From Being a Helper to Being of Service

From Being a Helper to Being of Service

One who is of
knows something
the helper
does not.

Well-intentioned, the helper climbs
into the well of suffering
to join someone in their darkness.

They try to help,
and so often do,
but in their helping
get lost in and with the
suffering other,

mixing and mingling with their pain.

And this is because,
without knowing it,
helpers often seek to help themselves,
to heal their unresolved pain,
the suffering other.

The greater the
the greater the impulse can be to

I will lead you out of the well
I myself am lost in.

And so we join together in this old dance,
not realizing that on some level
I am asking you
to help me
as I am helping you.

Caregiving then easily becomes

The one of service, on the other hand,
has traveled far enough
along their arduous healing pilgrimage,

layer after layer
of tearful unravelling,

humbly brought to their knees,

to hear,
ancient whispers
of forgotten wisdom:

There is only so much you can do for others.
Let Oneness take care of the rest.

With one foot in the Great Mystery
and one on Earth,
tethered to the light of their soul,
the one in service does not lose themselves as easily
in the dark well of another’s suffering.

They know, feel themselves enough now.

They feel the light of their
very being,
their power,

and from it
offer a new way
out of the well of darkness.

The old habit,
the quest to help “change the world”,
slowly ends.

The Light of Oneness
can now change the world
through them.

The inner opening is clear enough,
the vessel
for Life
to take hold through,

take its rightful seat on
the throne of the body,
at long last,
in service.

The days of


the energy of not fully
trusting oneself,
trusting others,
trusting Life,

of experiencing oneself and others
as separate
in a hostile world.

And so you must try to help!

But you are far from

Your body,
your mind,
your senses
to what every sparkling child feels in their unbounded

the painful split

the shallow, mechanics of doing
finally infused with
beatific being.

Doing bereft of being
becomes helping.

Doing filled with being
cannot help but serve.

The new human is

And with each arrival
we inch closer to
a new world.

And at long last
we remember:

All there is
is service.

*                    *                    *

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