Awakening Your Sovereign DNA and Breaking the Spell of Submission

Awakening Your Sovereign DNA and Breaking the Spell of Submission

Submission is the spell cast upon humanity for eons. As it’s been before, it is today, and to amplified measure given what we see unfolding across the planet. Few are awake from this dream, inured they are by the powers that claim to have their best interests at heart. 

A submissive neurobiology is susceptible to this obedient ignorance. Just as the abused child grows to tolerate and normalize the abusive partner, we have accustomed ourselves to being acquiescent to corrupt systems that render us numb to our senses.

Family and education are but two examples of institutions reflective of larger bodies that portray a positive image from the outside, but carry tremendous dysfunction within the walls. Like with government and the military, church and corporations, there is deception, manipulation, all sorts of power games that commandeer powerlessness and subservience. As it is above, so it is below. Our homes and schools are in a perpetual toxic feedback loop with the sentinels of church, state and business affairs. All this we blithely call “culture”. 

From the Romans during the time of Jesus, to the British Empire and their colonial rule of India; from the church’s barbarism in corrupting belief and worth, to the corporate interests that control the media and thus the narrative and people — these larger umbrellas of influence seep down into the private corners of our lives. Children have long been taught to be seen and not heard, at home and school. From Protestant Correctional Institutions, to residential, boarding and today’s public schools, what we call “education” has been a coercive and abusive machine bent on controlling the will of children and suffocating creativity and thus the sovereignty of each child. Indeed, children have long been molded not unfolded, as Jess Lair points out, led astray from the truth of their instincts, skills, dreams and desires to become who they are not such that they fit right in. 

For millennia, we’ve lived in a culture of fitting in and doing right, and at the cost of the fingerprint soul we arrive with. Uniquely designed and destined, gifted and desirous, we do not incarnate with the purpose of amalgamating with the multitude. But survival instincts make it almost impossible to stay true to the true colours of our sovereign soul. The neurobiology of, and innate longing for, attachment makes authenticity a danger. Because without attachment to primary caregivers, a young child’s entire world is at stake. Therefore, when home and school life are unsafe and unloving, when the natural exuberance, emotionality, curiosity and imagination of childhood could lead to disapproval, a spanking, neglect, or worse, there is no choice but to adapt — to sacrifice the sovereign self to fit in, feel safe and be liked (and maybe even loved). To go from beaming rainbows to the black and white of a rigid and dogmatic survival physiology. 

Safety — emotional and physical — is a primal motivator for keeping one’s essential self at bay so as not to rattle the caregivers or the larger system. Children learn at a young age to be nice, a good girl / boy, pleasing, smart, all the things that will make mommy and daddy happy. How much room there is for a child to be who they naturally are in their exuberance depends greatly on how much room there is in each parent (and teacher) to be their naturally, spontaneous self. Because adults struggle to embody the richness of their full spectrum, wild and free innocence, they, often without awareness, suffocate the child’s spirit, or simply ignore it. What they consider “for the child’s own good” discipline and rules are very often laced with unresolved projection rooted in trauma. The unconscious belief is, if I control my child, I get to remain in control — a self-control adaptation that caregivers needed in order to cope and survive when young. 

Indeed, at home, school, church and elsewhere, we live in a culture that, for a very long time, has communicated to children that the adult holds the power and the child must submit to that power. Engrained, systemic patterns of physical punishment, sexual abuse (much more rampant than people realize), “Do what I say and not what I do”, “Spare the rod, spoil the child”, will do that, and will force children to leave their innocence to be who they have to be to survive. 

For the scarred and scared child there becomes a certain way to be. And with that certainty must come certainty! (And no, there’s no mistake in my wording.)

Needing certainty
The more one’s life is dependent on being certain, the more certain one has to be about self and life.

To briefly summarize: to survive the aforementioned power-over systems, a child has to be a certain way. Her natural self doesn’t cut it. It’s not enough, or it’s not safe. It might invite being yelled at, being hit, or further pushing away the same people she biologically needs. Or her “misbehaviour” may contribute to an already tense and unpredictable home or classroom, making it that much more unbearable. For all these reasons she must be certain, not just about how she ought to be, but about life itself. 

For the refugee who has one shot at crossing the boarder or the abuse victim who has one chance to make it out that door, survival depends on getting it right. Wrong is not an option. For the refugee, abuse victim and, yes, the terrified or neglected child, a wrong decision can mean life. Remember — a child’s whole sense of self is dependent on that secure attachment. 

A traumatized child needs to know her unpredictable and unsafe environment well — the tendencies of mommy, daddy, teacher — to ensure she won’t get scolded, hit, etc. A hallmark of trauma survivors is chronic hyper vigilance. The neurobiology is wired for threat, wired for making sure. The child has to be sure, instead of joyfully unsure; instead of trusting and resting in all is well and all is being taken care of; instead of innocently acting upon the wild eruptions of the spontaneous emotional body and instinctive heart. Her authenticity cannot arise naturally from the depth of the unknown that is the domain of the heart, for now she needs to rise up into the thinking mind to make certain that authenticity is welcome or safe.

Now, consider historically how much humanity has been operating from a survival physiology. If you peek into enough ancestral lines as I have in my thousands of hours of client work, or simply study the story of suffering plaguing our planet for millennia, if you consider how much children have been abused and neglected, you’ll realize how certain people have had to be about themselves and life in order to survive. 

With enough practice, children become adept at certainty. They become so good at it that they forget they’re adapting, forget who they are in essence. This loss of innocence — in essence — is the deep tragedy ubiquitous to humanity. 

School comes and the child is graded and ranked, sometimes publicly, based on how well she knows. If her certainty is high, she gets an A, and likely lots of praise. But if not, she gets a C, or worse, and possibly receives shaming from other kids, and a scolding at home, or worse. School reinforces the survival psychophysiology that says I must be certain to survive, be liked, fit in. It deepens the neurological grooves of fear and strengthens the dependency on submission and certainty. 

Growing older, we enter a world where “knowledge is power” and uncertainty is to be avoided — because it had to be avoided. Certainty leads to “success”, as breaded in the education system, and success gives needed certainty, the security we lacked as children that comes from secure attachment — from knowing all is well and all is being taken care of. The impoverished state of unconscious insecurity is still there, of course, unresolved, and from the shadows creates the current cultural dependency on certainty and addictions to busyness and achieving “success” that cannot fill the painful void beneath certainty. 

Get the loop (that you may need to read a few times)? Round and round it goes! 

Certainty at home creates certainty at school, which then creates a society filled with people looking for the security of certainty. Certainty isn’t the problem. There are things I want to be certain about, like my schedule. Rather, it’s the addictive, chronic and unconscious pattern that is the troubling issue here, one the dark forces have long leveraged for their own power grab. 

Origins of fear
“Your body holds your stories: personal, ancestral and cultural.” — Bettina Rothe

It has been the way for millennia. From the church that burned pagans, to the monarchy that stole wealth and land, to the enslavement of people of colour, to the cultural forces that have suppressed women’s rights, it has long been the story of suffering. And we are not separate from this history. In fact, we carry it in the living library of our DNA.

Your shame and fears, and, yes, your desires, gifts and talents as well, all continue forward at the soul level through electrons. This sub-atomic particle is the vector for consciousness that codes the DNA, one lifetime after another, as far back as ancient civilization. Add the influence of ancestral trauma that epigenetically passes down through the generations, as well as the cellular imprints of conditioning from this lifetime, and you have a genetic manuscript that potentiates your fate — and a manuscript that’s wary of expressing its power for reasons mentioned. 

We are wary because we know, without full conscious awareness, our history. Those subtle genetic memory imprints say be careful, don’t stand out too much, don’t speak your truth, or else! Our living library remembers lifetimes of severe punishment — of being imprisoned for being true to ourselves, of getting burnt at the stake for owning our magick. The quantum fear inherited from our foremothers and forefathers stemming from obedience to the patriarchy, from being beaten as children far worse than children are today, travels down and lands right into our genome. 

Our lives are not completely our own because our DNA is not sovereign. It is not the pure expression of our higher self. It is a corrupted DNA because we’ve long lived in corrupted times. 

Programmed at the sub atomic level to fear and be submissive, we are prey to those who are primed to take advantage; who know how to use their power to capitalize on our powerlessness, our victimhood, our fear; to have us agree when we don’t know what we are agreeing to. We do so because we are afraid, like giving misinformed consent to misleading narratives, such as a reason to invade a country or the (toxic) vaccine agenda.

Fear prompts such a reactionary response; because fear wants certainty, as it did when we were scared and naive children. And that desperation creates a co-dependancy on authorities who appear to hold the truth and who want our blind approval; a co-dependency that mirrors, feeds and perpetuates the disempowered childhood acquiescence to adult authority.

A traumatized physiology struggles to critically think and feel into the nuance of the nefarious agendas at play. The amygdala and brainstem are “hijacked” to be on chronic high fear alert; and the cortex, or “watch tower”, which is responsible for self-regulation and critical thinking, loses influence to the sub cortical regions dominated by threat response. Add the fact that when the fearful, calculating, need-to-be-certain mind is over-engaged, the intelligence of the heart and gut is overshadowed. Reactionary responses usurp body wisdom, which leaves people even more unable to have the subtle perception required to sense something isn’t quite right. It renders people vulnerable to black and white and literal thinking, and to those who proffer “here’s what you need to know” certainty. 

Again, I must re-state — because we crave that certainty due to our unresolved fear and our struggle to operate from felt-sense and grounded critical thinking, and because we are wired to give power away, we look to others to give us the truth. Truth, as portrayed and interpreted, feeds the security that certainty seeks in a deeply insecure world. 

A friend of mine succinctly summarizes this well: “Defended against our own truth, we defend the perceived truths proposed to us.” 

And where do people go for “truth”, especially now during these uncertain times? The “news”.

Please be aware: the “news” that people make their alter of authority, often for hours a day, has been purposely designed to scare you. Have you ever wondered why it is so sensationalized with what if, what now, be alert, triggers? The emotional charge and instability it creates draws people further in, like a good horror movie we can’t turn away from. Like the church with its wrathful God, the media can better control us if we are afraid. Because, again, fear wants the certainty that the “news” of media (and church) gives. The desperation of fear makes us agreeable when, deep inside, the body, overridden by trauma-wiring, says wait a second…

And who controls the media? The ruling class we are waking up to, the legacy of a patriarchal system that goes far back in time and whose impact we carry in our DNA today. This is who the masses are ultimately giving their power to, much more than they realize. The overarching 1% that influences all means of systems; that, from top down, corrupts homes, schools, businesses, spiritual practice, politics etc, and that make the commoner normalize such things as physical and emotional abuse. Indeed, they are the low density “frequency holders” of greed, corruption, fear and shame that unwittingly influence humanity’s feelings, beliefs and actions. 

Only six companies control 90% of the media outlets worldwide, and those companies are run by this oligarchy. Bernie Sanders said in this interview that “The media is an arm of the ruling class of this country.” The corporate media is their propaganda machine to control and domesticate the people; to strip away democratic values and free, critical thinking; to distort and sway, to incite reactionary responses to misperceived notions, such as this pandemic. Though it may seem the news is the will and consent of the journalists, it’s the elites who hold the media hostage and dominate ideology. 

Remember: Whoever controls the narrative, controls the people. 

It’s worth your critical thinking time to wonder why the “news” would need to pump so much fear into our minds? It’s not even 50/50. Just like the church with its fear-based doctrines of control, these power figures know exactly what they are doing. They know how to scare us right into their laps — into their insatiable need for power, which is ultimately, more than wealth, what they want. 

But they want something else, something specific…

What’s starting to come to light is the most disturbing of all: the growing presence of child-sex trafficking and exploitation, the fastest growing criminal activity in the world that’s run, yes, by this 1% oligarchy. I strongly encourage you to do your research. I must admit, it took me a while for it to really hit home. It was important enough for me to do my research and reflective work on. As hard as it may be to learn about, because it will likely trigger you, we all need to become aware of it. It’s our children, after all. 

It’s worth wondering why the mainstream media doesn’t report child-sex trafficking and exploitation. How come so few are talking about it? How can large numbers of children suddenly disappear from an area and you don’t hear about it on the “news”? 

Remember, who controls the media…

All this is a hard swallow for most, as its digestion can turn one’s life upside down. Just like how my clients cannot bear to believe that their parents’ seemingly “normal” behaviours (like spanking) were, in truth, deeply destructive, the multitude will struggle to absorb the truth that our institutions seemingly well-intended interests have nefarious roots. 

The truth hurts. And “We must always be disturbed by the truth”, says Zen Master, Dogen. We must be willing to question enough beyond the mainstream narrative, as well as go into our hearts, to find the unpopular, uncomfortable truth. It’s our duty to ourselves and each other. It’s the only way we’ll break free from this spell of submission. 

Ultimately, the truth must come from within. It comes in progressive degrees when we heal, and improve our self-regulation and access to felt sense and critical thinking. At the sub atomic level, truth comes to light when the genetically coded memory imprints that cause us to fear our voice, fear standing out, fear our power, for fear of punishment, are transmuted — the ground work for breaking the spell of submission and awakening our sovereign DNA.

Given everything I’ve listed above, the world needs your voice and sovereign power. It needs your awakened leadership. It needs to hear the truth from your own liberated truth!

Awakening Your Sovereign DNA

In the extreme times of control and corruption we live in, sovereignty is the key word, an increasingly important state we must strive for. Not certainty. For how well can chronic certainty serve us when times are becoming exponentially uncertain?

The biggest threat to the ruling elites is a free and critically thinking, embodied, and thus empowered populous that subtly perceives through the nonsense pouring forth from the mainstream media. It’s a people that have the capacity to question, and a willingness to say No, this doesn’t feel right, I will not tolerate this, I do not agree or condone, I will not be treated this way, I deserve more — all things we couldn’t safely say to our parents, clergyman and the education system.

Words suppressed for eons. 

Indeed, your sovereignty is your independence and power, your right to be true to the unique blueprint you are. Un-interfered with, it is your power to be the creative force you are, in alignment with your higher self or soul. In sovereignty, you are the principle steward of your destiny, as determined by your thoughts, emotions and feelings, and the gifts you bear. 

Rather than the co-dependent state certainty craves and loses power in, a sovereign being is co-independent — a whole, self-sufficient and incredibly resourceful creator in a relational field with others, and life. This is a preferred term over the commonly used inter-dependence, which has two relational words, instead of one of I and one of WE. 

The healthy state of co-independence is the living expression of DNA that is sovereign of impressions that would lean one towards co-dependence. This person does well to honour, balance and express both the co and the independent. In right relationship to others, Mother Earth and the intelligent Cosmos, yet attuned to their unique sovereign interiority, that person lives and works with inner and outer harmony.

Though a sovereign being still lives in a dysfunctional world and must rely on certain old energy or carbon-based items, like fossil fuels, they, in their awakened state, see with open eyes the truth amongst the fear and the chaos of the crumbling patriarchal institutions / matrix. They perceive clearly while not getting as entangled as they used to, not like the multitude do. For, they intuitively sense / know what most do not. The program of submission has been cleared away enough from their genetic motherboard, and now they live off an upgraded operating system that knows at the embodied, quantum level the nefarious agendas at play.

And with this awareness anchored in, they own their power, and do not tolerate the culturally sanctioned systems of control like coercive education and industrial farming so many blindly acquiesce to. 

I want to make clear this is not an intellectual understanding. This is not achieved by research, though research can help. Rather it’s a cellular knowing, a heart opening, a radical shift in consciousness that begins with quantum healing.

To be brief, quantum healing transmutes older, denser, victim-perpetrator consciousness stored in the DNA from its carbon state to increasing expressions of crystalline light — higher states of pure consciousness — that “download” into and “reformat” our genetic motherboard. This upgraded DNA is what Kaia Ra in her book The Sophia Code calls your Divine Genome. In the same way humanity is upgrading from carbon to solar, and in the same way diamonds (crystals) are the alchemical products of carbon, the human race is currently going through a monumental upgrade from a carbon to crystalline (crystal) quantum intelligence. We are awakening to the sovereign light beings we are as expressed through — anchored into — our genome. 

When this level of sovereignty is achieved, we become aware that we have everything we need within. The entire Universe, and all its ancient knowledge, our gifts and purpose for being here, exist in our now upgraded DNA. This is our Cosmic, sovereign inheritance as unique holographic souls of Oneness. 

It’s important to also state that this quantum awakening includes the activation of what scientists call “junk” DNA. According to them, 98% percent of our DNA is dormant. This has confounded scientists for a long time; hence the simplistic deduction of “junk”. But nothing in Nature is “junk”. All serves a purpose.

That purpose is that your 98% is a repository for dormant light codes. Light codes are the DNA of your higher self, nestled in tight against your biological DNA, longing to have their voice. They are the ancient language of the stars hidden “asleep”, waiting for their time of wakefulness. They are sacred seeds of divine knowing waiting to blossom you into sovereign remembrance. 

The time for waiting for this sovereign awakening is over. The long era of evolving through suffering is coming to a close. We are now in a rapid ascension process into our divine genome and power. That is what is happening right now across the world. We are waking up to the light of who we really are, into our remembrance as Cosmic beings. Into our full — 100% used — genetic potential. 

As we wake up, as millions continue to activate their divine genome, the dark will get darker, as we see happening now with this pandemic push. The shadows will fight harder to suppress and control the rising light. It is the co-arising of dark and light that we also experience internally; like when we choose to step into our power and the old shadows within say don’t! 

But the light is getting brighter, more powerful. Through the activation of the divine genome, we are becoming aware of the dark forces at play that have always been there running the show. We see them more clearly for what they are. It’s why child-sex trafficking and exploitation, global surveillance, Big Pharma, etc are being called out more than ever. The lights are coming on at the DNA level! We are claiming our voice and breaking the spell of submission. 

Rise of the 99%

It’s up to us, as always. 

Let’s pretend that it’s in actuality 99% that is dormant, not the scientifically estimated 98%. Then we have the 1% running the show, a 1% that is corrupted by eons of lies. But as the 99% comes to life and takes its stand, the 1% loses its dominion of power. 

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Contextualize this at the macrocosmic level with the entirety of humanity being one body and with its own global genome. As the 99%, spread across the world in the larger body of humanity, increasingly heal themselves, and clear lifetimes of victim-perpetrator consciousness, we, collectively, create the space for our sovereign crystalline DNA to take hold and transform our species. 

The 99%, through the very power of their awakening presence, transform the corrupted 1%. Light does that to dark!

This is, in my humble opinion, the most important global project. And fortunately there is a rapidly growing movement to heal and wake up; each person being an enlightening gene in the body of humanity with their power activated through the awakening of their sovereign DNA. With enough activation and co-independence, there will be a tipping point in consciousness that accelerates the timeline further for a new, awakened humanity and world. 

These are what these pivotal times are about. The news will tell you to obey, as we’ve done for millennia. But your soul, the one you were taught to deny when young to survive, says otherwise. And the inner star child in you that questions relentlessly, and that feels cellularly when something is wrong, has an important voice to be heard, as well. 

Like children do, question everything, including yourself. You have come to this planet at these times, that are unlike any other, to change the course of humanity. A Golden Age, indeed, you are here to participate in the collective awakening by courageously being, saying and doing what has, for centuries, been suppressed. 

Don’t try to fit in and be liked, the things your survival depended on as a child, and in previous lifetimes. For the more you feel what’s underneath the rigid patterns of disembodied certainty, the more you will be like the sages of days past who lived on the margins, ran secret mystery schools and invited others to join them. 

More than anything, this is about learning to love ourselves, each other, and Mother Earth, so much that it becomes almost impossible to live blindly and tolerate the intolerable. 

Healing is the starting point. Clearing out the programming and trauma imprints from this and previous lifetimes, from your ancestry, and from the collective. That’s stage one. Stage two is the magnetic activation of your entire genome. 

First there must be quantum space, and healing creates that. Second, that space can then be filled with your crystalline light body. It can anchor in, which allows you to re-perceive life with the discerning embodied awareness of your higher self. 

The work I do healing and empowering people with the gift of Starlight is my invitation to you. Done in person and remotely, please have a look at the various ways I can support you to awaken your sovereign DNA. 

I wish you the absolute best in your courageous journey of living true to your divine nature. 

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  1. Some very powerful insights on the deep trauma us humans are carrying… and the complex issues of our traumatized and patriarchal society (which is coming into full view now, with the help of articles like this). A strong reminder to question and think for ourselves, ro feel into the heart… and heal. For ourselves and for the planet. Thank you, Vince.

  2. Wow, Thank you Vince. This is incredible. I resonate completely. So perfectly expressed and delivered.
    May hearts awaken and come to see that their pain inside is an incredible gift of awakening and empowerment. I choose to be here ✨
    Love already won and we’re here participating and calling it in with open hearts!
    The darkness is doing all it can to hold and regain control.. while we stand with open arms and hearts lighting it up.
    May all children be free ?
    Thank you for the amazing work you do. Julie

    • Thanks Julie, your words are poetically charged and so filled with inspiring truth! Blessings to you, and yes, Love has already won!

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