Let the Fire Burn ~ Nurturing the Creative Spirit of Children

“A new and necessary way to see and know children, and to fully nurture them in becoming their true selves.”  ~ Adam Cashmore Carr, 13 Years Old

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About the Book

“Words fail me in describing how much I love this book! It reaches deep into my heart and expresses things about raising children that you can’t explain.” ~ Charlotte Blanchard, Early Childcare Worker, Fort Nelson First Nations

Let the Fire Burn ~ Nurturing the Creative Spirit of Children is an animated and poetic journey into the creative fire of children, and how to fan its flames. Every child is born with the fullest of creative potential, but due to social conditioning they lose touch with it, and consequently, with their power to create a life of meaning and purpose.

Children are here to help us birth a new world, one that is full of joy and imagination. And we as adults have an important role to play in this.

In this fun and inspiring Children’s Book for Adults, learn the many colorful and engaging ways you can support children to feel and express their creative spirit. Gain a better appreciation for how they are our wise teachers, inviting our own inner child and creative fire to come out and play.

Illustrations, interior and cover design by the very talented and creative Anna Bradley.

More Rave Reviews!

100 Early Childhood Educators receiving a copy of my book at their annual conference.

“I love this book! The easy, almost poetic read kept me engaged and because of that, the messages resonated beautifully. Vince has given us a simple, yet powerful ‘guide’ to think about the importance of nurturing children to achieve their dreams and reach their own full potential.”  ~ Sharlyn White, Executive Director, Family and Community Support Services Association of Alberta

“Vince’s book is truly a piece of soulful art. It made me teary in several places as I read it over and over again. It is truly a gift—a gift to the children in our hearts and in our lives, and a gift to the tenders and guides of internal fires. Vince has guided and inspired me to awaken my inner fire, and his insights and authentic expression will undoubtedly sing to your soul as well.”  ~ Denise Marshall, ECE, Past President of the Early Childhood Educators of British Columbia, and Mom of two Wondrous Fires

“If there were one essential teaching that might lead to loving, sustainable relationships with our children, this could be it. Vince Gowmon shows us how to enliven the heart of the child without ever giving up on our own.”  ~ Mia Kalef, DC, Author of The Secret Life of Babies: How Our Prebirth and Birth Experiences Shape Our World

“As a Father of two teen boys, I absolutely love the message that Vince Gowmon has shared in Let The Fire Burn. Whether you have children or you work with children, this book is a must read to help you nurture your inner creativity and spirit at the same time as you honour the child’s inner creativity and spirit. The book is a great nudge and gentle reminder that the greatest gift we can give our children and ourselves is to walk along side them as they create their path from our example.” ~ Ross Tayler, Professional Life Coach, Speaker, and Father

“Love, love, love your book Vince. Many blessings to you for an amazing book that I will share with many! It is a priceless tribute that will be an inspiration for years to come.”  ~ Mary Kay Morrison, Author, Speaker, Educator

“Your book is lovely! It is a great testament to the power of relationships and humanness. I love that you describe how both people in a relationship benefit. Nurturing the inner fire is not simply one more thing we need to do for our children; by nurturing their inner fire, we too are nurtured! The imagery and analogy of your book add a wonderful lightness and resonance to an extremely important message about the value of good relationships.”  ~ Lori Albert, MEd Program Manager, KidsFirst Meadow Lake, Mother of two Wonderful Girls