Taking the Risk to Stand Out ~ For Youth

TAKING THE RISK TO STAND OUT ~ Following Your Creative North Star | For Youth 

This can also be led as a keynote presentation.

“While listening to you I observed your youthful audience. Not one attendee was phoning, twittering, tweeting, texting or blogging – all eyes and ears were on your presentation. I could have heard a pin drop. The same applied to the mature members of the audience. In fact, one Lion executive commented that your enthusiasm and message is the exact injection Lionism needs. Two thumbs up! Way up!!” ~ Kirk Dickson, Program Director, District 19A – Leo Spring Conference 2016, Lions Clubs International

More than ever, we are seeing that young people would rather succeed at fitting in than fail at standing out. Yet, especially now, in this conflicted world, we cannot afford this loss of inner resourcefulness, for them, or the planet. Humanity needs fresh, creative ideas if our planet is to survive and thrive in this new emerging and troubled world. And that means we need kids to take the risk to stand out with their inner genius, including their curious minds, unbounded imagination, inherent wisdom, and burgeoning dreams and desires.

“When you are born into a world where you don’t fit in, it’s because you were born to help create a new one.” ~ Anonymous

In this fun, interactive and inspiring playshop, participants will:

  • Explore examples of young people who have done great things with very little
  • Learn the value of listening to one’s own heart, even at the cost of disappointing others
  • Discover that courage and creativity goes hand in hand with standing out
  • Explore why we don’t want to stand out, including examining the beliefs we have that hold us back 
  • Distinguish the voice of fear from the voice of intuition 
  • Using fun activities, begin the process of playing with dreams and divergent thinking
  • Understand how each of us has the power to change the world through our inherent gifts and talents

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