Leader as Coach

LEADER AS COACH ~ Communication Skills for Empowering Individuals and Teams

~ Excellent for Managers, Teams, Health Professionals, Service Providers, Teachers, Counsellors and Facilitators

Coaching skills are being recognized as an important competency in building and sustaining productive relationships within organizations, and with clients and community members. Coaching assumes people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole, capable of finding their own answers and offering creative solutions on personal and professional matters. Through the coach-approach model, people are empowered to be active contributors to the working relationship; and they are enrolled into higher levels of personal responsibility and accountability through greater awareness of their choices. Professionals feel less burnout, and in fact enjoy their work more because the Leader as Coach manages less, and supports the coachees to look within themselves to find solutions.

Specific outcomes include:

  • Learn the benefits of coaching and how it differentiates from being directive or advising
  • Discern when to coach and when to direct or advise
  • The importance of seeing and treating others as naturally, creative, resourceful and whole
  • Practice three levels of listening—deepen your capacity to tune into others, and recognize hidden needs and agendas, or what’s not being said
  • The art and power of empathy
  • Learn a variety of engaging questions that help others assess, envision, shift perspectives, clarify beliefs/assumptions, plan, take action and create support and accountability structures
  • The importance of appreciating and championing others, and ways to do so
  • How to work with difficult clients/co-workers
  • Design your Working Alliance – an agreement where you design trust, and clarify expectations and assumptions from the onset.
  • Learn to use your Working Alliance on an ongoing basis to assess progress and performance.

Everyone will receive handouts summarizing the coaching skills. Follow-up individual and group tele-coaching is available to deepen and sustain the learning.

This playshop can be led over multiple days. How much the participants learn is dependent on your time commitment.

For more information email events@vincegowmon.com.

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