“It is strong content and engaging presenters like you that help bring delegates to the BCRPA Symposium time and again. More importantly, presentations like yours give our members the knowledge and tools to provide better programs and services in their communities, enhancing quality of life across British Columbia. I hope that your experience at Symposium was as rewarding for you as your session was to our members.” ~ Suzanne Allard Strutt, BCRPA Chief Executive Officer and Symposium Chair

Playshops are led using fun, insightful and creative activities, written material and open discussions. Activities have a balance between kinesthetic, auditory and visual learning, and may include storytelling, art, music and movement. They can be offered as a quarter, half, full or multiple day event. Participants walk away with practical tools and inspiring knowledge summarized in comprehensive handouts.

Below is a list of topics you may find relevant to your organization or event. Click on any of the titles to receive a comprehensive summary.

  • LEADER AS COACH ~ Communication Skills for Empowering Individuals and Teams

“Vince, I just need to thank you for years of enjoyment from your web site. After 40 years as a preschool teacher, and having been to three of your playshops, I am so appreciative for all the joys you have brought to my days. Thank you!” ~ Bonnie Cronmiller