The Body is the Speaker, The Soul is the Music ~ The Subtle Journey of Embodying and Broadcasting Your Power

The Body is the Speaker, The Soul is the Music ~ The Subtle Journey of Embodying and Broadcasting Your Power

The body is the holder of frequency. And the frequency depends on how much trauma and programming is stored in the neurobiology and how anchored the soul, or higher self, is into the DNA.

The soul longs to use the body as its tool for broadcast — to express its gifts and purpose through, held in the soul’s consciousness, as accumulated through many incarnations. For me, that broadcast is my gift of transmitting starlight to heal and empower. How powerfully I do that depends on the frequency I hold at my cellular level. As I embody my soul power more, that frequency increases and my broadcast becomes that much stronger.

Though there may be exceptions, the soul generally doesn’t override the body. It doesn’t push its way through without proper invitation and quantum space. If it did, the psychophysiology would enter a state of shock and would struggle greatly to integrate its unwelcomed download. Rather, the soul meets and works with the body at its current vibratory state, and with utmost respect and love. 

In other words, to broadcast a frequency the body must first calibrate to that frequency. As it does, as it’s integrated, the body is then ready for a new level of vibratory expression. An upgrade!

Onwards and upwards we go, to higher dimensions of embodied awareness. The music of our soul becoming that much more beautiful and transformative because it’s embodied and thus can be expressed to the world through the miraculous speaker of our body.

The soul needs the body like music needs speakers. It’s through the wondrous portal of the body that heaven comes down to Earth. Though we have unique broadcasts because of our unique fingerprint souls, we all share the deepest longing for the body to be a vehicle for higher consciousness to express itself into the world through as an act of service and love.

This longing comes from the depth of our soul body, for that is who we are.

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