Communicating With Kindness for Kids

COMMUNICATING WITH KINDNESS for KIDS ~ Building Healthy & Happy Relationships
~ for Kids in grades K to 12

“Vince Gowmon’s workshop today was fantastic! We discussed why and what we feel in different situations. We connected to our feelings, gained better understanding our wants/needs, and learned to express ourselves in a proper manner. We all agreed on the importance of being heard and listened to even when we don’t always get what we ask for. The kids learned through games and partner play how it feels to be blocked by someone, and how it feels to be welcomed and supported. I was pleased with the way they cooperated, and with their focus for almost over an hour!” ~ Hila Russ, Director, Artist & Educator, In Wonderland After School Care

Our success and happiness in life is largely dependent on our relationships. And our relationships are influenced by our ability to communicate with compassion and authenticity. Despite this being true, communication is not taught to us at an early age. Nor, for the most part, is it modelled to us by family, friends and colleagues. Instead, we are left to make it up as we go without any social intelligence or awareness of our impact.

In this fun and interactive event, kids are taught essential communication skills that will help breathe kindness into their relationships and opportunity into their life. Skills include:

  • Three levels of listening
  • Empathy and understanding
  • Curiosity ~ showing genuine interest in another
  • Expressing needs and desires with clarity
  • Saying No with respect
  • Acknowledgement and appreciation
  • Moving from reactivity to responsiveness 

When we teach kindness instead of anti-bullying, we acknowledge the good that already exists in children.

Participants will walk away with greater desire to practice kindness to family and friends, and the confidence to express their truth, and be themselves, more freely.

It is suggested that kids be grouped by grade brackets such as: Grades K-3, 4-7, 8-12. The outcomes (skills sets) learned in Communicating with Kindness will vary depending on the age range of the group, and the length of time of the playshop.

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