Community Engagement

“Vince facilitated and led an excellent workshop on community engagement for our Recreation Programmer and Coordinator staff teams, using his ‘World’s Model’ framework and tools. Vince’s coaching skills and knowledge greatly enhanced our experience, both in our personal learning and in our team building. His use of play as a theme for learning important communication and engagement skills was very effective, providing staff with practical tools that can be used in all our relationships. Vince helped our staff take significant steps forward in engaging one another, our patrons and our community.” ~ Linette Smith, Access and Community Engagement Coordinator, North Vancouver Recreation Commission

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT ~ Building Creative & Collaborative Relationships

Community Engagement supports organizations to create a cultural shift away from making decisions for others, towards making decisions with them in creative and collaborative ways, thereby enhancing participation from all members of a community and developing partnerships.

Benefits of Community Engagement include:

  • Communication and awareness skills such as curiosity and listening
  • Enroll others through supportive decision making and building trust
  • Personal values that inspire community engagement
  • Reignite the fire for community engagement
  • Expand creative thinking and the capacity to see possibilities everywhere
  • Cultivate receptivity to ideas and releasing control
  • Balance planning and advising with curiosity and stepping into the unknown
  • Proactively designi relationship structures and personal impact
  • Explore limiting assumptions and beliefs
  • The importance of playfulness, imagination and fun when engaging others
  • Look at best practices / what’s worked and what could be done differently
  • Implement internal support structures and sustainability
  • Apply the learning to specific work situations
  • Create a personal vision for community engagement
  • Team building and team play
  • Get to know your peers and having fun!

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