A Global Crucifixion: Truth, Heartbreak & Humanity’s Heroic Ascension into a Golden Age

A Global Crucifixion: Truth, Heartbreak & Humanity’s Heroic Ascension into a Golden Age

Soul evolution and maturity depend on how well we courageously open to and embody the full-spectrum of the human journey; namely our vulnerability, raw humanity, the heartbreak that awaits us all that pain, suffering and truth initiate us into. Hundreds, if not thousands of lifetimes, spanning different planetary spheres afford us the opportunity to gradually give ourselves to each, and thus our cross.

There is no transcendence of the world, no divine union, no Higher Truth, without surrendering to our heartbreak-induced crucifixion. It’s why we are here, and what we long for more than anything — to open our Holy Heart, claim our resurrection body, and ascend to higher, heavenly planes.

It’s obvious to you now that things are far from normal. And more, that we are not returning to what was. Many throughout the world are awakening to not only the undercurrents of this storm we are in, but its higher wisdom. That we are not simply destined to succumb to tyranny, but that we are here to birth a Golden Age, with the intensifying insanity being our collective labour pains. 

The purpose of this ebook is to share the growing body of evidence for what is clearly global, centralized totalitarianism and medical tyranny on the rise; and the underlying psychology of those who are asleep to the dark storm. But more importantly, my words serve to elucidate what I see missing, even amongst the awakening narratives, that these pivotal times initiate us into. 

The so-called “conspiracy theorists” have their fingers on the pulse in naming how dark forces are catalyzing inflation, food shortages, surveillance — how they are pushing us towards a centralized digital dictatorship. And light workers recognize how the oligarchs are serving the purpose of waking individuals up. What’s missing, however, is nuanced paradoxical wisdom that transcends this painful story of good and bad, us versus them; a unifying awareness that comes home to the heart only to the degree we give ourselves to our Holy Cross.

I want to make clear that I’m not a Christian, although I love Jesus and his teachings. This Ascended Master, who I work closely with, and his living wisdom are central to this body of work. As is the mystical cross, which, as I define it, may be different than your understanding. The paradoxical wisdom I speak of comes through our heartbreak, which is being catalyzed by the immense suffering of these times. Through it, we have the opportunity to live the seeded teachings of Jesus and embody the ancient wisdom of the Holy Cross; to allow the cross to fulfil its sacred purpose of being a portal to transcending the longstanding story of suffering built from duality. 

As you’ll see, it’s through our global crucifixion that the story of us versus them dissolves in a fire of embodied Christ light, and everything is experienced and understood as one perfect, paradoxical, unified system. It’s only from this integrative higher consciousness, made real in the Holy Heart, that we end the escalating tyranny and birth the Golden Age. We close the Age of Darkness by bringing the Light. 

In reading this article, you’ll see five elements woven into one that I hope allow for paradoxical wisdom to more easily find your heart: 1. The history of tyranny; 2. Global events and startling data pertaining to the Covid era; 3. Trauma, attachment theory and psychology; 4. The dystopian vision of the dark forces; and 5. Spirituality, with a pinch of astrology. In synthesizing these pieces of the puzzle, my intention is to make your read enjoyable, inspiring, richly thorough, and grounded. 

Strengthening my cause is a plethora of links to articles, videos and documentaries from brave and brilliant people, as well as links to content I’ve created. This information is a key reason I chose not to turn this into a book. Though I wrestled with the decision, I felt it was important that you have quick, easy and direct access to related and relevant information, particularly the growing body of research around the “vaccine” and the dystopian vision the globalists have. 

In an effort to keep this writing somewhat short, there is much that I’ve written and spoken about that I chose to exclude. Though you’ll find this information linked throughout this work, I also invite you to search my blog and YouTube channel as well. There you’ll discover content that will deepen and round out many of the complex issues I address here, like how trauma and programming are impacting people’s perception of the Covid era.  

Just below you’ll see anchor links that take you to Parts 2 – 7. As this writing is not available in e-reader format, and you cannot page mark, this is the best I can offer to reduce scrolling and searching where you left off. 

With that, I now thank you for reading, and hope you find my words informative and enjoyable, and what’s conveyed between and behind them a doorway into your heart.

~ Vince Gowmon
Vancouver, Canada
December 19, 2022
(Updated links / information after this publication date are being provided.)

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Table of Contents

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  • PART 1:  Truth and Heartbreak
  • PART 2:  The History of Today’s Tyranny
  • PART 3:  Patterns of Fear, Denial and Abuse
  • PART 4:  Giving Weight to Our Cross
  • PART 5:  Global Crucifixion
  • PART 6:  Evolving into Mastery
  • PART 7:  Helping versus Serving

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PART 1: 

Truth and Heartbreak

We must have the courage to see things as they are, not how we want them to be. That is spiritual maturity, and that is what these times demand.

To be a spiritual warrior is to courageously give ourselves to uncomfortable, even disturbing truths. Ones that live within, such as from our painful past, and ones that stand before us in our troubled world. This is the noble purpose of our resilient heart. Beyond our imaginings, it is divinely designed to be broken, again and again, which really means opened. It is wondrously designed to take in, metabolize and integrate the confronting truths that so often bring us to our knees, and yet also refine and mature us to new heights.  

Heartbreak, and feeling through the vulnerable depths of oft-turbulent and unknown waters, is a necessary rite of passage; an initiation into newfound humility, compassion and wisdom earned by embracing the raw devastations of the human story. Not avoiding them. It is a rite of passage into embracing widening spectrums of dark and light truth, and therefore the infinite complexity of our divine nature that holds both. With enough heart opening, we graduate into greater capacities to be with the fullness of life, in all its messy glory, and to serve and even alchemize the immensity of pain and suffering in our world.

Avoiding heartbreak is a formula for avoiding our vulnerable humanity and true power. We are not hear to circumvent pain and suffering. If that was the case, we wouldn’t incarnate into such toxic family situations and cultural insanity. Indeed, we came here to experience and learn through suffering; to mature and evolve through its many crucibles, like loss and uncertainty; and to walk along many passages opened only through heartbreak.  

Circumventing pain and suffering is natural, and one way we ensure our survival. It is self-preservation, as we see in children in how they adapt to avoid overwhelm in their system and maintain attachment. Yet, there is a great cost to us individually and collectively when our survival identities become so dominant in our human psyche that self-preservation and avoiding pain become the unconscious norm, the acceptable way of living.

We live in spiritually bereft world for this very reason. It is an immature consciousness that does all it can to avoid giving itself to suffering, heartbreak, and therefore denied and difficult truths. There is no truth without a heart open to it — because truth is made real in the heart. That is where truth comes home into our human awareness as a living, embodied reality. 

There are also the Divine Truths transcendent of this world that we are here to open our hearts to as part of our soul advancement. Once again, it is our sacred centre that intuitively realizes these higher knowings or realities. That’s why we say, Truth is in the heart. The brain and the psychic centre of our pineal gland are information centres, and the cells in our body are also information receivers. But it’s the heart that is the cardinal place of knowing, the final authority that determines Truth.

“Begin with the heart, which is the noblest part of the body”, says Meister Eckhart, the late 13th and early 14th century German mystic and preacher. “It lies in the center of the body from which point it bestows life on the whole body. For the spring of life arises in the heart and has an effect like heaven.”

Our heart must be active, engaged, turned towards the matters at hand, inside and out, if truth is to be seen, felt and made real. To awaken in today’s chaotic world requires being willing not only to receive/uncover information, but to be disturbed by what we take in; to feel all that comes with painful truth, particularly our grief. 

The emotional body is largely ignored in our seemingly advanced Western world, which has dire consequences in terms of people’s willingness to know and feel reality, let alone experience health. A body numb to feeling and a heart closed to truth leaves the limited thinking mind to make up false stories about what is so, and project them outward. And it leaves this disembodied state, a house built “on the sand”, susceptible to corrupt, manipulating forces seeking to inculcate their many lies. 

With the exception of the deeply troubled souls ruling this planet who are so lost to darkness, hearts are never completely closed. A pained heart, an ignored heart that has lost favour to intellect and discursive thinking, still finds room to love, to feel, to know. Busy, distracted, traumatized people with protected hearts share their goodness each day, whether at home with children, on the street with a stranger, or at work. But as we see by the glaring evidence before us, for the vast majority, the heart is not open enough to take in the disturbing truths abound: 

The global plandemic-related mass maiming and genocide; the escalating manipulation and grooming of children at school, via the media, and elsewhere; the purposeful destruction of the nuclear family and its rights to protect its children; the southern US border crisis being used to traffic drugs, like fentanyl, and children for rape / exploitation; the unconstitutional collusion between government and Big Tech to censor and surveil in what is a war on Truth; the anti-human, AI agenda that seeks to destroy the sanctity of biology, birth and gender; and the ushering in of a centralized digital dictatorship.

These are but a few examples of global events / issues, some that I will clarify in detail, all connected as part of a larger plan; not unrelated pieces in this centralized, dark geopolitical puzzle.

Again, it is natural to self-preserve, especially in this climate of extremes, and thus avoid the heartbreak that ordinary, let alone extraordinary truth brings. It is natural to protect our vulnerable emotional body, psychology, status and reputation from falling apart. It is natural, because almost everyone lives in a state of denial. 

How can we allow such colossal disturbances into our heart if we are still afraid to recognize and feel how much we’ve hurt another? How can we look tyranny in the eye if we avoid the painful reality that our parents, teachers, ministers — the authoritarianism of childhood — hurt us far more than we thought?

How can we take truth to heart if we are afraid to feel — disturbed? 

Defended against our own painful, historic truths inside, we are prone to defend ourselves against painful truths outside. Even more, we are prone to defend the lies. 

Above all, this is the primary focus of this ebook. For it is the defended, fearful, clutching self that is at stake during these monumental times. A self running out of places to run and hide. A self being fatefully led to the cross through heartbreak via the chaotic storm.  

From our so-called “leaders” we can learn, quite easily, about this dependency on running, hiding and self-preserving. On avoiding feeling, and thus truth (and integrity). Examples are abound in our increasingly absurd political and corporate theatre. Like how, against mounting evidence, these actors refuse to admit they are wrong and answer directly. They refuse to show up for healthy conversations and open debate, as the brave Canadian truckers discovered. 

I invite you to watch how the head of one pharmaceutical giant refused to testify at the European Parliament special committee to discuss its multi-billion dollar contract, while handing over 100 blanked out pages of “vaccine” contracts.

Even if those in positions of power show up for formal questioning, after repeated attempts to get them to testify, they lie under oath, repeatedly say “I don’t recall…”, and say they cannot provide the requested information due to confidentiality agreements. These criminals outrightly act above the law, the US Constitution which is the supreme law of the land, to uphold the corrupt power they are seduced by and to serve their dark overlords. 

For a deep dive into the sublime levels of criminality amongst those in power, I strongly encourage you to take in the words of this decorated former CIA officer as he courageously reveals just how dark the shadow government is.

Keeping in mind the fundamental drive for self-preservation, the defended imbalanced ego, and it becomes abundantly clear what underwrites the different games these troubled souls play. That ultimately, they seek not money or control of others, but something far more existential: the reinforcement of a false identity terrified of its crucifixion, and thus the Light of Truth. 

This is their real business, as it is a primal motivation for everyone who has yet to fully awaken. It’s only a matter of extremes.

Given the troubling magnitude of this vast shadowscape, it should be no surprise that it is far beyond the bandwidth of the multitude’s sensitive hearts and conditioned minds; far beyond their thresholds for truth. We need only to remember the toilet-paper hoarding fiasco when the plandemic began. Store shelves were wiped clean (pun intended) by confused and bewildered people unable to clarify to reporters exactly why they felt the need to stockpile. That reaction alone conveys the spiritual maturity and capacity for clear perception amongst the manipulated and scared masses; how quickly the rational brain and intuitive heart can be hijacked by the over-engaged limbic (emotional) and reptilian (survival / self-preservation) systems.

The ignorant masses who pay daily homage to the dominant narrative are quite capable of taking truth to heart within the spectrum of ordinary living and challenges. They can accept and grieve the loss of a loved one, for example. Or they can accept that there is some corruption in government. But what we have before us is unprecedented, far from ordinary, and global in nature. It is a first on so many levels, and can demand an extraordinary calibre of courage, willingness, and warriorship, not simply to research and understand, but to take to heart and feel as unwavering, disturbing truth. 

PART 2: 

The History of Today’s Tyranny

“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.” ~ George Orwell

It can be disconcerting to witness so many still believe the lies promulgated by the government, various bureaucratic officials, and the media puppets, all working for dark forces now upping their games of global digital control. Big emotions like anger can stir as we see law enforcement serving and protecting the interests of those in power instead of the public, as in the case of “Baby W” in New Zealand. We are witnessing our sheepish human family around the world handing themselves, their children and others over to preying wolves, feeding their parasitic, power-hungry appetites. 

There is continued wonderment at how people can still not see the truth of things, while calling others who do “conspiracy theorists”. It’s as if we, the “conspiracy theorists”, are pointing to the full radiant moon, inviting the deniers to look — just look! And yet they keep their backs to the light, claiming it does not exist, while calling us climate-change denying, racist extremists. With astounding hypocrisy, it is they that judge and deny, taking no time to “look up” at the growing-glowing body of startling evidence. 

It is indeed an incredible time to be alive, wouldn’t you say? To witness such insanity? It’s a time of rich learning about the nature of being human, and how easily it is for so many to be utterly fooled. 

“It’s easier to fool people than convince them that they have been fooled.” ~ Mark Twain

We are learning and experiencing how the history of tyranny repeats itself; that it isn’t over yet in our seeming democracies. And we are witnessing how so many cannot correlate historic patterns of control, subservience, abuse and oppression to what is occurring today. That dark rulership didn’t just happen then, like in ancient Egypt, Atlantis, during the Roman Empire, and throughout the world by the church, but is happening now; and that tyranny is not just over there, like in China and Saudi Arabia, but in our own backyard. 

The age-old pattern of silencing, shaming, and using violence towards those who speak truth, or truth to power, is here for all to see and experience. And yet for the sleepy masses, they cannot consider that this war on Truth, this controlling of the narrative, is affecting them as they watch their “news” and listen to their “trusted” authorities; and that, more than ever, the propaganda is manipulating the impressionable minds of their children as they attend the indoctrinating state-controlled “education” system and watch their favourite kids shows. 

For the blind conformists, they cannot consider that there is far more evil running the world than they could possibly imagine; and that this ultra rich centralized oligarchical elite, numbering only a few hundred, via its executive branches of secret societies like the Illuminati, as well as the mafia, has infiltrated all major institutions, like health, entertainment, media, “education”, government, law enforcement, Big Tech, Big Pharma, banking, and more. Indeed, seduced by sitcoms, pub trips, sports, the “news” — by material, routine “normal” — humanity has been utterly blind to the subtle, insidious, perverted and violent rulership of its dark overlords.

*                    *                    *

Learning some history helps us to recognize and understand today’s totalitarianism. In fact, I believe it is a social responsibility to know the patterns of oppression woven into the fabric of dark’s eternal dance with light; to see how many times dissenters and truth-tellers have been persecuted, tortured and killed for standing juxtaposed to the ruling establishment; and to, with critical thinking and intuition, draw the obvious parallels to today’s growing tyranny. 

The life and death of Gandhi, Malcom X, Marguerite Porete, Dorothy Stang, JFK, Giordano Bruno, Hypatia, Jesus, and Socrates, are just a tiny handful of examples of the war on Truth that we must take to heart. Powerful souls who, in their uncompromising mission to liberate others and protect Mother Earth, were simply unwilling to be controlled, and therefore were deemed too much of a threat. They were “censored”, “de-platformed”, for spreading “disinformation”. For being a light unto darkness.

The assassinations of JFK and his brother Robert F. Kennedy, a US Senator, were ultimately orchestrated by the transnational deep state. Among other things, these brave men of integrity were against the Vietnam War, and therefore the larger war machine racket of the dark forces that rages on today. JFK felt growing acrimony towards the deep state-run CIA, which, in conjunction with the Military Industrial Complex, he knew was corrupt beyond measure and desired to depotentiate. After his assassination, many amongst the distraught public intuited it was the CIA behind his death and were outspoken about this. To suppress this rising counter-narrative and publicly shame truth-tellers, the deep state, via the mainstream media, seeded the term “conspiracy theory / theorist”. From this origin we have the same mind control strategy used en mass today. (More on this shortly.)

Malcolm X, another inspired Martyr (not martyr), summarized things with these poignant words: “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses. The press is so powerful in its image-making role, it can make the criminal look like he’s a the victim and make the victim look like he’s the criminal. This is the press, an irresponsible press. It will make the criminal look like he’s the victim and make the victim look like he’s the criminal. If you aren’t careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”

Television is tell-a-vision for this reason, programming the masses via its programs. With technological advancements having jumped leaps and bounds over the decades, the media of today, and those who rule it, are clearly far more capable of mind control than ever. This is especially true given humanity’s addiction to technology and physical attachment to it. 

While Martin Luther King, Jr. bravely spoke with unambiguous piercing authority, and paid the heavy price of thirty-nine trips to jail plus his life, other luminaries were more cautious to ensure their safety and continued dissemination of truth. To avoid public persecution and the might of the inquisition, the Sufis of Islam used poetry to conceal wisdom deemed heretical by religious and political authorities. Spaced out creatively, in its poetic, non-literal form, their wisdom was also less likely to be coopted by the perversions of authority; and it was harder for genuine truth-seekers to grasp and settle for literal understandings of the ineffable only found in the heart.  

Meister Eckhart (1260-1328), too, had to be discerning with his words, and used a variety of creative, playful and paradoxical means to convey God’s message for humanity. Despite his efforts, he was eventually put on trial by the inquisition in Cologne, Germany and then Avignon, France. He did not lose his first confrontation with this corrupt authority, and died before the second trial could decide his fate.

Galileo Galilei (1564-1642), the Italian astronomer and philosopher, also had his day with oppressive power. Increasingly, he championed the Copernican heliocentric system that asserted that the Sun is the centre of our solar system, not the Earth. The Roman Inquisition would have none of this, and sentenced him to spend his remaining eight years in house arrest. A heliocentric model threatened the geocentric model, an extension of their egocentric way of living. 

In case you didn’t catch it, geo and ego have the same letters. This is a creative way of understanding the larger pattern of authoritarianism; of suppressing, twisting, coopting truth, of propagating lies, to enforce false egoic power and strengthen the supremacy of geocentric, or globally centralized, tyranny.

We can go further back in time, into pre-history, to find examples of this age-old struggle between dark and light. Isis and Osiris led a thriving Golden Age in ancient Egypt, an advanced community of initiated people who lived in harmony with Earth and their heavenly origins. But a royal caste system eventually took control and sought the sacred teachings of these two spiritual leaders for their own shallow purposes. Much like how religious authorities did with Jesus’s esoteric messages, taking mysticism out of religion and relegating Christianity to a system of beliefs and dogma. 

Pulling these last few paragraphs together, we can better understand why the pearls of wisdom from different mystical traditions have been kept secret, cloistered underground, concealed in caves or encrypted writing. The pure essence of sacred writings like the Nag Hammadi Library and Dead Sea Scrolls, discovered in the 1940’s, needed to be preserved and protected from looming nefarious forces seeking to destroy Truth and pervert esoterism for their self- and collective-aggrandizement. The burning of the Great Library of Alexandria in 48 BC, which had many thousand esoteric texts, was one precedent of many for why Truth-preservers sought caution. 

Speaking of targeting magnificent historic sites, let us consider the Earth altar Stonehenge, built by the Druids. As with the vortices of Sedona, the Great Pyramid, and other sacred structures, Stonehenge has acted as a powerful portal through which Heaven and Earth meet and the frequencies of Gaia and the celestial realms communicate. Attuned to Gaia’s Wisdom & Ways, it is believed that the ancient Druids raised this site on either one leyline, or a convergence of many. Spread in a grid throughout the world, you can think of these lines as the acupuncture meridians or nadis of Gaia which channel electromagnetic fields of higher consciousness. Aligning Stonehenge with these leylines would only enhance its power to act as an intermediary between Heaven and Earth, and to serve humanity’s connection with Gaia, their Higher Self, and God / Source. 

What many do not realize is that Stonehenge is surrounded by a number of military establishments on the Salisbury Plain. Speaking in an interview, this accomplished author of books on megalithic sites shares: “Our ancestors created up to 2500 monuments alone in that 26 by 26 mile zone. And you can’t have access to some parts of the Salisbury plane. So I’ve often likened it to Area 51 in America (secret U.S. military installation in southern Nevada used for, among other things, gathering evidence regarding E.T.’s) because it’s denied passage for the average person to go there.” Most notable of the military operations she points out is Porton Down, a highly secret and controversial facility with work that’s included testing chemical weapons. She contends, and I agree, that erecting this and other military fear-frequency operations in this region is strategic in order to alter and suppress the consciousness of that area. 

Just as it was strategic to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6th and 9th respectively, and create a radiational fracture of global consciousness during the Lions Gate Portal, a period beginning July 26th and ending August 12th. Formed by the annual alignment of the sun with Leo, the star Sirius, and Earth, through this portal the rays of Sirius amplify Gaia’s consciousness and seed new possibilities for human and planetary ascension, with the gateway most amplified on August 8th (8:8) — just two days after and one day before the atomic explosions. I suggest there was no coincidence in the tight bookend timings of the bombings, with our dark overlords knowing much of the invisible realms and occult sciences (including black magic), while doing their best to profane the Mysteries and veil us from our divinity. 

Veil, Evil and Live all have the same letters, it should be noted, with the latter two words perfect inversions of one another, symbolically so. Also within this triune we appropriately find the word lie. More on evil’s many inversions and its veil of lies in respect to today’s tyranny as you continue on in this ebook. 

Indeed, dark has always danced with light. It makes sense to people if they watch Star Wars, Star Trek, The Truman Show, or The Matrix, or read Harry Potter; but it doesn’t cross their minds that inspired stories like these are far more documentary than fiction. That they impart great eternal Truths. And that there is a reason our stories, including those from mainstream religious texts and apocryphal literature, have had protagonists and antagonists, and portray the eternal, archetypal struggle between good and evil. 

Across the world and throughout time, different cultures and religions have known of a non-local dark force. In Islam it’s called Iblis; within the Zoroastrian religion (Persian Mysteries), it was Ahriman; amongst North American First Nations people it’s Wetiko; in the Hawaiian kahuna tradition it’s called ‘e’epa; for the Gnostics, it was the Archons; in the Qabbalistic cosmology (Jewish mysticism) there is the Archdemon Moloch; and amongst Christian and non-Christian spiritualists, this d-evil force is referred to as Luciferian or Satanic in nature. Great spiritual teachers have also identified a non-local evil presence. Sri Aurobindo, for example, calls it the hostile forces. In his book Letters on Yoga, Vol.I he writes, “The hostile Forces are Powers of Darkness who are in revolt against the Light and the Truth and want to keep this world under their rule in darkness and ignorance.”

Why then wouldn’t dark forces exist now, far beyond the scope of thieves, rapists and serial killers whose actions are usually relegated to childhood trauma and “mental illness”? Why would tyranny and significant evil not exist today, right before us, in plain sight?

*                    *                    *

It is wise to update ourselves on the history of how tyrants have always pushed the narrative “for the greater good / safety” to justify their oppressive, destructive agendas. We find it in the words of Hitler who said, “The common good before the individual good.” Once the populous believes this ideology, then those in power can easily be the arbiters on behalf of the masses of what’s good and safe. They can use increasing authoritarian measures and implement new fascist policies to claim what is for their greater good, while manipulating the public to believe it’s for their own welfare. And more, they can convince the naive followers to commit atrocities on behalf of the “greater good / safety”.

Communist countries like China and North Korea reveal this totalitarian group mind control strategy. There, your individuality or sovereign identity is secondary at best to the collective. Some from these nations have shared that the individual does not even exist. A total mind-controlled groupthink is far more easy to control than millions of free-thinking, soul-referencing, self-governing individuals. When the propaganda (lies) are strong enough and convince the masses that what’s imposed upon them is “for the greater good / safety” (often sold as “national security”), and when dissenting voices are censored and punished, collective control becomes possible. 

The sovereignty of our humanity and divinity has always been a threat to communist dictatorships, which is why they are so at stake now. Sovereignty, like bodily autonomy and free speech, is being attacked by the globalist wolves and their minions in sheep’s clothing, as humanity is being coercively corralled into groupthink.

This “doctrine of collectivism”, states Academy of Ideas, “has been put into practice by many dictators such as Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao. Death, destruction and suffering on a mass scale was the end-result in each case.” Regarding Stalin, an example was the collectivization of farmland in the late 20’s and early 30’s into kolkhozes or “cooperative” agriculture enterprises. The true aim of this socialist centralization and industrialization of agriculture, the colonization of the rich heritage of local farming in the Soviet Union, was total control of the food supply. Control the food, control the people. The peasant farmers and others who resisted and refused to abandon their private farms to join the kolkhozes were arrested, sent to prison camps (gulags), or killed. 

Bear this brutal collectivist, communist strategy in mind when seeing how the farmers and farm land of today are increasingly being targeted by dark ruling forces. Like in Netherlands, the second largest food exporter in the world. This, I reference further on within the context of “climate change”, the excuse the unelected globalists are using for controlling the international food supply and “saving the world” (“for the greater good / safety”).

A few more historic examples of collectivist or centralist barbarism that must be noted are: 

“Cleansing” the planet of Jewish people, and killing tens of thousands of witches in Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries, was for the “good” of all, was it not? How about the church and its global army that destroyed indigenous families and culture; an assault having roots in dogmatic beliefs that arrogantly claimed they knew what was best for another’s soul — what was best for all?

How many times has “for the greater good / safety” been used as justification for corrupt corporate-military conquests? Let’s recall the US and British governments that sought to “protect” us from “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq, a war that killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. Like other regime changes, such as in Libya, “Operation Iraqi Freedom” had absolutely nothing to do with safety, security and liberating the people, and everything to do with claiming power and stealing resources (preserving petrodollar global hegemony). 

We can turn to three bright minds from days past for further evidence that “for the greater good / safety” is nothing new, straight out of the Totalitarian Playbook, and a strategy needing attention: 

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of the tyrants.” ~ Albert Camus

“The urge to save humanity is almost always a false-face for the urge to rule it.” ~ H. L. Mencken, Minority Report

“This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs: when he first appears he is a protector.” ~ Plato

Those asleep to today’s global tyranny can likely see how the aforementioned historic atrocities were deceptively sold as “for the greater good / safety”; as “We hurt, we maim, we kill — because we care, need to protect you, and it’s best for all”. They can likely see, in hindsight, how corrupt institutions have arbitrarily decided what’s “good” and “safe”, and therefore what’s a “threat”, in order to strengthen power, not serve the public. How abuse of power has been used to gain power. 

Yet somehow, our blind brothers and sisters cannot see how this totalitarian formula is being used today; how history is repeating itself on the global stage, and how viral “for the greater good / safety” has become.

*                    *                    *

A most obvious example of this totalitarian strategy and doctrine of collectivism lies in the context of the anything but good, safe and effective “vaccine”, with its pages upon pages of (concealed) side-effects, and its suppressed links to death. I will get to these documents and adverse reactions shortly. This is a global “vaccine” strategy that the deep state World Health Organization eagerly plans to override national sovereignty with. As of June 2023, the WHO is in the final stages of completing its new International Health Regulations (IHR); a vision for “One Health” (fascist collectivism) that would give unelected, and thus unaccountable, bureaucrats complete centralized control over nation states regarding all manner of (manufactured) health (and other) emergencies — how to prepare and respond. No questions asked. In other words, completely without basis in the scientific method of open debate. (See also here & here). Note how in the IHR document above, in Article 3 Principles, struck out is “with full respect for the dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons”. Only those global governments that sign the WHO’s Pandemic Preparedness Treaty will have their countries subject to this abuse. At this point, most are on board.

What if the Covid crisis the dark forces planned and orchestrated has been a rehearsal for their next plandemic, which will be used as reason to usher in the IHR? Currently, the WHO is using a placeholder name for that which will ignite the next global medical tyranny — Disease X.

Watch how this brave and articulate member of British Parliament expresses his grave concerns about the WHO’s plans for medical tyranny and global control. Not long after this declaration, he was expelled from the Tory Party.  

The WHO has also announced their Immunization Agenda 2030 which plans mandatory vaccination for every man, woman and child, and to have “500 vaccine introductions” by that year. “Leave no one behind” their agenda states. The G20 leaders are fully on board. At their recent summit in Indonesia, they unanimously signed a declaration to adopt a digital “vaccine” passport “as part of the efforts to strengthen prevention and response to future pandemics”. Key to this declaration is the prevention of travel between G20 nations unless you can show proof of vaccination.

The globalists are no longer hiding their plan for centralized control and why they think it’s best for all. “For the greater good / safety”, they assure us, as they enforce more restricting, oppressive global “health” policies designed to “protect” us. Centralization, however, is a complete inversion of what’s been most healthy, true and effective to tribal societies since time immemorial, and to Mother Nature: harmonious localized systems. 

An example of this inversion is the push to have centralized control of our food supply, with this troubled globalist now the largest owner of farmland in the United States, with 270,000 acres to his name. He is also chief “Green Revolution” colonizer of Africa, destroying land and indigenous systems of food production, while creating dependency on corporations. As the brilliant scholar Vandana Shiva shares, this control is not about securing food, but creating synthetic substitutes for the synthetic, centrally controlled world the globalists envision. It’s about creating dependancy through disempowerment. (And now they are injecting our food / livestock with mRNA shots.)

This complete inversion of nature’s Way, of localized eco-consciousness long lived by land-based cultures, should alone be clear evidence that “good” is far from good. It should be abundantly clear to any critically thinking, intuitive individual that not only is a globally centralized hierarchal system destined to be anti-life, but that it takes corrupted souls to want that much power. 

Anti-life, anti-human, anti-biology is the agenda at play with the globalists’ fake “vaccine”, “food security” initiatives, and other strategies I’ll get to. To implement such ambitious plans globally, power must be centralized, with the aforementioned institutions like government, healthcare, banking, etc working on behalf of the oligarchs. With a centralized system increasingly in place, control is quicker, more efficient. Eroding indigenous rights, personal sovereignty and bodily autonomy is enforced with less, if any, bureaucratic red tape and public resistance. 

*                    *                    *

“The protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to take the protection that didn’t protect the protected.” ~ Unknown

Let’s now further examine how these globalist strategies are serving “the greater good / safety”. 

Begin with the number of athletes suddenly collapsing on the football field, soccer pitch, basketball court, etc in the last few years. From March 2021 to March 2022, alone, it’s been approximately 769 due to “cardiac arrest and other heart issues… which coincides with the rollout of COVID-19 jabs.” 

Recent U.S. data has shown that in September 2021 the vaccinated made up 23% of coronavirus fatalities; in January and February 2022, the vaccinated made up 42%; and as of August 2022 that number reached 58%. And in the U.K., vaccinated people “are dying at a rate 26% higher than the unvaccinated. The increase was concentrated in young people, who have suffered a 49% increased risk of mortality to date.”

Research published in April 2023 in a peer-reviewed study in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research found that, to use the summarizing words of the Children’s Health Defense, “the number of reported deaths related to an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine was more than 45 times as many deaths per vaccine dose as were reported for all the influenza vaccines combined since 1990.” 

This should be no surprise given the “vaccine” is a toxin that weakens the immune system, among other things I’ll get to. And with a ready stream of boosters compounding this immune deficiency, the long-term predisposition to side-effects and death are to be expected.

Dr. Luc Montagnier, who passed away recently, was a renowned French Nobel laureate, virologist, and the co-recipient of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for discovering that HIV was the cause of AIDS. He was censored for stating the following, as were those referencing these words: “The curve of (Covıd) vaccination is followed by the curve of deaths.”

“The hospitals were empty the first year of Covid”, said this interviewed nurse who was astounded by the conflicting reports in the mainstream media claiming hospitals were overwhelmed. (Hospitals being reported as overwhelmed when they were the opposite was one of the deceptions.) “Then starting March of 2021,” she goes on to say, “within two weeks of the onset of the vaccination of our community with these experimental shots, my hospital filled to three times higher hospital admissions than they’ve ever had since the hospital opened its doors.” 

She also shares how there was pressure to comply and keep your mouth shut; to not speak out about the rising number of abnormalities — the adverse events. Courageous this nurse was, and of professional and personal integrity, she would not play by the rules and participate in what she rightly calls “medical murder”. She spoke out and was fired for it, modelling the path of Jesus, Marguerite Porete, and others luminaries, who taught the triune way of sacrifice, sacredness and service. (The growing number of brave whistleblowers revealing abuses of power in government is another a fine example of this sacrifice.)

Along with heartfelt discernment, sacrificing for inner Truth (integrity, self-respect & love) and outer Truth are two of the great lessons of the soul journey, especially pronounced during these pivotal times when so many lives are at stake. Overcoming fear for Truth and Love, so not to allow fear to stop us from doing what’s right, whether that be protecting a child or advocating for justice, is one way to understand personal crucifixion, and the global one before us. Fear dies on the cross, liberating us, and allowing our heart to more fully lead others to their own heartfelt freedom. (More in Parts 4 & 5)

Continuing with the integral leader-nurse, she is now part of a global body whose mission is to inspire medical professionals and practitioners to take action by signing a notarized affidavit to reveal the systemic medical tyranny. You can discover more by visiting their website Stand Firm Now. The quote on the homepage says it all: “May our children never say we were cowards in the face of evil.” ~ Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long, MD

One of the most disturbing things I’ve seen in the last few years was this abhorrent television commercial normalizing myocarditis in children — a commercial narrated by a young girl that thankfully was pulled due to public outrage. “Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show a strong link between cases of myocarditis and COVID-19 vaccines”, notes this well-respected authority. “Between Dec. 14, 2020, and Sept. 16, 2022, 23,926 cases of myocarditis and pericarditis were reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or VAERS…”

Critically thinking minds and intuitive hearts see the obvious: that the troubled souls behind this commercial tried to manipulate people into believing it is normal for children to experience a severe heart condition like myocarditis. What the naive miss is what Mary Holland, Children’s Health Defense President and General Counsel, makes clear: “They are the people — if they gave her a Covid shot — that caused myocarditis. They first injured her. They made a little bit of money on that. And then they made a ton of money on providing her medical help.”

Startling data on excess deaths is becoming more available, including spikes in neonatal mortality. In Scotland there has been a doubling in infant deaths from 2021 to 2022, the highest death count in at least 5 years. Though a preliminary investigation found no link to Covid, the spike in deaths is not being reviewed by Public Health Scotland for a possible link to the “vaccine”. As far as they are concerned, there is no reason to investigate whether any of the bereaved parents had received the jab during pregnancy. 

In this video, a brave nurse shares that when she first began working in a hospital, she saw approximately one fetal demise every two to three months. But after the “vaccine” roll-out, monthly deaths rose to approximately twenty! The numbers were projected to increase at the time of this data release, and yet, as she states in frustrated bewilderment, there was no interest amongst her entranced team to investigate the cause of these mortalities. 

Remember, this gene editing experiment was not tested on pregnant women. 

Is it no surprise that there is a sharp rise in business for funeral directors, sympathy cards, and coffin-makers — coffins for children? Quoting information from the linked video above, one casket manufacture states, “Never in our 30+ years of business have we sold child size coffins in bulk. The smaller size orders have never been so popular. I would like to add that casket sales are up dramatically in the last two years.” Meanwhile, as you can see here at the 6:40 mark, the US government told coroners not to do autopsies for Covid patients, leaving the panel of medical professionals in the video shocked and disgusted, and grieving family members confused and further distraught. “You cannot find that for which you do not look”, says one member of the panel.  

Clearly the Nuremberg Code, the set of ethical principles created to protect humans from malicious medical experimentation, from misinformed consent, is forgotten in this storm of social engineering. And what about the Hippocratic Oath doctors take to first, do no harm — doctors who are quite on board with the medical experimentation, and who attack their peers for questioning, for participating in the ethics of science?

With a mounting list of adverse reactions like cardiac arrest, Bell’s palsy, shingles, cancer and infertility, we see why it took a court order to force the US Food and Drug Administration to release the almost 330,000 pages of clinical data Pfizer submitted for authorization and later approval of their “vaccine”. Originally the FDA said they could only release 500 pages a month, with the full set of pages not processed until 2097. Instead they were forced to release more than 12,000 pages of documents on or before January 31, 2021, and thereafter to “produce the remaining documents at a rate of 55,000 pages every 30 days, with the first production being due on or before March 1, 2022, until production is complete.” 

As part of a 10,000-page set of documents was a 38-page report that included a startling 1,291 different adverse events. And these are not even all of them, as you can see in this excellent video. Again, this is data that required a court order to make transparent. 

Here, we must turn to the words of John F. Kennedy, who stated: “The very word ‘secrecy’ is repugnant in a free and open society… We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it.”

For more scientific data regarding Covid / the “vaccine”, check out this page filled with articles from the incredible and brave work of the Children’s Health Defense. I also recommend subscribing to their newsletter.  

We are indeed waking up to the nefarious business model of Big Pharma (backed, I believe, by the Military Industrial Complex that formulated the bioweapon “vaccines”, just as they design other weapons). In reality, criminal enterprise, like with mafia rings, is the more appropriate descriptor than business. (Let’s not forget their influence in the opioid crisis, in which, “from March 2020 to October 2020, opioid overdose cases were up by 29%.”) Not only do they have legal indemnity as it pertains to adverse reactions, but their model is one of enormous profiting off of sickness and dependency. As an example, Pfizer made nearly $37bn (£27bn) in sales from its Covid vaccine in 2021 alone. And they plan to quadruple the price to $110 to $130 per dose. 

Revenues soar not just from demand and rising prices, but because this “health” enterprise is not one of creating cures, but “treatments” that build upon previous ineffective ones. The “devil in the details” is not researched by naive and desperate buyers, or they are concealed altogether. Unexpected side-effects create more symptoms and dependency on Big Pharma’s poisons.  

If you want a deep dive into the destructive criminal dealings underwriting the plandemic and the bio-fascist colonialism of Big Pharma, I highly encourage you to watch these two incredible documentaries here and here. Chock-full of empirical data and solid personal and credentialed professional testimonies, they are a must watch. 

By the way, not long after the first of the two documentaries mentioned above came online, it was cyber-attacked. I’m sure it was just an angry, lonely techy-teen in his parents’ basement up to no good…

This mass, unscientific and unethical medical experimentation should bring us back to the forced medical experiments in regimes like Nazi Germany and Stalin Russia. And the psychological warfare — the consistent coercion from our “leaders” to “get vaccinated” and “protect grandma” when we know these “vaccines” do not stop infection and transmission — should remind us of the doctrine of collectivism, and the reliance upon mind control and mass formation psychosis in tyranny’s of days past. (A recent peer-reviewed study published in April 2023 by the Cleveland Clinic found that the more doses of the “vaccine” one receives, the higher their risk of contracting Covid. More here & here.)

Let’s not forget the destabilized, confused, subservient, and madly supportive throngs seen in East Germany saluting Hitler and chanting his name. Aren’t today’s Woke / left-wingers that blind, fanatical group, singing the praises of tyranny?

*                    *                    *

We know that control of free speech and punishment of those who think for themselves is fundamental to dictatorships going back in time. “The repression of free speech and ideas acts as an essential tool for a totalitarian government, as conditioned citizens lose any uncertainty about their lives, and they believe that what is being done to them is right and for a greater cause”, writes this author. Control the narrative and you control the people. Do not let them decide what is true, but rather decide for them through a constant propaganda / manipulation machine which today is the left-wing media, and through punishment. 

Labelling those who hold alternative views with pejorative and divisive terms is a totalitarian strategy used to identify the pariah, have the public turn against them, and suppress freedom of expression. During Nazi Germany, it was the “dirty Jews” who were the chosen “them” to strengthen the “us”. Today, a similar strategy is in place with the unvaccinated being the “dirty” ones to turn against. This is not a disconnected shaming or uglifying tactic — “dirty Jews” to “dirty unvaccinated”. Further, the oligarchs have been gradually seeding terms like “conspiracy theorist”, “extremist”, “racist”, “insurrectionist”, “anti-semitic”, “climate change / election / science denier”, and “white supremacist” to strengthen the divides and their agenda / narrative, and incite their followers, namely the Woke, to work on their behalf to attack, discredit and silence awakening ones, and to make them feel like deranged outcasts. 

This is now becoming so extreme that there is a growing movement to enforce mental diagnoses and medication upon those who express concerns about the “vaccine”. I encourage you to watch this video, especially the beginning and towards the end (15:15 mark), in which a Swiss cardiologist, with no history of psychological issues, was placed in a psychiatric hospital for speaking out against Covid restrictions and measures. The condition of his release? He had to take a neuroleptic (antipsychotic medication), monitored by weekly blood tests.  

Manipulating desenters into believing they are psychologically unwell, deluded and needing help, is a totalitarian strategy used to get people to question and abandon their own hearts. Pay attention, because it’s there playing out.

With this in mind, we better understand why Satan has been called “The Deceiver” and “The Accuser”. The naive, willing public are deceived to do the bidding of evil tyranny by being voices of shameful labelling and categorizing (like declaring one as “mentally ill”), and by enforcing punishment.

“When the whole world is running towards a cliff, he who is running in the opposite direction appears to have lost his mind.” ~ C.S. Lewis

It’s worth noting that the etymology of the word “heresy” is “choice”. And it’s worth remembering how “heresy” has been associated with “sin”. Looking back at Christian history, if you chose differently from the official ruling doctrine, chose from your heart, the authorities labeled you a heretic, and punished you accordingly. Fast forward to the last few years. The powers that be have been demonizing humanity’s sovereign decision-making not by calling out “heresy”, but “conspiracy theorists / theories”, and the other aforementioned derogatory terms. Same thing, same purpose, different language. Understand the pattern and you wake up to tyranny — and to truth! 

Deleting free speech and adding to the medical tyranny is the purpose of California’s Assembly Bill 2098, going into effect January 1st, 2023. It will punish physicians and surgeons who disseminate “misinformation or disinformation related to COVID-19, including false or misleading information regarding the nature and risks of the virus, its prevention and treatment; and the development, safety, and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines.” A body of unelected board members determine what is true and false, harmful and helpful. This both undermines the patient-medical practitioner relationship built on trust, free speech and intuition, and grants more power to the medical orthodoxy, controlled by those who “care”. 

This war on free speech and truth under the guise of “for the greater good / safety” is perhaps most evident in the ever-increasing regulation of online content. The globalists say they want to honour our right to free speech, but it must be “balanced” to “protect” us from potential harms. And who gets to decide what’s harmful? They censor what they deem as false and misleading information, and threaten or punish those who engage in open scientific debate, what integral science is based upon. They ban those speaking the truth, the sharing of data on “vaccine” side-effects and early Covid treatments like Ivermectin, but do not censor those sharing lies and misinformation. Like the left-wing legacy media that has reported a continuous stream of false, harmful information claiming this is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” and that the jab protects people and stops transmission — all of which is now scientifically proven as false. Those left-wing Youtube videos and social media posts stay up, along with child exploitation accounts, while truth-tellers are censored or shadow banned.  

A must watch is this testimony by a retired Canadian journalist at the National Citizens Inquiry who, with precision evidence and bold articulateness, exposes the propaganda of the left wing media during the Covid era. He also shows evidence for what many already know — that those waving Nazi and Confederate flags during the truckers convoy were paid federal agents, used to discredit the movement and grant power to the authoritarian government’s narrative that the truckers and “anti-vaxxers” in general are “racists”. A further startling example of this clever totalitarian mind control strategy is seen vividly in this May 2023 video, this time situated in the United States. In this case, the deep state used agent provocateurs to amplify the government propaganda declaring that white supremacy is the greatest terrorist threat to homeland security, and at the perfect moment, as you’ll see. 

With the “Twitter Files” being released early December 2022, we are seeing the extent of mind control before us; how government has colluded with Big Tech to censor facts and sway opinion pertaining to Covid / the “vaccine”; and how explosive information has been concealed that would have changed the US presidential election results, and more. If this criminal information control has occurred within Twitter, you can be sure that the weaponization of social media to mould minds and alter outcomes has been well-established within other major platforms. This is only the beginning of the revelation, with much more to come. 

What we see emerging in this theatre of insanity is certainly the lies, hypocrisies, inconsistencies and corruption that have underwritten totalitarianism going back in time; as well as the thought police I’ve pointed to, which include Google manipulating our search results, people who claim “we own the science”. But more, what we have before us is a hovering helicopter Nanny State that acts like we are stupid impressionable children needing bubble-wrapping from the possibility of being hurt (offended) or misled — by truth! 

This, alone, should be telling to those still asleep: that our “helicopter parents” believe we are incapable of discerning for ourselves, and must do our deciding for us. People fall for this because of how compelling the doctrine of collectivism is, and their lack of historical reference. But more, because it has been the norm that parents, teachers, ministers and other authorities tell children what to believe and do far more than asking them what they believe and want to do. Created is a culture that has normalized colonizing the heart and mind from cradle to grave, instead of drawing out (which is what education means etymologically) the gifts and wisdom inherent in each of us. 

Without this empowerment central to child development and learning, individuals grow up quite willing to have others tell them what to believe and do. They struggle to feel and trust their heart and cannot recognize manipulation when it’s occurring; which makes them prone to give their power away to nefarious intentions. 

I’ll be going deeper into the psychology of this chaos in Part 3.  

Of course, in the oligarchs’ push to police and hover, they care not one iota about protecting us or the greater good. Instead, through their well-oiled machine of lies, of monstrous inversions, propagated through the media they own/fund, it’s the truth they seek to “protect” us from — truth that would expose and end their tyranny.

“We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.” ~ John F. Kennedy

*                    *                    *

Without real “fact-checking”, that must include diving into historical records, people do not see what American novelist George R.R. Martin made clear: “When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.” Indeed, people are being fooled by the seemingly warm smiles and caring platitudes of those in power; by the desire to protect, to save (the Earth), to “keep us together by keeping us apart”. 

The now clearly laid out plans by the United Nations, World Health Organization, and the World Economic Forum who “penetrate the cabinets” of our governments, along with other bureaucratic bodies, are completely overlooked. The ignorant do not see why the global cabal, increasingly overriding national sovereignty, “respect China’s achievements, which are tremendous over the last over 40 years” and “think it’s a role model for many countries”. 

If you haven’t seen the horrific atrocities occurring in China, I encourage you to watch this disturbing video from Fox News. And for a deeper look, watch this report by the wonderful David Icke. This oppressed, social-credit system dictatorship is being used as a blueprint for what’s to come — a new world / geo order that is for the “greater good / safety” of their collective ego. 

The naive masses are unwittingly onboard to such an extent that growing numbers are willing to act as an arm to the security state as public policing agents tracking and reporting their fellow citizens in the name of what’s “best / good / safe for everyone”; to ensure there is no “civil unrest” or “threats to national security” — things we hear countries like Saudi Arabia use as justification to imprison brave dissenters; like young mother-of-two Salma al-Shehab, sentenced to 34 years for simply tweeting on civil rights. 

I encourage you to watch this video on what’s happening in New Zealand, with its fascist government; how the public is being encouraged to report any “extremist” behaviours to authorities — you know, behaviours that may resemble the “disinformation-speaking extremists” Jesus, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Marguerite Porete. This summoning of public policing is also coming from the United States Food and Drug Administration, which has created a “Rumor Control” department, funded by taxpayer dollars. 

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” ~ Voltaire

With only an ounce of heart-knowing or intuition, critical thinking and historic reference, one can easily compare this weaponizing of the compliant public to the Stasi in East Germany, and to what occurred in other dictatorships like Pol Pot Cambodia, Franco Spain, Mao China, and Stalin Russia. With only an ounce of intuition, critical thinking and historic reference, one can see the growing leveraging of “for the greater good / safety” to manipulate the public to help usher in global surveillance and control. 

This is not conspiracy theory. It’s truth, for those with heart for it. 

PART 3: 

Patterns of Fear, Denial and Abuse

“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

“That could never happen to me” is something we naturally think when a natural disaster strikes in an area far away; or when seeing tyrannical militarism rise in foreign nations. It is too difficult to believe that this devastation could come home to us — that we too could lose our spouse, child, dear friend, home, all we poses; that we could end up living under authoritarianism, and locked up. 

Denial can be comforting. But it shrinks us away from reality, and sometimes from those close to us reporting it. 

Information given to resistant family, friends and co-workers on the recent rise in sudden and excess deaths, footage of the blatant sexualization of children by drag queens, and solid, empirical evidence for geo / climate engineering (twisted into the man-made “climate change” hoax), we know from experience, isn’t received well. Our loved ones and colleagues shrink not only from the glaring facts, but from considering why all this insanity — the Ukraine proxy war, the southern US board crisis, children being fed worms at school, the transgender hype / identity politics, the destruction of farms and farmers and food processing plants, critical race theory, the plandemic, and much more — is suddenly happening now, at the same time?

Indeed, it’s all too much for their psychology, heart, emotional body and nervous system to take in. It’s too drastically and radically confronting, just like how Truth has always been a threat to ego-establishments seeking to uphold their supremacy. 

Truth threatens the emotional body and heart that want to feel good rather than disturbed. And it threatens well-established belief systems that perceive life a certain way (“normal”), and thus the believer — the identity of the individual; the illusional, little, certain “me” codependently enmeshed with the illusions of the “normal” world. A dose of heartbreaking reality can dismantle the imbalanced ego blithely feeding and feeding off of the fear and lies fed by hungry master manipulators who cleverly know exactly how to keep people enslaved to this low vibrational matrix of false reality. 

This is ultimately a crisis of identity, poignantly displayed during a caterpillar’s metamorphosis into a butterfly. When the emerging consciousness (Higher Truth) of the butterfly (Higher Self) arrives in the chrysalis (mystery school / temple / tomb-womb) -woven caterpillar (lower / ego self), it comes in the form of what’s called imaginal cells (Jesus, Gandhi, lightworkers, etc). As they gradually appear with their plans for revolution, they are attacked (persecuted) and destroyed by the caterpillar’s immune system. Like the Stasi, law enforcement and Woke, the latter works on behalf of the larger caterpillar-establishment (globalist elites) that seeks its own preservation. It sees each imaginal cell, each seed of butterfly consciousness, as a threat to the ruling body of intelligence; just like how established survival identity structures forged from trauma and programming commonly perceive love from another as a threat; and how mainstream archeology sees the likes of Graham Hancock, who are rewriting ancient history, as a threat to its institutionalized beliefs. For more on this caterpillar-butterfly metaphor, please watch this video I created.

Resisting disturbing truths that, when taken to heart, break our heart open to Higher Butterfly Truth, is resisting uncertainty and feeling as well, all of which are interrelated. Because who am I if no longer the caterpillar, and what might I feel that’s uncomfortable if I let go and dissolve? As all initiates have discovered going back into antiquity, having been twice born in the “chrysalis” of their various Mystery schools, there is no transformation and awakening without significant disillusionment — the ending of our world, inside and out; the world thought true and identified with.

“Every breath is a chance to be reborn spiritually. But to be reborn into a new life, you have to die before dying.” ~ Shams Tabrizi, spiritual teacher of Sufi Poet Jalaludin Rumi

This is the fear beneath all other fears — loss of self; which is why truth and Truth are such a threat and denial is so strong. And yet with that ending, as the caterpillar-butterfly knows, there is a glorious rebirth, an expansion of consciousness that comes with expanding our thresholds for feeling, uncertainty and all truths. 

This is one way to understand soul evolution — expanding our thresholds for each through many incarnations. And this is how you understand crucifixion — the loss of self that comes with growing disillusionment, a crisis of identity.

*                    *                    *

Let’s now explore a few examples where fear, denial and other distortions are taking place amongst certain segments of our population, and what underpins this. While reading, I invite you to remember what I wrote above — that this is ultimately a crisis of identity: Who am I then if I let truth hit home in the heart? What might I lose?

You may have noticed the startling degree to which New Age spirituality is being hijacked by the dark forces; how our love and light chasing friends cannot see what underwrites, and the consequences of, drag queens reading stories to young children, the mutilation of children’s bodies for transgenderism, and the “save the Earth” man-made climate change hoax. They take a stand for inclusion, diversity and a healthy Gaia, all of which I stand for as well. Yet within New Age spiritualists and general Woke liberal folks is sheer nativity in their positivity; an inability or unwillingness to discern the inversions and perversions of truth, or even believe that evil exists. 

Amongst spiritualists, there is often an ungrounded and imbalanced desire to remain positive and keep feel-good vibrations high. In a video I watched where the speaker rightly named the dark agendas at hand, there were words expressed in the comments section that the video was too negative, and that vibrations may become lowered by taking in such realities, which could attract negative things. 

We are here not to avoid pain and suffering within, and therefore that of the world. It’s one thing to take care of ourselves and protect our emotional body and spiritual centre; it’s another to do this at the cost of disconnecting from our humanity and not seeing reality for what it is; in this case, the anti-human agendas abound, nefarious intentions that children need their parents to be aware of!

You can be on the conscious path, dedicated to meditating, organic eating, chanting mantras, and communing with the Angels — all big parts of my life; and yet, you can also lack rootedness in the body, a hallmark of trauma; which can manifest as lack of spine, of voice, of a pragmatic view of things, of everyday, concrete reality. It can manifest as seeing good where evil stares back, of hearing truth where only lies speak. 

These patterns often have roots in attachment wounds, when our survival depended on holding our parents in the light of infallibility, despite their destructive behaviours towards us. “My childhood wasn’t so bad”, people say, even though their drunken father regularly hit them. “Not so bad” was, and still is, a coping mechanism for avoiding the unprocessed “bad” in the body. It was a necessary adaptive response in the attachment-driven child to protect any semblance of connection, of “we”. Seeing our parents as good even though they are sexually abusing us, physically abusing us, neglecting us, is thus wired in. It saves us. 

You’d be surprised how many adults — spiritualists and non-spiritualists — live with these survival adaptations, and how it twists their worldviews. They believe things are better than they are. Being positive replaces being real because survival depended on not feeling what’s real; on not taking to heart the disturbing truth that their primary attachment figures were hurting them. It’s why children blame themselves for their adverse experiences — to protect the attachment as much as possible, a relational system they need for survival.  

The survival adaptation of avoiding truth to avoid pain and maintain safety is leveraged by dark, oppressive forces who spread lies and create a world that’s anything but safe; whose entire operation is built on avoiding truth and convincing wounded, impressionable psychologies what’s needed for safety. “Not so bad” and “Things are good”, the worldviews of these survival adaptations, are projected onto our nefarious “leaders”, our “saviours”, and the seriousness of toxic 5G towers and spying satellites is filtered out. Our government would never spy on us, thinks ungrounded, disassociated positivity and distorted safetyism; they would never abuse us, just like how our parents would never intentionally harm us. 

For more on the intersection between attachment wounds, survival adaptations and abusive authority, please watch these videos I created here and here.

*                    *                    *

“People have two needs: Attachment and authenticity. When authenticity threatens attachment, attachment trumps authenticity.” ~ Dr. Gabor Mate

If children have to choose between authenticity and attachment, they almost always choose the latter. The relationship is necessary for their survival, not authenticity. They adapt, becoming who they need to be in order to ensure as much connection as possible, as much of a secure “we” filled with love, safety and approval. They adapt to survive an unpredictable, unsafe home, and to mitigate harm. For example, they may become smart, tough, pleasing, good or submissive. They do this while turning away from their natural, exuberant selves, the childlike qualities they learn are too much, unacceptable, unloveable or unsafe to be.  

By being a certain way, children make certain they’re okay. Instead of being a capricious, spontaneous child who joyfully bounces from one way of being to another, the child narrows her range of possibilities down to what secures attachment and safety. Daddy is less likely to hit me and mommy is more likely to be kind if I’m a certain way. The infinite colours of the child’s rainbow soul, her true colours, are less and less accessible. 

This is our fall from innocencein-essence.

Being a certain way ensures attachment-driven children fit into the family culture, versus uniquely stand out. Fitting in is not the same as belonging. To fit in, we must give up something that is true to our nature. In belonging, however, we get to be our whole selves, and have our singular fullness welcomed by our family, tribe and community. Belonging is therefore an out-standing state of soul enrichment, whereas fitting in is a state of soul impoverishment. It is self-denial in order to mitigate negative consequences, survive and gain conditional acceptance. It is an attempt to be liked by being alike. The standardized school system, with its mandate to standardize the unique minds of fingerprint souls, only adds to this moulding.  

Childhood adversity is not the only catalyst of these adaptations. There are the inherited imprints from our lineage that code our DNA, and painful experiences from past lives we hold at the soul level. Old, unprocessed memories of being persecuted / punished for not submitting to authority that transcend this incarnation can cause us to feel the need to be good and obedient — a certain someone today.

The adaptations of being good and obedient and fitting in, which are pervasive, further explain why great numbers have submitted to corrupt authority, without question; why they have willingly abused themselves with a poisonous “medical solution” and agreed to have the same procedure done to their children. They’ve masked up, and put this muzzle on little ones in strollers, even though no one is around. This makes perfect sense to them, just as it makes sense to put children in the system of indoctrination we call “education”. It doesn’t cross their minds that masks do not work, are toxic from the buildup of CO2 (see previous link), suffocate children, impede learning, development and co-regulation which depend on facial cues and oxygen, and are a dehumanizing symbol of “shut your mouth”. 

Hijacked by fear and a good-obedient certain way that creates safety, people are prone to believing the certainties — “science” — the authorities tell them. Imbalanced, dysregulated certain psychophysiologies crave certain solutions. Like with the adaptive response of seeing good where good does not exist, and avoiding truth to avoid pain, the need for certainty and safety is leveraged by the dark forces “for the greater good / safety”. The oligarchs through their various channels are quite happy to provide “doses” of certainty and safety that fearful, complacent people want. They are willing to be the saviours for those identified with victim consciousness by first cleverly triggering humanity’s astounding addiction to old, unprocessed victimhood and then funding / enlisting / using its manic causes, like climate and trans rights activism.

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Unhealed, we can see how these patterns of trauma and programming manifest into imbalanced egoic be-good, do-good behaviours and projections. One of these projections is that of anger, which is rampant these days. This red hot emotion is unavoidable if one has to suppress who they are and be a certain someone for decades. For this reason, no true commitment to personal empowerment can escape the rite of passage through healing the pain underlying anger or rage, and feeling the grief on the other side. 

Some be-good adaptations form quietly nice and obedient mask-wearing citizens, with unprocessed anger concealed well. The red hot energy is there, hidden beneath the surface, held in safety for psychobiologies afraid of their anger, and thus power; who learned that anger is a threat. At the other end of the spectrum we are seeing how much unhealed anger is being triggered and mindlessly acted out through intense thought policing and general aggression. This latter category underwrites the fanatical righteousness and virtue signalling that demands others fit into the official narrative and obey. This is a liberal authoritarianism that judges others who hold alternative views, choose bodily autonomy, and do not submit to authority as racist, anti-science extremists. 

For both the quiet and aggressive be-gooders whose survival has depended on fitting in and submitting, on denying uncomfortable truth for warped positivity, choosing self-respecting personal sovereignty and reality is irresponsible, destructive behaviour that’s not “for the greater good / safety.”

The ways that “social justice warriors” and liberals have been demanding inclusion and diversity exemplify imbalanced “good” in action. Look no further than the barbaric “gender affirming care” that California will be a sanctuary state for January 1, 2023. Woke liberals and spiritualists believe that “transgender” children should make up their own minds about harmful, anti-life puberty blockers and hormone treatments, and the mutilation of their bodes… even though they are children. They see it as the inclusive, empowering, “good” thing to do, and attack those who don’t. They cannot see abuse for what it is, the Big Pharma profiteering — the evil lurking in the shadows.

I have no issue with mature, informed adults choosing to become transgender, just like how I am completely accepting of being gay, lesbian, black, hispanic, white, etc. I am not a phobic person, nor am I against inclusion and diversity. What I do take issue with, as a fierce advocate for the wellbeing of children, is when our precious little ones are being targeted by dark forces under the manipulative guise of “gender-affirming care”. And when this sweeping agenda is being sold using the deceptive shadow inversions of inclusion and diversity. 

Critical thinking and intuition examines why the sudden transgender hype, with drag queens appearing at schools and libraries. Why now? Why so pervasive? With careful examination we may discover that transgenderism is being used as a stepping stone towards transhumanism. When you confuse the identity through transgender propaganda, led by Woke TikTok mouth pieces, make DNA more synthetic through the “vaccine”, and psychologically manipulate kids into being addicted to technology, then wouldn’t you say that young people are prone to choose an artificial substitute identity — to merge with technology? 

What a clever, and yes, well thought out way to disempower people and maneuver them into a global digital dictatorship. More on DNA and the transhuman agenda in Part 5. 

Children are prone to this manipulation because most do not get their attachment needs met. Secure attachment fosters secure identities in little ones. The opposite is also true: insecure attachment fosters insecure identities. With transgender propaganda abound, parents manipulated and pressured, kids talking about becoming transgender while staring at TikTok, children are tempted to “fix” their insecurity — their “gender dysphoria” — by choosing another identity. By becoming some body else — transgender. 

For more on this, I encourage you to watch my video called, “The REAL affirmation gender-confused kids need”. I also invite you to watch this short video reporting that a school district in the United States has informed fifth-grade parents how they will no longer be using the words “boy” and “girl”. You may also be interested to learn how two women in Australia (one a lactation consultant) were told it is illegal to essentially say on Twitter that men cannot breastfeed — an excellent video; as well as an example of how the trans agenda is infiltrating children’s media entertainment.

Manipulate objective reality, and power is given to the dark forces to determine what reality is, and to impose it. 

Indeed, do not believe for a moment that just because our “leaders” raise LGBTQ+ flags in front of their parliamentary building and invite a transgender person to the White House they care about human rights. Why this? Why now? Why so politicized? This is only difficult to discern if one does not take to heart the level of evil ruling the world, and its deceptive motives, in this case, transhumanism and total AI control. Critical thinking should make clear that the same politicians claiming to care about civil liberty and dignity are simultaneously leading the charge for war profiteering in poor nations at the cost of millions of innocent lives, while taxpayers in their own countries — the growing numbers struggling to make ends meet — foot the bill.

Can you see the abusers? Can you see the deceiving wolves in sheep’s clothing who care only about power but pretend to care about you?

It cannot be understated that parents and people in general must become educated, and more, wake up, so to protect children and themselves from the perverted propaganda and abuse deceptively being sold as “human rights”, “diversity” and “inclusion”. 

On a related side note, the reason the FBI, controlled by the dark forces, is increasingly targeting Christians is because: 1) Christians are publicly outspoken in being against transgenderism; 2) Christians are publicly outspoken in being against abortion. They thus pose a threat to the anti-biology, anti-family, depopulation, AI agenda. And 3) Their belief in God diametrically opposes the anti-spirit / life agenda, the push to transition people into identifying as androids devoid of soul (and gender). All in all, Faith, Family and Freedom, the three pillars of this creed, are completely antithetical to the dark agenda. 

Since we’re on the subject of the FBI, know that agents have been pulled away from chasing child sexual predators and given a new assignment: visiting the parking lots of school board meetings where they are to take down the license plate numbers of concerned parents. Within the FBI database a new threat tag has been created for these parents — domestic terrorists. You may become a domestic terrorist for sharing your concerns about your 15-year daughter being required to memorize and recite pornographic content in front of her entire class.

Clearly, protecting the sexualization, racialization and transgenderization of children at school goes hand-in-hand with de-prioritizing the arrest of those raping and trafficking children throughout our communities. This overarching mandate supports the oligarchs’ appetite for satanic child abuse, their need to divide the populous through critical race theory, leverages their “white supremacist” narrative for control, and safeguards their goal of transhumanism.  

Further, classifying parents as domestic terrorists gives black hat agents or mind controlled social service workers license to remove children from “domestic terrorist” parents, and place them in child rape trafficking rings. I want to remind you of how insidious the dark forces are in all major institutions. Quoting the US-based Family Preservation Foundation, “Recent reports have consistently indicated that a large number of victims of child sex trafficking were at one time in the foster care system.” 

The term “mature minor” (& here), a thought program seeded into the collective consciousness, is further influencing this nefarious, perverted storm of confusion and manipulation. It’s molding the infantile consciousness of young and old to believe immature minds are capable of making life-altering decisions. Isn’t this the “inclusive”, “empowering”, “good” thing to do? This is not just in the context of becoming transgender, but in receiving “medical assistance in dying” (MAID), as it’s called in Canada (see here & here). Here we see the normalized gradual removal of parental rights to intercede on behalf of their impressionable children, while accelerating the larger dark agenda of eradicating nuclear families and depopulation. 

It’s hard not to draw a parallel between MAID / this plan for depopulation and the estimated 250,000 mentally and physically disabled people killed under the Nazi regime, as part of their goal to create a “pure race”. 

Considering the gross sexualization of children through drag queens and the explicit content now in schools, and the trafficking of children across borders (here & here) and between high-ranking judges, lawyers, businessmen, politicians and others in power, doesn’t it make sense why “mature minor” is a seeded thought program? It sure helps immature minds believe they are mature enough to engage in sexual activities. What a manipulative way to feed the $150 billion dollar annual enterprise of human trafficking, the fastest growing criminal activity in the world, ultimately run by the oligarchs. 

I tell you this: once one understands the far-reaching extent of child trafficking and sexual exploitation ruthlessly led, engaged in and concealed at the highest levels of power — managed through our corrupt political and legal systems and officiated by people entrapped into pedophilia and then blackmailed — then the current dramas and conspiracies of the world become clearer. And one realizes why children are being sexualized in school, through the media, and elsewhere. 

Want evidence? Watch this disturbing, yet inspiring documentary, a powerful, moving, well-researched story about one woman’s triumph over government-led mind control programs and the sexual exploitation of young people. Prepare yourself to see familiar faces, people in positions of high authority involved such abhorrent activities. I also encourage you to watch this interview with child rape trafficking survivor Gloria Masters. In it she reveals her childhood ordeals including the satanic ritual abuse and numerous abortions she endured prior to age 16, the degree to which police, doctors and other influencers were involved, and how prevalent this demonic enterprise has been in her home country of New Zealand, and globally. View her website here.

This systemic abuse of children is going to predictable new normalized heights. The International Commission of Jurists (ICJ), an international NGO that “promotes and protects human rights” and works closely with the UN, is initiating a legal framework that essentially decriminalizes pedophilia. In this document, published March 2023, you can see under “Principle 16: Consensual Sexual Conduct” that the ICJ states: 

Moreover, sexual conduct involving persons below the domestically prescribed minimum age of consent to sex may be consensual in fact, if not in law. In this context, the enforcement of criminal law should reflect the rights and capacity of persons under 18 years of age to make decisions about engaging in consensual sexual conduct and their right to be heard in matters concerning them.

This is but another extension of the thought program “mature minor” seeding consciousness. And it is the continued nefarious coopting of “progressive” liberalism, in which “human rights”, in this case the right to abuse a minor, stands above all moral decency and the protection of the young.   

*                    *                    *

With all this in mind, we can understand the magnitude of what is before us; how dark and disturbing it is, the trauma and programming driving it, and the survival identities prone to deception and abuse. Truly, we are living in a thick soup of inversions and perversions that demand street-wise discernment, which the soul oversees; a discernment that intuits how the dots of seemingly disparate events connect; a perceptual understanding of the larger picture made real through higher, holistic, heartfelt intelligence.

Without heartfelt intelligence, transgender activists and liberal authoritarians project their trauma and programming onto J.K. Rowling, claiming she should open her new woman’s-only centre for victims of sexual abuse to transgender people. Lost in victim consciousness, they cannot take to heart that the most important need in a healing centre is physical and emotional safety; and that having biological men, though transgender, would compromise this. This extreme immaturity, overwhelmingly present these days, is all about me, being offended, without any consideration of the other, and the larger picture. It is off-the-charts egocentrism!

Without heartfelt, discerning intelligence, naive and angry climate activists and “social justice warriors” support the hijacking of farms and bankrupting of farmers to “save the planet”. They fall prey to the climate change orthodoxy that has, for decades, cherry-picked and manipulated data regarding CO2. Overlooked, even amongst scientists, is how necessary this gas is for creating lush greenery, further confirmed by geologic records from earlier periods, like the Cretaceous (see next two links); how CO2 does not necessarily drive temperature; and how, at just over 400 ppm, it’s nowhere near levels of concern. What’s also overlooked is how geologic records, like those found in ice core samples from Greenland (an excellent short video), provide conclusive evidence for how temperature today is in fact colder than most of the previous eight thousand years. 

A recent paper has just been published by the influential European Geosciences Union showing that from 2009 to 2019 the overall Antarctic ice shelf area has increased by 5,305 km2, adding 0.4% to the total shelf area in the 11 years under review. Though there were reductions in certain areas, growth outweighed loss. This finding “raises questions within the ‘settled’ climate science narrative, so it is highly unlikely to be covered by mainstream media.”

Lacking this critical information while being indoctrinated with the false climate change narrative, naive activists and “social justice warriors” — the young, especially — are manipulated to fear and hate CO2, which makes them prone to turn against biology, which is carbon-based, and towards AI.

What if the 2006 “documentary” An Inconvenient Truth was A Convenient Lie for the oligarchs, chock-full of predictions that have never come to pass? You’ll find its frontman standing amongst the World Economic Forum globalist brass, emphatically speaking here in 2023, still driving the deception.

Without initiative to seek the truth, naive and angry climate activists, and indeed, the general population, do not see startling military cover-ups behind covert geoengineering operations — the intentional poisoning of the Earth and air, weather warfare and climate modification. Airplanes are spraying nanoparticulates like aluminum, barium and sulphuric acid across our skies, what’s commonly called chem-trails. Stratospheric aerosols are not only causing all manner of ill health to humans and animals, and pollution to our soil, water and air, but are being used to dry trees, which are then lit on fire by drones and directed energy weapons. Flash floods, flash freeze, flash drought and other weather anomalies are manufactured to destroy agriculture and disrupt the food supply. Control the food, control the people. 

The military-grade technology is there to do this, hard as it may be to imagine. Corrupted climate science and deep state media conceal these truths, all the while the oligarchs use these manufactured environmental crises to strengthen their climate narrative and impose their new world order. 

Please watch this brave whistleblower speak out regarding some of this. For a full documentary on geoengineering, click here

Without heartfelt, discerning intelligence, the naive, be-good, obedient masses do not see how “for the greater good / safety” is being leveraged for a social-credit system, dystopian future; how their blind, fanatical efforts to “save the planet” and their attacks on those who name the climate change lie support the very people destroying the planet most. It’s one thing to care about the planet, as I do; for there is much work to be done to end obscene pollution and destruction; however, it’s another to advocate for and violently defend our dark overlords’ “green revolution” scheme. 

With closed, stubborn minds and wounded hearts, any attempt to offer a different view is resisted or met with backlash. It’s simply #nodebate for the manipulated, hypnotized masses lost in black-and-white thinking and immense victimhood. A sentiment carried by their overseers, the oligarchs, who also avoid healthy and open public debate because they know they would outrightly lose. How can they win against intelligent hearts and minds with solid, empirical data at their disposal when their whole premise is based on lies? 

That is the great irony of “fact-checking”, and why the hypocrisy is at overflowing levels. It’s why the Light of Truth is the greatest threat to the dark story; to its creators and unwitting purveyors. 

“Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the boisterous sea of liberty.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

*                    *                    *

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. “ ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

It may just be that the most powerful spiritual practice is not another yoga class or evening of kirtan; or even another therapy session or satsang with our guru; and it may just be that the most powerful act of social justice is not another protest — but rather bravely turning our hearts towards the magnitude of suffering in our brothers and sisters and taking reality in. Rather than hiding on our meditation pillow and in our social justice outrage, it may just be that the freedom, equality and peace we seek is to be found by first courageously seeing things as they are, not how we want them to be. 

This, my friends, is spiritual maturity. It is leadership. And it’s what these times demand. 

The truth shall set you free. It’s not simply a trite axiom to read, but one of profound meaning we are here to live. There is little truth and freedom we can integrate into our heart and soul when living in the shadows of reality. At some point, we must expand our bubble to include our human family being oppressed in China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, New Zealand, and own backyard. We must look clearly, straight at what is occurring with our children being targeted for “gender affirming care” and sexual abuse. We must no longer deny the growing data related to adverse “vaccine” reactions and spikes in stillbirths and newborn deaths; and the startling cover-ups behind geoengineering — the intentional poisoning of the Earth and air and its role in weather / climate modification.

Indeed, we must read the research, peruse diverse, alternative sources of information outside the left corporate media, dive into history, and use our intuition and critical thinking. We must see the lies and deception, the overwhelming abuses of power. 

Most of all, we must give ourselves to heartbreak — to feeling disturbed. We must forgo happy, “all is well”, “not so bad” “normal”, go beyond our angry projections and safe little bubble, and take to heart the disturbing truths abound, and have our world, what we thought true, fall apart.

We are here to heal. We are here to feel empowered. But we are also here to awaken. And there is no awakening without transcending our ideas of reality. Without realizing how much of what we thought true was a complete illusion. A lie lived within a greater lie. 

Until that point, we are playing the game of pre-tending — of not tending to the Heart of the Matter, to our raw humanity, and the humanity of others. And thus we are circumventing the humbling vulnerabilities we must all eventually embrace if we are to ascend to higher planes of consciousness. 

“Just one moment of awakening begins the dissolution of one’s false sense of self and, subsequently, the dissolution of one’s whole perception of the world.” ~ Adyashanti
PART 4: 

Giving Weight to Our Cross

The Holy Cross is a four-pointed star. And like all stars, with their radiant arms flickering out and in, the cross reaches to the many fragmented parts of reality and pulls them into its centre, the Holy Heart. There, in a great alchemical fire, the light of Christ, Buddha, of the Stars, turns the many into One. The story of ‘me’ and ‘my life’, the story that never was, ends. And all that’s left, is all that’s ever been.

Jesus walked willingly to his destiny; not as a victim, but as one who knew he was going to demonstrate what lifetimes of preparation had brought him to. He gave himself to his fate, and thus the cross. He leaned into his crucifixion just like he leaned into the sickness, poverty and isolation of the many he served. 

His colossal legacy teaching made real on the cross was paradoxical wisdom. The cross shows the way and wisdom of opposites found in the human experience, as well as their transcendence. It invites us to go beyond the mind that wants to make sense of life through this-or-that parts, through grasping, and into higher dimensions where all parts converge. For these reasons and more, the cross is an advanced teacher and teaching of non-dual consciousness understood by few, and integrated into the heart by even fewer. This is why we have many lifetimes, and why suffering, which brings us home to our cross, is a sacred path.

Pain and suffering advance soul evolution in ways easier paths do not. You know how much more you grow and mature during your dark nights of the soul than when things are going nice and smooth, as planned. Compassion and humility, in particular, are learned only through adverse experiences. Illness, barely making ends meet, and losing a loved one each act as a rite of passage into these, and other divine qualities. They integrate into our heart as we accept and feel the vulnerabilities of our raw human experience; as we allow heartbreak to open us to new dimensions of spiritual maturity.

With compassion and humility experienced as living truths in our heart, we have a desire to serve others in their suffering. Instead of judging another who cannot make ends meet, as we might have done before our adversity, we can feel for this person and meet him in his hardship. Our heartbreak opens our heart to others, to wanting to share its infinite riches in service and love. 

As a young man, compassion and humility were not easy for my highly wounded heart. Having endured sexual abuse and abandonment when a little one, I had no other choice but to wrap my heart in protective barbed wire and portray myself as much more grandiose than I was. My raw, real humanity was hidden under false humanity. I was silently crying, as one personal growth leader identified. 

It took many years of courageous truth-revealing and feeling for me to heal not just the trauma, but the significant physical symptoms I struggled with, a list too long to name here. Working with many wonderful healing practitioners helped uncover what had been denied and forgotten. They supported me to feel what needed heroic, loving attention; to have my pained past and softening humanity made real in my opening heart. Acceptance, then forgiveness, and finally love and gratitude were born. In this, my painful story was transcended. 

Born from the ashes of such tragic beginnings was a man with depth and wisdom, compassion and humility, not found otherwise. I’m not writing these words, or leading my online healing and activation ceremonies, if it weren’t for this difficult rite of passage, this heartbreak necessary to open to the light and to others. 

*                    *                    *

A further way to understand heartbreak is to see it as a sacred space in which the holy fire of alchemy blazes. That fire is at the intersection of the cross, where our heart is. That heartfelt fire can also be called a crucible in which old karma, or outdated fear- and shame-based ways of being, are transmuted or purified. As we give ourselves to our heartbreak, an old belief like “I’m not worthy” or “I deserve to be punished”, or other fears and shame, can be offered to the fire and alchemized into Higher Truth. Our heart is thus the all-consuming fire central to ceremonial living, a purifying heart that opens to more as we give to it. 

An example of a crucible you are likely familiar with, as am I, is challenging romantic relationships. The only way we can experience a healthy, intimate union is if each person gives their heartbreaking vulnerability to the relationship, to the shared crucible. The relationship calls it forth. It demands each person come closer to the alchemical fire that is the intimate relational field, but that also exists in both hearts. 

With each vulnerable giving to one’s own personal fire and to the relational fire, the relationship grows in heat, brightness and love, irrespective of how long people remain together. Each person dies a bit more to the relationship by surrendering to the other, to their own heartbreak, and the fire of love. 

Give ourselves to the fire of suffering — ours, and that of our world — to raw heartbreak, and we give ourselves to our body more fully. We return to it, and realize that our body is our cross, and even carries its shape. Arms out, feet together, we see the human cross beautifully portrayed in the divinely inspired Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci. We carry it wherever we go. A reminder that our work, our purpose, our suffering, is there to be embraced in every moment.

This is what it means to live the holy teachings of the cross. Far more than simply beliefs and trips to church on Sunday, it is a commitment to embodiment, which demands sacrifice. True sacrifice. Not a goat. We make a ceremonial sacrifice to the fire of heartbreak at the centre of our cross. We sacrifice for the sacred, words deeply wedded. We sacrifice our anger for grief, and our tears for humility, compassion and wisdom. We sacrifice fear and shame, and its manifestations of pain and illness, for health, love and peace. 

We sacrifice our imbalanced geo-ego to the fire so we can glow more brightly as the fiery Helio Soul-Star we are!

We sacrifice, which really means give up to Spirit. We do so by first going down and in. Our pain and suffering calls us down and into our raw humanity, and the rawness becomes the crucible, our crucifixion, which opens us up to life. In our deepened humility and humanity, words rooted in the Latin “humus”, which means earth, life is lived as a sacred ceremony, centred in the heart, grounded in the body and Heart of Gaia, while opened skyward to the Heavens above.

The two planes of the cross point the way, with the horizontal axis reaching out to the phenomenal plane, the physical dimension of this world; and the vertical axis bridging the Earth Star and Central Star of the Cosmos, representing the path of descension and ascension. Yet it’s the cardinal centre, our Holy Heart, that is the epicentre of this ceremony, where Heaven and Earth, spirit and flesh, merge into one.

*                    *                    *

To the extent that we give ourselves to our heartbreak, to the centre of the cross, we embrace the emptiness of space. And yet each sacrifice of who we are not, of what no longer serves us, creates room for the fullness of space. In sacrificing to the fire, the sacred shines brighter through our human form. In dying to the old, we are reborn anew. 

Some have referred to this transformation in consciousness as the philosophic death and rebirth. In alchemical terms, it’s the Great Work, or Magnum Opus in Latin. The creation of the philosopher’s stone, the goal of numerous ambitious-obsessed alchemists over the centuries, symbolizes a highly misunderstood and material immortality, one that is, in truth, the deathless, enlightened state only realized through inner alchemy.

This dying is what traditional rites of passage, like those of indigenous cultures and ancient mystery schools, initiate people into through privations, a removal from society, and other adversities like being placed in a sarcophagus for three days, as it was in the Egyptian Mysteries, or being buried for hours with only one’s head above ground in the African bush. A crisis of identity ensues, the aspirant’s ego-surrender is summoned, guided by elders, shamans, hierophants, Mother Nature and Great Spirit. 

The wonderful Christian mystic Meister Eckhart creatively referred to this dissolution and death when noting, “God is not found in the soul by adding anything, but by a process of subtraction.” We can also reflect upon the aphorism of Chinese spiritual teacher Lao Tzu, who said, “To be worn out is to be renewed”; and the wisdom of Jesus: “Blessed are the poor (empty) in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven (full).” (Matthew 5:3-4 NIV). 

And then there is one of my favourite quotes of all by Richard Bach, from his wonderful book Illusions: “What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” 

Another winged being that shows the way of sacred sacrifice is the mystical Phoenix: first by turning to ash, or emptying; and then by rising in its resurrection body from its crucible; and then by spreading its new iridescent wings open, exposing its heart, and flying or ascending to new heavenly heights and service.

This archetypal path of filling through first surrendering the false self and emptying shadow imprints is the descending impulse. Quantum space created through our heroic inner alchemy allows for our Higher Self to anchor — to come down into our subatomic universe and take hold. Poetically shown by the dove descending upon Jesus at the end of his baptism, this descent of higher consciousness occurs through spiritual DNA activation, which I’ll speak to more in Part 5. Our Higher Self’s genome, or codes, birth into our human awareness through our carbon-based DNA, supercharging our neural pathways, kundalini channels and transforming our psychophysiology as a whole. We come more alive in spirit by coming down into the body. This is why avatar, derived from the Sanskrit word avatāra, literally means descent.

With descension, or embodiment, comes the ascension of our soul. This is the two-pointed path of the cross’s vertical axis, also geometrically shown in the merkabah, one of our countless light bodies. The merkabah is made up of two overlapping 3D triangles, one facing down and one facing up, mirroring the Star of David. Like the cross, it shows the interconnected path of descension and ascension. That we ascend into our multidimensional Christ Self, the living avatar we are, only to the degree that we give ourselves to our cross, our heartbreak, and open to the descending impulse. We claim our resurrection body — the body humbled and descended upon — and ascend as a soul into higher frequencies of consciousness, of love, inasmuch as we bow to our raw humanity and expose our heart, which spreads our wings.

This was Jesus’s legacy teaching from the Holy Cross, the glorious, mystical, paradoxical wisdom he left for us that we’re meant and ready to live. In his great sacrifice to the sacred, he showed that the cross is far more than a torture device, and even a symbol. For Jesus, it was his altar through which to cross over to higher realms; a sacred altar to alter consciousness.  

Your body is your altar. And it’s only by being in your body, by giving yourself to your altar, that you alter your consciousness. We do this with our external, candlelit altars. There we express our exhales, share our tears, voice our fears. We empty ourselves, softening, humbly bowing head to heart, giving more weight to our seat, our body, with each let-go. We sacrifice who we are not so our Higher Self can descend, and we can fly higher into more of who we are. 

Indeed, with our bodily altar always present, we need not wait to give weight to our cross. It calls us each moment to bow and rise anew.  

*                    *                    *

We are a people who much prefer beginnings over endings, filling over emptying, keeping versus letting go, staying strong versus falling apart (emotionally), knowing versus uncertainty. Like all initiations, this dramatic one we are in as a collective is rapidly bringing us into the latter of each. At quickening speed, what we believed true, the world we thought we knew, is crumbling. Space is being made for disturbing and enlightening truths. For the whispers and presence of our soul to finally take hold and lead us from darkness to light.

Giving weight to our cross, and treating our body like the sacred altar it is, is our multi-lifetime path of expanded embodiment. Of going up by first going down and in, like trees and flowers demonstrate; or like an infant, who gives his full limp-loose, safe-trusting weight to his mother’s arms, and from this state of resting in connection or co-regulation, rises grounded and nourished, rooted in his body and soul. (The triune of relaxation, trust and safety are interrelated in the experience of intimate, nourishing bonding / attachment, and are thus foundational for healthy child development. For establishing roots for young wings to joyously open. Indeed, it is love that says, Give me your weight.”)

From one lifetime to another, this is our great Soul Project. Suffering, and pain in particular, turn our attention to our forlorn body, and the higher project at hand, which is always love — giving our weight to love, and then serving from that divine embodiment. The cross calls for our attention, asking us to give ourselves to it more fully; to come down into our body and lean into our suffering, instead of avoiding it. This is what it means to suffer well. 

The reality of sore hips, a tight gut and digestive issues invite us into the shadows of forgotten sexual abuse. Our clenched jaw, painful upon waking up in the morning, announces that our heart has words to say that we keep denying. The bubbling psoriasis on our hands that makes basic tasks so difficult tells of old anger — red hot energy — and the untended grief underneath. Our endless exhaustion is our body tiring of acting out the old survival adaptation of caretaking, a pattern we took on because it was safer to say Yes to others than to ourselves. Our depression and chest pain are the silent cries from having lived so long pressing down who we authentically are while being a certain way, a pattern going back into previous lives. Our inability to give our mattress our full weight and fall asleep is the unhealed fear, the eternally present past of trauma, that whispers, “It’s not safe to give another my weight.”

In the West, when people experience symptoms like these, they do not correlate them with past events, let alone with underlying energetic imbalances. They overlook unprocessed fears, shame, anger, grief and disgust and nervous system dysregulation as causes. Our healthcare system certainly does not make the connection, and pathologizes and labels our struggles. Mechanical procedures like massage (without energetics) and medical interventions like psychostimulants do not address the core issue.

Moreover, by tending to symptomology, and settling for “chemical imbalance” reasoning and “mental disorder” labels, we don’t attend to the deeper work of leaning into our body, and suffering well. Instead of uncovering, feeling, learning and integrating, we seek a quick re-covery from such challenges, which only suppresses them more. We want the pills and to get back to “normal”, versus the responsibility of recognizing the larger Soul Project and how our body calls us to it. 

Trauma keeps us in a perpetual state of disembodiment. We learn, especially as young frightened children lacking co-regulation, that our body is unsafe. An overwhelm of fear, disgust and anger that isn’t soothed due to inadequate attachment parenting makes us want to avoid our somatic experiences. Add the need to be vigilant in our unpredictable home in order to feel safe, and the heavy weight of mental indoctrination from the “education” system, and you have a formula for rising above the body into the calculating, rational, certain mind, not coming down and in. 

Cementing this survival adaptation and disembodiment further is the cultural conditioning that teaches us to be strong, not weak; to keep it together, not fall apart; to know, not feel. Add the stress of over-busy, under-resourced adults (parents), and the endless stream of “shiny bits” available, like technology, and you have a system of continuous distraction and avoidance of the cross, and the suffering we carry. 

There is a saying that the way out is the way through. In our disembodied cultures, where our five senses are captivated by the phenomenal plane, we perceive far more way outs than ways through. With people unaware of what lies underneath their suffering and unwilling to do the vulnerable work of giving weight to their cross — of going through — they are easily lured away from the real work by “outs”. Sadly, they do not discover what really matters on the “other side” — the deeper dimensions of their humanity and soul, and the new possibilities for experiencing and sharing both. 

Avoiding the purifying fire of alchemy keeps people from the pure light of their Higher Self, a light that must shine through our embodiment if darkness is to dissolve. Above all, this luminosity is the soul-ution for these times. It’s there, in this infinitely creative intelligence of light, that we realize the gifts we are here to bring, and our world needs. We remember who we are and why we are here. 

*                    *                    *

Systems like healthcare are collapsing because we can no longer exhaustedly work with symptoms while ignoring causes. The shadows of the psychophysiology and soul, and thus our communities, are calling louder than ever, screaming in our ears and hearts. These shadows are denied in others with a growing sophisticated array of often de-humanizing patchwork because we continue to chronically avoid our own painful history, our raw humanity; because we are so addicted and attached to our established systems of cover-up, inside and out — ones whose time have come.

Busyness, toughness, being smart, good and obedient, fitting in nice and neat, pleasing others — they are all wonderful disguises. But we cannot continue living the game of running and hiding, of silently crying and pre-tending, of projecting our victimhood onto the world. We cannot continue playing the waiting game, while avoiding our Truth, our Power, the endless Joys that heartbreak opens us to. We praise the game and teach children to “succeed” at it, while ignoring, not tending to, the shadows giving rise to it and our global insanity. 

We don’t take the wise words of spiritual teacher Jiddu Krishnamurti to heart: “It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t need some significant, loving tending to their cross through a good solid cry — a long one; to grieve not only their own heroic and agonizing struggles, but those of others, like our ancestors and children. 

I don’t know anyone who, deep inside, doesn’t long to release the constrictions and bracing that come with trauma that keep them up and alert, and to finally let go and become limp, weighted; to feel safely held by loving arms, like those of a warm mother or Mother Earth. Followed by the exhale of a lifetime, a long-awaited sigh of relief, bringing even more weight to their body. 

I don’t know anyone who, deep inside, doesn’t want to finally take to heart that their traumatic experience is over, and need not be carried anymore. That was then, this is now. To know: It’s safe to be in my body, to come home to it. And that it’s safe to no longer pre-tend, and to be free-me. 

I don’t know anyone who, deep inside, doesn’t want to suffer well and be received well in their suffering; to surrender and bow, touching the ground where their tears lay, and to merge with Mother Earth who they now feel more at one with.

Indeed, I don’t know anyone who, deep inside, doesn’t want to end, if only a little, and feel through their heartbreak the break of dawn. 

If only people knew what they were really hungry for…

“Love is a place we go when we no longer wish to hide.” ~ Unknown

In giving weight to our body, and thus Mother Earth who is an extension of our body, we give our weight to life. Paradoxically, as the Holy Cross teaches, we transcend the world of form only by turning towards it. 

PART 5: 

Global Crucifixion

“I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.” ~ Apostle Paul (Galatians 2:20 ESV)

The collapsing world we see before us is the external expression and catalyzing force of what’s being initiated within — inner collapsing or heartbreak. With social, economic, political and other systems falling apart, there is a corresponding inner falling apart. The end of the world is forcing our ending, and our ending is forcing the end of the world. It is one interwoven system of collapse, breaking us open to the destined Golden Age.

For these reasons, this pivotal lifetime is an opportunity coveted by souls who wish to advance their evolution through the tremendous heartbreak and ceremonial fire made possible through our global events. Who want to enter crucibles of pain, loss, hopelessness, confusion, uncertainty and powerlessness, and to have old, limiting and false aspects of themselves spanning lifetimes surrendered to the fire of alchemy. 

That fire both empties and transforms. Into the searing crucible of 2020+ we can give the carbon of “I must obey/be good to survive” and have it alchemized into the diamond light of empowerment. The base-metal of false security, defined by seeming separation and a codependency with the false world, can transform into a golden heart-felt knowing that I am One with the Cosmos; that this is my eternal “security”.  

To the fire of alchemy we can give the tyranny within that desires supremacy in our consciousness; and that, if looked upon closely, reflects and feeds the attitudes of the dictators in our world. This is the imbalanced ego that wants us and others to behave a certain way (good and obedient); that tells us and others all the reasons not to speak the truth (censorship); that wants us and others to fit in versus stand out and question — the “science” (conformity / groupthink — see link before last); that judges us and others with pejorative labels (persecution); and that incites us to attack ourselves and others with physical violence, as evidence with the growing trend of self-mutilation and activist-mob outbreaks.

Another example of how the tyranny within reflects and feeds the oligarchs is the following. Pay close attention to your thoughts, and you’ll notice how invested they are in creating crisis after crisis (worry, problem-making, drama, catastrophizing). This keeps us in a state of reactive fear and unnecessary self-control. A few examples: Inner tyranny has me believe that if I share my artwork, no one will like it; if I ask that person out on a date, s/he’ll think I’m overbearing; if I finally say a deserved No, I’ll lose my job/relationship. Why bother, says the imbalanced ego that convinces us all the reasons we lack worth. Hiding out, playing small, going along to get along, become the preferred routes in order to avoid the imagined complications. 

Self-control derived from imagined crises / problems inevitably has us control others, as well. An example lies in the growing cult of safetyism. Helicopter parents project their aversion towards wild abandon onto children, a fear stemming from old, unprocessed trauma and programming. Unnecessarily so, they steer little ones away from being a Wild Child, and the learning only found in free, unsupervised play and bumps, bruises and scrapes. They protect less for the child, and more to comfort / protect their survival identity that cannot bear the discomfort of straying too far from straight and narrow paths. Do you see the pattern of self-preservation? Dogs too suffer from this short-leash projection, something I sadly witness almost daily. Their “owners” expect them to act like well-behaved humans, versus enjoying the wild, roughhousing, butt-sniffing beasts they are. 

In these and countless other examples, the imbalanced ego forged by trauma and programming creates problems and reasons for unnecessary control, if only in its thoughts. To recognize this pattern mirrored at the tyrannical macro-external level, you must first imagine the oligarchs as representing the collective ego for all humanity. Consider how they create problem after problem for the global body of human beings: escalating manufactured crises such as plandemics, wars, “climate change”, racial tension, food shortages, and “alien invasions” — events created so the oligarchs can trigger and feed off of our collective fear; and so they can impose their long-planned “solutions” upon a frightened, divided and desperate people, and profit from them; for example by ab-using emergency powers and enhancing surveillance to “protect citizens, democracies and national security”. 

This totalitarian strategy is also known as Problem – Fear – Solution, most notably executed in the last few years as Covid – Fear – “Vaccine”. Create the problem and solution, and depend on mass formation, fear-based compliance for the latter’s acceptance. With acceptance comes forth other problems / crises and “solutions”, like the Patriot Act, each building upon the last. Humanity begins to live in a permanent state of emergency and fear, as the dark overlords expand their powers and tip-toe civilization towards total centralized control. 

This strategy is an outgrowth of how we use it internally, upon ourselves. As within, so without. The inner dictator manufactures problems / emergencies, incites fear, and then orchestrates the solutions — go along to get along; say Yes, not No; wildness leads to getting hurt, so be (unnecessarily) safe! The imbalanced ego controls us, diminishes our worth and possibilities, and disempowers us in the process. It then acts out this painful strategy on family members, friends, coworkers, a nation — or the entire world. 

The greater the pain, the greater the need to act out and control, and the more evil one’s motives and behaviours are — all of which makes one a perfect operative for the darkest of dark that rule Earth. 

Creating fear and feeding off that fear is central to the dogma and stratagems of inner and outer tyranny. The fires of fear must be continuously stoked, and thus repeated crises are needed, if these “caterpillar” establishments are to survive and avoid their crisis of identity — their dissolution. A fearful state of mind or a fearful state of nation, or world, is fundamental for inner and outer enslavement. 

And so what if psy-ops, the psychological operations that are externally manufactured deception, also occur within? The expertise of the collective oligarchical ego and the personal egos of humanity are fundamentally the same — that of being an expert tease!

Indeed, inner mirrors outer in myriad, subtle ways, if we dare look and be honest with ourselves; just like how our shadows are mirrored by our romantic partners, best friends, children, and even employers, as if by some intelligent design.

Summarizing these opening words: Symbolized by the deceiving, tempting serpent in the Garden (which paradoxically also represents kundalini), this inner tyrant is the dark force that all souls carry as part of their journey through shadows that, left unchecked, leads us and others down roads of suffering and illusion. It is the great weaver of lies, reflecting, in so many subtle ways, every tyrant in history — those lost to the great lie and liar within that must continuously deceive, tempt and incite fear to uphold supremacy in consciousness.

Over the last three years, the “serpent” of the masses has been triggered to new heights of anxiety, depression, delusion and mania by the lockdown madness, social and financial strains, and growing uncertainties. The outer circumstances of the Covid era have not been the cause of these reactions, but the trigger for what is unprocessed trauma and programming spanning lifetimes and generations, shadow imprints that define the imbalanced ego. What was already present in the unconscious, like inner tyrant patterns of obedience and violence, has surfaced, been acted upon, and become more conscious in the process. 

Hard as all this has been, this surfacing is one of the hidden gifts and necessary initiatory purposes of these revelatory times. People have the opportunity to awaken to darkness both outside and in. With awakened awareness, one can better see how dysfunctional personal and collective “normal” has been; how much pain has been suppressed, contributing to 42% of adults in the United States being obese, and “nearly a third of teen girls” having “seriously considered suicide — up nearly 60% from a decade ago”. Awake to this, the multitude can increasingly take to heart just how codependent the relationship has been between they and a deeply broken and corrupt system; a matrix run by troubled souls who feed off of fear and disempowerment, and use the abusive “education” system to indoctrinate children into feeding this toxic codependency. 

Giving our inner tyranny to the fire of alchemy, of purification, central to the cross, is therefore vital for our liberation. Less identified with our fear-based, persecuting, lying ego, the propaganda within, that demands being good and obedient, censorship and conformity, violence and control, we identify less with these same demands, behaviours and ideologies of our “leaders”. We resonate less with dysfunction and impurity as the heart awakens. We see it for what it is. We see the lies by awakening to heartfelt Truth. The larger codependency with the dark matrix falls apart as the hypnotized inner tyrant disentangles from its external rulers; as it stops feeding the oligarchical ego establishment and its toxic, abusive systems. Mass formation psychosis loses its power and people regain their own.

Ultimately, our dark overlords will not be conquered through a fight, which I’ll speak to more in Part 6. The oligarchs / tyrants who, throughout time, have represented the imbalanced collective ego in amplified form, serve the purpose of acting out the shadows humanity has yet to integrate. They reveal and ignite darkness, just as our partners, children, etc do, fulfilling the inescapable Law of Balance and Mirroring existing in this world of contrast. And so it is that rather than tearing down and replacing the despotic mirror, with clear perception and a commitment to self-responsibility and self-mastery — to being twice born — we change the reflection by changing ourselves. We take responsibility for our portion of the greater body of life’s “sins”. Human consciousness is transformed from the inside out. 

Drawing upon our earlier metaphor, we sacrifice our inner caterpillar to the chrysalis-crucible for metamorphosis, or rebirth. This is a far cry from the spiritual bypassing route that underwrites the Christian determination for being “born again”, a determination based primarily upon shifting beliefs, rather than experiencing radical dissolution. The real church is our body, where our Higher Butterfly Self emerges / resurrects, not a place the believer-caterpillar visits only on Sundays! Hence, the attack on biology, the reason for which will become clearer as you read further. (See my extended note on “born again” Christians at the end of this chapter.)

This radical act of self-responsibility and self-mastery, this heart-awakening to Truth, is our foremost sacrificial gift of service to the world, and how we end the longstanding story of suffering. Committing to this path least traveled through the “eye of the needle” is a commitment to embodying what Jesus demonstrated and taught; and it’s what it means to be a Spiritual Warrior. There, along this rarefied path, we die to the cross, with each day, each moment, giving us another opportunity. 

Taking all this to heart, we understand why these times are so pivotal and potent, and so greatly misunderstood. Afforded to us all in this monumental lifetime, especially those with “eyes to see and ears to hear”, is the opportunity to participate in and serve our collective metamorphosis, our rebirth. We are witnessing and experiencing the story of suffering built on inner and outer tyranny, and their enmeshment into a false reality, meeting its fateful end. The heat of the global crucible is intensifying at an exponential rate; it’s calling louder each day for these disempowering patterns, for their ceremonial release to the Holy Fire, the Light of Truth, which is our global crucifixion.

*                    *                    *

Prophesied by all major spiritual traditions, we are indeed at the End Times, which is why there is so much chaos, uncertainty and polarity; and why there is this significant push from dark forces desperate to stop the Golden Age. 

The year 2012 was not what people thought it would be in terms of clear, obvious shifts. However, the Winter Solstice of that year marked the end of what is called the Great Year, or Platonic Year named after Plato. This period is measured by the awesome elliptical orbit of our solar system around Alcyone, the brightest and central star of the Pleiades star system. A transit totalling 25,920 years, it is segmented by 12 celestial months of 2,160 years that correspond with different zodiac signs. This is called the precession of the equinoxes. When you hear people say that we are entering the Age of Aquarius, an age of enlightenment, they are referring to our transition out of the Age of Pisces, the previous celestial month that made up much of our rapidly completing Dark Age; what’s sometimes called the Iron Age and in Hinduism, Kali Yuga.

With this Cosmic alignment comes increasing waves of higher frequencies entering the planetary field and altering its consciousness. For decades, with the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 being a key marker or turning point, there has been an amplification of what I call the Christ Grid of Light. Imagine a circumglobal network of light anchored by the large number of interconnected Starseed light workers and unusually high number of Master Souls; as well as the increasingly active Earth portals like Mount Shasta, Stonehenge, and crop circles. Together, in anchoring and holding this grid, they strengthen the collective field, and give those who are open the opportunity to dial into and entrain to this “divine internet”; to download new information and feel into a different, yet familiar way of being. Connecting to the grid may send a signal into their ripening consciousness that alerts them to turn left, when normally they’d turn right; click here, instead of there; pick up this book, instead of that one. Paths normally untravelled, when ventured, spark soul interest, leading them to new possibilities, and to being an active contributor to the Grid of Light themselves. 

I bring the last few paragraphs to your attention so you understand that this period of time we are in is more monumental than you may have thought; and so you are clear that there are forces influencing the chaos far beyond those of our dark overlords. It is the End Times for many a good reason — astrologically, astronomically and spiritually. And therefore it is highly potent in its dramatic and traumatic disruptions to and destruction of dysfunctional “normal”. The chaos is a searing crucible not only for personal sacrifice, but that of the old world order. 

*                    *                    *

The new world order that we hear our “leaders” increasingly preaching on about, the not so “great reset”, will not come to its full fruition. This ambitious and well-planned vision of the oligarchs is one of the great inversions of this twisted time requiring our discernment. It is the inversion of what is unequivocally True and Destined: the New World and Great Rebirth created from the Diamond Light, Gold and other qualities of our embodied Higher Selves.

The dark forces know where we are in this Cosmic alignment; that we are transitioning into an Age of Light. It’s why they have put decades, if not centuries worth of planning into stopping our ascension. Just as the Proverb of Hope states it’s darkest before the dawn, their great push comes at the cusp of the New Dawn; an Age of Light and Truth that is their greatest threat, much like how moonlight is Dracula’s demise. 

This is the reason for the immense polarity — darkness and light are spectacularly co-arising and entwining, forming a perfect, intensifying storm of oppression and revelation, denial and awakening, destruction and creation. 

With polarity becoming stronger, the choice points become more clear. Darkness darkening and mayhem amassing — children suffering more, civil freedoms and parental rights eroding, people increasingly succumbing to strange, sudden illness and death — make pathways towards Holiness and Truth more obvious and compelling. The heart finally asks the question: Do I choose/serve tyranny or my integral heart? Do I take the risk to say No, so I can finally say Yes to something far greater, and to the children before me?

That is the hidden blessing in the growing polarity, the co-arising of dark and light: Darkness reveals itself and its abusive games more, finally causing heartbreak and outrage amongst our sleepy family of humans, and directing them to choose the light within, and anchored through the Christ Grid. 

*                    *                   *

The dark agenda is becoming known due to error, inconsistent data, and the oligarchs being more clear and direct in implementing their plans. Yet the dark agenda is also being revealed because of brave truth-tellers, many of whom are fiercely criticized and ostracized doctors sharing startling scientific information. What people are awakening to is that the “vaccine” is no medical solution at all. It is a viral pathogen that damages the brain and nervous system, the heart and blood vessels (Foot-long blood clots have been found — see third link after next. I also encourage you to watch this brave funeral director and embalmer speak about blood anomalies her and her peers have increasingly noticed), destroys mitochondria, compromises the immune system, and more. It is intentionally designed to execute the plan for depopulation — for a more easily controlled populous — through reproductive damage and triggering death.

In these videos here and here, a pathology and virology expert shares how the “vaccine” manipulates our genes, and through detailed slides, its devastating impact on the body. “The human cell is meant to make human proteins”, he asserts. But the body is making toxic spike proteins from this infectious foreign agent, proteins not local to the deltoid as we were originally told. They are produced throughout the body, acting as a “slow poisoning”, with the lipid nanoparticles that carry the mRNA or genetic material used to make the proteins even crossing the sacred blood-brain barrier, and entering the placenta, umbilical chord and growing child. Even more, research has discovered trace amounts of mRNA in the breast milk of the jabbed, detailed well by a doctor in this video.

But there is something more to this nefarious, sinister gene “therapy” agenda. 

This “vaccine”, which is a fear frequency, destroys the chemistry of and makes synthetic our DNA, a subject I write about here. This is important to know because it’s in our Genetic Library that the light of our Higher Self anchors. The gene editing program manipulates and modifies this library. It alters our altar through biological warfare, a clear attack on the sacred ground upon which the dormant light codes of our soul activate into our human awareness. 

Our carbon DNA is where our soul rests its latent coded potentials until we are ready for them to awaken. Much like how imaginal cells carry the consciousness of the emerging butterfly within the chrysalis-wrapped caterpillar, our light codes carry the divine qualities of our Higher Self within the “chrysalis” of our body; qualities like genius creativity, generosity, compassion, wisdom, forgiveness, psychic abilities, and more. These are multidimensional qualities inherent to every angel-winged soul that make up our limitless potential to live and create; to experience ourselves as sovereign Christed beings made in the image and likeness of the Divine Mother / God, on all measures. Light code activation is thus personal empowerment; the dawning of our sovereign divinity in form. With more of our light anchored in our body, it becomes a sacred site capable of contributing powerfully to the Christ Grid, transmitting higher frequencies, and therefore engaging in exalted service.

The Bible confirms this potential by stating how we perfectly mirror our Creator; that everything God is made of we are made of as well: “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them…” (Genesis 1:27). The church has failed to mention the significance that we are holographic mirrors of the One; and has instead sold the inverted story that God is made in the image and likeness of man. This is the height of blasphemy and arrogance.  

Long run by dark forces, the church has not wanted us to know this Truth for the same reason that the oligarchs do not want light code activation today. This is the war on Truth long in play to keep light at bay. Targeting and modifying DNA with their “vaccine”, this fear frequency, is their attempt to stop the dawning of the Light of Truth through our body, and thus the Golden Age. Our disempowerment keeps them in power. With less light on Earth, planetary consciousness or vibration remains low. The fear frequencies they are in accord with continue to saturate the planet, making Earth hospitable for their souls’ low densities and dark parasitic appetites. 

Their plan does not end with altering our DNA, though. For decades, with the Age of Technology becoming more attractive and enmeshed with daily living, they have been effectively luring humanity to the digital “dark side”; just as Darth Vader tried to lure Luke Skywalker in that iconic movie moment. The advancement of the internet, social media, smartphones, video games, all of which they’ve had their paws in, have been strategic stepping stones in their plan to make us feel like we not only cannot live without technology, but that we are part of it. 

Making DNA synthetic and manipulating an artificial immune response, while gradually addicting the population to technology and introducing implants, microchips and virtual “Meta” reality, is how they increasingly turn us from our Sentient Intelligence and merge us with artificial intelligence. It’s how they create their transhuman vision in which synthetic biology interfaces with a technological grid — a perfect inversion of the Christ Grid; an artificial grid supported by the growing number of satellites and 5G towers that they plan to upgrade to 6G, 7G, etc. Plugged into their digital matrix, they plug into and control us. Sovereign divinity is usurped by technocratic enslavement.

This technological “singularity”, as it’s called, where all merge into one system of artificial intelligence, and its roots in communist mind control groupthink (all for one), are a complete inversion of The Singularity, the omniscient Intelligence of True Oneness. 

Denying soul intelligence and thus God, and granting full power to materialistic, scientific, technological reductionism, these technocrats are making clear that they want AI to represent and replace God. Their false, inverted “god” is to penetrate the minds and biologies of humanity instead of the sovereign God within through DNA activation. They ambitiously seek the illusion of immortality through this synthetic, chip-in-the-brain merger, a sublime inversion of achieving the deathless state found only in embodied awakening. 

Can you see how this is their artificial, desperate attempt to achieve what their shrouded hearts long for, and that crucifixion brings us to — divine union with the eternal Christ within?

Click here to watch one of the chief World Economic Forum architects state “There is no such thing as free will”. He makes clear their “biohacking” agenda by saying: “What scientists and engineers are telling us more and more is that if we only have enough data and enough computing power, we can create algorithms that understand humans and their feelings much better than humans can understand themselves.”

Darkened hearts, devoid of feeling Light, Truth and their emotional body, existing in a state of psychosis, which means split, and who bow to AI and their off-planet dark overlord, want you to join them; not in partnership, but as their slaves. Giving up yourself to them and their AI “god” is their feeding frenzy, as they and their dark overlord feed off your terror, which is what they do with children in their satanic abuse rituals. Even more, the truly dark disincarnate beings plan to use your compromised, genetically modified body-mind as a vehicle to inhabit, for they are too degenerated to materialize through the sacred rite of biological birth. 

This is not fiction. It’s already happening.

Can you better see the perfect, inverted symmetry between them forcing themselves upon us as “god” and how it times with the prophesied dawning of God within our DNA? How they are selling people the idea that merging with technology is convenient and empowering, like through the “exciting possibilities” of virtual reality, and how this is in direct opposition to true soul empowerment and the unlimited multidimensional possibilities it holds? Can you sense the Cosmic alignment in this: how it’s darkest before the dawn, and how dark must fight for its life as the sun rises?

Covid — intentionally created, released and covered up — was key to igniting this fight, this war on Truth, this centralized control, along with the seemingly disparate events like the Ukraine proxy war, southern US border criss, eradication of farms, and sudden appearance of drag queens, all of which have come to be in the last few years. They are part of the overarching plan governed by those who transcend national boundaries.

We better understand why there is such a push to confuse gender and deny the existence of a biological man and woman — it’s how the dark forces maneuver us towards artificial identities that usurp nature’s way. The US government has recently signed an executive order for this very reason: to “develop genetic engineering technologies and techniques to be able to write circuitry for cells and predictably program biology in the same way in which we write software and program computers.”

The “vaccine” passports designed for “public health” have been the excuse to digitalize us, increasingly track our every move, and determine based on previous compliance — like getting the latest booster — whether we can buy that loaf of bread or not. Centrally controlled, global biometric digital ID is part of the larger plan for a social credit system, like we see in China; as well as a central bank digital currency (CBDC), a key strategy for the oligarchs, moving swiftly into place via the recent manufactured collapsing and consolidation of small banks into larger ones. Working hand-in-hand with the aforementioned International Health Regulations and our digital ID, the CBDC would be part of an integrated AI surveillance and control system that determines our freedom to choose / purchase / travel based on our surrender to vaccinated slavery.

The video in the biometric digital ID link above explains this further. A must watch exposé, it elucidates the devil in the details behind the ostensible “peace”, “prosperity” and “inclusion” of the United Nation’s “Sustainable Development Goals” — details most do not see, settled they are for the general descriptions of this framework; the UN’s deceptive sell. The two speakers further do an excellent job at revealing how corrupt the United Nations is, and its historic ties to child abuse.

Corralling us all into a synthetic, sterile, routine urban existence is part of this system of total control. No longer spread out in rural areas makes it easier to keep us in check. “Smart” or “15 minute cities”, currently in the works in places like Oxfordshire, England, in which people are given only so much freedom to travel, are a stepping stone towards this vision. Devoid of natural substance and life, in these mega urban centres we’ll own nothing, have no privacy, eat genetically modified synthetic food (worms / crickets), yet somehow be happy! And with us all crammed together, “climate” and “health” lockdowns can be enforced more efficiently.

This video also offers evidence of the globalist plan for sterile urbanization, though it’s far more dystopian, akin to a Hunger Games, Orwellian Society, creatively depicted in this 24-minute animated short film.  

Mass control is a reality rapidly being implemented in China, as seen in this startling footage, and through the militarization of police occurring in the Western world. We can also see this AI “great reset” coming into form through the development of ectogenesis — where artificial wombs replace biological wombs. From fertilization to birth, pregnancy occurs in an artificial environment. In this flashy promotional video we are shown how in sterile, controlled settings, 30,000 lab-grown babies can be incubated per year. Listen to the language carefully. The womb factories are sold as “helping”. The makers want us to believe the artificial wombs “replicate the exact conditions that exist inside the mother’s uterus.” This is absurd scientific materialistic reductionism at a disturbingly dark low, with no sensibility towards the sacredness and necessity of the woman’s womb and umbilical chord, mother’s beating heart nearby, and her loving, holding presence, together acting as a mysterious, intelligent system weaving spirit and flesh into one. 

This is part of the plan to eradicate the nuclear family and replace biology with artificial intelligence. It’s also their fix for the destroyed reproductive systems of women caused by the “vaccine”, which they plan for people to take into perpetuity. Create the problem, provide the “solution”. 

All in all, this is a complete destruction and inversion of everything that is Pure, Holy and True — a destruction and synthetic reality we have no vote on, at least not in a formal democratic process. This a large, easily overlooked fact that must be considered as we see the unelected globalists gather in Davos and Indonesia on their private jets and implement policies outside of our purview and civil rights. Dystopia is being forced upon the masses, whether we like it or not; just like how thugs and rapists force themselves upon their victims.  

This ambitious vision is much easier to implement in a spiritually bereft, insecure world where most people use their televisions, smartphones and computers as their altar. Where people in their soul impoverishment, loneliness, poor self-worth, and ignorance, are looking for something to fill them up; much like how gambling, cigarettes, sex, and blow-up dolls are used. 

This ambitious vision is much easier to implement in a world where most have yet to turn to their cross and give their inner tyranny to it. For them, outer tyranny and all its “safe”, “good”, “smart”, “convenient”, “inclusive” and “empowering” ideologies make perfect sense.

Disempower, distract, divide and program the populous, while gradually making them addicted to the “convenient” and “empowering” technological “fixes”, and you have the perfect formula for luring the masses to the digital dark side. Instead of sacrificing for the sacred, the oligarchs force us to sacrifice for the profane. Instead of surrendering our will to divine will, we give our free will over to dark will. In both cases, there is an act of losing oneself — one is to Christ, the other to the anti-Christ; one is to life, the other to the technological world. 

This is the prolific, archetypal journey of souls, a journey through form and its temptations of darkness that our great stories have told, including the story of Jesus: “Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.” (Matthew 4:1 NIV). In the direction of dark, there are an infinite number of paths to choose from, as is true in the direction of light. Contrary to religious beliefs, the Divine Mother/God has no agenda for us, and stops us not from our “trespasses”. We are free to explore, far and wide, up and down, which is one of Her great gifts to us, along with making us unique and in Her exact image and likeness. 

She knows that, at the end of the day, the Prodigal Son comes home, and all souls, without exception, contribute to this return. She knows that it often takes extremity for there to be the necessary crucifixion. 

“Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity.” ~ Unknown

*                    *                    *

“When the world pushes you 
to your knees, 
you are in the perfect position 
to pray.”  
~ Jalaludin Rumi (1207-1273)

Extremity is clearly what we are experiencing to greater measure. A polarizing pressure system intensifies, influenced by Cosmic forces, dark forces, collapsing systems, the Christ Grid, and the revealing of truths. Reveal is what the Greek apokálypsis means, and where we get the word apocalypse from. It’s a time of emergency with food shortages, energy crises, threats of nuclear war, etc; but in this emergency, there is an emerging of truth, and merging with the Light of Truth through the altar that is our cross. 

This alchemical system of chaos will continue with all parts on the spectrum of dark to light playing their roles of serving humanity’s awakening and ascension into the Golden Age. Considering how addicted humanity is to victimhood and complacency, how much our fellow citizens refuse to take in (child abuse) reality, and how deeply entrenched the dysfunction is internally and systemically, can you think of a more powerful catalyst for collective heartbreak, collective weight-giving, collective awakening than this global mess of cruelty and insanity? This escalating pressure system? This revealing of disturbing truths and enlightening Truth?

Can you think of a more powerful crucifixion? 

Hard as this may be to digest, moving through this intense alchemical fire is the most effective, expedient and thus compassionate way to end the suffering — personal and collective.

We have come to awaken to Truth through truth, and to Light through darkness, following the path of the humble flower; a sacred and challenging archetypal rite of passage, indeed. False truth, when finally taken to heart, will, in its monstrosity, cause the heart to break brutally, and then beautifully open to the Light of Truth for those who can move through the pain. 

Like with all devastating experiences, this collective heartbreak holds the promise of newfound questioning, wondering, seeking, blossoming. For no longer giving ourselves over to painful illusions, and those who control them. Things busy and dulled minds and hearts were once closed to begin to be considered. With heartbreak, sitcoms, sports and trips to the pub are suddenly less important, and personal and spiritual reflection are given more weight. With more openness and seeking — eyes to see and hears to hear — comes greater availability to Truth and Wisdom, and to being a global citizen who takes to heart the suffering of the world. 

At this point, it goes without saying that this will not be, nor is it meant to be, the love and light fest some New Age spiritualists hope for. The Angels are not all going to suddenly appear and rescue us, nor is the Second Coming of Jesus going to put an end to this mess. That’s not how life works. For how would we learn? How would we grow? How would we fulfill our Soul Project and be the “Second Coming of” Christ light if everything was handed to us, and God undermined our sacred right to free will, our sovereignty, and journey of remembrance?

How can we embody the paradoxical wisdom of the Holy Cross and teachings of Jesus, claim our resurrection body and ascend, if we aren’t willing to be crucified? That is why he made his colossal sacrifice, after all. To be lived. Especially at this most extraordinary, polarizing time when we need the advanced teacher and teaching of the cross to liberate us from extreme duality and darkness. 

And so the immense heartbreak is inevitable, partly because a global crucifixion is destiny, but also because of the immense resistance to truth and Truth. It is especially inevitable as people realize what’s happened to their children. I write this with the utmost humility and respect for my brothers and sisters, both as an experienced healing practitioner, and more so, as a fellow human. Our sleepy family members will require significant emotional / healing support for them to not only integrate reality, but move through the heartbreak, and its emotions of shock, horror, outrage, disgust, fear, and grief, and into the eventual joy on the other side. 

This is the great humbling before us, our global crucifixion. And this is what souls came for, hard as that can be to imagine. They knew it would be difficult. They knew they would be up against clever and powerful manipulative forces. They knew they would be working through levels of trauma and programming — childhood, ancestral and past life — that would filter and skew perception. But bravely they came, nonetheless, to offer themselves to the crucible — to be crucified, resurrected and to have their Angel Wings spread open from their opened Heart and lift them to higher planes.

I invite you, therefore, to relinquish all judgement of their path. It is a sacred one to be honoured, even as they walk further into the oligarchs’ greedy, abusive hands. Hard as this can be to witness, it is their path; a journey along the Via Dolorosa, the Way of Suffering, that they may need to travel further if they are to finally give weight to their cross and liberate themselves from lifetimes of limiting and destructive patterns. 

*                    *                    *

This global crucifixion is a culmination of many lifetimes of heroic work that has inched us closer to fully awakening our Holy Heart, and complete divine union. Which is enlightenment. Each lifetime gives us diverse opportunities for sacrificial inner transmutation and emptying, for heartbreak and bowing deeper into our body; and from that surrendered place, inhabiting and rising more fully in our resurrection body, and ascending into mastery. 

Cycle after heroic cycle of incarnate experiences, of alchemizing dark into wider spectrums of embodied light, of ascending through descending, we eventually reach a place of climactic humility and openness found through our courageous emptying, earning us full entrance into what I call the Christ Temple of the Holy Heart. 

The ego is ready for its Great Reckoning; to be surrendered, given to the now wide open Temple Gate. The most humble sacrifice, the Holy Alchemical Flame of Christ light fully takes hold in our Heart and spreads throughout every cell of our body, consuming all we are not. The story of separation and shadows, the illusion of temporal lies, of “me and my life”, the story that never was, dissolve into the Light of Eternal Truth, where the many turn to One.

Heaven and Earth, spirit and flesh, dark and light, the field of opposites and fragmented parts, unify in the Holy Heart. This is called Unio Mystica, where paradoxical union takes place and paradoxical wisdom is born. 

And so it is, that surrendered to our Holy Heart, in divine union, our winged arms stretched far along the horizontal axis, in beautiful majestic grace, we look starward, and ascend in heavenly flight, into new dimensions of consciousness. 

We lose ourselves to life. 

“There is a courageous dying, it is called effacement. That holy death unfurls our spirit’s wings and allows us to embrace God even as we stand on earth.” ~ St. Francis of Assisi (1182-1226)

“Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” (John 3:3 KJV)

With enlightenment, we see the Glory of God expressed in unfathomable multiplicity as our Family of Light; a Family that must include the oligarchs. A heart made Holy can no longer simplify and limit the human experience to opposing factions as we once did; to parts apart from the whole. Just as Jesus could not when he saw his Soul Family even amongst his crucifers: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34)

This is love, a whole, holy love that cannot exclude, but sees itself in everything. It’s the love of the Divine Mother that, like with all heartened mothers, does not hold preferences or judgements of better or worse towards Her children. It’s a love that causes the “sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.” (Matthew 5:45 NIV). It’s a love that always sees Truth — the Truth of who we are as powerful beings of light, even though we may “misbehave” in our sojourns through darkness. 

This unwavering, unconditional love of who we are is our Song of Remembrance sung by the Divine Mother and Her legion of Angels that eternally call us Home. It’s the Song of Love sung by all Masters of Light who’ve ever walked the Earth. 

Coming home to this song, feeling its resonant frequencies enchanting our cells, bones and heart, we recognize that our work is none other than to sing it to others. In our own uniquely creative ways, whether that be as an artist, healer, writer, teacher, inventor, scientist or parent, our dharma is to serve others in their heroic journey of giving themselves to their holy fire, their cross, and their song. Of transcending the story, and thus world. Of re-membering the Love they are, and the gifts they hold. Of finding their creative path of service, at one with divine will. 

It is here in embodied divine union that we remember and fully live the truth that love is service and service is love. That there is nothing else to do but to serve love, as love. And that unbounded love, above all, is the most powerful force of creation and liberation. 

This is the great collective Soul Project of these times. This is our living prayer, with two hands symbolizing duality unifying the only place they can — at the heart, while pointing starward. This is the opportunity for all courageous souls now, the gift and purpose of this Great Fire, our global crucifixion. It is a matter of how ready and open one is, how willing they are to brave newfound edges of vulnerability and give themselves to their cross.

Overcome any bitterness that may have come because you were not up to the magnitude of the pain entrusted to you. Like the mother of the world who carries the pain of the world in her heart, you are sharing in a certain measure of that cosmic pain, and are called upon to meet it in joy instead of self-pity. The secret: offer your heart as a vehicle to transform cosmic suffering into cosmic joy.” ~ Sufi Master Pir Vilayat Khan


Endnote regarding “born again” Christians: 

If Christians dared look, they would see the caterpillar revealing just what it takes to be born again, the courageous, dissolving path of the initiate that is, in more than one sense, beyond belief — which is where this crucifixion is guiding us. Ignoring this arduous path to embodied Truth is a convenient way to avoid the vulnerabilities, uncertainties — the monumental inner and outer sacrifices necessary for personal metamorphosis. For crucifixion. Cushy outer church replaces uncomfortable somatic church. Furthermore, by taking to heart the superficialities of being “born again” that do not honour the occult wisdom teachings of the cross, Christians might humbly acknowledge the hypocrisy and irony of judging biological men for identifying as women while identifying as the misled illusory idea of “born again”. As if spiritual rebirth, the kind Jesus sacrificed himself on the cross to teach, can happen that easily!

Fully experiencing rebirth through our own arduous initiation or crucifixion has us better understand why mystery schools existed in Greece, Egypt, India, Tibet and elsewhere; and what it takes to radically transform. Jesus trained in schools in the latter three countries during his undocumented years prior to age thirty in order to prepare for his ministry co-led with Mary Magdalene and destined crucifixion. Analogous to a chrysalis, entering these schools the candidate sacrificed the outer and inner known for the unknown, for mystery, so to awaken their Higher Christ Self, and experience divine union. “I and the Father are one.” (John 10:30)

The enduring Christian confusion regarding being “born again” is one of history’s great examples of profaning the mysteries. It’s the consequence of uninitiated minds taking literally the symbolic; of reductive, material, egoic consciousness misinterpreting the teachings of Jesus, such as when he said “Before Abraham was, I am.” (John 8:58). Here, he declares the indwelling Christ light he is, and spoke on behalf of, that we are as well, in equal measure; a formless, timeless Great I Am existing long before Abraham; a Higher Self Kingdom he invited others to enter throughout his ministry.

Realizing our immanent, transcendent and timeless I Am Christ Presence in embodied form is our rebirth, not arbitrarily giving our lives to Jesus Christ; to that which we perceive as outside ourselves; a belief promoting duality and lack versus the non-dual Christ consciousness of our inherent sovereign divinity — Wholeness & Oneness. This inner awakening is a radical metamorphosis that has nothing to do with belief, but courageously sacrificing all belief, and thus the believer on the cross — for Truth. Two is sacrificed for One. 

Without this awareness, Christians for hundreds of years have been fooled by deceptive serpent leaders of the church and their own deceiving serpent (imbalanced ego), co-dependently enmeshed in a false story of duality and disempowerment the eating of the fruit in the Garden symbolically initiated. Addiction to this dualistic story is what underwrites the majority of Christians to see good and evil as separate, rather than one paradoxical system. Uncomfortable integrative heart wisdom is forsaken for comforting false belief. 

(The tree of the knowledge of good and evil represents duality, and the Garden unity. The Fall is thus leaving the Truth of One for the dream of two. When One loses itself to two, and lies are confused for Truth, the mysteries are profaned and inevitably turned against humanity. For example, our separate God is seen as being punitive towards those who are evil, and favourable towards those who are good. A grandiose projection, indeed! Who then are the arbiters of what is evil, and to what nefarious extent might these people uphold “for the greater good / safety?)

Taking all this to heart, including Jesus neither being victim to the Romans nor to Judas Iscariot because he chose his mission, is an uncomfortable game-changer for Christianity. It is heartbreaking Truth and disillusionment, ego dissolution and crucifixion, most Christians would rather avoid. But now, indeed, is the time for revelation, for Truth to finally emerge and the soul to awaken to Oneness.  

“Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?” (John 10:30)
PART 6: 

Evolving into Mastery

What if by intentionally confusing humanity, and erasing history (his story) and the foundations upon which we stand, our dark overlords are initiating us into growing uncertainty that forces our detachment from illusory beliefs, from the story we thought true, and thus our identification with the believer? “I increasingly don’t know what to believe anymore!” exclaim rising numbers. 
What if confusion and uncertainty are the fertile field of new possibilities?
And what if this collective initiation mirrors the ancient mystery school initiations led by the High Priests and Priestesses that guided aspirants into experiencing confusion and uncertainty; into letting go, dissolving, and surrendering to Mystery? 
What if it’s the same fundamental initiatory path as all authentic mystery traditions, yet experienced in a radically different way, and with the entire world, at once? 
To the degree we take this to heart, we stop resisting this Higher Order. We accept it, and receive its blessings, which opens us to the Mystery found in our hearts; and to Mastery — two words only one letter apart, for a good reason.

Our capacity to serve from love, from our Higher Self, is dependent on our soul development; and our soul development is dependent on how much we have surrendered to our cross through our many lifetimes. Giving ourselves to heartbreak, and suffering well, opens us to higher dimensions of Christ light and the divine qualities inherent within. It opens us to paradoxical wisdom, the union and transcendence of opposites, an advanced perceptual state that sees the higher, holy purpose of this and all perfect storms. That nothing is out of order, out of place, suffering and all. 

Experiencing complete Unio Mystica, and realizing that all parts on the spectrum of dark to light serve to make whole what’s lost in denial and separation, is mastery. Rather than acting from the polarizing consciousness of victimhood and right-wrong morality, Masters serve from the non-dual consciousness of acceptance and love. All paths are honoured, without judgment. The perennial purpose that darkness and tragedy have played is recognized for what it is.

Awakened to the God within, and with their will consecrated to divine will, Masters perceive, relate and love as the Divine Mother does. This is union with the One, made real in the Holy Heart. 

Each lifetime gives us many experiences to evolve into and advance this self-mastery; to integrate wider spectrums of dark and light into our heart and serve from unity consciousness; and to realize in heartfelt awareness the wonderful words of spiritual teacher Ram Dass who stated, “We’re all just walking each other home.” 

*                    *                    *

We grow and learn through our controlled and contained environments of meditation, plant medicine ceremonies, yoga classes and therapeutic sessions. But their mainstream presence is only a recent phenomenon here in the West. Going back in time, our spiritual development has mostly been in the unpredictable waters of the wild ocean of everyday reality, whether that be in the context of romantic relationships, parenting, illness, loss, or suddenly waking up to tyranny.

The most devastating or joyous experience can create a transformation in consciousness that 10 plant medicine ceremonies and yoga retreats cannot. Ask any parent, people who have done plenty of inner work or had a variety of high-life experiences, what their most life-changing moment was, and it’s likely the birth of their child. There is really nothing more miraculous, more heart-opening, than that moment when you first see your child, look him or her in the eyes, and hold this bundle of wonder in your arms. 

On the flip side, our most potent transformation may come from the sudden loss of a child. Just as childbirth can bring the greatest light, it is likely that for most parents child loss brings the greatest dark, and therefore most heartbreak. One experience opens the heart joyously, the other painfully, brutally. Either way, I humbly invite you to see each experience as an initiation into the heart, and therefore the soul. For there is no devastating human experience that doesn’t hold the promise of newfound light. Without that promise, the redemptive purpose of all dark nights of the soul would be naught. Pain and suffering would have no higher wisdom. 

Be “not discouraged when the seeming dark clouds hang low”, reminds us Ascended Master Saint Germain. “Every one of them shall show you its golden lining.” (from Unveiled Mysteries)

Another Ascended Master I work closely with, Quan Yin, was supporting me through immense heartbreak as I took in our world’s endless tragedies. At that time, I was taking to heart so much — sexual abuse of children, torture of political dissidents, oppressive regimes like North Korea — that I’d be heaved over at my altar sobbing, streaming tears onto the floor. I was surprised at my sensitivity, at how intensely my heart was breaking. 

On one occasion, I brought up the homeless people I saw everyday; how much I felt for them, and why it is that so many live cold, lonely, hungry, digging through garbage, etc. It was then that she asked me a piercing question that immediately struck Truth in my heart: “Who is more free — a corporate executive or homeless person?” With that one question, my perception shifted from seeing victimhood to possibilities. 

What if in being marginalized and poor, even imprisoned, one is less likely to fall asleep to the world, and more likely to listen within? (What if prison is one’s initiating chrysalis?)

Is losing ourselves to the world what we really want, even if we’re “successful” at it? There’s a reason Masters live on the periphery, and formal initiations like Vision Quests and those of ancient mystery schools have removed people from the distractions of society. This is the complete opposite of the spiritually bereft “education” system, whose purpose has been to mould conformity mindsets and get children to fit into and feed a deeply lost and troubled world. 

Here, we can return to the words of Jesus, who said: “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will save it. For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses or forfeits himself?” (Luke 9:23-25 ESV)

In other words: The world will never give you what you want. Only an open heart can.

What if in losing what we have, we have no where else to turn but within? And in losing all we are, ours is the kingdom of heaven?

A good gauge of spiritual health 
is to write down the three things 
you most want. 

If they in any way differ, 
you are in trouble.

~ Jalaludin Rumi

What’s possible if we apply this wisdom to today’s chaos? How much respect, even reverence for this global crucifixion might we have? Could we honour the destructive nature of the storm, the losing of our world? Further, could we honour all paths involved; even those of the dark ones, the roles they are playing to remove us from society, from dysfunctional, busy “normal”? 

This is an advanced, integrative perspective and way of being that initiations serve the purpose of awakening in their subjects, not something to be understood with the mind. Rationale is incapable of grasping something that paradoxical, that conflicting, that uncomfortably colossal. This is a realization that comes when dark and light are no longer seen as separate, but perfectly woven into one harmonious system; a system integrated into the Holy Heart, where Holy is realized as Whole. 

To the degree we integrate the paradoxical wisdom of the Holy Cross, we can accept, honour and even love this paradoxical picture I propose. We participate not as a victim, but an empowered steward of this collective rite of passage. We see not victims, but powerful Soul Warriors willing to suffer on their cross and give themselves to divine union. We fear and judge less, expanding our capacity to midwife or serve this Great Rebirth. 

We evolve closer to mastery!

Having integrative heart perception does not mean agreeing with, condoning or liking what is occurring (or avoiding naming the intolerable, which I’ll get to). I do not agree with, condone or like child abuse. These are states of mind, not heart. The non-dual heart is transcendent of such mental, binary conclusions. With its paradoxical awareness and divine compassion, we honour and deeply care for human suffering, the horizontal axis, and also the larger path of ascension, or vertical axis, that includes all parts. We hold both simultaneously, wisely, lovingly, in the Holy Heart, the only place they can be held. 

We honour the Great Chaotic Unfolding as it is, recognizing there is perfection even in the oligarchs’ cruel role in waking up the masses; just as there was perfection in the actions of those who crucified Jesus. For, there would be no colossal teaching and transmission without their cruelty. He would not have fulfilled his purpose, what he came to experience and give, without the wooden cross and nails hammered into his hands and feet. 

It therefore takes awakened heart perception to accept, honour and love the dark forces and their role in providing the needed strong medicine when no other medicine would work. They are doing God’s work of ending systemic insanity and liberating humanity, though it appears otherwise. 

If God said, 

“Rumi, pay homage to 
that has helped you 
enter my arms,” 

there would not be 
one experience of my life, 
not one thought, 
not one feeling, 
not any act, 

I would not 
bow to.

~ Jalaludin Rumi

*                    *                    *

With enough surrender, we give up believing we know what is best for the world, because we give up belief. Life is far too mysterious to attach to a thought, to one way over another, to “should” and “shouldn’t”. In awakened awareness, as One with All, no longer can we dilute and compartmentalize the infinite complexity of life into convenient, comforting pieces. In deep acceptance, pieces are given up to the totality of peace, so we may bring this peace to the world.

There is an infinite spectrum of this awareness, different degrees to which this, and all higher knowing, is integrated into the heart, depending on one’s soul advancement. Those ignorant of the dark agenda are obviously part of this spectrum. They are not total beginners, barely dipping their toes into the stream. Though blindly conforming to tyranny, they are awake in ways others dialled into darkness are not. They don’t see the globalists’ lies, yet they may see the lies in you that you are afraid to acknowledge. 

Who are we to assume where they exist on the evolutionary progression of awareness? Maybe one or more is a Master in wonderfully obtuse disguise! 

We must also remember that prior to incarnation, they knew what the dark agenda was. They came prepared. Though veiled, that awareness remains. And like most vulnerable humans, they are in the eternal struggle to feel, trust and act on what is holy and true in their heart. Calling them ignorant is therefore ultimately incorrect. In Truth, they know. 

Beyond those who cannot see the tyranny, there are other categories of individuals worth mentioning within the spectrum of awareness of victim-perpetrator consciousness to paradoxical wisdom; fear to love; polarity to oneness. I feel there is wisdom in exploring some of these categories to further our understanding of our evolution into mastery, and how different stages of development can impact how people perceive and relate to our chaotic global events. 

When reading these other three categories, and remembering the first one above (those who don’t see), consider them not as mutually distinct. There is overlap, many shades of grey along the way. 

Let’s continue with the right-wing pundits, conservatives and “freedom fighters” (placed into one category). These brave and articulate ones are doing remarkable work speaking truth to power, revealing the lies and exposing the suppressed data. Though their contributions are noble and necessary, and have helped me tremendously, they are regularly caught in judgment, fuelling victim-perpetrator consciousness. Their energy and projections, left unchecked, add to the polarizing story of bad versus good, us versus them — to illusion, and a divisive culture that dark forces seek to create and uphold. 

Those from this category want the bad guys exposed, captured and imprisoned. Given the dark players’ abhorrent actions, demanding justice is natural and necessary. At minimum, by the laws of karma, they will be held accountable. Overlooked by this determined group of truth-telling conservatives and “freedom fighters” is the larger picture: how history shows that if you remove a despot, another soon replaces him. That without a transformation in human consciousness, tyranny will continue. 

We are leaving the days of overthrowing corrupt regimes; of creating change by force, law and doing, alone. We are done with solely addressing symptoms, much like how we are transitioning from the allopathic model of healthcare that focuses on parts. In pointing at the oligarchs and wanting them to end, right-wing pundits, conservatives and “freedom-fighters” fail to point at themselves and why they are here; which is to end on the cross; to give their inner tyranny to it. Missed is personal responsibility and the larger spiritual picture. 

The dark forces being slippery-deceptive in alluding accountability is therefore strangely a gift: it makes it harder to settle for second-best — capture them and back to illusional “normal” we go. Being a formidable foe forces the storm to build in intensity, the crucible to heat up, so people finally see truth, turn to their cross, to heartbreak; so they purify in the fire of alchemy and open to divine union — to what all long for more than anything.

Again, the accountability that comes with law and order is needed. I am not denying the necessity for practical action. What I am stating is that without seeing the larger paradoxical whole, we narrow in on specific parts, and not take responsibility for what truly matters, and why we are really here. That we have come not to fight darkness and lose ourselves further to the story of duality, but to birth the light. Only from illumined awareness can we usher in the Golden Age, one in which the collective consciousness is in-conducive to dark rule.

Another category is made up of those who have an awareness that this mess needs to happen as part of the Great Rebirth. They are the lightworkers or Starseeds who sense the higher plan, but still fear the oligarchs and what is unfolding, and project this fear through judgment — not only of the dark ones, but those who’ve yet to see truth. In this, they judge the global crucifixion. 

Though they’ve done work on themselves, commit to daily spiritual practices, and perhaps even pray for our dark rulers, they still break the larger system into right-wrong, should-shouldn’t parts, versus seeing and accepting the larger, perfect whole. There is still work to be done initiating the false fearful self, placing it on the cross, and awakening to paradoxical wisdom.

A clear theme within these two categories is the need to judge. How many times have you seen people awake to the dark agenda ridicule and deride those still asleep to it; those struggling with their crisis of identity? It’s one thing to highlight hypocrisy, abuse and ignorance; it’s another to be incredibly disrespectful, not even considering all the areas that you are blind yourself, without “sin”, and fearful of your own disillusionment. (For the comedians doing important dharmic work of highlighting the absurdities, this is a difficult fine line. Them bringing informed laughter to the world amongst the storm of insanity is a blessing. Again, everyone is playing their role in accordance with their soul evolution and state of consciousness.)

Once again, we must return to the piercing wisdom of Jesus, who stated: “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?” Hypocrisy melts and radical responsibility is born if these words are taken to heart. A similar lesson is found in the words of Jesus spoken to the irate mob desiring to stone the woman adulterer: “He that is without sin among you, let him be the first to cast a stone at her.”

Being nonjudgmental does not mean avoiding emotions like anger, grief and fear that are meant to be experienced, and will be triggered. Nor does it mean not naming the intolerable with fierceness, as heroic parents are doing while standing up for their targeted children at school board meetings. Rather, being nonjudgmental means taking the High Road of responsibility and not projecting those thoughts and emotions — the “plank in your own eye” — onto others through condemnation, and getting lost in duality, the dream of separation. 

Here, we move closer to Mastery; to living Jesus’s teaching of loving our neighbours as ourselves, as well as our enemies; an embodied reality that comes as we do the work within of sacrificing our inner judge — tyrant — on the cross, for good. 

Far more than a moral virtue, being nonjudgmental is the nature of non-dual consciousness, a pure state that comes with our initiations into heartbreak, healing, forgiveness and divine union. When one embodies enough higher consciousness, judgment becomes impossible. There is nothing left to judge because the judger ceases to exist. All gossip, habitual blaming, and other destructive attitudes and projections end; which may require walking away from people who have yet to disentangle themselves from such addictive patterns. 

While committing to nonjudgment is a worthy endeavour, we must also recognize that given the monstrous painful truths before us, it’s going to be impossible for so many not to judge as outrage hits their hearts. Trying to be nonjudgemental at the cost of pushing down the red hot fire of anger is less helpful than allowing it all to come out — profanity, searing condemnation, whatever needs processing. We are here to experience the heat of heartbreak in its maximum capacity, not bypass our raw humanity in order to try to act in a spiritual way we are not ready for. This is highly unwise on so many fronts, and yet what so many do. That’s why we have many lifetimes to purify our shadows so projection becomes obsolete in our consciousness. 

For now, please always compassionately meet yourself first in your raw, real humanity, and then allow this rite of passage to lead you to your Higher Nature in your own sweet time. 

We now come to the smallest category made up of Master souls who, through their many, many lifetimes, have been initiated into surrendering fear and its projections. Loss of self is the fear beneath all other fears. Having fully given that self to their cross, and experienced Unio Mystica, fear and its illusions have dissolved into the light. 

Masters still have emotions like anger and sadness. Though advanced at the soul level, they cannot bypass being a human who is susceptible to feeling vulnerable at times, and to feeling what comes with witnessing human atrocity. The emotional body is especially unavoidable if a Master lives and works amongst people, and has a partner and children, as some do, versus hermiting on a mountaintop. 

What differentiates advanced souls from others is that, to a high level, they can be with their emotional body without transferring their inner experiences onto others. They may have their moments of feeling angry, say, due to a disciple’s behaviour, but are far less likely to react. Instead, they respond by being with the red hot energy, experiencing it as life force, and, if necessary, using it wisely and responsibly in expression and service. In this, they do not get lost in the duality and story of victim-perpetrator consciousness. 

Having transcended fear, and with faith in the larger unfolding, seeing it as a perfect, paradoxical system, while honouring all paths involved, Masters do not need the world to be a certain way. The certain survival self needing certainty is no more. This makes them fearlessly open to all possibilities, which is the radical nature of the Godhead, of Infinite Intelligence. It’s this openness and acceptance that elevates their power to serve and love to supreme dimensions. 

These avatars are compassionate witnesses to what must transpire; and yet, as part of their dharma, like Jesus, they act. They wield their God-given s-wordsacred word — when necessary, speaking Truth to power and naming the intolerable, often with piercing wrath. Being open, accepting and loving does not mean avoiding outrightly naming the tyranny and abuse. Yet, Masters do so from their awakened Holy Heart, with pure heat from its Alchemical Fire, which enables them to strongly wield their sword without judgment, and without adding to illusion and polarity.

This is a fine line we are learning to master, one that becomes easier, more natural to walk as we awaken the power of the Holy Heart to serve. A line that eventually disappears altogether. Remembering that Holy is related to Whole, then we can see how Masters can address tyranny while also recognizing, honouring and loving the Cosmic perfection of what is. They can do both, because they have fully embodied the paradoxical wisdom of the Holy Cross. 

Beyond words and action, the highest work of Masters lies in anchoring and transmitting Christ light. For darkness only dissolves in the presence of light, and the body is simply the vehicle or instrument for this soul-ution. It is why Jesus said, “I can do nothing on my own.” (John 5:30).

At the Heart of this Christ light is stillness. Stillness is the zero-point from which everything in our multidimensional Cosmos emerges, and to which everything returns. It is the Heart of the Black Womb of the Divine Mother that gave birth to Her “One Begotten Son” of Christ light that then exploded into an unfathomable multiplicity of star beings and celestial bodies, colours and sacred geometry.

The Heart Centre of the Holy Cross is that non-dual still zero-point from which all emanates along the axes and to which all returns. The journey of Mastery is thus a return to the Heart of Stillness, or Shanti in Hinduism; a stillness that has never left and that we carry in the Black Womb of our Soul, as perfect mirrors of the Divine Mother. 

Starlight or Christ light is the frequency of stillness, and stillness is the frequency of transmutation.

The more we embody the stillness of Christ light or Starlight, the more we carry the frequency of transmutation. Transmutation is another name for alchemy, for the process of turning carbon into diamond, base-metal into gold — for turning the many into One. Having fully integrated Christ light into their Heart and DNA, Masters are potent transmitters of stillness and its powers to transmute lower frequencies into higher ones. Through the “speaker” or stargate of their body, they can broadcast stillness across the planet, transforming global consciousness, inviting all who are ready to return to the Heart of Stillness. Like Mount Shasta and Stonehenge, they are thus extraordinary sacred sites or frequency holders contributing to the Christ Grid. 

Their Holy Heart, though, is the noble centrepiece of their service. Cardinal to the Holy Trinity of Body-Mind-Soul, it emanates pure love at such beautifully supernal levels. A Heart awakened to Love and Still Peace, to Sat Chit Ananda, is a sublime, unparalleled Cosmic force of transmutation and liberation, a divinely designed alchemizer affecting global awakening in ways far beyond human comprehension, forever changing Mother Earth and the collective field. 

This was exactly Jesus’s gift given through his crucifixion. His great sacrifice, his Great Ending that very moment on the cross, opened a portal of destiny; he energetically birthed a new field of consciousness and potentiality we are the beneficiaries of today. This is why giving ourselves to our cross and awakening our Holy Heart is, above all, our most powerful contribution to this revolution in consciousness.

Taking this to heart, we better understand why law, order and doing are not enough to transform our world and end the Age of Darkness. We realize more clearly that we are here not to fight for freedom, but to awaken to the Freedom we already are. And that the very thing we have come to birth from within is what will ultimately transform this great tragedy into the Golden Age. 

Darkness, in its tragic escalation, calls forth who we are — the light, and the only thing that can remove darkness. Darkness rising makes it harder to stay asleep to it, and to our Self. 

Do you see the wonderful, perfect paradox?

There is no battle to be won. Because there is no battle to be ONE. We already are.

Being and broadcasting who we are as non-dual Christ light is our great responsibility, contribution and continued prayer that mirrors the work of all true Masters. We bring this light as we turn towards and feed the hunger deep within that cannot be fed by this world of sparring illusions; as we gradually extract ourselves from the polarizing human saga and surrender the judger, the certain one, the fighter, the controller, the story of “me”, us-versus-them, and the world — as we give it all to the Heart of Stillness, our alchemical fire. 

To the extent we do, that we embrace our Holy Cross and activate our light codes, we awaken our sacred site to its multidimensional potential and command miracles through it. We become a beacon of Truth and Freedom the suffering masses can calibrate to. We awaken to the Master we already are, and wisely support the full paradoxical scope of this Great Awakening from the compassion love of our heart.

*                    *                    *

Each person will travel as far as they can in this journey into mastery based on their stage of development, soul needs and the choices they make; based on how many edges of vulnerability they cross into the light of their soul. Where they, and all of us, leave off at the end of this incarnation will determine our next adventure through form. We continue where we left off. 

Not all souls incarnating now will experience Gaia’s Golden Age. It depends on their state of consciousness, what they are in vibratory accord with, and what’s next in their lesson plan. Souls can only ascend into, experience and learn through the dimensions and densities they are ready for. For example, they can attend a Higher School of Learning, like one in the advanced star system of Sirius, if they have graduated to that level; just like how you can attend college once you’ve met the requirements from your secondary education. Therefore, we can only evolve through and serve the inevitable Golden Age on Gaia if we have graduated to a golden frequency resonant with that epoch.

PART 7: 

Helping versus Serving

“It was easy to love God in all that was beautiful. The lessons of deeper knowledge, though, instructed me to embrace God in all things.” ~ St. Francis of Assisi 

We serve to the degree that we leave the story of “me” and “my life”, and remember ourselves as life. We serve as we see and treat people as much more than their story, than being a-part. Our ability to heal and empower others is dependent on how much we acknowledge the Light and Truth of who they are, if only silently. If I limit people to their story, and to being victims of it, my relationship to them and capacity to serve is limited. My role turns towards more of being a helper. I help them, yet limit them at the same time. 

There is power in seeing others for who they truly are. This is how the Divine Mother and her team of Angels see us at all times. In my initiation with the Ascended Masters I work closely with like Hathor, Mother Mary and White Buffalo Woman, their unwavering view of me as being a powerful being of light has been transformative. Though filled with endless compassion for my human struggles, they have refused to limit me to them. They haven’t pitied me, which is not compassion at all, and can only arise if they limit me to victim and form. Their love has been one of singing the Song of Remembrance to me, that, when entrained to, lifts me into the Truth of who I am. 

In this, they have supported me to process and integrate my suffering, but not get stuck in and limit myself to the story of Vince Gowmon. They have been here for me, but more importantly, with me. And it’s in this withness that I feel into their ascended, holy presence, calibrate to it, and remember the Truth of who I am as one with them. 

Service, therefore, above human gestures of empathetic words and actions, is a seeing, being with or connecting, and transmission. In entraining to our Holy Vision, and feeling our loving presence, the lost and suffering awaken to their own. 

*                    *                    *

Your soul evolution is always dependent on needs, but not necessarily wants. Sometimes there is an alignment between what you want and what you need, but it is often the case that what you want is not what you need.

Service gives people what they need, but not necessarily what they want. Helping gives people what they want, but at the cost of what they need. Service addresses soul evolution, which may include desire, but not necessarily human desire. Helping addresses human desire, at the cost of evolutionary advancement. 

While service always cares about the human experience, such as emotions and pain, it does not lose and limit itself to the human realm. Helpers, on the other hand, can easily miss the spiritual dimension, which causes them to lose and limit themselves to the dimension of form.  

Unless necessary, service does not remove people from feeling through their dark night; for it’s only on the other side that they can finally free themselves from attachments; say, to people or destructive habits. It’s why allowing people their great encounter with heartbreak in relation to our world events may be the only way they can break through and free. Helpers, on the other hand, as I’ll make more clear, slip into rescuing people from their dark night, not sensing the light on the other side.

As we further explore the difference between helping and serving, in an effort to once again avoid black and white conclusions, please hold these two categories in a spectrum of grey. It’s not this or that. 

The world is populated by well-intended people who dance between helping and serving, whether that be in the context of personal relationships, or in professional fields like healthcare, social work or child care. Historically, our capacity to serve has been limited by the low consciousness on the planet, and our identification with form. What this has meant is that we have not recognized the higher purpose of suffering and barely empowered people through it. Instead of guiding people to give their weight to their cross, we’ve rescued them from suffering and heartbreak. Today, that is largely done by numbing people through pharmaceuticals. 

Rescuing is what well-intended helpers often do. They try to make people better by helping them feel better at the cost of being better able to feel. They help them out, not through. A key reason they do this is because they have yet to tend to, move through, their emotional body, their trauma, and thus give themselves to their cross. 

Helping people feel better is obviously kind, and often the necessary or right thing to do. Further, it’s only natural as sensitive, caring humans to want to alleviate the suffering of others, especially our loved ones.

Yet, when it’s our default, when we cannot hold room for people to be with heartbreak, then we lead them away from the transformative possibilities it holds. Like patting a grieving person’s back while saying “There, there”, versus gently leaving our hand on their back and being with them, in their grief. That is compassion. That is service. 

What this grieving person may experience is not only a newfound depth of love felt through heartbreak, but how much easier they can transition from old to new, which grieving supports us to do.

In removing or saving others, we must always ask ourselves: Who is this for? Are my comforting gestures for them or me? Could it be that my impulse to placate their grief or anger is an extension of my need to deny my own? In trying to make them feel better, is it helping me avoid what I don’t want to feel?

What most people want is to be fixed, which creates a world full of helpers willing to please, rescue — fix. The nature of the helper-helpee relationship is collusive for this reason. The fearful ego that wants self-preservation and “normal”, not personal transformation and responsibility, that wants to feel better, not feel, calls towards it a helper willing to enable exactly that. This is the nature of collusion and avoidance so deeply enmeshed in helping professions worldwide.  

For more on this, I recommend you watch this video I created in which I differentiate between caregiving or service, and caretaking or helping.

This is why it’s important for all of us to do our humble healing and transformative work. Before you can hold space for and serve another’s suffering and soul growth, you must first be initiated into your own. To carry respect and reverence for the role of heartbreak and the cross, you must first experience intimate union with your own. 

More so, to serve, we must be good at saying No; at not caving into wants. The vulnerable, needy human, swept up by confusion and emotion tempts, without realizing that it’s their soul needs that require service. Without enough healing work, including tending to the part inside that defaults to caretaking / saying Yes over caregiving / saying No, we are prone to help. With empowered service, however, we care for the vulnerable human by sharing a gentle arm, warm smile, empathetic words and ear; we can tend to the vital issues at hand, such as pain; yet we do not lose sight of the high vision, of what’s needed when they cannot see it. We say No when necessary so we can say Yes to what truly matters, what’s at stake; and so they can as well. 

This is love’s dilemma, and why the sensitive, vulnerable and oft-conflicted heart is the centrepiece of the human saga. It is powerful, knowing, yet pained. It feels so deeply, feels for others, and wants to help. It longs to love and care for another, to relieve them of their suffering. And yet it knows that love’s greatest gift may be to do nothing more than be with another in their suffering, without removing them from it.

*                    *                    *

Masters serve Truth, because the Truth sets us free.

Addressing needs, not necessarily wants, is clearly not easy. It’s why we have many lifetimes to practice this art, and one way to understand why we are here. 

To be pure in service is mastery. Having fully integrated light and dark, and thus the vulnerabilities of form into their heart, Masters know how to suffer well. They know what it’s like to be lost, confused, pained and powerless. But they also know what it’s like to be free. Living with one foot in our pained world and the other in the supernal, they are true to both experiences — the difficult human story and the divine that transcends it. They compassionately honour all suffering, while knowing that its Way may be people’s only chance.

Masters are known to speak with brevity, because with service, like poetry, less is often more. They plant the seeds of words in their students’ consciousness and water them with a transmission. Those seeds blossom according to the individual’s stage of soul development and commitment to inner work. The wisdom of less is one that respects people’s thresholds for experience — feeling, uncertainty, Truth — and thus respects their psychology. They do not give more than the ego and soul can integrate, and recognize the intelligent space between words as fertile soil.

This is why Masters must separate themselves to some degree; why they often walk alone. It’s difficult, if not impossible for them to compromise their soul knowing and integrity in acts of over-giving. It’s difficult, if not impossible for them to give people what they want at the cost of what’s needed; even if this makes them appear as though they are cold and distanced, which many have been misconstrued as. 

Masters do not collude to help the ego, which is how most everyday relationships operate to some degree. They know that what is agony for the ego is a blessing to the soul. And they are willing for that agony to serve its guiding, alchemical purpose, instead of helping it go away. They are willing for the ego to die to the cross. 

As the highest embodied representatives of God, doing God’s work, Masters mirror the service of discarnate forces of light — Ascended Masters, Archangels, and other beings. Though there are moments of mercy and grace, and whispers that say “Don’t board that plane”, you’ll notice that angelic forces do not save us from our suffering. If we lived in a Cosmic system of helping, then God and the Angels would intervene to meet our every human want and protect us from every harm. They would not serve the highest interest of our soul, but the desires of ego and flesh. Yet, in God’s infinite wisdom as a perfect system of service, the wants of the ego/human do not override the needs of the soul. 

You may now better understand why God allows so much pain and suffering, and why “bad things happen to good people”. From a human perspective, it is believed that this “bad thing should not happen”. From a higher perspective, however, the “bad” situation is neither “bad” nor “good”. It is simply an experience. 

There are parallels between how Masters interact with and serve their students and how our Higher Self guides our human experience. Our Higher Self is the wise teacher and the human ego is the student, the disciple. The former, seeing things from a metaview, taking in the soul map, tends to evolutionary needs, but not necessarily the wants of the human. For example, we begin a romantic relationship, and after a short while we are already experiencing unusual challenges. With no honeymoon period, we wonder why we stay in it. And yet something in our heart tells us this is where we need to be. There is learning here, a reason we are with this person we don’t quite know yet. The Higher Self holds the high vision, and knows what’s needed, though the human is beginning to want something else. 

The same guiding oversight could be considered in the context of illness. We are suddenly struck by a rare heart condition. Our human self feels sad, frustrated; a victim to pain and limitation — to Why me? The Higher Self that is ultimately in charge, however, has chosen this experience, and is working out past life pains and current limitations through the illness in its host body, and with the lower self / ego. There is a good possibility that this adversity was planned in advance, prior to incarnation, to serve soul growth.

We can now apply this perspective to the “vaccine”. 

What if humans have chosen to get jabbed not simply because they are afraid, naive or spiritually immature, but because it’s what their Higher Self has guided them to do? This may sound absurd, but the Higher Self and human ego are not as separate as some believe. Even with filters of trauma, programming and ignorance, they work as one harmonious system. Just like dark and light, which cannot be separated, and a hurricane that contains both the chaos and still centre in one perfect symmetry. Therefore, what if the Higher Self guides its human host to get the jab as an optimum path for growth? 

We are not here to avoid suffering, otherwise we’d always incarnate into idyllic family situations. If we as souls choose a dysfunctional family where it is a high probability or certainty that we’ll be abused and neglected, then why wouldn’t we choose the “vaccine”? If we as souls choose to be born into a war-torn, ravaged region, or an oppressive nation like North Korea, or with a debilitating mental/physical issue, then why wouldn’t we choose the “vaccine”? 

Again, from a higher perspective, these are experiences to learn through that transcend “good” or “bad”, painful as they may be. And so it is that for many souls, getting injected and experiencing the suffering that follows may be what’s required to catalyze inner and outer experiences that move them closer to truth, and Truth. 

These are higher perspectives not easy to integrate into the sensitive heart that loves and cares, and struggles seeing others suffer. These are advanced perspectives not easy to accept for the certain mind that wants life to be a certain way. Yet, we are ready to advance to the next level, to awaken from the story of victimhood, of “should” and “shouldn’t”, into all is going as it should. We are ready to graduate from avoiding our cross and saving others from their own, so we can walk side-by-side with them in their suffering.

What if this is a cross the soul has been waiting lifetimes to surrender to? And now, alas, in this most potent moment in time, in the heat of their alchemical crucible, they can finally give their weight to it instead giving into their limiting and self-destructive patterns? What if through their “vaccine” or non-“vaccine” induced suffering, they can finally lose themselves to life?

*                    *                    *

Behold, the Great River of Life! There lies its banks, going far back into infinitude, made up of esteemed Elders, staff in hand, standing shoulder-to-shoulder. They serve as all great souls do — as stewards of the Way, guiding the Great River as it intends to flow, in ever-unfolding mystery and wonderment. 

Taking all this to heart, we grok the necessity and paradoxical wisdom of today’s storm as a perfect system that need not helping out, but service. 

The world will increasingly need an army of wise people doing God’s work of stewarding this Great River as elders do; servants who, unfiltered by beliefs of how things ought to be, bring a guiding presence that honours what is, and what must be. This happens as we give ourselves to the Great River, the Tao, the Way, which announces itself most fully through our open heart. We become fluid embodiments of the Great River, a quality we see in the fluidity of heartened children who are “closest to God”. This empowers us to support others to surrender their certain controls and free themselves to Life’s wild currents that know the Way. 

Stewarding life’s currents and guiding others towards and through their crucifixion is not a pulling motion. Pulling is not service. It is the self-aggrandizing work of spiritual egos that certain “gurus” have succumbed to, a mindset that wrongfully assumes it knows what’s best and infringes upon boundaries and free will, and thus sovereignty. Guiding, in its pure form of service, is always about the other, both at the human (mental/emotional/physical) and soul-needs/desires levels.

This, I must restate, is why our inner work, our surrender to the cross and Great River, is so vital. As our family of humans awaken to truth and heartbreak, in their despair they will require skilled and wise light workers grounded enough in their body, heart and soul to make their supportive, compassionate offerings purely about the other. They will need caregiving, not the projections of caretaking. They will need service unwilling to cave to their fear and imbalanced ego, yet willing to hold both with compassionate attunement, while knowing the Higher Order at hand.

Our heartbroken brothers and sisters will need Love, above all. Service is True Love. A Love that’s vastly different than what we’ve understood it to be. 

This is a Universal Love unwilling to compromise itself by compromising you and your journey of empowerment. It’s a Love unwilling to rescue you from the soil you must travel through in order to ascend to new Solar Heights. This is a Love that walks with you in your rite of passage, allowing you to, through your heartbreak, break open to a widening spectrum of divine qualities and multi-dimensional possibilities that humans, at this time, cannot fathom. Indeed, this is a Universal Love that, through every dark encounter, calls you closer and closer to the Truth of who you are, a Truth that in Truth you have never left. 

We journey as souls through worlds of form to remember all we are and all we’ve ever been, as one with the All, that includes dark and light, and its infinite expressions. We journey as brave Soul Warriors who lean further into life by leaning into our cross, time and again, knowing that each time, the cross lifts us higher into the Love of God that ultimately cares not about what we do, and always loves us for who we Truly Are. 

This pivotal time we are in is a great time of Love, despite its appearances. On the cusp of great darkness, it is Love that is ultimately in control, and it’s Love, in its pure form, that will seize the Golden Day. That day is near, my friend, when the dawn breaks and shadows disappear, and we return to our innocence, as one with the Light of Truth, the Love we forever are. 

Therefore have faith in the global crucifixion, in its paradoxical, mystical wisdom. Have faith that with enough courageous souls giving themselves to their Holy Cross, to the Fire of Alchemy, and enough imaginal cells emerging and uniting in the collective body of humanity, there will be a tipping point in consciousness, a collective heartbreak and revelation that will bring the break of dawn. 

The answer to how this story of suffering ends thus lies in the Heart, in your Holy Heart. It’s revealed most powerfully and purely through our vulnerable, heroic ending, and in being luminously reborn anew.

Indeed, what if
“for the greater good”
for the greater good?

What if the Solution
is in the

The Greater the Ending,
my friend,
the Greater the Love.

*                    *                    *


This ebook would not come to be without the infinitely loving, wise and patient presence of my Family of Light who have overseen my path from day one, and who initiated me to awaken to and embody the wisdom of these words.

They include Jesus, and other wonderful Ascended Masters I work with; the beloved Spirit Animals who’ve been powerful guides, allies and teachers, particularly the Sophia Dragons and the Great Octopus and Snake; and other fields of consciousness, like the Crystal Kingdom, Council of Shamanic Elders and beautiful Stars.

My heartfelt gratitude also extends to Kaia Ra who wrote the most important book I’ve ever read, The Sophia Code. Thank you Kaia for your spiritual leadership and love.

Finally, I give my deepest love, gratitude and bow to the Divine Mother of All Life, Sophia, who birthed and loved me into being, and who anointed me to serve as I do now in holy communion with Her. 

*                    *                    *

Healing & Activation

My invitation to you is to participate in my online healing and activation ceremonies. Drawing upon the power and mystery of Starlight and its many emanations, transformation takes place at the quantum or cellular level, creating radical changes in health and empowerment.

Also, you may enjoy this short video I created related to this ebook. 

Blessings & Love, Vince

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  1. Vince, I love your healing path and the amazing information you provide on the soul’s journey to enlightenment and the Golden Age, but I just don’t agree with supporting views of Conspiracy Theorists. To me that is a path of mis/dis information and hatred. My brother is a die-hard conspiracy theorist and has gone so far down the rabbit hole that he honestly believes the world is flat and wholeheartedly supported the Truckers Convoy who held us hostage, and have absolutely no respect for others. My brother no longer even speaks to me because I don’t agree with his views. To me it’s no better than bible thumpers who are prejudice and will turn against you for believing in something else.

    • Hi Melanie, thank you for your comment, and for your appreciation of my general body of work. I respect your perspective is different than mine in regards to this ebook, and that we are all on our journey towards Truth in different ways, and that we all don’t need to be the same. I stand by my words of course, and will simply leave it at that, as this is such a complex matter. Blessings to you!

  2. This has brought me to the most transformational floods of tears. I resonate with this so much. Your words have spoken to me. Especially with the feeling of wanting to fix and not allow people to suffer. I know within the depths of my heart that suffering has brought me to where I am right in this moment. I decided to be vaccinated I must say have been struck with fear from recent research. I feel your words that my Higher Self chose this path whatever may come but knowing that all is happening for my souls growth. Your light and incredible energy shines through these words. I had detached myself from the truth of what is occurring in this world as I have been so scared to see the darkness – but in realising that this darkness is present to crack open to the light and for us to stand up in our light has given me an outlook to stand in my truth instead of feeling defeated. Thank you Vince your words are beautiful.

    • Hi Molly, I cannot think of a more beautiful summary of appreciation for my ebook. I am truly touched by your words, and grateful for you sharing them. And I’m so glad that my words have supported you to stand more fully in your sovereign truth and divinity. Blessings to you on your courageous soul journey!

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