Remembering to Play

“Vince has such an engaging manner that every last person at this workshop was up and participating in the fun activities. As I looked around the room, all I could see were smiling, happy people letting go of their inhibitions and having a great time. Not only does Vince engage you in these play activities, he delves into why we need to play – not only for the children we work with, but for ourselves as well. Vince was intuitive to the needs of the group, his sense of humour was respectful, and his love for his field of work was palpable. The feedback from everyone, bar none, was fabulous and positive. Many commented that this was the best workshop they had ever been to.” ~ Chris Marteinsson ECE, CEA, Program Coordinator, Shuswap Child Care Resource and Referral

REMEMBERING TO PLAY ~ Inspiring Joy, Freedom & Self Care

When we awaken the joy, freedom and wisdom of our inner child, we automatically give children permission to stay connected to these aspects within themselves.

Remembering to Play inspires individuals to live and work from a place of freedom, joy and self-care. It is a reminder to give our intuitive Self a voice, play with our imagination and reclaim the freedom to be expressive and uninhibited. We soon discover that play is not only fun, but productive as well!

Remembering to play is about remembering our Self and the gifts we have to share. It opens the door to the wisdom of our child-like heart, and allows us to engage children more fully from this place. As we remember our Self, we practice self-care and support our children to nurture their spirit as well, and express it fully in the world.

Benefits of Remembering to Play include:

For Teachers:

  • Recognize the importance of balancing academic and play-based learning
  • Follow the child’s lead and support a co-creative learning environment
  • Learn creative activities that promote collaboration / learning for children
  • Understand how play fosters creativity, and is the gestation period for the ideas and innovation our world needs

For Everyone:

  • Find your playful edge – where you can grow as a playful person
  • Learn how to not only do play, but be playful as well
  • Move from reasoning with others to playing along in their world
  • Discover core values that are unique to your playful Self
  • Communication skills that inspire inclusivity and creative engagement
  • Learn to be more present, open, flexible and curious
  • See others, and yourself, as naturally creative, resourceful and whole
  • Loosen inhibitions, become spontaneous, out of the box and care-free
  • Strengthen your possibility mindset, and turn challenges into opportunities
  • Balance practical consensus building with dreaming in the creative process
  • Expand your imagination and divergent intelligence
  • Explore the dance of initiating and following in relationships
  • Bring the best out of others through acknowledgment & receptivity
  • Connect to your intuition: balance logical reasoning with a deeper knowing
  • Stress-free choices and tools for sustaining personal well-being
  • Illuminate beliefs, assumptions and judgments
  • Understand how your perspective creates the parameters of possibilities for children
  • Expand your emotional range of expression
  • Integrate professional and personal, bringing authenticity wherever you go
  • Apply your learning to practical, real life situations
  • Build team chemistry through collaborative activities, awareness and fun!

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“Vince has a calm and easy going way of making people in a group feel comfortable and at ease. We knew each other from being together over a period of a time, but this was a unique opportunity to experience the lighter side of ourselves in a very safe way. We unraveled stories that were magical, shared our core values, all because we were given permission to play and be silly. What a relief and what a gift to experience this liberation and creative event. The memories and lessons linger on.” ~ Keltie Bassett, Program Coordinator, Canadian Mental Health Association

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