Feeling, Uncertainty & Truth: Expanding Three Thresholds for this Chaotic Collective Awakening

Feeling, Uncertainty & Truth: Expanding Three Thresholds for this Chaotic Collective Awakening

Things are not what they seem. We have a view of reality that has been given to us, that is passed through the generations, shared through the media, from family and friends, through our work and schooling, and even through spiritual communities and books. These influences create paradigms of perception and conceptual realities we are convinced convey the truth of things; yet most, if not all, is a veil. 

Awakening is not convenient to our thought bubble and identity because we must be willing to have even our most comforting ideas of self and life stripped away. And when enough space has been created through the unravelling of what is not, we can finally open to the truth of what is.

I had a dream. 

I was visiting an advanced tribal society and was greeted by the Chief of the village, a wise woman clearly grounded in her sovereign power and leadership. She invited me into her home, sat me down, and then told me that they had a way of assessing one’s level of soul maturity in her community. It was based on three thresholds. One: what is their threshold for feeling? Two: what is their threshold for uncertainty? And three: what is their threshold for truth? 

All three are interrelated, I realized; and they determined how well the members of this high society surrendered and opened to life, in all its possibilities. 

When I woke from the dream, I realized something else: that she was giving me a clear message about these chaotic and awakening times — how to be with them; what they summon us towards.

Emotion and Truth
To be with hard truths, we must be with the emotional body. Deny the body, and we deny truth — inside and out. The question front and centre during these darkening days is: how willing are you to be disturbed by the truth? 

People have different levels of tolerance for emotion. Some can comfortably feel anger more than sadness, fear more than disgust. There are people who have a much harder time being in joy than with sadness. The familiarity of sadness is more comfortable and secure than the wide open spaces that joy invite them into. It’s much easier to collapse into and hide in sorrow than feel good inside. For many, feeling good is a threat to the familiarity of feeling bad, and to one’s addiction to suffering. 

Most people in the western world have a small window of tolerance, a term coined by Dr. Dan Siegel, for difficult and unfamiliar emotions. Their capacity to be with the vulnerabilities and the uncertainties that come with sinking into the shadows of the body is elementary. They struggle with letting go of control, which is what happens when one gives themselves over to their tears, the red hot energy of anger and rage, and to emotions like joy and delight. 

We know that denial of the emotional body is a coping mechanism for dealing with adverse experiences. It is one way we overcome and move on, and do our best to forget what happened. This psychosomatic adaptation not only denies emotion, but denies the truth of the corresponding difficult experiences that were overwhelming to our system. This is particularly real during childhood, when we with our immature brain didn’t have the capacity to self-regulate; and our parents didn’t have the capacity to co-regulate with us — to sooth our difficult emotions — due to their own stresses and dysregulation. Without enough inner and outer resources, we have no other choice as children but to suppress not only those big emotions, but, to varying degrees, the truth of what happened that gave rise to those difficult feelings. We suppress the sadness, anger, disgust, fear, while denying the extent or legitimacy of their concomitant experiences like neglect, physical abuse or sexual abuse.

Sometimes, especially in cases of severe adverse childhood experiences, our psychological survival adaptations kick in and completely suppress the memory that any abuse or neglect happened. It is not uncommon for people to live their entire life without realizing the truth that they were sexually abused in childhood. This is more common than people understand. The other adaptation as it pertains to the truth of what happens is that our unconscious survival instincts partially conceal it, such that we as adults have some faint recollection, but it’s a bit of a haze. 

The other unconscious survival strategy that can be relevant to both the aforementioned adaptations is to distort the facticity of what happened in such a way that makes the child believe that it is their fault; that they were abused because they are bad or wrong inherently or deserve to be punished, which protects the image of the parent as being infallible. That false image, that self-deception, is vital to the attachment-oriented child who absolutely needs to believe that their parents have their best interests at heart, and would never purposely harm them. 

Transitioning a bit, if we now expand our view to the frenetic western world, we can see one full of very active people, busying about, distracted and exhausted, who have made a life out of running. Most of them do not realize how much this is so, inured they are to this normalized pace, while ignorant of what they are running from, and why. They run, certainly because there are things that must be done, deadlines to meet, every day aspects of life that demand a degree of body-mind swiftness; yet they also run as an expression of their unresolved survival adaptations. They run from themselves, from the shadows of suppressed emotion and truth in their psychobiology. 

It doesn’t help that we live in a society that praises and rewards being busy much more than being slow. Just look at how we greet each other — we say, “Keeping busy?” Or if someone asks how you are, the response is often, “Keeping busy”. We talk about all the things we’ve been doing, and yet offer little room for what is felt in our heart. We talk, forgetting that we are not human doings, but rather human beings, and vulnerable ones at that. (“How are you doing,” we ask, much more than “How are you feeling?”)

We disclose thoughts, not feelings; intellect, not intuition; plans, not presence; past and future, not what exists here, now, the truth in our body. That’s where our emotions, our hearts, exist – here and now. And it’s why so many people struggle being in the present moment; they have a hard time being with what’s true and real in their feeling soma, in all its messy glory.

Remember, as scared, overwhelmed children without a secure, soothing attachment with a primary caregiver, we learned that being in the moment was unsafe. It was unsafe to be intimately here and now in our body, with those big emotions, emotions that were far too big to hold on our own with our underdeveloped neurobiology. 

And so we left the heart and the emotional body to travel north, up into safer grounds of the thinking, calculating mind; a mind we could rely on to properly ascertain if we were safe through its analytical, planning skills. A reasoning mind that determined whether we should go upstairs when our unpredictable father got home, or whether we should say nothing when our mother looked at us with stone cold eyes. A thinking mind that got further entrenched in patterns of analysis and calculation in a school system that conditioned us to believe our worth was related to how well we thought versus how much we felt, including our heartfelt intuition; and where right was better than wrong, which forged a right-and-wrong rigid and binary survival mindset depended on for mitigating punishment and ridicule, both at school and home. 

I need to do/get it right, or else I will get spanked by daddy; or else mommy will not love me; or else I will get made fun of at school again, or have my mouth taped shut.

The shallow, thinking mind becomes a haven for truth and discernment, while the intuitive, feeling body becomes ignored. 

In more ways that I’m willing to elucidate in this article, we have been trained to disconnect in order to survive, and to remain disconnected in “progressive”, hectic modernity. That is one way of understanding trauma — a state of disconnection. That disconnection is from both the emotions and their corresponding truths (Eg: It’s my fault. They are not at fault.). When that disconnection remains unattended to, as is the case for most in the western world, then the masses make a life out of running from versus connecting with the shadows within that hold those difficult emotions and concealed concomitant truths. They live with degrees of self-deception and distortions of perception due to the level of denial within and the litany of debilitating effects that trauma and programming have on the psychobiology (imprints that also come from past lives and our ancestors).

Where I am leading you ultimately in this article is this: Disconnected within, this then transfers into an outer disconnection from reality, a confused distortion of perception we currently witness in the unhealed, sleepy majority who struggle to discern truth from fiction; who cannot feel into the truth of what is actually occurring in this theatre of oppression.

Emotional Bandwidth & Heart-felt Knowing
Truth struggles to come home to the protected heart that conceals painful emotions and truths from an earlier time.

Emotional Bandwidth

Deny the emotional body and its associated dark, messy truths, the traumatizing stories of adverse childhood experiences, and we are prone to deny the dark, messy truths that are increasingly making themselves known across our global stage. We deny the dark truths ubiquitous to our troubled world because we cannot be with them. We cannot digest them. Just like as scared children we couldn’t be with and digest not just the big emotions, but the reality that we could not trust our parents. Which is why, as mentioned, children generally blame themselves for what is occurring; it’s just too devastating to believe that their parents, who they need for their survival, would molest them, beat them with a belt, or completely deny they exist.

What are these dark truths? Well, I have written extensively about them (see here & here) and will briefly summarize what you likely already know: We are witnessing a globally coordinated nefarious “vaccine” agenda and the mass manipulation of consciousness led by the ruling elite and their dark Luciferian overlords; a propaganda driven plan that has been in the works for hundreds of years that is now being insidiously and systemically implemented by their many operatives and agents in all our major institutions. These deeply troubled souls are heavily invested not just in hijacking our DNA, but even more, in child rape trafficking and exploitation, the fastest growing criminal activity in the world. As I make clear particularly in the second linked article, it is this latter abhorrent agenda that ultimately drives the dark forces, more than their pursuit of AI integration and mass global surveillance. 

How does a world full of people who are so traumatized and disconnected from the realities of their emotional body and history respond to these stark realities, these dark truths? How well can one open to disturbing truths if they’re unwilling to feel disturbed, to be with somatic discomfort compassionately and skilfully? If too busy running from the perturbations in their body, their inner world, while held captive by mentation and the matrix, how much can they sense, digest and sit with the deeper disturbances of the outer world, without running; how well can they discern truth from fiction? As was the case for many in childhood when terrified, there simply is not the emotional bandwidth to take in this overwhelming information because they can’t digest the overwhelming feelings. 

To make this abundantly simple and clear: I can be with disturbing truths to the extent that I have a window of tolerance for feeling disturbed. When truth becomes too much, it’s often a sign that I do not have the emotional bandwidth for it. It takes me out of my thresholds for feeling, uncertainty and truth. 

I turn away from truth, often quickly, stubbornly; it is not a conscious choice, but an unconscious reaction. Something in my body says: truth is unsafe; truth is a threat (which I’ll get into more further down); just like how truth was a threat to us as children who could not handle big emotions and needed to believe that our parents had our best interests at heart; just like how the truth of one’s history continues to be a threat to so many busy disem-bodies — to their survival adaptations that must deny, and thus to the survival identity itself, also known as the ego.

As this pertains to the threshold of uncertainty, to really digest inconvenient truths means not only unexpected or unwelcome feelings, but opening to the unknown in general. In taking in new, inconvenient truths and integrating their concomitant emotions, we must part from what we thought was true. Life is no longer what we believe it to be. 

When you consider how terrifying the unknown is for most, and how the journey of healing and awakening is about surrendering to the unknown, then you can better understand why it is one of the three thresholds, and how it is interwoven with the other two; and why people want to hang on to perceived truths, inside and out. (Much more to come on this.)

Heart-felt Knowing

The other thing that must be considered in this exploration of why so many resist what is so obvious, is the intuitive heart — the inability or unwillingness to trust it. 

It is in the heart that we discern truth. Truth is in the heart, we say. Or, after digesting something difficult, such that our alcoholic father did sexually abuse us, we say, I finally took it to heart (after a year of intensive inner work and decades of denial). 

When we come home to the heart, we come home to truth. When we come home to truth, we come home to the heart.

Despite what the scientific and academic mind may think, it is not the intellect that ultimately decides truth, for the intellect is limited to time and the material world; nor is the pineal gland that receives psychic information the determiner of truth. It is the Light of Truth of our higher self that has the final say, a light that shines most brightly through the heart, and that discerns through the fog and darkness of this troubled world. 

Truth is a heart knowing that says: Something is off; I must turn and walk away; I need to set a clear boundary here; I gotta step forward into that opportunity. Truth is a heart resonance that communicates something does or does not feel right. The language of the heart is feeling (often very subtle, not necessarily strong emotion). We discern through our capacity to feel truth. 

It feels true to me!  

Do you think you love your children, or do you know you love your children? How do you know? It feels true. You don’t believe it’s true, you know it’s true. And that knowing expresses itself in the language of feeling, a feeling heart that does not, cannot lie. (More on heart-felt knowing [vs knowledge] here.)

How many times as a child did an adult ask you: What does your heart say? What feels true to you? Versus, how many times did adults tell you what to think, tell you what to believe, tell you what to do? Whether that be our parents, teachers or ministers, we have been conditioned to have an external locus of control, which means defining ourselves and our reality based on outer sources, versus the Higher Source of our Soul. (Not surprisingly, research suggests that an external locus of control correlates with anxiety and depression.)

In my experience of leading intuition workshops to thousands across Canada, I can tell you how hard it is for people to trust their heart’s knowing, and thus feelings. Many of my participants struggle to even believe intuition exists. There is doubt that they have a soul; or they see themselves purely as a rational brain and lump of flesh. And because they are busy parents and workers lost in the sensory plane, they spend little to no time connecting to their heart, slowing enough to hear its whispering words. This does not mean they never feel and make decisions from the heart; they are loving people, after all. It’s just that it’s one thing to do it consciously and intentionally, and another to do it without conscious awareness. 

One of the things I’ve learned is that the deepest wound is to the human heart. And that when our heart is protected, its wisdom is more concealed, including its capacity to discern truth from fiction, to know what feels right. Though the soul’s light is infinitely more powerful than any pain and darkness we carry, trauma does override instinct to some degree, making us more prone to make unhealthy decisions and be taken advantage of — to believe media propaganda and that the “vaccine” is a legitimate medical solution.

It’s worth noting that there are many traumatized people with wounded hearts who have never done any healing work, and yet have a strong capacity to critically think, dissect and discern, to put 2 + 2 together, and who feel their hearts enough to see through the bullshit and know truth from fiction. Again, just because someone has a wounded heart doesn’t mean truth is completely shrouded. Our capacity to discern extends far beyond our trauma’s influence — childhood, ancestral or past life — to the heart of the soul; to the wisdom, gifts and abilities we bring forth from previous incarnations that enable us to feel into darkness this lifetime. (Most awake to the dark agenda have done little to no inner work — this lifetime.)

And so I balance this previous point with the clear fact that innumerable, busy-minded people do struggle disregarding authority, having an internal locus of control, and following their heart. Moreover, there are many inexperienced or young souls on this planet who are simply naive to what is happening. All these people are prone to trust the “fact-checked facts” and “science” our bureaucrats are pumping through their propaganda machines; to, just as we experienced when young, have the outside world define reality for them based on what they are being told is true, versus what feels true. 

Taking all this in — the inter-relationship between low emotional bandwidth, distrusting the feeling-heart, fearing uncertainty and hard inner and outer truths — to highlight the multitudinous experience: it has become clear for throngs of awakened warriors that no matter the determined efforts to offer evidence and elucidate the hypocrisies, to convey what is so utterly obvious to resistant family members and friends, after yet one more rejection, the growing red-pilling army are left scratching their heads, asking one of the most frequently asked questions in the last two years: “How do they not know?!!

Spiritually impoverished, traumatized, programmed, externally- and logically-oriented, obedient, lacking experience from previous lifetimes, and with low thresholds for feeling, uncertainty and truth, this outright resistance, ignorance and naivety among the multitude is inevitable… That is, until the external crisis is strong enough to create an internal crisis and reckoning; a falling apart of the resisting survival identity, an opening to what has been denied, inside and out, and an expansion of the three thresholds.  

Breaking Down, Breaking Open, Breaking Free
“Make no mistake about it — enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the façade of pretense. It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.” ~ Adyashanti, The End of Your World

There is no transformation of the world without a transformation in human consciousness.

The overarching, monstrous dark truths are absolutely, without question, far too much for countless dysregulated and unattended psychobiologies. They threaten the self-preservation strategies long held in place that must deny in order to cope and survive. They threaten the self afraid to critically think, to look at and listen to various options beyond the official narrative, which dares thresholds to expand. They threaten the self terrified of vulnerability, of the uncertainty that comes when one’s world crumbles, all one thought was true.

Yet, that is what the healing and awakening journey is about. Listen to spiritual teachers, seasoned healing practitioners, or anyone who has travelled far enough on their heroic healing journey, and they will tell you that healing and awakening are not for the faint of heart. We must be willing to confront significant disillusionment. What we thought true is not true at all. 

Across the planet in this chaotic storm what we are witnessing in growing measure is a breaking down, breaking open and breaking free — inside and out. Inner and outer illusions enmeshed and codependent are collapsing in synchrony, creating space for something new to emerge. 

What I now attempt to elucidate is complex, paradoxical, full of nuance, and far too big a subject to adequately address in this limited format. Yet to teach these three thresholds within the context of this global crisis, I must, at minimum, plant the seed of how innumerable toxic inter-relationships that form the matrix web of this 3D bubble are, in their collapsing, creating the escalating hysteria.

It’s not hard to see how the patriarchal empire is collapsing. Here are just four examples: people have lost faith in the church; the mainstream media propagating the dark narrative is sinking in the ratings (while those speaking out are rising to the top); with concerns growing about the state controlled manipulation in our “education” systems, (see critical race theory), there are more and more parents pulling their kids from school; people are waking up to the hypocrisies, such as our politicians banding together in boozing parties (masks off?) while the public cannot visit dying loved ones; they cannot be there for their final breath, as has been the case.

As the outer system continues to break down, as cracks form in its variegated fortress walls, hidden truths are breaking through, shining upon the people. A few things we are waking up to include: his-tory has been distorted and covered up, countless revelations have been hidden or destroyed, like the burning of the Great Library of Alexandria, to keep us asleep to our power; the government is spying on us through its unconstitutional influence on Big Tech; and the big one — the world has been run by a dark pedophilic ruling elite, enslaving humanity for thousands of years.

Disillusionment, indeed! What we thought true, such that our government, though imperfect, would never, ever enact tyranny, is not true at all. We are waking up to the magnitude of how manipulated and controlled we have been, and the extent of evil at hand.

What makes this disillusionment and breakdown so difficult for so many is that we have been a people that have been incredibly enmeshed and codependent with our many corrupted systems. We have fully bought into the matrix because we’ve been conditioned to fully fit into it.

The indoctrinating “education” system was designed specifically to formulate this unhealthy attachment to and identification with a deeply dysfunctional society. To make us obedient to and dependent on it. Pietist clergyman August Hermann Francke, who some consider the father of modern schools, tells us just this: “Above all it is necessary to break the natural willfulness of the child. While the schoolmaster who seeks to make the child more learned is to be commended for cultivating the child’s intellect, he has not done enough. He has forgotten his most important task, namely that of making the will obedient.” Make people obedient and they turn from their creativity. Suppress creativity and you suppress the soul, and thus truth. 

From childhood onwards, we have been programmed into the machine. We can look to the fear propaganda of the church and media as two other systems of indoctrination. These viral programs have quite literally programmed our minds into viral thinking and belief systems that disempower us and feed and sustain the viral programmed matrix. It’s a loop, a self-reinforcing system that has been purposely designed to keep us obedient and spiritually impoverished.

This is very subtle and insidious. In the same way people are wired into their smartphones and nightly “news”, creating addiction or dependency, we are neurobiologically and vibrationally wired to fit in to these corrupted systems — to become the matrix, which is why there is such a push for AI integration by the dark forces. They want to strengthen the machine by making sure all human cogs are completely a-part.

Despite this level of deception and vibrational enslavement, despite the shadows everywhere, there are incredibly good people everywhere, in all our institutions, doing incredibly good things, even with wounded hearts. If you were to faint on the street, within the blink of an eye you would likely have no shortage of compassionate support around you from (traumatized) people you’ve never met before. And, yet, even though that inherent light and love are infinitely more powerful than darkness and fear, here we are in this dense and troubling 3D school of learning, with most asleep to how dense and troubling it actually is.

Now, let’s go to the next level of this complex puzzle, drawing upon what I have already alluded to and weaving things more closely together…

Children adapt by becoming who they need to be in order to mitigate pain and suffering and increase the possibility of feeling safe, approved of, and loved (securely attached). Examples of these survival adaptations include pleasing, caretaking, being smart, tough, athletic, good, nice, obedient. By becoming a certain way, they become more certain of their environment, which makes them feel more safe. (These “personality patterns” are not simply an expression of adversity in this lifetime, but also past life experiences, and are part of our karmic curriculum. The ego is the vehicle for the soul’s learning and expansion.)

Without adequate inner work, which again, is the standard in our western world, people identify with their certain adaptations — with who they had to be to cope and survive. Their believed I AM is that of a caretaker, tough guy, etc. I am such a pleaser! They confuse the fear-based adaptation for who they really are.

Someone who has adapted to become a caretaker, intellect or tough guy, to use three examples, what kind of jobs do they get? What kind of relationships do they attract? What kind of hobbies or interests do they have? What kind of systems, infrastructures and legacy do they create? 

The broken healthcare system needs caretakers who chronically and masochistically put other people’s needs ahead of their own and are willing to work 16 hour days (while struggling to spend quality time with family). Our mind-driven “education” systems need disembodied academics who take great pride in their intellect, and yet discount the intelligence of the heart and emotions (which is what they had to do to survive). Professional sports and our military industrial complex need tough people terrified of their vulnerability.

Our governments need a populous who are good and obedient!

In each of the above examples of codependency, remember the co: each person needs the system in order to maintain their survival identity and thus thresholds; to continue hiding in seeming “normal” comfortable discomfort. The caretaker needs the healthcare system to keep care-taking — to be needed so to feel valued — and to avoid uncomfortable feelings, uncertainty and truth. The good and obedient need a government that demands “for the greater good and safety“, even if that means having bodily autonomy violated with a bioweapon. That oft-virtue signalling, fit-in-and-follow survival identity makes them feel safe and worthy, and that’s who they think they are. 

It takes believing an old lie that we are less than and deserve to be treated poorly to accept the current lies being given to us and allow those in power to abuse us.

The entertainment industry is quite happy to feed endless storylines about codependency that reinforce beliefs that we should be with another and that we need them for our happiness. Those shows make sense to and feed our survival identities and thresholds; we’re quite enamoured by them, as they validate who we think we are as incomplete and needy! This media complex also, along with video game makers and industrial agriculture, (all infiltrated by the dark forces), are quite willing to feed untold amounts of violence (including violently treated food) to the part inside of us identified with and normalizing violence, the part that feeds off of itbecause that’s what we grew up with. 

I could go on and on, but I think you get the complex codependent picture.

So, the question is: what happens if there is increasing pressure on these outer systems and they begin to collapse, as is happening now? Then there is increasing pressure on the inner systems psychologically and vibrationally enmeshed, codependent and thus identified with them.

Those identity structures begin to collapse. 

An example of this is the growing number of first responders who are struggling with surging cases of domestic violence, drug overdoses, and the general chaos in our communities. Unprecedented numbers of police officers are having to take mental health leaves, which creates shortages of staff and adds pressure on those who are doing their best to help. They are leaving because they are stressed; but also because the breaking down of outer systems is breaking open their wounded, tired hearts that are crying for attention. Their thick-skinned survival structures are collapsing, and now they need space and professional help.

From a human perspective, it’s natural for our hearts to break open to these incredible people who are doing their absolute best to be of service, and who are experiencing greater degrees of burn out. And yet, from a higher perspective, this is all part of a perfect alchemical storm that must unfold. It is a necessary and prophesied falling apart of what is false outside of us, and the false self identified with it. It is a breaking down of outer and inner systems, so there’s a breaking open of the heart and a breaking free of the soul.

The mass hysteria in the collective is a result of this break down of codependent systems rooted in unresolved trauma and viral programming. The intensity of the plan-demic is not causing but rather triggering these reactions from the shadows. The growing fear, as manifested in untold amounts of erratic behaviour and violence, is the fear that gave rise to survival adaptations and the codependency with outer systems. Collapse those systems, threatening the survival identities of the masses fused with the external ego machine, and then it must be that the shadows purge dramatically — they come to the light.

As emotions surface, so may their corresponding truths, unlocking old difficult memories from this and previous lifetimes, and leading people into all sorts of overwhelming uncertainties. People indeed are needing and will need professional support and tender care.

This pressure system is ultimately, as I write about in this article, a crisis of identity. Growing pressure is being put on the thresholds of feeling, uncertainty and truth. It is forcing those thresholds to rise, whether people like it or not — because it’s time to wake up! 

The collapsing systems are indeed forcing, yet we must also remember that we used our free will as souls to come here and be initiated and awakened through these extraordinary experiences. We knew it would be hard, and we knew the viral dark agenda that would take place that has been in the works for hundreds of years. So it is a baptism by fire and we bravely chose the initiatory wisdom of this perfect storm.

Not realizing all of this, not remembering why they came here, the majority cry out for “normal”. With a clearer understanding of how this is a crisis of identity, you may now better understand the core reason why people are desperately clinging to the comforts and familiarities of what’s-been-“normal”. This is a global crucifixion. The false self is being put on the cross and having to confront its own dissolution or death, for some more than others. 

“Every breath is a chance to be reborn spiritually. But to be reborn into a new life, you have to die before dying.” ~ Shams Tabrizi

The required destruction of the awakening process in these End Times unquestionably makes this a very intense initiation into greater thresholds for feeling, uncertainty and truth. There is no ego death and resurrection without feeling more, deep questioning, surrendering to wider unknowns, and opening to truths that transcend everything we’ve been taught to believe. There is no Glorious Beginning without a Glorious Ending. In a world where people prize the former, it’s no surprise they struggle opening to the latter. They resist out of fear because they don’t want to end inside.

In summary: We are here to learn to fall apart, which is the opposite of fitting in. It is the opposite of holding it together. It is the opposite of maintaining control. It is the opposite of being numb. And it is the opposite of keeping each threshold low, comforting us. There’s no awakening without experiencing the opposite of what our survival adaptations would have us do. There’s no transfiguration without breaking down, breaking open, and breaking free.

Service and Transcendence
“Let the end of the world be inside you, then you don’t need to fear the end of the world out there.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” ~ Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love

Weaving all of these pieces together, you can see why there is such incredible resistance to the obvious truths coming out, and to all your efforts to reveal those truths.

Just as light threatens dark, truth threatens lies. It threatens the lie that we must be servile to the false narratives of this matrix machine, and thus obedient to the obedient survival identity — the inner matrix — that would much rather fit in than stand out. Truth threatens the perennial lie we have been moulded into believing that we are anything less than the Powerful Beings of Light we are. 

Awaken to truth and see the lies, as is happening rapidly in growing numbers, and the whole ruse, the empire, collapses. Light pierces dark. They lose their power, and we are reconciled to our own. 

With all this in mind, I hope my words bring clarity to what is happening, and help you have respect for and faith in the wisdom of the perfect storm that must play out, as is. And I hope this article helps you better understand why it is so important for us to expand our thresholds if we are to be with and be of service to the purging and purification of both outer and inner shadows, this collective dark night of the soul and transfiguration.

This initiation and soul journey is not just so we transform, but so that we have expanding thresholds for this dramatic interplay of dark and light; and thus a greater capacity to serve this sacred pilgrimage without fear and its manifestations of resistance and judgment. The more we expand our thresholds, the more capacity we have to love and accept without condoning or needing to understand; the more capacity we have to not impose our certain projections of what should be, knowing that we do not know what is best for another, and what they came here to experience and learn.

It is from this higher and humble place that bows to this unfolding that we can be of greatest use. We serve while not, in any way, diminishing or denying the heavy realities of pain and suffering across our planet, or the extent of criminal activity and abuse enacted by the ruling elite. Rather, with thresholds expanding, we serve the emotional storms, terrifying unknowns, and unsettling inner and outer truths from greater degrees of unwavering presence and without the need to rescue — by being with them without fear, resistance and judgment. With thresholds expanding, we can be with and serve the entirety of the perfect storm lovingly, compassionately, fiercely, gently, wisely, from the power of our Holy Spirit, the Soul Warriors we are. 

We can, knowing dark calls forth the Light.

I will leave you with this, a stretch, perhaps, for the awakening soul you are, an inquiry of sorts to move you beyond any “freedom fighter” identification and into higher states of — an expanded threshold for — Unconditional Love, which is your true nature, the Prime Curriculum, what all of us are embodying and ascending into through our many heroic lifetimes of soul expansion: 

Is it possible that you had at least one lifetime out of your hundreds where you went down some long, dark and perhaps evil roads? 

“He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone at her.” (John 8:7)

With enough inner alchemy through our many lifetimes, we can be with everything, serve everything, as everything. We fully transcend our karma and thus thresholds for being love, and all its expressions like compassion, faith, forgiveness and acceptance. 

This is what the perfect storm of these extraordinary times summons us towards— this level of expansion, this level of at-one-ment, this level of mastery.

Blessings to you, courageous one, as you venture forth into the Golden Age!

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Healing & Activation: My invitation to you is to participate in my online healing and activation ceremonies. Drawing upon the power and mystery of Starlight and its many emanations, transformation takes place at the quantum or cellular level, creating radical changes in health and empowerment.

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Check out Vince’s book: Wild Empty Spaces ~ Poems for the Opening Heart

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