Inner Star Child Healing

“In just one session, the Inner Star Child Healing has rekindled the uninhibited playful energy I felt as a child. Since the healing, I feel a verve for life, curiosity and expansiveness that was so prevalent within me at a young age. My re-connection to the magic and wonder of childhood and my belief that anything is possible is a strong driving pulse, filling me with Joy! This feeling is very much like returning home from a long journey to my true self and true power.” ~ Shauna


Taken place in person or on Zoom, inner star child healing allows you to be the beneficiary of the profoundly loving and intelligent high frequency energy of starlight!

This is a mysterious and revolutionary quantum approach to health and empowerment that leaves many of my clients in shock with the miraculous results. I’ve created a separate page where you can get more detailed information on how healing with starlight works. There you’ll find a list of issues either partially or fully addressed with this technology. This list includes everything from chronic hip pain, to anxiety, psoriasis, sleep troubles, creativity and much more. Also on the healing with starlight page I’ve included a short video that shares the story behind how this gift came to me and the impact it’s had on people’s lives.  

Your Inner Star Child

Your inner star child is a force of light! Unbounded in love, determined, carefree, brave, adventurous, this archetypal energy is mightily real! She is the power that bridges you to the immanence of your soul star essence and divine knowing. She is the face of your innocence and creative carrier of your gifts and purpose. Without doubt, your inner star child is essential to your livelihood and direction, for she knows what the responsibility-driven and practically-minded adult has forgotten.  

Most of us, however, have a wounded inner star child. We busy about as productive adults unaware of the child within, let alone how she hides in fear. She shelters and shields where many children seek refuge when scared — in her room under the blankets or bed, in a corner, or wandering aimlessly outside. We’ve suppressed and moved on to cope with childhood adversity, yet live ignorant of the immanent force that continues to shy away from the bright light of her — your — soul power and potential. She’s had to deny her soul, for she learned that being her BIG Bright nature was unsafe and unwelcome. We live without realizing what’s been lost, the cost of having this boundless, creative and loving force inactive. The cost of losing our innocence. 

Inner Star Child Healing is a precious opportunity to bring that big bundle of love, and all her gifts, to life, and to therefore bring more life to you. It’s a unique invitation to awaken this Great Seer of Possibilities so you live less apart from the Great Sea of Life you are! Healing re-unites you with her, heart-to-heart, so you live, work and play as a united front in life’s infinite playground, interwoven in and as your soul star essence.

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“After completing a few Inner Star Child Healings with Vince, I experienced a sense of calm and peace that I can honestly say I have never felt in my entire life. The heaviness in my chest as well as the pain in my gut have both vanished. I have a new found freedom inside and out! People close to me have noticed a change in me … content, patient, happy, and ‘Who are you?’ was a big compliment. The healing of my inner child is allowing me to be a better mother to my child. I feel so blessed to have received this incredible gift of healing from Vince.” ~ Kim
4 Stages of Inner Star Child Healing 

Healing: The inner star child receives healing for the pain she carries stemming from such adverse experiences as physical / sexual abuse, neglect, abandonment and birth traumas. The darkness of her dormant state, which is one of being frozen, shamed, confused, lost and fearful, is met with such beauty, love and light. And gradually, she is bridged from isolation to greater degrees of activation, connection and liberation.

Activation: As the inner star child begins to heal, the immanence of her soul star essence is activated. The magic of starlight and the mythical realms it draws upon, gently, lovingly and patiently use creative means to spark her curiosity, captivate her imagination, and invite her to “come out and play”. Like we see with all healthy children, she returns to a naturally exuberant state of dreaming, exploring and engaging, including reconnecting with her inner parent.

Integration: When the inner star child becomes activated, her presence fills the adult body. She takes more energetic space, which children, as we know, do so unbridledly. Her growing presence is an invitation to the inner parent to take notice and bond or attach with her in ways not done before. This means that the inner parent, too, must be activated — he must be ready and willing to protect and lovingly hold his inner star child, to become her guardian. With enough time, a sacred union forms where their two hearts align and melt into a beautiful long-awaited connection. When this happens, a third heart forms that surrounds the two of them, like a big Heart Bubble!

Liberation: Once this sacred union is consummated, the Whole Human Being is liberated. Born is the Universal Child who’s presence is unlimited and can extend across the Cosmos exploring all sorts of magical and mythical possibilities. The inner star child naturally invites the adult into vaster dimensions of the playground of life, just like all joyful children do with their parents. Together, as one, they travel far and wide, hand in hand, heart-to-heart, the light of the child’s soul star essence shining brighter and brighter, the adult reclaiming his precious innocence and remembering his origins as a Star Being. 

And in this divine remembrance, this awakening, A Star is Born!


Number required: To move to the Level 2 Healings & Activations, you need to receive 2 Inner Star Child Healings, plus the other level 1 requirements. 

In-person vs remote: In terms of general process and quality, there is no difference between in-person and remote healing sessions. Both are equally powerful. It’s simply a matter of personal preference. In-person sessions are only offered to those who have no other option but to meet in person.  

Age limit: You must be at least 8 years of age to receive any of my private healings. 

Pregnancy: If pregnant, you can participate in my Group Starlight Healing ceremonies, but not the private work. 

Mixing modalities: I recommend you do not have energy work done about five days before and seven days after the healing. This includes osteopathy, cranial sacral work, and reiki. More “mechanical” modalities, such as massage and physiotherapy, are fine, as are spiritual practices like Qi Gong and Tai Chi. 

What if you don’t feel any changes? This concern arises occasionally. Because it’s a bit of a longer discussion point and pertains to all my healing services, I’ve listed my answers on this separate page

3 parts to the session

1. Check-in: The session begins with a 15 minute conversation. The purpose is to check in, get a sense of existing challenges, and to create intentions for the healing. While with individual energy healing the intentions have a broad focus, the intentions for the inner star child are narrowed to two questions: 1) What do you, as the adult, want for your inner child; 2) What does you inner child want / long for?

2. Healing: Next is the 30 minute healing. We sit in our respective chairs in a dyad position, eyes closed, without physical contact or conversing. When the thirty minutes are complete, I gently bring you out of your state.

During the healing you can expect anything from physical discomfort, such as heat and nausea, to emotional release, insights and memories, as well as feelings of calm, joy and lightness. Feelings, such as disgust or even tears of joy, are part the clearing process. Old energy / trauma is brought to the surface for release such that healthy and vital life force permeates the physiology and pain diminishes. 

3. Integration: The third and final stage is a 5-10 minute integration. By this time, people often feel spacey and light, and need a few minutes to ground in silence. We then proceed with another check-in, sharing what was experienced on both ends. We end by exploring next steps, such as if and when to reschedule.

I wish to also add that it is most helpful to the integrative process if you don’t have to rush off to a meeting, phone call, etc, right after the session. Having time to rest and reflect for even just 20 minutes after assists the psychophysiology to assimilate the healing.  


Though the healing can take weeks, if not months, to integrate, the key integration period is 5-7 days after. During this time it’s common for symptoms to get worse. There can be temporary intensifications in physical discomfort, such as nausea and pain, dreams can become more wild, and unexpected emotions and memories can spontaneously surface. This is all part of the body clearing, reorganizing and upgrading. Old energy / trauma is being released and replaced with healthy, vital life force. 

I no longer offer counselling sessions as added support, but you may find it helpful to have a practitioner you can work with, especially for integration. I recommend Bonnie Davis and Eric Bowers as two excellent, well-trained, trauma-informed somatic healers who will work with you on Zoom, and who understand from personal experience the power of this work. 

Setup for Zoom sessions

If your healing is conducted remotely, please consider the following:

1. Physical space: The security and sanctitude of your physical environment is obviously important. Please be sure that you have uninterrupted time and that noise from humans and animals is limited as much as possible. 

2. Seating: An upright seat, such as one from your dining table, is preferable to a couch. For these sessions it’s important that you are comfortable, yet alert and upright, as if in a meditative position.  

3. Technology: Please ensure that landlines and cell phones are turned off (assuming you are not viewing me through your phone). As well, turn off notifications on your computer, and close any windows open on your browser that have noise from such things as social media notifications or advertisements. Please tend to this prior to our scheduled appointment. If you are not tech savvy, an easy solution is to just make sure all programs are closed except Zoom.

Optional intake

It can be helpful to begin our relationship with a 50 minute intake session, which would be a separate session altogether. The purpose of the intake is for us to build trust and connection, and for me to gather more information about your history, current challenges, and goals for working with me. It’s during the intake that we can spend more time exploring your intentions for the energy work and begin to plan a vision for healing.

Having this extra time to be heard and met in your vulnerability, and to gather new perspectives on what happened and is happening in your life, can be healing. And so this is a foundational option to partaking in the deeper energy work.

Booking & Payment

The cost of the inner star child healing is $130 total. If interested in beginning with an intake session, the fee is also $130 total. Should you wish to cancel your intake or healing session, I require a 24 notice. 

To book an appointment…

  • Email me at requesting either an “intake for inner star child healing” or just “inner star child healing”.
  • I’ll reply with some possible times and the Zoom link
  • To pay, please visit my Fees & Structure page

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