Ancient Whale Songs Healing & Activation

A transformative online ceremony for harmonizing with the Spirit of the Whale and singing your Heart Song

  • Date/Time: Wednesday, May 18th ~ 3:00 to 4:15pm PST 
  • Can’t attend?: You can still receive the healing & activation if not on Zoom
  • Cost: $77 CDN
  • Minimum age to receive the healing & activation: 9 years ~ please read the FAQ’s pertaining to children
  • Minimum age to attend on Zoom: The legal age of majority (adulthood) in the country you reside in
  • Further Details & Registration: Please click the link at the bottom

Whale songs serve the divine purpose of connecting us to our Heart Song which, when sung, invokes longing and leads us to the ancient depths of our soul. Singing our Heart Song moves us in unison and chorus with Whales whose music, like our own, calls people’s hearts together and homeward into the mysterious Ocean of Life. 

Like their Spirit Animal friends Octopus and Snake, Whales, particularly blue and humpback, anchor and transmit frequencies and wisdom from the antiquity of supernal planes. Though few hear their haunting, soothing, provocative sounds, just like with dolphins, their melodic frequency transmissions are inconspicuously vast in global impact. Elders of the Ocean Deep (one look in their eye says so), they sing sacred codes or blueprints into the circuitry of Gaia — Her Akashic Record library and consciousness — and into our hearts, entraining us to and ensuring we do not forget the still, quiet depths of our divine origin, the ancients of other worlds. 

Human-made songs have the power to transform global consciousness, irrespective of how many hear the music. Like Whale songs, they shift the vibratory field of Gaia throughout, and have done so with a kindred haunting depth that has invited people back into their ancient soul. One such song is Host of Seraphim by Dead Can Dance, sung like Whales without words. Another stunning example, composed by the supremely talented Yanni, is this masterpiece, which has over 100M views. Music and our Heart Songs are that powerful, not only in evoking emotion and conjuring memories, but in transforming our very being. It is why God/Creator has never left us without artists. 

Scientists generally limit the purpose of Whale songs to communication and courtship. Reductive and materialist academic minds fail to see their spiritual significance, just like how scientific, astro-archeological “experts” fail to find the irrational transcendence in art and architecture in ancient civilizations like Egypt, the neteru or Gods in nature, the numinous Kosmos beyond the phenomenal Cosmos. 

Without attunement to the infinitely intelligent invisible, humans have a long history of disrespect and cruelty towards our beloved Whale companions. With human eyes and ears entrained to the (commercial) sensory plane and hearts closed, Whales have not received the reverence they deserve for their incalculable service to humanity and Mother Earth; for who they are. 

This ceremony is a beautiful opportunity to honour their gifts and presence in our hearts; to receive their sacred, humble blessings few have recognized, the Ancient Heart Songs they long to sing to you. Though you will not hear their songs with your ear, you may with your inner ear while receiving the powerful direct frequency transmission and harmonizing with their venerable consciousness. 

As with all my ceremonies, it is wise to come prepared with intentions for your healing and activation (see link below). A few places to look that Whale Medicine can support you is: connecting to your heart wisdom, confidently expressing your creativity, and improving your ability to communicate. This might mean asking for blocks to self-expression to be healed and your throat chakra activated. Remember that they long to serve you in knowing and singing your Heart Song. You may therefore ask, in your own language, to feel the ancient depths of your soul power and music; to gracefully embody the mysterious waves of your Heart Beat as these gentle giants do with poetic beauty. 

In communing with this Ancient Spirit Animal, you are merging with the consciousness of true Eldership, which is much needed. In the West, we have forgotten the vital role human elders play in community building and raising children when sharing their wisdom and Heart Songs. In many ways, they have lost their purpose. Irrespective of what intentions you set, and you are free to ask for anything you want, at minimum, you will have this experience — a true communion with what I have called Elders of the Ocean Deep, their songs transmitting ancient wisdom and love to you, which activates resonant codes of ancient wisdom and divine origin in the holographic Ocean Deep of your DNA.

When you receive the medicine of Ancient Whale Songs it is forever carried in your soul. This empowers you to support their purpose of anchoring the Ancient onto Gaia. Like them, you become powerful light-working ambassadors for the Great Sea of Consciousness; and with our Whale friends, you contribute to waves of Heart Songs that summon longing and remembrance, and sing Mother Earth, and all her sentient inhabitants, home.

Want to begin connecting with Whale Beings now? I invite you to spend some time listening to their haunting songs.

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