Stargate Magnetic Activation

Please note that as of April 25, 2022 I am no longer offering this activation as a private session. All my work is now done in online (group) ceremonies. You can receive the benefits of my ceremonial healings and activations even if you are busy and unable to attend on Zoom. More so, ceremonies are no less powerful than privates. In fact, the collective field amplifies personal transformation. Overtime, in various ways, the ceremonies will incorporate and build upon this and other private session themes, while offering new possibilities for healing and empowerment. 

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“The Stargate Magnetic Activation was a powerful harmonization. It was as if parts of me that were out of tune or did not know what part to play came together, and came to life. I did not realize how large my energy field could be. My consciousness expanded and my heart filled with exuberance for life. It was a very peaceful experience, one I soaked in at the whole being level. Thank you Vince! I feel I have a part to play in this world, and I am finding the sounds of my soul to express to the world.” ~ Pearl

Stargate Magnetic Activation is for those who have completed the necessary level 1 groundwork of healing with starlight and are ready for the next level. That next level is the magnetic activation of trillions of stargates throughout the body. 

Along with your chakras, each of your cells is a stargate — a portal to your Higher Self and what I call your soul star essence. It is through these stargates that you access and feel the resonate guidance of higher knowing and receive the power to be an empowered conscious co-creator with life. 

Activating Light Codes

Within the nucleus of each of your cells is DNA, the genetic manual or molecular blueprint that codes protein which then forms your tissues, bones, organs, eye colour, height and other components of your physiology. Like with your brain, most of your DNA is inactive, what scientists call “junk” DNA. Currently it’s estimated that this is true for approximately 98% of your genome. 

What scientists don’t know is that “junk” DNA is a repository for dormant light codes that hold ancient knowledge of the stars, the planets — the entire multidimensional Universe. This includes who you are at your deepest sovereign nature, and the role you are to play here, now, at this pivotal time. 

These light codes have been awaiting their moment of activation for a very long time. And what better time than now, during this pivotal period humanity is going through, for them to awaken and fulfil their purpose. 

Consider these codes to be like secret, sacred scripture. A metaphoric and macrocosmic comparison is the Gospel of Thomas. Hidden for centuries, it was discovered in 1945 in Egypt, and brought forth new radical views of Jesus and his teachings (heretical to Orthodox Christianity). Humans now had more access to ancient knowledge. New wisdom awoke in the consciousness of humanity! 

Activating the secret and dormant light codes in your genome can be viewed similarly; however, the shift in consciousness is far more radical. For, with the awakening of this light language held at the quantum level comes awakening to your crystalline light body and the ancient wisdom whose time has come. You now have access to far more of your DNA, which gives you more access to your multidimensional Cosmic Self!

Indeed, this is a birthing of Divine Truth at its purest level, the revealing of You held secret in your unexpressed DNA. Sensory gates open and there is a re-perceiving of life from your Higher Self. Long-held paradigms are revolutionized and upgraded to an embodied awareness of the sovereign light being you are. 

Magnetic Resonance

Stargate Magnetic Activation not only awakens, but also charges. Like a superconductor, it boosts the magnetic resonance of your now activated DNA, further expanding your consciousness. Quantum particles experience “energetic excitation” — the animation of them and you to higher levels of frequency, magnetism and thus empowerment. 

Your stargate cells resonate more with each other, in greater degrees of biological (intercellular) and universal accord. There is a harmonic convergence of the family of cells peacefully humming in every part of your body, which attunes you more deeply to the Oneness you are.  

Through this and the other activations I offer, your power, worth, prayer, intentions, and creative expression all become that much stronger. Your increased magnetic presence and DNA expression combine to accelerate the manifestation of new possibilities that invite your Higher Self, as progressively embodied, to assist in the awakening of humanity. They magnetize the people, guidance, things and circumstances needed to fulfil your purpose, while you work in sacred harmony with the Over-Lighting Forces. 

By your very being, as Light itself, you become a stargate for others to connect to their star potential through. You joyfully become one with the stars and thus fulfill the true meaning of what it is to be a fully embodied, radiating Star here on Earth!  

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Number required: One Stargate Magnetic Activation is required before you can begin receiving Diamond Light Healing & Activation sessions    

Please read this page in full so that you are clear on all the details about how private sessions work.