Teacher as Leader and Learner

“I attended Vince’s workshop Teacher as Leader and Learner. His words just resonated so whole heartedly with me. I deepened my understanding of the importance of connecting with a child, of increasing our willingness to say Yes And instead of Yes But; of how important it is for teachers to explore their belief systems, expand their perspective of children’s needs, and the different ways to acknowledge and validate them. I also particularly appreciated Vince’s stance on what it is to be a leader, and how this may mean challenging the status quo, and our own fears, in order to follow our heart as teachers and do what is best for the child’s learning and development. I am so excited about what I learned, and the possibilities that can come from this workshop. Thank you Vince!” ~ Tinaya Jorgensen, Attachment Counsellor, Early Childhood Educator, Boundary Family and Individual Services Society


What is Education? To Draw Out.

The word “education” comes from the Latin “educere” = e- (out of) + -ducere (to draw). Education is not just about putting information in. We have forgotten that it, in fact, begins in the child’s Heart.

TEACHER AS LEADER AND LEARNER ~ Inspiring Engaged Co-Creative Learning

Teacher as Leader and Learner is a fun and interactive playshop that supports teachers to lead in creatively engaging ways and inspire students to become leaders themselves. It is in response to the evolutionary shift occurring in our education system away from prescriptive approaches of teaching to more co-creative and exploratory-based models.

These changes require teachers to inhabit and practice new emotional and social intelligence. Skills/attitudes include: flexibility, openness, inquiry/curiosity, listening, releasing control, trust, adaptability, improvisation and imagination. Teachers must not only excel at imparting information, but also be able to sense and respond to individual needs and the emerging curriculum in the room.

“If the child is not learning the way you are teaching, then you must teach in the way the child learns.” ~ Rita Dunn

Teacher as Leader and Learner focuses on seven primary outcomes:

1. Authenticity: Empower teachers to lead from their authentic Self, versus who they think they “should” be.

2. Co-Created / Collaborative Learning: Build a bridge between the teacher’s plan and the agenda emerging in the room, enhancing creative contribution from both sides.

3. Social Responsibility: Communication and awareness skills that support an empowered learning environment.

4. Strength-Based Learning: Explore how to teach strengths, versus weaknesses, such that both teacher and student are more engaged.

5. Educate the Rational Mind and Heart: Discern between Heart-based and rational-based knowledge. Learn how wisdom, service, success and fulfillment are achieved when the Heart is made primary in education and life.

6. Creative Self-Expression: Embody and appreciate many forms of creative self-expression (art, music, poetry etc) so they are recognized and encouraged as means of learning.

7. Practical Application: Look at practical ways to adapt your teaching style and model so that you and your students are more empowered.

When teachers recognize that they are students as much as teachers, all are empowered to learn, with everyone being responsible for the education process. The teacher leads much more from the heart, and engages students to do the same.

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“Vince’s workshop, Teacher as a Leader and as a Learner, was a true gift.  He led us through a day of experiential learning to help us realize the importance and impact of emotional intelligence in our lives and the lives of our students. His workshop was an affirmation that to be a leader we must first truly understand ourselves and lead from within.” ~ Thérèse deChamplain-Good, Executive Director, The Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium

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“Learning and teaching should not stand on opposite banks and just watch the river flow by; instead, they should embark together on a journey down the water. Through an active, reciprocal exchange, teaching can strengthen learning how to learn.” ~ Loris Malaguzzi