Ancient Pyramid Codes Healing & Activation

A transformative online ceremony for initiating you into the ancient mysteries, powers and ascension wisdom of your pyramidal consciousness 

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  • Minimum age to receive the healing & activation: 9 years ~ please read the FAQ’s pertaining to children
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Imagine advanced dimensional planes where pyramids rise high in angelic air, gracing the landscape with divine geometric beauty and presence, shimmering in pure crystalline light — the light they are made from. All sorts of iridescent colours radiate from them within a rainbow spectrum far beyond our current human perception. These crystal pyramids, resonant and alive, are sacred power centres, places of communion and celebration, temples where Heaven and Planetary life harmonize, and Christ consciousness expands omnidirectionally, in service to all. 

Thank you for your interest in this sacred ceremony with the mysterious wonders of the ancient pyramid! By participating, you are initiated into its Universal Consciousness, which is also your own. You merge with it, and activate this sacred geometric blueprint in your DNA. This allows its multidimensional power and ascension wisdom to encode your genetic library, upgrading your neurobiology, heart and human awareness with the ancient crystalline pyramid codes for higher living.

From the Prang Temple in Cambodia, to El Castillo in Mexico, to the Mayan pyramids in Guatemala, to those of Hathor’s time in ancient Kemet (Egypt), the fact that pyramids have existed throughout the planet, going far into pre-history, even before Atlantis, should inform us that they are not only holy structures, but they carry a mysterious and ancient Cosmometry. There is universality that bonds all pyramids, no matter if they have a square base, are a tetrahedron, or are a stepped trapezoid. There is an age-old Cosmic intelligence and design uniting them all that we, as an advancing species, are now waking up to. 

As shrines and temples, Houses of the Holy, pyramids serve many mystical Earthly and Cosmic purposes, ones greatly overlooked by materialistic tourism and concealed by mind controlled “scholars” shadowed by political agendas seeking to hide true history. Beyond being merely phenomenal structures from antiquity, there are mysteries and powers these sites hold that ancient civilizations, on and off planet, have coalesced with to transform and serve their communities, and bring sacredness to life. 

These mysterious powers can be classified into three categories: Activating, anchoring (or holding / preserving), and transmitting ancient ascension wisdom and higher frequencies. As burial locations for the eminent figures of their cultures, pyramids were used to honour their spiritual leaders; but more so, through burial rites and mummification, to preserve the body so it acts as a portal to anchor and transmit its exalted consciousness for the continued benefit of its people. That enshrined anchoring of the soul’s consciousness would further activate the power of the pyramid to influence into perpetuity. 

Pyramids, if active and open enough, are powerful anchor points for Cosmic rays, helping to advance human and Gaia’s consciousness, especially during important evolutionary cycles like the one we’re in now. Sacred sites throughout the world do this, like Stonehenge and the phenomenon of crop circles. We can also look to power centres like the mountains of Denali and Shasta as key vortices serving this purpose. Along with masters, lightworkers, crystals, and other expressions of Nature on our beautiful planet like Dolphins, pyramids play an important role in holding and upgrading the Christ Grid of Light, the “divine internet” spanning Mother Earth. 

In addition to drawing in Cosmic rays, active pyramids broadcast planetary consciousness “upwards” into higher dimensions. They create an important feedback loop, pathways of sacred communication and communion between Mother Earth and the high Light Realms. You could say that pyramids act as gatekeepers, with the door opening both directions, so Christ streams of vital planetary and Cosmic coded information transmits “up and down” in service to the evolution of Gaia and Her inhabitants; and truly, the Multiverse. 

With this sacred gatekeeping, anchoring purpose, we understand why pyramids have been used for initiation for eons. In ancient Egypt, long and challenging initiations in temples along the Nile would culminate in the Great Pyramid. Having made their way to the pyramid near the Mediterranean Sea, representing Oneness, to which the serpentine (kundalini) Nile flows, initiates would lay inside a sarcophagus for days to confront their own death — death of the false self, the fear beneath all fears. This is the heart of all initiations one must endure to experience a radical rebirth — to be “born again”; to open to apotheosis, or divine union.

This embodied soul activation was lovingly held and facilitated by the ancient initiatory power, ascension wisdom and geometric design of the pyramid that knows how to awaken the Ancient in us. Living true to the sacred purpose of pyramids across space and time, the Great Pyramid at Giza was the ultimate Chamber of Initiation, a geometric temple of divine proportions that perfectly housed the harmonization of the Light Realms and Soul Body with the human initiate. 

Pyramids are vehicles for ascension and symbolically show the way, pointing upwards to our Higher Self, away from its/our heavy, dense, divided base, to a convergence point of unity. Much like how our hands, when together in prayer, point starward, and look like a pyramid.

Shuffle around the first four letters of pyramid and you get pray. Our hands come together in prayer at our non-dual heart, in the middle, where two become one: Pyra-mid-dle.

Do you better understand why pyramids have been used for initiation, why they are Houses of the Holy throughout the Multiverse? Their ancient sacred geometry represents the path of transcendence and unity, initiating our return to our Holy Heart, as One with the Wonders of Life!

When constructed with wisdom and skill, and used with holy intent, pyramids can initiate in ways non-triangular temples cannot. This is because their design holds the creation blueprints and intelligence of sacred geometry, one of the living light languages of the Cosmos along with colour and sound. For example, many of Earth’s pyramids (see here & here), like the Great Pyramid at Giza, have been created in accordance with the divine proportions of the Golden Mean, a ratio of 1.618 that we see throughout our body and in Mother Nature. This geometric pattern is found in all of Nature’s creations, from DNA, to bone length, ocean waves, flowers and galaxies. For more on this, please read my Earth Mother Love ceremony description. 

Further understanding of the sacred geometry of pyramids can be found in the tetrahedron, a structure made of four equilateral triangles. As one of the five platonic solids, along with the hexahedron (cube), octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron, the tetrahedron is a foundational building block of life. This is appreciated when we understand its symmetric placement within the Cosmic blueprint and creative force of Metatron’s Cube. There, within this very holy geometric pattern, we see two tetrahedrons overlapping, one facing up and the other down, forming a 3D Star of David, the same shape as our Merkabah Star, the Chariot of our Soul and one of our countless light bodies.

Metatron’s Cube with the Star of David and Merkabah highlighted in blue. Imagine this as a 3D geometric pattern. 

While we generally see pyramids shaped like those at Giza, with four triangles on a square base, or like the stepped trapezoid structures of Inca and Mayan cultures, let us remember that we may find tetrahedron pyramids or ones with a pentagonal or hexagonal base in locations beyond Earth. We are not the only ones using pyramids. They have been discovered on Mars. And they exist in higher dimensions, where they are venerated and used as powerful portals, convening locations and celebratory sites. And they are made from pure crystalline light, as stated earlier! 

Suffice to say, from quantum, invisible levels to those of megalithic proportions, pyramids carry great weight in our sacred traditions, holding power and purpose across our Multiverse, beyond our wildest imaginings! 

This ceremony is about communing with this living and ancient technology. You receive a direct transmission from the crystalline consciousness of the Great Pyramid of Life, the same intelligence that inspires countless souls to build and revere pyramids across the Multiverse. More specifically, your communion makes you a recipient of its Cosmic codes. Again, like each colour and sound, every sacred geometric pattern is a living light language and holds specific creation codes unique to it. Those codes form creation templates. The Pyramid Template, which contains all designs, holds a vast wealth of ancient ascension teachings not found in the cube, octahedron, or any other light language.

Within your spiritual DNA you have this template, what I’m calling the ancient pyramid codes. And as a perfect holographic mirror of the Divine Mother / God, and thus the consciousness of Pyramidal Cosmometry, you have this template in equal measure within, as part of your soul blueprint. You carry in your genetic universe this advanced technology for higher living and creating. Many, if not most of those codes are likely dormant. In communing with the Great Pyramid of Life in this ceremony, your soul’s pyramid codes resonant with this transmission activate, upgrading your body, mind and heart with your inherent crystalline pyramid template. This occurs to the degree you are open and ready. An activated pyramid template gives you embodied access to the higher pyramid temple of your geometric soul. You awaken to the mysteries of the ancient pyramid codes and their Cosmometric template for higher living. You awaken the crystalline light of your Ancient Pyramid Soul!

Consider this an initiation, one in which you enter a resonance chamber like the initiatory chamber of the Great Pyramid. Much like how the womb of a mother is a mysterious resonance chamber that does much more than simply build and hold a physical body, pyramids too are holy sites for anchoring and activating the soul. All holy sites serve this purpose — anchoring, activating and preserving sacred frequencies from higher realms. They do this by drawing in, converging, harmonizing and amplifying Cosmic energy and intelligence — higher dimensional templates. When an initiate lays down in the sarcophagus, the tomb is their womb for rebirth. It’s their resonance chamber within the larger resonance chamber or womb of the pyramid. As a unified system, it is one alchemical vortex of immense, indescribable, magnetic power. 

The holy temple and template unite and merge in the consciousness of the initiate, activating these converging, harmonic higher frequencies into the neurobiology, chakras and other systems, forging an exalted body-soul-temple of Cosmic and pyramidal consciousness. The initiate becomes an empowered and awakened sacred site, holding and transmitting ancient wisdom and geometric frequencies. 

As the ancient pyramid codes activate in this ceremony, not only do you become more embodied as a sacred site, but you may awaken memories related to pyramids from previous lives or from intimate encounters with them in higher dimensions. This genetic awakening can birth gifts, wisdom and gratitude gleaned from these experiences into your human awareness, particularly your heart, deepening your resonant embodiment of and love for crystalline pyramidal consciousness.  

Via the link below, you are encouraged to set intentions for healing empowerments on anything you want. This includes healing chronic issues such as eczema, back pain, insomnia and anxiety, to give a few examples. Nothing is too much to ask from the Great Pyramid of Life. Most of all, trust your heart, and the loving, ancient power of this Sacred Geometric Temple to serve your ascension journey! 

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