Activating Light Codes ~ The Genetic Seeds of Your Soul’s Cosmic Garden

Activating Light Codes ~ The Genetic Seeds of Your Soul’s Cosmic Garden

Imagine your DNA as a vast field of soil. So extensive, that if you took the DNA from your trillions of cells and laid it out from one end to another, it would reach the sun and back 70 times. It’s hard to fathom that we have such a voluminous genetic field of intelligence within us. What might also be interesting is that most is not even activated — only 2% of our DNA has bloomed into a garden.

Now imagine that each seed buried within the soil is a “light code”. Just as plant seeds carry encoded information, a set of instructions divinely designed and imprinted, light codes carry their own living language that informs us of the nature and purpose of our higher self, and that of the Cosmos. Held in the ancient universal language of sacred geometry, colours, sounds, tones and frequencies, light codes carry the signature and memory imprints of our soul’s many incarnate journeys on this and other planes of existence. They are the seeds of our divine genetic potential and contain the Blueprint of all Creation. 

For the same reason most humans live in a state of amnesia from birth, forgetful of their past lives and divine inheritance (including their soul gifts and purpose), light code seeds are “buried in the soil”, inactive (unsprouted). Like plant seeds, they are paradoxically latent yet alive potentials that are full of utility. They rest nestled up against the full length of our carbon-based, biological DNA, and stay that way until something brings them to life into our human awareness, which I’ll get to. When activated into our awareness, light codes bring us into a deeper embodied, resonate understanding, or cellular remembrance, of who we are at the individual soul level, why we are here, as well as our shared Cosmic Oversoul.

Though scientists and academic minds, alike, would scoff at this assertion of “light codes”, our carbon DNA, which is what most largely operate from, is only one level of consciousness. It is what some call 3rd Dimension consciousness. And just like how we are evolving from fossil fuels to solar panels, our DNA is in a quickening evolutionary ascension process from its carbon base to the crystalline light intelligence of our higher self. As this alchemical upgrade takes hold in our quantum fabric, our cells vibrate at an increasing rate. It’s the raised vibratory frequency that gives us a heightened embodied sense of who we are as light beings having a human experience. We ascend beyond the limits of our 3D reality to higher dimensions.

This is hard to imagine for most and would be quickly refuted or laughed at by the majority. However, one just needs to look at the results my clients have experienced in their remote starlight healings to find evidence for this quantum transmutation and transformation; to see that there is unquantifiable intelligence operating beyond the bounds of conditioned and learned logic. A skeptical 3D mind will, most often, perceive and find confirmation bias to validate its limited and familiar paradigms. It does not have “eyes to see and ears to hear”. One needs to heal and activate enough to transcend the limits of carbon perception. Experience ultimately opens the sensory gateways!

Your Divine Garden

Scientists say we only use 2% of our DNA, and relegate the rest to “junk”. What they don’t know is that the 98% is a repository for dormant light codes (buried “asleep” in the soil) waiting to burst into our conscious awareness. The “bursting” is the activation process. Those light code seeds start to sprout. Our awareness expands and we grow into the Garden of Life we are. 

For many, if not most, healing is a first step to activating light codes. Healing is the process of clearing out — transmuting — the trauma imprints and programming incurred from this and previous lifetimes, and inherited from our ancestors. It creates quantum space in our cellular biology for the crystalline light of our higher self to integrate (“burst”) into our quantum fabric. This is the activation of our light codes. Progressively, they come to life. They “sprout” new awareness of who we really are beyond our carbon blueprint, upgrading our cellular biology to what Kaia Ra in her book, The Sophia Code, calls our divine genome. It is indeed a dramatic shift in consciousness, one that forever alters our perception of self, others and life. 

With ongoing activations — because it’s a journey, and there will be many levels — our divine genome increasingly flowers its vast array of geometry, frequency, colour, fragrance and, yes sound, into our awareness. And as this garden expands, we utilize fuller amounts of our genetic potential and soul gifts. Cellularly, we remember the ancient wisdom of the stars and the knowledge and tools of the Universe — the living Light Library as held in the aforementioned language templates. We become more Cosmic, more loving, for as we align with the divine nature of our soul, which is who we really are, we re-member our inheritance as being one with All That Is. As being Love, and all its expressions such as compassion, abundance and creativity! We gain access to a broader array of living light languages and sacred qualities that form the Blueprint of Creation. 

As our garden comes to life, so do we. We wake from our sleepy state and share the infinite diversity of our inner Universe for all to see and feel, and for all to be blessed by. Even without doing anything, just by having our garden in delightful bloom, those who walk by us take in, often at an unconscious level, the beneficent spectrum of our divine nature. As the saying goes, “When a master walks through a village, the village changes.” We are those masters in the making, and tending to our garden is the journey. 

Tears and sunshine

This healing and activation process is not easy, by any means. For, like the soils of Mother Earth, the soils of our DNA have been depleted, encrusted, lacking the active, intelligent substance that comes from receiving regular water and sunlight. The water is our tears. And we have many tears to shed as a species, do we not? But unlike tribal communities where grief is communally expressed and honoured in ceremony, as part of simply being an integrated human connected with the land, we in Eurowestern cultures have denied our emotional body. A psychophysiology unable to weep with regularity becomes hard and detached, unable to find root in the ground, and unable to open to the Light above. Lost between both, in the horizontal matrix of our material, “success”-driven world, humans numb and distract themselves and call this “normal”.

This pattern is not new. It goes back many thousands of years, all the way back to ancient Atlantis and before that to Lemuria, when, after decades of being thriving advanced civilizations, each succumbed to the guiding influences of darkness — ones that, still today, cloud us from the Light we are; for we are governed by the dark’s legacy of patriarchal power structures determined to keep us asleep, separate and under their frequency control. 

I recommend you read DNA: The Sacred and Coveted Interface Between Dark and Light of these Pivotal Times, as well as, A Crisis of Identity: Mass Formation Psychosis and the Awakening to Truth

Age-old blueprints of pain and submission have corrupted our DNA for lifetimes upon lifetimes, and this altered genetic manuscript, as engineered by the shadow forces, has been the foundation upon which our current dysfunction and destruction reigns. This includes, and is not limited to, the barbaric influence of church, our coercive education system, distorted “family values”, and our corrupt government and its use of its puppet media to propagate its message — the “news”. 

As a result of all this, our sovereignty has long been denied. With DNA corrupted — conditioned by dark overlords and an insane, blind society — we are operating from such limited genetic potential and thus access to our soul, or light body. 

Despite this, the human spirit has prevailed at all odds. It’s hard to find a parent who doesn’t love their child, or a school teacher who is not well-intended in their desire for their students to learn. There are still many good-hearted people in government and in our military complex, as well. But without their light codes “turned on” and with immense grief unfelt, their seeds remain quietly dormant, hidden under layers of dry, nutrient-deficient soil. Their sensory or subtle perception lacks. They struggle to access the wisdom of their higher self and their potential for making a difference on the planet. Indeed, governed by the patriarchal corrupted coding in their DNA, the multitude blindly serve the patriarchal forces in 40+ hour weeks, giving a high percentage of their hard-earned money away in taxes, while family time suffers, along with mental, emotional and physical health. Again, all this is considered quite “normal”. 

Healing our wounds, clearing programming, and activating dormant light codes is thus absolutely essential work. It’s the real work of these times, especially given what’s at stake before us now.

Radiating raindrops

To help you better understand light codes, here is another metaphor. (And if you want yet another metaphor, click here.)

Imagine your soul as a raindrop, and that everything in the entirety of the Ocean Universe is within that drop you are. You are whole and complete, in essence, a uniquely sovereign holographic representation of the Creator. When sunlight finds you, you radiate the seven electromagnetic colours of the rainbow. Those colour potentials, or dormant light codes using our metaphor, become activated with the help of sunbeams, thereby increasing your radiant expression. Until the light finds you, they are potentials, only. They are awaiting their time to shine (bloom)!

In the mysterious Universe, there are many kinds of colour rays — again, colour is a living language — that can find our soul and activate different light code potentials, when we are ready. For instance, there is the Cosmic Magenta Ray, which activates our eight chakra, or soul star, and advances our spiritual awareness. There is also Diamond Light, which purifies our heart and connects us more deeply to our innocence (what I call the Star of Innocence).

Each Cosmic Ray plays a purpose in our soul’s evolution by carrying particular light codes that activate the synonymous code potential within us. If the raindrop you are is so fortunate to be met by a Magenta Ray, magenta will shine through you, activating and thus adding to your spectrum of colours and evolutionary awareness. When I shine Diamond Light into my clients, its codes bring with it the possibility of tremendous purification and heart awakening by activating those diamond codes already present within the holographic self.

All rays ultimately emanate from and within the One Source of pearlescent Light from which the infinite diversity of life comes, and eventually returns to. Just as white contains the full spectrum of both known and unknown (to humans) colours, the One White, pearlescent Light — also known as the Great Central Sun — radiates all colour rays throughout the Multiverse. 

Each raindrop soul will express light differently given its sovereignty, its unique finger-blueprint, given all its accumulated experiences. No two raindrops or water molecules are the same. It is indeed paradoxical, perhaps the greatest paradox of all. For we are holograms of the entire Universe, and yet we are unlike any other soul. We each radiate differently, and yet we radiate from, and are harmonized by, the same Source. “One Light, many lampshades”, as Dan Millman states in Way of the Peaceful Warrior.

Purifying (healing) the water droplet you are is the key to receiving and radiating wider spectrums and higher frequencies of iridescent light. Colours you dared not imagine find their way into your experience, forever altering you. Soon, you are defying the bounds of reason you were taught and thought to be true. The sensory gates open wider! And like with the beautiful colours and fragrances of your rich garden, your radiance cannot help but touch people, even if they don’t have full awareness. You anchor those activating frequencies into Mother Earth via your cellular biology, thus becoming a frequency holder that impacts those least suspecting, and our sacred home, Gaia. The more you purify and open, increasing quotients of light activated through the prism that is you, you refract that loving divine energy into the world, and assist, by your very being, global awakening. 

The long journey home

In writing about awakening to our full-coloured nature, I’m reminded of the beginning scenes of The Wizard of Oz, and how, while in Kansas, we see unhappy and lonely Dorothy living in a monochrome setting. Meaning, the movie, at this early stage, is portrayed in black and white. However, having been initiated in Oz into the strength, wisdom and courage of her power, she returns home to Kansas, which is now depicted in colour. 

Adversity does this. It opens us to colours of our inner power pallet we didn’t know existed, such as perseverance we never knew we had. But we’ve had enough of such hardship, at least to the degrees at which it’s been. The intensely painful journey of evolving through suffering is coming to a close — at least for those souls who are ready. Before us now, in this grand ascension process so many are awakening to, is the opportunity to evolve through rapid and radical awakening at the quantum level such that we bring forth the elixir of our hearts and souls, and more beauty is spread across land and sea, into the air, and heavens above. 

By allowing light in, the light of our higher self, as activated through their codes, along with feeling the fullness of our emotional body, including anger, and perhaps even rage, we come to life. This is what it means to be alive — fully feeling and living awake as co-creators with life from the genius — genes — of our embodied subatomic crystalline light potential!

We are neither pushed nor expected to partake in this ascension process, to engage with conviction in this Golden Age upon us. Rather, we are merely invited, as I’m inviting you now. If there is enough curiosity, a doorway will open. A sincere, heartfelt “Yes” is the keyword to opening the gates to your awakening path and garden. And then, like light to dark, Providence rushes in, and you are guided, often in miraculous ways, to begin your journey. Ultimately, each person climbs the spiral ladder at their own pace and time according to what feels true and right inside.

Should you wish to expand your awareness and open to fuller experiences of who you really are, then the adventure of living only becomes that much more exciting. It is not for everyone, for not everyone wishes to leave their current “normal” existence. Comfort and familiarity seductively maintain a “secure” cave. But for those who wish to venture into the unknown, to risk fitting in, being liked and agreeable, they will have no regrets.

Again, the first step is your curiosity. Is there some part of you, some spark in the deep recesses of your being, that says Yes? Even if it’s only 30%? You don’t need to have a full Yes. Some of the most miraculous healings I’ve witnessed in my clients have been in those who were the most skeptical. You can be skeptical, so long as you move forward. And if you don’t want to, if No is the clear answer, then that is fine. You can take as long as you want, there is no rush, there is no deadline. But know that each soul eventually travels the full spiral ladder home, back to Source.

Never before has there been a time like this when so many are awakening at once. There will be an increasing progression towards a tipping point that accelerates this Ascension process faster. At this current point in time, the momentum is unstoppable. The only question is, will you be joining?

The world will never give you what you want. Only an open heart can — opening to the Light you are. So, though you can take as much time as you want, it’s worth questioning your allegiances to the insanity of this world, and to your suffering. Enough suffering is usually the catalyst to soul searching, and yet so many are numb to their pain to such an extent that they have blocked themselves off from the necessary inner adversity required to activate their journey of awakening. For them, as it is for most, “normal” is adequate. Their 3D perception tells them so. That is until that time when enough suffering and general discontent finds them, and they are forced “underground” into their body, into the Garden of their Soul.  

This is a long, winding journey home, an incredibly courageous one. Like the story of the Prodigal Son, we had to leave the Light of our Full Bloom Essence in order to remember it. Though it is never truly gone, for a flicker of light always shines within us, no matter how dark our circumstances may be, we are each heroes and heroines, nonetheless. 

Now, at this particular time, as we transition into the Age of Aquarius, there lies an opening for us to ascend, like never before. Though the turmoil around us says otherwise, this is indeed our collective moment, our great initiation into the Field of Unimaginable Flowers we are. 

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