Cultivating Intuition

“If you are looking for ways to build your team, and enhance their ability to work together and make decisions, Cultivating Intuition is the workshop for you. Vince weaves information, communication and self-awareness in a way that strengthens our capabilities and our connections with ourselves, and others. He brings us back to those things that will keep us acting from the heart in healthy and productive ways. I highly recommend this workshop.” ~ Shelley Nessman, Self Advocate Advisor, Community Living BC

CULTIVATING INTUITION ~ The Heart of Healthy & Productive Decision Making

Intuition is the knowing of something beyond time, space, reason, the use of prior knowledge and the five senses.

  • What would be different if you led from your intuition more often?
  • Where can you begin answering your intuition right now?

Intuition is our birthright. As children we freely connect to our intuition so naturally that we don’t even know it’s intuition. It is an everyday awareness permeating our existence that we are intimately connected with and a part of. Life feels magical and our environment is filled with endless possibilities.

As we get older we lose touch with this sense of presence and guidance. Limited thinking and the responsibilities of life take centre stage, while our inner wisdom and unbounded connection with life are pushed aside, if not forgotten.

In this fun, interactive and inspiring playshop you will:

  • Learn why intuition is your most powerful resource
  • Explore the difference between the intuitive and logical minds, and how they work together
  • Discover different characteristics of intuition so you can better recognize it
  • Learn practical tools for connecting to intuition and building self-confidence
  • Expand creative capacity and resourcefulness on current life matters
  • Become aware of negative beliefs that limit your intuitive capacity
  • Deepen your capacity to listen or attune to others—to expand your awareness to include them
  • Learn to make decisions more easily from a collective level rather than an individual one
  • Become more adaptable or responsive to the flow of group dynamics
  • Learn how you can support others, including children, to connect to their intuition
  • Learn about the ethics of using intuition
  • Discover your intuitive edge – where you can begin acting on your intuition
  • Decrease stress and improve overall well-being

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“Vince Gowmon’s Cultivating Intuition playshop was very inspiring and moving. Our intuition is something we often tend to push aside and second guess. Vince showed us how to slow down and learn to begin to trust our gut! This is now a skill I try to incorporate into my day and it has truly help me to slow down and listen to my heart.” ~ Johanna Kunz, Regional Coordinator, Success by 6

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