Wild Empty Spaces ~ Poems for the Opening Heart

Wild Empty Spaces is available in paperback and Kindle editions. 

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In Wild Empty Spaces, Vince Gowmon leads you through six stages of the soul, from its arrival on Earth, through its expression in childhood, relationships, its summons to reflect, slow and gradually return to the wild empty spaces where we hear its whispers calling us home. This courageous journey is not so much about dying and death on a physical level, but about bowing to Mystery, to something much larger than our individual self.

More specifically, the poems are an emphatic invitation to become intimate with the subtle entreaties of Mother Nature, to walk with the wisdom of inquiry, feel deeply, dream boldly, and allow the force of our longings to break our hearts open. They are an invitation to brave the space between what we’ve always known, the spaces in which our immanent wildness finds us.

Three poems from the book:

When You Slow Down Enough
She is the Door
Can You Be Here In Emptiness?

Rave Reviews

“These are beautiful poems, written by a man who is uncompromising in his longing for freedom, truth, and beauty. They are a summons to go deeper, to play with wild abandon, to love with more passion, and to die to all conventions that keep us small and imprisoned.” —Bruce Sanguin, Author of The Way of the Wind: The Path and Practice of Evolving Christian Mysticism

“In the tradition of Mary Oliver and David Whyte, Vince Gowmon has a powerful, compelling voice that speaks to the ecstasy and pain of living an awakened life. This book of poetry is a courageous, engaging, and daring invitation to dive deep into the body and belly of one’s being, a wise, soul stirring yet playful companion to life’s journey.” —Eva DiCasmirro, Somatic Psychotherapist

“This collection of poetry is a rallying cry for the heart. With his bold and playful style, Vince Gowmon inspires us to dig deeper into truth and beauty and stretch beyond what we believe it means to be alive. These are poems you can return to again and again, discovering new treasures of meaning and insight each time.” —Eric Bowers, Author of Meet Me In Hard- to-Love Places: The Heart and Science of Relationship Success

“Vince truly has a gift with words. His beautiful book of poetry gives me a similar depth of feeling to the poems of Mary Oliver and Rumi. I look forward to reading from Wild Empty Spaces during the yoga classes I teach.” —Gwen Hartland