About Vince

Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Author, Poet, Musician, and Fierce Child Advocate

I am deeply committed to helping people heal, feel empowered and spiritually awaken, and through their transformative soul journey, positively shift the consciousness of the world. 

The pains long-felt across this beautiful planet are not separate from the pain each of us carries in our psychobiology and soul. We are all part of the human story that’s unfolded since the dawn of time. Our unprocessed fear, anger, sadness, shame, hatred, etc., are inextricably linked to that of the world and the unresolved pain of our ancestors. As we begin our healing journey, we contribute to the healing of our lineage and the planet.  

My work as an internationally recognized (remote) healer, spiritual teacher and child advocate draws upon my training as a somatic (body-based) counsellor, breathwork practitioner, and life coach; my experience as a sound healer, singer-songwriter, musician, author, keynote speaker and playshop facilitator; as well as 20+ years of intense personal healing. Going back further, my adverse childhood experiences, desperate soul seeking, and four years living below the poverty line have also profoundly shaped and prepared me for my purpose. 

In particular, it was an arduous eight-year period of suffering from undiagnosable, chronic pain that opened the door to the healer’s path. Symptoms included getting intensely sick every time I spoke (for four of those years), headaches, sore throats, eczema, heat on my crown, muscle pain, stomach pain, intestinal pain, heart issues, foot pain, eye and ear pressure, allergies, and more. Because of the extreme nature of what my body went through, I can relate and offer ample compassion to those suffering from mysterious, chronic illnesses that Western-trained medical professionals, and even alternative healers, struggle to understand. I know what it’s like to feel powerless to one’s illness and not know if the next practitioner will help, while spending thousands of dollars a year that isn’t reimbursed. 

After working with over twenty different types of healing practitioners, including shamans, naturopaths, acupuncturists and craniosacral workers, most of my physical pain finally healed. I didn’t know it at the time, but those eight confusing years of pain were all part of an initiation into becoming a healer and spiritual teacher. 

To the more practical details:

Based in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, I, support people’s journey of healing, empowerment and ascension by transmitting the sacred rays of Ascended Masters, Spirit Animals, Diamond light, and much more. Done remotely through online ceremoniesthis unusual form of energy work is an advanced revolutionary quantum approach to health and empowerment. Its power to heal chronic mental, emotional, physical and spiritual ailments deeply and quickly, while being accessible to everyone, no matter one’s location, makes it the most cost-effective, available and potent healing service I’ve ever offered. And it’s why I closed my somatic therapy practice and other healing services. 

Please visit my Healing With Starlight page for an introductory overview of this work. On the page you can watch a 5-minute video that beautifully explains the mysterious story of how this gift came to me and the impact it’s had on people’s lives. At the bottom of the page you can see a list of issues it has addressed.

Years ago, long before birthing this work, I was a well-travelled presenter of keynotes and playshops to organizations, conferences and communities on subjects such as play, leadership, communication, intuition, creativity, emotional intelligence, trauma and healing. 

Training and experience: 

In what feels like a previous life, I graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University concentrating on Human Resources, Marketing and International Business.

I am also the author of three books:

  1. A Global Crucifixion ~ Truth, Heartbreak, and Humanity’s Heroic Ascension into a Golden Age. This is a free ebook outlining our chaotic collective rebirth.
  2. Let the Fire Burn ~ Nurturing the Creative Spirit of Children. This fun and inspiring “Children’s Book for Adults” is a poetic journey into the creative fire of children, and how to fan its flames. 
  1. Wild Empty Spaces ~ Poems for the Opening Heart, dedicated to the courageous journey of healing, loving and living soulfully.
When I’m not teaching and working with clients…

…you’ll find me climbing a mountain, swimming outdoors, skiing or snowshoeing, riding my bike, sitting quietly by a river, writing music and poetry, singing, dancing, doing Qi Gong, or generally spending time with family and friends. 

And lastly…

I leave you with this video I made which I hope you find uplifting. Blessings, Vince

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