Diamond Light Healing & Activation

A transformative online ceremony for healing chronic conditions and activating your Diamond Light body

  • Date/Time: To be rescheduled in the near future. Feel free to sign up to my newsletter for updates and check out my scheduled ceremonies
  • Can’t attend?: You can still receive the healing & activation if not on Zoom
  • Cost: $77 CDN
  • Minimum age to receive the healing & activation: 9 years ~ please read the FAQ’s pertaining to children
  • Minimum age to attend on Zoom: The legal age of majority (adulthood) in the country you reside in
  • Further Details & Registration: Please click the link at the bottom

It’s a great honour for me to invite you to this ceremony and to transmit the holy radiance of Diamond Light. This crystalline frequency is very dear to my heart, and has served me and my clients tremendously. Participating in this ceremony is now your opportunity to experience a divine union with this sublime consciousness, to heal troublesome conditions and open to the Diamond Light you are.

For decades, Diamond Light’s consciousness has been building in power on the planet, altering the Grid of Light and initiating humanity into higher dimensional planes, our destined Golden Age. Like Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald, Diamond is a high level Master and Archangelic crystalline frequency within the Crystal Kingdom. Its immense love and eminent purity, and its waves of light that carry ascension codes / teachings spanning the high depths of ancient mysteries, is what gives it such prominent status amongst Source’s vast multi-ray transmission. 

When transmitting Diamond Light to my clients, they distinctly notice how refined its energy is. I would add the word subtle, balanced with incredible power. This is what makes Diamond Light a Master frequency — its pure, holy state creates profound transformations at fine subatomic levels. It transmutes subtle and engrained patterns of consciousness that require a deep, penetrating and exacting healing force. For these reasons and more, Diamond Light’s potent laser precision has the power to transform darkness into light, to refine and uplift your consciousness, at an accelerated speed, and with the least amount of disturbance to your psychobiology. 

These aforementioned divine qualities, especially purity, indicate the level of mastery or holy status a crystal has within the Crystal Kingdom. The higher it dwells in the Archangelic Light Realms, the purer its frequency, the further its breadth and depth of service is across entire planets and even universes at any given moment. Just as Ascended Masters serve by broadcasting their overlighting presence across the Cosmos and incarnated Mahavatars alter the collective consciousness by their very being, the greatness of Diamond Light is sublime in both its universal and global influence. Its overlighting presence serves the vast Cosmic Order, including specific planetary spheres, initiating ages and guiding countless souls into their divine potential and ascension.

At a practical, human level, we can see Diamond’s influence simply by how many beloveds have bonded with help from its crystalline, finger-placed presence (with Rose an equivalent in the Plant Kingdom); and how many royal crowns and other forms of jewelry have been graced by its glittering light. Why Diamond? we must ask ourselves. Why does Diamond, when it comes to love and other matters of the heart, carry such a high heartfelt resonance within the general masses? There must be some subtle clue. Most other crystals do not, at least not consciously; and there are many crystals! This may be because they do not have the circumglobal, powerful, ethereal presence Diamond has in the collective consciousness; nor do they hold the same prominence in higher, refined Archangelic planes. 

But there is another reason; and it lies in the particular subtle way that Diamond touches and opens our hearts. We feel an intuitive heart connection with this immaculate crystalline Ray due to a powerful signature resonance Diamond has with our sacred centre. This special relationship between Diamond and human hearts is crystal clear not only through its presence in our romantic relationships, but through our language — by the very fact that we say Diamond Heart, just as we say Sacred Rose Heart (because Rose also has a signature resonant frequency made for the heart). Do we associate “heart” with other crystals that directly in our language? We do, for example, with Emerald, with its green associated with our heart chakra temple. Emerald Heart. But overall, across the board on this planet, Diamond stands above all when it comes to its association with our holy heart.

Such vast multitudes sharing heartfelt resonance with Diamond across time and space points to a deeper crystalline truth: Diamond Light does wonders to nourish, heal, open and unite our wounded physical, emotional and spiritual hearts. There, in these tender regions, Diamond is perfectly and purposely designed to offer masterful, loving transformative service. With enough hearts healed and opened to their Diamond Heart radiance, this crystalline frequency does Archangelic wonders to unite countless hearts across the planet, and beyond; which is why its holy presence is so needed at this chaotic time of global rebirth

With all this said, I must make crystal clear that all crystals play their parts perfectly, wherever and however they emanate from within the Crystal Kingdom. They all serve in their uniquely brilliant and beautiful way, just as all Spirit Animals do. And, truly, all are woven into our hearts on some soulful level. 

For more on Diamond Heart, you may also enjoy reading the description for my Diamond Cross Healing & Heart Activation ceremony

In regards to Diamond Light’s impact on you in this ceremony, let’s now explore this in some detail. There is clear metaphoric symbolism in how transformation takes place subatomically during this healing and activation and how it mirrors this crystal’s creation process on Earth. As you may know, diamonds are forged through the intense heat and pressure process of carbon transmutation, also known as alchemy. Your DNA, too, is a carbon-based substance, and it is there in your genetic library that trauma and programming are stored, imprints spanning lifetimes and generations; ones that manifest into an array of conditions like sciatica and neck pain, sleep and digestive issues, psoriasis and anxiety, and much more. Through Diamond Light’s piercing transmission, these shadow imprints are purified and transformed into higher states of Diamond crystalline or Christ-aligned consciousness. The old wounds and limiting stories are the coal for Diamond Light’s becoming, a Higher Self light embodiment that radically transforms health, creative potential, and one’s capacity to love. 

As with all my transmissions, I am not putting anything into you that doesn’t already exist within. You are a perfect hologram of the One Source — the Divine Mother / Sophia — made in equal measure, with just as much Diamond Light in your Higher Self as there is in the entire Cosmos. This hidden potential is contained within the crystalline codes of your Higher Self’s spiritual DNA. Your Diamond codes hold the ancient wisdom teachings and divine qualities of your Diamond essence, and do so while laying nestled against your carbon-based DNA. At this time, for most, they exist as dormant potentials. They require some help to come to life.

A direct transmission from this Archangelic Light clears old trauma and program imprints, to the degree you are open and ready, which creates quantum space for your Diamond codes to activate and your soul’s Diamond consciousness to anchor subatomically to greater measure. In other words, in a flash of alchemical magick, carbon-based DNA is upgraded to the Diamond DNA of your Higher Self, rebirthing your mind, heart and body to new Archangelic heights. This is the activation of your Diamond Light body, the Diamond field of consciousness of your Higher Self, and one of your infinite light bodies. Its presence channels through your meridians, and opens new neural pathways streaming this crystalline frequency. Your human awareness upgrades to include more of the immaculate Diamond qualities of the living Master you are. 

For these reasons and more, it is a tremendous opportunity to receive this holy transmission. Via the link below, you are encouraged to set intentions for any healing empowerments you want. As is the case with all my ceremonies, you do not have to have a clear understanding of why you are experiencing something to receive support. This is especially true given that so much of our suffering is unconscious, and has roots in preverbal, intergenerational, and past life trauma and programming. Instead, you just need to be sincere and open enough in your desire and intentionality. 

Most of all, trust your heart, and the loving frequency of Diamond Light to know exactly how to serve you. It is indeed an extraordinary blessing to allow it into your heart.

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