Sacred Divine Mother Healing

Please note that as of April 25, 2022 I am no longer offering this healing as a private session. All my work is now done in online (group) ceremonies. You can receive the benefits of my ceremonial healings and activations even if you are busy and unable to attend on Zoom. More so, ceremonies are no less powerful than privates. In fact, the collective field amplifies personal transformation. Overtime, in various ways, the ceremonies will incorporate and build upon this and other private session themes, while offering new possibilities for healing and empowerment. 

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“Experiencing the Sacred Divine Mother Healing instantly filled the void of the motherly comfort I had been longing for. The Divine Mother gave me immense love that overcame my entire body. Her love made me feel so protected and safe, like I was being held in my mother’s arms. Truly a most peaceful session, it gave me a feeling of relief and warmth that lasted weeks.” ~ Annie

Sacred Divine Mother Healing is truly a blessing. 

As the Overlighting Feminine presence of the Universe and Mother of the Stars, the Divine Mother longs for you to know and feel that you are loved unconditionally and beyond measure; to cherish you in a way you might not have experienced with your own mother; to offer Her protective presence as a golden tender balm to the heart that has longed to surrender into the arms of a safe presence. 

Each child needs to feel this, and to know that all is well and all is being taken care of. This felt-sense assurance allows children to fully rest in connection in their mother’s arms, close to her loving heart. Deeply calming and nourishing to the child’s heart and nervous system, the little one can become limp in his unerring trust for his mother and in being safe in the world. 

All children deserve and need to feel this sacred bond. For in resting in connection with their biological mother, they can more easily rest in connection with their higher self, and all of Life. It’s only when that secure bond with their birth mother breaks that they / we begin to disconnect from, distrust and forget the Divine Mother who never stops holding us in Her Heart. 

Sacred Divine Mother Healing is a gentle invitation back into that nourishing, heart-felt connection. It heals the pain of separation from the Universal Divine Feminine your higher self is a beautiful expression of. The Divine Mother gradually re-enters your heart, as well as every cell of your body, and you embody and remember the power and love of Her presence as your own. 

This intimate union with the Divine Mother can also help heal pain you hold towards the mother you are, and your own birth mother. As you rest more fully in Her arms and slowly re-learn to trust the Feminine Principle, any judgment, anger, resentment, hatred and sadness that keeps you separate from the heart of both your inner and outer mother more easily finds resolution. 

Sacred Divine Mother Healing is indeed a powerful gift, not just for you, but also for Mother Earth, and all her inhabitants. For, in progressively embodying the gentle power of Divine Mother, you become a bridge that brings Heaven to Earth and heals and rebalances the longstanding destructive presence of the shadowed masculine and patriarchal systems that Mother Earth has suffered for eons.

It is indeed a Golden Age of empowering the Sacred Feminine. And communing with the Divine Mother through this healing gateway is a beautiful way to contribute to these revolutionary times. 

“I have done several different healings with Vince and it never ceases to amaze me what manifests from them. I have had intense physical pain disappear never to return and decade old injuries improve immensely. Yet, the relief from emotional pain and judgement has perhaps inspired me the most. Our culture is adept at shaming the archetype of Mother. Whether one chooses to have children or not, the pressure around this powerful symbol can go from acute to overwhelming without support. Not only as women are we subjected to this pressure, if we are not intentional in our thoughts, words and actions, we often add to this pressure on ourselves and on other women. Doing the Sacred Divine Mother Healings with Vince deepened my compassion for all women, allowed me to let go of judgement and accept the imperfections and constant uncertainty that motherhood brings. The healings opened room for my humanity and encouraged me to embrace both my unique form of mothering and those of all mothers.” ~ Kristie

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Number required: To move to the Level 2 Healings & Activations, it’s not required that you receive any Sacred Divine Mother Healings; however, you must complete the other level 1 requirements. 

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