Stories of Transformation

Below you’ll find a list of inspiring stories from past and current clients who share their experience of receiving my healing and activation transmissions. Their heartfelt words may give you hope that chronic and mysterious conditions can be healed gradually, if not immediately and miraculously. As you’ll see, these heroic stories demonstrate how even the most difficult journeys can transform into personal empowerment, and a love for self and life.

In case you haven’t seen this video yet, you can watch a few former clients speak about their experience working with me. You’ll also hear the background story of this purpose of mine, how it all began with what I called Healing With Starlight. Enjoy!

“Awe-inspiring! The ceremonies Vince leads are filled with a spirit of generosity, wisdom, humility, and love. Since I began attending ceremonies, my dreams have expanded into new dimensions and I now enjoy a freedom and spaciousness in my spine I didn’t even realize was possible (I developed mild scoliosis as a child, which completely resolved unexpectedly following a ceremony). I quite literally stand differently in the world, having released heavy burdens of expectation I was carrying and now feeling more aligned with my heart and soul’s purpose. As a parent, I see immense value in how my personal healings are creating ripple effects in my children’s lives, too. I’m deeply grateful for the beautiful gifts Vince is sharing with the world and wholeheartedly recommend working with him!” ~ Shelley

“LIFE CHANGING and INCREDIBLE are Vince’s online ceremonies! I used to have a lot of pain in my body, particularly my left side. While physio and meds helped to an extent, it really was just a bandaid fix. I was also going through a lot of life changes (work, family, etc), which I believe to be connected to how my body was responding at the time. Anyway, synchronicities led me to Vince and fast forward 2 years, and I am pain free now and better equipped to deal with life’s challenges. I enjoy life more fully and have a healthier relationship with myself and others — kind, loving, compassionate, true and authentic! Vince always provides a safe, supportive container during his ceremonies and his transmissions meet me where I am at, giving me only what I am ready for at the time. The variety of ceremonies he offers is just incredible! Communing with Spirit animals, Ascended Masters, Crystals, Stars, among others, shows me just how connected we all are and gives the wisdom and insight to ride through these times of change! Love his work — truly healing for a new world!” ~ Marliese

“I truly believe that when you are on your journey seeking guidance that the universe shows you the way. It was no accident that Vince was put on my path at a time I wanted to work deeper on myself. His ceremony descriptions hold such depth of knowledge and wisdom, which really helps you learn about and feel into the energy you will be receiving. I’ve participated in eight ceremonies, and the first was with Wise Owl Elder. During this ceremony transmission, I experienced intense cold, numbness, then heat; and by the end of it all, my left shoulder problem I’d had for some time improved about 90%. I was blown away! After a few more ceremonies, it completely resolved. Having a history of childhood and sexual trauma, unhealthy boundaries, limiting beliefs and low confidence, I experienced these struggles losing their power over me with each ceremony. Today, I feel safe in my body and can receive intimate touch without being guarded, defaulting to old protective patterns of pushing others away. At this point, I can honestly tell you that I feel so alive, and have more clarity and confidence. I’m in such a better place because I trusted Vince and my intuition to invest in myself. Please, if I have one thing to say, it’s to trust Vince as well. You won’t be disappointed!” ~ Rebecca

“After completing a few Inner Star Child Healings with Vince, I experienced a sense of calm and peace that I can honestly say I have never felt in my entire life. The heaviness in my chest as well as the pain in my gut have both vanished. I have a new found freedom inside and out! People close to me have noticed a change in me … content, patient, happy, and ‘Who are you?’ was a big compliment. The healing of my inner child is allowing me to be a better mother to my child. I feel so blessed to have received this incredible gift of healing from Vince.” ~ Kim

“When I was referred to Vince I was profoundly depressed and deeply struggling to manage overwhelming anxiety that plagued me due to an extremely abusive childhood. I suffered from joint pain, rashes, burning eyes, breathing and digestive issues, and other physical ailments that therapy and doctors could only manage through medication. Thanks to Vince, most of these chronic symptoms are 100% healed, with the remaining few almost gone. Pain medication no more! I have much more physical energy and clarity, and I am learning to fall in love with myself and create a loving life. My heart is opening to newfound gratitude, success, and hope for the future! I cannot recommend Vince enough!” ~ Patricia

“The experiences I’ve had with Vince during ceremonies have been life changing. My mind has been able to centre and calm, and my emotions have become more balanced. Spiritually I’ve experienced something familiar, yet exciting and new at the same time. The energy has been very palpable, causing on several occasions an intense column of vibration to move through the center of my being. I’ve also found my voice for the first time in my life, and am able to assert myself and set proper boundaries while being able to say No. From a physical standpoint, I was having issues with my feet being cold for about 6 months. When I declared my intention for healing this in the Eagle Spirit ceremony I felt warmth returning to them, almost completely resolving this issue thereafter. Vince is one of the most kind and endearing people I have met and had the pleasure of getting to work with. I am grateful to the synchronicities that led me to him.” ~ Brandy

“‘Reluctant’, ‘hocus pocus’, ‘placebo’ are some of the words that went through my mind when Vince proposed distant group healing. Though a true Cynic, I was a cynic in desperation, the bottom of the barrel, a dark hole I needed to come out of. I decided to take the risk. Bound with an autoimmune disorder, I struggled with alopecia (hair falling out), severe psoriasis on both palms, and chronic back, shoulder, feet and neck pain that plagued me for decades. About two weeks after the third healing I noticed my hands for the first time healing and physical pain decreasing. Today, two months later, I sit here eczema free, with all my hair grown back, and without any of the chronic physical pain. Not only did the healings transform my body, but so far the results seem to be long term. Truly amazing!” ~ Niall

“Experiencing the Sacred Divine Mother Healing instantly filled the void of the motherly comfort I had been longing for. The Divine Mother gave me immense love that overcame my entire body. Her love made me feel so protected and safe, like I was being held in my mother’s arms. Truly a most peaceful session, it gave me a feeling of relief and warmth that lasted weeks.” ~ Annie

“I was drawn to Vince to explore the possibility of healing chronic pain and personal stress that I had been striving to treat through various modalities for more than a decade. What I hadn’t bargained for in Vince’s starlight healing was a deep and profound uncovering of unconscious emotional trauma that had contributed to years of dis-ease. The incredible relief I have experienced as a result of our work is nothing less than miraculous! The previous approaches of physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment, massage therapy, acupuncture and IMS, to name a few, did provide some relief, but none sustained a level of recovery, nor did they tap into the deeper layers of who I am. The combination of Vince’s intuitive listening along with his energy healing have freed me from chronic neck, trapezius and SI joint pain; clarity and vitality are much improved and I feel a renewed sense of self that had been buried and forgotten—all this after just one session. Who would have thought this could be accomplished from something many might think of as obscure? For anyone searching for healing, be it physical, emotional or spiritual, I have only two words for you: Vince Gowmon. His healing is an incredible gift to the world.” ~ Piper

“I have done three healing and activation ceremonies with Vince and they have all been literally life-changing. In each one I have gone into the deepest depths of my emotional / mental / spiritual pain, which includes the trauma of a horrific childhood, filled with neglect and abandonment, that I hadn’t fully felt or acknowledged. Feeling through this pain, I have risen above that darkness, emerging better than I’d ever imagine, with a deeper understanding, love and appreciation for myself. I finally, truly feel how fabulous I am and have always been. I am finally feeling my True Self!” ~ Madeline

“I have not been able to feel being loved, even after a lot of work. Today, during our Starlight Healing Circle, I can say I felt it.” ~ Nomita 

“The Stargate Magnetic Activation was a powerful harmonization. It was as if parts of me that were out of tune or did not know what part to play came together, and came to life. I did not realize how large my energy field could be. My consciousness expanded and my heart filled with exuberance for life. It was a very peaceful experience, one I soaked in at the whole being level. Thank you Vince! I feel I have a part to play in this world, and I am finding the sounds of my soul to express to the world.” ~ Pearl

“When Vince first suggested group healing I was a bit hesitant. It was definitely a leap of faith to agree to be part of it. I thought, how can healing take place remotely? The other question that came to mind was, what have I got to lose? I have always struggled with depression, I’ve had some anger issues and have been quick to judge people. Since the healings, my whole demeanour has changed, like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I am more calm, more patient and am not as quick to judge or react to people’s behaviours. I start my days happy. I find myself more in the moment rather than anticipating that my day will unfold with negative challenges. For a very long time I have felt pain in my feet with every step I took and I thought this would be something I’d be dealing with for the rest of my life. That pain has diminished significantly, almost to the point of being non-existent. I still don’t fully understand how healing with starlight works, but the changes I see and feel in myself are miraculous.” ~ Denise

“Today’s Radiant Star Breathing ceremony was life changing! I had such a profound experience and healing. Never have I had anything like this happen before, not even in all the previous healing work I’ve done with Vince, which has been incredibly powerful. Beings of Light visited me, placed their hands on my back, showing me they had my back, and that I was going to be supported, loved and ok, that I didn’t have to carry the entire weight of my life on my own. By the time the breathing was over, I felt so calm and in another state. I didn’t want it to end! Thank you so much for this, Vince. WOW is all I can say!” ~ Nancy

“In just one session, the Inner Star Child Healing has rekindled the uninhibited playful energy I felt as a child. Since the healing, I feel a verve for life, curiosity and expansiveness that was so prevalent within me at a young age. My re-connection to the magic and wonder of childhood and my belief that anything is possible is a strong driving pulse, filling me with Joy! This feeling is very much like returning home from a long journey to my true self and true power.” ~ Shauna

“Entering my individual starlight healing session, I was a bit skeptical. At the time I was having chest / heart pain and the doctor couldn’t find anything wrong. I was also struggling with shoulder issues and chronic anxiety and fear around death and dying. After just one session my chest / heart pain was gone and with no reoccurrence since, my shoulder pain reduced drastically, and the anxiety and fear completely disappeared, replaced with a sense of calm which is huge for me. Since the second session, I no longer feel a deep sense of rage in my belly and my emotional eating has gone away completely, to the point that I’m no longer even able to drink coffee or eat my favourite comfort foods. This blows my mind! I’m really excited to continue doing energy healing with Vince, and without any doubts about the power of this work. The level of calm and hopefulness I now feel is not something I expected. I am beyond happy given the number of years I’ve spent struggling and feeling heavy, dark and sad. Thank you Vince!” ~ Candice

“For 20 years, I had struggled with a very painful, weak shoulder and arm that were exacerbated by exercise, such as shovelling snow or raking leaves. Since Vince performed the healings, that shoulder and arm have been completely pain-free, even when subjected to hours of physical labour. Also, prior to the healings, my whole upper back was tender and aching for months due to stress and depression, and now that pain is totally non-existent. More so, pain and stiffness in my hips due to advanced osteo-arthritis has been reduced. This is all quite miraculous to me. My skepticism did not allow me to fully believe Vince could help given that fairly advanced decay of bone, muscle and cartilage is not easily reversed. I can’t recommend him highly enough. As a healer, on many levels, Vince will support and enhance the metamorphosis of anyone willing to trust.” ~ Linda

“I have done several different healings with Vince and it never ceases to amaze me what manifests from them. I have had intense physical pain disappear never to return and decade old injuries improve immensely. Yet, the relief from emotional pain and judgement has perhaps inspired me the most. Our culture is adept at shaming the archetype of Mother. Whether one chooses to have children or not, the pressure around this powerful symbol can go from acute to overwhelming without support. Not only as women are we subjected to this pressure, if we are not intentional in our thoughts, words and actions, we often add to this pressure on ourselves and on other women. Doing the Sacred Divine Mother Healings with Vince deepened my compassion for all women, allowed me to let go of judgement and accept the imperfections and constant uncertainty that motherhood brings. The healings opened room for my humanity and encouraged me to embrace both my unique form of mothering and those of all mothers.” ~ Kristie

“After receiving a number of group healings from Vince I have experienced life from another point of view. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and struggling with consistent memory fog, pain in my legs, neck and back, chronic fatigue, and vision loss due to a lichen on my left occipital lobe. My life was tempered like a see-saw. If I do X I will not be able to do Y—I had a limited pool of energy and ability to draw from. After experiencing the healings I have left that paradigm behind. My new reality is that I have a life force that is ever-flowing and perfectly timed with the events of the day. I am having so much fun doing things and seeing people that I have not seen. My memory has dramatically improved, along with mobility and general cognitive function. And, most importantly, I experience so much more happiness and peace. It is as if the rut I was in is no longer and I can feel all the beautiful things in my life with the great honouring of Life in a smooth and gentle way. Suffice to say, Vince’s work has been profoundly life changing. I recommend him 110% to assist you with your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.” ~ Shelley

“I have a degree in medical anthropology and experimented with many healing modalities and cultural forms of healing for almost a decade. Truly, this work with Vince has impacted me on such a deeper, real level where I finally feel relief. After only a few sessions with him, the mental and emotional vice grip of my complex layers of PTSD, grief, shame, fear and mental conflict are finally lifting and I have hope again. There are no words to express what it means to have a life restored. Vince and his healing have set me free. I’m eternally grateful and I hope others that are equipped and ready can find Vince, because the world needs what starlight healing brings!” ~ Auroara

“Working with Vince has truly been the biggest gift. It has upgraded my experience in the deepest and most transformative of ways. What were once deep rooted blocks were brought up and cleared in a way that can only be described as divine. If you have received the call to work with Vince, it’s for a reason. Trust it.” ~ Katie

“Vince helped immensely in my healing, which led him to work with my beautiful son who is diagnosed with autism. Daily, he has faced challenges that arise from sensory overload from such things as loud and unexpected noises, large crowds, and new environments. He has also struggled communicating. After working with Vince I noticed significant changes in my boy. First and foremost, he referred to me for the first time ever as ‘my mommy’. When he is in need of help, instead of crying, he now asks for me. His self-regulation and self-awareness have improved dramatically, as well. Dogs barking were normally a trigger resulting in extreme meltdowns, but now he says ‘dog’ and covers his ears. If he hears sudden noises while we are out he runs to or asks for me and, together, we work through it. As a family these are substantial improvements that allow more flexibility in our daily routine and outings. I am thankful to have Vince for guidance for myself and for my son as we continue on our journey.” ~ Mary

“My time with Vince has provided undeniable results! After seeing him for quite a few months I can say without doubt that the healings have been powerful, even miraculous at times. Certain results, such as my back healing completely, have occurred after only one session. With other conditions the healing has been gradual. There have been clear improvements with my mental and emotional health as well, as I’ve felt more empowered since our work began. I’m always excited for our sessions and look forward to seeing how far we can go!” ~ Cory

“I have attended several healing ceremonies over the past few months and each time the results are extremely powerful and impressive. Sometimes, it is simply beyond words. It often feels like the layers of my ‘Self’ are gradually being unravelled from this life and my past lives, like the many skins of an onion slowly being peeled off, one by one. Throughout this process, I am gaining more self-knowledge; but most importantly, I am on a spiritual path towards learning the most challenging of tasks: self-love and self-care.” ~ Aida

“Having just participated in a Starlight Healing Circle, I could go on and on about what a beautiful experience it was (and yes, I saw starlight!). Vince operates at a very high frequency, yet is one of the most embodied and grounded individuals I know. He brings a plethora of healing tools to the table, yet takes credit for none of the healing. Suffice to say, I’ve already registered for another Starlight Healing Circle next month!” ~ Bonnie

“It was a joy to take part in Radiant Star Breathing! Gentle yet powerful, together we created a profound and harmonizing happening. The shared and rising group energy during the breathing and prayer was the most magnificent part. To intuitively feel each individual soul there as part of a collection of living stardust on this planet, as truly one being and one breath, was beautiful. What a liberating experience to ground into! Thank you Vince!” ~ Cecilia

“For over two decades, I struggled with severe, chronic pain that limited my ability to enjoy life. Specifically, I suffered with arthritis, tightness and mobility issues in my hips, shoulders, neck, hands and feet that years of osteopathy, massage, acupuncture, acupressure and Reiki could not heal. After receiving a number of group healing sessions from Vince, I’m happy to say that I’ve experienced a 90% reduction in pain. More so, I’ve noticed a marked improvement in my range of motion, mood, energy, creativity, as well as increased capacity to manage stress and uncertainty. I’m deeply grateful for Vince’s gift and can’t recommend him enough!” ~ Tasha

“Vince’s work is profound beyond measure. It’s a paradigm shift towards a unique psychobiological model of healing the world so desperately needs. I had chronic issues with my hip and shoulders for as long as I can remember. Over the years I searched for answers through various modalities which only gave temporary relief. After just two sessions, those issues were completely resolved and have not returned. More so, anxious pain I carried in my heart dissolved as well. Without question, my journey of healing has been accelerated by Vince’s council and gifts. He has facilitated a path of awareness and clarity that has eluded me for years. I now feel present, grounded and peaceful, able to live as an embodied presence in my life with confidence and grace. For this, I am forever grateful.” ~ Renee

“Through Vince’s gentle guidance in Radiant Star Breathing, I was able to reconnect to my higher self and learn how to work with my breath to help heal my soul. After the session, I felt more connected to my soul, and a loving embrace from spirit and the others from this group, reminding me that I am not alone. Since the first event, I have been using these beautiful techniques to work through deep grief, which has provided me with comfort, support, and healing. I look forward to the monthly ceremonies and am honoured to share this space with Vince and the Radiant Star Breathing tribe.” ~ Giovanna

“The Starlight Healing Circle was amazing! I’m still feeling a clearing take place, more ease, all such positive shifts that I did not expect to happen. Thank you so much, Vince, for the important work you are doing!” ~ Rebecca

“I had suffered from anxiety for as long as I can remember. Much of the life I had created was to avoid social gatherings, mainly where I didn’t really know the people or if they weren’t ‘my type’ of people. After the group healings, I found myself at a park with my kids, enthusiastically talking to another father, someone I hadn’t met before. We talked as our kids played and it was the most natural feeling conversation I’d had in a very long time. The conversations have also been on a much deeper and personal level. I can’t tell you how amazing it is to have this long lived pain all of a sudden disappear from my life. I feel lighter, at peace and so extraordinarily grateful that it brings me tears of joy just thinking about it. I’ve also experienced clear improvements in my marriage. I’ve been listening to my wife with greater compassion and understanding in the face of our recurring arguments. Anger has taken a back seat as newfound presence has merged forth. I hear her and she hears me. We are now working so much better together. The resentment has lifted. We are happy and feeling much more peace.” ~ Davyn

“I spent my life trying to love myself by trying to understand why my parents treated me so badly. After years of meditation, seminars and therapy, I took a big leap in my healing journey when Vince’s group healings dissolved so much of the stories between me and my parents, therefore dissolving childhood unconscious beliefs about myself. He gave me a fresh slate and I have since started living a life I could have only dreamed of having. I’m forever grateful for what Vince does. He is truly a magical being.” ~ Pepper

“Vince is an incredible human being filled with spirit and knowledge. I had the pleasure of meeting Vince a month before he did the group healing on me, so I had no reservations about this process and how he could help me. For such a low fee the amount of progress I made through his group healing was truly inspirational. The healing has helped me physically, (shoulder pain, tennis elbow, hip pain), mentally (clarity, self-doubt, negative thinking, controlling behaviour, self-worth), and spiritually (closer to my creator and a sense of an after life). I will be doing this healing a couple times a year. I will forever be a “’work in progress’ but that is ok when I have a man like Vince Gowmon helping me along the way.” ~ Vince

“I’ve had constant pain in my left shoulder, pec and hip flexor for a few years. As a fitness instructor this really limited me when I would exercise and it was so frustrating that I couldn’t push my body the way I knew I should be able to. After working with Vince, I no longer feel any pain or discomfort. I had accepted the fact that this would be something I would have to live with for the rest of my life. Even physiotherapy, massage, and acupuncture were barely temporary fixes. I am now able to exercise without modifying and the range of motion in my arm is something I won’t take for granted again. It’s still shocking to me that Vince, through his distance healings, was able to relieve my physical symptoms when no other practitioner had been able to. Vince has been so helpful to me in such a short time in my healing and self care and I hope that he’s someone who will be guiding me for a long time.” ~ Ange

“For more than ten years, I had constant pressure on one side of my skull and sinus that could not be addressed by conventional medical diagnoses and treatment. Three distant healing sessions from Vince helped lift the fog and brought significant relief to the swollen sensations on my skull. More so, I experienced a feeling of lightness and my energy levels improved as well. This result is quite remarkable, if not miraculous. Vince has been a patient and supportive healer to me during the entire process. I wholeheartedly recommend both his somatic counselling and distant healing work.” ~ Darnell

Counselling, Breathwork & More

These are older testimonials from when I was counselling, leading breathwork sessions, and facilitating other forms of ceremonial healing work.

“Vince creates a safe and compassionate space where honesty and integrity are valued, and my darkest secrets and most painful memories can be shared. He listens compassionately through my tears, anger and rants and responds with care, wisdom, understanding and integrity. He has helped me to begin to understand the complexity of my grief and pain. I highly recommend his expertise and honesty to everyone that needs a sensitive ear and a compassionate, listening heart.” ~ Lydia
“Thanks to our ceremonies, my physical body transformed dramatically. For years I coped with chronic pain and inflammation that resulted in a painful deformation in both hands, and I suffered limited mobility and strength in most major joints. After the first two ceremonies, my deformed fingers became straight again, which had not been the case for the previous five years. As we continued our work, my circulation improved, pain diminished, mobility returned, and energy and vitality was felt more fully. All these internal shifts translated into outer changes. For years I lived very isolated, fearful of the world; yet, the ceremonial work helped me gain the confidence to explore new events, ideas, places and people – often on my own! Vince assisted me in getting to know, accept and love all parts of me.” ~ Lana
“Somehow, miraculously, my journeys into my shadow self with Vince’s loving guidance have been both profound and deeply healing. The shift in me has been tangible. Energy is flowing, relationships are deepening, anxiety, depression and insomnia are disappearing. Appetite is back. Natural great peace is happening. Rarely in life do we meet such a gifted healer and teacher like Vince. Eternally grateful.” ~ Sarah
“After years of seeking help for relationship issues and deep feelings of anxiety and ‘not good enough’, I finally found Vince. With an infinite amount of empathy, gentle care and wisdom, he held my deepest pain, safely guiding me into my body where past emotional trauma was able to bubble up, be seen and felt, and without judgement. Vince has given me the tools to be my own healer, to hold myself when the past shows up in the present, to feel and respect my feelings without attaching to the old mental ‘meaning-making’. If you’re looking for a True Healer, I highly recommend Vince Gowmon!” ~ Sophie
“Vince was unequivocally confident when he said to me, ‘You’ll never be the same’. I haven’t been since the ceremony. I had a sacred and ineffable encounter with the numinous that has changed my life and I experienced deep healing around my deceased father. A great deal of old, heavy energy was released from my body and I now have more vitality than I have had in years, and it feels amazing! More so, my leg pain and sleep have also improved dramatically. It’s been a long time since I have slept as deeply and well as I do now. Thank you Vince for your healing heart and hands. May you continue to hear the pain of the heart below the plethora of words spoken by those who come to you for help.” ~ Alma
“Three months ago I started doing BioDynamic Breathwork with Vince. In a supportive, trusting and safe environment, Vince has helped me release emotions and stress associated with trauma. After six sessions, my eyesight has improved—my eyes have literally opened wider—, I have more energy, feel more empowered, and experience my mind and body as more connected. It really feels like my body is awakening. I highly recommend Vince and this particular kind of somatic therapy.” ~ Anne
“A sense of deep repair has occurred as a result of working with Vince. He operates out of genuine service to, and respect for, my sovereignty, process, and timetable. While encouraging me to move ever closer toward my growth edge, there’s never pressure. I’ve worked with other therapists and can say that Vince is uniquely gifted in offering genuine compassion and acceptance. Our work together has allowed me to feel completely safe in being increasingly transparent and vulnerable with him, and this vulnerability has extended to other relationships in my life. Vince’s ability to witness and receive that vulnerability, without judgment, has enabled me to discover the inherent dignity and value of expressing those most vulnerable aspects of myself.” ~Dawn
“Vince provided a sense of complete safety during ceremony. That safety, in turn, allowed me to surrender and trust. Vince incorporated his musical giftedness as part of the ceremony, while remaining astutely attuned to my internal experience. What unfolded was a deep release of long held grief, as well as connection to a pure and beautiful place of sacred expression that wants to move through me and out into the world. Weeks later, the ceremony continues to reverberate. It’s as if a huge sigh was let go. There’s a new capacity to move through the world with ease and assurance. My life is forever changed.” ~ Jodie
“Working with Vince has helped me to respond more and react less, to be kinder to myself and experience less fear and anxiety. His warm, open, playful and patient manner creates a safe and encouraging space to see and feel into the parts of me locked away and wishing room to breathe. Gradually, with Vince’s help, I am unlayering one layer at a time, building confidence, and feeling safer each day to be my best self.” ~ Rachel
“With Vince’s help I have healed childhood wounds, slowed down and learned to love myself. This has contributed immensely to me feeling more emotionally present and connected to my kids and family, to becoming a more conscious parent. The difficult moments from my childhood have far less influence on how I respond to my kids today and there is more room within to respond from clarity, patience and love. Overall, in all areas of my life, I feel greater amounts of inner peace. Thank you, Vince!” ~ Yasmin
“Vince’s compassionate presence and guidance created the space to process some deep grief that had been held in my lung since I was a child. The physical pain had become so alarming that I was planning to go see a doctor for answers and relief. After a profound ceremony with Vince, the pain had passed and weeks later has completely disappeared. I am very grateful to have worked through the source of my emotional and physical distress with the help of Vince’s intuitive healing.” ~ Louise
“Vince has been an absolute game changer for me in my personal and professional life. He has been so helpful in evolving my relationship with myself and my loved ones. I appreciate Vince’s gentle assertiveness and I am impressed by his intuitive ability to see and understand what needs to come out during our sessions. In only 7  months I’ve been able to deepen my self-love and understanding of who I am and why I’ve had certain behaviours that weren’t serving me anymore. The coolest part of our work has been discovering my inner ‘Medicine Woman’—a magical side I always knew was inside of me that Vince helped rise to the surface. I’m very grateful to have Vince beside me in my journey to self-love!” ~ Katie
“Intensely moving, fascinating and profound. Thank you Vince for the healing I received. Since our ceremony I have felt a renewed sense of excitement and self-worth which continues to resonate.” ~ Thomas
“When I began to take steps for major change in my life, I knew I didn’t want to do it alone. What I was trying to do was more feeling than focus and I was lucky enough to meet Vince. During our initial conversation, he asked intelligent questions that got to the core of what I was trying to do. I knew he was the person to work with when his careful probing touched me emotionally and he sensed my energy change – and this was via Skype! Vince didn’t work with a formula. He worked with me. As I step into a great adventure, I do so with powerful understanding that Vince was able to draw out. His authenticity helped me access mine. What a beautiful way of being!” ~ Joanna Marie Roche
“Vince’s ceremonies have been utterly life changing. I came to him feeling weighed down, broken and alone, yet, particularly after the fourth and most recent ceremony, I felt whole, and a million times lighter inside. I was able to connect with and let go of old childhood wounds and clear a lot of energy that was holding me back. I felt, and continue to feel, a deep, pervading love that now helps me be a better mother. My work with Vince has been so profound in ways that I never imagined possible. I have a deep respect for Vince and trust in him that words cannot truly express. He is a gifted healer and I’m beyond grateful.” ~ Samantha
“I have had great results with Vince’s distant healing sessions. My nervous system was working in over drive from being very sick and I was housebound from being so unwell and feeling shaky. Vince did some distant healing work for me and after I felt more settled and at peace in my body. My nervous system started to calm and the shaking slowed considerably. The day after my session I was able to leave the house and run an errand for the first time in weeks. Thanks Vince, your distant healing work is powerful!” ~ Christina
“Vince has been instrumental to my healing. The day I walked into my first therapy session with him I felt understood, and after leaving I felt a deep sense of peace. Prior to Vince, for many months I tried cognitive talk and NLP therapy, but nobody was able to get to the core as Vince did. Vince has a healing gift. He is kind, gentle and respectful yet not afraid to be strong in guiding you to your truth. After seeing Vince you will find yourself not only on a healing path but truly understanding why you feel the way you do.” ~ Natalie
“I highly recommend Vince. He is genuine, talented and passionately committed to his calling. As a counsellor, he is unfailingly compassionate and gifted in sensing areas of need and guiding transformation.” ~ Katherine
“Somatic counselling sessions with Vince has been a very important piece of my healing journey. He has helped me to work through past trauma on the deepest level to heal my sensitive nervous system and eliminate unpleasant physical symptoms while processing through some dark and heavy emotions, which I have been unable to do in the past with other types of counselling. Vince creates a safe space where I am able to let my guard down, trust and truly express my feelings and work through what comes up. I am becoming more confident, feeling stronger, healthier and more resilient. I couldn’t have achieved this without you. Thank you Vince.” ~ Suzanna 
“Working with Vince was like taking a breath of air for the first time. It was in many ways for me where I began to see the world and myself more clearly.” ~ Vanessa
“What a positive impact you have had on my life. In my quest to maintain control of everything I was losing control and losing myself. I’m so excited to be reclaiming myself and to be starting to peel back the layers to show my authentic self. Thanks for the gift Vince!” ~ Brandi
“Vince and I have built a relationship based on trust, acceptance and honour. He makes me comfortable by creating a non judgemental environment where I can say what I feel and know that even if he were to disagree, he respects my freedom to do so. Through our sessions, I have begun to develop a deeper understanding of myself and how I energetically connect to the universe. Vince is helping me to discover the parts of myself that have influenced my behavior, thoughts and feelings which have remained ‘locked away’ in my nervous system. I am now calmer, more introspective and excited to continue the journey.” ~ Dave
“Highly intuitive, Vince is a gifted healer who brings a variety of elements to each ceremony. He creates a compassionate, protected, safe, open, accepting environment that fosters the opportunity for deep healing and release.” ~ Tammy
“I sought out Vince when I was feeling stuck moving forward in my life with the same negative patterns/situations continuing to repeat themselves. I love how he uses a mix of talk therapy, life coaching and somatic trauma resolution to identify and address each issue in the best way possible. With Vince’s help, I have learned what thought patterns and deeply held beliefs have held me back, and have gained the tools necessary to work through them and approach life situations in better, healthier and more productive ways. Since working with Vince I feel more confident and better equipped to move forward into a new and better life, following my passion and doing what I truly want to do. ” ~ Bonnie
“Vince put me completely at ease. Talking with him felt completely natural, safe and inviting, helping me to reflect deeply, and having a lasting impact.” ~ Jennifer