and its heart of conscience is sacrificed; and a manipulated identity emerges and then merges into a homogeneity of consciousness that can be used to serve a greater nefarious cause.  

The spell of mass formation psychosis and its obedience to higher commands is absolutely necessary for a totalitarian dictatorship to succeed. There must be unified belief and subjugation to the imperialist vision. That vision comes in the form of a convincing new story evangelized by a charismatic leader like Hitler or Mussolini, and indoctrinated through a well-oiled and relentless propaganda machine. Filled with the convictions of force and clever manipulation, this story becomes the new inner and outer reality, a radical myth of astounding proportions. 

For fascist regimes, the myth is one of revolutionary rebirth through ultra-nationalism. It’s meant to invoke an inflated feeling of strength and togetherness, pride and hope, that mobilizes devotion and a desire to conquer, at all costs. For Mussolini, the master vision and myth was Third Rome, or the new Roman Empire; a vision that, like Hitler’s, was one of glorified war and the ideal of inverted self-sacrifice for the State. “One minute on the battlefield is worth a lifetime of peace,” declared Mussolini. In his book, The Doctrine of Fascism, he also stated, “Let us have a dagger between our teeth, a bomb in our hand, and an infinite scorn in our hearts.” 

Spreading Third Rome included attacks on Greece, Egypt and Ethiopia. Against the latter poor country, used were “planes, artillery, and poison gas against tribesmen with old muskets. Mussolini announced to cheering crowds that the Roman Empire was back.” 

Glorify ultra-nationalism, and you glorify war. Under the spell of mass formation psychosis, the people respond: “Il Duce (the Leader) is always right! Believe, obey, fight!”

We can get a sense of the mystique of the ultra-nationalistic myth in the words of Mussolini in his 1922 speech in Naples: “We have created our myth. The myth is a faith, a passion. It is not necessary for it to be a reality. It is a reality in the sense that it is a stimulus, is hope, is faith, is courage. Our myth is the Nation, our myth is the greatness of the Nation! And to this myth, this greatness, which we want to translate into a total reality, we subordinate everything else.” He then said, “For us the nation is not just territory, but something spiritual.” 

Drawing upon Italy’s history, art, nature, and culture, he sought to inspire a visceral feeling of religiosity within the myth, a committed purposefulness to its greater cause, and continued sacrifice to the Will of the State. Everything real in the heart that may have conflicted with the spirited myth had to give way, no matter how unholy and untrue the national myth was.

“In every age it has been the tyrant, the oppressor and the exploiter who has wrapped himself in the cloak of patriotism, or religion, or both to deceive and overawe the People.” ~ Eugene Victor Debs

Sacrifice to the State was socially engineered by evangelizing the religiosity of the ultra-national myth, and by glorifying war; but sacrifice did not occur without also enforcing draconian measures dictators are primarily known for. All that was not of the myth, or that had individual or collective opposition to it, had to be censored or crushed. States this article, Mussolini “closed opposition newspapers and banned public protest meetings. He declared all political parties illegal except for his own Fascist Party. He outlawed labor unions and strikes. He also established a political police force, the Organization for Vigilance and Repression of Antifascism. A Fascist Grand Council rubber-stamped Mussolini’s decrees and made parliament irrelevant.”

The sacrifice and allegiance Mussolini demanded did not exclude children. Like a virus, the myth spread into schools, becoming ultra-national curriculum infecting young minds. Notes this article, Italian philosopher and Mussolini appointed Minister of Education, Giovanni Gentile, “reorganized Italy’s school system,” and “explained that self-sacrifice and obedience to the state enable the individual to achieve unity with the ‘common will.’” The article goes on to share, “Gentile taught that the ‘common will’ of the people is the law of the state. Therefore, individuals must submit to the fascist state in order to be truly free.” State run education ensured state run “freedom,” the front for slavery.

There are a few things I must immediately highlight regarding “common will,” which, to place into today’s context, is alignment with the dominant or official narrative (myth) of the globalists, a myth propagated through the centrally controlled establishment media.

A connection can be made between standardizing children and common will. The latter cannot occur without mass formation psychosis. Standardizing children through “education,” or any nefarious means, is thus creating mass formation psychosis, an obedient homogenous society, split from individual sovereignty and creativity — Truth. 

Note the following words from the Association of California School Administrators, (ACSA, October 1979): “‘Parent choice’ proceeds from the belief that the purpose of education is to provide individual students with an education. In fact, educating the individual is but a means to the true end of education, which is to create a viable social order to which individuals contribute and by which they are sustained.”

Children have been molded into “right-thinking,” inseparable from “group-thinking,” and the Group / State that governs “education.” Little ones have been ranked, compared, graded on how well they think in accordance with the matrix. They’ve even been openly shamed and punished for “wrongthink,” for doodling away from the straight and narrow of consensus “reality.” For hanging out in the “margins” and reading between the lines — for doing what enlightened Masters and persecuted Truth-tellers have always done. 

How many young students have been verbally or physically punished for colouring a monkey blue, or drawing a tree upside down, its roots in the heavens? For dreaming too much? How many adult civilians of dictatorships have been imprisoned, tortured or killed for “colouring a monkey blue?” How many people since 2020, like brave physicians, have been persecuted for standing in the margins, reading between the lines, and daring to exclaim, “The emperor’s wearing no clothes!”?

“The children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming, where everyone would be interdependent.” ~ John Dewey, philosopher and education reformer of late 1800’s-mid 1900’s

“Common will” is not the same as alignment with cultural or spiritual traditions important to, say, tribal or shamanic societies. Sacrificing individuality for the “values and principals” of total control is an inversion of learning and living values and principals steeped in the ancient lore of a people and land. Healthy communal identity harmonized with individual free will and finger-print soul expression makes a society abundant and truly free. It is the hallmark of an advanced culture, a synchrony we have forgotten in this Dark Age. For this harmony to exist, there must be wise, heartfelt eldership, (a word one letter away from leadership), ideally with pathways of formal initiation for youth. 

Another thing I’d like to expand upon from the earlier excerpts is the notion of achieving “unity with ‘common will.’” This is one of the great inversions of authoritarian regimes that must be highlighted. “Unity with common will” inverts what occurs in awakened, surrendered awareness — unity with divine will, or divine union; which is enlightenment. Just as one sacrifices the will of the imbalanced ego to the will of their Higher Self, the shadow inversion is sacrificing sovereign divine will to “common will.” One is a surrender to the Higher Authority of one’s Soul, the other is a surrender to the higher authority of a despot’s ego. One is a consecration of will to the profound, the other is a desecration of will to the profane. One is alignment with the One, the other an alignment with the “One.”

The more extreme the oppression is, whether that be in fascist or socialist-communist regimes, the more sovereign free will is perceived as a threat, just as Truth is a threat to lies; and the more one is expected to sacrifice personal freedoms for “common will,” which, today, is the will of the transnational oligarchs. Millions of free-thinking, soul-referencing, self-governing individuals are much harder to control than a converted will unified by and obedient to the glorifications of an ultra-nationalistic myth.

“With such (collectivist) systems,” writes Nathaniel Branden in The Psychology of Romantic Love, “the individual has always been a victim, twisted against him-or-her-self and commanded to be ‘unselfish’ in sacrificial service to some allegedly higher value called God or pharaoh or emperor or king or society or the state or the race or the proletariat — or the cosmos. It is a strange paradox of our history that this doctrine — which tells us that we are to regard ourselves, in effect, as sacrificial animals — has been generally accepted as a doctrine representing benevolence and love for humankind. From the first individual… who was sacrificed on an altar for the good of the tribe, to the heretics and dissenters burned at the stake for the good of the populace or the glory of God, to the millions exterminated in… slave-labor camps for the good of the race or of the proletariat, it is this (collectivist) morality that has served as justification for every dictatorship and every atrocity, past or present.”

We’ve been conditioned to fly with the flock, to be alike, and to fear leaving this mirage of unison. It’s no wonder we have been afraid to stand out, be out-standing, and be beautifully alone ~ all-one. 

*                    *                    *

SECTION B: “For the Greater Good & Safety” — The Front of the Ages 

On March 20th, 2003, a United States-led coalition began Operation Iraqi Freedom. The main purpose of this war, we were told, was that we needed “protection” from the “threat” of “weapons of mass destruction.” 

Did we find any? No. But that was the pretext sold. 

The front was “safety” for us, and “freedom” for the Iraqis; but in reality, the purpose was something entirely different. Like other invasions, with Libya, for example, Operation Iraqi Freedom had absolutely nothing to do with safety, security and liberating people. Instead, the purpose of this multi-trillion dollar war was to topple the government, claim land and power, and steal resources; oil, namely. (Though I have no evidence, I heard a story that this invasion was originally called Operation Iraqi Liberation; however, its acronym would have been a give-away — O.I.L.. So the cautious warmongers changed the last word to Freedom.) 

There is also speculation that the operation’s main objective was to seize ancient artifacts, and more, advanced alien technology brought to Earth by the Sumerian Gods, the Annunaki. These beings from planet Nibiru, we are told, apparently made themselves known to the people of ancient Sumer about 6,000 years ago, when this civilization sprang forth. Iraq exists where Sumer once thrived, in Mesopotamia, which has made its land, and the surrounding region, sought after for decades by imperialist souls seeking to capture and use its rarefied resources and knowledge, while hiding them from the public.

“It is suspected that America’s precipitous invasion of Iraq in 2003 might have been in response to new archeological discoveries there, rather than oil, or non-existent weapons of mass destruction,” writes Jim Marrs in his well-researched book The Illuminati. “After all, ignoring warnings from around the world, U.S. forces stood idly by as the Iraqi National Museum in Bagdad was looted. A later investigation determined that the looting was an inside job designed to seize newly found artifacts probably relating to ancient alien technology. This advanced technology from the past has been sought throughout history, from the alchemists in the Middle Ages to military and intelligence operatives of today.”

Whatever the motivation was, Iraq soon became a breeding ground for radical militant groups which the dark forces have funded and used as hired thug-crusaders to do their dirty work. Iraq has also become a strategic proxy location for conflicts with other nations in the area, like Iran. This, too, was their reason for the invasion, as with preserving and protecting petrodollar global hegemony, the interests of the international banking cartel. 

All in all, the most important detail in this brutal war profiteering invasion is this: Hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians — men, women and children, were killed. There are also the vast numbers injured emotionally and physically, traumatized and maimed for the rest of their lives. For this reason, Plato wrote, “Only the dead have seen the end of war.”

I introduce this section with this tragic mark in history to further our understanding of collective sacrifice in totalitarian regimes. Tyrants convey that public actions / sacrifices are needed and the vision (myth) is justified because all is “for the greater good / safety.” The latter becomes a myth in itself that mobilizes common will, and common will further serves the larger overarching myth. 

Regarding the Iraq invasion, the myth was the need to “defend ourselves” from the “threat of weapons of mass destruction.” This sense of “We’re not safe” mobilized the common patriotic will of public endorsement and direct military involvement; and it was deceptively fuelled by media propaganda, a media that profits greatly from war. 

Hitler knew this mobilizing power, which it’s why he said, “The common good before the individual good.” Being “good” (including obedient) and “safe” are powerful motivating forces, ones that tap deep into our soul psyche and survival psychology. When leveraged by fear (threat) and the deceptive aid of consistent propaganda, and feelings of patriotic unity and purpose are stirred, then the masses can be easily convinced to endorse, sacrifice for, and serve an ideology ungrounded in reality. “For the greater good / safety” green-lights abuse of power and its purpose of gaining even more power. 

Understanding the nefarious intent and power underwriting “for the greater good / safety” makes these times of growing global tyranny far more clear. During the Covid era we were told, “Stay together by staying apart.” We were asked to make big sacrifices for “grandma’s good and safety.” We were told to bear in mind the “good and safety of all”, so we can “move through these tough times and get back to normal as quickly as possible.” So we were told. So we thought. “Normal”, of course, never returned. Nor will it. Yet the people listened, and acted “for the greater good / safety.”

“Obviously, you don’t like to tell people what to do, but sometimes for the good of society that’s necessary.” ~ “Dr.” Anthony Fauci (124:21 mark of this free documentary)

This deceptive front and mind control strategy comes from a very old Totalitarian Playbook existing long before the 20th century. Top-dog alpha wolves have always enlisted other wolves who dress as kind, caring sheep, and then direct the masses to act like kind, caring sheep as well, in accordance with what’s “for the greater good / safety.” They know what’s best, because they know what’s “good” and “safe”, again, while cunningly leveraging old, unresolved survival or trauma identities willing to obey. 

A few bright minds from days past saw the wolves in disguise, and can help verify this manipulative strategy:

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of the tyrants.” ~ Albert Camus

“The urge to save humanity is almost always a false-face for the urge to rule it.” ~ H. L. Mencken, Minority Report

“This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs: when he first appears he is a protector.” ~ Plato

“When one with honeyed words but evil mind 
Persuades the mob, great woes befall the state.” ~ Euripides, Orestes

The more people do not see the wolves in sheep’s clothing and fall for the “good” and “safe” front and collectivist myth, the more top dogs become the arbiters on behalf of the masses of what’s “good” and “safe.” They use increasing authoritarian measures and implement new fascist policies to claim what is for their greater good, while manipulating the public to believe it’s for their own welfare. And more, they convince the naive followers to commit atrocities on behalf of the “greater good / safety.”

History has ample evidence to show this; how the masses split off from their hearts and become obedient sheep unwittingly serving wolves. The last few years have been rife with examples.

How many people believing they’ve been serving “the greater good / safety” have either directly or indirectly contributed to the erosion of bodily autonomy, the attack on biology, the war on children, and the stoking of racial hatred, to name only a few examples? Promoting Critical Race Theory in schools qualifies for the latter two. Naive and well-intended teachers and administrators have pushed this oligarch-driven learning plan designed not to unify races, but to social engineer hatred and division.

By believing the myriad lies of “the greater good / safety” narrative, gradually and quickly millions, if not billions, have blended and directed others into its opposite: into darkness, and as a servant to it. Waves of irrational fanaticism has spontaneously surfaced from the consciousness of seeming “normal.” Privately and publicly, the manipulated have attacked, shamed and silenced opposing views, and those expressing them. They have joined witch-hunts spreading across the world, online and in person — the search for and even assault of anyone unwilling to sacrifice for the common will, the myth of “good and safe.” 

*                    *                    *

SECTION C: Black Death

From 1347-1349, the Black Death of Europe, a pandemic of bubonic plague believed to be caused by bacillus bacteria, Yersinia pestis, killed an estimated 25 million people, about a third of the continent’s population. Communities were hit with economic instability and social unrest; with fear, uncertainty and anger. Lacking scientific knowledge for why a disease like this would surface and spread, and with growing emotional turmoil, there became need to find a scapegoat for the humanitarian crisis. One approved by God. 

Beggars and leapers, as well as Gypsies, Turks and Muslims were blamed and targeted. Jewish people particularly were seen as culpable. Anti-semitism was nothing new at the time. During the period of Proto-orthodox Christianity — the first few centuries A.D. that was the precursor to Orthodox Christianity — the seeds of this hatred were planted. Written within the holy book was and is anti-semitism, with John 8:44 a well-recognized example. The contrived Jesus says: “You (Jews) are of your father, the devil.” Called “Christ killers,” Jewish people have been blamed by Christians for the death of Jesus, with the latter taking Biblical passages literally that assert Jews accepted blood guilt: “His blood be on us and on our children.” (Matthew 27:25). Other controversial passages, this time in 1 Thessalonians 2:14-15, further confirm this story to Christians: “… the Jews, who both killed the Lord Jesus, and the prophets, and have persecuted us, and please not God, and are the adversaries to all men…” 

The principal Church Fathers added to this darkness in the second century, and beyond. They described the Jewish as the “rejected people” or “despised people,” doomed to a life of wandering marginality and misery. This toxic mindset would create the foundation for centuries of persecution against and hatred towards Jewish people — a version of mass formation psychosis, notably pronounced with Hitler and his Nazi ideology.

Says this article, “As early as 1348, there was panic over pestis manufacta (diabolically produced disease), and a rumor was already in circulation that Jews had created the plague as part of an international conspiracy to destroy Christendom. False confessions brought out by torture in Geneva in 1348 only further inflamed suspicions. Throughout Europe, Jews were expelled from towns, persecuted, tortured, and executed.” 

Growing paranoia and superstition also set persecutive sights on another culprit. Sanctioned by the government, the populous was encouraged to participate in “detecting, exhibiting, and ceremoniously destroying Satan’s baleful agents,” the witches. A feverish witch-hunt ensued throughout Europe to stamp out those seen as practicing the “poisons” of maleficarum, or harmful magic. “Ceremonially” burning people alive after first torturing them were popular methods of destroying the ancient practice of witchcraft — of magick. I read one Bishop state that “soft torture” was not enough. They needed to suffer greatly for their un-Godly sins.

Though some say the death toll of these “plague-spreaders” to be in the millions, recent conservative estimates lean more towards 100,000 witches. 75% to 80% of them were women.

This insanity and painful destruction of humanity does not, can not, occur without mass formation psychosis. The fanaticism of pitchforks and torches in hands, hatred in hearts, and religious-stoked myths in minds surges only when inner splits from Truth exist, and are radically collectivized into groupthink and unified purpose. Ceremony is inverted and perverted, becoming not something that unites us with our brothers and sisters, and with the divine, but rather it becomes a plague in itself, sanctioned by bureaucrats and the dark church. 

Sacrificed into the fire is human flesh, rather than the false self lighting the flame. Sacrificed is the heart of Truth for lies, illusion and hatred. 

This madness does not spread without a significant crisis. The pillaging arose from desperation; from fear and loss, uncertainty and trauma; from the vulnerabilities of being human. This is important to understand given our circumstances today. For, crises are powerful breeding grounds for mass formation psychosis; for believing and doing the unbelievable, and losing oneself to myths and darkness. 

For these reasons, troubled souls feeding off of fear and profiting off of division have always manufactured crises. Creating crises is how dark forces turn us from Truth, and towards lies and evil.  

*                    *                    *

SECTION D: Genocide of First Nations People & Cambodians

For about 13 years, I traveled extensively across Canada presenting keynotes and playshops (a.k.a. workshops). Fun and experiential they were, my signature session was called Remembering to Play; but I also led ones on intuition, communication, leadership, community engagement, and more. 

I loved this work. It fed me in so many ways. One was my desire to travel and explore my country, the rural and remote areas especially, like the cold of northern Saskatchewan and the remote island regions on the west coast. It was in these small communities that I led many playshops for an unusual depth and beauty, joy and profound suffering. These were the characteristics of my First Nation brothers and sisters. 

I wasn’t aware of the magnitude of their present and historic suffering when I first began my work with them. No amount of reading or casual conversations prior could compare to the learning gained from direct intimate contact with their tragic stories and tears, both in our playshops and private healing sessions. With time, and through my humbling healing and maturation journey that involved professional training in trauma resolution, I gained a greater compassionate understanding of their warrior spirits, and the generational shadows present in their hearts and communities. 

What stood out to me when working with First Nations people was how much they love to laugh, and just how good they are at it — laughing for the littlest reasons, and lighting up the room in the process. But more, I learned how well they can shed tears, which play and laughter can unlock. I didn’t see these expressions as separate, but rather entwined. They knew how to laugh well because they knew how to grieve, and had much to grieve for. 

In this, there was poignantly the heroism of beautiful suffering, seen in the ancient depths of their eyes, a holy depths inseparable from that of their ancestors. Mingled with the sadness of old, seen in the windows to their soul, still twinkled the resiliency of their Inner Star Child, a playful mischievousness that never left, and which I loved, and still love today. But as well, in those eyes and held in their hearts was untold grief and pain. Beauty and depths, power and joy all mixed together with the shadows of present-time, and with the lives of their beloved ancestors whose horrific stories have found their reconciliatory moment.

Recently, the burial sites of over 1,300 Native children have been found in Canada. In the grounds of the Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia, alone, 215 remains were found. Children, the heart and soul of First Nation communities, were stolen by the Catholic church, in conjunction with the government, and placed into the hell of these “schools,” far from home, from which so many never left. 

“Instead of receiving an education (most never received more than a grade 6 education),” notes this article, “most were starved, beaten, tortured, raped, and medically experimented on. In some schools, upwards of 40 percent of Indigenous children never made it out alive. Nationally, the death rate for these children was 1:25 — higher than the 1:26 death rate for WWII enlistees — and that was war.” 

Those who survived endured the full assimilation from their “savage and unproductive state” into Christian Anglo-Saxon ideology. All traces of culture had to be destroyed. Hair was cut, uniforms were given, siblings were separated, all to create forgetfulness of one’s roots, or veiling of one’s Truth. Speaking their Native language led to severe punishment, such as washing one’s mouth with soap, electrical shocks, and having needles placed in the tongue. Overwhelmed, traumatized, these little ones had no circle of love to turn to. They and others were wiped clean of heritage and identity. And so the terrified did not speak.

The residential school program in Canada ran from the mid 1800’s to the final decades of the 20th century, about 150 years. It is estimated that in total 150,000 children attended these institutions of mind control and murder. With reference to the link above, The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC) concluded that residential schools were “a systematic, government-sponsored attempt to destroy Aboriginal cultures and languages and to assimilate Aboriginal peoples so that they no longer existed as distinct peoples.”

The themes of tyranny from other places and times are very recognizable in this particular history of abuse. A specific clue lies in the last sentence in the previous paragraph: “so that they no longer existed as distinct peoples.” Drawing upon earlier language, fascist tyranny is the eradication of sovereign, unique individuality and its distinctive culture, and the social engineering into a false doctrine of homogenous identity, void of personal freedom; in this case, the Christian Anglo-Saxon tradition. Forcibly sacrificed was personal and cultural identity for a myth of common will and Christianized identity, foreign on all levels — physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Children were made into the likeness of their persecutors and predators, but more, the religious myth they represented. “Original sin, the fear of God, and the fires of hell, were all introduced and beaten into the children,” shares this article. 

Perhaps the school leaders were inspired by Proverbs 22:15, which states: “Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child, but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him.” 

The words “drive it far from him” is another way of saying “purify” or “cleanse.” As you’ll see, or already know, these are words commonly used by tyrants to justify genocidal atrocities, and to substantiate the ideologies of what “pure” is. “Ritualized abuse of the kind experienced by the children at the Mohawk Institute is a kind of liturgy,” says this article, referring to a residential school in the province of Ontario. “It was designed to produce young bodies that were marked and habituated by the belief that they were morally and ontologically inferior heathens and savages, dirty and impure, in need of salvation and transformation into a superior way of being: that of Christian Canadians.” 

In these heartbreaking words, we see the power and persuasion of a rallying myth to arbitrarily decide “superiority,” and with this, those who are “inferior” — the “dirty” or “impure.” As with the Black Death, and the assault on “plague-spreaders,” we see in Christian Anglo-Saxon history the fanatic force of mass formation psychosis and its unchecked projection of hatred and illness onto others. Indeed, it has long been so, this arrogant and cruel myth of impurity, whether by disease, belief or overall being. 

Before concluding this section on the First Nations people and their suffering, I’d like to explore another example of genocidal mania, and the patterns of “purity” and governing myth. This time, we travel back to 1975-1979, an incredibly dark period in Cambodian history.

After years of civil war, Pol Pot, one of the most ruthless dictators to have walked the earth, led his army to victory. With power now is his hands, he sought to manifest his vision of creating a Cambodian “master race.” Inspired by Marxist-Leninist communism, this meant his nation needed to “purify” and be socially engineered into an agricultural, classless, egalitarian “utopia.” “Purify” is a word you can easily find associated with Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge army. 

Like other fanatical communist idealists, Pol Pot’s immediate goal was to eradicate the bourgeoise; or, using his own words, “purify” the “bourgeois tumor.” Those at the top of the societal hierarchy, like doctors, teachers, government workers, military personnel, and other intellectuals and professionals, were targeted and killed. Just wearing glasses could classify you as an “enemy of the state.” “What is rotten must be removed,” Pol Pot exclaimed. 

The 2.5 million citizens who survived the initial killings were marched by the black-clad Khmer Rouge peasant army from city centres into the countryside. There they became enslaved to the Killing Fields, where the horrors of the Cambodian Genocide took place. In the abhorrent conditions of these agrarian collectives, they were beaten, malnourished, diseased, starved, and severely overworked. 

Children were removed from families, and placed in the indoctrination systems of “school.” There they were assimilated into the common identity of the Khmer Rouge regime / myth and prepared for military duty. Like the children of residential schools, they were forced to disavow their historic and family ties to become what was totally and painfully alien. Quoting this summary, “Children were taught not to love their parents and to transfer their love to the regime.”

If the persecuted labourers complained about their working conditions and lives, they were beaten or taken away and placed in one of the 189 detention / integration centres. The most notorious of these centres was S-21. This converted school is believed to have housed 20,000 prisoners, with only 7 surviving. There, it is documented that inmates were tortured with electric shocks, beatings, and water poured in their nose.

In the end, 2 million of Pol Pot’s own people were murdered, approximately a quarter of Cambodia’s population. 

In 1979, an army of 60,000 Vietnamese overthrew Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. And after years of further fighting in an attempt to regain power, Pol Pot and his army weakened and eventually accepted defeat. After being captured and placed in house arrest by a rival Khmer Rouge faction, on April 15, 1998 Pol Pot died. 

Like the genocide of First Nations people, the destruction and assimilation of the Cambodian people does not occur without the arrogance of believing to know what is “for their own good”, and that this “purifying good” is necessary to create a “greater good.” For Pol Pot, that greater good was a “master race.” For the church, the “master race” was the “superior” Christian. 

Like ultra-nationalism, the strength of this driving myth is so powerful that it mass formed the psychosis of the Khmer Rouge and Christian armies to believe the unbelievable, and to brutally assimilate, torture and murder in the name of that belief.

If Pol Pot was ever given the opportunity, I doubt he would give himself to the cross. He would never say, “What have I done? I’m sorry. I was wrong,” and bow to vulnerable heartbreak, healthy shame and humility, if only a little. The self-hatred justifying the suffering he caused was so unfathomable that nothing could have broken down his bulwark of defences. A psychosis or split that thick, Truth that veiled, creates survival psychologies that believe with the convictions of pure evil that they are right. That is why dark forces defend their lies to the death.

Regarding residential schools, acknowledgments of responsibility and apologies have been made from church representatives, and with various degrees of sincerity. If you are someone who heard formal contrition, I ask you: Did you feel the person’s heartbreak? Did you feel their vulnerable humanity when they were reading from a script? 

Strength of sincerity is seen in the windows to the soul that do not lie, and sensed in the emotional tone of words, rooted most fully in the heart. Without heart and heartbreak first experienced away from the audience, it is likely the required emotional tone will not present itself to the audience when time. The audience will not feel the humanity and thus Truth of the apologizer because the apologizer has yet to feel these qualities within.

We cannot expect those representing the church to give more than they have when they’ve spent little to no time going within, doing the work. And yet, we must ask. 

We cannot expect them to be crucified through heartbreak at home, let alone in public, if they do not even understand and live the teachings of the Prophet they’ve supposedly given their life to.

And we cannot expect our church leaders to offer the sincere, heartfelt apology that is necessary and deserved and acknowledge the monstrous dark days of old, if they have yet to face the darkness of old, the monsters, within. 

*                    *                    *

SECTION E: Savages of Mao China

In the early 1950’s, Chinese Communist Party leader Mao Zedong had an ambitious plan to expand economic development through further industrialization of China’s burgeoning cities, and by increasing food supply. Drawing upon intellectual and material resources from the Soviet Union, Mao rebuilt his industrial infrastructure, which, from 1953-1957, resulted in an overall output uptake of 128%. Notable improvements were in steel production and coal extractment, as well as grain and cotton yield and distribution. 

But this was not enough for Mao. He wanted to compete with the booming economies of the Soviet Union, Britain and elsewhere. He wanted more. And so he concocted a new five-year plan called the “Great Leap Forward”, a plan that would end up being disastrous. 

In order to meet the required mandates for higher production, people with little to no experience were employed as factory workers; and those working in factories were coerced into working inhumane hours. Peasants were forced to abandon private farming for less efficient State-managed agricultural communes. Because a wider distribution of food was required for urban areas where industry was centralized, not enough remained to feed the peasants and their families in rural regions. This also happened in Stalin Russia. Mao continued to export grain, even with the growing catastrophe, while over-reporting grain output to make his “Leap” seem “Great”, and silencing his critiques.  

All this and more led to social and economic breakdowns of monumental proportions. The desperation and death of millions called the Great Famine ensued, beginning in 1959. Quoting this website, “Many sought alternative food sources like grass, sawdust, leather, even seeds sifted from animal manure. In Sichuan, thousands of peasants were forced to eat soil. Dogs, cats, rats, mice and insects were all eaten, dead or alive, until there were no more.”

There are also gruesome reports of cannibalism. The same article above shares how “a husband and wife in Fengyang… strangled and devoured their eight-year-old son. Other parents exchanged children so they would not have to carry the shame of eating their own.” Cannibalism led to severe punishment by local officials, though it did not stop people from eating human flesh. 

Complaining in general about the famine could lead to being beaten, tortured and killed. Authoritarian crackdown on dissent served to uphold the myth of growth and prosperity, and more, to protect Mao from shame. These brutal tactics served the greater propaganda machine that deceived the public into believing things were better than they actually were. I invite you to remember this last point when you see media reporting “facts,” like on the “success” of the Ukraine war. This is classic totalitarian propaganda designed to hide failure. 

Desperation led to all sorts of disease, and to complete psychological breakdown, as one can imagine. It is estimated that 2-3 million took their own lives. Deaths as a whole due to mass starvation are estimated to be as high as 55 million. Ended in 1962, the Great Famine is considered one of the biggest humanitarian disasters in history. 

With this inhumane treatment of his citizens and abject failure in leadership, Chairman Mao Zedong lost popularity, as well as power within the government. No longer Chairman of the People’s Republic of China, he was forced to withdraw his influence in decision making, though he remained Chairman of the Communist Party. His ambitions, however, remained stirring, unfulfilled. He desired to return to full power, and to lead a “revolutionary rebirth” in accord with the myths of his imagination and darkness of his troubled soul. 

In August of 1966, Mao instigated a violent revolution known as the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution to reinstate his power as Head of the Chinese State and reinvigorate communism. He called upon representatives of his Red Guard, to whom he declared, “We need more violence.” An informal policy of cruelty and genocide was decreed to catalyze cultural transformation. 

The Red Guard foot soldiers were comprised of an extensive multi-faction, para-militia group consisting of 10 million mainly fanatical students indoctrinated in communist atheism. Fuelled and manipulated by consistent waves of sinister propaganda, they spread brutality across the nation against counterrevolutionists or “class enemies.” Mao encouraged his young zealots to incite the “great chaos under heaven,” purge the “impure” bourgeois elements of society, and destroy the “Four Olds”: old ideas, old culture, old customs and old habits. Specifically targeted were intellectuals like teachers, the elites or wealthy such as landlords and farm owners, Catholic nuns and priests, and right-wing capitalists in general. Family members were not excluded from the assaults. Even infants. This civil war would become known as the “Red Terror.” 

In broad daylight, the crazed ideologues ransacked homes, beat, tortured, and killed. Horrors included pouring vats of boiling water onto people, torturing an old women with metal chains and leather belts, forcing terrified school children to sing patriotic songs while witnessing decapitations, and worse. Children were often purposefully made to watch the most horrific events, so terror and obedience would be permanently impressed upon them. Plenty of people attacked and murdered were falsely accused of being counterrevolutionists. They had no anti-communist sentiments. And many people committed suicide. 

Opposition leaders, or people within the Communist Party suspected of or expressing concerns, were also persecuted, tortured and killed. 

Eventually, Mao saw the madness and its economic ramifications more clearly, and conceded the civil war had gotten out of hand. But it wasn’t until ten years had passed, in 1976, that the revolution was halted. The numbers are staggering. 

Quoting this source, “According to Facts of the Political Campaigns after the Founding of the People’s Republic of China: ‘In May 1984, after 31 months of intensive investigation, verification, and recalculation by the Central Committee of the CCP, the figures related to the Cultural Revolution were: Over 4.2 million people were detained and investigated; over 1.73 million people died of unnatural causes; over 135,000 people were labeled as counter-revolutionaries and executed; over 237,000 people were killed; over 7.03 million were disabled in armed attacks; and 71,200 families were destroyed.’” Many estimate the deaths to be much higher, into the multi millions. 

This, I remind you, was done by “normal”, everyday citizens; young people, students, turned total savages.   

*                    *                    *

SECTION F: Nazi Germany

In the late 20’s and early 30’s, Germany was spiralling. It was suffering the consequences of its role in the first World War. The Treaty of Versailles formalized reparations and restrictions on the nation that included huge losses of territory, demilitarization, and financial compensation. Shame was cast upon Germany and its people from Europe and beyond, and the economy was crippled with high inflation, food shortages, poor wages and unemployment. All this was compounded by the Great Depression, which caused many to lose their life savings. 

The suffering of the Germans could be generalized into the categories of survival and existential crises. There was the matter of how to live and feed one’s family, but more, who they were as Germans, and a nation. The growing uncertainty, despair, frustration and resentment provided the perfect opportunity for a radical political movement to sweep in and exploit this societal low point. As radical myths and movements do.

The far right Nazi party was rising in popularity at this time. Hitler was reaching wider audiences in his campaign for votership and political upheaval. Access to airplanes was instrumental, allowing him to broaden his reach quicker, and give the compelling, charismatic speeches he is known for. Throughout the country he promised growth and stability, to end the punitive measures of the Treaty of Versailles, and bring Germany back to its “rightful position” as a world power. The people listened. They enthusiastically received Hitler, even with his vitriol of anti-semitic beliefs that included blaming Jewish people for Germany’s WWI defeat. 

Anti-semitism had not left after the Black Death, and remained steeped in the consciousness of Europe into the 20th century. Hitler leveraged this hatred towards Jewish people and their perceived link to the resented Treaty of Versailles for political gain and personal power. He amplified and used this dark, twisted consciousness and its need to scapegoat — a consciousness already existing within the multitude, as well as the desperation and vulnerability stemming from an economic low point.

In this, Hitler did what tyrants have always done. 

As with other tyrants, like Stalin, the fanatical sycophantism Hitler increasingly received — both from the general public and his inner circle of Yes-people — fed a craving arising from being spiritually and emotionally impoverished, and highly traumatized. Experiencing an abusive and neglectful childhood contributes greatly to this state of consciousness. (Hitler, Mao, and Stalin received regular thrashings from their fathers.) But it runs deeper, at the soul level, a darkness carried forward through many lifetimes. 

To compensate for and conceal this immense pain, there is a manic quest for power; to claim the podium, define and command the common will, and rule with complete authority. When an immensely troubled and traumatized soul fuses with unimaginable power over a populous, he announces himself as their God.

And when disempowered followers lack connection to their inner God, the despot becomes the clear projected substitute — their monarch, their Saviour God; the one in whom they see qualities they cannot see in themselves, such as strength, courage and leadership. Bowing to their deified leader and his rapacious rule, the integrity of royal authority within is sacrificed at the altar of barbarism and perverted ideology. The people give up the power and Truth of their inner God to their false external God. In the case of Germans, to the Will of Hitler, their Führer.

As the disempowered populous increasingly pledged allegiance to their Saviour God from their pain-projections, they “found themselves” through him. And as Hitler intensely fed off of their disempowerment and his deification, a codependent circle of self-reinforcing madness was created. A devout machine of terror grew throughout Germany, drunk on this insidiously collusive projection, self-deception and need-fulfillment. 

This immersed collective psychosis was then willing to do anything to sustain the false, nationalistic camaraderie and empowerment. To keep it together and going. Blood & Soil tyranny, the need to conquer and destroy, became the formidable and delusional myth seeking to overthrow the Heart & Truth of the human spirit.

*                    *                    *

Hitler’s electrifying speeches and radical vision captured the desperate, frustrated and emboldened crying for revolution. As a result, the Nazi party surged in popularity and political influence. In 1932 it won over 37% of the vote and became the dominant party in the German Reichstag, or Parliament. And then, on January 30, 1933, after a hung Parliament, Hitler was made the new Reich Chancellor by President Paul von Hindenburg. About a month later, on February 27, 1933, there came to pass the seminal event Hitler needed to consolidate power. 

A large portion of the Reichstag building burnt down. The leadership of Hitler’s Nazi party and their German Nationalist coalition partners blamed the event on the Communist party who they saw as violent insurrections and their greatest threat to “national renewal.” With this event, on February 28, 1933, Hindenburg issued the Reichstag Fire Decree by invoking Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution. The Article stated: “If public security and order are seriously disturbed or endangered within the German Reich, the President of the Reich may take measures necessary for their restoration, intervening if need be with the assistance of the armed forces.”

Hitler declared a state of emergency, and could now rule by decree, bypassing the slower legislative process. Freedom of speech and press, the right to assembly, and other constitutional protections were removed. Oppositional voices, political enemies, were persecuted and oppressed, and without proper trial. Police were given the power to investigate and punish with no discriminatory oversight, no need for warrants, no consequences for their abusive overreaches of power.

Hitler waisted no time enforcing censorship and crushing opposition. On the evening of the Reichstag Fire Decree being issued, the “Stormtroopers of the Sturmabteilung (SA) rounded up some 4,000 people, many of whom were tortured as well as imprisoned,” notes this article.

Under normal situations, the state of emergency and the executive powers granted under Article 48 would only be temporary, existing long enough to restore a nation under crisis back to stability. Temporary was never the plan for Hitler, however. It was just an orchestrated stepping stone to permanence. On March 23, 1933, four weeks after the Reichstag Fire Decree was issued, the Enabling Act was ratified. It gave Hitler the perpetual, unlimited power he hungered for. All decisions could now be made without the consent of the German Parliament, without any objection at all. Hitler had the total control necessary to manifest his Third Reich myth, and cast his immense shadow upon Europe, and the world. 

Some still believe the Reichstag burning was a random arson attack with no Nazi connections. The fiery attack was as accidental and random as Covid! Emergency powers are one of the most potent weapons for total control a government holds. Ask the Canadian truckers, a peaceful gathering of “imaginal cells,” dispersed by the unlawful use of “caterpillar” emergency powers. Internationally, look at how the “vaccine” bioweapon was ushered out through emergency use, bypassing the usual avenues of clinical trials that at minimum take five years. It needed to come out at the “speed of science,” so other draconian measures for control could be implemented, like digital passports and their surveillance capabilities. 

In truth, the “vaccine” was already made, waiting in the wings for the manufactured emergency of Covid. Both the coronavirus and mRNA vaccine were patented long before 2020. 

Covid was made for the “vaccine”, not the other way around.

The front for the emergency powers associated with the Reichstag Fire Decree and “vaccine” were “protection” and “restoration”; yet, in reality, for each it was about seizing incredible power and control, and implementing social engineering as quickly as possible. No other political tool formalized by law outside of emergency powers can initiate this many social, economic and political controls, and as quickly. Let’s remember how fast and how many businesses and lives were shut down, and locked up. Orwell’s 1984 dystopia had begun. 

You may find it interesting to know the real reason Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, proven safe and effective in treating Covid, were so heavily discredited through the media. The former was smeared as a “horse dewormer”, though a Noble Prize had been granted to its discoverer for contributions to curing human disease. To quote (2:00) Robert F. Kennedy Jr., “… there is a federal law… the Emergency Use Authorization Statute that says that you cannot issue an emergency authorization to a vaccine if there is an existing medication that has been approved for any purpose that has demonstrated effective against the target illness.” 

Remember who sponsors the “news” — “Brought to you by Pfizer!” Follow the money and you find the source motivations for the smear campaign against these early treatment remedies. There had to be a take down so the “vaccine” could rise up. 

The use of slick propaganda, and the relentless attack on these medications and the public figures who successfully used them, like Joe Rogan, as well as endorsers like physicians, is an example of how dark forces veil through lies. “Horse dewormer” was seductive smoke and mirrors black magic. So powerful it was, that it turned countless naive folks towards the common will, or dominant narrative, of “save grandma and yourself with the ‘vaccine.’” Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth” deceived and prevailed. 

*                    *                    * 

“Industry, technology, and commerce can thrive only as long as an idealistic national community offers the necessary preconditions. And these do not lie in material egoism, but in a spirit of sacrifice and joyful renunciation.”  ~ Hitler, Mein Kampf

The ultra-nationalist myth of Nazi Germany was the Third Reich. The word “reich” means kingdom, realm or empire, and it was meant to be the successor of the two earlier Reichs. 

The First Reich was the Holy Roman Empire (not the ancient Roman Empire). Lasting from 800 to 1806, its landmass consisted of central and western Europe. Initially this medieval Reich was ruled by Charlemagne (Charles the Great), and then Otto I (Otto the Great), and others to follow. 

Then, in 1871, with the merging of the Northern German Confederation with most of the southern German states, the Second Reich was formed. Also known as the German Empire or Imperial Germany, it was initially ruled by Emperor Wilhelm I, and was effectively masterminded by Chancellor Otto von Bismarck. The Second Reich was mostly located in central Europe, and spread north and to the east bordering along the Baltic Sea, covering 540,000 square kilometres. Consisting of 25 member states, with an approximate population of 41 million, the Second Reich lasted until 1918 when the government eventually changed from a monarchy to a republic.

Between the Second Reich’s ending and the birth of Hitler’s Third Reich in 1933 — what was the period of the Weimar Republic (1919 – 1933) — cultural historian and intellectual, Arthur Moeller van den Bruck, published Das Dritte Reich, which translates to The Third Reich. Published first in 1923, the book envisions an authoritarian German nation with strong German values and traditions, transcendent of the capitalism of the United States and communism of Russia, and that brings together the higher qualities of the previous two Reichs. Notes van den Bruck on page 14: “The greatness of a man is: to be something more than his mere self. The greatness of a nation is: to be something greater than itself, to be able to communicate something of itself; to possess something that it can communicate.” 

Van den Bruck met Hitler on more than one occasion. He did not think much of him, and opposed the National Socialism of the times that was the political ideology of Nazism. And yet a convergence occurred on Hitler’s end; for he became deeply influenced by the book, and its higher nationalist values, its vision of “greatness.” From van den Bruck’s idealism, Hitler spun a vision for the religiosity and imperialism of his own Third Reich — his ultra-national myth.  

But there was something even more influential on Hitler than Das Dritte Reich — it was the Thule Society. Ostensibly a reading club exploring the literature of antiquity, it was, at its core, a satanic, occult, anti-semitic secret society, a gathering of ardent nationalists. Founded by publisher Dietrich Eckhart in Germany in 1917, members included aristocrats, scientists, lawyers, doctors, university professors, police officers, and more. Hitler was one such member. From this group National Socialism began, or the Nazi Party. And it is firmly believed that this secret order, influenced by The Illuminati and Freemasons, placed Hitler into power and framed his occultist ideologies that would become Nazism. 

The Thule Society, along with the nationalist views of van den Bruck, influenced the Third Reich myth that there existed a “pure blooded master Aryan race” that they, the Nazis, were descendants of, a race that held supremacy in human consciousness. Some, like Austrian visionary mystic Rudolph Steiner (1861-1925), posit that the Aryans descended from Atlantis; and that after the fall of this advanced civilization, the diaspora traveled as far east as India and the surrounding regions. Noted Steiner, “The greatest part of the Atlantean population declined, and from a small portion are descended the so-called Aryans who comprise present-day civilized humanity.”

Identifying with the advanced civilization of Atlantis would make sense for the insecure Hitler and his enterprising Nazis. They were known occultists, sending parties throughout the world in search of ancient artifacts in hope of gathering anachronistic occult ideas and powers. We see this ambition portrayed in the 1981 hit movie Raiders of the Lost Ark, in which Nazis vehemently seek the Ark of the Covenant, a technology the Third Reich in the film believed would advance their military power. 

Related to this storyline is the fact that from Tibet, Ethiopia, Russia and other nations did Nazism adopt the swastika, a holy symbol revered throughout the old world, embedded in temples, clothing, and other sacred objects of adornment. It was another perverted form of appropriation by the Nazis to strengthen their occult identity and give them what they perceived to be a military advantage. 

For more on this unique historical view of Nazism, please watch this short video. 

Hitler, in search of advanced powers, held the view that blood was the carrier of the soul; and that, as stated, there was no higher or spirited people than Aryans. For Hitler, the white, blonde-haired, blue-eyed Aryan, comprising most ethnic Germans at that time, was the “prototype” of the perfect human, expressed in culture, science, art and technology. Quoting this article, “Since the blood (soul) of the Aryans contained specific spiritual energies, the ‘cultural energies’ or ‘racial primal elements,’ as Hitler often called them, the Aryans supplied the culture that creates the beauty and dignity of higher humanity.” Here, again, we can see the occultism of Hitler.

Believing this to be true, genocide was justified for Hitler in order to “cleanse” all that was “impure,” all he saw as untermenschen — subhuman; and to boost the Volkskörper — body of the true Aryan German people. Jewish people were foremost in his mind-projections of hatred and illness. They were “spreaders of disease,” just as witches were the “plague-spreaders.”

Joseph Goebbels apparently was also influenced by Das Dritte Reich. As Nazi Minister for Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda, it was his job to ensure that the myth of the Third Reich was strategically indoctrinated into the minds of every “pure-blooded” German. Having quickly risen in the ranks, he stood next to Hitler in the inner circle as one of the most important figures in configuring mass formation psychosis and shaping ideology. On all fronts, arts and culture had to align with the Nazi myth.

Goebbels oversaw the “cleansing,” or Säuberung, of literature and artwork considered “un-German,” that was Jewish in origin, or that challenged Nazi orthodoxy. The most well known literary purge were the public book burnings that took place on May 10, 1933. Facilitated by The Nazi German Students Association’s Office for Press and Propaganda, in 34 cities across the nation, over 25,000 books were destroyed in open-air fires. Included in this purge was literary work by Freud, John Steinbeck, Ernest Hemingway, and Helen Keller. Students performed the Nazi salute and sang as they participated in the “Action against the Un-German Spirit.”

History shows how burning books of cultural importance is strategic to imperialism. In 213 B.C., Emperor Qin Shi Huang of the Qin Dynasty commenced his tyrannical rule by burning books deemed subversive to him and his ideology. Targeted were the classic philosophical works of the Hundred Schools of Thought that included Confucianism and Taoism. He also put an end to 460 scholars at odds with his insanity and who owned forbidden texts. Believed to be mostly Confucianists, they were buried alive. On July 12th, 1562, in the community of Maní in the Yucatán, Spanish Franciscan Bishop Diego de Landa Calderón led the burning of sacred manuscripts of the Mayans. In a single night, a system of recorded history, beliefs, ritual and science deemed of the devil was destroyed, along with 5,000 precious statues or occult images seen as representing the evils of idolatry. All together, thousands of hieroglyphic-rich codices were destroyed by de Landa Calderón and other earlier conquistadors, with only four being rescued.  

“Where they have burned books, they will end in burning human beings.” ~ Heinrich Heine

Just like how youth / students drove the “cultural revolution” of Mao China, students in Nazi Germany, especially early on, were the vanguard of transforming German culture into the ultra-nationalist Third Reich myth. Today, the idealism, vigor and nativity of students and youth are being used for similar, yet different purposes. We call these confused vocal ones “social justice warriors,” or trans rights or climate activists. Though they do not enact the cruelty of the Red Guard, their attitudes and behaviours have become increasingly polarizing, radical and violent. 

This is an important parallel that must be highlighted. History is repeating as we witness students and youth unwittingly conscripting themselves and being weaponized to serve totalitarianism. Fuelled by propaganda within their schools and from (social) media — gender and climate ideology being foremost examples, and lost to mass formation psychosis, young fanatical Woke act as police enforcers, censors and rabid activists. They increasingly act with impunity, and fear no consequence. They know police officers have become handcuffed by Woke ideology. The latter fear doing their job as they once would have, interceding on what have become politically charged topics, like transgenderism. 

Two brief examples of student / youth radicalization during the Covid era: 

1) Former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines was assaulted by a mob of trans rights activists after she gave a speech on saving women’s sports from transgender “men” unfairly competing in them. These “men” now have the right to share locker rooms with women — to expose themselves and be a voyeur of the exposed. But the mouths of concerned, dissenting women must remain shut. As Gaines explains, students are being coerced by their corrupted universities not to speak out on this matter. They are being threatened with punishment and oppressed by the college brass. 

Remember that the dark ideology infiltrates down and down, via executive branches and into all major institutions, mind controlling employees who then shape policy and culture. The rising politicization of transgenderism and its links to the dark agenda will become clear further in the ebook.

2) Fanatics at Oxford University screamed and beat drums from outside a hall in which a brave professor spoke about how we must not be afraid to offend; that we cannot grow and mature if we are averse to feeling uncomfortable due to conflict with another’s opinion. One protestor glued her hand to the floor of the hall, successfully delaying the talk. (Gluing is a regular Woke tactic. Here we see eco-protestors sticking themselves to airport taxiways and delaying flights.)

This is the insane power that Woke ideology has in enforcing the myths and might of global totalitarianism. Censoring that which “offends” or is not “inclusive” protects the profane the oligarchs want indoctrinated.

“What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist.” ~ Salman Rushdie

Taking this to heart, we understand why preschools up to universities have become prime targets for social engineering; just as they were with residential schools, and in other tyrannies like Pol Pot Cambodia. The hubs of learning and intellectualism cannot be overlooked as key strategic centres for manipulation and myth synchronization. Young, fresh, idealistic minds are the future, and so they must be molded and assimilated immediately into the homogeneity of “right thinking” and “common will.” 

Young people were an important target in the Nazification of the Third Reich. “Whoever has the youth has the future,” Hitler wrote in his book Mein Kampf. Non-Jewish boys and girls joined Nazi youth groups throughout the nation, and were placed in one of two categories depending on their age and gender — 10 to 14 and 14 to 18 age brackets. As they progressed, their trainings intensified, which entailed greater doses of Nazi ideology. 

The Hitler Youth, or Hitlerjugend, were the boys in the older group. Much of their time was spent training for paramilitary activity. Girls got schooled on how to be a cooking, cleaning, sewing, nursing Nazi woman who’d eventually raise children to be worthy members of The Third Reich family. In both groups, there was also sports, camping, singing, and other enjoyable activities. One male member many years later expressed how there existed for him “the pomp and the mysticism, very close in feeling to religious rituals.” Little did these young impressionable ones realize how much they were being mind controlled and used. 

Though it was optional to join, there were expectations and pressures. By 1939, as war was commencing, it became mandatory for all boys to join. A year later, in 1940, 7.2 million or 82% of boys aged 10 to 18 were members. Those who refused the order to join for reason of rebellion or otherwise were bound to alienation, then punishment. 

With the Nazifying of youth, we again see the theme of creating homogeneity in mind and culture, and eroding individuality. Says this article, “The Nazi youth groups were about imposing conformity. Youth throughout Germany wore the same uniforms, sang the same Nazi songs, and participated in similar activities.” Residential school students, if you recall, were also made to wear the same uniforms. The clue is in the word: uni-form, like mass formation. 

I hope you feel even more the dark underbelly of standardized curriculum, a system never designed to nurture unique creative sovereignty, but to manufacture children along conveyer-belt rows, rows like those of soldiers, hands raised in salutes of conformity. Coercing everyone to get the same “vaccine,” or gene program, is the same program of tyranny — in this case, creating inner uni-formity, at the subatomic level. For this reason, today’s tyranny is much more subtle than previous ones, its psychological operations harder to detect. 

As the German youth moved up in age, they spent more time with their groups, and away from the influences of their parents, teachers and ministers, some of whom opposed the Reich. This removed them from people and roots that could nurture their sovereign individuality and reconnect them to cultural traditions un-aligned with Nazism. It saturated them more fully into the bubble of indoctrination so they could become mind controlled devout servants of the Reich. 

Indeed, heartbreaking it is, these young minds and hearts made the great sacrifice and merged with the common Nazi identity. They sacrificed what is innately good “for the greater good,” what is True for what is false, with many finding death on the battlefield

Noted a former proud Hitler Youth, “I belonged to Adolf Hitler, body and soul.” 

And from Hitler, regarding indoctrinating youth — he hoped they’d “never be free again, not in their whole lives.”

“The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.” ~ Adolf Hitler

*                    *                    *

“Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way round, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise.” ~ Adolf Hitler

“Let me control the media and I will turn any nation into a herd of pigs.” ~ Joseph Goebbels

One of the social engineering tactics overseen by Joseph Goebbels was ensuring millions of radios existed in the homes of the German people. Goebbels saw “The Radio as the Eighth Great Power.” Convinced he was of this, a simple radio was engineered and mass-produced so it could be made available at a lower cost. It was called the Volksempfänger, or People’s Radio. Says this article, “By 1941, nearly two-thirds of German households owned a Volksempfänger, and Goebbels had succeeded in giving Hitler a direct conduit into people’s homes via the airwaves.” Broadcast messages included increasing tolerance for violence against Jewish people.

Notice, once again, the use of manipulative language; how the PEOPLE’S Radio would have ignited false empowerment that then superficially united Germans into We the People of The Third Reich — the myth of ultra-nationalism. 

The clever cunning use of words is meant to give people a sense of being in control when they are in fact losing control. They are carefully crafted to create the positive front or illusion of gaining more, when people are losing freedoms, losing touch with their inner Truth. The positive front of “together” and “more” and “inclusion” and “Iraqi Freedom” veils the brutal reality of what’s emerging from the shadows. I say this so you pay close attention to and discern the manipulative use of language on menu today; the power of one word, intentionally placed, to deceive millions. This is part of the smoke and mirrors black magic. 

Another example of clever word-smithing during the Third Reich is the irony of Goebbels’ title — Nazi Minister for Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda. “Popular” and “Enlightenment,” like “human rights,” “diversity,” and “protection,” are examples of what George Orwell in 1984 calls doublespeak. He famously wrote, “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”

“Enlightenment” is an inversion of true Enlightenment, just as “inclusion” is an inversion of true, heartfelt inclusion. “Popular” gathers the populous and momentum of distorted populism, and conceals how unpopular Goebbels would be if Truth came home to heart. 

Remember that dark forces work with inversions because they are inverted as dark souls, hiding from Light — up is down, down is up; girl is boy, boy is girl; an understanding Orwell’s doublespeak simplifies creatively. Putting this into practice, when listening to our “leaders” speak, if we take the opposite of what they say to heart, we’ll likely discover Truth.

In a 1934 speech, Goebbels stated, “Propaganda shows that it is good if over a certain period it can win over and fire up people for an idea. If it fails to do so, it is bad propaganda. If propaganda wins the people it wanted to win, it was presumably good, and if not, it was presumably bad. No one can say that your propaganda is too crude or low or brutal, or that it is not decent enough, for those are not the relevant criteria. Its purpose is not to be decent, or gentle, or weak, or modest; it is to be successful.”

Its purpose is to scare and deceive, mobilize and weaponize.

Along with newspapers, and public loud speakers in city centres that broadcasted Hitler, a propagandist tool overseen by Goebbels was motion pictures. The 1935 documentary Triumph of the Will by filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl was made to glorify Hitler as the Saviour-God and the Nazi Party and its war ambitions. Upon the movie screen viewers saw their Führer surrounded by wild cheers and adulation, and Swastika flags waving high in the sky; and later, Hitler is met by his saluting military moving in perfect mass formation. 

Other propagandist films served the purpose of casting Jewish people as “racially inferior” and “infectious germs.” An example, popular in Germany and occupied Europe, was Der ewige Jude. Without reservation, it depicted Jewish people as parasitic, deprived subhumans; even satanic. Notes this article, “One of the film’s most notorious sequences compares Jews to rats that carry contagion, flood the continent, and devour precious resources. Der ewige Jude is distinctive not only for its crude, vile characterizations made worse with its gruesome footage of a Jewish ritual butcher at work slaughtering cattle, but also for its heavy emphasis on the alien nature of the East European Jew.”

Given this evil propaganda, it’s no wonder that Jewish children punished in school were forced to sit in a corner “contemptuously designated ‘Israel.’” Heartbreaking it is, still today. 

“No salvation is possible until the bearer of disunion, the Jew, has been rendered powerless to harm,” Hitler said. The myth, as it’s always been, is a perceived unity rooted in superiority, a scapegoat, or “bearer of disunion,” and the remedy justifying violence, “union” through disunion. 

Stay together by staying apart. 

*                    *                    * 

In the 1920’s in Alberta, Canada, there was a contentious debate surrounding the ethics of sterilizing people held in psychiatric institutions. The highly stigmatized and misunderstood some saw as “feebleminded” and “imbeciles” were presumed to be this way due to defective gene inheritance, with some consideration placed on “psychodynamic” issues. 

Ostensibly, the justification for sterilizing inmates was the over-crowding of institutions and its associated costs and stresses. There was a general lack of awareness of how to care for people with disabilities, as well. 

But if we enter the darker aspects of consciousness of that time, we discover that this crisis of care existed because of the idea that “every feebleminded person is a potential criminal.” And yet, the word “criminal” is not strong or accurate enough to capture the confused sentiments of that time. The truer reality was the ethos that “feeblemindedness” was a sign of evil. Isolate the individual and you isolate evil, and stop its spread in society then, and in the future. 

The other justification for sterilization was potential freedom. An inmate “might safely be recommended for parole from the institution and trial return to community life, if the danger of procreation with its attendant risk of multiplication of the evil by transmission of that disability to progeny were eliminated.”

There were voices that opposed sterilization, the myth of “degenerates,” and the general inhumane treatment of these individuals. There were leaders willing to sacrifice personal comfort for Truth, which is what leaders do. One was Laudas Jolly, a United Farmers of Alberta member. She stated that sterilization offered “mutilation as the price of liberty for inmates of mental hospitals.” She didn’t mince words.

How easy it was for doctors, psychiatrists, social workers, teachers and other professionals to justify mutilation as a “solution” for someone’s inner struggles. Fast forward to today. How easy it is for doctors, psychiatrists, social workers, teachers and other professionals to justify mutilation as a “solution” for “gender dysphoric” children. 

Despite opposition and advocacy, a bill authorizing sterilization ended up being passed in 1928, making Alberta as well as British Columbia centres for this mutilation. There was one voice in the mix, a proponent of the bill, whose following words weave together many of the themes of this chapter. They come from the Premier of Alberta, John Edward Brownlee, who stated around 100 years ago the following: “The argument of freedom or right of the individual can no longer hold good where the welfare of the state and society is concerned.” 

His words are true… except for when they are not. The wise heart is the ultimate arbiter of whether something is for the greater good / safety. Without heart, without wise eldership, we have “for the greater good / safety.”

Sterilization is one of a number of eugenic programs. Deriving from the Greek “eugenes,” meaning “well born,” “good birth,” or “good stock,” the goal of eugenics is to eradicate all forms of perceived weakness from society, while also creating a populous of perceived strength, intelligence and moral honour. “Positive eugenics” represents efforts or strategies used to create a species of humans with “ideal” traits, while “negative eugenics” represents efforts to remove undesirable traits. Sterilization is an example of the latter.

Eugenics, or “applied biology,” is premised upon the prevailing ideology of what weakness, strength, intelligence and honour are; as well as larger governing myths like ultra-nationalism and the idea of a “pure master race,” or the “perfect human.” Eugenics is the insanity and arrogance of people playing God, influenced by twisted appropriation of Darwin’s “survival of the fittest.” It’s the same old distorted tyrannical God-complex that believes, “I know what’s for the greater good / safety.”

Eugenics existed in other parts of the world prior to Nazi Germany as seen with the example in Canada. Australia, Japan, Scandinavia and the United States all had been involved in this form of social engineering as well. By the early 1900’s there was even conferences on the subject, with the First International Eugenics Congress taking place in London in 1912. 

The United States in the early part of the century had a number of conferences throughout the nation, and were considered the global “leader” of this pseudo-science. Notes this article, “By the late 1920s, sterilisation laws had been enacted in two dozen American states, largely in the middle Atlantic region, the Midwest, and California. By 1933, California had subjected more people to eugenic sterilisation than had all other states of the union combined.” 

The U.S. eugenics efforts focused on ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, and people who, in general, were socially vulnerable. The programs emphasized sterilization, but also enforced marital law, which I’ll explain once we get to Nazi Germany. Candidacy for eugenics could be based upon something as superficial as a low IQ test result — a result from a test biased against non-whites. And one could be sterilized for any perceived social misconduct, no matter how small. The law, ruled and run by corrupt white male elites, could easily be twisted and turned against minorities and those with disabilities simply from a need to act out pain — to project hatred and illness onto others, as happened during the Black Death, in residential schools, etc.

“All told, as many as 70,000 Americans were forcibly sterilized during the 20th century,” notes this article. “The victims of state-mandated sterilization included people… who had been labeled ‘mentally deficient,’ as well as those who who were deaf, blind and diseased. Minorities, poor people and ‘promiscuous’ women were often targeted.”

“They never ask you! They just tell you after it’s done,” said one survivor at Pacific Colony. This short video documents this abusive history well.

“You, you National Socialist doctors, I cannot do without you for a single day, not a single hour. If not for you, if you fail me, then all is lost…” ~ Hitler 

The “success” of the U.S. eugenics program drew attraction from  other nations. Representatives were sent to learn from the Americans so they could adopt or replicate their programs in their homeland. Germany was one nation influenced by the precedent set by their cross-Atlantic counterparts, and perhaps by the Scandinavians closer by. Based on what we know, and how long eugenics had been steeped in minds across the world and in social policy, we can safely assume that Hitler and his cohort did not come up with their eugenics program out of thin air.

In Nazi Germany, both “negative” and “positive” eugenics played a major role in creating Third Reich dominance and “racial purity.” Led by Hitler, the eugenic ideology justified not just mutilation and apartheid, but the genocide of millions. The gene pool of “true” Germans, the “master race,” had to be protected and propagated, and anyone threatening it had to be quarantined or destroyed.

The ideal traits for the Nazi regime were those of the white Aryan or Nordic race. They met the standards for “racial hygiene.” They were of blood illumined by “racial primal elements.” The “racially impure” were those who had certain illnesses, were not white, belonged to unfavourable creeds, or were “uncommon” in their identity, like homosexuals. They were all considered “un-German.”

With emergency powers granted to Hitler, he and his Nazi party did not waste time in creating their extensive eugenics program. Passed in 1933, The Law for the Prevention of Offspring with Hereditary Diseases stated the following: “Anyone who is suffering from a hereditary disease can be sterilized by a surgical operation if, according to the experiences of medical science, it is to be expected with great probability that his offspring will suffer from serious hereditary physical or mental defects.” 

There were nine conditions that justified sterilization: “Mental deficiency from birth; Schizophrenia; Circular (manic-depressive) lunacy; Hereditary epilepsy; Hereditary St. Vitus’ Dance (Huntington’s Chorea) (a fatal form of dementia); Hereditary blindness; Hereditary deafness; Serious hereditary physical malformation. (3) Furthermore, persons suffering badly from alcoholism can be sterilized.”

I bring your attention to the first condition: mental deficiency from birth. Notice how general this category is. With this broad brush “medical” classification, any corrupt and confused mind could arbitrarily define a non-compliant or socially vulnerable person as “mentally deficient.” Much like how a physician or nurse could diagnose someone as having Covid, even when they didn’t have the virus. 

As in North America, men were sterilized through vasectomy and women via tubal ligation, a complicated and invasive procedure that resulted in hundreds of women dying in Germany. Overall, an estimated 400,000 of the “unfit” received involuntary sterilization. This eugenics program took place outside as well as inside concentration camps. Included in this count were “enemies of the state,” those who suffered from “color-blindness in the Third Reich.” Perhaps they were classified as having mental deficiency from birth.

Another eugenics program was born from the Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor. It forbade a Jewish person from marrying or having sexual relations with a non-Jewish German. This is the “positive eugenics” stratagem of marital law I spoke of earlier in reference to the United States. It’s also called “selective breeding.” There was also the “positive eugenics” program that gave financial incentives to the “pure” to procreate in order to help build the “pure” imperial and economic future of The Third Reich. Heinrich Himmler, Chief of the German police, once stated, “A people of good race which has too few children has a one-way ticket to the grave.”

“The stronger must dominate and not mate with the weaker, which would signify the sacrifice of its own higher nature. Only the born weakling can look upon this principle as cruel, and if he does so it is merely because he is of a feebler nature and narrower mind; for if such a law did not direct the process of evolution then the higher development of organic life would not be conceivable at all.” ~ Hitler

The ideological myth of racial supremacy and inferiority attached to eugenics is what justified the persecution and murder of “life unworthy of life” — Jewish and Slavic citizens, Roma (gypsies), homosexuals, and black people in Germany and occupied countries. Along with the mentally and physically disabled, together they were socially and economically ostracized, and systematically dehumanized. Some were spat on while walking the streets. Growing numbers were unable to work, marry, have children, and even leave Germany due to visa restrictions. If they had children, their little ones suffered in and outside of school for being “un-German,” while “Aryan” children in the Nazified school system were taught who was “pure” and “impure.” These “bastard races”, the “hereditarily imperfect” were imprisoned, tortured, sent to labour camps, and murdered. Many died from disease sometimes from being placed in ghettos. Others found it all too much and took their own life.   

Friedrich-Paul von Groszheim was a gay man who suffered from the criminalization and dehumanization of his sexual orientation, lifestyle and personal identity. Paragraph 175 of the Nazi–revised criminal code banned sexual relations between men. Von Groszheim was arrested three times as a result. During his second arrest he was humiliated and tortured, and then finally given the option for release; but only under the condition of being castrated, a condition he accepted. 

In the Rhineland area of Germany, there was a group of children who were born from white German mothers and black French soldiers. These children were called the Rhineland Children, and numbered between 600 to 800. By 1937, they were tracked down by the Gestapo. Under a secret order, 385 of these multiracial precious ones were forcibly sterilized, without parental consent. “Essentially these children were pulled from school, off the streets and bundled into vans, taken to medical facilities and sterilized,” says Nicole Brown, researcher. Some were later forced into medical experiments, and others vanished. 

One of the saddest manifestations of Hitler’s obsession with superiority and eugenics was his euthanasia program, which was illegal according to German law; hence it being a secret program. Starting in 1939, doctors consulted with psychiatric and other hospitals to determine who would be a candidate for what was called “mercy killings.” The first target were little ones — newborns to 4 years old, who were deemed “incurably sick by medical examination.” Specific classifications of “incurable sickness” included “idiocy,” Down Syndrome, malformations, paralysis and spasticity. 

The children were placed in these hospitals and made vulnerable to euthanasia because doctors and midwives were expected to report any child born with a birth defect. In fact, midwives were paid for each birth defect reported. They were financially incentivized to remove children from their parents, without the latter’s consent, and to actively participate in the horrific murder of little ones. 

Approximately 5,000 to 10,000 young children were “killed by starvation, exposure in unheated wards, or the administration of cyanide, chemical warfare agents, or other poisons”, writes Robert Proctor in Racial Hygiene: Medicine under the Nazis. These murders were committed by nurses much more than doctors. The latter’s responsibility lied more in deciding who deserved to die, and in signing the death certificates.

With the “success” of the child euthanasia program, adults were next on the list for “mercy killings.” Along with being called lebensunwerten lebens, or “life unworthy of life,” adults living with mental and physical disabilities were labeled “useless feeders.” In adding them to the total death count, while also including the deaths of those not disabled but who died from this program, we come to the heartbreaking figure of about 250,000; a sacrifice that was no sacrifice at all for Hitler, for with death, the “inferior” would not be an economic and social “burden on society.” 

“It is unbearable to me that the flower of our youth must lose their lives at the front while that feeble-minded and asocial element can have a secure existence in the asylum.” ~ Dr. Hermann Pfannmuller

*                    *                    *

Part 4: Absence of Heart & Courage

Like the other tragedies referenced in this chapter, the heartbreaking reality of Nazi Germany speaks to the power of fascist myth and its relationship to mass formation psychosis and “for the greater good / safety,” or “common will.” With eyes and hearts turned backwards in time, we see how easily and how much people can sacrifice their heart conscience and soul knowing for “truth,” even as their actions cause children and adults to be manipulated, mutilated and murdered. 

We can see the split of psychosis taking hold, a radical Jekyll to Hyde transformation. From seemingly “normal” humans with moral dignity, suddenly doctors, nurses, physiatrists, teachers, police officers, students and more became servants and savages of tyranny. Held together by cognitive dissonance and emotional detachment, they proliferated a viral outbreak of hatred and terror that fed the hatred and terror of their Saviour Gods. 

When it comes to Nazi Germany, much as been speculated regarding why doctors, especially, would participate in the medical madness, including leading the barbaric medical experiments in concentration camps, on adults and children — without anaesthetics. For decades, hearts and minds have wondered how this army of physicians could so cruelly turn towards darkness, and against their Hippocratic Oath of “first do no harm or injustice.”

Leading up to 1933, the German Medical Society was considered a global leader, if not preeminent, in its field. Germany was a popular destination for students and professionals throughout the world seeking to advance their studies. The intelligence and dedication to the field of integral medicine was there, in abundance. Or so it seems. 

It must be asked: How much heart was there in the first place? How much Hyde was hiding, waiting for a reason to surface?

In his book, Doctors Under Hitler, Historian Michael Kater writes, “Physicians became Nazified more thoroughly and much sooner than any other profession, and as Nazis they did more in service of the nefarious regime than any of their extraprofessional peers.” 

The numbers don’t lie. Writes the authors of The Nazi Doctors and the Nuremberg Code, “Reportedly more than 7% of all German physicians became members of the Nazi party during World War II, a far higher percentage than the general population.” The latter percentage was a mere 0.5% in comparison. To put this medical allegiance to Nazism into further perspective, quoting the above mentioned book again: “In 1942 more than 38,000 German doctors, half the total number of doctors, had joined the Nazi party.”

Along with these staggering statistics lies the fact that no evidence has been found showing that physicians were coerced into becoming Nazi doctors, or experienced punishment if they refused an offer. This is different than being punished for actively opposing or undermining Nazi authority. Some, like Marie-Luise Jahn, a physician and member of the White Rose resistance group, were caught distributing the Scholl leaflets, and suffered the consequences. They were “censored”, “de-platformed” for spreading “disinformation.” They sacrificed greatly for Truth. For Marie, it was 12 years in prison. 

Nurses, as well, did not receive punishment for refusing Nazi policies and to participate in the killings. Under this scrutiny, we must look at all professionals such as psychiatrists, anthropologists, school teachers, police officers, even the bus drivers who drove children to the death centres. As well, let’s not forget the German pharmaceutical industry, their major involvement in the holocaust. 

And so the question remains: Why did doctors participate if they had a choice? Why did people participate at all? I also suggest we ask: To what degree did professionals of all kinds know what they were participating in? This would have changed as the Nazi machine grew. 

Research enough, and you find common answers to these and related questions. Here is what I found, mixed with my adaptations and additions. All reasoning applies to those in the field of medicine; and for those outside, only some does. When reading, keep in mind degrees. There is a spectrum of experience differentiating one person to another. 

Culture of obedience: A culture of obedience existed in Germany as a whole, and as a governing ethos within the medical profession. In regards to the latter, the mindset trained was not to question, but to accept authority and the science. To conform. We must also account for the patriarchal culture of women being subservient to men at that time. How much pressure, if only from within, did women (nurses, teachers, etc) feel to fulfill their professional duty? And we must reflect upon how hard it is for so many, now and historically, to say No.

Economic security and advancement: Given the Treaty of Versailles and Great Depression, there was reason to choose financial security even if it conflicted with one’s conscience. There would have been further pressure if one had little mouths to feed. Also, because Jewish doctors lost their license, and someone was needed to sweep in and absorb those patients, there was incentive to continue practicing as a doctor under Nazi ideology. Taking over another’s practice would have been a huge financial windfall.

Prestige and professional advancement: Being in the Nazi party would have given people a sense that doors would open for exceptional career advancement. For example, one may have believed that dedication to State duty could eventually lead to an esteemed position in a university. Even against their own heart, this may have been an extra reason to choose darkness. 

False power: It’s easy to imagine how being in the “inner circle” of the SS and having that much power would have fuelled self-aggrandizement and tribal consciousness. That immense, unmitigated power created a spiral of ego reinforcement, propelling insanity and cruelty.

Interest in research, biology and disease: Removing, cleansing, purifying, advancing are aspects of health and healing, and thus medicine. Ambitious medical minds with closed hearts and troubled souls were keen to build the empire by participating in the “cutting edge” of “racial biology” and “medical research” or experimentation. They wanted to be a part of the grand Third Reich vision as valuable, respected agents eradicating the “bacillus,” “germs,” “parasites,” and “disease” — words used by Hitler and his cohort. These words would have created a comfort and familiarity, a motivation, given their professional craft. 

In Mein Kampf, Hitler wrote, “The Jew was only and always a parasite in the body of other peoples.” He also referred to them as a virus: “Today, international Jewry is the ferment of decomposition of peoples and states, just as it was in antiquity. It will remain that way as long as peoples do not find the strength to get rid of the virus.” 

Fritz Klein, one of more notorious Nazi “doctors,” when asked by a prisoner-physician why he participated as he did, he replied, “Out of respect for human life, I would remove a purulent appendix from a diseased body. The Jews are the purulent appendix in the body of Europe.” 

Joseph Goebbels announced in a radio address: “The Jews must be removed from the German community for they endanger our national unity. This is an elementary principle of racial, national and social hygiene. Who cares about their difficulties.” 

We can see how pervasive medical myths were, how integrated they were in the overarching Nazi ideology, and how propagated medicalized Nazism was through the use of pejorative language. All this would have compelled compromised hearts and minds to apply their medical knowledge to cruelty, while believing they were practicing “good science.”

“Greater good / safety”: Writes this article, “Nazi doctrine called for physicians to shift from the doctor of the individual to the doctor of the nation.” This ideology became part of the curriculum in medical school, and throughout — to identify with the political goals of the government; to sacrifice inner Truth and sovereignty for “truth” and collectivism. The good of one’s heart had to give way to the “good” of the nation.

“The great strength of the totalitarian state is that it forces those who fear it to imitate it.” ~ Adolf Hitler

What must also be considered is fear. Given the immense culture of terror — and it’s important to compassionately bring ourselves to that time — it cannot be underestimated how much fear would have been a motivating force for conforming; for doing one’s duty, what’s “right,” what is best for the State; again, in a culture of rigid obedience and conformity. With legions of soldiers and violence filling the streets, economic uncertainty and WWII erupting, hearts raced, and rational minds submitted to the active limbic and reptilian brains.

Ignorance, too, must not be overlooked. In the same way billions have been fooled by propaganda during the Covid era, people in Germany and the occupied nations were fooled by the slick machinations of the lying machine; by the overpowering ubiquitousness of propaganda. 

Just like with us, time was needed to decipher what was going on, the devil in the details; to connect the dots and see the larger picture. Let’s remember that they had no social media, and alternative voices were violently shut down. 

Furthermore, awareness or knowledge was compartmentalized to varying degrees. For example, a naive or new nurse may have led a child down a hall and into a room, but not know what happened after. Truth may have been kept from her, at least for a while. There were degrees of awareness, of heartfelt realization, just as there has been during the Covid era. 

Which leads me to another reason I’ve already spoken to, that is closer to the heart of the matter: lack of heartbreak. Without heartbreak, especially grief, the depths of Truth cannot set in. The beauty and purpose of our vulnerable emotional body is that it tells us when Truth is present. There is a difference between knowing something is happening intellectually, such as the manipulation of children and mutilation of their bodies, and having that understanding sink down deeper, into the body, into the heart, as emotionally felt reality. 

Intellectual understanding alone, void of emotional tone, can make us prone to denial and being complicit; to sacrificing Truth for “truth.” It’s through the power of our vulnerable humanity, our emotional body, specifically the feelings of disgust and outrage, followed by grief, that objective Truth strikes us as unequivocally self-evident. The far-reaching scope of lies and cruelty, and our role in them, can no longer be denied. 

With genuine heartbreak, the internal sacrifice required to participate in madness becomes much, much greater; because the emotional body centred in the cardinal heart is now involved, and the Holy Heart is empowered by emotionality; and because the emotional body and heart, as a unified, united front, speak loud, do not lie, and cannot tolerate the intolerable. Hence the Great Courageous Hearts of days past who sacrificed everything for Truth. Those Holy Hearts knew and felt too much to remain silent and bow to ferocious lies. 

Now, I ask you this question: Amongst the people of Germany and the occupied nations, and amongst the persecutors and murderers of other regimes, how embodied were they? How much were they raised as children to honour their emotions, and follow their hearts? How much did they live in emotionally intelligent cultures and subcultures? How much did they give themselves to heartbreak prior to their regime’s commencement?

How much today is the vulnerable, emotional human allowed to be present in professional institutions, like in the field of medicine? How often do we compartmentalize our personal and professional selves, and leave our emotionality at home when leaving for work? How much today do people give themselves to heartbreak, to the power of grief, as a way of living, as an act of self-care and self-love?

Going back in time, through thousands of years of our Dark Age, how willing and able have people been to feel — the Truth? Not simply at an intuitive, subtle level, but aided by the guiding wisdom of their emotional body, their messy, beautiful tears that speak volumes? How much were they supported to live as integrated embodiments Spirit & Flesh, the invincible and the vulnerable, centred in the Holy Heart?

This, my friend, is the power and necessity of heartbreak, the opening where divinity comes alive in humanity, and undeniable Truth is born in somatic realization.

*                    *                    *

Here are the heartbreaking numbers from the Nazi regime: 

  • 100,000 homosexual men were arrested, and about half convicted; it’s estimated 5,000 to 15,000 were killed
  • 250,000 people with disabilities were killed
  • between 250,000 and 500,000 Roma were killed
  • 3 million Soviet prisoners of war were killed (including about 50,000 Jewish soldiers)
  • 6 million Jewish people were killed
  • 7 million Soviet civilians (including 1.3 Soviet Jewish civilians)

There are various reports on the total numbers dead, with some suggesting 15 million, and others reporting over twenty million. We must also take into account the number of people who survived, but remained physically maimed and emotionally traumatized. And let’s not forget the parents wounded from having their children abused and forcibly removed, and the children themselves. 

These and other horrors of history do not happen without significant inner and outer betrayal. The justifications for manipulating, maiming and murdering children and adults have been monstrous. I cannot imagine what the people of the Nazi regime sacrificed within in order to participate as they did. I cannot imagine how much pain and mind control was needed to cause that much pain and mind control. For these reasons and more, I hold great compassion for them; just as I hold great compassion for those who committed the barbarism of other tyrannies. 

And so what does this mean for what is happening today, and what has occurred since the beginning of the Covid era? The parallels between tyrannies of old and our emerging global tyranny are vast, as you can see; and it’s my intention to make them clearer as you read further. But before you move to the next chapter, I want to offer one more perspective to carry in your heart. 

Let us remember that everyone has their thresholds for experience — feeling, uncertainty and Truth (dark truths and the Light of Truth). Our growth and evolution necessitates an expansion of all three. Now, there is a difference between not being ready for an experience and therefore not making a new choice; being ready for a new experience and choosing to expand; and being ready to grow, and feeling an inner tug, yet not making a new choice. 

What I’ve wondered much about over the last few years is the last category: being aware, yet not choosing, not risking; having a sense, yet not investigating more or being willing to learn; hearing one’s integral heart express concern, feel something is off, yet not sacrificing — for Truth. 

If anything, the Covid era has taught us how unwilling people are to expand their thresholds for experience, even in the face of overwhelming peculiarities and inconsistencies, clear practical evidence, and immense suffering, their’s and that of others. We have learned how attached or addicted humanity is to complacency, convenience, comfort, familiarity, being liked, being approved of, saying Yes, victimhood, codependency — “common will”; how willing people are to give their power away and allow others to decide for them. 

Indeed, millions have chosen the path of willful ignorance, the needed path for tyrannies to flourish, like that of Nazi Germany. Hospital workers during the Covid era, despite witnessing unprecedented anomalies, and human and policy violations, chose to turn a blind eye and conform. To not speak up and investigate further. Journalists, law enforcement and school staff, similarly, chose to keep their mouths shut, to go along to get along, to do their job “right,” and align with insanity. They chose not to seek and find out more; for what would happen then?

If one did speak up, concerns were quietly shared with a trusted co-worker or personal confidant. One thing was said at work — the thing that would not jeopardize their pension, reputation or status — and another thing, the deeper reality, was said at a coffee shop or at home. 

People participated in willful ignorance because: If I don’t know more, I don’t feel more. Feeling less, I know less. I don’t have to take responsibility for what I feel to be true, risk doing the uncomfortable, be a leader, and face the uncertainties that follow. 

By settling for a range of feeling, truth and uncertainty that was comfortable and familiar, that didn’t ask too much from them, people participated in willful ignorance. They were unwilling to expand their thresholds for experience, and make the sacrifices that inevitably come with expansion, with uncomfortable growth, inside and out. 

I’m not saying that people should have sacrificed — what or how much. It’s not my place to determine that. It’s not about should or shouldn’t, right or wrong. There are reasons that were reason enough for people to not take risks, or to take small risks. That is their path. That is their learning. 

Having stated that, I do feel we have a social responsibility to raise our thresholds for experience, given the monstrous consequences before us. We have a duty to our children to do so. And it is my purpose and social responsibility to unequivocally elucidate what I feel is true, based on intuition and patterns observed. It is my duty to articulate the patterns that were, and that have long been: those of sacrificing sovereign heartfelt knowing — Truth, for collectivist lies, and for reasons already stated throughout this chapter. 

Humanity has settled even though children and adults across the world were, and continue to be, manipulated, abused, injured and murdered. The multitude, unwilling to sacrifice, to varying degrees participated in tyranny, even though the consequences of this sacrifice, of being a voice of reason and Truth, would be far less severe than tyrannies of old. 

They participated and served tyranny because they were unwilling to be vulnerable and courageous. To be disobedient to “common will.” To have truth confirmed by their tear-soaked humble, heartbroken humanity.

They were not willing to be crucified. 


Emerging Global Tyranny

Dictated by the centralized dark forces, corrupt governments are intentionally demoralizing and financially debilitating people, while pretending to be their saviours. They manufacture climate and health scams, create and fund endless wars, and give endless foreign “aid,” pushing their countries into higher inflation, rising costs of living, and mounting debt. Then they initiate more financial “assistance,” such as child benefit programs. They take $10 and give back $5, repeatedly, saying they can’t control the escalating costs of the very things they are manufacturing, while drawing attention to, and fooling people into believing, how much they are “helping” people and economies. 
They are master liars and social engineers, purposely destroying economies and lives to instigate growing dependence on financial handouts, and eventual submission to tyrannical AI global governance. 

Tell barbaric lies, repeatedly. Spread them through the corporate media. Ignite outrage in the public. Increasingly censor counter-narratives. Smear the truth-tellers. Turn the deceived against them. Do this in the name of security, safety and democracy.

Seize on the inflamed emotions and survival psychologies for more imperialism, surveillance and oppression — domestically and abroad. Seize on the vulnerable and confused to create more violence and division. Seize, so to disempower and destroy the wider public to such an extent that, at long last, they have no option but to submit to the Plan, and the satanic few behind it all.

With plandemics and the “human-made climate crisis” being international in scope, crossing all borders, versus simply regional or local events, they require global control — “solutions” for the new world order. This gives more power and wealth to global organizations to implement and benefit from those long-planned “solutions.” The United Nations and its partners can devise “Our Common Agenda” — our “common will” — for us.  

“We can not escape, and indeed should welcome, the task which history has imposed on us. This is the task of helping to shape a new world order in all its dimensions — spiritual, economic, political, social.” ~ Rockefeller Brothers Fund, 1959

“The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent.” ~ Bill Gates, from his 2010 TED Talk speech 

Part 1: Nazism Never Left

In his 1961 farewell address, President Dwight Eisenhower shared the following words:

“The total influence — economic, political, even spiritual — is felt in every city, every Statehouse, every office of the Federal government… we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources, and livelihood are all involved…

“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist… The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present and is gravely to be regarded. . . . (We) must . . . be alert to the danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific technological elite.”

Eisenhower likely knew of the darkness imported into the United States over the previous 12 years that had been festering and growing within the secret corners of industry, science and governance. 

After WWII, about 1,600 Nazi technocrats — scientists, doctors, engineers, researchers, along with their families, were brought to the United States under a covert military operation called Project or Operation Paperclip. This is something well-documented online. Hired under secret military contracts, the United States sought to exploit the technocrats’ intellectual resources in order to build a leading-edge security and military apparatus that would transform the nation and could impose itself upon the world. 

Led by the newly formed Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency, Operation Paperclip was initially approved of by President Harry Truman; however, upon seeing more clearly what and who was involved, he forbade it. The military and defence departments deemed the Nazi technocrats as strategically necessary to bolster the might of the U.S. during the escalating Cold War with the Soviet Union. It was for “national security,” and thus “for the greater good / safety.” As such, with Heads of State like Truman and JFK having only so much power, the decision was made by the covert government. 

This meant a complete whitewash of the backgrounds of the Nazi personnel. Though technocrats participated in immense cruelty, with some being official leaders of the war crimes, and some convicted in Nuremberg, the balance had to be weighed in favour of “protecting the nation.” With news of this operation coming to public attention, as it gradually did, voices of notable figures like Albert Einstein and Eleanor Roosevelt were heard expressing staunch disfavour. However, public pressure was not enough to sway the dark direction of things. 

One of the most prominent Nazi officials brought to the U.S. was Wernher von Braun. A high-ranking member of the SS, he oversaw the Reich’s V-2 rocket program. Notes this article, “Germany ultimately launched more than 3,000 missiles of Von Braun’s design against Britain and other countries, indiscriminately killing at least 5,000 people, while as many as 20,000 concentration camp prisoners died assembling the weapons.” They worked in the hellish conditions of underground facilities, dying from malnutrition, disease and exhaustion. But in the eyes of the secret government, von Braun was fully qualified, a valuable asset to be had. In the U.S., this rocket engineer eventually became Director of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center.

Another Operation Paperclip war criminal was medical researcher Dr. Hubertus Strughold. He committed all sorts of brutal medical experiments on individuals in the Reich, without anesthetics. Strughold escaped being tried at the Nuremberg War Trials, and was brought to the U.S. where he became “The Father of Space Medicine,” with high-ranking medical positions in the Air Force and NASA. 

Otto Ambros, regarded as Hitler’s favourite chemist, oversaw the Reich’s secret nerve agent program, and was the co-discover of sarin gas. As manager of IG Farben’s slave labor factory at Auschwitz, he relied on thousands of workers for the development of dangerous agents, and for their experimental testing. In 1948, he was convicted of enslavement and mass murder at the Nuremberg Trials, and was sentenced to a mere eight years in prison. In 1951, he was given clemency by the U.S. High Commissioner John McCloy, and would eventually find work at the U.S. chemical corporation W.R. Grace, and at the U.S. Department of Energy.

Simply put, the United States wanted technology and weapons — chemicals, vehicles, missiles, rockets, Intel, or otherwise. They wanted strategies for mind control and social engineering successfully used during the Nazi regime, ones covertly employed for decades now, notably since 2020. And perhaps most of all, they wanted to expand their secret space program. Given the Nazi infiltration of the Military Industrial Complex and Aerospace, it’s safe to assume that Paperclips directly or indirectly contributed to geoengineering and weather warfare systems, as well, something we’ll explore in Chapter 4.

With these ambitious goals in mind, and seeing the Third Reich as representing ideals to emulate, a long list of morally bankrupt decisions were made to covertly bring these evil technocrats across the Atlantic, with oft-vaunted U.S. systems and infrastructure built from the criminality of Nazi minds. Agencies benefiting from their expertise include The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), as mentioned; but so did the CIA, which created the notorious MK Ultra mind control programs (here & here). The CIA was formed in 1947, and not coincidentally the WHO was established in 1948, just around the time the Paperclips were crossing the Atlantic. Add the fact that the UN was founded around the same time, in 1945, and we can begin to see how WW2 was necessary to advance the new world order agenda — total global governance. It was the pretext needed to “solve” (manufactured) global crises and “unite” nations. 

Cathy O’Brien has something to teach us about the Nazi roots of MK Ultra. Born into a lineage of sexual and ritual abuse and trafficking, she was sold into MK Ultra’s subproject Monarch when a child. “Monarch is a multigenerational project; and it had been found through the Hitler-Himmler research that came over into the U.S. through Project Paperclip,” says O’Brien in this interview. “When we imported the Nazi and fascist scientists into the U.S., the formula for mind control came with them.” 

Cathy O’Brien’s heroic story and rise is remarkable, and can be watched here in this free documentary. This production is so well done, so moving and thoroughly researched, and of such importance, I cannot recommend it enough. Thus, I will be referring to it again later in the ebook. As for MK Ultra, we’ll be touching into it more in Chapters 4 and 6.

Not long after the CIA formed, so did the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO. Currently overseeing the Ukraine proxy war which began with the Maidan coup in 2014, the sanctioning of hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths in the war, the implementation of a new fascist regime within this country, and more imperialism beyond Ukraine, NATO also formed just after WWII, in 1949. 

Knowing of Operation Paperclip, as well as the naturalizing of Nazis into other countries, like Canada, knowledge now coming to the fore, must give us all pause so we can properly digest and take to heart the sheer magnitude of cold-hearted darkness in command then… and now. Who ultimately masterminded Operation Paperclip? Who really ran and runs NAZI, NASA, NATO, similar operations, with similar names? Who really leads the CIA, and the UK’s equivalent, MI6? Could there be a unified dark force at the top of the inverted pyramid, with hands in all?

There is. 

John McCloy, who granted clemency to Otto Ambros, was a dark agent, a pawn. But who tapped his shoulder, and who tapped the tapper in this hierarchical, top-down system of order and obey? Who tapped Hitler’s shoulder — perhaps Wall Street? (And did he really kill himself; or did he cross the Atlantic and go to South America and Antarctica?) Go high enough in the chain, and we find that these dark, monstrous operations don’t belong to any particular nation. They are ultimately masterminded and funded by the transnational oligarchs, particularly the banksters, like the Rothschild Dynasty, who closely work with their off-planet overlords, Luciferian forces that do not belong to this planetary sphere but have controlled it for thousands of years. Together, this unified human and non-human evil use the world like a chess board, with each nation a square or piece to conquer, exploit or protect according to the tyrannical goals at any given time. 

Perhaps both sides of a war, civil or between nations, is governed and bankrolled by a cunning black web of operatives, with the strategic goal of ever-increasing centralized power and prosperity, at all costs, no matter how much human suffering and loss there is. Hence the never-ending wars. Perhaps a health crisis crossing borders and continents, and the prescribed “solutions,” have ultimately been manufactured by this same transnational, transplanetary force. Importing 1,600 war criminals from the country you were just at war with and turning them into strategic assets and allies is evidence of this nefarious, covert collaboration — that the lines separating governance and nations are much thinner than we’ve thought. 

“They madden the people into fratricidal quarrels, that their own doings may be unnoticed in the general distress. Hence the war admits of no truce, for the doers of ill deeds are afraid of a peace, as being likely to lift the veil from their secret infamy.” ~ St. Basil the Great (AD 329 – 379)

*                    *                    *

A Bombshell study has revealed that large numbers of the Pfizer-BioNTech BNT162b2 COVID-19 “vaccine” batches distributed in the European Union consisted of placebos that had not been inspected. The total batches distributed in the EU, placebo and non-placebo, were divided into three distinct categories, with the placebo batch making up 30%. The other two non-placebo batches making up the remaining 70% were inspected and caused higher than average adverse events. All but one batch from the placebo group was not tested by the regulator.
Quoting Kim Iversen who helped bring this story to light, “Either they were actively experimenting on the public, or they were covering up for the fact that the vaccines came with numerous side effects.”

In a 1979 report issued to U.S. President Jimmy Carter by the U.S. Commission on the Holocaust, chaired by Auschwitz survivor Elie Wiesel, these words of warning were given:

“…the inclination to duplicate the Nazi option and once again to exterminate millions of people remains a hideous threat.”

What distinguishes the totalitarianism of the Third Reich from other regimes in history was the degree that it was medicalized. Prior to the Covid era, no other tyranny was medicalized more than the Nazi regime. Nothing came close, not even during the time of Stalin, when cruel medical research was conducted in gulags. 

I remind you that 38,000 doctors joined the Nazi party. Medical experiments of all kinds were conducted to better understand biology and test for resilience and recovery. Nurses formed a large part of the Nazi army, administering cyanide, chemical warfare agents, and other poisons on small children. “Applied biology,” the ideology of eugenics, justified “racial hygiene,” and the highest forms of coercive medical malpractice. Even the pejoratives used to classify the “enemies within” were propagandized using medical terms: “bacillus,” “germs,” “parasites,” and “disease”. 

Nazi Germany was a total medical tyranny. Medical agents — institutions, people, instruments and substances — were weaponized. Just like today. For these reasons and more, Elie Wiesel was prescient with her words. Nazism did not die. Its legacy carried on. 

From the visions and calculated strategies of the oligarchs, insidiously implemented by their (Paperclip) operatives and agents throughout the world, the consciousness of Nazism seeped into all major institutions, growing in force, decade-by-decade, so a new tyranny — medical, and otherwise, could finally be unleashed upon humanity in 2020. This has been the plan long in the making, finally coming to fruition, with Nazi consciousness rising, viscerally felt and witnessed in the zeitgeist and totalitarian strategies of these times. 

Rather than being boots-on-the-ground kinetic warfare, since the Covid era began this war has, for the most part, been subtly biological and psychological. With the help of medicalized propaganda, the main weapon has been a Trojan Horse called the “vaccine,” taken by billions of willing recipients, believing they’ve been helped, protected, yet with absolutely no clue of the warfare being inflicted upon them.  

Today’s emerging global tyranny is far more than medical in nature, however. It is technological, with the “medicine” of biological warfare being used to create Human 2.0, and catalyze a digital dictatorship that rules the new hybrid species. Today’s tyranny is certainly a war on food and parental rights, on our right to travel and have privacy; and most important to me, it’s a war on our precious little ones, our children. It’s a war on many fronts; yet “medicine” combined with AI are the primary weapons, because technological advancements have allowed this to be so.  

We have reached World War III, my friend. It has arrived, with no nuclear explosion formally announcing this is so. Though it had been building for decades, with geoengineering and “natural” disasters (see Ch 4), 9/11, the 2008 financial collapse, and escalating mind control, for example, the third world war officially commenced at the start of 2020. In terms of countries and people involved, it’s the largest war in human history. And with advanced technology like directed energy weapons, along with advanced mind control and surveillance capabilities, this war has the potential for the most reach, loss and devastation. It thus qualifies on all levels to be WWIII, a war the Nazi-inspired dark forces will not win.

*                    *                    *

Part 2: The “Vaccine” Bioweapon

Censoring individual thought and free expression, controlling the narrative, and giving billions the same gene modifying concoction, is how the dark forces engineer and homogenize humanity psychologically, socially, biologically and technologically. It’s the beginning stages of merging everyone into common digitalized will, a technological medical tyranny of unprecedented proportions.  

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.” ~ H.L. Mencken, American journalist and satirist (1880 – 1956)

Let’s now dive deeper into today’s emerging global tyranny, beginning with the deep state run World Health Organization (WHO), and its plans for anything but good, safe and effective “vaccines.” Specifically, the plan long in the works is to override national sovereignty with its fascist collectivist goal of “One Health.”

As of June 2023, the WHO is in the final stages of completing its new International Health Regulations (IHR), that would allow a very small number of unelected, and thus unaccountable, WHO bureaucrats to have complete centralized control over nation states regarding all manner of (manufactured) health (and other) emergencies — how to prepare and respond. No questions asked. In other words, completely without basis in the scientific method of open debate. (See also here & here). Note how in the IHR document above, in Article 3 Principles, struck out is “with full respect for the dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons”. Only those global governments that sign the WHO’s Pandemic Preparedness Treaty will have their countries subject to this abuse. At this point, most are on board.

This Treaty would not only arbitrarily define and determine appropriate responses to (perceived) health concerns, including making illegal alternative medicine, but would have legally binding power to determine actions necessary to deal with (censor) “info-demics” or “disinformation,” as this video states. 

At the 4:06 mark, Meryl Nass, M.D., who had her medical licence suspended for prescribing hydroxychloroquine to patients to heal from Covid — medicine now offered by the prestigious Mayo Clinic to address this very virus — gets to the heart of the matter: “We’re undergoing a soft coup; and the idea is to create a whole new set of laws and ignore the existing human rights laws, and other laws, under the pretext of pandemic preparedness and the biosecurity agenda.” 

What if the Covid crisis the dark forces planned and orchestrated has been a rehearsal for their next plandemic, which will be used as reason to usher in the IHR? The WHO, at the time of this writing, is using a placeholder name for that which will ignite the next global medical tyranny  — Disease X.

Watch how this brave and articulate member of British Parliament expresses his grave concerns about the WHO’s plans for medical tyranny and global control. Not long after this declaration, he was expelled from the Tory Party.  

The WHO has also announced their Immunization Agenda 2030 which plans mandatory vaccination for every man, woman and child, and to have “500 vaccine introductions” by that year. “Leave no one behind” their agenda states. The G20 leaders are fully on board. At their recent summit in Indonesia, they unanimously signed a declaration to adopt a digital “vaccine” passport “as part of the efforts to strengthen prevention and response to future pandemics”. Key to this declaration is the prevention of travel between G20 nations unless you can show proof of vaccination.

The globalists are no longer hiding their plan for centralized control and why they think it’s best for all. “For the greater good / safety”, they assure us, as they enforce more restricting, oppressive global “health” policies designed to “protect” us. Centralization, however, is a complete inversion of what’s been most healthy, true and effective to tribal societies since time immemorial, and to Mother Nature: harmonious localized systems. 

An example of this inversion is the push to have centralized control of our food supply, with troubled globalist, Bill Gates, now the largest owner of farmland in the United States, with 270,000 acres to his name. He is also chief “Green Revolution” colonizer of Africa, destroying land and indigenous systems of food production, while creating dependency on corporations. As the brilliant scholar Vandana Shiva shares, this control is not about securing food, but creating synthetic substitutes for the synthetic, centrally controlled world the globalists envision. It’s about creating dependancy through disempowerment. (And now they are injecting our food / livestock with mRNA shots. More on transgenic edible vaccines here.)

The dark ones are taking away farmer’s rights, even our rights to have a garden, and planning to move everyone into cities because they don’t want people who are self-sufficient with a plot of land, growing their own food, having access to their own water, and wildcrafting their own medicine. Tyrants require dependency and loath self-sufficiency. They want “common will” for the “common good and safety,” not independent, sovereign free will directed by empowered souls and healthy bodies.

This complete inversion of Nature’s Way, of localized eco-consciousness long lived by land-based cultures, should alone be clear evidence that “good” is far from good. It should be abundantly clear to any critically thinking, intuitive individual that not only is a globally centralized hierarchal system destined to be anti-life, but that it takes corrupted souls to want that much power. 

Anti-life, anti-human, anti-biology is the agenda at play with the globalists’ fake “vaccine,” “food security” initiatives, and other strategies I’ll get to. To implement such ambitious plans globally, power must be centralized, with the aforementioned institutions like government, healthcare, banking, etc working on behalf of the oligarchs. With a centralized system increasingly in place, control is quicker, more efficient. Eroding indigenous rights, personal sovereignty and bodily autonomy is enforced with less, if any, bureaucratic red tape and public resistance. 

*                    *                    *

“The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world.” ~ Klaus Schwab

“The protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to take the protection that didn’t protect the protected.” ~ Unknown

U.S. hospitals received $13,000 for each patient hospitalized, $39,000 for those placed on a ventilator, and $10,000 for every “Covid” death — people dying with, not from Covid. Or not even with Covid at all. Doctors and nurses complied and were placed on gag orders. (See here, here & here.)
Doesn’t this remind you of the midwives of Nazi Germany who were financially incentivized to hand children over to the euthanasia program?

Let’s now further examine how these globalist strategies are serving “the greater good / safety”. 

Begin with the number of athletes suddenly collapsing on the football field, soccer pitch, basketball court, etc in the last few years. From March 2021 to March 2022, alone, it’s been approximately 769 due to “cardiac arrest and other heart issues… which coincides with the rollout of COVID-19 jabs.” 

Recent U.S. data has shown that in September 2021 the vaccinated made up 23% of coronavirus fatalities; in January and February 2022, the vaccinated made up 42%; and as of August 2022 that number reached 58%. And in the U.K., vaccinated people “are dying at a rate 26% higher than the unvaccinated. The increase was concentrated in young people, who have suffered a 49% increased risk of mortality to date.”

Research published in April 2023 in a peer-reviewed study in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research found that, to use the summarizing words of the Children’s Health Defense, “the number of reported deaths related to an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine was more than 45 times as many deaths per vaccine dose as were reported for all the influenza vaccines combined since 1990.” 

This should be no surprise given the “vaccine” is a toxin that weakens the immune system, among other things I’ll get to. And with a ready stream of boosters compounding this immune deficiency, the long-term predisposition to side-effects and death are to be expected.

Dr. Luc Montagnier, who passed away recently, was a renowned French Nobel laureate, virologist, and the co-recipient of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for discovering that HIV was the cause of AIDS. He was censored for stating the following, as were those referencing these words: “The curve of (Covıd) vaccination is followed by the curve of deaths.”

“The hospitals were empty the first year of Covid”, said this interviewed nurse who was astounded by the conflicting reports in the mainstream media claiming hospitals were overwhelmed. (Hospitals being reported as overwhelmed when they were the opposite was one of the deceptions.) “Then starting March of 2021,” she goes on to say, “within two weeks of the onset of the vaccination of our community with these experimental shots, my hospital filled to three times higher hospital admissions than they’ve ever had since the hospital opened its doors.” 

She also shares how there was pressure to comply and keep your mouth shut; to not speak out about the rising number of abnormalities — the adverse events. Courageous this nurse was, and of professional and personal integrity, she would not play by the rules and participate in what she rightly calls “medical murder”. She spoke out and was fired for it, modelling the path of Jesus, Marguerite Porete, and others luminaries, who taught the triune way of sacrifice, sacredness and service. (The growing number of brave whistleblowers revealing abuses of power in government is another a fine example of this sacrifice.)

Overcoming or sacrificing fear for Truth and Love, so not to allow fear to stop us from doing what’s right, from honouring our Holy Heart, whether that be protecting a child or advocating for justice, is one way to understand personal crucifixion and the global one before us. Our heart breaks open enough to disgust, outrage and grief such that fear dies on the cross, and we are liberated to lead others to their own heartfelt freedom. This will become more clear in Chapter 5. 

Continuing with the integral leader-nurse, she is now part of a global body whose mission is to inspire medical professionals and practitioners to take action by signing a notarized affidavit to reveal the systemic medical tyranny. You can discover more by visiting their website Stand Firm Now. The quote on the homepage says it all: “May our children never say we were cowards in the face of evil.” ~ Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long, MD

One of the most disturbing things I’ve seen in the last few years was this abhorrent television commercial normalizing myocarditis in children — a commercial narrated by a young girl that thankfully was pulled due to public outrage. “Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show a strong link between cases of myocarditis and COVID-19 vaccines”, notes this well-respected authority. “Between Dec. 14, 2020, and Sept. 16, 2022, 23,926 cases of myocarditis and pericarditis were reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or VAERS…”

Critically thinking minds and intuitive hearts see the obvious: that the troubled souls behind this commercial tried to manipulate people into believing it is normal for children to experience a severe heart condition like myocarditis. What the naive miss is what Mary Holland, Children’s Health Defense President and General Counsel, makes clear: “They are the people — if they gave her a Covid shot — that caused myocarditis. They first injured her. They made a little bit of money on that. And then they made a ton of money on providing her medical help.”

If you need a boost of solid scientific evidence confirming the “vaccine’s” dangerous effects on the heart, here is more:

A bombshell study from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has found that the risk of myocarditis following mRNA Covid vaccination is around 133x greater than the background risk in the population. The same study also confirmed that the risk of autoimmune heart disease is 13,200% higher in people who are vaccinated for Covid. Thank you to Off The Press for their simple summary.  

A peer-reviewed study by the Department of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Research Institute Basel showed that in a group of 777 Moderna mRNA boosted individuals, median age 37 years, one in 35, or 2.8%, had vaccine-associated myocardial injury. Quoting Dr. John Campbell, who in this video speaks to the heart of the study and with controlled outrage: “This is a range of adverse reaction that is off the scale in health care! … The only way you would take this kind of risk in health care is if the alternative was certain death.”

Sadly, returning to our young and precious, a report published by the WHO in May 2023 states the following disturbing anomaly: “Between June 2022 and April 2023, ten hospitalised neonates with a positive enterovirus Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test were found to have myocarditis… The reported increase in severe myocarditis in neonates and infants associated with enterovirus infection is unusual. In the tertiary hospital covering the South Wales region, two other similar cases have been identified in the 6 years prior to June 2022.” The word “only” needs to be placed before “two” to emphasize the gross deviation. This anomaly deserves not to be understated. 

Startling data on excess deaths is becoming more available, including spikes in neonatal mortality. In Scotland there has been a doubling in infant deaths from 2021 to 2022, the highest death count in at least 5 years. Though a preliminary investigation found no link to Covid, the spike in deaths is not being reviewed by Public Health Scotland for a possible link to the “vaccine”. As far as they are concerned, there is no reason to investigate whether any of the bereaved parents had received the jab during pregnancy. 

In this video, a brave nurse shares that when she first began working in a hospital, she saw approximately one fetal demise every two to three months. But after the “vaccine” roll-out, monthly deaths rose to approximately twenty! The numbers were projected to increase at the time of this data release, and yet, as she states in frustrated bewilderment, there was no interest amongst her entranced team to investigate the cause of these mortalities. 

Remember, this gene editing experiment was not tested on pregnant women. 

Is it no surprise that there is a sharp rise in business for funeral directors, sympathy cards, and coffin-makers — coffins for children? Quoting information from the linked video above, one casket manufacture states, “Never in our 30+ years of business have we sold child size coffins in bulk. The smaller size orders have never been so popular. I would like to add that casket sales are up dramatically in the last two years.” Meanwhile, as you can see here at the 6:40 mark, the US government told coroners not to do autopsies for Covid patients, leaving the panel of medical professionals in the video shocked and disgusted, and grieving family members confused and further distraught. “You cannot find that for which you do not look”, says one member of the panel.  

Clearly the Nuremberg Code, the set of ethical principles created to protect humans from malicious medical experimentation, from misinformed consent, is forgotten in this storm of social engineering. And what about the Hippocratic Oath doctors take to first, do no harm — doctors who are quite on board with the medical experimentation, and who attack their peers for questioning, for participating in the ethics of science?

With a mounting list of adverse reactions like cardiac arrest, Bell’s palsy, shingles, cancer and infertility, we see why it took a court order to force the US Food and Drug Administration to release the almost 330,000 pages of clinical data Pfizer submitted for authorization and later approval of their “vaccine”. Originally the FDA said they could only release 500 pages a month, with the full set of pages not processed until 2097. Instead they were forced to release more than 12,000 pages of documents on or before January 31, 2021, and thereafter to “produce the remaining documents at a rate of 55,000 pages every 30 days, with the first production being due on or before March 1, 2022, until production is complete.” 

As part of a 10,000-page set of documents was a 38-page report that included a startling 1,291 different adverse events. And these are not even all of them, as you can see in this excellent video. Again, this is data that required a court order to make transparent. 

Here, we must turn to the words of John F. Kennedy, who stated: “The very word ‘secrecy’ is repugnant in a free and open society… We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it.”

For more scientific data regarding Covid / the “vaccine”, check out this page filled with articles from the incredible and brave work of the Children’s Health Defense. I also recommend subscribing to their newsletter.  

We are indeed waking up to the nefarious business model of Big Pharma, which operates lock-step with the military. The “vaccines” were/are actually subcontracted to bio “defence” contractors, the Military Pharmaceutical Complex. They are the real formulator of these bioweapons of mass destruction. Dark secrets are now surfacing that support how close Big Pharma works with the deep state. Bearing in mind that the Intelligence community is inseparable from the military, especially at the highest levels where black covert operations are developed, evidence (& here) is emerging that “Dr.” Anthony Fauci worked with the CIA to cover-up Covid origins. He even snuck into the agency without registering his name on visitor logs to conceal any proof of his deep state entanglement. These revelations only strengthen our understanding of how integrated the Military-Intel-Pharma matrix is in their work of developing and distributing bioweapons — of mass deception and murder. 

Indeed, criminal enterprise is the more appropriate descriptor than business to describe Big Pharma. Let’s not forget the opioid crisis, in which, “from March 2020 to October 2020, opioid overdose cases were up by 29%.” This crisis continues on today. And let’s not forget that, as Children’s Health Defense reports, “in 2009, Pfizer paid the largest healthcare fraud settlement in history amounting to $2.3 billion… Pfizer has also been accused of enrolling Africans in trials without informed consent, for labeling issues, deceptive sales practices and a laundry list of items.”

Not only does Big Pharma have legal indemnity as it pertains to adverse reactions, but their model is one of enormous profiting off of sickness and dependency. As an example, Pfizer made nearly $37bn (£27bn) in sales from its Covid vaccine in 2021 alone. And they plan to quadruple the price to $110 to $130 per dose. 

Revenues soar not just from demand and rising prices, but because this “health” enterprise is not one of creating cures, but “treatments” that build upon previous ineffective ones. The “devil in the details” is not researched by naive and desperate buyers, or they are concealed altogether. Unexpected side-effects create more symptoms and dependency on Big Pharma’s poisons.  

A recent peer-reviewed study published in April 2023 by the eminent Cleveland Clinic found that the more doses of the “vaccine” one receives, the higher their risk of contracting Covid. More here & here.

A Lancet review of 325 autopsies after Covid vaccination found that 74% of the deaths were caused by the “vaccine”; however, the study was removed within 24 hours. The paper, a pre-print that was awaiting peer-review, is written by leading cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough, Yale epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch, and their colleagues at the Wellness Company. Apparently the “study’s conclusions are not supported by the study methodology.”

If you want a deep dive into the destructive criminal dealings underwriting the plandemic and the bio-fascist colonialism of Big Pharma, I highly encourage you to watch these two incredible documentaries here and here. Chock-full of empirical data and solid personal and credentialed professional testimonies, they are a must watch. 

By the way, not long after the first of the two documentaries mentioned above came online, it was cyber-attacked. I’m sure it was just an angry, lonely techy-teen in his parents’ basement up to no good…

August 23, 2023! The CDC states on its website that the new SARS-CoV-2 variant labeled BA.2.86 may have a higher likelihood of infecting people if they have had Covid-19 or received the jab. They’re making it all too obvious now!

In Chapter 6 we’ll look more closely at the nefarious nature and purpose of the “vaccine”, specifically in Part 2, Section B: Synthetic Biology & the Deeper Reason for Modifying DNA.

For now, I’ll leave you with these sobering words from former Pfizer Vice President, Dr. Mike Yeadon, spoken at the 45 minute mark of this video: “We’re facing something much worse than an alleged virus… The injuries to people from these so called vaccines… I wish I could tell you that it was accidental, but it wasn’t accidental… I’m convinced, and would say with my hand on the Bible in front of a court, a judge, that these injections have been made to injure people, to maim and kill deliberately.” 

*                    *                    *

Part 3: Depopulation through Euthanasia

“World population needs to be decreased by 50%.” ~ Henry Kissinger, mentor of Klaus Schwab

The tyranny of old is repeating itself with the startling expansion of euthanasia programs globally. According to this article written in late 2022, it is “available to over 280 million people in 11 countries around the world.”

While I’m not against people choosing to end their lives under acute situations and with ethical, loving, informed guidance, it is the nefarious intentions behind this trend that is concerning, and demands attention. This is a strategic continuation of eugenics and Nazism, something that will become clearer in chapters 4 and 6. This is the depopulation agenda at play, the removal of “life unworthy of life.”

Canada is front and centre in this contentious international euthanasia initiative, catching the concerning headlines most with its loose “medical assistance in dying,” or MAiD program. Here, in my home country, the professional and ethical safeguards are thinning, as it’s becoming easier to meet the standards for dark-driven euthanasia. The sick, poor, disabled, depressed, even prisoners no longer wanting to live, are qualifying for death, and without any medical issues. 

Quoting this article, “doctors and health workers (are suggesting) the procedure to those who might not otherwise consider it.” In 2022, Global News reported how an unnamed Canadian Forces veteran seeking treatment for PTSD and a brain injury was causally offered MAiD by a Veterans Affairs Canada employee. He only wanted support to heal injuries suffered in the line of duty, to recover as a whole. After receiving this unprompted alternative of euthanasia, he and his family were “disgusted” and “betrayed” by the very agency meant to serve veterans. This medical malpractice disrupted the progress he had been making with mental and physical health; and it negatively impacted his family’s wellbeing. 

In another example of MAiD insanity we turn to Roger Foley, who suffers from cerebellar ataxia, a disease that attacks the brain and muscles. He has been bed-ridden for six years, and needs help to eat, wash and sit up, notes this New York Post article. Foley is clear that he does not want to die, and yet, “I’ve been pressured to do an assisted suicide… Nurses here told me that I should end my life. That shocked me.”  

Referring back to my section on the Nazi euthanasia program, today, in 2023, suffering individuals are being deemed “incurably sick by medical examination,” with MAiD the easy default “human rights solution” of medical practitioners, many of whom I presume to have taken the Hippocratic Oath. People are being too casually and too often offered, if not pressured into, euthanasia, and without proper care for and inquiry into the underlying causes for their struggles. This trend of overlooking the deeper Why, the fundamental psycho-spiritual-somatic causation, usually rooted in childhood trauma, I’ll detail further in the next chapter as we explore the tyranny of transgender medical procedures. Indeed, for people who do not have the mental capacity or personal support to be clear and informed on exactly what or why they are choosing, assisted suicide has become too easy a decision; a default decision, with far too much professional encouragement. 

The front is “medical assistance in dying”; it is receiving “help”; yet the reality is a system of medical murder. This is (deep) state sanctioned eradication of the “inferior” all over again, the emptying of this “burden on society,” so a more controllable sized global population remains, and a more seamless transition into total control can occur. The vulnerable state of growing numbers, intentionally triggered by manufactured crises (health, economic, etc), is being taken advantage of for the nefarious purposes of the global death cult. 

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, a campaign group in Canada, assessed that MAiD cases rose from 10,064 in 2021 to approximately 13,500 in 2022. This is a 35% increase in one year according to an analysis of official data. 

The Director of the Coalition notes that euthanasia rates have been “skyrocketing” because a “heavy promotion of MAiD within our medical system” has “normalized” lethal injections. For an example of this manipulative normalization and promotion, watch this slick, heartbreaking television commercial that glorifies, if not mythologizes, suicide (1:40 mark). It’s hard for me to articulate the implications of portraying suicide in this theatrical, or empowering way. 

Along with the mutilating transgender agenda, and of course the global “vaccine” program, MAiD exemplifies how the consciousness underwriting the medical tyranny of Nazi Germany never left. Its perverted ideology permeates the collective field still, to the point of enlisting an army of countless mind controlled medical professionals to commit cruelty and insanity. To parrot the narrative of “good” and “human rights,” while doing darks’ bidding of “assisted” murder.  

This is the consequence of willful ignorance, naivety, and spiritual immaturity. It’s what happens when people do not know their history, or have the courage to investigate, to question; to raise their thresholds for feeling, truth and uncertainty. 

To these medical practitioners, and the administrative assistants right up to executives, many of whom know not what they do, nor for whom they really work, my heart goes out. Some will likely need professional therapeutic support when their thresholds expand to heartbreaking reality. 

*                    *                    *

Part 4: Censorship, Surveillance & Lockdown

Freedom of speech being eroded under the guise of “protection” — from the “infodemic” — should be the first sign that tyranny is on the rise. 

“Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.” ~ U.S. President Harry S. Truman

“In this new world, we must accept transparency, and I’ll even say total transparency. Banking secrecy… everything is going to be transparent. And you have to get used to it. You have to behave accordingly. It becomes, how should I put it, integrated in your personality. But if you have nothing to hide, you shouldn’t be afraid.” ~ Klaus Schwab (5:42 mark)

“We will continue to be your single source of truth.” ~ Former Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Arden (3:28 mark)

We know that control of free speech and punishment of those who think for themselves is fundamental to dictatorships going back in time. “The repression of free speech and ideas acts as an essential tool for a totalitarian government, as conditioned citizens lose any uncertainty about their lives, and they believe that what is being done to them is right and for a greater cause,” writes this author. Control the narrative and you control the people. Do not let them decide what is true, but rather decide for them by re-writing objective reality in health and science, education and history; by propagating “truth” through entertainment and media; and by punishing those who speak truth and dare to question 5 being the sum of 2 + 2.

Labelling those who hold alternative views with pejorative and divisive terms is a totalitarian strategy used to identify the pariah, have the public turn against them, and suppress freedom of expression. During Nazi Germany, it was Jewish people who were the chosen “them” to strengthen the “us.” They were the “spreaders of disease” to oppose and eradicate. Since the Covid era began, the unvaccinated have been the needed pariah, the “spreaders of disease,” to turn against. This, I encourage you to see, has been a calculated strategy connected to the totalitarianism of Nazi Germany: from shaming the “dirty Jews” to shaming the “dirty unvaccinated.” 

Do you see why Covid was called a “pandemic of the unvaccinated?”

Centuries before the Third Reich, this us-versus-dirty-them pattern played out through the attacks on the “plague-spreaders” of the Black Death. The witches and Jewish people of Europe were the needed scapegoats, the “dirty” ones to be eradicated. First Nations people were also considered “dirty.” Reflect upon all the tyrannies I listed in Chapter 2, and we can draw parallels; for with each, there was an enemy that was “impure,” “unfit” or “unworthy.” There was a shameful “them” to strengthen the authoritarian regime of superior “us,” and to justify genocide. 

Here are a few more pejorative terms purposefully seeded by the dark forces during the Covid era: “anti-vaxxer,” “conspiracy theorist,” “extremist,” “racist,” “misogynist,” “insurrectionist,” “anti-semitic,” “climate change / election / science denier,” “domestic terrorist,” and “white supremacist.” All serve to strengthen the divides and the dark agenda / narrative; to incite blind followers, namely the Woke and left wing media, to attack, discredit and silence awakening ones, and to make them feel like deranged outcasts. 

“Mental slavery is the worst form of slavery. It gives you the illusion of freedom, makes you trust, love and defend your oppressor while making an enemy of those who are trying to free you or open your eyes.” ~ Unknown

“A group needs enemies, because without enemies its identity cannot continue to be defined.” ~ Eckhart Tolle. Is this not the case with Putin / Russia?

This is now becoming so extreme that there is a growing movement to enforce mental diagnoses and medication upon those who express concerns about the “vaccine.” I encourage you to watch this video, especially the beginning and towards the end (15:15 mark), in which a Swiss cardiologist, with no history of psychological issues, was placed in a psychiatric hospital for speaking out against Covid restrictions and measures. The condition of his release? He had to take a neuroleptic (antipsychotic medication), monitored by weekly blood tests.  

Manipulating desenters into believing they are psychologically unwell, deluded and needing help, is a totalitarian strategy used to get people to question and abandon their own hearts. Sometimes this “help” is called “re-education,” which Canadian Psychologist Jordan Peterson must attend to keep his license. “Hateful” tweets were shared by him. Another example of “re-education” is given in Chapter 4. Sometimes this “help” is called “deprogramming.” In an interview in October 2023, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said of “MAGA extremists,” that “maybe there needs to be a formal deprogramming of the cult members.”

Pay attention to this despotic shame-game playing out designed to discredit, shake people’s confidence, and censor. As master manipulators, the dark ones are deft psychologists. They know how fragile one can be if their beliefs are novel and of the minority; just as they know how fragile one is if locked up, alone. 

With all this in mind, we better understand why Satan has been called “The Deceiver” and “The Accuser.” The naive, willing public, like those at the College of Psychologists of Ontario in the case of Peterson, following orders higher in the dark pyramid, are deceived to do the bidding of evil tyranny by being voices of shameful labelling and categorizing, and by enforcing punishment.

“When the whole world is running towards a cliff, he who is running in the opposite direction appears to have lost his mind.” ~ C.S. Lewis

It’s worth noting that the etymology of the word “heresy” is “choice.” And it’s worth remembering how “heresy” has been associated with “sin.” Looking back at Christian history, if you chose differently from the official ruling doctrine, chose from your heart, the authorities labeled you a heretic, and punished you accordingly. Fast forward to the last few years. The powers that be have been demonizing humanity’s sovereign decision-making not by calling out “heresy,” but “conspiracy theorists / theories,” and the other aforementioned derogatory terms. Same thing, same purpose, different language. Understand the pattern and you wake up to tyranny — and to Truth! 

A must watch is this testimony by a retired Canadian journalist at the National Citizens Inquiry who, with precision evidence and bold articulateness, exposes the propaganda of the left wing media during the Covid era; how it has shaped the narrative and participated in social engineering. He also shows evidence for a psychological operation that many have woken up to: Those waving Nazi and Confederate flags in Ottawa during the truckers convoy were paid federal agents. They were hired to infiltrate, discredit and oppress the freedom movement, and grant power to the authoritarian government’s narrative that the truckers and “anti-vaxxers” in general are racist Nazis. 

A further startling example of this effective totalitarian psychological operation is vividly seen in this May 2023 video, this time situated in the United States. Just a short while after President Biden gave a commencement address at Howard University, comprised historically of black individuals, a speech in which he declared that “the most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is white supremacy,” a large group of agent provocateurs, so called “white supremacists,” all dressed the same, wearing white face masks and carrying shields, descended upon Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.. How interesting this event and its timing was, right after Biden’s speech. And how interesting it is that these masked men have a similar physical build and feel, that they walked with a synchronized, mirrored cadence. It’s as if they work for the same federal agency. And how interesting it is that they were followed and secured by police officers, and surrounded by a film crew. From Howard University to Capitol Hill, indeed, how organized this psychological operation was!

This fascist strategy of using federal agents to infiltrate freedom movements, suppress speech, and discredit truth-tellers is nothing new. The anti-Vietnam war peace activists of the 1960’s and 1970’s were met by federal agents who infiltrated their protests and caused violence. The former were later called “hippy conspiracy theorists” for speaking truth to power. A small group of bold activists that called themselves the Citizens’ Commission to Investigate the FBI decided to take investigative matters into their own hands. On March 8, 1971, they broke into an FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania and seized over 1,000 classified documents that exposed the FBI’s counterintelligence program aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, intimidating and discrediting domestic dissident groups.

Understanding this history and this strategy of oppression makes the happenings on January 6th at the US Capitol building more clear. 

In these examples from recent and more distant history, we see the tyrannical pattern of identifying the “enemy within” (imaginal cells), and classifying them with a pejorative term — “Nazis,” “racists,” “white supremacists,” or “conspiracy theorists.” We see the infiltration by the “immune system” aiming to shut down freedom and Truth, so the “caterpillar establishment” profiting off of war, division, hatred and oppression reigns. Once people wake up to these psychological operations, and this age-old, archetypal pattern or dance between dark and light the caterpillar-butterfly exposes, the lies and liars become clearer, and the dots connect quicker. 

How to spot a tyrant: They accuse others of the very thing they are being and doing. This is their cowardice, and how they rely on inversions of Truth to foster darkness. 

Deleting free speech and adding to the medical tyranny is the purpose of California’s Assembly Bill 2098. It’s aim is to punish physicians and surgeons who disseminate “misinformation or disinformation related to COVID-19, including false or misleading information regarding the nature and risks of the virus, its prevention and treatment; and the development, safety, and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines.” A body of unelected board members would determine what is true and false, harmful and helpful. This both undermines the patient-medical practitioner relationship built on trust, free speech and intuition, and grants more power to the medical orthodoxy, controlled by those who “care.” Fortunately, as of January 26th, 2023, a judge has issued a preliminary injunction blocking this Bill that most clearly violates First Amendment rights.

“Free societies… are societies in motion, and with motion comes tension, dissent, friction. Free people strike sparks, and those sparks are the best evidence of freedom’s existence.” ~ Salman Rushdie

Covid was, by design, a catalyst to suppress free speech; that of doctors, parents, everyone not aligned with “common will” — a “will” to kill, injure, manipulate and control; to consolidate power and form a digital dictatorship. Covid was necessary to enforce a stronger secret police / surveillance state that suffocates any and all of what Mussolini called Antifascism, a.k.a Freedom; and to move us closer to a “fully closed information system (which) is the hallmark of totalitarianism,” quoting journalist Glenn Greenwald. A system akin to North Korea, where the public is boxed out from the world, and saturated with propaganda, fortifying a homogenous identity of obedience.

Long before the Covid era, digital police surveillance had been advancing through our social media, smartphones and browsers; through our online habits and photos posted, and more. The 2001 Patriot Act formalized a new police state, giving the U.S. government and its three-letter spying agencies like the N.S.A. (National Security Agency) unprecedented powers to track U.S. citizens. It came as a premeditated response to the manufactured crisis of 9/11, a disaster that strengthened the totalitarian myth of the “enemy within.” This catastrophe and myth segued from the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, another false flag operation, this one killing 168 people, including 19 children. With help from The New York Times, Time magazine, and other propagandist media, the Clinton administration quickly capitalized on this orchestrated opportunity to strengthen powers for surveillance of and clamp-down on “domestic terrorism” and “domestic extremism”; essentially, anyone who disapproves of the government or official narrative.   

Indeed, with advancements in technology in place, and further on their way, the U.S. covert government has increasingly weaponized Intelligence and law enforcement agencies under the guise of “combating” these “domestic threats.” This has been the sly front for controlling the narrative and controlling the population — for Nazi-like mind control and oppression. This Big Brother overreach of power, or digital surveillance, has grown in other nations as well, truly, across the Western world, again, with the plandemic being key in leveraging these “necessary security measures.” 

The digital age has made Mussolini’s “Vigilance and Repression of Antifascism” much more efficient than tyrannies of old. Instead of manually collecting Intel, writing it down, and storing it in a card index system, as was done in Nazi Germany, Intel is gathered by AI and stored in databases. Instead of having plain clothed secret police, like the brutal Nazi Gestapo whose mission was to “investigate and combat all attempts to threaten the state,” we have Big Brother in the distance, watching and gathering Intelligence. Instead of arresting someone on a street corner for criticizing the government, torturing them, sending them to a special court, and shipping them to a concentration camp, our social media account receives a strike / warning, or is de-platformed. (Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Instagram account consisting of over 1M follows is still down.)

The digital age has radically revolutionized the “Vigilance and Repression of Antifascism” because of how centralized information and social controls have become. The internet is the library, book store, newspaper, movie theatre, music system, television, school, office, bank, and marketing tool, all in one; a destination most visit daily, more than once, with the press of a button. Over the decades, our vast global information network consisting of encyclopedias, history texts, research documents, newspapers, films, flyers, songs, and more, has become digitalized, centralized and accessible to anyone who can go online. Over the last two decades, billions have centralized themselves to the digital web, and onto a system that has become increasingly controlled by a select few. 

During the Covid era, humans went online even more. Businesses, like counselling, adapted to the digital world, as did learning. Children took their schooling to Zoom. The profits of Amazon skyrocketed as people avoided the shops. This shift from in-person to online was the intentional centralizing and digitalizing of humanity. It was part of the plan. Home, locked up, and online is where the dark forces want us; because that is where Big Brother can watch and control us. 

The more dependent we are on technology and isolated from one another, the more we become numb and dumb. We identify with technology, and less with humanity and Nature, both of which the dark forces are destroying. This is central to the dystopian vision in which man merges with machine. A homogenous global digital identity is created, detached from biology and the natural world.

The front of the internet has been that it serves our need for enjoyment, connection, learning, information-sharing, and business-building. Yet, in reality, its purpose all along has been to surveil, track, data-mine, cross-reference, create profiles, merge and control. Its purpose has been to foster dependency on technology, centralize information, and centralize the command of all information and digitalized people. Those in power, or AI, can determine our fate — in an instant, based on whether or not we align with “common will.” This ties in with the roll out of biometric digital ID’s, and the central bank digital currency.

The Canadian government shutting down the bank accounts of the truckers, freezing their assets, is an example of the centralized powers that be to control us; to block our ability to pay bills, feed our children, and more, should we disobey central authority. In August 2023, independent journalists of The Grayzone who intelligently call out corrupt authority had their GoFundMe account frozen after raising $90,000 for their cause. GoFundMe’s “Trust and Safety team,” likely receiving a tap from someone who received a tap from a tapped dark operative, informed The Grayzone founder Max Blumenthal that there were “some external concerns” to the grassroots, yet politically inconvenient fundraising. 

This is the rising weaponization of financial platforms and institutions. 

Political attacks on people and their bank accounts are now happening in the U.K, as you can see here, and across the world. On July 25, 2023, Dr. Joseph Mercola, a publicly outspoken dissident and member of the notorious “disinformation dozen,” along with RFK, tweeted this: “Chase bank has shut down our business bank accounts along with the accounts of my CEO and CFO, as well as their family members (including spouse and child). They’ve refused to provide any reason for doing so, the oldest account has been active for 18 years.” The husband of Dr. Mercola’s CFO is suffering in a Philippines hospital 24/7 with multiple health issues, and the family now has the added stress of dealing with medical expenses without access to their finances.

Fascinating how those preaching inclusion and diversity loudest are increasingly censoring the free marketplace of ideas, wouldn’t you say? I’m reminded of more no-nonsense words of wisdom from Voltaire (1694-1778), the writer, philosopher and polemicist of the French Enlightenment: “If you want to know who controls you, look at who you are not allowed to criticize.” This is history — the war on Truth — defined in a nutshell. 

These powers only become stronger as humanity sacrifices personal will to the “common will” of the all-watching digital dictatorship; as they surrender individuality to corrupt centrality. More on the larger nefarious digital plan in Chapter 6. 

Taking this to heart, it becomes clear what is before us, and why digital censorship is growing. When we hear any bureaucrat say that the public must be “protected” from the “threat” of “disinformation” and “hateful ideologies,” this is only the front. The truth is the plan to “protect,” or veil, us from truth. Like through “online safety bills,” designed to move us into a closed system of mind control (more on this in a moment). Like from open scientific discourse, what integral science is based upon, which reveals truth. The thought police claim “we own the science.” They want us to believe this rubbish, which justifies manipulating online search results. A quick test proves the existence of this mind control. Open Google and do a search for “Ivermectin” or “Robert F. Kennedy,” and you’ll find the dark forces’ disinformation campaign topping your search results. 

Truth is censored, but not the liars and their disinformation. An example of this mind programming is the BBC’s program Marianna in Conspiracyland. Working on behalf of the “Ministry of Truth,” it’s on a “fact-checking” mission to get its viewers to believe the lies. The BBC, along with the other establishment media, have reported a continuous stream of false, harmful information, foremost being that the jab protects people and stops transmission, now scientifically proven as false. Those left-wing Youtube videos and social media posts stay up, along with child exploitation accounts, while truth-tellers are censored or shadow banned.  

Mussolini’s Organization for Vigilance and Repression of Antifascism is rebranded, alive and well; its mission fulfilled by naive followers, unaware of who they are working for, and the atrocities they support; and by willful ignorance that senses something afoot, but doesn’t expand thresholds for experience.

“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.” ~ Benito Mussolini

The “Twitter Files,” first released early December 2022, has opened eyes to the monstrous extent of mind control before us; how government has colluded with Big Tech to censor facts and sway opinion pertaining to Covid / the “vaccine”; and how explosive information has been concealed that would have changed the U.S. presidential election results, and more. If this criminal information control has occurred within Twitter, you can be sure that the weaponization of social media to mould minds and alter outcomes has been well-established within other major platforms. In fact, this has now been confirmed. 

A series of unredacted Meta emails — the parent company of Facebook and Instagram — have been released to the House Judiciary Committee’s Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. Revealed is that the White House and other federal agencies coerced the social media company to censor posts that countered the official narrative. Republican Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) tweeted, “Facebook and Instagram censored posts and changed their content moderation polices because of unconstitutional pressure from the Biden White House.”

“Whenever something is presented as ‘the science,’ as a consensus, it is a scam…. You can know with absolute certainty that you are dealing with a scam when dissent is suppressed.” ~ Nick Hudson, Chairman of PANDA

In late September, 2023, the UK Online Safety Bill was passed. A drastic next-step in draconian content moderation and censorship on certain online platforms, it aims to reduce “harmful” and “illegal” content. This will be controlled subjectively, of course, like “fact-checking”; and likely by AI, which lacks the (heartfelt) intelligence for nuanced discernment between what is hateful versus truthful. These measures go beyond the borders of the UK, as this article states. “The Regulatory Policy Committee estimate that 25,100 platforms will fall under the OS Bill’s scope.” This means that it applies to your information sharing tech platform if your content is accessible to users in the UK.

Fines can be imposed of up to £18 million or 10% of global annual revenue. There can also be criminal action for failing to comply with these “safety” regulations if you are a UK resident, or if entering the UK. Criminal action would apply not just to owners, but senior managers where demonstrably at fault.

Draconian “safety” or “anti-hate speech” laws have also passed, or are close to being enacted, in Canada, Brazil, Australia, and the European Union, allowing governments to censor free speech, and gain greater control over tech platforms and the people.  

As we can clearly see, the word “safety,” ironically, has become one of the most dangerous words. We are being led to believe “safety” betters humanity, when, in truth, it’s a deceptive pretext to protect us from “hate-speech,” “misinformation,” “malformation,” and “disinformation,” all of which are really terms for content the oligarchs want eradicated from society.

The growing number of international anti-hate speech laws have absolutely nothing to do with preventing hate speech, and everything to do with preventing speech the ruling tyrants hate — the truths these cowards desperately fear!

Remember this as you read Chapter 4. The dark forces are engineering social divides and activism, such as in the contexts of transgenderism and climate fear, to create the volatile conditions for “protecting” the public from “dangerous, hurtful disinformation.” Indeed, trans and climate activists, and naive, green, liberal “social justice warriors” in general, are being manipulated and used to enforce growing censorship and total control. 

“Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.” ~ Thomas Jefferson, 1787

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” ~ Voltaire (though it is speculated he was not the source of these words)

*                    *                    *

Part 5: Cult of Seeming Safetyism

What we see emerging in this theatre of insanity is certainly the censorship, lies, hypocrisies, inconsistencies and corruption that have underwritten totalitarianism going back in time. But more, what we have before us is a hovering helicopter Nanny State that acts like we are stupid impressionable children needing bubble-wrapping from the possibility of being hurt (offended) or misled — by truth! 

This, alone, should be telling to those still asleep: that our “helicopter parents” believe we are incapable of discerning for ourselves, and must do our deciding for us by increasingly monopolizing information, and punishing paths of curiosity and alternative thought. In an effort to cultivate “common will,” the Cult of Safetyism is expanding its legal powers to “protect” us from what Russian-born American writer, Ayn Rand, stood for — the need for diverse, free-flowing, conflicting ideas: “The right to agree with others is not a problem in any society; it is the right to disagree that is crucial.” (Italics my own.) The right to disagree, certainly so, even if it offends, makes you uncomfortable, threatens your beliefs.

People fall for the Cult of Safetyism because of how subtly deceptive the psychological operations of fascist collectivism are. For example, they see the fronts of the Online Safety Bill, such as protecting children from harmful content, and stop short there. They do not put on their critical thinking hat and investigate further. They do not discover the darker reality behind this seeming “good” intention. Lack of historical knowledge and reference also contributes to being fooled. The naive do not understand the patterns of tyrants to proclaim “for the greater good and safety.” So many do not even realize how authoritarian regimes censor freedom of speech, including the press. Indeed, for great numbers uneducated in history, they cannot recognize totalitarianism, and therefore its lies and abuse. 

But more, people believe the “we know what’s best for you,” bubble-wrapping Nanny narrative because it has been the norm that parents, teachers, ministers and other authorities tell children what to believe and do far more than asking them what they believe and want to do. Created is a culture that has normalized colonizing the heart and mind from cradle to grave, instead of drawing outeducere — the gifts, guidance and wisdom inherent in each of us. 

At home, school, church, and elsewhere, this has been a culture of social engineering and censorship. From day one, we have been taught our voice and soul do not matter. We know what’s best for you, our trusted authorities have told us, without any thought that maybe we know, because we’re not empty. Our authorities have known what’s “right-think,” according to the conditioned hive mind, the matrix, they’ve lost themselves to. This has justified the belief that they know what’s “right” for us. And sometimes they do, of course, because their wise, loving heart says so. Without heart, however, right becomes “right,” often aligned with the might of “common will.”

Adding to this challenge has been the emergence of the “don’t risk too much or you’ll fall” cult of safetyism. I’m pointing to the growing trend of bubble-wrapping children, in particular; of excessive hovering — surveillance — and protection that hinders child development and learning. This consciousness of risk-aversion, of avoiding the bumps, bruises and scrapes of life that teach us about ourselves and life, blends well with the over-protections of a despotic Nanny State. 

Can you see how this is true — how one feeds the other?

Without empowering children to have an internal locus of control and to take risks, individuals grow up quite willing to have others tell them what to believe and do. And they fall for “for the greater good / safety.” They censor their heart-knowing because of how much they’ve been told what to know, and because of how censored they’ve been since very young.

They self-censor because their wild spirit is under lockdown, and has been since their early years.

Lacking trust in the discernment shining as the Light of Truth through their knowing hearts, that keen intuition children have that something is wrong, people struggle to recognize manipulation. They confuse “truth” for truth, and are prone to give their power away to the former, and its “protective” agents. 

Of course, in the oligarchs’ push to police and “helicopter parent,” they care not one iota about protecting us or the greater good. Instead, through their well-oiled machine of lies, of monstrous inversions, propagated through the media they own/fund, it’s the truth they seek to “protect” us from — truth that would expose and end their tyranny.

“We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.” ~ John F. Kennedy

*                    *                    *

Part 6: Grooming Public Informants

The Light of Truth must be classified as fear-mongering hate-speech, or conspiracy theory, for the false self to survive. It doesn’t dawn on the latter that it has no basis to reject something with no significant, intimate exposure to it. This common sense is quickly overlooked. For, to explore the unknown and take newfound, uncomfortable felt-Truth to heart, a death must occur.

“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.” ~ George Orwell

Without real “fact-checking,” that must include diving into historical records, people do not realize what American novelist George R.R. Martin made clear: “When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.” Indeed, people are being fooled by the seemingly warm smiles and caring platitudes of those in power; by the desire to “protect” (our health and impressionable minds), “help” (our children), and “save” (the Earth). 

The now laid out plans by the United Nations, World Health Organization, and the World Economic Forum who “penetrate the cabinets” of our governments, along with other bureaucratic bodies, are overlooked, still by so many. The ignorant do not see why the global cabal, increasingly overriding national sovereignty, “respect China’s achievements, which are tremendous over the last over 40 years” and “think it’s a role model for many countries.” Replicating abusive dictatorships is quite acceptable for the multitude who prefer sitcoms and soda pop over reality. 

If you haven’t seen the horrific atrocities occurring in China, I encourage you to watch this disturbing video from Fox News. And for a deeper look, watch this report by the wonderful David Icke. This oppressed, social-credit system dictatorship is being used as a blueprint for what’s to come — a new world / geo order that is for the “greater good / safety” of their collective ego. 

The naive masses are unwittingly onboard to such an extent that growing numbers are willing to repeat the tyrannical patterns of old by being informants; by acting as an arm of the security state and reporting “suspicious” behaviours in the name of what’s “safe for everyone.” This hallmark tyrannical weaponizing of the public took place in regimes like Nazi Germany, Mussolini Italy, Mao China, Franco Spain, Lenin Soviet Union, and Stalin Soviet Union. Not only does this effective mind control weed out dissent, but strengthens the consciousness of fear required for strict obedience and total control.

When Jacinda Ardern was Prime Minister of New Zealand, the public was encouraged to report any “extremist” behaviours to the authorities. Given the security apparatus’s involvement, and the permanent covert government behind it, I have no reason to believe this public nudging has changed since Ardern’s departure. Another example of this strategy to “combat disinformation” is found in the United States, and its Food and Drug Administration. This federal agency has created a “Rumor Control” department, funded by taxpayer dollars.

The most heartbreaking example of this trend, that is telling on so many levels, can be found in this much watch short video. Footage from a popular talk show in Quebec, Canada shows two young children on stage. Asks the over-zealous host, “What should we do with the people who don’t want the vaccine?” The innocent boy replies, “We should call the police.”

We can see how the public is becoming conscripted into being an active member of the “Organization for Vigilance and Repression of Antifascism.” They are acting out the archetypal role played by Judas Iscariot who reported Jesus to the authorities, the infamous betrayal that led to the latter’s crucifixion. They are betraying the public, as if on cue, because they continue to betray their heart, the Truth. 

Other than “safety,” further reasons for being a public informant are the need to prevent “civil unrest,” “threats to national security,” and “undermining democracy.” (Undermining “caterpillar” security.) Pay close attention, and you hear our fascist governments increasingly using these very words to justify other draconian “protection.” It’s the same language and deceptive reasoning long used to oppress and imprison truth-tellers in countries like China, Iran and Saudi Arabia. 

A heartbreaking example in the latter nation is young mother-of-two Salma al-Shehab, sentenced to 34 years in prison for simply tweeting on civil rights. This is a system where political prisoners are known to experience severe torture, simply for spreading truth. According to court documents, she was sentenced for “giving a wider platform for terrorist messaging by spreading false information that threatens national security and public order.” 

Do you remember how the school system was designed to “create a viable social order,” one we best fit into?

Are the fascist dots connecting? 

To repeat Voltaire’s words: 

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

Patterns of Fear, Denial and Abuse

For the dark forces, the plan has always been to use liberals or liberal-minded individuals; to co-opt their humanitarian and environmental ideals and causes and turn their zeal antagonistically against conservatives. Like the un-vaxxed, conservatives were to become a necessary pariah, as they are now. They were to be viewed as the uncaring and un-inclusive group to leverage against so “human rights” and “green” agendas would be adopted. Of course, the dark forces neither care for liberals nor conservatives, just as they don’t care about human rights or the environment. They simply care about power, and will deceive and abuse as necessary to claim total control.

People like to play victim
because then they don’t have to be humbly curious
about the hard, confronting truths.

They don’t seek and open
so that they can remain addicted to
offended, poor me, victim consciousness.

They are too invested in being a victim of the oppressor
to open to your “conspiracy theories” about oppression.

To see the oppressor in its true light,
for example, the Climate Tyrants,
they’d not be able to be victim activists any more,
victims of “climate change.”

Their comfortable victim identity would be at stake;
the false self built from the false world — from lies.

And the gaslighting tyrants,
well they smile,
for they need the victim consciousness
so they can be the “protective” saviours,

and so they can turn the victims
against the truth-tellers.

Part 1: Wired for Good Obedient Conformity

“That could never happen to me” is something we naturally think when a natural disaster strikes in an area far away; or when seeing tyrannical militarism rise in foreign nations. It is too difficult to believe that this devastation could come home to us — that we too could lose our spouse, child, dear friend, home, all we poses; that we could end up living under authoritarianism, and locked up. 

Denial can be comforting. But it shrinks us away from reality, and sometimes from those close to us reporting it. 

Information given to family, friends and co-workers on the recent rise in sudden and excess deaths, footage of the blatant sexualization of children by drag queens, and solid, empirical evidence for geo / climate engineering (twisted into the man-made “climate crisis” hoax), is often not received well, as we’ve covered. Their thresholds are not ready to expand. Our loved ones and colleagues shrink not only from the glaring facts, but from considering why all this insanity — the Ukraine proxy war, the southern US board crisis, children being fed worms at school, the transgender hype / identity politics, the destruction of farms and farmers and food processing plants, critical race theory, the plandemic, and much more — is suddenly happening now, at the same time?

It’s all too much for their psychology, heart, emotional body and nervous system to take in; for the self that wants to feel good rather than more, or deeper. The illusory, little, certain “me” is not ready to unplug from its addictive, co-dependent enmeshments with the illusions of the “normal” world. A dose of heartbreaking reality can dismantle that collusion. It can disrupt ego patterns of of blithely feeding and feeding off of the fear and lies fed by hungry master manipulators who cleverly know exactly how to keep people enslaved to this low vibrational matrix of false reality. 

Suffering thus serves a sacred purpose. Things must get so painful for people to realize how pained their existence is.

*                    *                    *

Let’s now explore where fear, denial and other distortions are taking place amongst certain segments of our population; how people are being fooled by lies, and how liars are easily fooling people, and what underpins these insidious patterns. 

While reading, I invite you to remember that this is ultimately a crisis of identity: Who am I then if I let truth hit home in the heart? What might I lose?

You may have noticed the startling degree to which New Age spirituality is being hijacked by the dark forces; how our love and light chasing friends cannot see what underwrites, and the consequences of, drag queens reading stories to young children, the mutilation of children’s bodies for transgenderism, and the “save the Earth” man-made “climate crisis” hoax. They take a stand for inclusion, diversity and a healthy Gaia, all of which I stand for as well. Yet within New Age spiritualists and general Woke liberal folks is sheer nativity in their positivity; an inability or unwillingness to discern the inversions and perversions of truth, or even believe that evil exists. 

Amongst spiritualists, there is often an ungrounded and imbalanced desire to remain positive and keep feel-good vibrations high. In a video I watched where the speaker rightly named the dark agendas at hand, there were words expressed in the comments section that the video was too negative, and that vibrations may become lowered by taking in such realities, which could attract negative things. 

We are here not to avoid pain and suffering within, and therefore that of the world. It’s one thing to take care of ourselves and protect our emotional body and spiritual centre; it’s another to do this at the cost of disconnecting from our humanity and not seeing reality for what it is; in this case, the anti-human agendas abound, nefarious intentions that children need their parents to be aware of!

You can be on the conscious path, dedicated to meditating, organic eating, chanting mantras, and communing with the Angels — all big parts of my life; and yet, you can also lack rootedness in the body, a hallmark of trauma; which can manifest as lack of spine, of voice, of a pragmatic view of things, of everyday, concrete reality. It can manifest as seeing good where evil stares back, of hearing truth where only lies speak. 

These patterns often have roots in attachment wounds, when our survival depended on holding our parents in the light of infallibility, despite their destructive behaviours towards us. “My childhood wasn’t so bad,” people say, even though their drunken father regularly hit them. “Not so bad” was, and still is, a coping mechanism for avoiding the unprocessed “bad” in the body. It was a necessary adaptive response in the attachment-driven child to protect any semblance of connection, of “we.” Seeing our parents as good even though they are sexually abusing us, physically abusing us, neglecting us, is thus wired in. It saves us. 

You’d be surprised how many adults — spiritualists and non-spiritualists — live with these survival adaptations, and how it twists their worldviews. They believe things are better than they are. Being positive replaces being real because survival depended on not feeling what’s real; on not taking to heart the disturbing truth that their primary attachment figures were hurting them. It’s why children blame themselves for their adverse experiences — to protect the attachment as much as possible, a relational system they need for survival.  

The survival adaptation of avoiding truth to avoid pain and maintain safety is leveraged by dark, oppressive forces who spread lies and create a world that’s anything but safe; whose entire operation is built on avoiding truth and convincing wounded, impressionable psychologies what’s needed for safety. “Not so bad” and “Things are good,” the worldviews of these survival adaptations, are projected onto our nefarious “leaders,” our “saviours,” and the seriousness of toxic 5G towers and spying satellites is filtered out. Our government would never spy on us, thinks ungrounded, disassociated positivity and distorted safetyism; they would never abuse us, just like how our parents would never intentionally harm us. 

For more on the intersection between attachment wounds, survival adaptations and abusive authority, please watch these videos I created here and here.

*                    *                    *

“People have two needs: Attachment and authenticity. When authenticity threatens attachment, attachment trumps authenticity.” ~ Dr. Gabor Mate

If children have to choose between authenticity and attachment, they almost always choose the latter. The relationship is necessary for their survival, not authenticity. They adapt, becoming who they need to be in order to ensure as much connection as possible, as much of a secure “we” filled with love, safety and approval. They adapt to survive an unpredictable, unsafe home, and to mitigate harm. For example, they may become smart, tough, pleasing, good or submissive. They do this while turning away from their natural, exuberant selves, the childlike qualities they learn are too much, unacceptable, unloveable or unsafe to be.  

By being a certain way, children make certain they’re okay. Instead of being a capricious, spontaneous child who joyfully bounces from one way of being to another, the child narrows her range of possibilities down to what secures attachment and safety. Daddy is less likely to hit me and mommy is more likely to be kind if I’m a certain way. The infinite colours of the child’s rainbow soul, her true colours, are less and less accessible. 

This is our fall from innocencein-essence.

Being a certain way ensures attachment-driven children fit into the family culture, versus uniquely stand out. Fitting in is not the same as belonging. To fit in, we must give up something that is true to our nature. In belonging, however, we get to be our whole selves, and have our singular fullness welcomed by our family, tribe and community. Belonging is therefore an out-standing state of soul enrichment, whereas fitting in is a state of soul impoverishment. It is self-denial in order to mitigate negative consequences, survive, and gain conditional acceptance with another or “common will.” It is an attempt to be liked by being alike. The standardized school system, with its mandate to standardize the unique minds of fingerprint souls, only moulds children further into self-denial and likeness, which you can see are related. 

Childhood adversity is not the only catalyst of these adaptations. There are the inherited imprints from our lineage that code our DNA, and painful experiences from past lives we hold at the soul level. Old, unprocessed memories of being persecuted / punished for not submitting to authority, for saying No, that transcend this incarnation can cause us to feel the need to be good and obedient — a certain someone today, one that says Yes.

The adaptations of being good and obedient and fitting in, which are pervasive, further explain why great numbers have submitted to corrupt authority, or “common will,” without question, without saying No; why they have willingly abused themselves with a poisonous “medical solution” and agreed to have the same procedure done to their children. They’ve masked up, and put this muzzle on little ones, even though no one is around. This makes perfect sense to them, just as it makes sense to put children in the system of indoctrination we call “education.” It doesn’t cross their minds that masks do not work, are toxic from the buildup of CO2 (see previous link), suffocate children, impede learning, development and co-regulation which depend on facial cues and oxygen, and are a dehumanizing symbol of “shut your mouth.” 

Hijacked by fear and a good-obedient certain way that creates safety, people are prone to believing the certainties — “science” — the authorities tell them. Imbalanced, dysregulated certain psychophysiologies crave certain solutions. Like with the adaptive response of seeing good where good does not exist, and avoiding truth to avoid pain, the need for certainty and safety is leveraged by the dark forces “for the greater good / safety.” The oligarchs through their various channels are quite happy to provide “doses” of certainty and safety that fearful, complacent people want. They are willing to be the saviours for those identified with victim consciousness by first cleverly triggering humanity’s astounding addiction to old, unprocessed victimhood and then funding / enlisting / using its manic causes, like climate and trans rights activism.

In 1962, Yale psychologist Stanley Milgram conducted a study to determine destructive obedience to authority. It was a study of conscience, will, and therefore heart. The premise sold to the unwitting participant was to see how electrically shocking someone affected learning. The participant was in one room and an actor (in on the research) in another, and they were connected by a microphone. A third person, the “experimenter” (also in on the research), was in the room with the participant. The latter using an electric shock generator was to shock the actor if he did not answer certain questions correctly. The actor yelled and protested, even though receiving no shocks. For each (purposeful) error by the actor, the participant was to increase the shock by 15-volt increments. If the participant hesitated, there would be pressure from the experimenter using four precise commands, rising in degree, with the lowest being, “Please continue”, and the highest, “You have no other choice but to continue.” The results were startling, when you take into account how much the actor screamed, complained about heart problems, etc, as the voltage increased: “65% (26 out of 40) of participants continued to the highest level of 450 volts. All the participants continued to 300 volts.”

Could it be that the real purpose of this research was to study mind control? I propose it was. Quoting this article, “Professor Alfred McCoy suggests that it is likely that Milgram’s Experiment was one of the 185 research programs funded by the CIA under MK-ULTRA projects which explored various facets of psychological torture.”

The Covid era was one big Milgram’s Experiment, an MK Ultra program infiltrating all nations at once. It was a psychological operation extraordinaire and test run to determine global compliance to the next totalitarian initiatives on schedule.

Indeed, Nazism never left.

*                    *                    *

Part 2: The Nefarious Trans Agenda

“There are two ways in which people are controlled. First of all, frighten people; and secondly, demoralize them. An educated, healthy and confident nation is harder to govern. And I think there’s an element in the thinking of some people: We don’t want people to be educated, healthy and confident, because they would get out of control.” ~ Tony Benn, former British Labour Party politician and Cabinet Minister (1925 – 2014) 

Unhealed, we can see how these patterns of trauma and programming manifest into imbalanced egoic be-good, do-good behaviours and projections. One of these projections is that of anger, which is rampant these days. This red hot emotion is unavoidable if one has to suppress who they are and be a certain someone for decades. For this reason, no true commitment to personal empowerment can escape the rite of passage through healing the pain underlying anger or rage, and feeling the grief on the other side. 

Some be-good adaptations form quietly nice and obedient mask-wearing citizens, with unprocessed anger concealed well. The red hot energy is there, hidden beneath the surface, held in safety for psychobiologies afraid of their anger, and thus power; who learned that anger is a threat. At the other end of the spectrum we are seeing how much unhealed anger is being triggered and mindlessly acted out through intense thought policing and general aggression. This latter category underwrites the fanatical righteousness and virtue signalling that demands others fit into the official narrative and obey. This is a liberal authoritarianism that judges others who hold alternative views, choose bodily autonomy, and do not submit to authority as racist, anti-science extremists. This is the Woke mob!

For both the quiet and aggressive be-gooders whose survival has depended on fitting in and submitting, on denying uncomfortable truth for warped positivity, choosing self-respecting personal sovereignty and reality is irresponsible, destructive behaviour that’s not “for the greater good / safety.”

The ways that “social justice warriors” and liberals have been demanding human rights, inclusion and diversity exemplify imbalanced “good” in action. Look no further than the barbaric “gender affirming care” that California will be a sanctuary state for January 1, 2023. The “progressive” state also seeks to revoke custody to parents if they choose not to “affirm” a child’s gender ideology. Quoting this excellent video on the matter, “Bill AB 947 allows one parent to change a child’s name and pronouns without the other parent’s consent. It also forces judges to revoke custody and rights to the parent that opposes gender ideology in the name of the child’s safety. Where is the science that says that this is good for the child?”

Woke liberals and spiritualists believe that “transgender” children should make up their own minds about harmful, anti-life puberty blockers and hormone treatments, and the mutilation of their bodes… even though they are children. They see it as the inclusive, empowering, “good” thing to do, and attack those who don’t. 

I have no issue with mature, informed adults choosing to become transgender, just like how I am completely accepting of being gay, lesbian, black, hispanic, white, etc. I am not a phobic person, nor am I against inclusion and diversity. What I do take issue with, as a fierce advocate for the wellbeing of children, is when our precious little ones are being targeted by dark forces under the manipulative guise of “gender-affirming care.” And when this sweeping agenda, these medical experiments akin to Nazi Germany, are being sold using the deceptive shadow inversions of inclusion and diversity. 

Jamie Reed, a former case manager at the Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, and now brave whistleblower, shared the following: “Hypotheses are supposed to be tested ethically. The doctors I worked alongside at the Transgender Center said frequently about the treatment of our patients: ‘We are building the plane while we are flying it.’ No one should be a passenger on that kind of aircraft.” This is barbaric medical experimentation — on children! 

Consider the irreversible nature of these treatments. By stopping puberty, what is a critical period of development, a rite of passage from child to young adult, impeded is the vital role the surge of sexual hormones plays not just in developing sexual organs and characteristics, but bones, blood, skin, organs, as well as cognitive and emotional maturity. Individuals are left infertile — perfect for the depopulation plan, without the ability to experience sexual pleasure / orgasm, and it’s obvious there is no return from the mutilating surgeries. Puberty does not return for a second chance, leaving irreversible psychobiological deficits and damage from a young age onwards. Transitioners are medical patients for life. (Related: Watch this excellent video.)

“I wanted to be a pirate. Thank God no one scheduled me for eye removal and peg leg surgery.” ~ Bill Maher

Woke and liberals see the “good” of pretend sheep, but not the Big Wolves and their motives, the evil lurking in the shadows. Big Pharma smiles, and profits skyrocket from the lifetime sentence of dependency on toxic, dehumanizing medical procedures.

Critical thinking and intuition examines why the sudden transgender hype, with drag queens appearing at schools and libraries. Why now? Why so pervasive? With careful examination we may discover that transgenderism is being used as a stepping stone towards transhumanism. When you confuse identity through transgender propaganda, led by Woke TikTok mouth pieces, make DNA more synthetic through the “vaccine,” and psychologically manipulate kids into being addicted to technology, then wouldn’t you say that young people are prone to choose an artificial substitute identity — to merge with technology? 

What a clever, and yes, well thought out way to disempower people, destroy biology and gender — robots have neither, and maneuver humanity into an anti-life, anti-human global digital dictatorship

Children are prone to this manipulation because most do not get their attachment needs met. Secure attachment fosters secure identities in little ones. The opposite is also true: insecure attachment fosters insecure identities. With transgender propaganda abound, parents manipulated and pressured, kids talking about becoming transgender while staring at TikTok, children are tempted to “fix” their insecurity — their “gender dysphoria” — by choosing another identity. By becoming some body else — transgender. 

Children are also susceptible to the transgender propaganda pressure because of the sheer number of them who have been sexually abused. The perverse nature of sexual trauma subverts and inverts the rapidly developing identity of the child. I call this perverse-reverse. Sexual abuse, especially when children are very young, has a profound energetic, distorting affect on the psychology. Perversion inverts consciousness, just as our pedophilic overlords model by portraying “good” as good. Children twist and turn within, blaming themselves as they do for what happened, causing their identity to follow — to twist and turn. 

Being sexually abused as a child does not mean you automatically deviate from the “straight” heterosexual line. Being other than heterosexual does not mean you were abused, to be abundantly clear.

Consider perverse-reverse, while also taking in account that one in four girls and one in six boys have been sexually abused, research shows. These numbers I believe are higher due to suppressed memories.

Oli London supports my general view that there exists systemic ignorance of causal factors for “gender dysphoria.” After experiencing 32 surgeries and years obsessively trying to perfect his image, the lights turned on and London chose to de-transition. He has since written a book called Gender Madness and become a protector of children seeking “gender affirming care.” In this interview he shares how medical practitioners are not asking “gender dysphoric” kids or the parents needed ethical questions like, “Why does this child feel confused? What is the driving force behind (their desire to transition)?” He refers to issues such as a difficult home life and bullying as reasons children may want to change their identity. London goes on to say, “Doctors, unfortunately, they don’t check these things any more. They just say if you are questioning your gender, you are definitely a candidate to transition. And then they fast-track these kids.”

Notice the theme of fast-tracking these days without proper inquiry, disclosure, facts, care: Fast-track kids into self-mutilation. Fast-track vulnerable people to choose euthanasia, again, without any careful consideration for why they want this option. Fast-track Provinces, States, Nations to become net zero, without building systems and infrastructure such as a reliable electrical grid. Fast-tracking is the heartless, meritless, unscientific urgency of the dark forces to destroy humanity, the food supply, and more, and enforce their technocratic new world order. Meanwhile, the blind masses, like doctors, play along, assisting this swift and sour implementation of totalitarianism.   

With all this in mind — the careless fast-track formula; the focus on symptoms, not causes; barbaric surgeries; impairing healthy emotional / mental / biological development; the financial burden; slavery to Big Pharma — it makes clear sense why, as this video reports, “People who do transition and are affirmed, have a higher risk of suicide.” One’s “gender dysphoria” and the causal factors for suicide do not disappear if one transitions. The journalist, one of the best in the business, backs her words up with studies and shows the data. She states that what does help feelings of “gender dysphoria” is going through puberty and allowing for natural maturation into adulthood. And I will add the obvious: love, safety and reassurance from primary attachment figures. 

Without this circle of support, without healing childhood trauma and attachment wounds, and psychobiologically maturing through puberty, transgender people act out their “gender dysphoria” and pain and confusion by parading their genitals, breasts and butt in public, and to small children; and by abusing their body through barbaric medical procedures. The same pain that makes them believe they are other than who they are, and that underwrites their suicidal patterns, also drives their need to expose and mutilate themselves. 

That so many non-transgender people, parents especially, can accept and celebrate this destructive behaviour rooted in deep pain tells you how traumatized, programmed, and infantile human consciousness is. It’s why the collective needs a global crucifixion. 

For more on this complex subject…

  • Read this recent study published in 2024 that shows no scientific evidence supporting the claim that drugs and surgeries prevent suicide. An even more recent study published in April 2024 reveals that the risk of suicide post “gender affirming” surgery is 12-fold.
  • Read this highly researched summary of newly leaked files from within the leading global transgender “healthcare” body revealing the sobering truths of the industry
  • Watch my video called, “Transgender Lies & Hidden Truths”
  • Watch my older video called, “The REAL affirmation gender-confused kids need” 
  • Watch this short video reporting that a school district in the United States has informed fifth-grade parents how they will no longer be using the words “boy” and “girl”
  • Learn how newly passed Michigan Bill HB 4474 criminalizes someone who uses the wrong pronouns and causes another to feel threatened by their words. Offenders are “guilty of a felony punishable by imprisonment for not more than 5 years, or by a fine of not more than $10,000.” (More “hate speech” laws are in the works to protect… the oligarchs!)
  • Learn how two women in Australia (one a lactation consultant) were told it is illegal to essentially say on Twitter that men cannot breastfeed — an excellent video
  • Learn how the trans agenda is infiltrating children’s media entertainment

Manipulate objective reality, and power is given to the dark forces to determine what reality is, and to impose it. 

By funding and socially engineering an expanding LGBTTQQIAAP map of identity, the dark players are intentionally creating greater division within the population. What are natural orientations other than straight / heterosexual — the original letters, you could say, have become increasingly manufactured and moulded into consciousness by nefarious intent. Identity along this spectrum has become inorganic and false, which transhumanism ushers us towards.

With more letters, there are more types of you and me. A heightened separation permeates the collective — within and without. Less do we sense our commonalities, that place in the Light Realms where our soul roots converge, the deeper place where we’re united, as One. 

Since the dawn of dark time, engineering us-versus-them consciousness has been a prime objective for the dark forces. Race wars, religious wars, cultural wars, competition and class, segmenting Mother Earth into yet another small, artificially and militarily bordered nation. Divided and pitted against each other, humanity is distracted, anxious, and unable to unite against, let alone notice, the wicked schemers before them. They are easier to control and conquer.

This is black magic totalitarianism 101. They want division, not true, authentic, and thus empowered diversity. 

Do not believe for a moment that just because our “leaders” raise LGBTQ+ flags in front of their parliamentary building and invite a transgender person to the White House they care about human rights. Why this? Why now? Why so politicized?

Maybe it’s because, with the goal being to erase national sovereignty for a new world order — partly through replacement migration / illegal aliens, national flags are to be replaced with trans flags, temporarily symbolizing the unified transhumanist world! 

All this is only difficult to discern if one does not take to heart the level of evil ruling the world, and its deceptive motives, in this case, division, transhumanism and total AI control. Critical thinking should make clear that the same politicians claiming to care about human rights and health are simultaneously leading the charge for war profiteering at the cost of millions of innocent lives, while taxpayers in their own countries — the growing numbers struggling to make ends meet — foot the bill.

Can you see the abusers? Can you see the deceiving wolves in sheep’s clothing who care only about power but pretend to care about you?

*                    *                    *

Part 3: Sexualization of Children & “Terrorist” Parents

Related to the transhumanist agenda, the reason the FBI, controlled by the dark forces, is increasingly targeting Christians and labelling them “extremists,” is because: 1) Christians are publicly outspoken against transgenderism; 2) Christians are publicly outspoken against abortion. They thus pose a threat to the anti-biology, anti-family, depopulation, AI agenda. And 3) Their belief in God diametrically opposes the anti-spirit / life agenda, the push to transition people into identifying as androids devoid of soul (and gender). All in all, Faith, Family and Freedom, the three pillars of this creed, are completely antithetical to the dark agenda. 

Removing parental rights and handing children over to the State is a hallmark of communism, as we know from Pol Pot Cambodia, for example. Silencing religion is also a hallmark of authoritarianism, and abolishing it is one of the aims of communism. During Lenin’s socialist-communist rule of the Soviet Union, a period in which over 100,000 “class enemies” were executed, the Russian Orthodox Church was heavily oppressed. The authority of God to whom was given power was a threat to the God-like power Lenin demanded and hungered for, and to the socialist-communist religion he wanted complete allegiance to. As it’s been with the church in communist regimes, it’s been with family. The family must be abolished, for it carries the power to negatively influence the key communist assets that are children; to turn them against this collectivist ideology, and towards their hearts, God.

“The State takes the place of God… the socialist dictatorships are religions and State slavery is a form of worship.” ~ Carl Jung (1961)

Lenin’s successor, Stalin, one of the bloodiest dictators in history, responsible for killing tens of millions, outlawed religion altogether and burnt down churches. Faith and individualism conflicted with faith in collectivism and submission to communist totalitarianism. For this reason, between Hitler and Catholic leaders, there was unease, though Hitler did not employ the authoritarian measures Stalin used.

Turning back to the subject of the FBI, we see further evidence of the rise of communism through the war on families. There are calculated attempts being made to find another “enemy within,” another “them” to strengthen the superior “us.” Agents have been pulled away from chasing child sexual predators and given a new assignment: visiting the parking lots of school board meetings where they are to take down the license plate numbers of concerned parents. Within the FBI database a new threat tag has been created for these parents — domestic terrorists. You may become a domestic terrorist for sharing your concerns about your 15 year old daughter being required to memorize and recite pornographic content in front of her entire class. As you can see in the video, when the concerned parent took the podium and read the explicit material to the school board members, the latter were so uncomfortable that they asked her to stop. And yet, the explicit material was perfectly appropriate for the child to read, memorize and recite to a bunch of young kids. 

In the UK, “twelve-year-olds are being taught about anal sex in school while nine-year-olds are told to ‘masturbate’ for homework.” Concerned parents, however, are “being denied the right to see the content of the lessons being taught.” The UK has their own version of the FBI that seeks to proliferate child sexualization. 

Here we see the metaphor playing out again. The corrupted FBI and UK legal system are the “immune system” protecting the perverse “caterpillar establishment” from the “enemies within” — Christians and parents, imaginal cells speaking truth to power, challenging the existing authority. The school boards and teachers are lost to the destructive, lower, and lowly “caterpillar consciousness.” They are contributing to child abuse and tyranny.

Clearly, protecting the sexualization, racialization and transgenderization of children at school goes hand-in-hand with de-prioritizing the arrest of those raping, torturing and trafficking children throughout our communities. This overarching mandate supports the oligarchs’ appetite for satanic child abuse, their need to divide the populous through critical race theory, leverages their “white supremacist” narrative for control, and safeguards their goal of transhumanism.  

Further, classifying parents as domestic terrorists gives black hat agents or mind controlled child “protection” / social “service” workers license to remove children from “domestic terrorist” parents, and place them in the hands of the State or a foster care system connected to rape trafficking operations. Ample evidence exists for how vulnerable children are to commercial rape exploitation when removed from their birth parents. Quoting the US-based Family Preservation Foundation, “Recent reports have consistently indicated that a large number of victims of child sex trafficking were at one time in the foster care system.” The numbers are shocking. This article titled US Foster Care System a Breeding Ground for Human Trafficking, with help from Foster Focus Magazine, states that 80% of trafficked minors in the U.S. are in the foster care system. A paper called An Unholy Alliance: The Connection Between Foster Care and Human Trafficking reports of numbers nearing maximum: “98% of children who are identified as survivors of sex trafficking had previous involvement with child welfare services, and many were legally in the care and custody of the state while they were being prostituted by traffickers.” The same paper reports that, “24% (of traffickers) were at one point committed into foster care as a child.” 

As we transition into the section on child rape trafficking and exploitation, I’ll leave you with these chilling words from former CIA Agent and Chief Counsel of the Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex abuse, Robert David Steele. In this video footage of the Inquiry, he states, “I have found in my research… that most organizations that end up being used to prey on children… all of the child services agencies across the United States of America, they did not start out as organizations to prey on children, but they attract pedophiles. And ultimately pedophiles end up rising in the ranks and controlling those organizations, so that an organization that initially started out in the service of children, becomes an organization that is, in fact, hunting children.”

*                    *                    *

Part 4: Satanic Child Rape Trafficking & Exploitation

The term “mature minor” (& here), a thought program seeded into the collective consciousness, is further influencing this nefarious, perverted storm of confusion and manipulation. It’s molding the infantile consciousness of young and old to believe immature minds are capable of making life-altering decisions. Isn’t this the “inclusive,” “empowering,” “good” thing to do? With the rights of parents to intercede on behalf of their impressionable children being eroded, “mature minors” are being given even more power to choose “gender affirming care,” and possibly euthanasia. It’s all part of the plan to hand children to the State, just as Hitler demanded. And to depopulate. 

“He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.” ~ Hitler

Yet, “mature minor” has been seeded for another sinister reason. Consider the gross sexualization of children through drag queens and the explicit content in schools, as well as the child trafficking across borders (here & here) and the exploitation of little ones worldwide. Programming children to believe they are “mature minors” is part of the accelerating global campaign to sexualize children. This thought program encourages immature minds to believe they are mature enough not just to choose transgenderism and euthanasia, but to engage in sexual activities — with “minor attracted persons,” whose “sexual orientation” is now being protected by law from discrimination. The Connecticut Bill, HB 6638, was passed 132-17. 

Indeed, all these strategies to sexualize children support the monstrous international enterprise of child rape trafficking and exploitation. As part of human trafficking as a whole (including organ harvesting), this is the fastest growing criminal activity in the world. With high-ranking judges, lawyers, businessmen, politicians and others in power involved, this egregious perversity of the highest order is ultimately run by the oligarchs. 

Former Executive Director of the UN, Calin Georgescu, who spent many years rubbing shoulders with the elite, shares in this interview (14:58 mark), “The UN… is totally under control of the oligarchs. The problem is that this oligarchs, all of them, are related with the system of the pedophilia.” The former UN Insider goes on to say, “We know that there are more than 8 million children per year (that) disappear… (equivalent to) the entire population of Austria. They disappear without any information.”

This alarming number is corroborated by a former Man In Black (top secret operative) and now whistleblower with a plethora of disturbing insider information. “Every year, at least eight million children go missing in the world,” he shares in this video. “I can attest that one third of them are abducted by government operatives and transported to any one of the 1,477 underground military installations on the planet, then imprisoned for the remainder of their lives.”

Not only is this a business of “sexual pleasure,” organ harvesting, and biological / genetic experimentation (see last link), but at the dark occult level, it’s satanic ritual abuse, with the purpose of creating false empowerment and illusory immortality. This is done through, among other means, blood sacrifice rituals. Referencing Chapter 2, just as the Nazis believed “the blood (soul) of the Aryans contained specific spiritual energies, the ‘cultural energies’ or ‘racial primal elements,’” the perverse players of today believe the prized purity of life force they seek is contained in children’s blood, and that it can be harvested through ritual sacrifice and embodied by drinking it. By terrorizing and torturing children, young blood is adrenalized — it becomes “adrenochrome.” This liquid is their “fountain of life,” one survivor shared. 

This is the darker occult reason for this obsession with the innocent. They are trying to capture and imbibe life force, because they are so deprived.

Satanic rituals also serve the purpose of appeasing their “god” through the ebullient torture and murderous sacrifice of children. A portal is created to darker, demonic planes, with the intention that more of that consciousness can interact with civilians and impregnate Mother Earth. This is an inversion of the sacrifice (crucifixion) of the false self to open to the divine; and of sacred rituals, sites like Stonehenge and crop circles, and Lions Gate 8:8, all of which act as bridge portals to divine consciousness. The inversions are astounding once you understand and see the patterns at play.

The perverse mutilation of children in “transgender surgery” is an extension of this global satanic ritual abuse network. Those committing the medical barbarism know not who they work for, and who they feed; how slicing, removing and injecting is dark occult ritual set forth by the black web. 

Tim Ballard, former government agent and founder of Operation Underground Railway, a Foundation dedicated to rescuing children from child rape trafficking and exploitation throughout the world, said in this interview that there are 30 million people enslaved worldwide, including children. “This is more than the history of the world,” Tim states. “In fact, you can count up all the people enslaved during the 350-year period of the transatlantic slave trade… and there are more people alive in slavery today.” Tim, sensitive he is, does not discount the suffering of centuries past when sharing these numbers. He goes on to say that off the backs of today’s global market of slaves is earned a staggering $150 billion annually; and “in terms of buying and selling people, that number is $32 billion.” 

Tim also shares that the United States is the number one consumer worldwide of digital material involving children, and in the top three yearly in terms of purchasing actual little ones. Regarding the southern US border, he states, “Just during this administration alone, there has been 85,000 unaccompanied minors. I’ve seen the stats. Thousands of these kids are five years old or younger, showing up alone.”

Tweeted Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on August 31, 2023: “President Biden justified his open borders policy as a humanitarian response to the appalling media revelations that the Trump-era Border Patrol had 2,600 ‘children in cages.’ Today there are 12,000 children in cages + 85,000 children have disappeared.” 

I tell you this: once one understands the far-reaching extent of child trafficking and sexual exploitation ruthlessly led, engaged in and concealed at the highest levels of power — managed through our corrupt political and legal systems and officiated by people entrapped into pedophilia and then blackmailed — and once one realizes the darker, occult reasons this enterprise exists, then the current dramas and conspiracies of the world become clearer. One understands why there are crises like the Ukraine war, and other manufactured “natural” disasters, that call for “harvest time” — the abduction of displaced children for this abhorrent enterprise. And one realizes why children are being sexualized in school, through the media, and elsewhere; and why parental rights are being taken away. 

For evidence on how ruthlessly insidious this is, I recommend to you again Cathy O’Brien’s disturbing, yet inspiring documentary, a powerful, moving, well-researched story about her triumph over government-led mind control programs and the sexual exploitation of young people. Prepare yourself to see familiar faces, people in positions of high authority involved such abhorrent activities. I also encourage you to watch this interview with child rape trafficking survivor Gloria Masters. In it she reveals her childhood ordeals including the satanic ritual abuse and numerous abortions she endured prior to age 16; the degree to which police, doctors and other influencers were involved; and how prevalent this demonic enterprise has been in her home country of New Zealand, and globally. View her website here.

I’ve also recently come across this article which outlines the history of satanic ritual abuse and murder of children, and its insidious presence in organized worldwide networks today. “Nathalie speaks of hundreds of thousands of girls and boys systematically raped by the royal, political, and military governments,” notes the article. Nathalie, as an orphaned child, was placed into a pedophile foster family. She was regularly taken to government headquarters in the Netherlands and into underground sex cellars and to parties of the rich where children were raped and tortured, sometimes to death — all of which was filmed. She was also brought to a US military base where she endured mind control programs — where she was programmed to be a “sex kitten.”

As you will see in the article, names are named, gruesome stories and photos are shared, as well as the cover-ups. “I told the police about four places in the Netherlands used as mass graves. Never, never did any police officer bother to go and look,” said a witness to three rituals involving the Dutch royal family, top politicians, the judiciary and other dignitaries.

This systemic abuse of children is going to predictable new normalized heights. The International Commission of Jurists (ICJ), an international NGO that “promotes and protects human rights” and works closely with the UN, is initiating a legal framework that essentially decriminalizes pedophilia. In this document, published March 2023, you can see under “Principle 16: Consensual Sexual Conduct” that the ICJ states: 

“Moreover, sexual conduct involving persons below the domestically prescribed minimum age of consent to sex may be consensual in fact, if not in law. In this context, the enforcement of criminal law should reflect the rights and capacity of persons under 18 years of age to make decisions about engaging in consensual sexual conduct and their right to be heard in matters concerning them.”

This is obviously an inseparable extension of the perverted consciousness seeding “mature minor” and “minor attracted person.” It is the continued nefarious coopting of “progressive” liberalism, in which “human rights,” in this case the right to abuse a minor, stands above all moral decency and the protection of the young. 

On July 4, 2023, the documentary Sound of Freedom was released to select theatres. With a budget of only $14M, it rose to the top of the Box Office on opening day, beating Indiana Jones. The movie accounts the global child rape trafficking and exploitation enterprise, and Tim Ballard’s heroic role in saving children. The emotional and appreciative response from the public has been overwhelming. The power of this movie is breaking hearts, which is birthing Truth.   
With the rise of imaginal cell Truth, there has been the predictable rise of dark immune cells seeking to suppress it. Just as black magic agents veiled the veracity of Ivermectin, they have smeared this documentary through the establishment media. Even more, they have successfully stopped people from watching the film after purchasing their tickets; for example, by having their henchmen manufacture water pressure and air conditioning issues in theatres forcing delays and cancellations. 
More here on the smoke and mirror lies and veiling by the terrified dark forces desperately trying to protect their pedophilic enterprise. 

*                    *                    *

Part 5: Summary & Integration

“My teammates and I were forced to undress in the presence of Lia, a 6-foot-4 tall, biological male, with fully intact male genitalia, 18 times per week,” said Paula Scanlan, former NCAA Division I swimmer speaking to the House Judiciary Committee. When they complained, they were offered psychological services for “re-education.” (Video half way down.)

Taking all this to heart, we can understand the magnitude of what is before us; how dark and disturbing it is; the evil, trauma and programming driving it; and the survival identities prone to deception, denial and abuse. We see a continuous, expansive theme of perverse sexuality and sexualization, of shaming dehumanization and horrific abuse, sold under the pretext of “good” and “safe,” “inclusion” and “diversity,” “protection” and “human rights.” Truly, we are living in a thick soup of inversions and perversions that demand street-wise discernment, which the soul oversees; a discernment that intuits how the dots of seemingly disparate events connect; a perceptual understanding of the larger picture made real through higher, holistic, heartfelt intelligence.

Without heartfelt intelligence, trans rights activists and liberal authoritarians do not see these themes and patterns, how they meet and their secrets, and how they themselves are being used. They project their trauma and programming onto J.K. Rowling, claiming she should open her new women-only centre for victims of sexual abuse to transgender people. Lost in victim consciousness, they cannot take to heart that the most important need in a healing centre is physical and emotional safety; and that having biological men, though transgender, would compromise this. This extreme immaturity, overwhelmingly present these days, is all about me, being offended, without any consideration of the other, and the larger picture. It is off-the-charts egocentrism!

Without heartfelt intelligence, trans rights activists cannot see that it’s impossible for biological men to identify as women and for girls/women to have safe spaces at the same time — in changing rooms, dormitories, healing/crisis centres, prisons, sporting arenas, etc. Even without medical treatments, simply by deciding “I am a woman,” disturbed, perverse men can enter the females-only safe spaces of ideologically captured organizations and institutions. And they can do the abhorrent — see here and here for examples.

Without heartfelt, discerning intelligence and seeing the larger totalitarian picture, trans rights activists believe it’s perfectly okay to flaunt their private parts to children. And parents cheer them on! They march along together chanting, “We’re here! We’re queer! We’re coming for your children!” acting like a radical, perverse TransArmy. What’s not correlated are the following four points worth repeating, summarizing and connecting:

  1. The increased political and fascist support for the transgender movement
  2. The child rape trafficking and exploitation enterprise run by the oligarchs
  3. The sexualization of children by drag queens and trans rights activists, as well as in schools
  4. The transhuman plan for Human 2.0, in which biology is usurped by technology, and humanity is controlled by a digital dictatorship

Without these seemingly separate dots being connected, propagandized transgender folks cannot see how they are being used as pawns to sexualize and transhumanize children for a larger, darker agenda. 

Without heartfelt, discerning intelligence, naive and angry climate activists do not see the dark climate agenda long in the works; the bigger game of biosphere control and destruction at play; the monstrous lies being propagated to justify a “great reset” and new world order. The fake climate crisis agenda, and its relationship to geoengineering and weather warfare, is where we go now.

*                    *                    *

Part 6: The Manufactured “Climate Crisis”

The climate scam and push to net zero is what’s needed to control energy; and when you control energy you control movement and general freedoms. Along with control of food, water, finances, military / law enforcement, and technology / AI, this is what the dark forces need for full-spectrum global dominance.

“Climate change is real; it is happening right now. It is the most urgent threat facing our entire species, and we need to work collectively together and stop procrastinating.” ~ Leonardo Di Caprio, Actor, Environmentalist, and World Economic Forum supporter

“To all of you who choose to look the other way every day because you seem more frightened of the changes that can prevent catastrophic climate change than the catastrophic climate change itself. Your silence is almost worst of all.” ~ Greta Thunberg, seeming Climate Activist also connected to the World Economic Forum. And an instrumental figure in catalyzing the Global Citizen Movement, an army of naive, young climate activists and others seeking to create sustainable solidarity around “Our Common Agenda.”  

“The single existential threat to the world is climate change. We don’t have a lot of time, and that’s a fact.” ~ U.S. “President” Joe Biden

SECTION A: Human as Enemy & False Predictions

In the 1991 publication, The First Global Revolution: A Report by the Council of the Club of Rome, written by President Emeritus Alexander King and Secretary General Bertrand Schneider, the following globalist vision was stated: “In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill. In their totality and their interactions these phenomena do constitute a common threat which must be confronted by everyone together. But in designating these dangers as the enemy, we fall into the trap, which we have already warned readers about, namely mistaking symptoms for causes. All these dangers are caused by human intervention in natural processes, and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy then is humanity itself.”

I recommend you read these words again, while lingering on the implications of “we came up with the idea.” Equally worth lingering on is the last sentence: “The real enemy then is humanity itself.” These words point to totalitarian “enemy theory,” justifying asinine imperialist “solutions” to eradicate — depopulate — the “enemy,” and strengthen the desired “us” — a smaller, more manageable transhuman race. (More in Chapter 6.) This last sentence also carries the same crude, dehumanizing feeling as people being “plague-spreaders,” or a “burden on society,” in this case, the world.

Surprisingly, this quote can be found on the Club of Rome’s Wikipedia page.

Founded in 1968 by Italian industrialist Aurelio Peccei and Scottish chemist Alexander King, in consort with David Rockefeller, the infamous Club of Rome became one of the main international think tanks for ultra-wealthy oligarchs to congregate in. There they addressed “many issues such as biodiversity conservation and sustainable development issues, the strategy of ‘going globally’ and the construction of ecological civilization.” Historically, the Club of Rome, which Peccei called collegio invisibile, was a clandestine hub for machiavellian industrialists, bankers, politicians, royalty, and more, who, while pretending to be caring environmentalists, created and implemented plans for curtailing growth, including population. 

The Limits to Growth, a 1972 Club of Rome report, was a major source of Malthusian propaganda. Translated into some 30 languages, with more than 12 million copies sold, it was one of many tools of disinformation warning of the unsustainable path of economic and population growth, and the need for “global equilibrium.” In this interview, one of its authors, Dennis Meadows, shares, “The planet can support something like a billion people, maybe two billion.” In another Club of Rome report published in 1977, Goals for Mankind, written by Ervin Laszlo, Hungarian scientist and philosopher and member of the Club of Rome, the doctrine of eugenics continued: “… the resultant ideal sustainable population is hence more than 500 million but less than one billion.”

“Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the third world, because the US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries.” ~ Henry Kissinger, member of the Club of Rome 

“I worked on climate change since 73… I was the person who gave the Club of Rome the first big platform.” ~ Klaus Schwab, speaking in this interview (6:47 mark)

Indeed, the Club of Rome, united with its government partners, became a powerful international propagandist army connecting growth or productivity, “climate crisis” theory, and the necessity to cull the “enemy” — humanity. Backed by billion dollar budgets, the abusive eugenics agenda continued, storming into nations across the world, led by government bodies like The United States Agency for International Development. Poorer countries in particular, like those in Africa, were victimized, with their debt-ridden governments coerced under economic pressure to accept eugenics programs, like sterilization, or else lose economic aid (see next link). 

Quoting this author (an excellent read), children in “Third World” nations were considered has having “negative economic value. Thus, by allowing excessive numbers of children to be born, Asian, African, and Latin American governments were deepening the poverty of their populations.” I hear the echoes of earlier eugenic minds who said, “burden on society.” The author goes on to share how the depopulation programs “are cruel, callous, and abusive of human dignity and human rights. A frequent practice is the sterilization of women without their knowledge or consent, typically while they are weakened in the aftermath of childbirth. This is tantamount to government-organized rape. Forced abortions are also typical. These and other human rights abuses of the population control campaign have been widely documented, with subject populations victimized in Australia, Bangladesh, China, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Kosovo, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tibet, the United States, Venezuela, and Vietnam.”

Again, we are dancing here between the climate crisis and eugenics agendas, and where they meet in the larger plan of purposefully destroying the economy, farms, food supply, etc — growth, while gradually enforcing global tyrannical control — a “great reset” that needs a more manageable population size. The “climate crisis” and eugenics are inseparable, with the former justifying the latter, much like how Covid justified the “vaccine.” As you know now, all of these pieces have been in the works for decades. 

In 2019, the Planetary Emergency Plan was produced by the Club of Rome. Quoting from the Club’s website, this report “provides a set of key policy levers to address the cross-cutting challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss and human health and wellbeing. The Plan makes the case that we are in the midst of a Planetary Emergency, caused by mutually reinforcing crises of climate change, biodiversity loss and pandemics.” The summary goes on to state, “It combines a focus on protecting and restoring our Global Commons with implementing a series of economic and social transformations to guarantee the long-term health and well-being of people and planet.” 

Once again, we see the necessity to create an emergency state of consciousness. To keep humanity in a fear-reactive response that makes the masses bow to “Our Common Agenda,” so that we “protect and restore our Global Commons.” We must always ask ourselves: Who really benefits from these “emergencies” — from the climate hoax? 

Indeed, at increasing measure, the Club of Rome and its global partners have found creative ways to trigger climate and population anxiety, take advantage of naivety, and leverage a false, utopian vision of a healthy and happy “we” so a — their — new world order can be accepted; so an international security State, controlled by AI, can arise. Notes this author, “Within the UN bureaucracy, the Club of Rome was regarded by some bureaucrats … as controversial precisely because of its influence, and the hubris of its ambitions to speak for the earth.”

It may be of interest to you that the article I provided earlier providing names of people involved in satanic ritual abuse and murder of children lists one honorary member of the Club of Rome — a former “Queen.”

Further evidence of this climate conspiracy is found by listening to Joseph Bast, former President and CEO of The Heartland Institute, one of the world’s leading think tanks whose mission “is to discover, develop, and promote free-market solutions to social and economic problems.” Said Bast during an event in 2013, seen in this video, “Back in 1993, we identified (global warming) as the mother of all environmental scare tactics… Groups on the left understood that if you can control energy, you can control human beings… this was a search for a scientific justification for a political agenda that was set well back… in the 1960’s and the 1970’s. Of course, it goes back to the 1930’s, and it goes back probably to the dawn of human civilization. But the whole idea is control energy.” 

Bast goes on to say, “If, in fact, the combustion of fossil fuels is having a dangerous impact on climate, you have a recipe for controlling all use of fossil fuels — that’s 80-90% of all the energy. If you can control that and shut it down, you can shut down the engines of the world. And that is no less than what the environmental movement wants to do, and has been trying to do now going on thirty years (with) the global warming debate.”

Strategized and schemed by oligarchs in their cozy, extravagant, secret meetings, the climate crisis agenda has indeed been in the works for a good while. In these articles, here and here, we find more evidence for how this doomsday narrative has built over the past fifty years, and with the help of the compromised media: “We have ten years to stop the catastrophe,” said Maurice Strong in 1972, first Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme, Canadian oil businessman, and member of the Club of Rome. Ten years later, his successor, Mostafa Tolba, announced to the world that we had until the turn of the millennium before dealing with “an environmental catastrophe as irreversible as any nuclear holocaust.” 

Of course, none of these predications came to fruition because they are backed by lies and pseudo science; by researchers / scientists bought by deep state pockets; individuals who compromise personal and scientific integrity to appeal to compromised industries; who create false computer modelling to feed false narratives required for total control. 

The aforementioned Dennis Meadows, co-author of The Limits to Growth, while at MIT Meadows from 1970 to 1972, constructed world modelling as Director of the “Club of Rome Project on Predicament of mankind at MIT.” There’s no conflict of interest there, right?

More recently, in September 2023, a startling admission was made by climate scientist Dr. Patrick Brown who shared how necessary it is to leave out the full truth if one is to have an article published in prestigious peer-reviewed journals like Nature and Science. Research needs to support “pre-approved” mainstream narratives if a writer is to be rewarded, which includes receiving opportunities for career advancement. “To put it bluntly,” Brown writes, “climate science has become less about understanding the complexities of the world and more about serving as a kind of Cassandra, urgently warning the public about the dangers of climate change. However understandable this instinct may be, it distorts a great deal of climate science research, misinforms the public, and most importantly, makes practical solutions more difficult to achieve.” 

Judith Curry was the Professor and Chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She began to see how climate science was actually politicized “climate science,” a false consensus-making machine to drive a particular narrative using incorrect, cherry-picked data. Curry began to courageously speak out about her findings, challenging the alarmists. As a result, she was publicly smeared as a climate denier, climate heretic, and serial climate misinformer. She is a wonderful example of the sacrifices that come when standing for Truth. And her story is an acute reminder of the level of mass formation psychosis driving the hysterical global climate cult. 

“First off, the most prestigious journal publications like Science and Nature, they only send a small fraction of papers out for review. They reject a majority of them before they even go out for peer review,” said Curry in this 2023 interview. “So if you’re coming in with a paper that’s challenging any part of the consensus, that’s not going to even be sent out for review. The editor of the journal Science, she wrote this political rant about we need to stop emissions now, that was published in Science. And she was the chief editor of the Journal of Science. So what kind of message does that give to the editors? Promote the alarming papers and don’t even send the other ones out for review. So you can see how this gatekeeping works. You can always get your paper published somewhere, but it’s not going to be in a prestige journal, one that helps you with your career or one that gets publicity or anything like that.”

Indeed, via the manifold agencies and institutions the oligarchs’ have captured, such as universities that are historically liberal and rely heavily on funding from corrupt bodies, this game of climate deception, this controlling of the climate narrative, has been going on a long time — for decades. 

A system can only depend upon and conceal lies for so long before truth is revealed. The latter is increasingly happening because of brave whistleblowers like Brown and Curry whose heartfelt integrity cannot tolerate untruth; and because we have the technological tools to share information worldwide. 

Please watch this wonderful and comical 17 minute video called, “Inconvenient Truth: 32 Climate Predictions Proven False” by Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov. With just over 900K views, and certainly worth a laugh, this report brings together the depopulation agenda, global freezing and melting myths, and more. Balmakov shows just how deceptively and persistently catastrophized humanity has been via the compromised deep state media.

Here are two predications from the video:

In 1989, the San Jose Mercury News reported, “A senior environmental official at the United Nations, Noel Brown, says entire nations could be wiped off the face of the earth by rising sea levels if global warming is not reversed by the year 2000.”

In 2004, The Guardian exposed a secret Pentagon report warning that major European cities will sink into rising seas and Britain will plunge into a “Siberian” climate by 2020.

And so it is, year after year, this psychological operation has determinedly continued on, fomenting the climate crisis narrative and its related “We’re running out of time!!” fear into the collective consciousness. Another “enemy” was born — human caused climate change — because an enemy, or problem, is always needed to keep the real enemies / problem-children hidden, and so “solutions” benefiting those children can be offered, then enforced.

Further use of emergency powers and climate lockdown, anyone?

A few more examples of fear-mongering and manipulation, in case you need more:

“A top climate scientist is warning that climate change will wipe out all of humanity unless we stop using fossil fuels over the next five years.” ~ Tweet from Greta Thunberg in 2018

“Climate change is the biggest threat to our planet,” wrote Amazon founder Jeff Bezos on Instagram, while announcing Bezos Earth Fund. “I want to work alongside others both to amplify known ways and to explore new ways of fighting the devastating impact of climate change on this planet we all share.”

Careful everyone, the Doomsday Prophets have spoken! Created in 1947, and ticking since, the “Doomsday Clock” is now 90 seconds to midnight! With its hands moved by the Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, this Clock is now “the closest to global catastrophe it has ever been.”

There are also the Climate Clocks in New York, Berlin, Seoul, Rome, and Glasgow, warning humanity how much time remains to “save itself and its only home from the ravages of climate chaos.” In New York’s Union Square, this ominous digital clock is displayed three stories above ground, spreading 80 feet across a building, easily seen so climate “reality” is inculcated and not forgotten.

With the Great Lie exposed, and dark truths taken to heart, we can safely conclude, once and for all, that the 2006 “documentary” An Inconvenient Truth was A Convenient Lie for the oligarchs. It was an exceptional example of propaganda, and the lengths the dark forces will go to deceive. You’ll find this movie’s frontman, Al Gore, standing amongst the World Economic Forum globalist brass, emphatically speaking here in 2023, still driving the lies.

“We have arrived at a moment of decision. Our home – Earth – is in grave danger.” ~ Al Gore

*                    *                    *

SECTION B: The Real Science

“Historically, the claim of consensus has been the first refuge of scoundrels; it is a way to avoid debate by claiming that the matter is already settled. Whenever you hear the consensus of scientists agrees on something or other, reach for your wallet, because you’re being had. Let’s be clear: the work of science has nothing whatever to do with consensus… The greatest scientists in history are great precisely because they broke with the consensus. There is no such thing as consensus science. If it’s consensus, it isn’t science. If it’s science, it isn’t consensus. Period.” ~ Michael Crichton, American author (1942-2008)

Lacking understanding of this deceptive, well-planned, dark climate agenda, naive, angry climate activists and “social justice warriors” support the hijacking of farms and bankrupting of farmers to “save the planet.” They fall prey to the climate change orthodoxy that has, for decades, cherry-picked and manipulated data regarding CO2. Overlooked, even amongst scientists, is how necessary this gas is for creating lush greenery, further confirmed by geologic records from earlier periods, like the Cretaceous; how CO2 has never driven climate change, and thus does not cause global warming; and how, at just over 400 parts per million (ppm), it’s nowhere near levels of concern. 

Ian Plimer, Emeritus Professor of Earth Sciences at the University of Melbourne, and considered the top geologist in Australia, clearly and intelligently states in this video (also linked two above): “We’ve seen periods of time when there has been a thousand times as much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, yet we’d had ice ages.” He goes on to say, “Three percent of annual emissions are from human activities. The other ninety-seven percent are natural, from degassing of the oceans, and from volcanos, and bacteria, and all sorts of other sources.”

Did you know that since pre-industrial times, atmospheric CO2 has increased from 0.03% to 0.04%? That’s all! Remember, as Ian Plimer and others factually state, only 3% of annual CO2 emissions come from humans. This means that 3% of 0.04%, a whopping 0.0012%, is our contribution to carbon dioxide.
This statistic is easily found on multiple reliable sources. In this short video, viewed by a few million, watch the response from witnesses at a House Transportation Committee when asked by Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-CA), “What percent of our atmosphere is CO2?” Indeed, the world is being shut down and drastically re-ordered due to a mere 0.01% rise in 200 years.
The carbon tax is facilitating this shut-down, making it increasingly difficult for people to farm, fill up their car, travel, and feed their families. All this is justified by the (manufactured) climate emergency, a pretext used by the globalists via their captured governments to wage economic warfare and gradually force civilian submission to a new world order. The carbon tax is simply another money laundering operation. 

Geologic records, like those found in ice core samples from Greenland (an excellent short video), tell us the truth about climate change. The records provide conclusive evidence for how temperature today is in fact colder than most of the previous eight thousand years.

Professor Ian Plimer adds necessary weight to this truth at the 23:39 mark of this video (with the visual aid of a graph): “We have been cooling down for the last four thousands years. It’s all about when you start the measurements. If we look at the last 38 years, there has been no change in temperature. If we look at the last 150 years, we’ve had three warming periods and three cooling periods, with a total (increase in) warmth of about 0.6 Celsius. Now, I wonder why it warms. I mean, 1850, what happened then? Ah yes, that was the end of the Little Ice Age. Do you think it’s going to warm or cool after a Little Ice Age? Of course it’s going to warm! So, if you start taking measurements from 1850 in the Industrial Revolution, we have been warming. If you take measurements from the Medieval Warming, we’ve been cooling. We’ve cooled about 5 degrees since then. If you take measurements from the Roman Warming, we’ve cooled about 5 degrees. So, as soon as someone tells you, ‘Ah, it’s warming!’ the reply you give is, ‘Since when?’”

Since when, indeed!

Coopted “science” is lying by omission by claiming we are in the midst of dire climate warming. Just like how the corporate media shares only 5% of a story to mould public perception, we are being given a myopic view of climate history, and thus trends, void of the broader “cool” context — the truth! 

A recent paper has just been published by the influential European Geosciences Union showing that from 2009 to 2019 the overall Antarctic ice shelf area has increased by 5,305 km2, adding 0.4% to the total shelf area in the 11 years under review. Though there were reductions in certain areas, growth outweighed loss. This finding “raises questions within the ‘settled’ climate science narrative, so it is highly unlikely to be covered by mainstream media.”

Going hand-in-hand with the increase in polar ice, we have this other study. Using surface and satellite records, “An amount of land equivalent to the Isle of Wight has been added to the shorelines of 13,000 islands around the world in just the last 20 years,” which equates to an increase of 369.67 square kilometres states the report. “Overall, land was lost during the 1990s, but the scientists found that in the study period of three decades to 2020 there was a net increase of 157.21 km2.” Again, no word from our mainstream media friends. 

Speaking of the mainstream: Have you noticed how red the weather maps have become over the last few years? Far more red and even deep purple, and much less green, though temperatures haven’t changed much. This is all part of the fear-mongering, climate emergency psy-op. It’s a stark example of how captured agencies and institutions are, and the level of mind control before us.

We have been cooling for quite a while, and the period is in fact much longer than the 8 thousand years mentioned earlier. Over the past 50 million years, we’ve been steadily getting colder on this planet, plunging into what scientists call the Late Cenozoic Ice Age. According to this outstanding free documentary, chock-full of research efficiently debunking the entire climate scam, we are still in this ice age. Evidence is in plain sight — the vast ice shields in the north and south poles. We live on a planet with what is called a Glacial Minima. Vast glaciers exist within an ice age, but at a minimum level, allowing human beings and other sentient life to thrive.

Here are few quotes from the above mentioned documentary Climate: The Movie (The Cold Truth) from experts in the fields of physics, statistics and geology:

“Temperature tends to rise first, and then on the order of a century to a few centuries later, we start to see a rise in CO2.” ~ Dr. Matthew Wielicki, Geologist  

“It’s long been known that the temperature moves first. So, temperature goes up, CO2 goes up after that; temperature goes down, CO2 goes down.”  ~ Professor Ross McKitrick, Economist & Statistician

“Ice ages start when carbon dioxide is at its maximum, and ice ages end when carbon dioxide is at its minimum; which is the exact opposite of what would occur if carbon dioxide was controlling the temperature.” ~ Tony Heller, Geologist 

“Periods of elevated CO2 tend to be time periods of huge biodiversity on the planet. In fact, we’re in a CO2 famine if we look over the last 550 million years.” ~ Dr. Matthew Wielicki, Geologist  

“During the last Glacial Maximum, there’s good evidence that in many parts of the world there was plant starvation from not enough CO2. So, we should be very grateful that CO2 levels are beginning to go back up. We’re still far from the historical norms which would be several thousand parts per million.” ~ Professor Will Happer, Physicist, Princeton University  

*                    *                    *

“Science” is also concealing the truth regarding our water supply. We are told there is a dire water shortage that is only getting worse. That is the front. Yet, the reality is we have limitless water because Mother Earth is a Water Planet. The source of this water is not our hydrological cycle as we’ve been taught, which only recycles water already on the Earth’s surface (rain and snow melt). Rather, this water lies right under our feet, at all times. It’s called Primary Water, and it’s clean and fresh — again, limitless! 

“Remember, the Earth is the water planet and makes water continuously,” states the authors of primarywater.org. “We have an abundance of water and are being tricked into a false belief system to make money from our ignorance and lack of understanding how the water cycle really works and where water originates. . . The international bankers and other corporate agencies make HUGH profits from our willingness to believe false science. . .”

The authors go on to share that, “all water is created in the mantle of the earth and is available in limitless quantities, worldwide. Drilling for primary water looks similar to drilling for ground water. The main difference in accessing primary water is that it requires drilling into a geologic fissure or fault to release the primary water that has risen near the surface.”

And yet corporate interests that profit off of the global warming driven scarcity model so they can control and own water want us to believe otherwise. Propaganda pieces are written to stop us from drilling for water; from living self-sufficiently, as people have for thousands of years, with access to our own water. For example, CNN and Smithsonian Magazine — deep state media — and their pseudo scientists are warning the public that drilling is causing the Earth’s axis to tilt. States CNN, “new research shows that persistent groundwater extraction over more than a decade shifted the axis on which our planet rotates, tipping it over to the east at a rate of about 1.7 inches (4.3 centimeters) per year.” 

The audacity to share such incredible rubbish! 

People throughout the world lack access to clean water, and water reserves are shrinking. There is great suffering and concern; but this is do to surface perception and reality. A well-orchestrated illusion. Once again, we are not being given the full picture, and thus full, sovereign access to water. Truth is being concealed not only about Primary Water, but climate and weather manipulation worldwide, discussed in the next section. The manufactured myth of global warming and its links to rising water shortages have fooled humanity, rendering us disempowered and deprived to various degrees. Meanwhile, corporations (water barons) continue to privatize, commoditize, and greedily profit off of what is naturally and abundantly everyone’s to share and enjoy.

Did you know that in 1984 , inspired by leader Muammar Gaddafi, Libya initiated the Great Manmade River Project, an ingenious irrigation system that would bring fresh, clean water from aquifers beneath the desert to about 70% of the population? Almost 4,000 kilometres of water infrastructure like pipelines, waterways and dams crossed the country, supporting agriculture, food and water security, and thus health and wellbeing. This water was also made available to other countries in Africa. 
But as we know, the dark forces loathe sovereignty or self-sufficiency of any kind, whether in the context of food, minerals — and especially finances. Along with inspiring water security, Gaddafi was ambitiously reclaiming economic power away from the international banking cartel through the creation of a national bank and gold-backed currency, independent of the U.S. global reserve currency. And so pretexted by a lie pinned on Gaddafi — that he was a ruthless dictator, NATO, financially bound to the banksters, in 2011 went on a murderous war campaign, deliberately targeting the water system, which is a war crime.
Estimates are that 60,000 to 100,000 people were killed, mostly civilians. Those who survived lost access to clean water, or any water. Cases of cancer skyrocketed, blamed on the toxic, uranium-rich bombs used by NATO. The country has yet to recover from this destruction, if only emotionally, and fully reclaim access to what is rightfully theirs — primary water. 
Should we be surprised that, led by the United Nations, “climate change” is being used to explain the ongoing water crisis in Libya? 

*                    *                    *

Lacking this critical information while being indoctrinated with the false climate change narrative, naive activists and Woke — the young, especially — are experiencing “climate anxiety” or “eco-anxiety” that the American Psychological Association and ecoAmerica define as “a chronic fear of environmental doom.” This makes the oligarchs happy. Not only does it incite the anxious to irrationally and violently police / enforce the fake climate narrative, but by being manipulated to fear and hate CO2, stressed activists and Woke are prone to turn against biology, which is carbon-based, and towards AI.

Bearing in mind how deceived people, young and old, are by this Great Lie, how anxious and fearful they are, we can take to heart the warning words of French philosopher Albert Camus (1913-1960): “Irrational terror transforms men into objects, ‘planetary bacilli,’ according to Hitler’s formula. It proposes the destruction, not only of the individual, but of the universal possibilities of the individual, of reflection, solidarity, and the urge to absolute love.” From from Camus’s book, The Rebel: An Essay on Man in Revolt.

*                    *                    *

SECTION C: Geoengineering & Weather Warfare

Without initiative to seek the truth, naive and angry climate activists, and indeed, the general population, do not see the deep state / military cover-ups behind geoengineering operations — the intentional poisoning of the Earth and air, and thus human beings, as well as weather warfare and climate modification. Airplanes are spraying particulates and pathogens like aluminum, barium and sulphuric acid across our skies, what’s commonly called chemtrails — “a global extension of biological and chemical warfare field experiments that have been going on for decades,” writes Elana Freeland in her 2014 book Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth. 

This short, well-researched video shows just how far back these sinister covert operations go. For example, in the 1960’s, the U.S. Navy conducted Operation Sea-Spray, a secret biological warfare experiment that sprayed the bacteria Serratia marcescens and Bacillus globigii onto unwitting San Francisco Bay residents to test their vulnerability to this form of biological attack. “The Army assessed that San Francisco had gotten enough of a dose for nearly all of the city’s 800,000 citizens to inhale at least 5,000 particles based on readings from monitoring equipment at 43 locations throughout the city,” notes this article. As you can imagine, a number of citizens got severely sick as a result of this outlandish experiment. One even died. The family of the latter sued the federal government for gross negligence, but lost the lawsuit.   

The aforementioned Man In Black corroborates the seriousness of the biological warfare being waged upon humanity, specifically through chemtrails; how they are part of the global depopulation plan to reduce us to a mere 800 million by 2030. “Released in the skies daily over all inhabited regions by military aircrafts, the affects of these toxins are severe, and over time, lethal, causing respiratory ailments, cancer, damage to the immune system, and sterilization in men.” Private corporate aircrafts are also being used, noted just below. 

A specific example of this covert poisonous aerial dump is Project Cloverleaf. “Project Cloverleaf is a joint US-Canadian military operation involving distributing chemicals into the atmosphere above Canada and the United States. Both US military refuelling tankers and thousands of planes in private corporate aviation are used… The purpose is to seed into the atmosphere multiple weather/climate modification chemicals for purposes of proactive environmental warfare, originally motivated by a climate change concern; & to introduce highly humanly toxic metallic salts and aerosol fibers that facilitate atmospheric operations of HAARP technology (which is involved in climate manipulation).” HAARP will be addressed shortly. 

Stratospheric aerosols and chemical dumping indeed cause all manner of ill health to humans and animals, and pollute our soil, food, water and air; they are intentionally used drive the climate crisis narrative, with an example being how these pollutants dry the biosphere. “The atmosphere is filled with desiccant particles that absorb all atmospheric relative humidity, affecting crops, trees and all forms of flora,” notes the Dr. Ardis Show, paraphrasing geoengineering expert and guest Dane Wigington. On his website, Wignington shares how aluminum is a desiccant particulate that creates “an incendiary dust that coats foliage and structures.” With forests and greenery vulnerably dry, they are in perfect condition to be set ablaze by hired arsonists and directed energy weapons, furthering the false climate narrative.  

The advanced, sophisticated laser and microwave technology of directed energy weapons (DEWs) caused the Lahaina genocide, as mentioned earlier. And they are responsible for other disasters working in conjunction with geoengineering operations. An example can be seen at 1:15 in this video. Satellite imagery shows 14 fires in Quebec, well distanced from one another, igniting at the same time. DEWs are of growing interest and use to the military, as you will see reading further. Deadly in power and precision, and low in cost, they cause incredible devastation and from a great distance. “DEWs are designed to act silently and invisibly… making their abuse easy to conceal and raising concerns about accountability for harm done and the availability of an effective remedy to victims,” notes this article.  

HAARP — the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program — a complex military facility in Gakona, Alaska, is an essential and highly dangerous piece of this intoxicating puzzle. One of many facilities worldwide, like in Tromsø, Norway, HAARP is an ionospheric heater. With 180 antenna transmitters and capable of emitting 4 billion watts of radiated power, HAARP broadcasts radio frequencies into the ionosphere. With signals reaching across the world, this directed energy weapon is significantly altering our atmosphere and the electromagnetic grid of Gaia. 

HAARP is changing “the chemical structure of the upper and lower atmospheres to alter weather,” writes Freeland. Directed frequency waves of different magnitudes broadcasted across our planet and skies not only cause ill affect to humans and animals (bees and birds, for example, as part of the electrification of society), they alter ocean patterns and jet streams, deplete our ozone, and trigger weather events like hurricanes, flash floods / freeze / drought, lightning, tsunamis, and even volcanos and earthquakes. (More on earthquakes further below.)

Working in conjunction with geoengineering operations and DEWs, HAARP is creating weather anomalies and “natural” disasters to not only depopulate, but destroy our systems of agriculture and ability to live as sovereign, organic, self-sufficient beings, harmonized with beloved Gaia. Control the food, control the people. Manufacture crises, like in Lahaina, then steal the land and usher people into the prison system of “Smart Cities” (discussed in Ch. 6), as Deb Tavares speaks to here. All this strengthens the “climate crisis” hype that every day people — the “enemy”, are to blame for. 

Order (“Democracy”) – Disorder (Crises) – Reorder (“Great Reset”). It’s the old totalitarian formula, now ushered in with the mightiest technologies likely since Atlantis.

Again, paramount to this ruse is false climate modelling based upon “settled science.” Data is provided by government-funded researchers whose livelihood (peer-reviewed publication, professional status, career advancement, etc) depends upon receiving grants, ones rewarded based on how well the data supports the climate crisis narrative. Researchers advance in their career to the degree they present “consensus science” versus actual science. The government bodies rewarding the grants are lock-step with the deep state — United Nations, World Economic Forum, and World Health Organization — climate lie. Intentionally excluded from the climate modelling used to justify a sweeping, “sustainable,” global “reset,” for it must be excluded, is geoengineering, as revealed in this wonderful documentary, UNConventional Grey. Geoengineering programs and their impact on climate and “natural” disasters must remain concealed, unaccounted for. Says Michael J. Murphy, creator of UNConventional Grey, “Ongoing geoengineernig programs are the cause of most, if not all, the (climate) changes that we are seeing. And any climate model that is not including the geoengineering programs, without question, is flawed at best, fraudulent at the very worst.” 

“He who controls the weather will control the world,” said former U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson (1963-1969), seen at the beginning of this video. Words worth taking to heart.

In 1997, U.S. Secretary of Defense William Cohen brought greater transparency to these nefarious technologies when he stated on record, “Others are engaging… in an eco-type terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, [and] volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves…. It’s real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our efforts.” 

This well-researched abstract, which refers to William Cohen’s insider knowledge, outlines the science of this geophysical warfare, and reveals some of its stunning reasoning. Regarding earthquakes, it states, “Significantly, ULF/ELF/VLF electromagnetic radiation produced by modulated high-frequency electromagnetic heating of the ionosphere with HAARP or similar ionospheric heaters such as Tromsø in Norway, can be steered and can travel thousands of kilometers in the Earth-ionosphere waveguide to reach a point of geophysical seismic instability to trigger an earthquake.” According to the abstract  — an Open Letter to the International Criminal Court Alleging War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity for Intentional Triggering the February 6, 2023 Earthquake in the Republic of Türkiye — the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in southern Turkey that killed at least 55,100 — mostly women and children — had clear political motives. In brief, and to paraphrase: Turkey was blocking Sweden’s and Finland’s membership in NATO, and supporting Russia and China. Turkey was not supporting the West’s Ukraine proxy war, in other words, though itself a NATO member. “24 hours before the earthquake, 10 Western countries recalled their ambassadors from Ankara. 5 days before the earthquake, several Western countries, including Romania, issued a travel warning to Turkey without providing a motivation.” The authors also suggest evidence exists linking the Christchurch, New Zealand earthquake in 2011 to this geophysical warfare technology. 

This is political blackmail at the highest level. And its frequency warfare — a silent, covert attack on the frequencies of Gaia’s etheric body that also manipulates the frequency fields of our thoughts and energy, drastically impacting the health (& here) of human and non-human life. Called Fifth-generation Warfare (5GW), the broader spectrum of this ubiquitous WWIII assault consists of 5G tower radiation, expanding fleets of low-orbit irradiating satellites, directed energy weapons, and more. Add geoengineering, the poisoning of our food with pesticides, the aggressive “vaccine” schedule modifying DNA, as well as the psychological and economic warfare, and we can see just how monstrous this war on humanity and all organic life is.

For more on DEWs, HAARP, and other weather / geophysical warfare technologies, and their connection to the climate hoax, depopulation agenda, and the Club of Rome, please watch this packed, professional 4 minute report. The video explains how the course of hurricanes and tornados can be directed by Next Generation Weather Radar Transmitters, or NEXRAD, which supports the content from the earlier mentioned abstract. For another perspective on directed energy weapons and the link to Turkey, please watch this video outlining secret military operations in Antarctica. 

People working in the fields of weather, climate science, the media, and defence conceal these truths — some intentionally, certainly those nearing the top of military-industrial command. The many beneath who, having only so much security clearance, having signed strict non-disclosure agreements, and having trained in unwavering obedience to authority, are, without question, radio silent.

There have been a brave few who have spoken up about geoengineering / weather warfare technologies, and, like other truth-tellers, some were killed for bringing too much Light into darkness, as Elana Freeland reports in her aforementioned book. There must be no challenge to the black budget funded weather/climate operations manipulating the masses into a hysteria, sickening and killing children and adults, for a new world order must be implemented.

Please watch this brave whistleblower speak out regarding geoengineering and weather warfare; how she discovered the truth and was confronted by the military. For a full documentary on this subject, click here. These two videos I highly recommend. 

Could there be a covert operation to spray aerosol mRNA “vaccines” into the skies currently in the works; an airborne “therapeutic” that goes directly into the lungs of the masses, without their consent? Watch this short video or read this article and decide for yourself. Remember, the fake “vaccine” is already being put into our food, without our knowing.

*                    *                    *

SECTION D: Astounding Hypocrisy

“The masses have never thirsted after truth. They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to deify error, if error seduce them. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim.” ~ French polymath, Gustave Le Bon

Without heartfelt, discerning intelligence (including inquiry), and without researching alternative media sources, naive, be-good, obedient masses do not see how climate “for the greater good / safety” is being leveraged for “Smart City” prison creation (see Ch. 6) and a social-credit system; for a technocratic, dystopian future. They do not see how their blind, fanatical efforts to “save the planet,” to “just stop oil,” and their attacks on those who name the “climate crisis” lie support the very people destroying the planet most.

It’s one thing to care about the planet, as I do; for there is much work to be done to end obscene pollution and destruction, to take much better care of our animal friends and live organically and harmoniously with Mother Earth. This is obvious. However, it’s another thing to advocate for and violently defend our dark overlords’ “green revolution” scheme…

…to mindlessly and heartlessly support the insane climate theological idea of culling 65,000 cows a year in Ireland for the next three years to reduce methane emissions from manure and farts, and cows in that country by 10%. As of June 2023, the dark force-controlled operatives in Brussels (EU) are pushing this upon the Irish Department of Agriculture. ”We’re the one industry with a significant roadmap, and, to be quite honest with you, our herd isn’t any larger than it was 25 to 30 years ago,” Pat McCormack, president of the Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association, stated. “Can the same be said for the transport industry, can the same be said for the aviation industry?”

Stop the cow farts, their methane gas emissions! But don’t worry about the mass environmental destruction from war; like the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage led by the transatlantic cabal, what many consider the biggest ecological disaster in decades due to the thousands of metric tons of methane gas released into the water. And don’t you worry that the “U.S. Department of Defense is the largest institutional consumer of fossil fuels in the world… creating more planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions than industrialized countries such as Portugal or Sweden.” 

By the way, does oil come from fossils? No, it does not — see here & here. And like water, it’s an inexhaustible resource beneath our feet. The stories of oil and water, their source and scarcity, the former story promulgated by oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller, are two masterful lies conjured to keep humanity disempowered and impoverished, and to drive profit and power towards the tyrants.

Continuing on…

Stop the sunlight! But don’t worry about the 175,000 “fossil” fuel-burning flights needed per year to spray the sulphur dioxide aerosol particles into the atmosphere, releasing millions of tons of CO2.

Stop using “fossil” fuels! But don’t worry about the destructive environmental consequences of moving to alternative energy “solutions” — like wind, with its turbines now directly linked, through clear science, to whale suffering and death. This disturbing report, revealing the purposeful destruction of marine life, is a must watch. 

Stop using gas-powered cars! But don’t worry about the ample evidence linking the expanded electrification of society over the past 220 years with health complications like cancer, diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

Quoting Mark Mills, Physicist and Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, in this excellent video report by David Icke:

“There is no such thing, of course, as a zero emissions vehicle. The real question is: Where are the emissions associated with the electric car? Because what you do with an electric vehicle is you don’t eliminate emissions, you export them somewhere else. You have to dig up about 500,000 pounds of materials to make a single thousand pound battery. It takes 100 to 300 barrels of oil to manufacture a battery that can hold one barrel of oil equivalent of energy. Just manufacturing the battery can have a carbon debt rate ranging from 10 tons to 40 tons of CO2. And the plans that are in place to increase the use of batteries will require an increase in production of minerals like Lithium, Cobalt, Zinc. Demand for those minerals will increase between 400% and 4000%. There isn’t enough mining in the world to make enough batteries for that many people for their cars.”

As David Icke rightly points out, the dystopian goal isn’t for us to all move to electric vehicles, anyways; to have the freedoms we’ve had to drive and own a car. Rather, the plan is to increasingly limit our movement, and lock us up. Hence Germany considering banning driving on weekends to “meet climate goals.” 

And what about the children and families working at and living near the mining locations for these minerals? To quote one Cobalt minor, speaking somewhat facetiously from the dark, dangerous, industrial mines of Congo, majority owned and operated by foreign countries like China: “We are not provided with oxygen, but we manage. We don’t need air. We want to get paid properly. We are the ones doing all the work, but the foreigners are the only ones making money.” The narrator of the report (also from the linked David Icke video) shares the growing concerns of scientists and doctors who are finding higher concentrations of heavy metals in the blood of pregnant women in that region. These numbers, amongst the highest ever reported, are speculated to cause birth defects. There is also the matter of severe mining pollution infiltrating the river, affecting the locals’ food and drinking source. As one resident sadly shares, “No fish here. There is nothing here.”

*                    *                    *

SECTION E: What a Lie it is!

Repeating my words I began the “climate crisis” section with, as I feel the need to re-summarize: The climate scam and push to net zero is what’s needed to control energy; and when you control energy you control movement and general freedoms. Along with control of food, water, finances, military / law enforcement, and technology / AI, this is what the dark forces need for full-spectrum global dominance.

“For more than a century, ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure — one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” ~ David Rockefeller, Memoirs 

How ironic it is that a lie as BIG as the “climate crisis,” along with the plandemic, their astounding hypocrisies and primary actors, cannot be seen and felt clearly. I have experienced laughter and heartbreak at this astonishing realization — that souls crave so much power that they secret away, year after year, conspiring such extraordinary diabolical stories behind the backs of billions; that so many of the billions on this planet could be so fooled for so long, myself included; and that all this and more has been effectively hidden from sight. What a matrix, indeed!

I’m reminded of the words of Mark Twain, who said, “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes.”

Even with the voracious lies coming to light, even with the true facts / data, astounding contractions, obvious cover-ups, and heartbreaking stories becoming oh so real, closed, stubborn, Green Woke minds and wounded hearts continue to resist, often angrily. It’s simply #nodebate for the manipulated, hypnotized masses lost in black-and-white thinking and immense victimhood. A sentiment carried by their overseers, the oligarchs, who also avoid healthy and open public debate — because they know they would outrightly lose. How can they win against intelligent hearts and minds with solid, empirical data at their disposal when their whole premise is based on lies? 

That is the great irony of “fact-checking,” and why the hypocrisy is at overflowing levels. It’s why the Light of Truth is the greatest threat to the dark story; to its creators and unwitting purveyors. 

“Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the boisterous sea of liberty.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

*                    *                    *

Part 7: Tending to the Heart of the Matter

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

It may just be that the most powerful spiritual practice is not another yoga class or evening of kirtan; or even another therapy session or satsang with our guru; and it may just be that the most powerful act of social justice is not another protest — but rather bravely turning our hearts towards the magnitude of suffering in our brothers and sisters and taking reality in. Rather than hiding on our meditation pillow and in our social justice outrage, it may just be that the freedom, equality and peace we seek is to be found by first courageously seeing things as they are, not how we want them to be. 

This, my friends, is spiritual maturity. It is leadership. And it’s what these times demand. 

The truth shall set you free. It’s not simply a trite axiom to read, but one of profound meaning we are here to live. There is little truth and freedom we can integrate into our heart and soul when living in the shadows of reality. At some point, we must expand our bubble to include our human family being oppressed in China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, New Zealand, and own backyard. We must look clearly, straight at what is occurring with our children being targeted for “gender affirming care” and sexual abuse. We must no longer deny the growing data related to adverse “vaccine” reactions and spikes in stillbirths and newborn deaths; and the startling cover-ups behind geoengineering — the intentional poisoning of the Earth and air and its role in weather / climate modification.

Indeed, we must read the research, peruse diverse, alternative sources of information outside the left corporate media, dive into history, and use our intuition and critical thinking. We must see the lies and deception, the overwhelming abuses of power. 

Most of all, we must give ourselves to heartbreak — to feeling disturbed. We must forgo happy, “all is well,” “not so bad” “normal”, go beyond our angry projections and safe little bubble, and take to heart the disturbing truths abound, and have our world, what we thought true, fall apart.

We are here to heal. We are here to feel empowered. But we are also here to awaken. And there is no awakening without transcending our ideas of reality. Without realizing how much of what we thought true was a complete illusion. A lie lived within a greater lie. 

Until that point, we are playing the game of pre-tending — of not tending to the Heart of the Matter, to our raw humanity, and the humanity of others. And thus we are circumventing the humbling vulnerabilities we must all eventually embrace if we are to ascend to higher planes of consciousness. 

“Just one moment of awakening begins the dissolution of one’s false sense of self and, subsequently, the dissolution of one’s whole perception of the world.” ~ Adyashanti

Giving Weight to Our Cross

The Holy Cross is a four-pointed star. And like all stars, with their radiant arms flickering out and in, the cross reaches to the many fragmented parts of reality and pulls them into its centre, the Holy Heart. There, in a great alchemical fire, the light of Christ, Buddha, of the Stars, turns the many into One. The story of “me” and “my life,” the story that never was, ends. And all that’s left, is all that’s ever been.

Part 1: Sacred Sacrifice & the Fire of Alchemy

Jesus walked willingly to his destiny; not as a victim to the Romans or Judas Iscariot, but as one who knew he was going to demonstrate what the mystery schools of Egypt, India and Tibet prepared him for; what his highly advanced soul was ordained to do. Jesus gave himself to his fate of Sacrificial Love, and thus the cross. He leaned into his crucifixion just like he leaned into the sickness, poverty and isolation of the many he served. 

His colossal legacy teaching made real on the cross was paradoxical wisdom through sacred sacrifice, two word beautifully wed. The cross shows the way and wisdom of opposites found in the human experience, as well as their sacrificial transcendence. It invites us to go beyond the mind that wants to make sense of life through this-or-that parts, through grasping, and into higher dimensions where all parts converge. For these reasons and more, the cross is an advanced teacher and teaching of non-dual consciousness understood by few, and integrated into the heart by even fewer. This is why we have many lifetimes, and why suffering, which brings us home to our cross, is a sacred path.

Pain and suffering advance soul evolution in ways easier paths do not. You know how much more you grow and mature during your dark nights of the soul than when things are going nice and smooth, as planned. Compassion and humility, in particular, are learned only through adverse experiences. Illness, barely making ends meet, and losing a loved one each act as a rite of passage into these, and other divine qualities. They integrate into our heart as we accept and feel the vulnerabilities of our raw human experience; as we allow heartbreak to open us to new dimensions of spiritual maturity.

With compassion and humility experienced as living truths in our heart, we have a desire to serve others in their suffering. Instead of judging another who cannot make ends meet, as we might have done before our adversity, we can feel for this person and meet him in his hardship. Our heartbreak opens our heart to others, to wanting to share its infinite riches in service and love. 

As a young man, compassion and humility were not easy for my highly wounded heart. Having endured sexual abuse and abandonment when a little one, I had no other choice but to wrap my heart in protective barbed wire and portray myself as much more grandiose than I was. My raw, real humanity was hidden under false humanity. I was silently crying, as one personal growth leader identified. 

It took many years of courageous truth-revealing and feeling for me to heal not just the trauma, but the significant physical symptoms I struggled with, a list too long to name here. Working with many wonderful healing practitioners helped uncover what had been denied and forgotten. They supported me to feel what needed heroic, loving attention; to have my pained past and softening humanity made real in my opening heart; to sacrifice all that was false for Higher Truth — for the sacred. Acceptance, then forgiveness, and finally love and gratitude were born. In this, my painful story was integrated in the heart of my crucifixion, dissolved and then transcended. 

Resurrected from the ashes of such tragic beginnings was a man with depth and wisdom, compassion and humility, not found otherwise. I’m not writing these words, or leading my online healing and activation ceremonies, if it weren’t for this difficult rite of passage, this heartbreak necessary to open to the light and to others. 

*                    *                    *

A further way to understand heartbreak is to see it as a sacred space in which the holy fire of alchemy blazes. That fire is at the intersection of the cross, where our heart is. That heartfelt fire can also be called a crucible in which old karma, or outdated fear- and shame-based ways of being, are transmuted or purified. As we give ourselves to our heartbreak, an old belief like “I’m not worthy” or “I deserve to be punished,” or other fears and shame, can be offered to the fire and alchemized into Higher Truth. Our heart is thus the all-consuming fire central to ceremonial living, a purifying heart that opens to more as we give to it. 

An example of a crucible you are likely familiar with, as am I, is challenging romantic relationships. The only way we can experience a healthy, intimate union is if each person gives their heartbreaking vulnerability to the relationship, to the shared crucible. The relationship calls it forth. It demands each person come closer to the alchemical fire that is the intimate relational field, but that also exists in both hearts. 

With each vulnerable giving to one’s own personal fire and to the relational fire, the relationship grows in heat, brightness and love, irrespective of how long people remain together. Each person dies a bit more to the relationship by surrendering to the other, to their own heartbreak, and the fire of love. 

Give ourselves to the fire of suffering — ours, and that of our world — to raw heartbreak, and we give ourselves to our body more fully. We return to it, and realize that our body is our cross, and even carries its shape. Arms out, feet together, we see the human cross beautifully portrayed in the divinely inspired Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci. We carry it wherever we go. A reminder that our work, our purpose, our suffering, is there to be embraced in every moment.

This is what it means to live the holy teachings of the cross. Far more than simply beliefs and trips to church on Sunday, it is a commitment to vulnerable, yet empowered embodiment; to being in the church of our body all the time, which demands sacrifice. True sacrifice. Not a goat. We make a ceremonial sacrifice to the fire of heartbreak at the centre of our cross. We sacrifice for the sacred. We sacrifice our anger for grief, and our tears for humility, compassion and wisdom. We sacrifice fear and shame, and its manifestations of pain and illness, for health, love and peace. 

We sacrifice our imbalanced geo-ego to the fire so we can glow more brightly as the fiery Helio Soul-Star we are! Get it?

We sacrifice, which really means give up to Spirit. We do so by first going down and in. Our pain and suffering calls us down and into our raw humanity, and the rawness becomes the crucible, our crucifixion, which opens us up to life. In our deepened humility and humanity, words rooted in the Latin “humus”, which means earth, life is lived as a sacred ceremony, centred in the heart, grounded in the body and Heart of Gaia, while opened skyward to the Heavens above.

The two planes of the cross point the way, with the horizontal axis reaching out to the phenomenal plane, the physical dimension of this world; and the vertical axis bridging the Earth Star and Central Star of the Cosmos, representing the path of descension and ascension. Yet it’s the cardinal centre, our Holy Heart, that is the epicentre of this ceremony, where Heaven and Earth, spirit and flesh, merge into one.

*                    *                    *

Part 2: Creating Space for Spiritual DNA Activation

“If you would swim on the bosom of the ocean of Truth, you must reduce yourself to a zero.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

To the extent that we give ourselves to our heartbreak, to the centre of the cross, we embrace the emptiness of space. And yet each sacrifice of who we are not, of what no longer serves us, creates room for the fullness of space. In sacrificing to the fire, the sacred shines brighter through our human form. In dying to the old, we are reborn anew. 

Some have referred to this transformation in consciousness as the philosophic death and rebirth. In alchemical terms, it’s the Great Work, or Magnum Opus in Latin. The creation of the philosopher’s stone, the goal of numerous ambitious-obsessed alchemists over the centuries, symbolizes a highly misunderstood and material immortality, one that is, in truth, the deathless, enlightened state only realized through inner alchemy.

This dying is what traditional rites of passage, like those of indigenous cultures and ancient mystery schools, initiate people into through privations, a removal from society, and other adversities. Within the Egyptian Pyramid Mysteries, the final stage of the highest degree entailed the aspirant being placed in a sarcophagus for three days. This took place in what is called the Chamber of Initiation within the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid, where a granite tomb still exists today. This rite mirrored those of other initiations from other parts of the world, like in Burkina Faso, Africa, where the Dagara youth would be buried in the wild earth, left alone without water, with only their head above ground. In these and other moments, the deathless state calls through the crucible of powerlessness, aloneness and dying. A crisis of identity ensues, the aspirant’s ego-surrender is summoned and immanent, guided by elders, shamans, hierophants, Mother Nature and Great Spirit. 

The wonderful Christian mystic Meister Eckhart creatively referred to this initiatory dissolution and death when noting, “God is not found in the soul by adding anything, but by a process of subtraction.” We can also reflect upon the aphorism of Chinese spiritual teacher Lao Tzu, who said, “To be worn out is to be renewed”; and the wisdom of Jesus: “Blessed are the poor (empty) in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven (full).” (Matthew 5:3-4 NIV). 

In the Semitic language of Aramaic, the native tongue of Jesus, “they shall be called the children of God” means literally “they shall be hollowed out, or become channels for Unity,” writes Neil Douglas-Klotz in The Hidden Gospel. In Aramaic, God is Alaha, which means Sacred Unity — quite the opposite of the dualistic, punitive God made mainstream in Christianity. By becoming hollow through courageous letting go and purification, we make space for our hallow non-dual divinity, the innocence we are.  

There is also one of my favourite quotes of all by Richard Bach, from his wonderfully creative book Illusions, illuminating the relationship between dissolution and rebirth: “What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” 

Another winged being that shows the way of sacred sacrifice, death and resurrection, is the mystical Phoenix: first by turning to ash, or emptying; and then by rising in its resurrection body from its crucible; and then by spreading its new iridescent wings open, exposing its heart, and flying or ascending to new heavenly heights and service.

This archetypal path of filling through first surrendering the false self and emptying shadow imprints is the descending impulse. Quantum space created through our heroic inner alchemy allows for our Higher Self to anchor — to come down into our subatomic universe and take hold. Poetically shown by the dove descending upon Jesus at the end of his baptism, this descent of higher consciousness occurs through spiritual DNA activation. 

Along the full length of our carbon-based DNA is where our soul rests its latent coded potentials until we are ready for them to awaken. Much like how imaginal cells carry the consciousness of the emerging butterfly within the chrysalis-wrapped caterpillar, the light codes of our spiritual DNA carry the divine qualities of our Higher Self within the “chrysalis” of our body; qualities like genius creativity, generosity, compassion, wisdom, forgiveness, psychic abilities, and more. These are multidimensional qualities inherent to every angel-winged soul that make up our unique limitless potential to live and create; to experience ourselves as sovereign Christed beings made in the image and likeness of the Divine Mother / God, on all measures. 

The Bible confirms this potential by stating how we perfectly mirror our Creator; that everything God is made of we are made of as well: “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them…” (Genesis 1:27). The church has failed to mention the significance that we are holographic mirrors of the One; and has instead sold the inverted story that God is made in the image and likeness of man. This is the height of blasphemy and arrogance; and a ruse to snuff out our light.

“Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?” (John 10:30). Jesus knew the God/Father within, and saw it in everyone, including those lost to evil. Yet most, as is the case now, were not ready to hear how magnificent God created them; how secreted the sacred was within. 

Awakening is remembering the Alpha and Omega God we are; that we hold equal power to The Creator to command miracles on Earth, and beyond; to birth species, planets, stars, galaxies and even universes. That’s how Kosmic we are! And that’s the blessing of blessings The Divine Mother has bestowed upon all her children. Light code activation is coming home to this realization and inheritance; to personal empowerment, the dawning of our sovereign divinity and its creative powers in form.

Being made in the image and likeness of our Creator and being one with Life does not mean we are all the same at the higher level. Our souls are finger-print creations coded like no other. Our divine DNA is as unique as our biological DNA. And so what a blessing that is as well! We are not only perfect holograms of The Divine Mother of All Life, but our spiritual DNA is uniquely sequenced and soul potential uniquely coded. 

Activating our light codes, what Kaia Ra calls The Sophia Code, thus births the creative God we are into our body, mind and heart. As this progressively occurs, the commands of our Higher “Operating System” take hold through our carbon-based DNA, upgrading it to an entirely new dimension of divinity. The receptors of our neurons receive this consciousness and transfer it throughout our physiology, supercharging our neural pathways with Christ light, also known as Buddha Mind or Starlight. Our chakra system is purified, balanced and activated, and our subtle energy channels are expressed to new divine heights. 

Indeed, we become more alive in spirit through light code activation — by coming down into the body. This is the descending impulse, the downward path of the cross’s vertical axis; and why avatar, derived from the Sanskrit word avatāra, literally means descent. Avatars are those who have fully activated their Sophia Code and anchored their Christ Self in radiant form. 

*                    *                    *

Descent is another name for incarnation; and it’s something that doesn’t end once we are physically born in the womb. To begin, incarnation is the descent of the soul, stored in dormancy along our biological genome; and it’s the codes activated during our initial descent into our mother. Incarnation is both the arrival of latent and active light upon our initial descent into form. As we grow older, for different evolutionary reasons, more of our angelic codes activate, with most remaining in latency. For every code activated, the divinity we are incarnates further into our body. We descend even more. Our spiritual rebirths experienced through periods of adversity, as well as joy, and our formal initiations, activate more of our Higher Self into our body and human awareness. We as Butterfly Souls anchor in our chrysalis human identity in embodied resonance. 

This gradual enlightenment occurs through the dissolution of the false self and false story that has taken root in our carbon-based DNA. Trauma and programming, the pains and lies spanning lifetimes and generations, have given rise to this architecture of illusory, dualistic reality. Enflamed by the incarnating Light of Truth of our Soul, these painful illusions are set to diaphanous light and sacrificed for the eternal, non-dual Holy Truth we are. That which dissolves the false self is the Real Self. That which heals reveals. 

The full sovereignty of our Higher Winged Light claims our bodily throne, anchored centrally in the awakened and cardinal Holy Heart. This is our alchemical, philosophic death and rebirth. This is bowing to Higher Authority. This is giving weight to our cross. 

Incarnation is thus paradoxically not only descent, but resurrection. Light code activation, or the dawning of our Higher Self in form, is the “Second Coming of Christ,” its light resurrecting from the somatic tomb of dormancy. With enough imaginal cells emerging and joining together, the initiate rises from her chrysalis tomb-womb, her sarcophagus, and is twice born. The soul reveals its full “body” of hidden gnostic scripture “buried” underground, the Mysteries, the Truth that human consciousness was not ready to know, but now is.  

What if all suppression of Truth throughout the dark ages — of illumined teacher-adepts, extra-dimensionals or beyond-Earth life, free energy solutions, advanced healing technologies, sacred scriptures, artifacts and sites — is an outer representation of our “suppressed, buried” divinity? What if the Truths now being revealed across the world, ancient and present, are a symbolic reflection of our inner uncovering? 
This prophesied revelation is humanity’s ascension into a Golden Age. 

*                    *                    *

Part 3: Ancient Mystery Schools & Descent into the Underworld

Interesting, isn’t it, how similar the words “secret” and “sacred” are?

Rites of resurrection and the secrets of divine union were at the heart of all ancient mystery schools. They composed the secret doctrine that oaths were taken to protect so the Great Arcanum be not destroyed, or profaned and turned against humanity, which inevitably it was. The sacred lied secreted within, the High Adepts knew, and their schools sought to resurrect its doctrine from the dream of mortality to its place in the immortal. From lies to Truth. 

Though activated in the biological DNA, this scripture of all ages only became Truth through the awakened Holy Heart, the Heart that gives way to love and paradoxical wisdom. Gnosis, from gnôsis, the Greek word for higher knowledge or in-sight, requires the verifications or ratifications of the heart for it to be a living body of text; a somatic reality; and for this sacred knowledge to be shared and used with the highest of integrity and love, and in ordained accord with overseeing celestial beings, such as Ascended Masters and Archangels. Knowledge without heart, even of the most sacred, renders the Great Arcanum to simply information, prone to being co-opted and corrupted. 

The initiated consciousness of those leading the rites was inseparable from the consciousness of Master souls preceding them and around the world, the High Adepts, Saints and Sages who had also embodied the secret doctrine, the universal genetic manuscript contained in our angelic codes. Hierophants, High Priests and Priestesses, those guiding the aspirants through death and resurrection, had merged with the manuscript they already were. The timeless Truths that Jesus uniquely taught and demonstrated from the cross were awakened in their own. 

The secret doctrine is thus everywhere and now-here, within. It’s beautifully and creatively disguised, inside and out, speaking volumes for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear; who are ready for more, for heartbreak, for the uncomfortable uncertainties and Truths that come with giving weight to their cross. One look at Mother Nature and we feel and see the omnipresent Book of Life calling. Her endless cycles of destruction and creation, and the still point between and beyond, share the eternal secrets. One conscious turning towards our breath, and we find the same message there. 

And so it’s been, that throughout the world and throughout time, though separated by vast distances and epochs, all true mystery school traditions have been at one with this Ark of the Covenant and its wisdom teachings of embodied revelation — being twice born. Though their creative means for initiation were different from one another, each school shared the same fundamental purpose, with certain practices like vows to silence, purification (fasting / chastity), isolation and sacrifice, as well as degrees of initiation from Lesser to Greater Mysteries, being the same. The differences between schools reflected the unique DNA sequences of each Hierophant, and the commonalities reflected the Oneness of our universal nature; the timeless Truths that are unconquerable. 

All initiation going back in time, formal and informal, follows the general pathway of redemption laid out by 20th century mystic philosopher, Joseph Campbell, in his work The Hero’s Journey. Campbell provided a simple map of the soul’s archetypal, mythic and courageous pilgrimage into encounters with death and rebirth. Stages include answering the call, descending into ordeals, meeting allies / helpers, and transforming / rising through inner alchemy. Death and rebirth grants the hero and heroine an elixir of newfound gifts and wisdom that can be drawn upon to serve the heroic journeys of others. 

Tying this to mystery schools, our heroic heart must answer the call for being twice born, as was so for Pythagoras and Plato who journeyed south from Greece to attend the Egyptian Mysteries. There, they encountered ordeals that are foremost an internal one: a vulnerable crisis of identity that comes with descending into darkness, facing our fears, and deep questioning; the inevitable disillusion and dissolution within the temple body. Yet, with the help of their allies and helpers, those who initiated them, they surrendered their false self, creating quantum space for the resurrection of their divine elixir, the Light of Truth within.   

Ancient mystery schools constructed these themes into their Lesser and Greater Mysteries by turning towards mythic stories and their Saviour-Gods. Those stories inspired the rituals, symbology, life lessons, schedule — the map — that defined the aspirant’s path through the degrees. For example, the candidate may enact the role of certain deities within the mythic story in order to calibrate to their consciousness and embody it. The proper robes, jewelry, garlands, held torches, etc were part of this identification. This was true within the Eleusinian Mysteries of Greece and the Goddess Demeter, whose story you’ll uncover shortly. Certain items like vegetables and flowers central to the deities and their story would also form key symbolism for the aspirant’s initiation, and would be present as part of the school’s ceremonial space. Further, the initiations may take place in correspondence with the seasons represented in the mythic story. One could suggest that the aspirant traveled through the story, its successive stages, to embody its lessons and redemptive climactic conclusion; some might even say its consciousness.  

Though much has been concealed about the Babylonian Mysteries, there is enough evidence to show how this school was influenced by the mythic story of Goddess Ishtar, also known as Inanna from the Sumerian pantheon. With the following brief summary, we can see how it parallels the general framework of The Hero’s Journey. It begins with the fall of Ishtar into “The Land of No Return,” ruled by Queen Ereshkigal. Upon passing through each of the seven gates of her descent, the guardians of the underworld demand Ishtar relinquish something of value. In the following order, these items are: her crown, earrings, necklace, ornaments from her breast, girdle from her waist, bracelets from her hands and feet, and finally her loin-cloth, leaving her naked in the darkest realm. This removal of precious items symbolizes the dimming of soul light and its divine qualities as it descends into mortal form. Darkness and her fall renders Ishtar naked of that which gives life, which is an inversion of naked representing purity, as it does in the Garden of Eden. 

Angered at Ishtar’s sight, Queen Ereshkigal, dwelling in the bowels of darkness, inflicts all sorts of disease upon her — of the eyes, feet, heart, and more. Hearing of this and “flowing with tears,” King Ea above ground creates a being called Asu-shu-namir who he sends to save Ishtar. The Queen catches word of this Saviour-God (helper / ally) and his plan; and realizing she’s not going to be able to keep her prisoner, Ereshkigal reluctantly grants Ishtar’s release by first sprinkling her with water. Ishtar is set free, and she ascends from darkness, once again passing through each gate, but in reverse order, retrieving her lost precious articles.

Here we see the theme of loss and the quest to return to “higher ground,” representing our Higher Self. The sprinkling of water symbolizes the purification principal that occurs as we surrender into the darkest night, experience vulnerability (naked emotion), and open to the secret doctrine within our genetic universe and heart. It’s what lets us go. Resurrected are the soul codes of our “crown,” “earrings,” etc; the elixir that returns from dormancy and carries certain divine qualities. These seven articles and their gates also symbolize the seven chakras (stargates); the spectrum from the densities of survival and security to supreme consciousness at the crown, the seventh gate — Sahasrara — in Ishtar’s ascent.

Within the Egyptian Mysteries, the seven chakras were symbolically represented by the geographic location of initiation rites alongside the Nile. From south to north, beside the great river stood six temples, crowned by the Great Pyramid, the final and seventh degree, where the sarcophagus await. For the neophyte, their’s was a testing pilgrimage through each sacred site, or chakra temple. One location was the Temple at Kom Ombo, where the aspirant dove down into a dark hole and travelled through a watery granite maze of terrifying darkness in which crocodiles swam. Passing the test required overcoming fear, trusting honed instincts, and finding their way up the other side, and out, all in one breath — another example of descent into darkness / fear, followed by resurrection. Previous experiences had prepared them for this great trial. And they did not know the crocs were already fed, and therefore of no threat! 

The aspirants’ heroic journey northward along the serpentine Nile was also a mirror for the resurrection and ascension of kundalini — the inner serpentine life force — from its dormant “coiled” state at the Muladhara, or root chakra temple. Upwards and downstream, the wise serpent of the successful initiates rose into greater heights of awakened awareness, until merging with the Great (Mediterranean) Sea!

“Be ye therefore wise as serpents.” (Matthew 10:16)

Returning to the role mythic stories played in the mystery schools of antiquity, we must now bring our attention to what many consider to be the most famous of all schools, the Eleusinian Mysteries of ancient Greece. In this tradition, the sacred story providing the map for death and rebirth was that of Demeter and Zeus and their daughter Persephone. (The ancient Greek word “meter” meaning “mother” is in Demeter’s name.) 

What made the Eleusinian Mysteries unique and grand was the degree to which they were celebrated with the general populous. Says Naomi Ozaniec in her book Becoming a Garment of Isis: “The proceedings opened on the fourteenth day of Boedromion, when the sacred objects, the hiera of Demeter, were taken from the sanctuary at Eleusis and brought to Athens in a stately procession headed by priests and priestesses accompanied by the ephebi, a group of young men in training as soldiers. This procession of dignitaries and sacred personnel set the scene for the commencement of the mystery celebration. It was both a civic and a religious event of great importance and popular pride.”

As the story goes, upon a day of picking flowers in the meadow, the young virgin Persephone suddenly sees the dark underworld cleave open before her, and its Lord Hades menacing with intent. Powerless and terrified, she is abducted, pulled down into the subterranean world by this god of the souls of the dead. There, she is made his Queen, a match made in hell. 

Mother Demeter, who is Goddess of Grain and Agriculture, begins a long, heartbreaking search spanning the world. Her absence of mind and her quest deter her from performing the duties and responsibilities of tending to Mother Earth, reaping escalating havoc on the natural cycles of germination and growth. This concerns Zeus, who must appease the Immortals who depend on a functioning humanity. Seeing the despair of his wife and the decaying state of agriculture, he decides he must intervene. The Mighty God sends Hermes, the Saviour-God, to confront Hades and demand Persephone’s return. 

Hades, realizing the fate of his relationship, tricks his young Queen into eating six seeds of a pomegranate (some say it’s three). These seeds represent the compromise between Zeus and Hades: that Persephone is to spend six months of the year with her husband in the underworld, but is free to return home the remaining months. Hades has her for Fall and Winter, then relinquishes his Queen above ground for the brighter seasons of Spring and Summer. 

Celebrated as a solar deity by the Greeks, Spring’s arrival was mythologized by Persephone’s return from the underworld and the rebirthing of the agricultural season. The Sun-Goddess rose from the depths of darkness bringing colour, life, beauty and abundance; just as Sirius did for Egyptians in its annual heliacal rising, which announced the annual Nile flood and fertilization of the land. (Heliacal means the first day a star is seen rising in the east in the light of dawn prior to sunrise.)

For the Eleusinian Mysteries, Persephone’s journey provided the mythic map for the aspirants’ soul descension into the body and mortality, and resurrection from somatic dormancy. It showed the repeated cycle of death and rebirth symbolized by the six-month seasonal cycles of darkness and light she represented after eating the pomegranate. Falling into Fall and rising in Spring can be understood as one entire arc of incarnation — physical incarnation and physical departure. Or it can be viewed as the many small and large formal and informal initiations experienced in one lifetime; the different cycles of death and rebirth through our dark nights of the soul. Two examples of informal initiation are challenging romantic relationships and confrontations with ill health. Both invite us down into our body and heartbreak, and into the resurrection of our soul from perviously held shadows. 

When analogizing Persephone’s descent as being the arc of many lifetimes, many descents into Samsara, we can view each incarnation as an opportunity to heal and activate greater soul embodiment, learn through darkness and suffering, integrate that learning into our heart, and gather the elixir of new gifts and wisdom. An aspirant who has completed the highest degree of any authentic mystery school and attained full enlightenment — awakening their Holy Heart and activating their entire cosmology of light codes — returns to the “underworld” not to clear karma, but to serve others’ liberation from “Hades.” These Master souls or Bodhisattvas come down for a different purpose, and are symbolized by Hermes, the Saviour God. (In Egypt, he is known as Thoth, and in Rome, Mercury.) 

Returning to the pomegranate, and taking our symbolic understanding of it further, we find it represents the amnestic ignorance that has us deny our immortal nature; a consciousness of accepting the shadowy underground of spiritual impoverishment instead of seeking to fully transcend it. Hades represents the imbalanced ego, the trickster we face within that veils the light and tempts us into settling for this shallow darkness; into eating the fruit and remaining in the duality of suffering and illusion. (Remember that veil, evil and live all share the same letters. Lie is in there too!) Persephone’s rise shows the way of transcending the mortal world and self and the mind control programs we take on, and re-identifying with our pure immortal identity, the deathless state of our soul. 

Said Alfred Einstein, “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” Snow White shows the blue pill way, eating the fruit that made her fall (descend) into sleep (illusion). Alice too descended into the underworld of Wonderland, from which she heroically resurrected her Self. Indeed, the mythic stories exist in myriad creativity, teaching the secret doctrine of the ages. 

Persephone heralding the blossoms of Spring represents the activation of the “genetic seeds” (soul codes) from the dormancy of darkness in our “subterranean world” — the subatomic universe of our carbon-based DNA. From this dark “soil” (human = humus) blossoms our multidimensional divine qualities, our angelic latent talent — words with the same letters. Our divine DNA “sprouts” into our human awareness, rebirthing our consciousness into the “light of day” — Light of Truth, which transforms the world (agricultural abundance).

Persephone’s resurrection from darkness is paradoxically both the ascending and descending impulse; the unified path that is the vertical axis of the cross. The soul’s descent into the underworld of the body expresses itself through the blossoming of light codes, or resurrection. Spring arrives by going down and in. Persephone’s heroic journey thus provides the map for courageously being human; for coming down into the naked vulnerabilities and uncertainties of our humus-underworld, overcoming crocodile fears, and rising into newfound Truth. 

“What does ‘he ascended’ mean except that he also descended into the depths of the earth? He who descended is the very one who ascended higher than all the heavens, in order to fill the whole universe” (Ephesians 4:9-10).

This wonderfully shows the interconnection between increasing our thresholds for feeling, uncertainty and Truth, and how they relate to soul evolution through the body — to giving soul weight to our cross. I invite you to keep these thresholds in mind as you continue reading, and witness our global awakening.    

A final parallel must be drawn between this story and the necessity for heartbreak in one’s heroic rise that is central to the cross. There is no resurrection of Persephone without the heart and heartbreak of her determined mother; without the tear-soaked primal maternal love and power that fuels Demeter’s global search and that pushes mighty Zeus to finally intercede. Heart and heartbreak also provide the turning point in the Babylonian Mysteries; for without King Ea “flowing with tears,” there is no fierce desire to take charge and save his beloved Ishtar. 

Persephone, too, requires heart and heartbreak to overcome complacency, victimhood and enslavement. No one drags or pushes her out. She must choose the light, like all of us, otherwise life is a prescription, not a creation. To say Yes to the warming light of Spring, she must first say No to the dreary dark cold of Winter. Enough is enough! the heart must cry. This does not happen without enough emotionality, integrity and fire from our cardinal centre. Without embracing the rawness of our humanity. 

Transcending the “underworld” is thus the path of the heart that longs for more, and determines it’s worthy of such.

From this understanding of heartbreak and its redemptive purpose, we find the wisdom of the escalating madness of our world — how extremity is necessary to initiate collective heartbreak and a breaking free from “the underworld” humanity is attached to. A broken-open, fiercely awakened heart that is the Heart of the Spiritual Warrior must lead the charge if humanity is to break the spell of mind control that has come from being deceptively fed the “pomegranate” from cradle to grave. 

And so it is, that it may just be the horrific truths being revealed regarding the far-reaching extent of child abuse that will break our hearts so deeply, so painfully, so as to ignite the fierce flame of our inner Demeter. Fuelled by primal love and a need to protect our most innocent, I believe it is our targeted and tortured children that will cause us to finally raise our God-given Swords of Light, overcome all fear, and exclaim “Enough is enough!” With enough disgust, outrage and grief — our emotional allies — the heart births the Warrior Spirit willing to sacrifice everything for Truth, Freedom, Dignity and Love, just as all “Saviour Gods” do. Fear and conditioning, at long last, no longer stop us from speaking one of the most powerful words in the world, the word we have been programmed to suppress — No! Hades, inside and out, no longer rules us, for we have given ourselves to the Light. 

A mother’s painful outcry is one of the most powerful calls to Truth in the world. And when united with the tears and outrage other parental heartbreak, it has the power to transform the world like nothing else.

There will be no transformation in human consciousness without the power of love that must first come from heartbreak and no longer denying truth. A heartbreak that serves us and others to the extent we have the courage to ride the waves of and embrace our painful emotions. We transform the world as we transform our interrelated thresholds for feeling, uncertainty and truth. As they rise, we resurrect from the denied places of our mortal home. 

Giving weight to our body, while open to our emotional and spiritual hearts central to our cross, is the personal crucifixion needed to end the story of suffering. Hades cannot survive our resurrected embodiment. Its ending ends the dark underworld and heralds the Golden Days of Spring. This is Sacrificial Love, a radical responsibility to self and other whose time has come. 

“Heat,” is it not in “heart” for a reason? The Diaphanous Flame, the Thousand Radiating Suns of our Higher Self, is the Revelation announced most powerfully through our uncompromised Holy Heart. Now is its time to “cast fire upon the earth” (Luke 12:49), to ignite sacred alchemy, and transform darkness into light. 

*                    *                    *

Part 4: The Holy Altar of Your Body

“No one lights a lamp and puts it under a basket, but rather on a lampstand, and it gives light for all who are in the house,” summoned the masterful Prophet (Matthew 5:15). Jesus taught the radical responsibility of resurrecting our light (lamp) from dormancy (under the basket), so that our body (house) be illumined, and so others receive its heavenly radiance. He showed the way of sacrifice — that by emptying our “house” of learnt blasphemies, it can then be filled with the resplendent divine. 

It becomes a sacred church for all to visit! 

Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross was his monumental demonstration of this, sending ripples across time and space, re-mapping quantum timelines and possibilities. He sacrificed what was left of “Hades” within, his mortal identity; but more, he sacrificed the portion of collective “underworld” karma he inherited upon incarnation; a heavy load of consciousness from a troubled world stuck in darkness. Saviour-Gods do this, for they have no individual karma to work through. They incarnate from the high Light Realms to take on the “sins of the world,” especially during periods when there is a strong imbalance towards darkness, as was so during that time. This karmic inheritance is alchemized in their body, their initiated church, so to “clear the air” and make it easier for the multitude to choose the light; to restore a certain degree of balance between dark and light; and to seed new timelines of possibility. 

Jesus fulfilled this purpose overtime prior to his crucifixion as an embodied alchemizing force, radiating light omni-directionally and uplifting planetary consciousness. However, it was upon the cross that the greatest transmutation occurred. There, the magickal Rite of Golgotha took place. Through the sacred cross, a multidimensional portal opened, bridging Heaven and Earth. All remaining weight of collective karma that was his to dissolve disappeared into light in the moment of his mortal death. 

He “died for our sins,” which is what these words actually mean. The “sins of the world” died through him, in this great rite of sacrifice. The cross fulfilled its destined alchemical and transcendental purpose, and he forever transformed the collective field.

In this, Jesus showed something few have recognized, a secret meaning and sacred purpose of the cross: that, far more than a torture device, and even a symbol of paradox and unification, for Jesus, it was his altar; a sacred altar to alter consciousness; a portal through which to bring Heaven to Earth; and a four-pointed stargate through which to cross over and ascend back to the high Light Realms. 

For these reasons, the cross is indeed the Holy Cross.

Your body is your holy altar, with just as much potential as Jesus’s. And it’s only by being in your body, by giving your Holy Spirit to your altar, that you realize your potential to alter your consciousness, and that of the world. You realize your body as a Holy Church.

We experience this realization in union with our external candlelit altars. We give ourselves to them, these portals to higher consciousness. There we express our exhales, share our tears, voice our fears, say our prayers. We empty ourselves, softening, humbly bowing head to heart, giving more weight to our seat, our body, with each let-go. We sacrifice who we are not so our Higher Self can descend, and we can fly higher into more of who we are, into the higher Light Realms. And so from our resurrection body, we can bring more light to the world. 

Indeed, with our bodily altar always present, we need not wait to give weight to our cross. It calls us each moment to bow and rise anew. To alter, for ourselves and the world.  

*                    *                    *

Part 5: Give Me Your Weight

to the silence of space,

and you may hear
in so many unspoken ways, 
love calling you,
as only love does,
Give me your weight.”

This Soul Project, as I call it, is our multi-lifetime path of expanded embodiment and service; of going up by first going down and in, into our miraculous altar; a pathway Mother Nature teaches us to do, with Her trees and flowers showing the way — that we rise into the light inasmuch as we root, descend; that by going deep down into humus, we ascend radiant and alive, with ample “oxygen” for the hungry world. 

An infant who gives his full limp-loose, safe-trusting weight to his mother’s arms and heart is living this beautiful path — the Way of the Vertical Axis, the Way of Nature. He is descending into love. This is called resting in connection. From this sacred bonding ground the child rises nourished and alive, rooted in his body and soul. 

The triune of relaxation, trust and safety are interrelated in the experience of intimate, nurturing attachment, and are thus foundational for healthy child development that includes identity, as stated in the last chapter. The more a child safely rests in connection, co-regulating with the parent’s heart, nervous system and soul, the more he fosters a strong sense of self harmonized with his Higher Self. The ego or human identity is balanced and healthy, and able to be of service in the world. 

Weighted in his altar-body with support from having safely leaned into his primary caregiver, he also roots into the vast altar of Mother Earth’s body. He is harmonized with the wisdom of Gaia, Her Heart, Her mighty Soul. Rooted within and below, from here, his young wings and heart can joyously open, and his soul can fly. Anything is possible! 

We teach and tell a child 
all the ways to 
grow up,

but she lives
from her heart, 
her gifts and power,
only as much as she first grows 


into the mysteries 
of her body,

a body held
by love.

What if that Sacred Bond, that Sacred Trust, that feeling of Oneness with mother or father that fosters harmony within the child, is the infant’s Garden of Eden? And what if by safely resting in this Garden as a child, he is more likely to grow up resting in the arms of the Divine Mother of All Life? 

With secure attachment, this Garden of Oneness, significantly lacking throughout the centuries, especially during the last 150 years of growing industry in which both parents have worked and children have attended school, there has been a great Fall from Innocence. Thus there has been a great fall from the altar — disembodiment and disconnect. Insecure within, the growing child has fallen prey to the “serpent” (imbalanced ego / Hades) and its temptations to “eat the forbidden fruit” (pomegranate matrix-mind-tricks) from the “tree of good and evil” (duality/illusion). Delusion has taken hold. 

“Become transgender,” says the wily serpent of child, parent, medical worker, and… 

Resting in connection through healing and returning to the Garden of Innocence and Oneness is our great Soul Project. And it is to be achieved in our altar-cross; through our heroic, vulnerable descents into the underworlds of and within many lifetimes. Truthfully, we have never left the Garden and its endless Golden Summer; and yet, paradoxically, the journey is the Great Return from the dream of Fall and Winter; a coming Home depicted beautifully by the parable of the Prodigal Son. 

After squandering his portion of his father’s estate in a distant land, losing himself to temptation, and drowning in agony amongst the pigs, the son reached rock bottom in the underworld. With his worth dangling by a gossamer thread, he decided he must resurrect himself and seek forgiveness. “I will get up and go to my father, and say to him, ‘Father, I have sinned against God and against you, and I am no longer worthy to be called your son. Let me be like one of your hired men.’ And he got up, and went to his father.” (Luke 15:18-20). From the pit of the souls of the dead, the boy indeed resurrected himself, and came home — ascended — to the open arms of his father. A father who had nothing to forgive. 
“Let us eat and make merry!” rejoiced the father. “For this son of mine was dead, and he has come back to life; he was lost, and is found.” (Luke 15:23-24)
The son was twice born. 

It’s with an initiated heart and mind that one knows that his rebirth to “higher ground” only occurs by going down and in, into suffering — into the Church of Alchemy, where carbon DNA turns to Diamond light. 

*                    *                    *

And so it is that suffering, and pain in particular, serve a sacred purpose, as is the case now in our global crisis. Having roots in attachment failures (breaches of the Garden), unresolved past life trauma, and more, pain and suffering demand we seek change, say No, and claim our worth; that we resurrect from our predicaments of complacency, victimhood, squalor, codependency, and more. Pain and suffering ask, quite often with growing intensity, that we turn our attention down and in, into our forlorn body, and the higher project at hand, which is always love — giving our weight to love, and then eventually serving from that divine embodiment. 

The cross calls for our attention, day in, day out, asking us to give ourselves to it more fully; to pay attention and feel what it’s trying to say to us; to lean into our suffering, instead of avoiding it. 

This is what it means to suffer well.

The reality of sore hips, a tight gut, and digestive issues invite us into the shadows of forgotten sexual abuse. Our clenched jaw, painful upon waking up in the morning, announces that our heart has words to say that we keep denying. The bubbling psoriasis on our hands that makes basic tasks so difficult tells of old anger — red hot energy — and the untended grief underneath. Our endless exhaustion is our body tiring of acting out the old survival adaptation of caretaking, a pattern we took on because it was safer to say Yes to others than to ourselves. Our depression and chest pain are the silent cries from having lived so long pressing down who we authentically are while being a certain way, a pattern going back to previous lives. 

Our inability to give our mattress our full weight and fall asleep is the unhealed fear, the eternally present past of trauma, that whispers, “It’s not safe to give another my weight.” It’s the unheard cry of yesteryear that feels unsafe to turn off, resting limp and loose, because survival depended on being on — rigid, vigilant, alert. 

Our inability to give a trusting person our weight, to soften into the love and affection of their arms, even words, is also the voice that says, “It’s not safe to give another my weight.” It too is the unheard cry of yesteryear that feels we may get hurt — again — if we lean into another with our tender, open body. 

In the West, when people experience symptoms / issues like these, they do not correlate them with past events, let alone with underlying energetic imbalances. They overlook unprocessed fears, shame, anger, grief and disgust and nervous system dysregulation as causes. Our healthcare system certainly does not make the connection, and pathologizes and labels our struggles. Mechanical procedures like massage (without energetics) and medical interventions like psychostimulants do not address the core issue.

Moreover, by tending to symptomology, and settling for “chemical imbalance” reasoning and “mental disorder” labels, we don’t attend to the deeper work of leaning into our body, and suffering well. Instead of uncovering, feeling, learning and integrating, we seek a quick re-covery from such challenges, which only suppresses them more. We want the pills and to get back to “normal,” versus the responsibility of recognizing the larger Soul Project and how our body calls us to it. 

Trauma keeps us in a perpetual state of disembodiment. We learn, especially as young frightened children lacking attachment and co-regulation, that our body is unsafe. An overwhelm of fear, disgust and anger that isn’t soothed due to inadequate attachment parenting makes us want to avoid our uncomfortable and scary somatic experiences. Add the need to be vigilant in our unpredictable home in order to feel safe, and the heavy weight of mental indoctrination from the “education” system, and you have a formula for rising above the body into the calculating, rational, certain mind, not coming down and in. Pain and suffering must then come to initiate this descent. 

Cementing this survival adaptation and disembodiment further is the cultural conditioning that teaches us to be strong, not weak; to keep it together, not fall apart; to know, not feel. Add the stress of over-busy, under-resourced adults (parents), and the endless stream of “shiny bits” available, like technology, and you have a system of continuous distraction and avoidance of the cross, and the suffering we carry. 

There is a saying that the way out is the way through. In our disembodied cultures, where our five senses are captured by the tempting phenomenal plane, we perceive far more way outs than ways through. With people unaware of what lies underneath their suffering and unwilling to do the vulnerable work of giving weight to their cross — of going through — they are easily lured away from the real work by “outs.” Sadly, they do not discover what really matters on the “other side” — the deeper dimensions of their humanity and soul, and the new possibilities for experiencing and sharing both. 

Avoiding the purifying fire of alchemy keeps people from the pure light of their Higher Self, a light that must shine through our embodiment if darkness is to dissolve. Above all, this luminosity is the Soul-ution for these times. It’s there, in this infinitely creative intelligence of light, that we realize the gifts we are here to bring, and our world needs. We remember who we are and why we are here. 

*                    *                    *

We are a people who much prefer beginnings over endings, filling over emptying, keeping versus letting go, staying strong versus falling apart (emotionally), knowing versus uncertainty. Like all initiations, this dramatic one we are in as a collective is rapidly bringing us into the latter of each. At quickening speed, what we believed true, the world we thought we knew, is crumbling. Space is being made for disturbing and enlightening truths. For the whispers and presence of our soul to finally take hold and lead us from darkness to light.

Busyness, toughness, being smart, good and obedient, fitting in nice and neat, pleasing others — they are all wonderful disguises. But we cannot continue living the game of running and hiding, of silently crying and pre-tending, of projecting our victimhood onto the world. We cannot continue complacently playing the waiting game, while avoiding our Truth, our Power, the endless Joys that heartbreak opens us to. We praise the game and teach children to “succeed” at it, while ignoring, not tending to, the shadows giving rise to it and our global insanity. 

We don’t take the wise words of spiritual teacher Jiddu Krishnamurti to heart: “It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t need some significant, loving tending to their cross through a good solid cry — a long one; to grieve not only their own heroic and agonizing struggles, but those of others, like our ancestors and children. 

I don’t know anyone who, deep inside, doesn’t long to release the constrictions and bracing that come with trauma that keep them up and alert; and to finally let go and become limp, weighted; to feel safely held by loving arms, like those of a warm mother or Mother Earth. Followed by the exhale of a lifetime, a long-awaited sigh of relief, bringing even more weight to their body. 

I don’t know anyone who, deep inside, doesn’t want to finally take to heart that their traumatic experience is over, and need not be carried anymore. That was then, this is now. To know: It’s safe to be in my body, to come home to it. And that it’s safe to no longer pre-tend, and to be free-me. 

I don’t know anyone who, deep inside, doesn’t want to suffer well and be received well in their suffering; to surrender and bow, touching the ground where their tears lay, and to merge with Mother Earth who they now feel more at one with.

Indeed, I don’t know anyone who, deep inside, doesn’t want to end, if only a little, and feel through their heartbreak the break of dawn. 

If only people knew what they were really hungry for…

“Love is a place we go when we no longer wish to hide.” ~ Unknown

In giving weight to our body, and thus Mother Earth who is an extension of our body, we give our weight to life. Paradoxically, as the Holy Cross teaches, we transcend the world of form only by turning towards it. 


Global Crucifixion

over time,
light came in
and dissolved
who I thought
was me,
my thoughts,
my beliefs,
the stories I thought true,
the secret places
even I
hardly knew,
each faded
into the sunset
of disbelief,
and into the sunrise
of Truth.
I rose.
I Am.

“I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.” ~ Apostle Paul (Galatians 2:20 ESV)

Part 1: Outer Tyranny Mirrored Inward

The collapsing world we see before us is the external expression and catalyzing force of what’s being initiated within — inner collapsing and heartbreak. With social, economic, political and other systems falling apart, there is a corresponding inner falling apart. The end of the world is forcing our ending, and our ending is forcing the end of the world. It is one interwoven system of collapse, breaking us open to the destined Golden Age.

For these reasons, this pivotal lifetime is an opportunity coveted by souls who wish to advance their evolution through the tremendous heartbreak and ceremonial fire made possible through our global events. Who want to enter crucibles of pain, loss, hopelessness, confusion, uncertainty and powerlessness, and to have old, limiting and false aspects of themselves spanning lifetimes surrendered to the fire of alchemy. 

That fire both empties and transforms. Into the searing crucible of 2020+ we can give the carbon of “I must obey/be good to survive” and have it alchemized into the diamond light of empowerment. The base-metal of false security, defined by seeming separation and a codependency with the false world, can transform into a golden heart-felt knowing that I am One with the Cosmos; that this is my eternal “security.”  

To the fire of alchemy we can give the tyrant within (Hades / serpent) that desires supremacy in our consciousness; and that, if looked upon closely, reflects and feeds the attitudes of the dictators in our world. This is the imbalanced ego that wants us and others to behave a certain way (good and obedient); that tells us and others all the reasons not to speak the truth (censorship); that wants us and others to fit in versus stand out and question — the “science” (conformity / groupthink — see link before last); that judges us and others with pejorative labels (persecution); that’s invested in us being a victim versus taking personal responsibility (the woke mindset); and that incites us to attack ourselves and others with physical violence, as evidence with the growing trend of self-mutilation and activist-mob outbreaks.

Another example of how the tyrant within reflects and feeds the oligarchs is the following. Pay close attention to your thoughts, and you’ll notice how invested they are in creating crisis after crisis — worry, problem-making, drama, catastrophizing. This keeps us in a state of reactive fear and unnecessary self-control. A few examples: Inner tyranny has me believe that if I share my artwork, no one will like it; if I ask that person out on a date, s/he’ll think I’m overbearing; if I finally say a deserved No, I’ll lose my job/relationship. Why bother, says the imbalanced ego that convinces us all the reasons we lack worth. Hiding out, playing small, going along to get along, become the preferred routes in order to avoid the imagined complications. 

Self-control derived from imagined crises / problems inevitably has us control others, as well. An example lies in the growing cult of safetyism, referred to earlier. Helicopter parents project their aversion towards wild abandon onto children, a fear stemming from old, unprocessed trauma and programming. Unnecessarily so, they steer little ones away from being a Wild Child, and the learning only found in free, unsupervised play and bumps, bruises and scrapes. They protect less for the child, and more to comfort / protect their survival identity that cannot bear the discomfort of straying too far from straight and narrow paths. Do you see the pattern of self-preservation? Dogs too suffer from this short-leash projection, something I sadly witness almost daily. Their “owners” expect them to act like well-behaved humans, versus enjoying the wild, roughhousing, butt-sniffing beasts they are. 

In these and countless other examples, the imbalanced ego forged by trauma and programming creates problems and reasons for unnecessary control, if only in its thoughts. To recognize this pattern mirrored at the tyrannical macro-external level, you must first imagine the oligarchs as representing the collective ego for all humanity. Consider how they create problem after problem for the global body of human beings: escalating manufactured crises such as plandemics, wars, “climate change,” racial tension, food shortages, and “alien invasions” — events created so the oligarchs can trigger and feed off of our collective fear; and so they can impose their long-planned “solutions” upon a frightened, divided and desperate people, and profit from them; for example by ab-using emergency powers and enhancing surveillance to “protect citizens, democracies and national security.”

This totalitarian strategy is also known as Problem > Reaction > Solution, most notably executed in the last few years as Covid > Sickness / Fear / Obedience > “Vaccine.” A related example is: Destabilize impoverished developing nations, causing a reduction in sanitation > “Neglected tropical diseases” arise > Be the hero and provide the profitable medical “solutions” — as planned! And here is one more for you: “Climate crisis” > Fear / Anxiety > Carbon tax & Net zero / Control the food supply / “Smart cities.”

Shadow governments manufacture crises to enforce more, tighter shadowy governance — laws, regulations, policies, surveillance; all, of course, for our “protection,” and for the “sustainable good” of Mother Earth. 

By manufacturing problems and having the “solution” accepted through complicit mass formation psychosis, other “solutions” (controls), like digital passports, can be justified and implemented, with each “solution” building upon the other. As well, the next planned problem can enter into the matrix-mix, right on time, like a new outbreak. Humanity begins to live in a permanent state of emergency, lockdown and fear, as the dark overlords expand their powers and tip-toe civilization towards total centralized control. 

This strategy is an outgrowth and mirror of how we use it internally, upon ourselves. As within, so without. The inner dictator manufactures problems / emergencies, incites fear, and then orchestrates the solutions — go along to get along; say Yes, not No; wildness leads to getting hurt, so be (unnecessarily) safe — protected! The imbalanced ego controls us, diminishes our worth and possibilities, and disempowers us in the process. It then acts out this painful strategy on family members, friends, coworkers, a nation — or the entire world. 

Excessive inner control, unchecked, exerts excessive outer control. 

The greater the pain, the greater the need to act out and control, and the more evil one’s motives and behaviours are — all of which makes one a perfect operative for the darkest of dark that rule Earth. 

Creating fear and feeding off that fear is central to the dogma and stratagems of inner and outer tyranny. The fires of fear must be continuously stoked, and thus repeated crises are needed, if these “caterpillar” establishments are to survive and avoid their crisis of identity — their dissolution. A fearful state of mind or a fearful state of nation, or world, is fundamental for inner and outer enslavement. 

And so what if the psychological operations of externally manufactured deception also occur within? The expertise of the collective oligarchical ego and the personal egos of humanity are fundamentally the same — that of being an expert tease

Indeed, inner mirrors outer in myriad, subtle ways, if we dare look and be honest with ourselves; just like how our shadows are mirrored by our romantic partners, best friends, children, and even employers, as if by some intelligent design.

Summarizing these opening words: This inner tyrant is the dark force that all souls carry as part of their journey through shadows of the underworld that, left unchecked, leads us and others down roads of suffering and illusion. It is the great weaver of lies, the “fruit” giver, reflecting, in so many subtle ways, every tyrant in history — those lost to the great lie and liar within that must continuously deceive, tempt and incite fear to uphold supremacy in consciousness.

Over the last few years, the fragile tyrants of the masses have been triggered to new heights of anxiety, depression, delusion, victimhood, mania — inner emergency — by the lockdown madness, social and financial strains, and growing uncertainties. The outer circumstances of the Covid era, as well as the testing circumstances of today, have been a catalyst for these reactions. They have triggered what is unprocessed trauma and programming spanning lifetimes and generations, painful shadow imprints that define and drive the false self. What was already present in the unconscious — tyrant patterns of obedience and violence, self-hatred and censorship — has surfaced, been acted upon (eg: offended victimhood), and become more conscious in the process. As global thresholds for truth and uncertainty increase and are experienced, unavoidable feelings emerge from dormancy.

Hard as all this has been, this surfacing is one of the hidden gifts and necessary initiatory purposes of these revelatory times. The surfacing is the initial stages of the Great Revelation, in which humanity awakens to darkness, both outside and in, and through which pain and suffering can no longer be kept secret. With awakened awareness, one can better see and feel how dysfunctional personal and collective “normal” has been; how much suppressed pain has contributed to: 

  • 42% of adults in the United States being obese
  • nearly a third of teen girls” having “seriously considered suicide — up nearly 60% from a decade ago”
  • 44% of all men engaging in suicidal ideation in the prior two weeks, with younger men showing the highest levels
  • the increased dependency on antidepressants, prior to Covid: “In 2016, Germany had already experienced a 46% rise in antidepressant use in four years. Portugal and Spain had at least a 20% increase in the usage of medication to combat depression.”
  • the overwhelming number of children sexually abused, physically abused and neglected by parents, grandparents, uncles, siblings, etc
  • parents cheering on drag queens sexualizing and thus abusing their little ones
  • parents, politicians and others encouraging “gender affirming care,” the cruel medicalization of children
  • children believing they are transgender, someone other than who they beautifully are
  • humanity’s addiction to gossip and judgment
  • smoking and littering cigarette butts
  • torturing animals in the name of “food” and eating this “food”
  • allowing children to play violent video games that program their minds to normalize violence
  • the collapsing system of sick care that we call health care
  • the poisoning of our oceans, air, soil, water systems…
  • our collapsing bee population
  • circumcising boys, which is genital mutilation — historically, up to 96% of babies in the US and Canada received no anesthesia for this traumatic procedure, under the belief they felt no pain
  • and contributing to people being so addicted to complacency that they cannot bother to lift their heads above soda pop and sitcom “normal”

… to name but a few things.

Awake to this extreme dysfunction, the multitude can increasingly take to heart not just the immense pain within, and in our world, but how codependent the relationship has been between they and a deeply broken and corrupt system; between tired and dissatisfied pension awaiters and givers; a matrix-mind-tricks run by troubled souls who feed off of fear and disempowerment, and use the abusive “education” system to indoctrinate children into feeding this toxic codependency. 

Systems like healthcare are collapsing because we can no longer exhaustedly work with symptoms while ignoring causes. The shadows of the psychophysiology and soul, and thus our communities, are calling louder than ever, screaming in our ears and hearts. These shadows are denied in others with a growing sophisticated array of often de-humanizing patchwork because we continue to chronically avoid our own painful history, our raw humanity; because we are so addicted and attached to our established systems of cover-up, inside and out — ones whose time have come.

Giving our inner tyranny to the fire of alchemy, of purification, central to the cross, is therefore urgently vital for our liberation. Less identified with our fear-based, persecuting, lying ego, the propaganda within, that demands being good and obedient, censorship and conformity, violence and control, we identify less with these same demands, behaviours and ideologies of our “leaders.” We resonate less with dysfunction and impurity as our heart awakens. We see it for what it is. We see the lies by awakening to heartfelt Truth. The larger codependency with the dark matrix, its “common will,” falls apart as the hypnotized inner tyrant disentangles from its external rulers; as it stops feeding the oligarchical ego establishment and its toxic, abusive systems. Mass formation psychosis loses its power and people regain their own.

Ultimately, our dark overlords will not be conquered through a fight, which I’ll speak to more in Chapter 7. The oligarchs / tyrants who, throughout time, have represented the imbalanced collective ego in amplified form, serve the purpose of acting out the shadows humanity has yet to integrate. They reveal and ignite darkness, just as our partners, children, etc do, fulfilling the inescapable Law of Balance and Mirroring existing in this world of contrast. And so it is, that rather than tearing down and replacing the despotic mirror, with clear perception and a commitment to self-responsibility and self-mastery — to being twice born — we change the reflection by changing ourselves. We take responsibility for our portion of the greater body of life’s “sins” — our portion of darkness, or evil. We give our caterpillar-self over and die to the cross, with each day, each moment, giving us another opportunity. Human consciousness is transformed from the inside out. 

Knowing this, and that the real church is our body, where our Higher Butterfly Self emerges / resurrects, the reasoning for the attack on biology before us, the genocidal war on this holy temple, becomes more clear. The dark ones want to keep the light at bay. They want to keep us inured to darkness, and identified with “normal” tyranny — inside and out. 

Taking all this to heart, we understand why these times are so pivotal and potent, and so greatly misunderstood. Afforded to us all in this monumental lifetime, especially those with “eyes to see and ears to hear,” is the opportunity to participate in and serve our collective metamorphosis, our rebirth. We are witnessing and experiencing the story of suffering built on inner and outer tyranny, and their enmeshment into a false reality, meeting its fateful end. The heat of the global crucible is intensifying at an exponential rate; it’s calling louder each day for these disempowering patterns, for their ceremonial release to the Holy Fire, the Light of Truth, which is our global crucifixion.

*                    *                    *

Part 2: Dark’s Last Stand: Human 2.0 & The Digital Dystopic Dream

SECTION A: Cosmic Timing and Rays, & the Christ Grid of Light

Prophesied by all major spiritual traditions, we are indeed at the End Times, which is why there is so much chaos, uncertainty and polarity; and why there is this significant push from dark forces desperate to stop the Golden Age. 

The year 2012 was not what people thought it would be in terms of clear, obvious shifts. However, the Winter Solstice of that year marked the end of what is called the Great Year, or Platonic Year named after Plato. This period is measured by the awesome elliptical orbit of our solar system around Alcyone, the brightest and central star of the Pleiades star system. A transit totalling 25,920 years, it is segmented by 12 celestial months of 2,160 years that correspond with different zodiac signs. This is called the precession of the equinoxes. When you hear people say that we are entering the Age of Aquarius, an age of enlightenment, they are referring to our transition out of the Age of Pisces, the previous celestial month that made up much of our rapidly completing Dark Age; what’s sometimes called the Iron Age, and in Hinduism, Kali Yuga.

With this Cosmic alignment comes increasing waves of higher frequencies entering the planetary field and altering its consciousness. For decades, with the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 being a key marker or turning point, there has been an amplification of what I call the Christ Grid of Light. Imagine a circumglobal network of light anchored by the large number of interconnected Starseed light workers and unusually high number of Master Souls; as well as the increasingly active Earth portals like Mount Shasta, Stonehenge, and crop circles. Together, in anchoring and holding this grid, they strengthen the collective field, and give those who are open the opportunity to dial into and entrain to this “divine internet”; to download new information and feel into a different, yet familiar way of being. Connecting to the grid may send a signal into their ripening consciousness that alerts them to turn left, when normally they’d turn right; click here, instead of there; pick up this book, instead of that one. Paths normally untravelled, when ventured, spark soul interest, leading them to new possibilities, and to being an active contributor to the Grid of Light themselves. 

I bring the last few paragraphs to your attention so you understand that this period of time we are in is more monumental than you may have thought; and so you are clear that there are forces influencing the vast changes and chaos far beyond those of our dark overlords. It is the End Times for many a good reason — astrologically, astronomically and spiritually. And therefore this period is highly potent in its dramatic and traumatic disruptions to and destruction of dysfunctional “normal.” The rising uncertainty and chaos create a searing crucible not only for personal sacrifice, but for that of the old world order. 

*                    *                    *

The new world order that we hear our “leaders” increasingly preaching on about, the not so “great reset,” will not come to its full fruition. This ambitious and well-planned vision of the oligarchs is one of the great inversions of this twisted time requiring our discernment. It is the inversion of what is unequivocally True and Destined: the New World and Great Rebirth created from the Diamond Light, Gold and other qualities of our embodied Higher Selves.

The dark forces know where we are in this Cosmic alignment; that the veils are thinning and we are transitioning into an Age of Light. It’s why they have put decades, if not centuries worth of planning into stopping our ascension. Just as the Proverb of Hope states it’s darkest before the dawn, their great push comes at the cusp of the New Dawn; an Age of Light and Truth that is their greatest threat, much like how moonlight is Dracula’s demise. 

This is the reason for the immense polarity — darkness and light are spectacularly co-arising and entwining, forming a perfect, intensifying storm of oppression and revelation, denial and awakening, destruction and creation. 

With polarity becoming stronger, the choice points become more clear. Darkness darkening and mayhem amassing — children suffering more, civil freedoms and parental rights eroding, people increasingly succumbing to strange, sudden illness and death — make pathways towards Holiness and Truth more obvious and compelling. The heart finally asks the question: Do I choose/serve tyranny or my integral heart? Do I take the risk to say No, so I can finally say Yes to something far greater, and to the children before me?

That is the hidden blessing in the growing polarity, the co-arising of dark and light: Darkness reveals itself and its abusive games more, finally causing heartbreak and outrage amongst our sleepy family of humans, and directing them to choose the light within, and anchored through the Christ Grid. 

That it has to get this bad for people to wake up, shows you how badly people need to wake up. The oblivious need the utterly, if not brutally, obvious. 

*                    *                   *

SECTION B: Synthetic Biology & the Deeper Reason for Modifying DNA

There is a natural drive to evolve, and for the dark forces this is transhumanism. Transhumanism is the inversion of true transformation. It is artificial inner augmentation as a means to experience greater (false) power.

Transhumanism is the new religion. And its globalist overlords actively seek to replace Christianity which has given “exclusive access” to the heavens through being “born again.” Giving oneself to transhumanism is “digital rebirth,” a merging with the AI god, facilitated by an unelected, technocratic “clergy.”

In both cases — transhumanism and Christianity, one is being asked to turn from their sovereign divinity as the true source of rebirth, a source requiring no dependency on artificial, dogmatic religions.

“No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is far worse than you can imagine.” ~ William Blum, Formerly of the U.S. State Department

With billions of “vaccine” receivers having had their genetic library modified by the bioweapon, take to heart, for a moment, how many of their descendants will inherit this altered, synthetic chromosomal blueprint.

The dark agenda is becoming known due to error, inconsistent data, and the oligarchs being more clear and direct in implementing their plans. The dark agenda is also being revealed because of the growing number of reported adverse events (injuries and deaths); and because of brave truth-tellers, many of whom have been fiercely criticized and ostracized doctors sharing startling scientific information. 

What people are awakening to is that the “vaccine” is no medical solution at all. It is a viral pathogen that damages the brain and nervous system, the heart and blood vessels (Foot-long blood clots have been found — see third link after next. I also encourage you to watch this brave funeral director and embalmer speak about blood anomalies her and her peers have increasingly noticed), destroys mitochondria, compromises the immune system, and more. It is intentionally designed to execute the plan for depopulation — for a more easily controlled populous — through reproductive damage and triggering death.

In these videos here and here, a pathology and virology expert shares how the “vaccine” manipulates our genes, and through detailed slides, its devastating impact on the body. “The human cell is meant to make human proteins,” he asserts. But the body is making toxic spike proteins from this infectious foreign agent, proteins not local to the deltoid as we were originally told. They are produced throughout the body, acting as a “slow poisoning,” with the lipid nanoparticles that carry the mRNA or genetic material used to make the proteins even crossing the sacred blood-brain barrier, and entering the placenta, umbilical chord and growing child.

Even more, research has discovered trace amounts of mRNA in the breast milk of the jabbed, detailed well by a doctor in this video. And if this were not enough, preeminent cardiologist and outspoken critic of the “vaccine,” Dr. Peter McCullough, shares that new findings from a leading research unit in France show that the mRNA is transmitting from the “vaccinated” to the un-vaxxed through mild physical / sexual contact, anything from touching and kissing to intercourse.

But there is something more to this nefarious, sinister gene “therapy” agenda. 

This “vaccine,” which is a fear frequency, destroys the chemistry of and makes synthetic our DNA, a subject I write about here. This is important to know because, as outlined, it’s in our genetic library that the light of our Higher Self anchors. The gene editing program manipulates and modifies this library. It alters our altar through biological warfare, a clear attack on the sacred ground upon which the dormant light codes of our soul activate into our human awareness. 

Just as the church has not wanted us to know the Truth that we are made in the image and likeness of God, the dark ones do not want light code activation today; for us to birth the God within. This is the war on Truth long in play to keep light at bay. Targeting and modifying DNA with their “vaccine,” this fear frequency, is their attempt to stop the dawning of the Light of Truth through our body. It’s how they veil Soul Light — by targeting the very place it anchors within. Thus this is their sad, desperate attempt to thwart the Golden Age. 

Our disempowerment keeps them in power. With less light on Earth, planetary consciousness or vibration remains low. The fear frequencies they are in accord with continue to saturate the planet, making Earth hospitable for their souls’ low densities and dark parasitic appetites. 

Their plan does not end with altering our DNA, though. For decades, with the Age of Technology becoming more attractive and enmeshed with daily living, they have been effectively luring humanity to the digital “dark side”; just as Darth Vader tried to lure Luke Skywalker in that iconic movie moment. The advancement of the internet, social media, smartphones, video games, all of which they’ve had their paws in, have been strategic stepping stones in their plan to make us feel like we not only cannot live without technology, but that we are part of it. 

Making DNA synthetic and engineering artificial biological “upgrades,” which I’ll explain, while gradually addicting the population to technology and introducing wearables, implants, microchips and virtual “Meta” reality, is how they increasingly turn us from our Sentient Intelligence and merge us with artificial intelligence. It’s how they create their transhuman vision in which synthetic biology interfaces with a technological grid — a perfect inversion of the Christ Grid; an artificial grid (cloud) supported by the growing number of satellites and 5G towers that they plan to upgrade to 6G, 7G, etc. Plugged into their digital matrix, they plug into and control us. Sovereign divinity is usurped by technocratic enslavement.

In these last few sentences I’m narrowing down to remote bioengineering. The biological weapon, in its expanding formulas, is more sinister and technologically advanced than most understand. From Central AI Command, aided by the aforementioned outer digital network, the plan is for electromagnetic frequency signals to be sent to injected bio-sensors that trigger a command for certain biological “upgrades” to take place within a bioengineering sequence. In the same way your smartphone receives hardware upgrades from a centralized signal, the dark technologies installed via the “vaccine” schedule are receptive to AI Central signals for next-level programming. The plan is for a digital network to be created within the neurobiology in sinister stages, such that synthetic biology — a transhuman race — is manufactured en mass remotely. If this were not enough, our biometric data is regularly sent back to AI Central, providing a feedback system for total surveillance and total control. 

Celeste Solum, through countless hours of vigorous research, provides documented evidence on the startling advanced military intelligence behind the bioweapons. In this detailed interview, she states, “(AI) can turn genes on and off by will. And they do it by frequency.” Further injections and bioengineering brings us to “UN compliance.” We become “part of a quantum computer system,” monitored and controlled remotely. 

Attorney Todd Callender, starting at the 12 minute mark of this video, shares similar findings — that the “vaccine” creates “organic antennas” designed to receive 5G signals. To be extra clear, this is one of the nefarious purposes of the incredibly toxic and powerful 5G towers. “I have seen the patents and papers on this,” Callender states, backing up his claim of remote control bioengineering.  

This segues into the mind control component of this mad draconian scientific formula, making this engineering psychobiological versus strictly biological. With the “vaccine’s” dark technology crossing the blood brain barrier, artificially reconstructing our genome, and altering our consciousness as a whole into a fear frequency, the power is there for enhanced psychological manipulation; for commanding people to think certain thoughts that lead to certain moods, destructive behaviours, and complete submission. Thus the power is there for creating a mass digitized depressed slave race, again, bioengineered remotely.

For more on the merger of mind and machine, the creation of the “Internet of Bodies,” watch this report by Greg Reese that elucidates the science behind injectable, programmable nanobot technology that turns us into “human antennas.” Travel further down this nanobot rabbit hole with fabulous truth-teller Maria Zee, as she reveals how a single syringe can carry 1,000 billion nanobots designed not only to transhumanize us and assign our body with an IP Address, but to release toxic payloads on cue from AI Command, ones that can sicken, disable and kill us.

Recent startling discoveries by scientists reveal that nanobots are shedding from the jabbed to the unjabbed. Though people have not received the Covid injection, their blood analysis is showing the existence of this advanced technology in their system. (I know one such person, and have seen images of her blood.) I recommend watching these three videos — herehere, here — should you want to learn more about this disturbing development, and the nanotech itself. 

Even more on the dystopian nightmare, there is this thorough exposé by Maria Zeee, who draws us into the larger digital picture. Watch her share the UN’s documented vision for an “Age of Global Enlightenment” and “AI World Society,” in which “AI Citizens” live under the centralized authority of digital governance via the consistent collection and analysis of our biometric data — the policing of our thoughts and behaviours.  

Being bioengineered or “upgraded” remotely by electromagnetic frequencies transmitted by the AI god is the inversion of being upgraded psychobiologically through crystalline light code activation. One is digital code, the other Soul Code. One comes from an artificial source, the other from True Source. This is a perfectly synchronized diabolical inversion and perversion, at this most pivotal, heightened time in which dark dances with light. 

All this is a perfect continuation and evolution of the CIA-led MK Ultra trauma-based mind control program that began in the fifties, if not late forties. Experiments were done on unfortunate subjects — drug (eg: LSD) induced and tortured (eg: electric shocks) — to test their suggestibility to outer commands, or Mind Kontrol (MK). Trauma, psychostimulants, and suffering also induced by food, water and sleep deprivation, broke victims down, reduced their resistance, which created a split in consciousness. A vulnerable opening or compartment in the mind was formed in which programs could be embedded. Manipulated by verbal, audio, visual and psychic stimuli, the psyche was re-made as susceptible to particular suggestions or commands, while separated off from normal consciousness. A subservient sub-personality was created.

Individuals, often children, were mind controlled to perform a number of tasks, such as being messengers, drug carriers, or sex slaves to high-ranking government / military bureaucrats, well-recognized international figures in positions of great power. In most cases, they would have no memory of their actions, which protected the confidentiality of their assigned tasks and those involved. 

For more on this, please watch these videos, here & here, in which an MK Ultra and satanic ritual abuse survivor, Laura Worley, shares not just about mind control technologies, but how the military has for years, pre-Covid, used them to control pre-programmed individuals remotely; what she calls “voice-to-skull.” 

The secret military and Intelligence apparatus has advanced technology and “silent weapons” beyond humanity’s wildest imaginings. Some have come from dark, non-human intelligence, like Grey Aliens and Reptilian Forces, in touch with and overseeing the covert government; other ideas have been inculcated into willing and vulnerable minds of troubled humans by non-local Luciferian forces; and other dark technology has been created by human intelligence without instructions from off-planet entities. 

Phil Schneider, former government contracted engineer and geologist, who constructed and worked in the vast U.S. underground military base network states, in this video, how the military has technologies at least 1,000 years ahead of what humanity has access to, or is aware of. Not long after speaking out in a number of talks as a whistleblower in the 1990’s, talks that reveal the government-alien agenda (he had a harrowing encounter with a Grey), he was murdered. 

Technology, in and of itself, is neutral. It’s what we do with it that turns it into a weapon of fear, hatred and slavery, or into a tool in service of love, unity and freedom. For a long time, advanced technology has existed on Earth that has the power to radically heal, to provide free energy, and to end starvation and pollution. Advanced space technology even exists to teleport and travel into deep space, and more. We are far more technologically advanced than we have been led to believe. Yet technologies have been hidden from humanity for obvious reasons. Exposing them is simply not an option. The deep state profiteering (off of sickness, because they have cures), and the (archaic energy) systems humanity is dependent on that are used to weaken and enslave us, would be compromised. The hiding of technologies includes their advanced military bioweapon industry, but also the military secret space technologies used to enslave children.

I don’t mean to go too off course, but now is the time to make this clear. One of the main purposes of the dark forces’ military space program has to do with little ones. Abducted children are trafficked not just across Mother Earth, but to off-planet locations; and not just by spaceships, but teleportation as well. This is the interplanetary, interstellar slave project long in the works, coordinated between personnel — human and non-human, working within one cosmic Military Industrial Complex, with the Moon a strategic location for mind control, rape trafficking, and exploitation. 

This is the same Military Industrial Complex behind the bioweapon “vaccine” program, again, with secret, advanced technologies given by alien sources. 

Only anecdotal evidence for this exists — adults, like Tony Rodrigues, sharing how they were abducted as children and taken into space (an account I’m not willing to verify). Nothing concrete, only stories. My heartfelt knowledge comes from higher guidance, first revealed a few years ago with words and visions powerfully shared by the Divine Mother of All Life, followed by further conversations with Her. After showing me satanic rituals in a forested area, she indeed said that children are trafficked off-planet, far away, via teleportation. 

With disclosure and truth hitting home in the heart, humanity would obviously be shocked, outraged and overwhelmed by this abhorrent abuse of children and abhorrent misuse of technology; by how much has been concealed, and how much we’ve been enslaved; by just how technologically advanced the bioweapons and silent weapons (including directed energy weapons) are, and how they are being used to implement long-planned global technocratic enslavement

Moving through the emotions, coming to terms with horrific reality, and galvanized by heartbreak, humanity would eventually centre, awaken and be radically empowered, as One! This is the last thing the dark forces want. They want us to remain numb, dumb and divided. Hence, the massive cover-ups regarding the fake “vaccine”; hence the top level secrecy surrounding advanced technology, the space program, and the UFO File; hence the smearing and sabotaging of Sound of Freedom; hence the rigged patenting process for free energy solutions, essentially blocking all attempts to innovate in this area; and hence why so many on the cusp of truth, or in the process of exposing it, have had their laboratories burnt down, have experienced a sudden “accident,” have “committed suicide,” or (been) disappeared. 

With the dawning of Christ light shining through our altar bodies, and with intensifying Cosmic Rays bathing Gaia, consciousness is rising, and disclosure is happening. More information is coming to the fore shared by brave, intelligent, and divinely guided individuals, people on a higher mission to expose the lies, corruption, and horrific abuse occurring on and off planet; the extent of hidden, extraterrestrial technology, and the real reason for the “vaccine” program.

With consciousness rising and truth being revealed, this is the critical, seminal period for the dark forces, and for their advanced technologies, like HAARP, directed laser weapons, and bioweapons, to be employed and work together. Further use and abuse of emergency powers is vital, so crucial to their plan of enforcing collective submission and their global digital dictatorship. There must be heightened strategic movement towards total command and psychic and physical control — total enslavement; for the imposition of a vast technological grid, with each injected body becoming a tower in itself, merging with and serving the digital matrix, in addition to the 5G, 6G towers. 

This is their technological “singularity,” as it’s called, where all merge into one system, one unified field of artificial intelligence. With its roots in fascist mind kontrol groupthink, a convergence of subservient will, this vision is a complete inversion of The Singularity, the omniscient Intelligence of True Oneness. 

*                    *                   *

SECTION C: Eugenics & The Fourth Reich

Transhumanism is the dark inversion of real inner transformation, demonstrated by Jesus — death, resurrection and ascension. And merging humans with machine, and with the AI god who controls all — a merger in which our sovereign self and boundaries dissolve into a digital soup, is their dark inversion of divine union; of awakening to omnipresent Oneness.

Denying soul intelligence and thus God, and granting full power to materialistic, scientific, technological reductionism, these dark souls are making clear that they want AI to represent and replace God. Their false, inverted “god” is to penetrate the minds and biologies of humanity instead of the sovereign God within through DNA activation. They desire immortality through AI integration, a sublime inversion of achieving the deathless state found only in embodied awakening. Instead of bowing to the divine within through heartbreak and crucifixion, they envision a human race that coldly bows to AI and their off-planet dark overlords. 

It’s the same thing, the same fundamental drive for unity, but inverted. 

“There will be a direct communication between our brain and the digital world. What we see is a kind of fusion of the physical, digital and biological world.” ~ Klaus Schwab, in this 2016 interview (13:04 mark)

This is the Fourth Industrial Revolution, an ultra-international technological myth, a vision of transforming humanity into hybrid androids devoid of sentience and conscience. It’s the Fourth Reich coming into power through a manufactured “great reset” requiring centralization, digitalization, dehumanization and genocide. Plandemic 3: The Great Awakening, a must-watch free documentary, summarizes at the 16:32 mark how Schwab’s father was an asset of Hitler’s. He was the Managing Director of Escher-Wyss Ravensburg, a weapons manufacturer of the Third Reich that used slave labour. It was eventually awarded the title of “National Socialist Model Company.” 

In 1971, Klaus Schwab helped continue and strengthen the consciousness of Nazism by creating the WEF, the international private organization increasingly infiltrating our Western governments, influencing policy, and forcing populations into slavery. In 2023, the Annual WEF Meeting in Davos brought together fifty-two world leaders, including representatives of royal families, seventeen hundred corporate executives, and celebrities and artists. A theme was “master the future.” Here is a clip of Schwab speaking to this theme during the Davos Meeting. And in this video, he says the following: “Artificial intelligence, the Metaverse, synthetic biology, our life in ten years from now will be completely different, and who masters those technologies will be the master of the world.”

The word “master,” when used by dark souls, should bring us back to tyrannies of old, like Pol Pot Cambodia and Hitler Germany, in which the ideology of a “master race” existed, one that justified genocide and abusive assimilation. 

Then, the “master race” was grounded in biology. Today, the envisioned “master race” is Human 2.0, a merger of biology and technology. Then, assimilation was into the common will or homogenous identity of the Third Reich, communist Cambodia, or the Christian Anglo-Saxon ideology. Today’s assimilation, assisted by the Trojan Horse bioweapon, is into the digital god that permeates all, with outside help from 5G, 6G towers, Big Brother satellites, and more that I’ll cover shortly. 

Remembering that “positive eugenics” represents efforts or strategies used to create a species of humans with “ideal” traits, and “negative eugenics” represents efforts or strategies used to eradicate undesirable traits, referring to Celeste Solum once again: “By using gene editing techniques, scientists are deleting unfavourable genes and improving their target characteristics in accordance with UN Sustainable goals.” Transhumanism, the movement towards Human 2.0, is eugenics through and through, with depopulation via euthanasia, war, and “natural” disasters being part of this sinister formula. Indeed, long-planned and quickly growing in momentum, eugenics is now a global program designed to transform humanity into a manageable, singular “master race.”

This is the same tyrannical playbook, but with new strategies, and global in scope. Sovereign individuality is sacrificed for a larger, arbitrarily constructed, and centrally controlled identity lacking heart and Truth. Propagandized and coerced, the multitude lose themselves to and fuse with a monoculture myth, with today’s tyranny far more technologically and medically advanced and driven.  

One of the WEF’s chief architects is Yuval Noah Harari, who calls himself a historian, philosopher, and bestselling author. Positively outspoken on so many levels about transhumanism, I invite you to listen to Harari speaking at a WEF event. Here’s a snippet: “We are one of the last generations of homo-sapiens… Now how exactly will the future masters of the planet look like? This will be decided by the people who own the data,” and the people who can “hack a human being” with the goal of building “digital dictatorships.” 

In this video, Harari expands upon this hybridization, and the notion of “master,” by pointing us to “the emergence of a new upgraded elite of superhumans enhanced by bioengineering and brain computer interfaces…”

How does a digital master superhuman race emerge exactly? Well, according to Harari, “Science is replacing evolution by natural selection with evolution by intelligent design. Not the intelligent design of some God above the clouds; but our intelligent design (pointing at himself) and the intelligent design of our (IBM, Microsoft) clouds.” Another explanation by Harari can be found in this video: “What scientists and engineers are telling us more and more is that if we only have enough data and enough computing power, we can create algorithms that understand humans and their feelings much better than humans can understand themselves.”

Let those last words sink in, because they say so much…

Harari represents the ideology of the WEF and the oligarchs who control this private organization, as well as tyrannies of old, when saying, “There is no such thing as free will.” The subtle, not-so-subtle message here is that we must sacrifice our sovereign power to choose and personal freedom to the digital god. It chooses for us, much like how the State chose for the people of Italy and Germany. Recall the earlier quote I shared regarding Mussolini’s regime: “Gentile taught that the ‘common will’ of the people is the law of the state.” And this quote: “Nazi doctrine called for physicians to shift from the doctor of the individual to the doctor of the nation.” In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, this pattern of history repeats itself; personal free will gives way to “common will.” But this time, instead of bowing to the Will of the human Saviour God, we are to bow to the Will of the AI God. It rules. 

In Harari’s words, and in the globalist Fourth Reich myth he represents, we find another pattern of tyranny repeating. He is not shy when it comes to expressing his concern over what to do with all the “useless people” who are “meaningless” and “worthless” — who are still Human 1.0, biological versus a hybrid of synthetic biology. In a separate video, he uses a different term: the “useless class.”

Recall during Nazi Germany how “useless feeders” was the pejorative used to define people in the euthanasia program. What I didn’t mention is that “worthless eaters” was also used to shame and label people like the Jewish and disabled. An example of the latter can be found in a quote from Joseph Goebbels, who said that the disabled were “worthless eaters whose lives were not worth living.” Let’s remember the Nazi term lebensunwerten lebens, meaning “life unworthy of life.”

Notice how Nazis and Harari both communicated “useless” and “worthless” when defining those not fitting into the “master / superior race.” This would be the “unfit,” the “inferior,” or the “impure,” words used during older tyrannies to define the “them,” the needed pariah to do away with. This is the mindset underwriting Canada’s insane MAiD program that does not value life worthy of life, and love.

Can you feel as truth how there are no coincidences in the overlaps between tyrannies of old and the one before us? We have been experiencing the same dehumanizing, shaming, labelling tactics in this “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” and beyond Covid. There were “enemies within” decades ago, as there have been now, whether they be the un-vaxxed, Christians, concerned parents, or “white supremacists” — all Human 1.0, the dissenting, disinforming, undigitalized, not willing to sacrifice sovereign individuality and bodily autonomy to centralized will — “for the greater good / safety.”

Not only does all this provide evidence that dark history is repeating itself, but revealed is the far-reaching extent that Nazi ideology, in particular, never died. It lives on at monstrous, technocratic levels, permeating the dark globalist agenda, and the WEF in particular, the private organization our governments are tied to, and that ties up our governments through its efforts to “penetrate the cabinets.”

Even with all that Harari has taught us, there is still more he reveals about today’s tyranny. Another pattern you are familiar with is Problem > Reaction > Solution. In this interview (the top one — 33:08), he says, “I mean Covid… accelerates the process of digitalization and automatization. It legitimizes the deployment of mass surveillance even in democratic countries and it makes surveillance go under your skin.” 

In case you needed more evidence, he provides it. Create the problem — Covid, a perceived crisis; ignite fear and compliance; offer the “vaccine solution,” and impose your digital dictatorship. This is the old tyrannical strategy of creating and capitalizing off of crises; which is what happened with the 2008 financial collapse, 9/11, the Iraq War, and on and on. To repeat: Covid was made for the “vaccine,” not the other way around. Using Harari’s key word, Covid legitimized or justified further control — mass surveillance and medical tyranny. 

I’ll leave you with these final words from the outspoken Harari, our teacher of darkness: “We all have to unite around the government. And anybody who opposes that or criticizes the government is a traitor.”

*                    *                   *

SECTION D: Digital Dictatorship

That the same “leaders” apparently determined to protect our natural world are simultaneously attacking biology and turning it digital is one of the greatest hypocrisies of all time. Ironically, it’s sometimes the biggest psychological operations, the most obvious lies, that are the hardest to detect. For now, we are still “conspiracy theorists.”

Darkened hearts, devoid of feeling Light, Truth and their emotional body, existing in a state of psychosis, and who bow to AI and their off-planet dark overlord, want you to join them; not in partnership, but as their slaves. Giving up yourself to them and their AI “god” is their feeding frenzy, as they and their dark overlord feed off your terror, which is what they do with children in their satanic abuse rituals. Even more, the truly dark disincarnate beings plan to use your compromised, genetically modified body-mind as a vehicle to inhabit, for they are too degenerated to materialize through the sacred rite of biological birth. 

This is not fiction. It’s already happening.

Can you better see the perfect, inverted symmetry between them forcing themselves upon us as “god” and how it times with the prophesied dawning of God within our DNA? How they are selling people the idea that merging with technology is convenient and empowering, like through the “exciting possibilities” of virtual reality, and how this is in direct opposition to true soul empowerment and the unlimited multidimensional possibilities it holds? Can you sense the Cosmic alignment in this: how it’s darkest before the dawn, and how dark must fight for its life as the sun rises?

Dark forces destabilizing nations, causing an influx of asylum seekers / illegal aliens welcomed by open borders, is part of the ultra-international, homogenous vision. Giving everyone the same shots, controlling the information flow through censorship and centralization of media, too, are part of the transnational monoculture myth. As is the transgender agenda, which merges people with the homogeneity of transnational transhumanism. It’s all an inversion of genetic/Soul uniqueness, and liberation through Oneness. 

The US government has recently signed an executive order for this very reason: to “develop genetic engineering technologies and techniques to be able to write circuitry for cells and predictably program biology in the same way in which we write software and program computers.”

The “vaccine” passports designed for “public health” have been the excuse to digitalize us, increasingly track our every move, and determine based on previous compliance — like getting the latest booster — whether we can buy that loaf of bread or not. Centrally controlled, global biometric digital ID is part of the larger plan for a social credit system, like we see in China; as well as a central bank digital currency (CBDC), a key strategy for the globalists, moving swiftly into place via the recent manufactured collapsing and consolidation of small banks into larger ones. Working hand-in-hand with the aforementioned International Health Regulations and our digital ID, the CBDC would be part of an integrated AI surveillance and control system that determines our freedom to choose / purchase / travel based on our surrender to vaccinated slavery.

Accepting slavery becomes inevitable, they hope, with growing impoverishment and desperation driven by the collapsing economy — a weakening, valueless currency, job loss, and rising inflation. Government handouts are given, more and more, creating financial dependency in a progressively unliveable situation; all stepping stones to the larger fixed financial “solution,” a “solution” to the manufactured problem planned out decades earlier: a $2K (or so) universal basic income offered monthly. It must be spent in full, with no savings transferred to the next month. Accepting this “solution” from our fascist saviours is the only way to feed ourselves and our family, to make any purchase at all. Doing so, however, means surrendering to their digital financial system, and losing ourselves to technological enslavement.

“From the beginning of colonialism, removing the people’s ability to sustain themselves and provide for themselves is the first step of the empire, first step of fascism. And separation from nature is where it begins.” ~ Vandana Shiva, interview with Russell Brand 

The video in the biometric digital ID link (3) above explains this enslavement further. A must watch exposé, it elucidates the devil in the details behind the ostensible “peace,” “prosperity” and “inclusion” of the United Nation’s “Sustainable Development Goals” — details most do not see, settled they are for the general descriptions of this framework; the UN’s deceptive sell. The two speakers further do an excellent job at revealing how corrupt the United Nations is, and its historic ties to child abuse.

Corralling us all into a synthetic, sterile, routine urban existence is part of this system of total control. No longer spread out in rural areas makes it easier to keep us in check. “Smart” or “15 minute cities,” currently in the works in places like Oxfordshire, England, in which people are given only so much freedom to travel, are a stepping stone towards this vision. Devoid of natural substance and life, in these AI controlled, dense, open-air prisons, or “golden cages,” we’ll have no privacy, eat genetically modified synthetic food (worms / crickets), yet somehow be happy! The long-planned destruction of Lahaina in August 2023 was a deep state claim of this land to build these “smart cities” and imprison the population. 

This video also offers evidence of the globalist plan for sterile urbanization, though it’s far more dystopian, akin to a Hunger Games, Orwellian Society, creatively depicted in this 24-minute animated short film.  

Mass control is a reality rapidly being implemented in China, as seen in this startling footage, and through the militarization of police occurring in the Western world. We can also see this AI “great reset” coming into form through the development of ectogenesis — where artificial wombs replace biological wombs. From fertilization to birth, pregnancy occurs in an artificial environment. In this flashy promotional video we are shown how in sterile, controlled settings, 30,000 lab-grown babies can be incubated per year. Listen to the language carefully. The womb factories are sold as “helping.” The makers want us to believe the artificial wombs “replicate the exact conditions that exist inside the mother’s uterus.” This is absurd scientific materialistic reductionism at a disturbingly dark low, with no sensibility towards the sacredness and necessity of the mother’s womb and umbilical chord, her beating heart nearby, and her loving, holding presence, together acting as a mysterious, intelligent system weaving spirit and flesh into one. 

This is part of the plan to eradicate the nuclear family and replace biology with artificial intelligence. It’s also their fix for the destroyed reproductive systems of women caused by the “vaccine,” which they plan for people to take into perpetuity. Create the problem, provide the “solution.” 

All in all, this is a complete destruction and inversion of everything that is Pure, Holy and True — a destruction and synthetic reality we have no vote on, at least not in a formal democratic process. This a large, easily overlooked fact that must be considered as we see the unelected globalists gather in Davos and Indonesia on their private jets and implement policies outside of our purview and civil rights. Dystopia is being forced upon the masses, whether we like it or not; just like how thugs and rapists force themselves upon their victims.  

This ambitious vision is much easier to implement in a spiritually bereft, insecure world where most people use their televisions, smartphones and computers as their altar. Where people in their soul impoverishment, loneliness, poor self-worth, and ignorance, are looking for something to fill them up; much like how gambling, cigarettes, sex, and blow-up dolls are used. 

This ambitious vision is much easier to implement in a world where most have yet to turn to their cross and offer their inner tyranny to its enflamed Holy Centre. For them, outer tyranny and all its “safe,” “good,” “smart,” “convenient,” “inclusive,” and “empowering” ideologies make perfect sense.

Disempower, distract, divide and program the populous, while gradually making them addicted to the “convenient” and “empowering” technological “fixes,” and you have the perfect formula for luring the masses to the digital dark side. Instead of sacrificing for the sacred, the oligarchs force us to sacrifice for the profane. Instead of surrendering our will to divine will, we give our free will over to dark will. In both cases, there is an act of losing oneself — one is to Christ, the other to the anti-Christ; one is to life, the other to the technological world. 

This is the prolific, archetypal journey of souls, a journey through form and its temptations of darkness that our great stories have told, including the story of Jesus: “Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.” (Matthew 4:1 NIV). In the direction of dark, there are an infinite number of paths to choose from, as is true in the direction of light. Contrary to religious beliefs, the Divine Mother/God has no agenda for us, and stops us not from our “trespasses.” We are free to explore, far and wide, up and down, which is one of Her great gifts to us, along with making us unique and in Her exact image and likeness. 

She knows that, at the end of the day, the Prodigal Son comes home, and all souls, without exception, contribute to this return. She knows that it often takes extremity for there to be the necessary crucifixion. 

“Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity.” ~ Unknown

*                    *                    *

Part 3: The “Second Coming”

“When the world pushes you 
to your knees, 
you are in the perfect position 
to pray.”  
~ Jalaludin Rumi (1207-1273)

Extremity is clearly what we are experiencing to greater measure. A polarizing pressure system intensifies, influenced by Cosmic forces, dark forces, collapsing systems, the Christ Grid, and the revealing of truths. Reveal is what the Greek apokálypsis means, and where we get the word apocalypse from. It’s a time of emergency with food shortages, energy crises, threats of nuclear war, etc; but in this emergency, there is an emerging of truth, and merging with the Light of Truth through the altar that is our cross. 

This alchemical system of chaos will continue with all parts on the spectrum of dark to light playing their roles of serving humanity’s awakening and ascension into the Golden Age. Considering how addicted humanity is to victimhood and complacency, how much our fellow citizens refuse to take in (child abuse) reality, and how deeply entrenched the dysfunction is internally and systemically, can you think of a more powerful catalyst for collective heartbreak, collective weight-giving, collective awakening than this global mess of cruelty and insanity? This escalating pressure system? This revealing of disturbing truths and enlightening Truth?

Can you think of a more powerful crucifixion? 

Hard as this may be to digest, moving through this intense alchemical fire is the most effective, expedient and thus compassionate way to end the suffering — personal and collective.

We have come to awaken to Truth through truth, and to Light through darkness, following the path of the humble flower; a sacred and challenging archetypal rite of passage, indeed. False truth, when finally taken to heart, will, in its monstrosity, cause the heart to break brutally, and then beautifully open to the Light of Truth for those who can move through the pain. 

Like with all devastating experiences, this collective heartbreak holds the promise of newfound questioning, wondering, seeking, blossoming. For no longer giving ourselves over to painful illusions, and those who control them. Things busy and dulled minds and hearts were once closed to begin to be considered. With heartbreak, sitcoms, sports and trips to the pub are suddenly less important, and personal and spiritual reflection are given more weight. With more openness and seeking — eyes to see and hears to hear — comes greater availability to Truth and Wisdom, and to being a global citizen who takes to heart the suffering of the world. 

At this point, it goes without saying that this will not be, nor is it meant to be, the love and light fest some New Age spiritualists hope for; nor will it be what Christians have believed. The Angels are not all going to suddenly appear and rescue us, nor is the Second Coming of Jesus going to put an end to this mess. Revelation, the story of the Apocalypse, in 1:7 says, “Behold, He cometh with clouds, and every eye shall see Him.” That’s not how life works. For how would we learn? How would we grow if Jesus rescued us? How would we fulfill our Soul Project and be the “Second Coming of” Christ light if everything was handed to us, and God undermined our sacred right to free will, our sovereignty, and journey of remembrance?

Jesus, the Master he was, would never deceive people into believing the disempowered and dualistic idea that we are lacking inside and must give our power away to his form, to the dream of materialism — to the world he taught us to overcome, and what the dark forces have programmed us to lose ourselves to. Otherwise, he would not have exclaimed “Ye are gods.” He would not have declared, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” (John 8:12). Jesus refers not to the mortal man here, but to the immortal Christ light he was and you are; the light that is the “One Begotten Son” — Sun, of Christ consciousness; the I Am Presence existing long before you and I walked the Earth; hence his words, “Before Abraham was, I am.” (John 8:58).

Indeed, if we were that powerless and dependent on his return, Jesus would not have proclaimed that “greater works” than he himself performed will be done by the people. (Matthew 5:14 & John 14:12)

We are here to be the Book of Revelation for the prophesied apokálypsis that is now here! The “seven churches” of Revelation, our seven chakra temples, must now light up our temple body and its serpentine Tree of Life, transforming it and our world into a heavenly sacred site, the Paradise of God. (See Rev 2:7)

Waiting for Jesus and hoping he returns to save us from this global apocalypse is thus spiritual bypassing and disempowerment; a way to avoid the vulnerable truths and resurrecting Truths found in heartbreaking crucifixion, our great sacrifice for the sacred. This is why fighting darkness — being a “freedom fighter” — can only do so much to liberate humanity. The Revelation must courageously come from “under (our) basket” — from our body’s genetic universe; and by opening our Holy Heart.  

There is no other way to embody the paradoxical wisdom of the Holy Cross and teachings of Jesus, claim our resurrection body and ascend. We must be willing to be crucified. That is why he made his colossal sacrifice, after all — to be lived. Especially at this most extraordinary, polarizing time when we need the advanced teacher and teaching of the cross to liberate us from extreme duality and darkness — from the apokálypsis. 

And so the immense heartbreak is inevitable, partly because a global crucifixion is destiny, but also because of the immense resistance to truth and Truth. It is especially inevitable as people realize what’s happened to their children. I write this with the utmost humility and respect for our brothers and sisters, both as an experienced healing practitioner, and more so, as a fellow human. Our sleepy family members will require significant emotional / healing support for them to not only integrate reality, but move through the heartbreak, and its emotions of shock, horror, outrage, disgust, fear, and grief. 

They will need support as old, painful memories surface. As the world’s shocking secrets are revealed, they will trigger secrets people have kept in the shadows and run from their entire lives in the pursuit of “normal.” The entangled body of humanity coming to outer truth will disentangle old inner truths from survival structures and somatic dormancy. For example, truth that their “parental government” does not have their best interests at heart, that they in fact have been significantly abusing them and their children, may, when taken to heart, unlock the attachment-based survival strategies they have unconsciously believed: “My parents are infallible. They would never abuse me.” And, “I am bad. I am wrong. It’s my fault for what happened.” 

With the projector screen changing — with people no longer able to see not-so-bad / no-big-deal / kind infallibility in their “leaders” — the projector is initiated into dismantlement, creating somatic space for the pain that gave rise to it in the first place; the pain that has never been separate from the pain of the world. 

The Light of Truth
shone upon outer lies
dissolves the mask of suppression
and veil of separation.

are the inner lies,
and surfaced
the unfelt pain,

and the story of suffering,
the story that
never was,
compassionately ends.

This is the great humbling before us, our global crucifixion. And this is what souls came for, hard as that can be to imagine. They knew it would be difficult. They knew they would be up against clever and powerful manipulative forces. They knew they would be working through levels of trauma and programming — childhood, ancestral and past life — that would filter and skew perception. But bravely they came, nonetheless, to offer themselves to the crucible — to be crucified, resurrected and to have their Angel Wings spread open from their opened Heart and lift them to higher planes.

I invite you, therefore, to relinquish all judgement of their path. It is a sacred one to be honoured, even as they walk further into the oligarchs’ greedy, abusive hands. Hard as this can be to witness, it is their path; a journey along the Via Dolorosa, the Way of Suffering, that they may need to travel further if they are to finally give weight to their cross and liberate themselves from lifetimes of limiting and destructive patterns. 

*                    *                    *

Part 4: Crucifixion & Our Return to the Garden of Oneness

darkness inside and out,
is made whole,
not by fighting it,
but by bringing it
into our
Holy Heart.
This is evil’s atonement,
its sacred moment of

This global crucifixion is a culmination of many lifetimes of heroic work that has inched us closer to fully awakening our Holy Heart, and complete divine union. Which is enlightenment. Each lifetime gives us diverse opportunities for sacrificial inner transmutation and emptying, for heartbreak and bowing deeper into our body; and from that surrendered place, inhabiting and rising more fully in our resurrection body, and ascending into mastery. 

Cycle after heroic cycle of incarnate experiences, of alchemizing dark into wider spectrums of embodied light, of ascending through descending, we eventually reach a place of climactic humility and openness found through our courageous emptying, earning us full entrance into what I call the Christ Temple of the Holy Heart. 

The ego or false self is ready for its Great Reckoning; to be surrendered, given to the now wide open Temple Gate. The most humble sacrifice, the Holy Alchemical Flame of Christ light fully takes hold in our Heart and spreads throughout every cell of our body, consuming all we are not. The story of separation and shadows, the illusion of temporal lies, of “me and my life,” the story that never was, dissolve into the Light of Eternal Truth, where the many turn to One.

Heaven and Earth, spirit and flesh, dark and light, the field of opposites and fragmented parts, unify in the Holy Heart. This is called Unio Mystica, where paradoxical union takes place and paradoxical wisdom is born. 

And so it is, that surrendered to our Holy Heart, in divine union, our winged arms stretched far along the horizontal axis, in beautiful majestic grace, we look starward, and ascend in heavenly flight, into new dimensions of consciousness. 

We lose ourselves to life. 

“There is a courageous dying, it is called effacement. That holy death unfurls our spirit’s wings and allows us to embrace God even as we stand on earth.” ~ St. Francis of Assisi (1182-1226)

“Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” (John 3:3 KJV)

With enlightenment, we see the Glory of God expressed in unfathomable multiplicity as our Family of Light; a Family that must include the oligarchs, and all their agents. A heart made Holy can no longer simplify and limit the human experience to opposing factions as we once did; to parts apart from the whole. Just as Jesus could not when he saw his Soul Family even amongst his crucifers: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34). And when Jesus saw his beloved Soul Family in all enemies: “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” (Matthew 5:44).

This is love, a whole, holy love that cannot exclude, but sees itself in everything. It’s the love of the Divine Mother that, like with all heartened mothers, does not hold preferences or judgements of better or worse towards Her children. It’s a love that causes the “sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.” (Matthew 5:45 NIV). It’s a love that always sees Truth — the Truth of who we are as powerful beings of light, even though we may “misbehave” in our sojourns through darkness. 

This unwavering, unconditional love of who we are is our Song of Remembrance sung by the Divine Mother and Her legion of Angels that eternally call us Home. It’s the Song of Love sung by all Masters of Light who’ve ever walked the Earth. 

Coming home to this song, feeling its resonant frequencies enchanting our cells, bones and heart, we recognize that our work is none other than to sing it to others. In our own uniquely creative ways, whether that be as an artist, healer, writer, teacher, inventor, scientist or parent, our dharma is to serve others in their heroic journey of giving themselves to their holy fire, their cross, and their song. Of transcending the story, and thus world. Of re-membering the Love they are, and the gifts they hold. Of finding their creative path of service, at one with divine will. 

It is here in embodied divine union that we remember and fully live the truth that love is service and service is love. That there is nothing else to do but serve love, as love. And that unbounded love, above all, is the most powerful force of creation and liberation. 

This is the great collective Soul Project of these times. This is our living prayer, with two hands symbolizing duality unifying the only place they can — at the heart, while pointing starward.

This is the opportunity for all courageous souls now, the gift and purpose of this Great Fire, our global crucifixion.

It is a matter of how ready and open one is, how willing they are to brave newfound edges of vulnerability, give themselves to their cross, and make the preeminent sacrifice for Truth — that of the false self.

In this final act of the human drama the Great Soul-ution is born, consecrated through embodied Soul-union, that is our return to “New Jerusalem,” the Garden of Oneness we are. 

“Ultimately death has been forever defeated.” (Rev 21:4)

Overcome any bitterness that may have come because you were not up to the magnitude of the pain entrusted to you. Like the mother of the world who carries the pain of the world in her heart, you are sharing in a certain measure of that cosmic pain, and are called upon to meet it in joy instead of self-pity. The secret: offer your heart as a vehicle to transform cosmic suffering into cosmic joy.” ~ Sufi Master Pir Vilayat Khan

Evolving into Mastery

What if by intentionally confusing humanity, and erasing history (his story) and the foundations upon which we stand, our dark overlords are initiating us into growing uncertainty that forces our detachment from illusory beliefs, from the story we thought true, and thus our identification with the believer? “I increasingly don’t know what to believe anymore!” exclaim rising numbers. 
What if confusion, disillusion and uncertainty are the fertile field of new possibilities?
And what if this collective initiation mirrors the ancient mystery school initiations led by the High Priests and Priestesses that guided aspirants into experiencing confusion, disillusion and uncertainty; into letting go, dissolving, and surrendering to Mystery? 
What if it’s the same fundamental initiatory path as all authentic mystery traditions, yet experienced in a radically different way, and with the entire world, at once? 

Said former CIA Director William Casey (1981-1987): “We’ll know that our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

To the degree we take this to heart, we stop resisting this Higher Order. We accept it, and receive its blessings, which opens us to the Mystery found in our hearts; and to Mastery — two words only one letter apart, for good reason.

Part 1: Wisdom in Loss

Our capacity to serve from love, from our Higher Self, is dependent on our soul development; and our soul development is dependent on how much we have surrendered to our cross through our many lifetimes. Giving ourselves to heartbreak, and suffering well, opens us to higher dimensions of Christ light and the divine qualities inherent within. It opens us to paradoxical wisdom, the union and transcendence of opposites, an advanced perceptual state that sees the higher, holy purpose of this and all perfect storms. That nothing is out of order, out of place, suffering and all. 

Experiencing complete Unio Mystica, and realizing that all parts on the spectrum of dark to light serve to make whole what’s lost in denial and separation, is mastery. Rather than acting from the polarizing consciousness of victimhood and right-wrong morality, Masters serve from the non-dual consciousness of acceptance and love. All paths are honoured, without judgment. The perennial purpose that darkness and tragedy have played is recognized for what it is.

Awakened to the God within, and with their will consecrated to divine will, Masters perceive, relate and love as the Divine Mother does. This is union with the One, made real in the Holy Heart. 

Each lifetime gives us many experiences to evolve into and advance this self-mastery; to integrate wider spectrums of dark into light into our heart and serve from unity consciousness; and to realize in heartfelt awareness the wonderful words of spiritual teacher Ram Dass who stated, “We’re all just walking each other home.” 

*                    *                    *

We grow and learn through our controlled and contained environments of meditation, plant medicine ceremonies, yoga classes and therapeutic sessions. But their mainstream presence is only a recent phenomenon here in the West. Going back in time, our spiritual development has mostly been in the unpredictable waters of the wild ocean of everyday reality, whether that be in the context of romantic relationships, parenting, illness, loss, or suddenly waking up to tyranny.

The most devastating or joyous experience can create a transformation in consciousness that 10 plant medicine ceremonies and yoga retreats cannot. Ask any parent — someone who has done plenty of inner work or had a variety of high-life experiences — what their most life-changing moment was, and it’s likely the birth of their child. There is really nothing more miraculous, more heart-opening, than that moment when you first see your child, look him or her in the eyes, and hold this bundle of wonder in your arms. 

On the flip side, our most potent transformation may come from the sudden loss of a child. Just as childbirth can bring the greatest light, it is likely that for most parents child loss brings the greatest dark, and therefore most heartbreak. One experience opens the heart joyously, the other painfully, brutally. Either way, I humbly invite you to see each experience as an initiation into the heart, and therefore the soul. For there is no devastating human experience that doesn’t hold the promise of newfound light. Without that promise, the redemptive purpose of all dark nights of the soul would be naught. Pain and suffering would have no higher wisdom. 

Be “not discouraged when the seeming dark clouds hang low,” reminds us Ascended Master Saint Germain. “Every one of them shall show you its golden lining.” (from Unveiled Mysteries)

Another Ascended Master I work closely with, Quan Yin, was supporting me through immense heartbreak as I took in our world’s endless tragedies. At that time, I was taking to heart so much — sexual abuse of children, torture of political dissidents, oppressive regimes like North Korea — that I’d be heaved over at my altar sobbing, streaming tears onto the floor. I was surprised at my sensitivity, at how intensely my heart was breaking. 

On one occasion, I brought up the homeless people I saw everyday; how much I felt for them, and why it is that so many live cold, lonely, hungry, digging through garbage, etc. It was then that she asked me a piercing question that immediately struck Truth in my heart: “Who is more free — a corporate executive or homeless person?” With that one question, my perception shifted from seeing victimhood to possibilities. 

What if in being marginalized and poor, even imprisoned, one is less likely to fall asleep to the world, and more likely to listen within? What if a prison cell is one’s initiating chrysalis?

Is losing ourselves to the world what we really want, even if we’re “successful” at it? There’s a reason Masters live on the periphery, and formal initiations like Vision Quests and those of ancient mystery schools have removed people from the distractions of society. This is the complete opposite of the spiritually bereft “education” system, whose purpose has been to mould conformity mindsets and get children to fit into and feed a deeply lost and troubled world; that has instructed kids to read the lines, not between them, and to stay away from the margins children (and Masters) love to doodle in.

Here, we can return to the words of Jesus, who said: “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will save it. For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses or forfeits himself?” (Luke 9:23-25 ESV)

In other words: The world will never give you what you want. Only an open heart can.

What if in losing what we have, we have no where else to turn but within? And in losing all we are, ours is the kingdom of heaven?

A good gauge of spiritual health 
is to write down the three things 
you most want. 

If they in any way differ, 
you are in trouble.

~ Jalaludin Rumi

What’s possible if we apply this wisdom to today’s chaos? How much respect, even reverence for this global crucifixion might we have? Could we honour the destructive nature of the storm, the losing of our world? Further, could we honour all paths involved; even those of the dark ones, the roles they are playing to remove us from society, from dysfunctional, busy “normal”? 

This is an advanced, integrative perspective and way of being that initiations serve the purpose of awakening in their aspirants, not something to be understood with the mind. Rationale is incapable of grasping something that paradoxical, that conflicting, that uncomfortably colossal. This is a realization that comes when dark and light are no longer seen as separate, but perfectly woven into one harmonious system; a system integrated into the Holy Heart, where Holy is realized as Whole. 

To the degree we integrate the paradoxical wisdom of the Holy Cross, we can accept, honour and even love this paradoxical picture I propose. We participate not as a victim, but an empowered steward of this collective rite of passage. We see not victims, but powerful Soul Warriors willing to suffer on their cross and give themselves to divine union. We fear and judge less, expanding our capacity to midwife or serve this Great Rebirth. 

We evolve closer to mastery!

Having integrative heart perception does not mean agreeing with, condoning or liking what is occurring (or avoiding naming the intolerable, which I’ll get to). I do not agree with, condone or like child abuse. These are states of mind, not heart. The non-dual heart is transcendent of such mental, binary conclusions. With its paradoxical awareness and divine compassion, we honour and deeply care for human suffering, the horizontal axis, and also the larger path of ascension, or vertical axis, that includes all parts. We hold both simultaneously, wisely, lovingly, in the Holy Heart, the only place they can be held. 

We honour the Great Chaotic Unfolding as it is, recognizing there is perfection even in the oligarchs’ cruel role in waking up the masses; just as there was perfection in the actions of those who crucified Jesus. For, there would be no colossal teaching and transmission without their cruelty. No sacred Rite of Golgotha. He would not have fulfilled his purpose, what he came to experience and give, without the wooden cross and nails hammered into his hands and feet. 

It therefore takes awakened heart perception to accept, honour and love the dark forces and their role in providing the needed strong medicine when no other medicine would work. They are doing God’s work of ending systemic insanity and liberating humanity, though it appears otherwise. 

If God said, 

“Rumi, pay homage to 
that has helped you 
enter my arms,” 

there would not be 
one experience of my life, 
not one thought, 
not one feeling, 
not any act, 

I would not 
bow to.

~ Jalaludin Rumi

Indeed, dark has always served light. Only through contrast, through the many faces of fear and limitation, do we know ourselves as otherwise — as unbounded love.

*                    *                    *

Part 2: Stages of Learning & Awareness

With enough surrender, we give up believing we know what is best for the world, because we give up belief. Life is far too mysterious to attach to a thought, to one way over another, to “should” and “shouldn’t.” In awakened awareness, as One with All, no longer can we dilute and compartmentalize the infinite complexity of life into convenient, comforting pieces. In deep acceptance, pieces are given up to the totality of peace, so we may bring this peace to the world.

There is an infinite spectrum of this awareness, different degrees to which this, and all higher knowing, is integrated into the heart, depending on one’s soul advancement. Those ignorant of the dark agenda are obviously part of this spectrum. They are not total beginners, barely dipping their toes into the stream. Though blindly conforming to tyranny, they are awake in ways others dialled into darkness are not. They don’t see the globalists’ lies, yet they may see the lies in you that you are afraid to acknowledge. 

Who are we to assume where they exist on the evolutionary progression of awareness? Maybe one or more is a Master in wonderfully obtuse disguise! 

We must also remember that prior to incarnation, they knew what the dark agenda was. They came prepared. Though veiled, that awareness remains. And like most vulnerable humans, they are in the eternal struggle to feel, trust and act on what is holy and true in their heart. Calling them ignorant is therefore ultimately incorrect. In Truth, they know. 

Beyond those who cannot see the tyranny, there are other categories of individuals worth mentioning within the spectrum of awareness of victim-perpetrator consciousness to paradoxical wisdom; fear to love; polarity to oneness. I feel there is wisdom in exploring some of these categories to further our understanding of our evolution into mastery, and how different stages of development can impact how people perceive and relate to our chaotic global events. 

When reading these other three categories, and remembering the first one above (those who don’t see), consider them not as mutually distinct. There is overlap, many shades of grey along the way. 

Let’s continue with the right-wing pundits, conservatives and “freedom fighters” (placed into one category). These brave and articulate ones are doing remarkable work speaking truth to power, revealing the lies and exposing the suppressed data. Though their contributions are noble and necessary, and have helped me tremendously, they are regularly caught in judgment, fuelling victim-perpetrator consciousness. Their energy and projections, left unchecked, add to the polarizing story of bad versus good, us versus them — to illusion, and a divisive culture that dark forces seek to create and uphold. 

Those from this category want the bad guys exposed, captured and imprisoned. Given the dark players’ abhorrent actions, demanding justice is natural and necessary. At minimum, by the laws of karma, they will be held accountable. Overlooked by this determined group of truth-telling conservatives and “freedom fighters” is the larger picture: how history shows that if you remove a despot, another soon replaces him. That without a transformation in human consciousness, tyranny will continue. 

We are leaving the days of overthrowing corrupt regimes; of creating change by force, law and doing, alone. We are done with solely addressing symptoms, much like how we are transitioning from the allopathic model of healthcare that focuses on parts. In pointing at the oligarchs and wanting them to end, right-wing pundits, conservatives and “freedom-fighters” fail to point at themselves and why they are here; which is to end on the cross; to give their inner tyranny to it. Missed is personal responsibility and the larger spiritual picture. 

The dark forces being slippery-deceptive in alluding accountability is therefore strangely a gift: it makes it harder to settle for second-best — capture them and back to illusional “normal” we go. Being a formidable foe forces the storm to build in intensity, the crucible to heat up, so people finally see truth, turn to their cross, to heartbreak; so they purify in the fire of alchemy and open to divine union — to what all long for more than anything.

Between dark and light
a dynamic tension unfolds,
a necessary
growing intensity,
so a boiling point
is reached,
a heating up and heat
for the luke warm
to wake up.
is compassionately holding space
for and serving
this rising,
this tension,
the wisdom of the storm
that must be.

Again, the accountability that comes with law and order is needed. I am not denying the necessity for practical action. What I am stating is that without seeing the larger paradoxical whole, we narrow in on specific parts, and not take responsibility for what truly matters, and why we are really here. That we have come not to fight darkness and lose ourselves further to the story of duality, but to birth the light. Only from illumined awareness can we usher in the Golden Age, one in which the collective consciousness is in-conducive to dark rule.

Another category is made up of those who have an awareness that this mess, these labour pains, are necessary as part of the Great Rebirth. They are the lightworkers or Starseeds who sense the higher plan, but still fear the oligarchs and what is unfolding, and project this fear through judgment — not only of the dark ones, but those who’ve yet to see truth. In this, they judge the global crucifixion. 

Though they’ve done work on themselves, commit to daily spiritual practices, and perhaps even pray for our dark rulers, they still break the larger system into right-wrong, should-shouldn’t parts, versus seeing and accepting the larger, perfect whole. There is still work to be done initiating the false fearful self, placing it on the cross, and awakening to paradoxical wisdom.

A clear theme within these two categories is the need to judge. How many times have you seen people who are awake to the dark agenda ridicule and deride those still asleep to it; those struggling with their crisis of identity? It’s one thing to highlight hypocrisy, abuse and ignorance; it’s another to be incredibly disrespectful, not even considering all the areas that you are blind yourself, without “sin,” and fearful of your own disillusionment. (For the comedians doing important dharmic work of highlighting the absurdities, this is a difficult fine line. Them bringing informed laughter to the world amongst the storm of insanity is a blessing. Again, everyone is playing their role in accordance with their soul evolution and state of consciousness.)

Here, we must return to the piercing wisdom of Jesus, who stated: “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?” Hypocrisy melts and radical responsibility is born if these words are taken to heart. A similar lesson is found in the words of Jesus spoken to the irate mob desiring to stone the woman adulterer: “He that is without sin among you, let him be the first to cast a stone at her.”

The next time you judge or feel compelled to, ask yourself the following questions: “Where have I done that, or a version of that (which I judge the other for)?” If you cannot think of an answer, ask yourself: “Is it possible that I did something similar in a previous life?” Taking our “sins” to heart, a word from the Hebrew “khata” and Greek “hamartia,” meaning to “miss the mark,” we realize the blessing and divine purpose of our small and large Falls from Grace. “Sin” is not to be avoided, for compassion and humility cannot be learned otherwise. Recognizing this, and asking these questions, is ongoing practice for self-mastery; for clear inner and outer sight. (“Sin,” I must add, to no surprise, also is related to the feminine moon.)

Being nonjudgmental does not mean avoiding emotions like anger, grief and fear that are meant to be experienced, ignite heartbreak, and will be triggered. Nor does it mean not naming the intolerable with fierceness, as heroic parents are doing while standing up for their targeted children at school board meetings. Rather, being nonjudgmental means taking the High Road of responsibility and not projecting those thoughts and emotions — the “plank in your own eye” — onto others through condemnation, and getting lost in duality, the dream of separation. 

Here, we move closer to Mastery; to living Jesus’s teaching of loving our neighbours as ourselves, as well as our enemies; an embodied reality that comes as we do the work within of sacrificing our inner judge — tyrant — on the cross, for good. 

Far more than a moral virtue, being nonjudgmental is the nature of non-dual consciousness, a pure state that comes with our initiations into heartbreak, healing, forgiveness and divine union. When one embodies enough higher consciousness, judgment becomes impossible. There is nothing left to judge because the judger ceases to exist. All gossip, habitual blaming, and other destructive attitudes and projections end; which may require walking away from people who have yet to disentangle themselves from such addictive patterns. 

While committing to nonjudgment is a worthy endeavour, we must also recognize that given the monstrous painful truths before us, it’s going to be impossible for so many not to judge as outrage hits their hearts. Trying to be nonjudgemental at the cost of pushing down the red hot fire of anger is less helpful than allowing it all to come out — profanity, searing condemnation, whatever needs processing. We are here to experience the heat of heartbreak in its maximum capacity, not bypass our raw humanity in order to try to act in a spiritual way we are not ready for. This is highly unwise on so many fronts, and yet what so many do. That’s why we have many lifetimes to purify our shadows so projection becomes obsolete in our consciousness. 

For now, please always compassionately meet yourself first in your raw, real humanity, and then allow this rite of passage to lead you to your Higher Nature in your own sweet time. 

We now come to the smallest category made up of Master souls who, through their many, many lifetimes, have been initiated into surrendering fear and its projections. Loss of self is the fear beneath all other fears. Having fully given that self to their cross, and experienced Unio Mystica, fear and its illusions have dissolved into the light. They live completely incarnated or descended in their body, the totality of their light codes activated, with absolute weight given to absolute love. 

Masters still have emotions like anger and sadness. Though advanced at the soul level, they cannot bypass being a human who is susceptible to feeling vulnerable at times, and to feeling what comes with witnessing human atrocity. The emotional body is especially unavoidable if a Master lives and works amongst people, and has a partner and children, as some do, versus hermiting on a mountaintop. 

What differentiates advanced souls from others is that, to a high level, they can be with their emotional body without transferring their inner experiences onto others. They may have their moments of feeling angry, but are far less likely to react and project. Instead, they respond by being with the red hot energy, experiencing it as life force, and, if necessary, using it wisely and responsibly in expression and service. In this, they do not get lost in the duality and story of victim-perpetrator consciousness. 

Having transcended fear, and with faith in the larger unfolding, seeing it as a perfect, paradoxical system, while honouring all paths involved, Masters do not need the world to be a certain way. The certain survival self needing certainty is no more. This makes them fearlessly open to all possibilities, which is the radical nature of the Godhead, of Infinite Intelligence. It’s this openness and acceptance that elevates their power to serve and love to supreme dimensions. 

Masters do not oppose life, but rather embrace it. Love is given as much to evil as it is to good. For, in the eyes of the Master, evil lives in good, and good in evil. And in her heart, evil and good merge and disappear all-together for good. 

These avatars are compassionate witnesses to what must transpire; and yet, as part of their dharma, like Jesus, they act. They wield their God-given s-wordsacred word — when necessary, speaking Truth to power and naming the intolerable, often with piercing wrath. Being open, accepting and loving does not mean avoiding outrightly naming the tyranny and abuse. Yet, Masters do so from their awakened Holy Heart, with pure heat from its Alchemical Fire, which enables them to strongly wield their sword without judgment, and without adding to illusion and polarity.

This is a fine line we are learning to master, one that becomes easier, more natural to walk as we awaken the power of the Holy Heart to serve. A line that eventually disappears altogether. Remembering that Holy is related to Whole, then we can see how Masters can address tyranny while also recognizing, honouring and loving the Cosmic perfection of what is. They can do both, because they have fully embodied the paradoxical wisdom of the Holy Cross. 

Beyond words and action, the highest work of Masters lies in anchoring and transmitting Christ light. For darkness only dissolves in the presence of light, and the body is simply the vehicle or instrument for this soul-ution. It is why Jesus said, “I can do nothing on my own.” (John 5:30).

At the Heart of this Christ light is stillness. Stillness is the zero-point from which everything in our multidimensional Cosmos emerges, and to which everything returns. It is the Heart of the Black Womb of the Divine Mother that gave birth to Her “One Begotten” Sun of pearlescent white Christ light, that then exploded into an unfathomable multiplicity of star beings and celestial bodies, colours and sacred geometry.

The Heart Centre of the Holy Cross is that non-dual still zero-point from which all emanates along the axes and to which all returns. The journey of Mastery is thus a return to the Heart of Stillness, or Shanti in Hinduism; a stillness that has never left and that we carry in the Black Womb of our Soul, as perfect mirrors of the Divine Mother. 

Christ light is the frequency of stillness, and stillness is the frequency of transmutation.

The more we embody the stillness of Christ light, the more we carry the frequency of transmutation. Transmutation is another name for alchemy, for the process of turning carbon into diamond, base-metal into gold — for turning the many into One. Having fully integrated Christ light into their Heart and DNA, Masters are potent transmitters of stillness and its limitless powers to transmute lower frequencies into higher ones. This includes the Fifth-generation Warfare fear frequencies in and around Gaia manipulating our psychobiologies. The intensity of geoengineering and bioengineering, the advanced level of frequency warfare thrust upon organic life, requires powerful, sustained vibrational “counterintelligence” only advanced souls can provide. This is a crucial reason why so many Masters are here on Earth at this time of darkness and rebirth.  

Indeed, through the “speaker” or Stargate of their body, Masters broadcast stillness across the planet, depotentiating dark possibilities, “clearing the air,” thus transforming global consciousness. They make it more possible for the multitude to turn towards the Light, feel it in their sacred centre, rise from darkness and return to the Heart of Stillness. Like Mount Shasta and Stonehenge, they are thus extraordinary sacred sites or frequency holders contributing to the Christ Grid and birthing of our Golden Age. 

Their Holy Heart, though, is the noble centrepiece of their service. Cardinal to the Holy Trinity of Body-Mind-Soul, it emanates pure love at such beautifully supernal levels. A Heart awakened to Love and Still Peace, to Sat Chit Ananda, is a sublime, unparalleled Cosmic force of transmutation and liberation, a divinely designed alchemizer affecting global awakening in ways far beyond human comprehension, forever changing Mother Earth and the collective field. 

This was exactly Jesus’s gift given through his crucifixion, as mentioned before in different words. His great sacrifice, his Great Ending that very moment on the cross, opened a portal of destiny. He birthed a new field of consciousness and potentiality we are the beneficiaries of today through the Stargate of his body, central to the Stargate of his Holy Heart. 

Indeed, your body and heart are magnificent Stargates wondrously designed to bring forth the Light Realms onto Mother Earth, and birth our destined Golden Age. 

The growing number of 5G towers polluting Mother Earth is the inversion of the bodies of Masters and light workers illumining our planet. One broadcasts dark frequencies, the other crystalline frequencies. One calibrates people to the digital grid and illusions of the AI god, the other to the Christ Grid and Truth in the Heart, and thus the God of All.

Taking this to heart, we understand why giving ourselves to our cross and awakening our Holy Heart are, above all, our most powerful contribution to this revolution in consciousness. We understand why law, order and doing are not enough to transform our world and end the Age of Darkness. We realize more clearly that we are here not to fight for freedom, but to awaken to the Freedom we already are. And that the very thing we have come to birth from within is what will ultimately transform this great tragedy into the Golden Age. 

Darkness, in its tragic escalation, calls forth who we are — the light, and the only thing that can remove darkness. Darkness rising makes it harder to stay asleep to it, and to our Self. 

Do you see the wonderful, perfect paradox?

There is no battle
to be won.

there is no battle
to be ONE.

We already are.

Being and broadcasting who we are as non-dual Christ light is our great responsibility, contribution and continued prayer that mirrors the work of all true Masters. We bring this light as we turn towards and feed the hunger deep within that cannot be fed by this world of sparring illusions; as we gradually extract ourselves from the polarizing human saga and surrender the judger, the certain one, the fighter, the controller, the story of “me,” us-versus-them, and the world — as we give it all to the Heart of Stillness, our alchemical fire. 

To the extent we do, that we embrace our Holy Cross and activate our light codes, we awaken our sacred site to its multidimensional potential and command miracles through it. We become a beacon of Truth and Freedom the suffering masses can calibrate to. We awaken to the Master we already are, and wisely support the full paradoxical scope of this Great Awakening from the compassionate love of our heart.

Human doing changes the world
with limited success.

It is only the human being
that transforms it.

And transformation
is what’s needed now,
not simply addressing parts.

how powerful you are,
especially when united with other
open, radiant hearts,
other imaginal cells.

And remember
that there’s only so much
your body-mind form
can do.

Let Oneness,
the Christ Light you/we are,
take care of the rest. 

*                    *                    *

let it rise
and dissolve
in the Saintly luminous arms
of St-illness.

Each person will travel as far as they can in this journey into mastery based on their stage of development, soul needs, and the choices they make that expand their three thresholds; based on how many edges of vulnerability they cross into the light of their soul. Where they, and all of us, leave off at the end of this incarnation will determine our next adventure through form. We continue where we left off.

Not all souls incarnating now will experience Gaia’s Golden Age. It depends on their state of consciousness, what they are in vibratory accord with, and what’s next in their lesson plan. Souls can only ascend into, experience and learn through the dimensions and densities they are ready for. For example, they can attend a Higher School of Learning, like one in the advanced star system of Sirius, if they have graduated to that level; just like how you can attend college once you’ve met the requirements from your secondary education. Therefore, we can only evolve through and serve the inevitable Golden Age on Gaia if we have graduated to a golden frequency resonant with that epoch.


Helping versus Serving

“It was easy to love God in all that was beautiful. The lessons of deeper knowledge, though, instructed me to embrace God in all things.” ~ St. Francis of Assisi 

Evolution is the journey of learning to make choices, and learning to take responsibility for our choices and the impact they have. We do this by taking our actions and their consequences to heart, which then brings wisdom to our soul that we carry forward after leaving our body. 

Evolution is the journey of expanding and maturing our understanding of what is for the greater good and safety. With soul advancement, we come to see things more through the lens of paradox versus black and white morality. We see that up may be down, and down up. Or that neither down nor up exists at all. 

As we mature in our choice-making, self-responsibility and self-mastery, and in our understanding of what is for the greater good and safety, we expand our capacity for service and leadership. We serve things in accordance to how they are, not how we want them to be.

We serve to the degree that we leave the story of “me” and “my life,” and remember ourselves as life. We serve as we see and treat people as much more than their story, than being a-part. Our ability to heal and empower others is dependent on how much we acknowledge the Light and Truth of who they are, if only silently. If I limit people to their story, and to being victims of it, my relationship to them and capacity to serve is limited. My role turns towards more of being a helper. I help them, yet limit them at the same time. 

There is power in seeing others for who they truly are. This is how the Divine Mother and her team of Angels see us at all times. In my initiation with the Ascended Masters I work closely with like Hathor, Mother Mary and White Buffalo Woman, their unwavering view of me as being a powerful being of light has been transformative. Though filled with endless compassion for my human struggles, they have refused to limit me to them. They haven’t pitied me, which is not compassion at all, and can only arise if they limit me to victim and form. Their love has been one of singing the Song of Remembrance to me, that, when entrained to, lifts me into the Truth of who I am. 

In this, they have supported me to process and integrate my suffering, but not get stuck in and limit myself to the story of Vince Gowmon. They have been here for me, but more importantly, with me. And it’s in this withness that I feel into their ascended, holy presence, calibrate to it, and remember the Truth of who I am as one with them. 

Service, therefore, above human gestures of empathetic words and actions, is a seeing, being with or connecting, and transmission. In entraining to our Holy Vision, and feeling our loving presence, the lost and suffering awaken to their own. 

*                    *                    *

Your soul evolution is always dependent on needs, but not necessarily wants. Sometimes there is an alignment between what you want and what you need, but it is often the case that what you want is not what you need.

Service gives people what they need, but not necessarily what they want. Helping gives people what they want, but at the cost of what they need. Service addresses soul evolution, which may include desire, but not necessarily human desire. Helping addresses human desire, at the cost of evolutionary advancement. 

While service always cares about the human experience, such as emotions and pain, it does not lose and limit itself to the human realm. Helpers, on the other hand, can easily miss the spiritual dimension, which causes them to lose and limit themselves to the dimension of form.  

Unless necessary, service does not remove people from feeling through their dark night; for it’s only on the other side that they can finally free themselves from attachments; say, to people or destructive habits. It’s why allowing people their great encounter with heartbreak in relation to our world events may be the only way they can break through and free. Helpers, on the other hand, as I’ll make more clear, slip into rescuing people from their dark night, not sensing the light on the other side.

As we further explore the difference between helping and serving, in an effort to once again avoid black and white conclusions, please hold these two categories in a spectrum of grey. It’s not this or that. 

The world is populated by well-intended people who dance between helping and serving, whether that be in the context of personal relationships, or in professional fields like healthcare, social work or child care. Historically, our capacity to serve has been limited by the low consciousness on the planet, and our identification with form. What this has meant is that we have not recognized the higher purpose of suffering and barely empowered people through it. Instead of guiding people to give their weight to their cross, we’ve rescued them from suffering and heartbreak. Today, this is largely done by numbing people through pharmaceuticals. 

Rescuing is what well-intended helpers often do. They try to make people better by helping them feel better at the cost of being better able to feel. They help them out, not through. A key reason they do this is because they have yet to tend to, move through, their emotional body, their trauma, and thus give themselves to their cross. 

Helping people feel better is obviously kind, and often the necessary or right thing to do. Further, it’s only natural as sensitive, caring humans to want to alleviate the suffering of others, especially our loved ones.

Yet, when it’s our default, when we cannot hold room for people to be with heartbreak, then we lead them away from the transformative possibilities it holds. Like patting a grieving person’s back while saying “There, there,” versus gently leaving our hand on their back and being with them, in their grief. That is compassion. That is service. 

What this grieving person may experience is not only a newfound depth of love felt through heartbreak, but how much easier they can transition from old to new, which grieving supports us to do.

In removing or saving others, we must always ask ourselves: Who is this for? Are my comforting gestures for them or me? Could it be that my impulse to placate their grief or anger is an extension of my need to deny my own? In trying to make them feel better, is it helping me avoid what I don’t want to feel?

What most people want is to be fixed, which creates a world full of helpers willing to please, rescue — fix. The nature of the helper-helpee relationship is collusive for this reason. The fearful ego that wants self-preservation and “normal,” not personal transformation and responsibility, that wants to feel better, not feel, calls towards it a helper willing to enable exactly that. This is the nature of collusion and avoidance so deeply enmeshed in helping professions worldwide.  

For more on this, I recommend you watch this video I created in which I differentiate between caregiving or service, and caretaking or helping.

This is why it’s important for all of us to do our humble healing and transformative work. Before you can hold space for and serve another’s suffering and soul growth, you must first be initiated into your own. To carry respect and reverence for the role of heartbreak and the cross, you must first experience intimate union with your own. 

More so, to serve, we must be good at saying No; at not caving into wants. The vulnerable, needy human, swept up by confusion and emotion tempts, without realizing that it’s their soul needs that require service. Without enough healing work, including tending to the part inside that defaults to caretaking / saying Yes over caregiving / saying No, we are prone to help. With empowered service, however, we care for the vulnerable human by sharing a gentle arm, warm smile, empathetic words and ear; we can tend to the vital issues at hand, such as pain; yet we do not lose sight of the high vision, of what’s needed when they cannot see it. We say No when necessary so we can say Yes to what truly matters, what’s at stake; and so they can as well. 

This is love’s dilemma, and why the sensitive, vulnerable and oft-conflicted heart is the centrepiece of the human saga. It is powerful, knowing, yet pained. It feels so deeply, feels for others, and wants to help. It longs to love and care for another, to relieve them of their suffering. And yet it knows that love’s greatest gift may be to do nothing more than be with another in their suffering, without removing them from it.

*                    *                    *

Masters serve Truth, because the Truth sets us free.

Addressing needs, not necessarily wants, is clearly not easy. It’s why we have many lifetimes to practice this art, and one way to understand why we are here. 

To be pure in service is mastery. Having fully integrated light and dark, and thus the vulnerabilities of form into their heart, Masters know how to suffer well. They know what it’s like to be lost, confused, pained and powerless. But they also know what it’s like to be free. Living with one foot in our pained world and the other in the supernal, they are true to both experiences — the difficult human story and the divine that transcends it. They compassionately honour all suffering, while knowing that its Way may be people’s only chance.

Masters are known to speak with brevity, because with service, like poetry, less is often more. They plant the seeds of words in their students’ consciousness and water them with a transmission. Those seeds blossom according to the individual’s stage of soul development and commitment to inner work. The wisdom of less is one that respects people’s thresholds for experience — feeling, uncertainty, Truth — and thus respects their psychology. They do not give more than the ego and soul can integrate, and recognize the intelligent space between words as fertile soil.

This is why Masters must separate themselves to some degree; why they often walk alone. It’s difficult, if not impossible for them to compromise their soul knowing and integrity in acts of over-giving. It’s difficult, if not impossible for them to give people what they want at the cost of what’s needed; even if this makes them appear as though they are cold and distanced, which many have been misconstrued as. 

Masters do not collude to help the ego, which is how most everyday relationships operate to some degree. They know that what is agony for the ego is a blessing to the soul. And they are willing for that agony to serve its guiding, alchemical purpose, instead of helping it go away. They are willing for the ego to die to the cross. 

As the highest embodied representatives of God, doing God’s work, Masters mirror the service of discarnate forces of light — Ascended Masters, Archangels, and other beings. Though there are moments of mercy and grace, and whispers that say “Don’t board that plane,” you’ll notice that angelic forces do not save us from our suffering. If we lived in a Cosmic system of helping, then God and the Angels would intervene to meet our every human want and protect us from every harm. They would not serve the highest interest of our soul, but the desires of ego and flesh. Yet, in God’s infinite wisdom as a perfect system of service, the wants of the ego/human do not override the needs of the soul. 

You may now better understand why God allows so much pain and suffering, and why “bad things happen to good people.” From a human perspective, it is believed that this “bad thing should not happen.” From a higher perspective, however, the “bad” situation is neither “bad” nor “good.” It is simply an experience. 

There are parallels between how Masters interact with and serve their students and how our Higher Self guides our human experience. Our Higher Self is the wise teacher and the human ego is the student, the disciple. The former, seeing things from a metaview, taking in the soul map, tends to evolutionary needs, but not necessarily the wants of the human. For example, we begin a romantic relationship, and after a short while we are already experiencing unusual challenges. With no honeymoon period, we wonder why we stay in it. And yet something in our heart tells us this is where we need to be. There is learning here, a reason we are with this person we don’t quite know yet. The Higher Self holds the high vision, and knows what’s needed, though the human is beginning to want something else. 

The same guiding oversight could be considered in the context of illness. We are suddenly struck by a rare heart condition. Our human self feels sad, frustrated; a victim to pain and limitation — to Why me? The Higher Self that is ultimately in charge, however, has chosen this experience, and is working out past life pains and current limitations through the illness in its host body, and with the lower self / ego. There is a good possibility that this adversity was planned in advance, prior to incarnation, to serve soul growth.

We can now apply this perspective to the “vaccine.” 

What if humans have chosen to get jabbed not simply because they are afraid, naive or spiritually immature, but because it’s what their Higher Self has guided them to do? This may sound absurd, but the Higher Self and human ego are not as separate as some believe. Even with filters of trauma, programming and ignorance, they work as one harmonious system. Just like dark and light, which cannot be separated, and a hurricane that contains both the chaos and still centre in one perfect symmetry. Therefore, what if the Higher Self guides its human host to get the jab as an optimum path for growth? 

We are not here to avoid suffering, otherwise we’d always incarnate into idyllic family situations. If we as souls choose a dysfunctional family where it is a high probability or certainty that we’ll be abused and neglected, then why wouldn’t we choose the “vaccine”? If we as souls choose to be born into a war-torn, ravaged region, or an oppressive nation like North Korea, or with a debilitating mental/physical issue, then why wouldn’t we choose the “vaccine”? 

Again, from a higher perspective, these are experiences to learn through that transcend “good” and “bad,” painful as they may be. And so it is that for many souls, getting injected and experiencing the suffering that follows may be what’s required to catalyze inner and outer experiences that move them closer to truth, and Truth. 

These are higher perspectives not easy to integrate into the sensitive heart that loves and cares, struggles seeing others suffer, and that has endured through adverse “vaccine”-induced events, and other circumstances. Yet, we are ready to advance to the next level, to awaken from the story of victimhood, of “should” and “shouldn’t,” into all is going as it should. We are ready to graduate from avoiding our cross and saving others from their own, so we can walk side-by-side with them in their suffering.

What if this is a cross the soul has been waiting lifetimes to surrender to? And now, alas, in this most potent moment in time, in the heat of their alchemical crucible, they can finally give their weight to it instead giving into their limiting and self-destructive patterns? What if through their “vaccine” or non-“vaccine” induced suffering, they can finally lose themselves to life?

*                    *                    *

Behold, the Great River of Life! There lies its banks, going far back into infinitude, made up of esteemed Elders, staff in hand, standing shoulder-to-shoulder. They serve as all great souls do — as stewards of the Way, guiding the Great River as it intends to flow, in ever-unfolding mystery and wonderment. 

Taking all this to heart, we grok the necessity and paradoxical wisdom of today’s storm as a perfect system that need not helping out, but service. 

The world will increasingly need an army of wise people doing God’s work of stewarding this Great River as elders do; servants who, unfiltered by beliefs of how things ought to be, bring a guiding presence that honours what is, and what must be. This happens as we give ourselves to the Great River, the Tao, the Way, which announces itself most fully through our open heart. We become fluid embodiments of the Great River, a quality we see in the fluidity of heartened children who are “closest to God.” This empowers us to support others to surrender their certain controls and free themselves to Life’s wild currents that know the Way. 

Stewarding life’s currents and guiding others towards and through their crucifixion is not a pulling motion. Pulling is not service. It is the self-aggrandizing work of spiritual egos that certain “gurus” have succumbed to, a mindset that wrongfully assumes it knows what’s best and infringes upon boundaries and free will, and thus sovereignty. Guiding, in its pure form of service, is always about the other, both at the human (mental/emotional/physical) and soul-needs/desires levels.

This, I must restate, is why our inner work, our surrender to the cross and Great River, is so vital. As our family of humans awaken to truth and heartbreak, in their despair they will require skilled and wise light workers grounded enough in their body, heart and soul to make their supportive, compassionate offerings purely about the other. They will need caregiving, not the projections of caretaking. They will need service unwilling to cave to their fear and imbalanced ego, yet willing to hold both with compassionate attunement, while knowing the Higher Order at hand.

Our heartbroken brothers and sisters will need Love, above all. Service is True Love. A Love that’s vastly different than what we’ve understood it to be. 

This is a Universal Love unwilling to compromise itself by compromising you and your journey of empowerment. It’s a Love unwilling to rescue you from the soil you must travel through in order to ascend to new Solar Heights. This is a Love that walks with you in your rite of passage, allowing you to, through your heartbreak, break open to a widening spectrum of divine qualities and multi-dimensional possibilities that humans, at this time, cannot fathom. Indeed, this is a Universal Love that, through every dark encounter, calls you closer and closer to the Truth of who you are, a Truth that in Truth you have never left. 

We journey as souls through worlds of form to remember all we are and all we’ve ever been, as one with the All, that includes dark and light, and its infinite expressions. We journey as brave Soul Warriors who lean further into life by leaning into our cross, time and again, knowing that each time, the cross lifts us higher into the Love of God that ultimately cares not about what we do, and always loves us for who we Truly Are. 

This pivotal time we are in is a great time of Love, despite its appearances. On the cusp of great darkness, it is Love that is ultimately in control, and it’s Love, in its pure form, that will seize the Golden Day. That day is near, my friend, when the dawn breaks and shadows disappear, and we return to our innocence, as one with the Light of Truth, the Love we forever are. 

Therefore have faith in the global crucifixion, in its paradoxical, mystical wisdom. Have faith that with enough courageous souls giving themselves to their Holy Cross, to the Fire of Alchemy, and enough imaginal cells emerging and uniting in the collective body of humanity, there will be a tipping point in consciousness, a collective heartbreak and revelation that will bring the break of dawn. 

That breaking point, that still zero-point, lies at the centre of the Holy Cross. 

The answer to how this story of suffering ends thus lies in the Heart, in your Holy Heart. It’s revealed most powerfully and purely through our vulnerable, heroic ending, and in being luminously reborn anew.

Indeed, what if
“for the greater good”
for the greater good?

What if the Solution
is in the

is in Diss-olve
and S-olve
for good reason.

The Greater the Ending,
my friend,
the Greater the Love.

*                    *                    *


This ebook would not come to be without the infinitely loving, wise and patient presence of my Family of Light who have overseen my path from day one, and who initiated me to awaken to and embody the wisdom of these words.

They include Jesus, and other wonderful Ascended Masters I work with; the beloved Spirit Animals who’ve been powerful guides, allies and teachers, particularly the Sophia Dragons and the Great Octopus and Snake; and other fields of consciousness, like the Crystal Kingdom, Council of Shamanic Elders and beautiful Stars.

My heartfelt gratitude also extends to Kaia Ra who wrote the most important book I’ve ever read, The Sophia Code. Thank you Kaia for your spiritual leadership and love.

Finally, I give my deepest love, gratitude and bow to the Divine Mother of All Life, Sophia, who birthed and loved me into being, and who anointed me to serve as I do now in holy communion with Her. 

*                    *                    *

Healing & Activation

My invitation to you is to participate in my online healing and activation ceremonies. Drawing upon the power and mystery of Starlight and its many emanations, transformation takes place at the quantum or cellular level, creating radical changes in health and empowerment.

Also, you may enjoy this short video I created related to this ebook. 

Blessings & Love, Vince

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