Leadership from the Inside Out

“My agency was looking for some personal development and team building training when we learned about Vince’s workshop Leadership from the Inside Out. We expected to learn a little bit about ourselves, our interactions with co-workers and maybe take away a few skills to be better team players. We experienced all of this in such a big way that our lives have been changed forever. 

We were supported to examine of our beliefs, attitudes and behaviours, and how we can be present more for each other and in our lives. We took risks to have courageous conversations and clarify concerns. And we crossed critical boundaries into problem solving through a deeper understanding of the roles we take on at work, and how our abilities and limitations are defined by these roles.   

This workshop was uncomfortable at times. It was scary. It was amazing. It was healing. It was a gift. We moved into personal ownership, resolution and forgiveness. And we opened ourselves up to the greatness that is in all of us. We express deep gratitude to Vince Gowmon for all that he is and all that he gives.”

~ Denise O’Neill, Executive Director, Kitimat Community Services Society

LEADERSHIP FROM THE INSIDE OUT ~ Opportunity to Learn, Safe to be Reflective, Empowered to Take Action

Are you being the leader you want to see in your organization?

For positive and productive change to occur in an organization, each person must see him/herself as a leader. A commitment to become aware of one’s impact, values, beliefs and level of contribution are essential foundational pieces of an organization where everyone acts with personal responsibility and empowerment.

There are five fundamental outcomes to Leadership from the Inside Out. Each is an important piece in creating a cultural shift towards empowerment and personal responsibility.

1. Team building: Build morale and trust through fun and interactive activities.

2. Self and Group Awareness: Deepen awareness of your beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours, and understand how they impact yourself and your team. Strengthen your connection with your intuition so you can make more empowering decisions.

3. Shared Roles & Responsibilities: Create a culture that encourages roles and responsibilities to be shared so contribution is balanced, stress is released and creativity enhanced

4. Communication Skills: Learn practical communication skills to improve morale, reduce conflict, and inspire people to be creative. This includes listening, empathy, receptivity to other people’s ideas, coaching skill development, making empowering requests, clarifying assumptions, and more.

5. Values, Visioning and Alignment: Clarify a new direction for the organization based on clear values, and restructure systems and procedures to align with this vision.

For more information email Vince at events@vincegowmon.com.


Read Vince’s Empowered Leadership Mini E-Book ~ 20 Attributes and Practices for Leading in the New World for a comprehensive summary of what you can learn from this playshop.

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More Testimonials:

“This workshop was both fun and thought provoking. Vince created a safe and nurturing environment where our leaders learned to give effective feedback and focus on strengths in others and themselves. Vince is a skilled facilitator and participants overwhelmingly gave him high scores on the workshop evaluation – good job and thank you Vince. We had fun and learned at the same time!” ~ Deborah Vaughan, Integration Manager Field Services, Ministry of Housing and Social Development

“Thank you for the amazing workshop today ~ WOW! I also wanted to say that it is the first time in my 32 years of life that I have finally seen my self-worth and strength that I have in me! Life changing! Thanks so MUCH!” ~ Nickie C.

“Thank you Vince for facilitating such a powerful and transformative experience. So much love and gratitude.” ~ Erika Prett


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