Ceremony Descriptions

Via the three categories listed below, you will find a growing number of online ceremonies I lead, with detailed descriptions that not only outline the different Angelic Beings and Fields of Consciousness I transmit, but the nuances of trauma, trauma resolution, attachment theory, personal empowerment, spiritual ascension, and much more. 

To view my currently scheduled ceremonies, please click here. If you cannot attend a ceremony you are interested in, not a problem. You can still receive the healing and activation, and just as powerfully as if on Zoom. These and other details you’ll find as you explore the links below. 

Thank you!


Ascended Masters & Archangels

Commune with and receive next-level healings and activations from universally loved Ascended Masters like Quan Yin and Jesus, and Archangels like Michael and Raphael. 

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Spirit Animals

From sea to land to sky beings, and beyond, in this category you’ll find an array of magnificent Spirit Animals longing to support your journey of healing and empowerment, such as Hummingbird, Horse, and audacious Octopus!

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The Divine Mother, Stars, Crystals and more!

This is the category for all that does not fit in the previous two, including the Holy of Holies, Sophia’s Black Womb!

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