Rising Levels of Complexity and Confusion Serve to End the Division of Self from Life

Rising Levels of Complexity and Confusion Serve to End the Division of Self from Life

Let it all come to an increasing boil, as is happening now. Let it boil away your ideas of right and wrong, good and bad. For, whatever narrative you choose, I can assure you, it is wrong… unless it is right, unless both, unless neither. 

That is yours to decide. 

Ultimately, God, The Universe, or whatever you wish to call It, cares and does not care about your preferences, your ideas of what is or what should be. It has its own reasons and ways, irregardless of your own. 

So often, humans confuse their preferences with truth. It’s worth considering that whatever narrative we choose, whatever preference or bias we have, whatever we feel should or should not happen, may not be it. May not be the truth as Life, in its elaborate and ineffable order of things, sees it.

As life on Earth intensifies in confused complexity you’ll find that you cannot hang on to one perspective or paradigm for too long before another comes your way, tempting, challenging you. Rising amounts of contradiction and conspiracy in our saturated information bubble will force you, at exponential speed, to reconsider, and reconsider again, until frustrated, fathomless, and despaired; powerless, at wits end to make sense of it all. Some of you are already feeling this. 

The water will continue to heat up in the caldron of life, life on this planet. We will be summoned—initiated personally and collectively—into more and more social, geo-political and even spiritual dead ends and conundrums, which, in their unceasing, wide-spectrum complexity, will dare us to burn away in the fire of uncertainty, to die to the unknown. To settle into the disturbing, dismantling, devastating, destructive truth that does not fit into the tiny, suffocating boxes we hold so dear, we hold so tightly, that define our reality, as we see it. 

To reach the boiling point where we surrender not only the compulsive figuring out or security-seeking need to know, but more importantly, the one in us that seeks to do so. To face the truth that underneath it all, underneath all these divisive games of control, we are absolutely terrified—terrified that we actually have no control at all. That we don’t know.

And that’s what these games are about. 

Until we get that and surrender that we will perpetuate our games of division and will intensify the complexity that will ultimately force us to give up those games. The games themselves will lead us to their and our own destruction. They will be our cross. Our ending. 

They will have served their ultimate purpose: 

To end the division of self from Life.

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  1. Vince that download was very very clear.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Getting more and more present with the unknown Is the real work now.
    Thank you again for providing this clarity.

  2. The past few days, weeks and months have been filled with “a rising level of complexity, contradiction and confusion about everything”. Your post beautifully articulated what I had been feeling but was unable to express. Thank you!

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