Leaders at Play

“This workshop is a must for anyone who wants to lead their team towards creative thinking, engaging dialogue and productive action. What impressed me the most about this workshop is that Vince was able to gauge the reactions of the various members of the group and instantly adapt the workshop to address their needs. He is truly a master of his art – coaching – and one cannot help but want to learn and emulate the incredibly powerful tools and techniques to achieve the great things that we know our co-workers, our families and ourselves are capable of.” ~ Camille Rozon, Member Services, HealthCare Leaders’ Association of BC

LEADERS AT PLAY ~ Creative & Engaging Leadership for a New World

Are you being the leader you want to see in the world?

For individuals and organizations to thrive, people must expand their view of what it means to be a leader. 

Play teaches leadership skills for today’s new, emerging world. It inspires a new way of leading based in emotional intelligence and an awareness of the needs and trends of the workplace and society.

Leaders at Play are open, flexible, innovative, responsive and authentic. They communicate conscious of their impact and foster an environment of creativity and growth. Their authenticity and playfulness blurs the line between professional and personal making them approachable and accepting of different viewpoints. As such, Leaders at Play move from managing others to inspiring them.

For organizations to thrive, leadership must be felt at all levels, not just from the top down. Everyone must take responsibility for their impact and for how they are showing up, and therefore all are considered leaders.

Benefits of Leaders at Play include:

  • Find your leadership edge – where you can grow as a playful person and leader
  • Discover core values that are unique to your playful Self
  • Communication skills that inspire inclusivity and creative engagement
  • Listening skills, grounded in presence and curiosity
  • Loosening inhibitions, becoming spontaneous, out of the box and care-free
  • Strengthening your possibility mindset, turning challenges into opportunities
  • Balance practical consensus building with dreaming in the creative process
  • Explore the dance of initiating and following in relationships
  • Bring the best out of others through acknowledgment & receptivity
  • Connect to your intuition: balance logical reasoning with a deeper knowing
  • Stress-free choices and tools for sustaining personal well-being
  • Integrate professional and personal, bringing authenticity wherever you go
  • Illuminate beliefs, assumptions and judgments
  • Expand your emotional range of expression
  • Apply your learning to practical, real life situations
  • Build team chemistry through collaborative activities, awareness and fun!

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