Doodle, Dream, and the Dance of Co-Creation

“I want to say how much I enjoyed Doodle, Dream, and the Dance of Co-Creation. I have been wearing a smile since our session, feeling a childlike joy from doodling with everyone. You did a wonderful job turning theory into practice and creating wonderful experiences through listening, understanding and playfulness. I feel so inspired to return to the classroom and be more present with the kids, and create more space for them to learn and engage.” ~ Andrea Gavinchuk, School Teacher

DOODLE, DREAM, AND THE DANCE OF CO-CREATION ~ Unlocking the Gifts of Free Unstructured Play

When we think of doodling, we picture a child whiling away the time scribbling or drawing. Doodling, however, is much more than that. It is the experimental and exploratory beginnings of the creative process. It is the means of opening the gate to our body wisdom, and to the dreams and possibilities that lie within.

Benefits of Doodle, Dream, and the Dance of Co-Creation include:

  • Learn to move through the 3 stages of the creative process (the 3 D’s) with joy and wonder
  • Rediscover a love for doodling, and better understand its power to open you, and children, up to creative possibilities
  • Explore the many ways to joyfully doodle with sound, movement and other forms of creative expression
  • Learn to trust your capacity to improvise and flow within free unstructured play
  • Strengthen your ability to inhabit your body wisdom, and sense and express your intuition
  • Discover how you can source creativity purely from within, and also from observing and interacting with others
  • Learn to allow dreams, and the unexpected, to naturally emerge out of the doodling stage
  • Translate dreams into a dance of co-creation – turn your ideas into joyful action
  • Explore where you can apply the three stages in your own life, or in your work with children
  • Gain a better appreciation for free unstructured play, and begin to investigate how you can create better balance between structure and flow
  • Reclaim the wisdom and power of your inner child, and walk away with a smile on your face!

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