Diamond Cross Healing & Heart Activation

A transformative online ceremony for awakening the Christ Temple of your Diamond Heart

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  • Can’t attend?: You can still receive the healing & activation if not on Zoom
  • Cost: $77 CDN
  • Minimum age to receive the healing & activation: 9 years ~ please read the FAQ’s pertaining to children
  • Minimum age to attend on Zoom: The legal age of majority (adulthood) in the country you reside in
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I love the mystical cross. An indelible teaching for the ages, it symbolizes the paradoxical interface between suffering and transcendence. The same thing that causes so much adversity — our “cross to bear” or trauma / ego — if courageously healed and surrendered, becomes our salvation. This, the gift of suffering — the weight of its intensifying pressure creates inner alchemy and brings us back to our heart, to Source.

While the path of suffering has played its necessary role in human evolution for millennia, we are now ready to graduate from this difficult and dense school of learning, and elevate our understanding of and relationship to the cross in the process. Specifically, it’s time to see and, more importantly, embody the cross not as simply a symbol, but an altar; one that alters consciousness, and without the agony we are accustomed to. Through this sacred ceremony, you are supported to live the cross’s sacred teachings, not through more suffering, but helpful healing. A direct transmission from Diamond Light does the heavy lifting for you and activates the altar of your Diamond Cross Heart.  

Before getting to Diamond Light, let’s further explore this empowering perspective of the cross. An altar is something you give yourself to willingly and ceremonially, something you take to heart; like Jesus did with the cross in his colossal act of service. That cross was his altar that altered his consciousness, as it is for you as a mystical portal to your Higher Self. This perspective is a stark deviation from the cross being merely an outer symbol, one with little to no power to transform; let alone just a torture device. As mere objects to the soul that point but do not reveal from within, symbols easily form religious dogma and tokens. Most Christians do not recognize the cross for its deeper mystical meaning and teachings, which is why Jesus’s sacrifice is rarely embodied by them. The cross is projected onto as out there, the Way of Jesus, alone, not an inward experience and radical way of living. Without soul dimension, this shallow symbolic interpretation conjures little of the needed genuine tear-soaked sacrifice required for transfiguration. This is convenient for those much more interested in creating and worshiping idols and projecting inner lack onto their clergymen than in doing the hard, vulnerable, life-altering work of awakening the God within. 

Altars awaken that God. That’s their purpose; for ultimately it’s our human self prone to suffering that’s put on them. It’s there we shed our tears and share our fears, as I have done countless times at my sacred altar. But it’s also there that we pray for help, exclaim gratitude for all we are and have, and still into peaceful silence. All this and more, as a daily way of living via this holy site, alters us and opens our heart to higher dimensions of consciousness the vertical axis of the cross represents. This dedication to our inner world and Christ light is vastly different from waiting for Jesus’s return, let alone for our governments to bring peace.  

To summarize: The altar is the Holy Cross, and we are ready to embody and live it at an entirely new soul dimension. The Holy Cross is not confined to a specific location, like a physical altar or church, or defined by symbols; it is not a cross out there, but an altar awakened in your heart. When fully activated, when you become altered enough and take its teaching to heart as embodied Truth, the Holy Cross fulfills its truest essence and meaning in your human experience as what I call the Christ Temple of the Holy Heart. That Temple is your living altar birthed in your awakened Holy Heart. It’s the “church you visit” every moment, not just Sundays. And it’s where the Holy Cross and Holy Heart are one.

Yet, your Christ Temple can only awaken in your human experience if you heal all that’s divided within it; if you reconcile the “house (temple) divided against itself”. A transmutation must occur of the parts that deem themselves unworthy of this divine inheritance, that shy away from the light; especially those tender wounds in the defended heart. This visceral and vulnerable healing and letting go is your sacrifice for the sacred, the Way of the Cross few church-goers have “followed” and that Jesus dramatically demonstratedFrom divided to divine, inner sacrifice purifies you and creates quantum space for the Christ light of your Higher Self to anchor into your DNA and activate your Holy Heart. Christ is born in flesh, and you are “born again”. This is the “Second Coming”, the “Return of Christ”, not as Jesus, but through your heroic embodiment of the boundless Temple of Light you are. 

Birthed into your awareness is the four-pointed Star of Innocence, the pure power your Inner Star Child is the face of. This is another perspective on the “four-pointed” Holy Cross, which, when activated, can alas radiate its Innocence through your undefended Holy Heart. Actualizing your Star of Innocence is one the greatest achievements along the spiritual journey, and it’s why Jesus spoke so highly of children: “Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted (altered), and become as little children (innocent and pure), ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven (Christ Temple).” (Matthew 18:3). 

This now brings us to the Archangelic crystalline frequency of Diamond Light whose powerful, pure Ray comes in this ceremony to alchemize what keeps you removed from the radiant Innocence of your Holy Heart. It transmutes trauma and viral programming stored in your biological DNA; the protective mechanisms, painful memories, and beliefs convincing you that you’re anything less than holy and pure. This may include religious programming around being unworthy or a sinner, or past life memories of religious persecution, all of which can create negative or antiquated associations with the cross. Diamond light is here to clear this for you; again, to do the heavy lifting, so the altar of your Cross can take hold in your heart in its immaculate, life-giving Truth. 

Diamond Light also activates the diamond codes dormant in your spiritual DNA which hold the template for living from your Diamond Light Body and Heart, the Diamond Christ Temple of your Higher Self. When these diamond codes activate, the ancient teachings and frequencies unique to this Archangelic light birth into your human awareness and come home to your heart. They transform it into a Diamond Cross Heart, which can receive, live and share the higher, life-altering love and wisdom of the Holy Cross in its Diamond radiance.

Via the link below, you are encouraged to set intentions for any healing empowerments you want. Most of all, trust this pure crystalline Ray of archangelic love and light to know exactly how to heal your shadows and reveal the immaculate truth of your Diamond Cross Heart.

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