Conscious Communication

“Vince’s workshop on ‘Conscious Communication’ was just what we needed. He has made an art form of teaching through playing. He taught us some very specific and easy to use techniques on engaging in meaningful dialogue with other human beings. His blend of activities, humour and wisdom left us inspired and energized for days. Many of us at the workshop were so impressed that we are now looking to recruit him to work with our individual teams. Anticipate fun if you are around Vince!” ~ Nayda Paruk, Supervisor, Ministry of Housing & Social Development

CONSCIOUS COMMUNICATION ~ Creative, Compassionate & Productive Communication

Conscious Communication reminds us that communication can only really be effective if we communicate with the human being versus the human doing. When we make this shift of focus we engage people more authentically leading to creative, compassionate and productive dialogue.

Benefits of The Conscious Communication include:

Learn communication skills and coach-approach language such as:

  • Engaging questions
  • Three levels of listening
  • Acknowledgment through empathy, appreciation and celebration
  • Making clear observations
  • Empowering requests / asking for what you want or need
  • Saying No
  • Giving feedback


  • Learn to see people as naturally creative, resourceful and whole
  • Design safe communication environments
  • Discover your core values and how to honor them
  • Become aware of body language and its impact on others
  • Explore where you get stuck in communication – your communication edge
  • Become more receptive to other people’s ideas
  • Learn the importance of solution focused (versus problem focused) language
  • Apply your learning to real life situations
  • Build great relationships with your peers and have fun!

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