DNA: The Sacred and Coveted Interface Between Dark and Light of these Pivotal Times

DNA: The Sacred and Coveted Interface Between Dark and Light of these Pivotal Times

The biological warfare spreading across the planet is occurring at the level of DNA. The warfare is the one front and centre, headlining all broadcasts at this time of April 2021. DNA is the battleground, with the seeming pharmacological solution, the “vaccine”, soldiering forward in ample doses to alter and take over. 

Our genome is the principal “terrain” where our free will and liberation births into human awareness; the sacred anchor point for the light of our sovereign divinity. That crystalline light of our higher self downloads there, and with that embodiment we gradually wake to the holy qualities of the Divine Mother and Father, qualities that make up our spiritual DNA. 

Each soul is a holographic representation of All That Is, mirroring back the ocean from the droplet of light we are. All the divine qualities of the Holy One exists in equal measure in each one of us — compassion, wisdom, generosity, forgiveness, genius creativity, abundance, vision, unconditional love, and much, much more. That was the great gift from the Divine Mother when she birthed us — making us in her image and likeness. These qualities that certain sages and enlightened teachers have activated in full in their genome are forever who we are, though we’ve forgotten in our veil of seeming separation and unevolved consciousness.  

It’s in our biological DNA that these qualities of our spiritual DNA, the Living Library of the Cosmos, light up from their dormant state. They download, activate and en-lighten our human awareness. Slowly, or quickly for some, we are liberated from the dark spell of limiting beliefs we’ve held about self, others and life. We are freed from ideas of separation, from living oppressed, in shame and in fear. We are freed from longstanding patterns of greed and hatred, submission and powerlessness. And we are liberated from cellular memory imprints of many lifetimes of suffering and from the genetic codes / predispositions inherited from our ancestry. They are transmuted by the crystalline light body technology that is our divine birthright. Progressively, we ascend from our biological, carbon-based DNA to our spiritual DNA, activate our genetic potential, and live as the enlightened masters we are destined to be. 

The Dark Rises
To awaken to the light you must awaken to the dark, both inside and out. The light does not reserve itself for the comfortable. Rather, it slowly reveals the inconvenient inner and outer truths long hidden from sight, painful realities you did not want to see, nor dare imagine, yet needing revelation should you wish to transcend your dream of simply surviving to begin truly living.

Since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, when the Cosmic Rays of Light began to accelerate their transmission into Mother Earth, we have been on an accelerated pace of ascension from the 3rd dimension to 4D consciousness, and beyond. The growing number of light workers on the planet have the capacity to anchor the frequencies as the “ground crew” for this rapid evolutionary awakening. As starseeds, their quantum biology has calibrated sufficiently to be keepers of the light — holding the frequencies of their spiritual DNA while also transmitting them, often without their awareness. 

Much like how we have an electromagnetic grid around the Earth, light workers rounding the globe form an electromagnetic network, or Grid of Light, for others, who are ready, to plug into. When people dial into this frequency network or grid, part of their spiritual DNA gets activated. They may experience an information download, a spontaneous shift in perception or soul remembrance that bypasses logic and that likely needs time to integrate. More of their higher self is online. 

This individual and group anchoring of light assists the raising of the collective consciousness of not only this planet, but the entire universe. It’s why many Star Nations, such as the Arcturians and Pleiadians, are so invested in these pivotal times on Gaia, and why there are growing numbers of spaceships hovering around the planet overseeing our reckoning. In the great soup of One Consciousness, our ascension or our planetary demise sends vibratory ripples across the Cosmos. 

Those relatively few, yet powerful elites who have been invested in keeping us in ignorance, in the dark, know what’s coming. They feel the dawn of a new age rising, and must do all they can to maintain power and keep us in the shadows where they can continue parasitically feeding off of our fear, depraved and disconnected from their inner source they are. These “fallen angels” come from a long legacy of dark warriors, many of whom are powerful creators who have the ingenuity to manipulate consciousness and alter our genetic makeup. In fact, they have been doing various types of social- and bio-engineering for eons to limit human connection to sovereignty, creative / genetic potential, to vast reservoirs of information, and to the Creatix, Divine Source of All. 

Over the ages, they have enlisted devout followers to work directly for them, while remaining removed, sometimes off planet. They have created an insidious top-down “culture” to control power and manipulate consciousness that has infested almost every corner of our world. Through church and state, in our health, school and family systems, and now via the increasingly influential mainstream media and technocratic corporatocracy, the masses have been unwittingly and overtly programmed into fear, submission and sickness through oligarchical power structures that remain, for the most part, hidden. (To find a current example of this patriarchal colonization, just look at what’s happening with Indian farmers and their land.) 

Though few can possibly imagine, let alone accept, this seeming absurdity, these dark beings have, for eons, played a large role in keeping humanity in a 3D matrix bubble of vibratory enslavement, with our power limited to only a small percentage of our DNA (approximately 2-5%). 

Just as day follows night, throughout history there has been epochs when civilizations cycled through ages of light and their people lived at exceptional levels of sovereign frequency and creativity, despite the presence of darkness. Atlantis and Lemuria existed for extended periods with advanced spiritual, life-giving powers, such as their use of crystal technologies, that make this day and age a preschool. Ancient Egypt, too, at the time of Isis’s divine leadership was a true Golden Age, a matriarchal culture that initiated community ascension through mystery schools and by drawing upon the power of pyramids to connect people to the Cosmos. Tribal societies, such as the Mayans and Australian aborigines, knew how to live in respectful harmony with the rhythms of the land and Cosmos, and through their own rites of passage. And in Amazonia, communities kept their shamanic traditions alive, living in nature, as nature. But for all of them, to varying degrees, there was an eventual downfall as darkness had its way, and because there are cycles of dark and light, which I explain further down.

Beginning about 5000 years ago, the dark strengthened its foothold of manipulation and oppression. It was the start of another cycle, an age of darkness that still exists today, with frequency control now vehemently ever-present across the global stage. The dark overlords’ latest creative initiative, the virus, spreading rapidly, infecting millions, is their last stand at holding dominion and preventing the dawning age of light increasingly establishing its presence. Designing its liquid “cure”, doled out by Big Pharma, to colonize beyond the cytoplasm into the cell nucleus to modify our DNA is a drastic and desperate breach of sovereignty, their final push to keep the growing light at bay and us programmed for submission. It is a means to keep us numb and dumb, enslaved automatons ignorant of our sovereign power and the powers that be. And it’s a well-orchestrated re-channelling of wealth to Big Pharma, Big Tech and other corporate beneficiaries, with the world’s 10 richest billionaires having their wealth grow by $540 billion over the last year.

This biological warfare and the authorities’ concomitant strategies of lock down, surveillance, censorship, distancing and oxygen deprivation (a key element for activating dormant spiritual DNA), aim to keep us fearing and policing each other, compromised immunologically and spiritually, financially dependent on the government, while moving us towards a centralized, Orwellian Big Brother, personal data-driven digital dictatorship akin to what’s happening in China. Remember, it’s easier to control a scared, disempowered and divided populous.

Giving every single human on the planet the same concoction designed to make synthetic and deaden their uniquely sequenced genetic blueprint is a sure fire way to create a global citizenry monoculture, wouldn’t you say? Kind of like how for years corporations with their chemical inputs have been killing Earth’s biodiversity, to the point of having 93 percent of all plant variety gone over the last 80 years. From unique sovereignty to a submissive transhuman race, we become like our food sources that have lost their identity and life-giving qualities — nutrition and essential amino acids — to genetic modification. We become primed for Artificial Intelligence integration, replacing Sentient Intelligence. 

This is not conspiracy theory. It’s Spiritual Biology 101, and truth-telling. (Click the transhuman link in the paragraph above and imbibe the biofascist agenda globalists no longer care to hide. Without mincing words, they make their “bio-hacking” plans for global control clear for all who have ears to hear.) 

Like light to dark, our empowered sovereignty is a threat to the dark’s perennial enslavement project. It always has been; hence the historic persecution and killings of unconventional, rebel leaders like Michael Servetus, Galileo Galilei and Joan of Arc. Empowered sovereignty is a threat to all the dark ones have worked so hard to create and uphold for eons. It’s a threat, just as creativity is a threat to the school system, a healthy people is a threat to Big Pharma, and a unified populous is a threat to government. 

And so I state this unequivocally — at this pivotal time when light is increasingly anchoring in and the collective consciousness is rising, a time that had been prophesied going back to the Mayans, and before, our DNA, perhaps more than ever, is the coveted interface between dark and light, each wishing to claim this holy ground. 

Continue to hijack our DNA and the dark reinforces its power and the psychobiological veil of separation that has long kept mankind from the truth of who it is, while enslaving us to increasingly centralized systems. Bring in the light, however, and like a lit bulb to a dim room, dark dissolves and is seen for what and who it is. 

Evil – Veil – Live: they all have the same letters for a reason. That veil exists as the programming and trauma imprints in our biological DNA. Just like how the church veils the truth of God in our hearts by, for example, making sex sinful — and thus limiting us from ecstatic union with God through sex — longstanding patriarchal conditioning corrupts our quantum fabric, veiling us from the Universe within, the Living Library of unfathomable vibratory information and holy qualities we are. Transmute that veil and a door opens to an entirely new multidimensional reality. From dark to light, our ignorance is lifted. From programming and trauma to our sovereign divinity, we evolve from simply surviving to living in unimaginable ways. 

Inevitable Shock and Collapse

This awakening to darkness is the inevitable shock coming few are prepared for; for most still believe what they have been taught and what the media propagates. They are not prepared to consider that just because they believe something and the majority shares that belief, now and historically, it doesn’t make it true. That’s how strong the veil of viral programming is! Belief is confused for truth. 

The shock will come from the revealing of highly uncomfortable, psyche confronting and shattering truths about the extent of their prison sentence and how hoodwinked they’ve been by those thought to have their best interests at heart. And there will be shock beyond measure once the truth comes about the extent of their parasitic evil, particularly the abhorrent child-rape trafficking and exploitation which, as you might know, is rarely reported on mainstream news, despite being the fastest growing criminal activity in the world. Why, you may want to wonder…

As the chaos heightens and light increasingly illuminates the dark room of our matrix, well-worn belief systems and the identity structures built from those beliefs will dismantle. Not for everyone, for many will hang on in disbelief. But for a great deal, what they believed was true, what they invested so much of their inner and outer reality around, they will realize is not at all what it seems. 

As those programmed paradigms and worldviews — the “inner establishment” — crumble and collapse, there will be a mirrored dismantling of their outer manifestations. Piece-by-piece, our socio-economic and political systems / structures, those things we have built our lives around, that we prepare our children for through our coercive education system, will fall. Cultural and ideological monoliths we are taught to value, strive for, fit into, and mold our young ones to give up their soul for, will lose their weight and influence. 

We are already seeing this crumbling of power. Simply look at the demise of the church’s influence, and the burgeoning awareness of how government and technocratic systems are surveilling us and how corporations are taking control of such things as our food supply while destroying soil. There is a growing push-back and unplugging from the matrix because now we have the information, technology and awakening consciousness to band together out of our long, sleepy, submissive state.

Inexorably, the lies, the cover-ups, the misappropriation of tax revenue, the cruelty will continue to be revealed; for many, painfully. The truth will hurt. I write this respectfully for those who will not have the inner resources to adequately adapt to the dawning of truth. On a micro level, this awakening is akin to realizing in healing our developmental trauma that our parents did more harm than we recognized and our “normal” childhood was not what it seemed. This can be shocking, very hard to digest, challenging long-held, unconscious survival structures of denial. Blowing this up to a macro Cosmic level, we simply need to look at what will happen when people realize the extent that they are not alone in the Universe, how much the government has been interacting with ET’s for a long time, and how the elites have concealed this information to reinforce a bubble of separation from our larger Family of Light. 

Much like how the school system has been purposely designed to repress creativity, and thus our soul, we have been bred to be split in consciousness and thus split from consciousness. We have been bred to be asleep to our sovereignty, divinity, creative power and thus freedom. 

With the veil lifting, there will be a clear need for many skilled healers, counsellors, elders, ones who have known the bigger picture for quite a while. For there will be many who’ll be extremely angry, confused, scared and require emotional support. The matrix is that strong, and therefore so too are the survival identity structures and belief systems that have been built from it. 

Though this all may feel overwhelming, know that, paradoxically, the dark’s last-ditch attempt to maintain frequency control is accelerating the death of its empire while igniting our collective awakening. Not only is it becoming harder not to sense their prying hands and feel their overarching last-stand agenda because of how extreme it is, but there is wisdom, as I write here, in the need to “lock down” what has been a deeply dysfunctional society and to give Mother Earth’s lungs cleaner air to breathe. Though it’s been hard for so many, halting the insanity serves a purpose other than what the dark has set forth. 

Dark has always played the role of instigating leaps in consciousness, in the same way the chaos of forest fires replenishes the soil and your dark nights of the soul purge the shadows and summon you to greater purity and maturity. Source created the possibility for all of it, and for us, in our free will, to explore the full spectrum of dark and light. These pivotal and chaotic times are an evolutionary threshold inviting new light into our individual and collective awareness. It’s a collective dark night of the soul, a soul initiation, that has tremendous opportunities to clear karmic debris and open us to new learning, wisdom, abundance, an awakening to who we really are. 

We chose as souls to incarnate at this pivotal time because we knew what was coming, how big an opportunity it would be to grow, evolve, to assist the multitude at this crucial ascension point. So the question is: Now what? What do you choose?

Walking Away from Trauma Bonds
So long as we fear our power, we’re prone to unconsciously grant power to those who appear to have our best interests at heart. 

I can assure you there is no going back to “normal”, though the conditioned mind highly invested in the inner and outer programmed matrix wants it so. This is no reset. It’s a clear rebirth. And with birth comes death. Not just of people, which we are seeing, but of cultures, and the ethos or paradigms that have built and upheld them. 

Without doubt, as alluded to, those who are unprepared, those who have been steadfast in their denial of the light, unwilling or unable to turn towards the shadows within, will need support as the veil continues to lift. Yet those who are on the path of healing and empowerment, who have begun the journey of anchoring in the light, will transition more easily into the new emerging world — into 4D, and higher. These rebel starseeds are not under the spell of “normal”, lost in the news-watching illusion of a government that serves their best interests. They have “eyes to see and ears to hear”, attuned senses that recognize the darkness — because they’ve done the work of turning towards the shadows within and walked good distance away from the shadows of the “normal” world. 

Light is uncomfortable and inconvenient for the ego that prefers to remain afraid, separate, enslaved to the ignorance of darkness. That’s why few choose the light. It’s much better to be glued to the box where fear can consume more fear, and the fear broadcasting through the mainstream can feed off of you, day in, day out — off of your fear. Just like how we stay in co-dependent relationships long past their due date, the multitude cannot find it in them to turn away from their addictive fear bond. 

This is no judgment; simply fact — the fact that most, at this time, are simply not ready. Their consciousness is not ripe enough. They are too attached to suffering. Though this is gradually changing. 

This attachment to suffering is the core addiction that keeps the dark in place, both inside and out. It is an addiction to and identification with pain and victimhood that transcends this lifetime. (For more on this, please watch this short video I created.) This addiction is what I call a trauma bond, one that keeps us unconsciously and habitually away from our power, while granting power to authorities who appear to have our best interests at heart. That power is given away because we’ve learned, through lifetimes of persecution and oppression, that it’s not safe to own and express our power. In our cells we remember the painful consequences of being in our power, like being burnt at the stake, made a public example by the ruling class to not break the chains of enslavement. 

Bonded to our trauma patterning and victim identification, we orient and “bond” to the non-stop feed-pump of false power appearing real that wishes to keep us afraid and victimized. Like is drawn to like, just as angry people are drawn to angry entertainment. Fear power within and we are prone to give power away, like we were taught to as scared children. Our fear feeds the power structures without realizing how much this is being done and how much those structures entrap us into this perennial pattern. It’s an endless loop that keeps us in karmic cycles and trapped in vibratory enslavement. 

Remember: the government needs the public to be afraid to maintain its overarching dominion. Just like how fear of being born in sin and going to hell has you grant power to the church that will “save” you, and how the government’s propaganda around “terrorism” has you blindly accept their foreign resource and land grabs under the guise of “national security”, a fearful public with unhealed cellular memories of being punished for being in their power blindly endorses evil’s ways (through hard-earned tax dollars). 

Have you not wondered why 98% of news stories incite fear? And why the church created a punitive god we should fear? Do you really think this is by accident? With fear the predominant frequency broadcasted day and night, the public is less able to access feeling states such as joy, wonder and compassion, states that liberate and empower. Add the fact that most operate from little light activation in our hijacked DNA and are bereft of the multidimensional intelligence that perceives truth from fiction, and you have a powerful prison system, enclosed and self-perpetuating, keeping us in F.E.A.R. — False Evidence Appearing Real. 

There’s endless beauty in the world. I’m not denying that. It’s not hard to find. And there’s so much goodness and strength in people’s hearts, and so many reasons to celebrate, all of which has made it possible to be as resilient as we have been. What I am stating is that people generally live with far more fear and external manipulation than they’d like to imagine because they’re so inured to it, which grossly limits how much positivity they can experience. They have no clue what they’re missing in their limited genetic, 3D perceptual bubble — how powerful, creative and multidimensional they are, and how deceived they have been. 

Walking away, or unbonding ourselves, from the dark spell, from fear, and turning towards the light is thus a radical act; especially when so few do it. (Just look at Jesus, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and JFK, to name a few — all powerful beckons of light, all radical, all going against the establishment, and all killed for it.) Turning from dark to light is radical when it means leaving people and things well adjusted to the dark, those who may deride you for departing from custom and tradition, from family values and location — from being a “well-behaved”, obedient citizen. It’s a brave choice to gradually renounce all that keeps us in fear, gossip, judgment, blame, hatred, lies, illusion, oppression — all things we have been taught and conditioned to be and believe in that are so far from the truth of who we are. It’s a long journey for those bold enough to confront their fears of standing in their truth, all the fears that have kept them nicely fitting in with their power at bay. 

This radical walking away is ultimately centred in our being. Though important, it’s less about renouncing the outer matrix, and more about turning away from the conditioned matrix within — the false, egoic self; all its cognitive and somatic expressions. Turning off the outer matrix news more frequently and thereafter tossing out the TV for good, is but an eventual byproduct of turning off and away from that which feeds off of the outer deception — the fear inside that’s long deceived you! We weaken our loyalty to our inner patterns of enslavement and realize how much the oppressors of the collective matrix were mirroring them back to us all along, for all to see. 

And so I ask you: Mirror the matrix machine or mirror the Holy One? You decide!

Healing Light
You must choose the Light. But be prepared, for when you do, it will illuminate all that is hiding from it. It will reveal all you are not, which will radically disorient you, reorient you, returning you to that which you have always been. Light itself!

It takes awareness and heroism to walk away and move towards the light. It’s what these times demand. As always, dark calls forth the light. Our sovereign divinity is the medicine that will fulfil the Divine Plan of ascension. Not advocacy, peace marches and protest, not reformation projects, but the light that wishes to anchor into your DNA — the light that lights up the dark room. It’s who we are as powerful light beings that dismantles the empire, irrespective of what we do. That’s how powerful we are!

Our journey of healing and empowerment is obviously key — transmuting trauma and programming, regulating and refining our nervous system, upgrading our genome’s code and base from carbon to crystalline light. The conditioned neurobiology — the inner matrix of falsity — must give way to soul perception that reorients us towards the truth of our sovereign divinity, and the truth of Life. 

How quickly this happens depends on the type of healing you do, how committed you are to your journey of awakening, and your levels of resistance / openness. Nonetheless, as quantum space is created in your cells through healing and the dormant light codes of your higher self’s spiritual DNA activate, the neurobiology increasingly streams with light and your body supercharges with the magnetic resonance of higher frequencies, empowering you into fuller expressions of soul power and awakened perception. 

From a limited and fragmented system, sick and traumatized from its spell of separation, healing light supports your body/mind/soul to operate as a harmonious unit of consciousness. The brain connects more fully to the heart, the heart to the gut; there is greater neurosynthesis, intercellular communication, coherence amongst organs and between brain hemispheres; there is less of your psyche hidden in the shadows, such as suppressed emotions and your scared inner child (who’s slowly comes out to play!). Light ignites the harmonic convergence of all micro and macro psychobiological systems and structures so they operate less separately and more as a unified, synced whole. 

Don’t forget that healing comes from the word health, which mean whole. And whole means holy!

Speaking of holy… healing and reconciling the internal splits forged by viral programming and trauma not only creates psychobiological coherence, but also, by extension, creates Cosmic integration. The light of our higher self becomes a more real experience in our body. Anchored into our DNA, we dial into its frequencies, which increases our psychic abilities and telepathically attunes us to our multidimensional Family of Light in all directions — to the light of our fellow humans, of Mother Earth and all her sentient inhabitants, and the light beyond… and beyond that! We harmonize with planets and galaxies and their cycles of change and conjunctive alignment, the celestial and divine timings of life’s unfolding. We merge with the brilliance and mystery of the stars, their beauty, their wonder, and, in doing so, recognize that they are the neurons of the Cosmic Mindthe Mind we are! Collectively, those beautiful beacons surrounding us are our Divine Neurobiology! Awakening to this and other light revelations through embodied awareness, we gradually consecrate our personal will to Divine Will. We come home to ourselves as Cosmic Beings, as being One With All. 

It’s no coincidence that Spirit, a few years ago, asked me to heal people with starlight at this crucial juncture in human evolution. It’s quite literally the antidote for these pivotal times — for the biological warfare accelerating in the cell nucleus. In our DNA is where starlight does its mysterious and powerful work; in the coveted interface between light and dark, the holy ground from which identify is forged and stolen, and reality is birthed and concealed. 

Just as carbon is transmuted into diamond, starlight transmutes our biological DNA into crystalline light; it alchemizes the dark veil of trauma and programming into truth. For, starlight is the frequency of stillness, and stillness is the frequency of transmutation. In the same way you see a star’s rays flickering in and out from its centre, starlight “reaches out” to the many disparate parts of human suffering and brings them home, into its still, loving heart, back into One — whole, holy. This, our at-one-ment! Healing with starlight is thus not only a healing, but a miraculous homecoming. The same thing healing you is who you really are. 

That is the power of this primordial frequency — each star emanates the light of Source Consciousness. That unconditional loving, pure light of what many call the Great Central Sun is what stars shine upon us each moment, reminding us of our divine essence, where we come from, and what we long to feel again. 

That feeling, that immanent knowing, gradually returns to our human awareness as the pure and loving power of starlight upgrades our corrupted genetic code to its full sovereign potential. With this divine blueprint overriding the veil of separation keeping us in the bubble matrix, we are on our way to higher dimensions of consciousness. 

Be the Light You Are
You cannot remove darkness from a dark room. You can only bring in light. 

It’s important that you do not judge, difficult as that can be. The ones conducting the evil are not inherently evil. They are lost, confused, power hungry, but it’s not who they are in essence. They come from the same Source as you and I. It’s important that you understand that. As soon as you judge them, or anyone else for that matter, you fall (further) asleep. You project your unprocessed fear onto them, give energy to your victim identity, and feed victim-perpetrator consciousness — all of which the dark overlords want. Fear, victimization, division — that’s what feeds them, while disempowering you. 

This does not mean you do not name the intolerable. Just as many great illuminaries have, so too should we. It is our collective responsibility. But we do so effectively from our power, not from fear and victimhood. That is sacred activism, which is far different than many of the anti-establishment movements we’ve witnessed which, in many ways, have strengthened the illusion of polarity, inside and out — the “house divided against itself”. 

Heal and you reconcile this psychosis, or split in consciousness, that judgement feeds and is an expression of. You accelerate the activation of light codes — the unifying qualities of love, compassion and forgiveness in your spiritual DNA — making it harder and unnatural to judge. For light does not separate, it unites. 

That which birthed us — God, Christ Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness, Sophia, Prime Creator, Love & Light, however you wish to call our primordial essence — does not judge its children, no matter what they choose. Rather it forever sees us for who we really are as holy beings. Light seeing Light as Light. That is Love, and that is what all aspire to be, though few realize it. 

Fear sees fear, and tries to eradicate it; which is what we tend to do on this planet. That reductive approach can only take us so far. Just look at our prison system and the “war on terror”. By contrast, we liberate others by seeing them for who they are, in essence. Our perception alone is that powerful. It doesn’t mean we don’t hold people accountable. What I’m stating clearly here is that how you see others is dependent on and a declaration of how you see and know yourself. Remember — Light seeing Light as Light. That’s what’s needed now. 

What you see in others you activate in yourself. The more you see goodness, the more goodness is activated at the cellular level and made real in your experience. See others as “losers”, and you reinforce the distorted energy that perceives that. You lose out! I’m not implying that you don’t see with compassionate eyes where pain exists or with realistic eyes where evil exists. It’s just that because you no longer identify with your own suffering to the extent you once did, you can see beyond the pain others identify with and act out in arrogance, greed, cruelty, etc. 

That is your gift to any and all, including you — having compassion for what others struggle with, while seeing the truth of who they are in essence. Holding that forgiving vision for individuals and our world, no matter the degree of tyranny, is mastery. It is moving us home to Oneness. 

We are all healers and awakeners, if we choose to be, by our very presence; by being the Unified Field of One rather than the pain of judgment and victimhood that comes from and keeps us in duality. Anchor that field of light and you truly become the transforming agent the world needs at this pivotal time. You become the frequency holder that strengthens the resolve of the Divine Plan unfolding now, irrespective of the overarching reach of the nefarious dark. That is our purpose, though few realize this — to be the light by anchoring the light. 

The same thing that is needed of you at this time is the same thing you are. You, in your sovereign empowered divinity, is what the world is waiting for. Not another disembodied solution, but a divinely creative soul-ution. Not another logical idea constructed by the time-bound linear mind, but something that does not belong to this world. Your sovereign divinity is not of this world, but is needed here in embodied resonance. For our bodies are the stargates for the heavens. And by creating the quantum space through our healing for light to come in, we indeed bring heaven to earth. 

All the great spiritual teachers have pointed us back to our divine self. While religion has created a hierarchy of clergymen who proclaim to be special and ordained access points to the divine, the wise illuminaries of past and present have always directed us back within — to our heart, our soul, to the immanent truth that the kingdom of heaven already exists inside.

More than anything, the purpose of the human body and human experience is to have an in-flesh experience of this truth, the truth of who we really are, and to serve by our very being. To transform “Son of Man” into “Son of God”, and, just as Jesus did, uplift those who have “eyes to see and ears to hear”.

Only by embodying that unified plane of consciousness in the holy ground of our DNA can we truly serve from the light we are. Anything less is what I call helping. We must evolve past being helpers who make it their mission to eradicate the pain and victimhood they project onto the world; who make a career out of saving people from that which they are too afraid to face inside, like healers who seek to heal themselves through their clients. We must evolve past being helpers who address the dark room through reformation initiatives of replacing furniture, polishing tables, and putting on a fresh coat of paint. 

While certain movements and initiatives have sparked new consciousness, like the role the arts and peace gatherings have played, and while countless brave ones like first responders have made our streets safer, relying on these noble and well-intended efforts to change the dark are no longer enough. Hence where we are now. It’s the best we’ve been able to do given our state of consciousness. But it’s time for the masses to take responsibility, participate more fully, and up-level into higher states of embodied resonance.

Transformation is what we need now, which addresses the dark room by turning on the light — the light of our spiritual DNA and holy spirit. We need servants who have healed enough to house their non-dual sovereign divinity; who have surrendered their life to Life, consecrating will with WILL. They serve the Light as the Light, as embodied leaders who carry and transmit the holy medicine wherever they go, the medicine so many need at this time — the loving medicine we’ve always been.

*                    *                    *

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    I devoured this article.. so rich, so powerful, filled with boldness and inclusive compassionate love and truth.
    Resonated wholly within me. Thank you.

    My eyes often fill with tears when I read your articles, like an unspoken conversation I needed. I feel validated, strengthened and inspired.. and reminded that the love I am and the light I bring is powerful and that all the souls here having done/ are doing much internal work and radiating light and standing in truth are indeed connected ✨ that makes me smile and feel peace within the storm as we continue.
    Love, thanks and blessings

  2. Beautiful, thank you for sharing your knowledge, it is inspiring on so many levels. It is hopeful that the Wachalpki are watching over us, providing their healing and wisdom.
    Thank you Vince!

  3. You have managed to word in one website what thousands of light worker bloggers over the years have been saying plus more !!!

  4. Thank you for writing this. It all is perfectly explained. I became unemployed a few months ago while following my inner guidance to become reacquainted with my spiritual healing gifts and alternative applications of my creative talents. I used to be an interior designer matter of fact, I felt it rather amusing your reference to home decor! But now I’m relying on savings to hold me over as I’ve been sharing my healing journey over instagram and broadcasting my passions for yoga, meditation, astrology, pets, and soon reiki over the internet. I am sharing inspirational quotes and plan to start sharing more of these messages and energetic teachings through my own words soon. Still healing my throat chakra and preparing myself for what’s to come. I just love spending my time learning esoteric principles and creating. I don’t know how I will making money, I wish that wasn’t a concern of mine but it is. Any advice in that regard would be appreciated if you have any. Thanks again! Sending love and light 🙌❤️✨

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