Earth Mother Love Healing & Activation

A transformative online ceremony for sacred healing and earthbody activation through ancient Gaian Love

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  • Can’t attend?: You can still receive the healing & activation if not on Zoom
  • Cost: $77 CDN
  • Minimum age to receive the healing & activation: 9 years ~ please read the FAQ’s pertaining to children
  • Minimum age to attend on Zoom: The legal age of majority (adulthood) in the country you reside in
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Our Earth Mother graces you in this ceremony to enrich your harmonious union with her, others and life, and to end the painful dream of separation. She serves through a nourishing and powerful healing embrace only the ancient love of our Earth Mother can give. Held in the depths of her immaculate Heart Womb, you are born anew, embodying to greater measure the divine qualities of her Cosmic Soul you share, while grounded deeper in your earthbody. 

For these reasons and more, this ceremony is uniquely sacred, and an honour for me to present. Bathing you with her motherly love is Gaia’s great joy, and it is timely, for we can go no further living as we have.  

*                    *                    *

For far too long we have believed ourselves to be separate from Mother Earth and her myriad sentient life, whether animals, crystals, trees, water or other humans. We have forgotten knowledge held by the ancients and tribal peoples who instinctively understood that Mother Earth’s body is our body; that every living thing on this planet is an extension of our form. We touch a flower, we lay in grass, we ride a horse, and we commune directly with our extended body, the life we are. 

Each magnificent touch is sacred, an experience young, sensitively attuned children and mature souls know. The intelligence and holy presence of the other is inseparable from our own. Their form is simply a version of our greater Self manifested outward for us to enjoy and co-create with. 

Lovers know this, intimately. In sacred sexual union, the heat and light of ancient tantric truths come home to heart and alive throughout their bodies, scintillating them ecstatically. The line between lovers blurs, then disappears altogether. Thinking stills, and bodies, hearts and souls joyously merge into one. 

Young children, as mentioned, are acutely aware of the unity of all things. With their right brain developing first and the left slowly coming online in their formative years, little ones exist with one foot in the material world and the other in the fairy otherworld. The ineffable space of Soul still suffuses their human awareness in abundant resplendence, as they delight and lose themselves in the smallest things, while strangers are no strangers at all.

We begin our human journey in intimate union, held in the holy womb of our biological mother. Her nourishing blood feeds us, filling our developing bodies with the nutrition, oxygen and love needed for growth. Her heart is a shamanic medicine drum, its resonant beats soothing and grounding us, initiating our awakened awareness and birth into the greater world. When destiny calls, we slide down the slippery birth canal and land in the embrace of our larger mother, Gaia, to begin a new journey in her sacred holding. We arrive in our ripe earthbody, feet, hands and heart touching ground as one with our Earth Mother. 

Our bodies are made from the sacred substances of this planet, and mirror its proportions. The amniotic fluid in a mother’s womb has an almost identical composition of minerals and salts to seawater. Oceans make up approximately seventy percent of our planet’s surface, and our body consists of the same ratio of water. We are born into the miraculous amniotic ocean of our mother’s womb, and we live as Souls within a miraculous oceanic earthbody on a remarkable water planet.

Further, our bodies are built from the same sacred geometric blueprint as countless creations of Mother Nature. The divine proportion of the Golden Mean, a ratio of 1.618, provides the mathematical design template for flowers, shells, pinecones, whirlpools, ocean waves, galaxies, and innumerable other phenomena, as well as human features like DNA, bone length, and much more. For example, we find this ratio when comparing the length of our shoulder-elbow to elbow-fingertip, the length of naval-headtop to feet-naval, and when we explore the dimensions of the skull. 

For more examples and a broader understanding of the Golden Mean, watch this impassioned and detailed presenter. 

Our body being an earthbody is also evidenced by its sacred geometric spiral blueprint, proportioned in certain areas by the Golden Ratio. DNA, proteins, heart muscles, skeletal muscles, fingerprints, the crown of our hair, all hold a spiral pattern, a design template woven throughout Mother Nature. From plants like roses to sunflower seeds, snail shells to pineapples, tornados to hurricanes, again, right up to galaxies, we see the magnificent architecture of the Spiral of Life. 

Sacred Rose Spiral drawing us into its Heart, while reaching out and touching our own Rose Heart

Blood moves in a spiral, circulating in a “wide variety of vortices that develop in the cardiovascular system, particularly in the cardiac chambers and in large arteries.” In comparison to a more linear direction, this spiral flow allows the circulatory system to channel blood with greater efficiency, mirroring the natural movements of water we see elsewhere, like in our draining sink. Even breath, the Breath of Life, spirals through our lungs; hence respiration — we are literally re-spiraling air as we breath. 

Rare photo given to me of spiralling breath. Truly a magical image!

The geometric spiral blueprint, encoded within and without, arises from the infinite creative intelligence of spirit. The inspiration is obvious, but I bring this to your attention to highlight the connection between the words spiral and spirit. Joyously so, the Spirit of Sophia, or God, weaves infinite spirals throughout Mother Nature, making our human forms the sacred geometric earthbodies they are. 

A spiralling, spirited gift of nutrition and sacred geometric intelligence I fed my earthbody. 

There is one more clue I’d like to share that shows how intimately connected our body is to Mother Earth. It makes perfect sense to end with this little secret, a crescendo of sorts. 

If you rearrange the letters of heart you discover earth. Heart is within Earth, and Earth within Heart. Of all the parts of the body, how telling it is that the Chalice of our Holy Heart carries this sacred coding, the message that our heart and that of our Earth Mother are forever one. 

*                    *                    *

This ceremony deepens your awakened, spiralling earth embodiment through the heart embrace of our Earth Mother. Her joy and great longing is to wrap you with much deserved Gaian Love, a uniquely ancient presence humanity is now ready to take to heart more fully, and feel in its tired bones.  

When received, the wounds of old can begin to melt away, particular those incurred during childhood, when we did not experience the safe holding and sacred embrace we needed. Attachment wounds stemming from neglect, traumas from abuse and difficult births, and pains incurred in utero, can be offered to Mother Earth for ceremonial release. She is here, not only for what you remember, but in service of what is beyond your conscious awareness, like preverbal traumas, ancestral inheritances, and past / parallel life samskaras, or soul scars. Working with your Higher Self and intentions, she serves your healing and empowerment at a quantum level, beyond rational thought, giving you the missing experience of safe, soothing love you never had. 

When the energetic quantum roots of our suffering are transmuted, their corresponding beliefs, programming — the untrue stories we hold, naturally dissolve. One such belief arising from attachment failures is I’m not wanted. Sadly common, and deeply painful to attachment-driven children, this deficit story incurs as early as our wombtime. If we sense rejection coming from our mother, or even father, who believes we are the wrong gender, for example, it’s only natural for the sensitively attuned child to conclude s/he’s not wanted. Some distraught mothers have even been known to punch their pregnant bellies, creating an echo chamber of terror and shock, and the painful beginnings of not being wanted in their unborn child.  

These incredibly distressing experiences communicate to the child that not only is s/he not wanted, but unsafe in an unsafe world. From early on the child’s nervous system and identity are wired for fear and shame, threat and survival, rather than love, safety, trust and relaxation. The nervous system adapts by becoming sympathetically over-aroused — vigilantly aware or rigidly on; or it enters a high tone parasympathetic state where the individual collapses into a porous, disassociated psychobiology — a state of being loosely off. 

Emphasizing my earlier point, as with all my ceremonies, you are not expected to know where your pain and suffering come from if you are to heal. You don’t need to know all the why’s and how’s in the shadows of your forgotten past. Via the link further down, you are guided to set healing empowerment intentions, and to be as specific as possible, but to allow room for the unknown, compassionately accepting that you cannot know all your painful beginnings. 

A simple and powerful intention for this ceremony might be: Dear Mother Earth, I want to feel safe and loved.   

Our beautiful Earth Mother comes to give you both these deeply nourishing experiences, as only she can, and so much more. Receiving her embrace dissolves the signals that say it’s unsafe to be in your body, and rest in life. Her soothing presence recodes and rewires your survival psychobiology so your nervous system regulates or calms, your vigilant or busy mind quiets, and tense muscles like shoulders, psoas and diaphragm soften. Long-held survival adaptions gradually transform into grounded heart and somatic awareness, rooted in our Earth Mother and enlivened by your divinity. 

In Mother Earth’s heart embrace, her ancient love, you sink, limp and loose, in a dreamy, restful state. This is our Earth Mother’s loving invitation in this ceremony, her longing for you. Quietly, she whispers the silent, tender words of all loving mothers throughout time: Give me your weight. 

Letting go into her loving embrace, your body, mind and heart experience the relaxed presence and surrendered weight you longed give to your biological mother as you lay in her warm arms and against her beating heart. Within these safe arms you rest in connection, and melt into love. It’s in this sweet surrender and embrace that you experience profound healing and empowerment, the felt-knowing that all is well. 

Resting, weighted in your body, you then naturally give more weight to life. You lean into our Divine Mother, trusting Her, knowing that you don’t have to control as much, for all is in control, much more than we can imagine. Feeling more intimately woven into Sophia’s Heart Womb embrace, Her presence communicates this assurance through your heart and cells. In your earthbody and in life, you rest in connection, you rest assured, trusting, present, like a peaceful child snuggled in mother’s arms. 

As your body softens and heart flowers opens, you live and breathe with the presence of sacred Earth and Star origins shimmering within. Their ancient rhythms beat your shamanic heart, awakening arcane Cosmic wisdom and the Akashic knowledge of our planet. Secreted in your earthbody, the crystalline codes of Creation woven in your ancient Soul come alive, rebirthing your human awareness, Christing your holy form.  

Gradually, in growing measure, you experience yourself as inseparable from the quantum tapestry of Mother Earth and Mysteries of Life. You remember yourself as a perfect holographic mirror of All That Is, on all accounts, with every creative possibility, every spark of wisdom and knowledge, every colourful Ray, encoded within your universal Soul. 

It is this revelatory divine reunion that our world cries out for. We transform the dark age of separation into an Age of Light by transforming ourselves; by healing and inhabiting our earthbodies, and realizing how intimately woven we are into Gaia’s vast ecosystem and ancient consciousness. 

Weighted in our earthbodies, and in the love of our Earth and Divine Mothers, we are inspired to share the gifts and wisdom of our creative Spiralling Spirit, to bestow nourishing love upon the hungry world we compassionately know ourselves as.

This is our destined return to the Garden of Innocence, the wondrous, curious childlike presence that enjoys and celebrates life in sacred harmony. We live as all advanced societies have, on and off planet, and as young children demonstrate — aware of the fundamental Truth of existence in our hearts, that we are One Love. 

*                    *                    *

Giving ourselves to the Heart Womb embrace of our Earth Mother, and allowing her to birth us anew, Earth is thus also reborn. She is rebirthed through each of her children who surrender into her arms. In this ceremony, Earth Mother’s Love brings you home to this unwavering Truth in embodied resonance, in earthbody love.

Your involvement through intention-setting is important. Via the link below you are guided with clear, specific instructions on how to declare your hopes and dreams for this holy communion with Gaia. Whether in the context of mental, emotional, physical or spiritual wellbeing, nothing is too much to ask from our Earth Mother. You can intend for whatever support feels right to you. How much healing and empowerment you experience will depend on how open and ready you are to transform. 

Trust your wise, earthen heart when writing your intentions and your Higher Self to guide you; and that our loving Earth Mother will know exactly how to serve your sacred earth embodiment, your heart knowing that all is well. 

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