A Crisis of Identity: Mass Formation Psychosis and the Awakening to Truth

A Crisis of Identity: Mass Formation Psychosis and the Awakening to Truth

We must have the courage to see things as they are, not how we want them to be. That is spiritual maturity, that is leadership, and that is what these times demand. 

Truth is devastating to the ego that must hang on to its perceptual world in order to survive. 
The push from the conditioned multitude against the mounting clear evidence for mass manipulation, oppression and corruption is, at its root, existential — a crisis of identity. Accepting the hard, disturbing truths is a death blow to the limited, false self that survives by believing imaginary or false things convenient to its own survival. Akin to the submissive, don’t-speak-up child who, in order to survive, must assume his abuse is for his own good, the (shrinking) majority continues to believe that what is occurring is also for their own good, which upholds their security blanket — the obsequious survival identity rooted in fear.

The dark forces understand this psychological survival pattern. Going back in history to other totalitarian regimes, such as Nazi Germany, Mao China, and Stalin Russia, we can see, with enough critical, objective thinking, how these authoritarian powers duplicitously leveraged “for your own good/safety” in order to bend people into “well-behaved” compliance and to fulfil their enslaving, fascist agendas. It’s what Hitler was pointing to when he said, “The common good before the individual good.” Arbitrarily define “common good” for the masses, as fascist and communist governments do, and you can justify overpowering personal freedom and sovereignty for the “betterment” of the people.

“The urge to save humanity is almost always a false-face for the urge to rule it.” ~ H. L. Mencken, Minority Report

What few understand is that, then and now, to successfully implement this seemingly virtuous yet manipulative strategy, our dark overlords — the relatively small number of ruling elite running our planet — have leveraged the collective’s unresolved and unconsciously influential childhood and past life survival adaptations of submitting, not questioning, being good, and fitting in; patterns that have long been culturally reinforced and lauded through molding institutions such as church, education, and yes, even family (more on family further down); patterns from traumatic memories of past lives encoded in our DNA that, from the shadows, remind us that being good and fitting in means avoiding public torture (such as during the Roman Empire); that choosing to stand out means suffering and/or death. These are instinctual, coded survival adaptations that have helped mitigate harm, such as childhood abuse, and saved countless lives going back in history, instincts that inform the body/mind exactly what to do, often without conscious choice.

What many are now calling mass formation psychosis (an excellent video) in response to the pandemic is a hypnotized, servile, erratic majority who, without adequate inner work, self-regulation, resourcefulness, and self-awareness, cannot see how they are acting out these unresolved patterns of obedience, and how these survival adaptations are playing right into the hands of and thus supporting the dark ruling elite. The majority is submissive, not questioning, being good and blindly fitting in so as to not stand out too much and appease authority who they perceive as having their best interests at heart. 

Look back to your adverse childhood… isn’t that what you had to do to cope and survive — “be good and behave”, “be seen, not heard”, not stand out and rock the boat, and bow to authority? What the multitude believe is virtuous and for the greater good is, in truth, blind deference and the giving away of personal power. It is unhealed trauma, the eternally present past, acting out. 

The more disconnected a people are from their own power, the more dependent they will likely be on others, while blind to obvious manipulation and control. Much like how a victim of childhood abuse is drawn to abusive partners, and normalizes abuse, a disempowered majority easily gives themselves up to corrupt agendas, while perceiving them as perfectly acceptable. They substitute inner truth for outer perceived truth, inner guidance for being told what to believe and do, even if that dictum causes physical and psychological harm.

The French polymath Gustave Le Bon elucidates this well: “The masses have never thirsted after truth. They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to deify error, if error seduce them. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim.” Or, as I speak about in this video, defended against our own truth, we defend the perceived truths of those in power.

Look to the rise in woke reactive culture as a prime example of this collective spell and giving away of power. Without realizing it, their oft-righteous and -aggressive “social justice” agendas are being co-opted by the cabal mob for the latter’s sinister agenda of creating fear and division. Through incessant virtue signalling and combative identity politics, the woke are helping to create a clear us vs them polarity that all totalitarian regimes have relied on going back in history; whether that be, as stated in the aforementioned excellent video, the them of the medicine women of the 16th and 17th century European witch hunts or the Jews of Nazi Germany. Or we can look to the current “pariah” — the unvaccinated, the them the ruling class depends on for there to be a clear us (which the dark ones ultimately don’t care about either, but are only using for total control). 

How many governments are now turning away from pure politics (if there’s such a thing) and increasingly turning against the unvaccinated by using threats and tyrannical language, making them into the enemies, the clear them totalitarianism relies upon? Just look to France and Canada for two clear examples.

This hypnotic mass crisis of identity, or “psychic epidemic” to quote Carl Jung, distorts perception and objective reality to such a startling degree that people cannot see how the “vaccine”, growing mass surveillance strategies, the general and illegal stripping away of civil liberties (including bodily autonomy and right to refuse medical experiments [see the Nuremberg Code]), and the globally coordinated control of information (through such measures as censoring concerned doctors and reports of vaccine side effects) are being sold under the guise of “for our safety and the greater good”. This split — which is what psychosis means — from the truth of objective reality is, to refer to George Orwell’s book 1984, causing countless confused people to actually believe 2+2 = 5. 

This global self-deception allows for a relatively small group of ambitious, troubled souls with great influential power to freely define what is “good” — for them; while met with the general support of the ignorant and naive masses who, as in previous fascist regimes like Francisco Franco’s Spanish dictatorship, police and report dissenters to the authorities. The woke are now playing this role, unwittingly supporting the nefarious, power-hungry cause, and even grooming children to do so. (See here & here)

A specific formula long used by the oligarchical elite that leverages these obsequious patterns is that of problem-fear-solution. Manufacture a problem, create fear amongst the masses, and then offer a “solution” that the anxious multitude agree to more willingly while in their disempowered, timorous state. 

A simple and obvious example is when a government announces there is a threat to national security. This creates fear amongst the public, who, in their anxious state, support (with their hard-earned tax dollars) a “war on terror”, which is really a land, resource, money and power grab. Just look to the 20-year reign in Afghanistan — do you really think that “war on terror” has been about establishing security? Or do you think it’s no coincidence that this country is extremely rich in minerals and opium, the latter being an abundant source for the dark’s lucrative drug trade? It’s called war profiteering, and it has nothing to do with security or saving lives.

Another example of the effective problem-fear-solution strategy can been seen, not surprisingly, in the church. Telling us that we are born in sin and going to go to hell (problem and fear creation) unless we sell our souls to them and believe lies about moral conduct and salvation (solution), creates a successful enterprise for getting countless people to hand over their power… and wallets; to surrender their inner truth and sovereign divinity to outright rubbish, false power, and a corrupt institution that can then control them more easily. 

Now, let’s look to the last two years for the most obvious current example of problem-fear-solution: Create a virus (problem), which has engendered huge global concerns, and then offer a “solution” — the “vaccine”. Clearly the solution is working, because no one who’s been vaccinated is getting Covid! Sarcasm aside, we just have to look at the highly controlled populace of Israel who are onto their fourth jab, and are rife with skyrocketing Covid cases. 

I bring you to the words of one of the key orchestrators of global insanity and this particular formula for global control: “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order.” ~ David Rockefeller, global elite, spoken in 1994 at a U.N. dinner

We know what’s best for you and everyone else, and we’re going to tell you, repeatedly, has been the command of the elite for millennia through their various strategies for global dominance, and through tell-a-vision and it’s programming programs. Trust us. Follow us. But if you stand out too much and disagree, you’ll lose your vital security, be persecuted, tortured, killed and/or go to hell. We’ll make you a public example.

Circling back to the family system, we can see how powerful these top-down social influences and strategies are when they infiltrate our home; when a parent, through his or her social conditioning, communicates to their child, “I hit you because I love you.” Which really means, this abuse is for your own good. 

Do you see how insidious this mechanism of control and dominance is; how woven it is into the fabric of the collective psyche?

I control you by believing and convincing you I know what’s best for you; and by scaring you so much that you believe anything I tell you, and submit to authority.

I don’t know anyone who grew up avoiding this level of indoctrination. If you attended public school, moulded into a standardized unit to fit into and feed an economy ultimately controlled by the elites, and perhaps physically punished (caned) or made a “public example” of — shamed at the front of the classroom for “misbehaving” — you had your dose of the abuse and mind control I make clear here that has defined the long dark age we’ve been in, the collective madness.

From cradle to grave, in so many ways, via our home environment to our coercive education system, through the corrupted entertainment industry and profit-oriented pharmaceutical companies, we’ve been taught, on different levels, that we deserve to be treated less than, and therefore that we are less than. Embedded in the aforementioned societal systems and institutions, as well as others, this deliberate cultural programming that creates poor self-worth and co-dependency with false and destructive power is the core reason why so many are willing to blindly accept today’s “viral” dominant narrative and have their physical and psychological boundaries violated and sovereignty trampled on. It’s all quite normal.

It’s important to remember that, in order to survive adversity, we have adapted towards submission, not questioning, being good, and fitting in; and that people in times of fear and stress revert to old coping mechanisms. What you see right now across the planet is huge amounts of unhealed people who, in growing distress, are unconsciously regressing to these unresolved survival patterns as a way to cope with rising uncertainty and the palpable toxic energy within the ether. Being socially isolated while imbibing countless hours of fear-promoting here’s-what-you-need-to-believe propaganda from the corporate-owned media only serves to amplify both the stress and default dependent behaviours of giving their power away to others.

Now… changing tack, on a positive note, despite most still believing the propaganda, the blind, bowing majority is shrinking by the hour — because the Sacred Heart of the Soul Warriors we are is much stronger than any addiction to trauma and obedience; because we care too much about our children, and children’s children; because the startling information revealing the inconvenient, convenient truths about our governing technocratic institutions is mounting (see here**, here***, here, here & here); and because the consciousness on the planet, facilitated by Cosmic Light entering Gaia, is rising, exponentially altering power, perception and possibilities. 

Indeed, by the hour, by the minute, fierce, glowing lights are turning on across Mother Earth, lighting up the dark, making it easier for others to awaken to the Light of Truth, to see through the surging lies and hypocrisy, the obviousness of the nefarious push for mass control; making it more possible to stand up for our most precious little ones and wake to our Unified Power as Unstoppable Forces of Love — a Sovereign, Divine, Omniscient and Omnipotent Power that no one can diminish or take away from us, no one can harm, no matter what they impose on our physical bodies and minds. Irrespective of what happens, nothing can change the fact that we, as Beings of Light, are already free! 

Awakening to this is our collective destiny. It is only a matter of time that there are enough people with “eyes to see and ears to hear” and we reach a collective tipping point where the Big Truth-Telling Lights turn on, and there’s no turning back.

It’s time, everyone, to listen to our hearts, use our critical thinking, look at diverse sources of information outside the corporate media, use our God-given swords and stand up for our children! 

It’s time to wake up! 

“If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” ~ Malcolm X

Continue to be wise, informed and discerning, my friends, so you don’t fall for all the disinformation discrediting anything that goes against the mainstream narrative. So you don’t believe arguments and “facts” that come from “leading experts” and “authorities” who know little to nothing about the subject, have clear conflicts of interest, and who do everything they can to ensure people remain sick, hypnotized and oppressed. These seemingly trustworthy influencers, incredible actors who come across as calm and caring and knowledgeable, are deeply traumatized and asleep people. They care far more about protecting their own egoic self-image and upholding power interests and profit than looking Truth straight in the eye. 

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” ~ Mark Twain

To state the obvious: this Luciferian, bio-fascist agenda has absolutely nothing to do with health, and everything to do with power! More so, to varying degrees, this desperate push for power is what the dark forces do at the end of any Age of Darkness — fight for their life.

They are fighting because they know time is running out!

As we increasingly move into the Age of Light, the ruling elite must do everything they can to stop it. And while their transhuman/AI agenda is key to keeping our sovereign flames dim and us monitored and controlled, of equal importance is their ongoing child rape trafficking and exploitation campaign — to, through their Satanic rituals and other means, continue parasitically feeding off of stolen and sold children, harvesting their life force, to give these dark ones a false sense of power, belief in immortality, and to sustain their ruling position long-term. 

Hidden from the masses who would be horrified if they knew the details, run by people high up in our institutions, including public figures most in the West know of, and not reported through the corporate media our dark overlords not surprisingly own, this ongoing abhorrent initiative is what they’re trying sustain through the plan-demic. (Annually, as part of all human trafficking, this is a $32 billion enterprise, and it’s the fastest growing criminal activity in the world.)

The “vaccine”, which is a bioweapon and fear frequency — a frequency whose dark intelligence can be passed through mild physical / sexual contact and breast-feeding — along with their continued manipulation of perception and vibration, is their attempt to keep the consciousness low enough on the planet so that we do not ascend as a people, and so that they, in their low density, darkened state, can remain on or near the planet and continue this harvesting. Once the consciousness raises too high in this dawning Age of Light, they cannot remain doing their dirty work. They must go elsewhere to a sphere of consciousness congruent with their own. And so they fight for their life by diminishing our life force through the “vaccine” and fear-inducing propaganda; and by reducing the population so it’s easier to control through mass deaths and compromised fertility via the underreported and covered-up toxic affects the “vaccines” have on ovaries (see earlier link**). 

Deaden or make synthetic our DNA, which is what the “vaccine” does by destroying its chemistry, and we have less access to the sentient intelligence of our sovereign divinity or higher self, and thus to higher states of consciousness. Hijack the DNA of billions of people and you keep the populous numb and dumb, not only to their dark agendas, but to our power, which makes us more prone to give our power away to them and their plans for centralized, digital control. 

Educating the masses, as I’m doing with this article, and as I’ve done in other written work and on my YouTube channel, is one important step to ending this painful crisis of identity and winning what is clearly a spiritual war. But more importantly, we must awaken to the light within — our true identity that the global crisis is moving people towards remembering. We must do the courageous inner work of healing our trauma and programming and anchoring the crystalline light of our higher self into our DNA, the very place the ruling class is hijacking, the sacred interface between dark and light at these pivotal times. 

Only light removes darkness. We can put up a good fight, we can scream and yell; we can win lawsuits and implement new legislation… But ultimately this dawning of the Age of Light is a revolution in consciousness, a birthing of who we are whose time has come. We are in the beginning stages of a Golden Age, and we are that Gold! We are that indomitable Soul Star Essence that, with each day passing, is becoming too bright and powerful to be stopped, no matter how persuasive and controlling the dark agenda is.

And so it is not enough to simply learn, fight and resist. We must awaken! Not just intellectually to what is happening across the planet, though that is an important first step for most. We must go beyond by embodying the light — the light of truth that pierces through the illusions, the matrix of lies, deception and suffering that most are enspelled and held captive by. To increasing degrees, we must embody our sovereign light that broadcasts higher frequencies and births new possibilities for ourselves, and others, without effort. By simply being! We must become living, breathing transmissions of the highest solution of all, which is love, who we forever are.

Being love includes — and I must make this abundantly clear as an experienced trauma-informed healing practitioner — being patient with and sensitive to the ones who continue to resist truth, understanding that their denial of what’s obvious to the awakened is an act of self-preservation and expression of what they have long-denied within. The hard outer truths mentioned in this article, as well as the unresolved denied truths from childhood, such as being abused and the fact that their seemingly infallible parents didn’t have their best interests at heart, threaten their survival identity structures that must that believe everything is “just fine” and “normal”; that must submit, not question, be good, and fit in; that must remain rooted in fear and believe fallacies that those in power are also infallible and have their best interests at heart. 

Outer and inner mirrored. Inner deception, the construed lies about their parents, is projected outward onto their other trusted parental body, the government — who would never harm them. I hope you understand the nuance and complexity I am attempting to convey. 

Please remember that underneath their resistance and deception is terror, because it was terror that gave rise to the survival adaptations in the first place, and to the illusions and inversions of truth and power that followed. Dissolve what they thought true, which is inevitable with the mass disclosures and awakening to come, and then some combination of fear, shock, horror, anger, rage and immense grief is likely to follow; even implicit memories from childhood and past lifetimes may rise to the surface. These big emotional and somatic reactions are to be expected, especially when you consider how many of these people are vaccinated parents who have breast-fed and had their children jabbed. (For more nuance on this, read here.)

With the awakening to inconvenient truths, they will need extraordinary amounts of emotional and healing support to help them adjust to a new reality, something they couldn’t have imagined in their wildest dreams. They will need practitioners who are not only skilled and safe, but ideally have been dialled into the truth for a good while. 

This is how strong this crisis of identity is for the confused masses. This is why truth is such an existential threat. They are firmly resistant because their denial and be-good obedience is rooted in old, unresolved fear, in survival going back many lifetimes, in illusory, self-preserving belief systems, and thus in identity. So we must be extremely patient with and sensitive to this adamancy of “you are wrong / a conspiracy theorist”, understanding what underlies it. And we must be prepared to compassionately respond to the rapid ego-confronting-and-dissolution process that comes with revelation and spiritual awakening, not saying “I told you so“, but rather “I am here for you.”

That is why you are here as an awakening or awakened Starseed Warrior. It’s why you volunteered to incarnate at this pivotal time of ascension. You have come to birth a new world through your own rebirthing, and through your loving and compassionate service to others, your supportive words and presence to those coming out of a long sleep. You have come to be the rising sun, the bright star you are, that shines as the dark night reaches its zenith and when the tears run deepest.

Shine on, everyone, and trust this great unfolding into the Golden Age!

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In reference to the noted links above:

** Scroll near the bottom of this article and you’ll see a vitally important video, an interview with the inventor of mRNA technology. With just one click, you can watch it on Bitchute. Not surprisingly, as part of the globally coordinated censorship and control of information, only days after publication on YouTube, it was taken down.

*** I am moved and inspired by this registered nurse’s incredibly powerful and courageous declaration of what is actually happening in hospitals. Watch her testimony in the video near the bottom of the article. She is a shining example of leadership and integrity, of doing what’s right, even if there are uncomfortable consequences. 

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