Diamond Light Healing & Activation

Diamond Light Healing & Activation is for those who have received one Stargate Magnetic Activation and have completed its necessary level 1 prerequisites. Those who wish to experience a Diamond Light Healing & Activation must be ready to receive its powerful rays; hence, the preliminary work. This being a Master Crystal, its high kinetic — dynamic, vibratory, lively — light serves to raise your, and humanity’s, consciousness to a whole new level. 


For decades now, Diamond Light frequency has been building on the planet. Transmitted from higher planes, it is helping to initiate humanity across the threshold from our 3rd dimension reality into 4th dimensional planes. The anchoring of Diamond Light on Mother Earth is thus an essential part of the accelerating ascension process we see unfolding before us. How it anchors is through each one of us. We are the frequency holders, as held in our cellular biology. 

The symbolism of how diamonds are created and how this parallels our quantum awakening is no small thing. Diamonds are created through the intense heat and pressure process of carbon transmutation, also known as alchemy. Our DNA, too, is a carbon-based substance, which, when met with Diamond Light, transmutes most magnificently into crystalline energy. 

The work I do healing with starlight does just this — it progressively upgrades our denser 3rd dimension carbon-based DNA structure into purer states of crystalline consciousness, evolving us at the quantum level. Diamond Light is but one of many rays emanating from the pure frequency of starlight, and a most important one as it pertains to the Global (Cellular) Awakening occurring now. 

Diamond Light accelerates our evolving consciousness by bringing us closer to pure truth. Its bright piercing nature cuts through the illusions of this world, also known as samsara, while expanding our subtle perception. Given the uncertainties and flux that lie ahead, this level of refined attunement and insight is increasingly necessary. 

The purity of Diamond Light consciousness also brings innocence and unconditional love into our embodied experience. Both are the expression of an opening heart. And that, more than anything, is what this healing and activation serves to initiate — the awakening of the mysterious heart. 

Like the rose, which is the highest frequency plant, the diamond is symbolic of love throughout mankind. With a diamond placed on the finger, we announce our unending love for another. We also say “Diamond Heart” in our songs and writings, linking this powerful crystal with the centre of our being. Diamond and Heart are thus forever interwoven in customs, language and frequency. 

Diamond Light Healing & Activation brings you closer to the secret gateway of your heart. It heals energetic blocks and amplifies the resonant field of your previously activated light codes, while activating Diamond Light codes and frequencies dormant in your DNA. All this is in service of edging you closer to your sacred centre, and thus to the purity and innocence of unconditional love. All previous healing and activation work is ultimately for this purpose. For, love is who you are.

As the heart opens and you anchor the higher frequencies of 4th dimensional consciousness into your DNA, you experience a quantum shift in both remembering yourself as a light being, and in opening to your soul purpose. Your heart is the primary star-gateway to your soul, for it is through the heart that the soul speaks loudest. Personal will aligns more fully with Higher Will and the call to act in coherent union with the Blueprint of Creation takes hold. 

Just as the top and bottom three chakras eventually merge at the heart, it’s through heart awakening that we merge with the Heart of Life. Its rhythms are felt in our bones, our blood, our cells, and we learn to live in harmony with its impulses and desires, in service to the One. 

Diamond Light is indeed the beacon that shines your way home, progressively into an awareness that is unified and coherent with All That Is. 


Number required: Five Diamond Light Healing & Activation sessions are required to reach the final stage of level 2 — Diamond Cross Healing & Heart Activation

In-person vs remote: In terms of general process and quality, there is no difference between the in-person and remote sessions. Both are equally powerful. It’s simply a matter of personal preference.  

Age limit: You must be at least 13 years of age to receive a session. 

Pregnancy: If you are pregnant you can participate in group energy healing, but not any one-on-one work. With the group work your child will be protected, but I cannot do that with the individual sessions. 

Mixing modalities: I recommend you do not have energy work done about five days before and seven days after the activation. This includes osteopathy, cranial sacral work, and reiki. More “mechanical” modalities, such as massage and physiotherapy, are fine, as are spiritual practices like Qi Gong and Tai Chi. 

What if you don’t feel any changes? This concern arises occasionally. Because it’s a bit of a longer discussion point and pertains to all my healing services, I’ve listed my answers on this separate page

3 parts to the session

1. Check-in: The session begins with a 15 minute conversation. The purpose is to check in, get a sense of existing challenges / ailments, and to create intentions for the healing.

2. Healing: Next is the 30 minute healing. We sit in our respective chairs in a dyad position, eyes closed, without physical contact or conversing. When the thirty minutes are complete, I gently bring you out of your state.

During the healing you can expect anything from physical discomfort, such as heat and nausea, to emotional release, insights and memories, as well as feelings of calm, joy and lightness. Feelings, such as disgust or even tears of joy, are part of the clearing process. Old energy / trauma is brought to the surface for release such that healthy and vital life force permeates the physiology and pain diminishes. 

3. Integration: The third and final stage is a 5-10 minute integration. By this time, people often feel spacey and light, and need a few minutes to ground in silence. We then proceed with another check-in, sharing what was experienced on both ends. We end by exploring next steps, such as if and when to reschedule.

I wish to also add that it is most helpful to the integrative process if you don’t have to rush off to a meeting, phone call, etc, right after the session. Having time to rest and reflect for even just 20 minutes after assists the psychophysiology to assimilate the healing.  


Though the healing can take weeks, if not months, to integrate, the key integration period is 5-7 days after. During this period, it’s common for people’s symptoms to get worse. The healings can temporarily intensify physical discomfort and dreams, cause nausea, or bring up a variety of unexpected emotions and memories. This unease in the body is part of the clearing and reorganization process. Old energy / trauma is brought to the surface for release so that healthy and vital life force permeates the physiology and pain diminishes. 

I no longer offer counselling sessions as added support, but you may find it helpful to have a practitioner you can work with, especially for integration. I recommend Bonnie Davis and Eric Bowers as two excellent, well-trained, trauma-informed somatic healers who will work with you on Zoom, and who understand from personal experience the power of this work. 

Setup for Zoom sessions

If your healing is conducted remotely, please consider the following:

1. Physical space: The security and sanctitude of your physical environment is obviously important. Please be sure that you have uninterrupted time and that noise from humans and animals is limited as much as possible. 

2. Seating: An upright seat, such as one from your dining table, is preferable to a couch. For these sessions it’s important that you are comfortable, yet alert and upright, as if in a meditative position.  

3. Technology: Please ensure that landlines and cell phones are turned off (assuming you are not viewing me through your phone). As well, turn off notifications on your computer, and close any windows open on your browser that have noise from such things as social media notifications or advertisements. Please tend to this prior to our scheduled appointment. If you are not tech savvy, an easy solution is to just make sure all programs are closed except Zoom. 

Booking & Payment

The cost of the session is $130 total. For all booking information, please visit my Fees & Structure page.

Please remember that if you are just beginning your journey of working with me, you’ll need to first experience the level 1 prerequisite healings. If you are unsure where to start, you can email me your questions. Or, you can book a 50 minute intake session which also costs $130.