Growing List of Ceremonies

Below is a growing list of online ceremonies, with new and diverse creations added weekly. As you’ll see scrolling down, this page is a compilation of both upcoming and previous ceremonies.

Most of the latter will be repeated in the near future. As things continue to accelerate for me, there will be a greater availability at any one time. For up-to-date information on all my ceremonies, and to receive other inspirational content, I suggest subscribing to my newsletter. 

Along with providing powerful healings and activations, these ceremonies are a safe place for learning and sharing (the latter being optional); for connecting with like-minded and like-hearted souls from around the world. The power in numbers generates a field of possibilities that private sessions cannot. It amplifies personal intentions and transformation, and creates a strong, dynamic portal for the particular frequency I’m transmitting to anchor on Earth. 

If you cannot attend a ceremony you are interested in, not a problem. You can still receive the healing and activation, and just as powerfully as if on Zoom. These and other details you’ll find as you explore the links below. 

Ceremonies cost $77 CDN (except for the occasional free one)

Thank you! 

Upcoming ceremonies

August 7, 2022 ~ I’m currently pausing from leading ceremonies, and will continue once Spirit guides me to, which I do not suspect will be too long from now. I recommend subscribing to my free newsletter for updates, link just below. Blessings! 

Previous ceremonies

Sophia’s Black Womb Healing & Activation

Sophia’s (God’s / the Divine Mother’s) black womb is the primordial space from which everything is born, and to which everything returns. It’s from within the Holy of Holies of this boundless dark presence that light first arose, emerging eons ago. Via the quantum Rays of Sophia’s Dark Mother transmission emanating from Her womb, this ceremony is an invitation to awaken your own holy womb, which mirrors Her’s, and to heal that which veils you from the immense peace, wisdom and possibilities found only in darkness.

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Animal Kingdom ~ Free Healing & Activation

You are invited to participate in this unique and transformative act of service to yourself and the suffering Animal Kingdom. Via a direct transmission, you receive a powerful healing and activation from any Spirit Animal you wish, without exception. Simultaneously, you act as a gateway for its Oversoul to broadcast its overlighting presence through to serve its particular species, Mother Earth and all Her inhabitants. 

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Mahavatar Babaji Healing & Activation

Mahavatar Babaji is one of the most advanced beings and teachers to have walked the Earth. And as an Ascended Master dedicated to empowering all souls, he comes to you in this sacred ceremony to help you realize the Master in you. You receive a direct transmission from Babaji’s Oversoul, which activates divine qualities of mastery he radiates and you are ready to embody. 

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Jesus Christ Healing & Activation

In this ceremony, receive a direct transmission from the venerable presence of Ascended Master Jesus, which helps you embody and viscerally live the sacred and ancient teachings of the Holy Cross. You experience the cross as it was for him — a vehicle of transmutation and a multidimensional portal to higher consciousness. A holy gateway through which to cross over.

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Diamond Cross Healing & Heart Activation

In this sacred ceremony, the Archangelic frequency of Diamond Light provides advanced quantum healing and activates the ancient teachings of the Holy Cross in your heart. This transforms your heart into a Diamond Cross Heart, inspiring you to radiate and serve from this pure crystalline light that is your divine inheritance — to live the Way of the Cross that Jesus demonstrated.

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Sophia Dragons Healing & Activation

Also known as the Holy Seraphim, the Sophia Dragons represent the highest angelic order of the Cosmos. Via a direct transmission from their empyreal presence, you are initiated into realizing your own unlimited Seraph power. They come to birth you anew by opening your wings and lifting you to higher levels of your angelic embodiment — your Golden Dragon Light Body.  

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Rainbow Kingdom Healing & Activation

The Rainbow Kingdom broadcasts the intelligence and divine qualities of all colours and creates the infinite manifestations of their iridescent beauty throughout the Cosmos. In this sacred ceremony, via a direct transmission from the Rainbow Kingdom, heal shady pains that conceal your true colours and open to a vaster, more vibrant and intelligent spectrum of creative possibilities — to the Rainbow Kingdom in you!

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Dove of Peace Healing & Activation

At a time of growing conflict on Mother Earth, the Spirit of the Dove comes bringing the message and medicine of peace. Via a direct transmission from its hallowed Oversoul, it serves to heal what you have yet to come to peace with inside, so you can rest more fully in the still quiet depths of your peaceful heart, and share it with the world. 

Holy Order of Kings Healing & Activation

I’m honoured to introduce you to the Holy Order of Kings, to bring their safe, loving and strong presence into your heart. Via a direct transmission, the Order’s collective presence is here to heal and redeem the Divine Masculine in you so you can embody its true power and purpose as a force of creation integrated with and in service to the Divine Feminine.

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Diamond Light Healing & Activation

Diamond Light is very dear to my heart, and has served me and my clients tremendously. Participating in this ceremony is now your opportunity to experience a divine union with this sublime, Archangelic consciousness, to heal troublesome conditions and open to the Diamond Light you are.

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Master Alien Octopus Healing & Activation

In this sacred ceremony, commune with a wildly true living Master, the Oversoul of the Great Octopus. Advance your evolution by harmonizing with its alien intelligence and ancient wisdom, which activates the divine qualities Octopus represents held dormant in your DNA.

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White Buffalo Woman Healing & Activation

In this sacred ceremony, receive a direct transmission from Ascended Master White Buffalo Woman to support the healing and reconciliation of your indigenous nature, both as a divine being and human inextricably woven into Mother Earth.

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Dark Emerald Ray Healing & Activation

Emerald is an Archangelic crystalline frequency, a wise overlighting force that has served the Cosmos going far back into infinitude. And its Dark Ray transmission has a speciality our world needs at this difficult time in our collective rebirth: it knows how to enter the old, dark, hard-to-reach places, to deftly work with the hidden complexities of our shadows and lift us from them.

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Wild Majestic Horse Healing & Activation

In this ceremony, the Spirit of the Horse comes to remind us of the power in gentleness. Horses embody these two seemingly separate qualities simultaneously with majestic grace, showing us how they can co-exist and serve as a unified force.

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Radiant Quan Yin Healing & Activation

This ceremony initiates your next level spiritual growth through a sacred communion with beloved Ascended Master Quan Yin. Known as the Universal Mother, receive a direct transmission from her that supports you to embody the divine qualities she so beautifully and magnanimously radiates across the Cosmos.

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Sirius Star System Healing & Activation

I’m grateful for the opportunity to invite you to this sacred ceremony with Sirius, to transmit its light rays to you so you can harmonize with its stellar Elder presence and embody its ancient ascension teachings.

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Mary Magdalene Healing & Activation

Mary Magdalene was a force of spiritual leadership; and she still is now as an Ascended Master whose overlighting presence serves countless souls across the Cosmos. She comes inviting you to this sacred ceremony, offering her support in your bold path of leading and living from the power of your sovereign divinity and raw humanity.

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Ancient Whale Songs Healing & Activation

Whale songs serve the divine purpose of connecting us to our Heart Song which, when sung, invokes longing and leads us to the ancient depths of our soul. Singing our Heart Song moves us in unison and chorus with Whales whose music, like our own, calls people’s hearts together and homeward into the mysterious Ocean of Life.

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Mother Mary Healing & Activation

It is a great honour for me to offer this ceremony, to create a safe and sacred space for you to meet Mother Mary, be healed and empowered by her loving, maternal embrace, and feel her holy presence in your heart.

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Green Tara Healing & Activation

Green Tara is an ancient Goddess and loving force who longs to serve you in your heroic journey of healing, empowerment and ascension. Revered particularly in the Tibetan Buddhist lineage with multi-ray transmissions such as Orange and Yellow Tara, and known as She of a Thousand Stars, Green Tara and I invite you to this sacred ceremony, a divine portal into feeling and knowing yourself as one with this universally loved Ascended Master and the countless stars.

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White Bat Medicine Healing & Activation

If you research animal medicine or animal totem for Bat online, or even in spiritual literature like tarot cards, you’ll find one defining word throughout representing the Great Spirit of the Bat and its medicine: Rebirth

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Dolphin Heart Waves Healing & Activation

Commune with the Spirit of the Dolphin, these loving, playful, highly advanced beings who do so much for our planet, and receive a direct healing and activation transmission through their celestial heart waves. 

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Hathor Star Nation Healing & Activation

Open to the ascended consciousness of the Hathor Star Nation, the Egyptian lineage of this loving Sky Goddess, and the multidimensional Star You Are! Empower your role as a creative Starseed Lightworker, furthering Hathor’s interstellar mission of bridging Heaven and Earth at a time when it’s most needed.

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Isis-Osirian Mysteries Healing & Activation

In this healing and activation ceremony, experience taking part in the rites of ancient Egyptian initiation practices led by Isis and Osiris, while more fully harmonizing with and embodying their holy frequencies, and all the potentials they hold.

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Group Starlight Healing 

Group Starlight Healing is a ceremony designed to support your journey of healing and empowerment through the power of the collective field — “where two or more gather” — which amplifies the vibratory resonance and potential of the ceremonial space.

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Radiant Star Breathing ~ Liberating Body, Breath & Spirit

Radiant Star Breathing is a monthly online ceremony. Together we breathe in our Soul Star Power and radiate it across Mother Earth as a unified prayer. Seventy-five minutes long, this event teaches you to embody starlight and harness it in service to all sentient beings and Mother Earth.

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