Inner Star Child Healing & Activation

A transformative online ceremony for healing developmental trauma and liberating the creative power of your Inner Star Child

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  • Can’t attend?: You can still receive the healing & activation if not on Zoom
  • Cost: $77 CDN
  • Minimum age to receive the healing & activation: 9 years ~ please read the FAQ’s pertaining to children
  • Minimum age to attend on Zoom: The legal age of majority (adulthood) in the country you reside in
  • Further Details & Registration: Please click the link at the bottom

Your Inner Star Child is a force of light! Unbounded in love, determined, carefree, brave, adventurous, wildly imaginative, this archetypal presence is mightily real in your heart and soul. She is the purity of your soul star essence, the face of your innocence, and the creative carrier of your gifts and purpose. In many ways, mysterious and known, your Inner Star Child is essential to your livelihood and direction; for she knows what the responsible, practical adult has forgotten.

Your Inner Star Child remembers your divine origins, filled with Fairies and Angels, flying Unicorns and Turtles. He doesn’t understand why you don’t remember these things, and can get frustrated at how lost you are in the material, routine world, that, really, is not what you want. He takes a stand, sometimes fiercely, as you know children can, for the beauties and wonders of life, seen and unseen, easily overlooked. It’s why young children slow us busy adults down and ask us to peer at a flower or caterpillar, at the blue moon and purple sky. 

Limits make no sense to this bundle of wonder. Her world, and your true home, is the realm of endless possibilities, where things can manifest in an instant, and one is surrounded by Joys upon Joys of Godly Creations. This Infinite Playground is what your Inner Star Child dearly wants you to remember. She longs for you to grab her eager hand and fly above the concrete, callous world into the colourful, fluid, exceedingly beautiful numinous. Into that which always sings Yes to Life! 

Your Inner Star Child wants you to know that this boundless Playground is your divine inheritance; and that you have come to this world to embody it; to awaken it from within, in your DNA, and know it as authentically You. And, with your adulterated help, he longs to share these riches with the hungry masses, who, without realizing it, also long to viscerally remember, and open, and dance in Life’s Infinite Playground. To experience life not as a dull job, not as a superficial routine of swinging from to-do to to-do, but as an exciting, wondrous, and sometimes challenging, sacred ceremony of Creation. 

You cannot live these possibilities without the help of your wise and abundantly resourceful Inner Star Child. You are meant to do this together, as a unified force, serving in co-creative spirit with the All. 

For most, however, and likely you, some healing and activation support is necessary to bring the Inner Star Child to life in adult awareness. Having been denied for so long, taught that its true, vibrant colours do not belong in the grey landscapes of this plane, your Inner Star Child has likely learned to hide in shame and fear. In my personal journey of healing, and in supporting many others in their own, I have witnessed how the wounded Inner Star Child shelters and shields where many scared children seek refuge — in their room under the blankets or bed; in a dark corner, crouched and facing the wall; or wandering aimlessly outside, lost and confused. Neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and other adverse experiences at home, school, and elsewhere, teach the Inner Star Child that life is not safe, and she is unworthy and unwanted. A most dreadful experience for the attachment-driven child who eventually falls into a deep and dark unbearable aloneness. 

I remember in grade three, while standing in the schoolyard, suddenly feeling that who I was as a spirited child could not continue on in the world before me. It was as if I was standing at a great threshold, and I had to now cross over into a much bigger and darker world that held little interest in or care for who I really was. I felt I had to leave me behind, the Inner Star Child I was, and become stronger, tougher, smarter, better — a little adult. I had to become who I was not to fit and survive. 

You may relate to my story. Most of us learned that being our Big Bright Nature was too much, and therefore unsafe and unwelcome. We had to dim our fire to blend with the masses. We had to deny our soul star essence, the purity of our Angelic presence, to cope and survive. This is the loss of innocence that few avoid — the loss of our in-essence. More accurately, it is a disconnect, which is one way to understand trauma. It’s a forgetfulness, a veil. Because, in truth, our innocence is always there. It’s invincible! It may be concealed by our wounds and programming, it may be turned from and discounted as unreal and unsafe. BUT our Holy Spirit shines on, even as we experience the painful illusions of darkness. 

This ceremony is a precious opportunity to re-turn to innocence; and to bring that Big Bundle of love and light, and all her gifts, to life, thereby bringing more life to you. This ceremony is a unique invitation to awaken this Great Seer of Possibilities from the seeming safety of shadows so you live less apart from the Great Sea of Life you are. You embrace your Inner Star Child more fully, heart-to-heart, which inspires you to live, work and play in harmonious divine union, as a creative team, in Life’s Infinite Playground, interwoven in and as your soul star essence.

Listed below are four general stages to healing and empowering your Inner Star Child, and thus yourself. When reading them, see this path of growth not so much as a linear, step-by-step system, but one that is fluid, dynamic, inter-mingling, with one stage blending into the other, and with the likely possibility that you may repeat certain stages, or the entire cycle. 

1. Healing 

Your Inner Star Child receives healing for the pain she carries stemming from such adverse experiences as physical / sexual abuse, neglect, abandonment, birth traumas and more. The darkness of her dormant state, which is one of being frozen, shamed, confused, lost and fearful, is met with such beauty, love and starlight. Gradually, she is bridged from isolation to greater degrees of activation, connection and liberation.

2. Activation

As your Inner Star Child begins to heal, the immanence of his soul star essence is activated. The magick of starlight and the mysterious realms it draws upon, gently, lovingly and patiently use creative means to spark his curiosity, captivate his imagination, and invite him to come out and play. Like we see with all healthy children, he gradually returns to a naturally exuberant state of dreaming, exploring and engaging, including reconnecting with his inner parent, the adult you.

3. Integration

As your Inner Star Child becomes increasingly activated, her presence fills your adult body. She takes more energetic space, which healthy children do so unbridledly. Her growing presence is an invitation to the inner parent to take notice and bond or attach with her in ways not done before. This means that the inner parent, too, must be activated —  you must be ready and willing to protect and lovingly hold your Inner Star Child, to become her / his guardian. With enough time, a sacred union forms where your two hearts align and melt into a beautiful long-awaited connection. When this happens, a third unifying Heart forms that surrounds the two of you, like a Big Heart Bubble!

4. Liberation

Once this sacred union is consummated, the Whole Human Being is liberated. Born is the Universal Child whose presence is unlimited and can extend across the Cosmos exploring all sorts of magickal and joyous possibilities. Your Inner Star Child naturally invites adult-you into vaster dimensions of the Playground of Life, just like all joyful children do with their parents. Together, as one, you travel far and wide, hand-in-hand, heart-to-heart, the light of your Inner Star Child’s soul star essence shining brighter and brighter, the integrated adult-child-you reclaiming your precious innocence and remembering your origins as an unfathomable Star Being. 

And in this divine remembrance, this awakening, A Star is Born!

Intention setting

Unlike my other ceremonies, for this one, I recommend you include your Inner Star Child in the intention setting process. Both of your intentions for healing and empowerment are important, as you and your Inner Star Child are active participants in this journey. I recommend no more than 15 intentions for each of you. The linked registration page at the bottom offers further guidance. I also recommend reading the many linked pages above for extra clarity; and, in particular, this article I wrote which lists 26 adverse childhood experiences.

Regarding your Inner Star Child’s intentions, here are two similar questions you can ask him or her:

  1. What do you want from this ceremony? (to experience, feel, change?)
  2. If you could wave your magick wand, what would you LOVE from this ceremony? This question lightens the intention setting process, making it inviting, safe and fun; and it speaks to your Inner Star Child’s wondrous, curious nature.

With pen and paper nearby, I invite you to find a safe and quiet place to close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Imagine your Inner Star Child at any age — you at an earlier time; it could be more than one age/time — and have a conversation with him or her. Be sure not to rush the process. Create lots of time to explore together the many possibilities of healing, empowerment, connection and liberation. 

There is no right way to do this. Trust your heart, and also your imagination. 

Finally, please know that it’s the Great Honour of the Stars and Realms of Light I transmit to bestow their loving radiance upon you and your Inner Star Child, the light you forever are. 

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