Everything is a Waiting Game… Until You Stop Submitting and Wake Up to Your Power

Everything is a Waiting Game… Until You Stop Submitting and Wake Up to Your Power

“The ultimate gift we can give the world is to grow our tiny humans into adult humans who are independent thinkers, compassionate doers, conscious questioners, radical innovators, and passionate peacemakers. Our world doesn’t need more adults who blindly serve the powerful because they’ve been trained to obey authority without question. Our world needs more adults who challenge and question and hold the powerful accountable.” ~ L.R. Knost

If you sit passively back and do not engage life with a sense of purpose, do not act from your gifts, your power and in courageous service, you will succumb to the mainstream narrative and all that’s wrong with the world. The television will be the alter you frequent hours a day, not your heart which begs for only a moment of your attention. You will sacrifice your precious days granting power to oppressive systems that seek to hypnotize you into believing you are powerless. For, to own your power is the beginning of their ending. Yet you dismiss yourself, time and again, and thus must give yourself over to their “news”.

That is your choice to make, each day, each moment. You decide. 

The moment you grant power to your indomitable soul, however, and you start living from it, you will care far less about the powers that be and the mainstream news, both of which are hell-bent on feeding you endless fear. Instead, you will start to feed your heart and pay close attention to its news. And as you do, you’ll wake up to truth. 

Rarely will you find truth in the words of our so called leaders. Rarely will you hear it come from mainstream media. YOU must be the source of truth. Granting that power to others, as we have for millennia, is our deceptive and quite convenient game of hiding — hiding from our Bright Light, the one we fear more than anything else; the Light that is the only Source from which all empowered change can come. 

You are that change-maker, and it’s high time you stop hiding from your Self. It’s high time you end the game of self-deception that has you dependent on and granting power to false power. It’s high time you break the shackles of submission placed on you by your parents and the coercive school system, both of which taught us that to obey is to fit in, be liked and be safe; patterns of submission that prepare us for an oppressive global system that depends on our blind conformity.

When truth transmutes fear, clarity usurps deception, and courage replaces submission, the activism that the world needs right now becomes one of empowerment, not victimhood. For when you speak, create, protest from the lack state of victim energy, you only give more power to those oppressing you.

Yet when you state clearly what you no longer tolerate from the power and depth of your soul and voice, and yes the pain spanning this and many lifetimes before, when you stand tall in your sovereign Divine Truth, you then be and do what the world needs more of: boldly naming the intolerable so that it is seen for what it is, and so it no longer has power and control over the masses. 

This is the Sacred Activism and Service we now need, not one of fear and projection, but one that works in union with the power, presence and dominion of the Light Forces who are with us, guiding and empowering those willing in these times of unprecedented change. 

Indeed, Sacred Activism and Service calls us forth into our Power, and our Power calls us into Sacred Activism and Service. Irrespective of what we do, by our very being, we become the solution itself, as Light shining into the darkness.

“Darkness can’t drive out darkness, only light can do this. Hate can’t drive out hate, only love can do this.” – Martin Luther King

Until then, everything is a waiting game… that is until you’ve suffered enough and had enough. And then, instead of feeling powerless to what you watch on TV, you get rid of it altogether, and build an actual alter that extends from the waiting whispers of your Heart. And you begin the brave inner journey of connecting to that which the oppressive powers fight so hard to keep you away from — your Sovereign Divinity, your heart-felt instincts, the truth of why you are here, your gifts, your power. You awaken all that’s necessary for you to make the difference our world needs instead of waiting for what can never be given to you. 

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  1. Heart-felt gratitude to you Vince for this lovingly bold sharing ✨ I resonate 100%!?
    I can feel all those who know their light shining and connecting across the world! ✨✨✨May more awakening lights join..and join..brighter and brighter!

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