Online Events

I offer ongoing in-person and online interactive events that support healing, empowerment and community building. They inspire not just intellectual understanding, but, more importantly, an embodied awareness through experiential learning and transformation. It’s in the body we remember, deep in our cells and felt-sense. 

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Starlight Healing Circles ~ Interactive Events for Health and Empowerment

Starlight Healing Circles are a unique opportunity to gather with myself and seven others in an inspiring, intimate and interactive forum. During our 2.5 hours together, we’ll engage in a variety of rich topics related to health and empowerment, and you’ll also receive a powerful Starlight Healing! 

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Radiant Star Breathing ~ Liberating Body, Breath & Spirit

Radiant Star Breathing is a monthly online intentional gathering. Together we breathe in our Soul Star Power and radiate it across Mother Earth as a unified prayer. Seventy-five minutes long, this event teaches you to embody starlight and harness it in service to all sentient beings and Mother Earth.

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