Inspiring Inclusion & Engagement

“Vince attended our Annual Training Weekend in April 2011. His workshop ‘Inspiring Inclusion and Engagement’ enabled our large group of parents to interact with each other through play and different styles of communication and engagement. Vince was an energetic, passionate and humorous presenter that held our attention and our hearts consistently while we learned. There was plenty of time for conversation, practice and laughter. As a large provincial organization managing a large volunteer network we were looking to have Vince teach us basic tools of engagement and communication. We were excited to get more than we expected; Vince offered our volunteers parents and family members tangible tools on how to engage more effectively with other families while withholding judgment, how to tell their story from their heart, strategies on how to enter into a conversation from a more positive perspective, and tools to assist them in walking a journey with another family. Our team felt so close to Vince that he was welcomed into our “family” quickly and without hesitation.” ~ Angela Clancy, Executive Director, Family Support Institute of British Columbia

INSPIRING INCLUSION & ENGAGEMENT ~ Empowering Individuals & Families

Inspiring Inclusion & Engagement is customized for service providers working in areas such as special needs, social work and family based organizations. Through learning a variety of communication and awareness skills, this playshop supports organizations to create a cultural shift away from traditional care taking models towards empowering the people they serve. Specifically, it gives participants the tools to move from caring for their clients to caring with them.

Benefits of Inspiring Inclusion & Engagement include:

  • The importance of seeing your clients as naturally creative, resourceful and whole
  • Enhanced capacity to ask engaging questions, listen deeply, be empathetic, trust and express your intuition, and acknowledge the good in your clients and their lives
  • Understand the balance between having an agenda/advising, and being curious and holding your client’s agenda
  • Release the temptation to fix or solve your client’s problems
  • Learn ways to meet your clients right where they are at, and build from there
  • Explore roles, assumptions and beliefs that limit engagement and your client’s capacity
  • Gain heightened self-awareness of your energy, words and actions and their impact on others
  • Discover how to proactively design the terms/parameters of the client relationship from the onset
  • Invite your clients to share responsibility for, and be an active member of, the relationship
  • Accentuate what is working in your client’s life, versus simply focusing on the problems
  • Reconnect to the importance of play when engaging others
  • Explore personal values that inspire inclusion and engagement
  • Create a personal vision and action plan to apply your learning
  • Rejuvenate your sense of purpose at work
  • Team building through personal sharing, and fun and interactive activities

“Vince’s Inspiring Inclusion and Engagement playshop a great opportunity to think about how we engage with our community, and learn more about how to work with rather than do for our community members. In a word, the session was fun and we learned a great deal about ourselves, how we communicate and to what extent we actually listen and engage. We have invited Vince to work with us before and we always find that he creates space for learning and ‘aha’ moments; and we walk away feeling refreshed and excited about the way in which we work with families. Vince exudes a sense of joy and is the kind of facilitator that somehow manages to bring out the best in all of us!” ~ Jackie Carle, Community Engagement Manage, Esquimalt Military Family Resource Centre

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