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Below is a list of my ongoing online ceremonies that support healing, empowerment, awakening and community building. Along with providing powerful healings and activations, they are a safe place for learning and sharing (the latter being optional); for connecting with like-minded and like-hearted souls from around the world. 

As you’ll see scrolling down, I have listed both the upcoming ceremonies and previous ones. Most of the latter will likely be repeated in the near future. As things continue to accelerate for me, there will be a greater availability at any one time. For up-to-date information on all my ceremonies, and to receive other inspirational content, I suggest subscribing to my newsletter. 

If you cannot attend a ceremony, there’s no problem! You can still receive the healing and activation, and just as powerfully as if on Zoom. These and other details you’ll find as you explore the links below. 

All ceremonies cost $77 CDN

Thank you! 

Upcoming ceremonies

Sirius Star System Healing & Activation

I’m grateful for the opportunity to invite you to this sacred ceremony with Sirius, to transmit its light rays to you so you can harmonize with its stellar Elder presence and embody its ancient ascension teachings. 

Tuesday, May 24th ~ 1:00 to 2:15pm PST

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Previous ceremonies

Mary Magdalene Healing & Activation

Mary Magdalene was a force of spiritual leadership; and she still is now as an Ascended Master whose overlighting presence serves countless souls across the Cosmos. She comes inviting you to this sacred ceremony, offering her support in your bold path of leading and living from the power of your sovereign divinity and raw humanity. 

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Ancient Whale Songs Healing & Activation

Whale songs serve the divine purpose of connecting us to our Heart Song which, when sung, invokes longing and leads us to the ancient depths of our soul. Singing our Heart Song moves us in unison and chorus with Whales whose music, like our own, calls people’s hearts together and homeward into the mysterious Ocean of Life.

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Mother Mary Healing & Activation

It is a great honour for me to offer this ceremony, to create a safe and sacred space for you to meet Mother Mary, be healed and empowered by her loving, maternal embrace, and feel her holy presence in your heart.

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Green Tara Healing & Activation

Green Tara is an ancient Goddess and loving force who longs to serve you in your heroic journey of healing, empowerment and ascension. Revered particularly in the Tibetan Buddhist lineage with multi-ray transmissions such as Orange and Yellow Tara, and known as She of a Thousand Stars, Green Tara and I invite you to this sacred ceremony, a divine portal into feeling and knowing yourself as one with this universally loved Ascended Master and the countless stars.

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White Bat Medicine Healing & Activation

If you research animal medicine or animal totem for Bat online, or even in spiritual literature like tarot cards, you’ll find one defining word throughout representing the Great Spirit of the Bat and its medicine: Rebirth

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Dolphin Heart Waves Healing & Activation

Commune with the Spirit of the Dolphin, these loving, playful, highly advanced beings who do so much for our planet, and receive a direct healing and activation transmission through their celestial heart waves. 

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Hathor Star Nation Healing & Activation

Open to the ascended consciousness of the Hathor Star Nation, the Egyptian lineage of this loving Sky Goddess, and the multidimensional Star You Are! Empower your role as a creative Starseed Lightworker, furthering Hathor’s interstellar mission of bridging Heaven and Earth at a time when it’s most needed.

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Isis-Osirian Mysteries Healing & Activation 

In this healing and activation ceremony, experience taking part in the rites of ancient Egyptian initiation practices led by Isis and Osiris, while more fully harmonizing with and embodying their holy frequencies, and all the potentials they hold.

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Group Starlight Healing 

Group Starlight Healing is a ceremony designed to support your journey of healing and empowerment through the power of the collective field — “where two or more gather” — which amplifies the vibratory resonance and potential of the ceremonial space.

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Radiant Star Breathing ~ Liberating Body, Breath & Spirit

Radiant Star Breathing is a monthly online ceremony. Together we breathe in our Soul Star Power and radiate it across Mother Earth as a unified prayer. Seventy-five minutes long, this event teaches you to embody starlight and harness it in service to all sentient beings and Mother Earth.

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