A Global Crucifixion: Truth, Heartbreak & Humanity’s Heroic Ascension into a Golden Age 

This free ebook sheds light on these monumental, pivotal times by sharing the growing body of evidence for what is clearly global, centralized totalitarianism and medical tyranny on the rise; and the underlying psychology of those who are asleep to the dark storm. But more importantly, my words serve to offer a vision of hope, possibilities, destiny and love that I hope finds your heart, and helps you have faith in the paradoxical wisdom of what I call our global crucifixion to guide us out of the Age of Darkness and into a Golden Age. 

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Let the Fire Burn: Nurturing the Creative Spirit of Children

“Words fail me in describing how much I love this book! It reaches deep into my heart and expresses things about raising children that you can’t explain.” ~ Charlotte Blanchard, Early Childcare Worker, Fort Nelson First Nations

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Wild Empty Spaces: Poems for the Opening Heart

“This collection of poetry is a rallying cry for the heart. With his bold and playful style, Vince Gowmon inspires us to dig deeper into truth and beauty and stretch beyond what we believe it means to be alive. These are poems you can return to again and again, discovering new treasures of meaning and insight each time.” —Eric Bowers, Author of Meet Me In Hard-to-Love Places: The Heart and Science of Relationship Success

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