Alchemizing Wider Spectrums of Dark into Light: The Evolution and Maturation of the Soul

Alchemizing Wider Spectrums of Dark into Light: The Evolution and Maturation of the Soul

Through the many faces of fear we learn the many faces of love. That is, until we are finished learning from fear, and are fully ready for love. 

The evolution and maturation of the soul is a path of holding wider spectrums of dark and light without resistance. This comes from many heroic lifetimes of facing and integrating our shadows, alchemizing them into embodied gold — the crystalline light of our higher self. 

Light reveals darkness. It conjures lower vibrational states and aspects — our deepest fears expressed as shame, guilt and unworthiness; parts vehemently announcing, “I don’t deserve love!” For people unready for the light, too attached they are to their suffering, they turn away like Dracula from the sun. It simply is too much to take in. Their accumulated shadow imprints from many incarnations, overwhelmed by light’s love, compassion and forgiveness, hold them unworthy of such liberation. It’s often when fear rears its ugly head the most, fighting for its survival. For nothing threatens darkness more than light; nothing threatens fear more than love. Unwilling, unable, they return to the dim valleys of incarnational cycles and their manifold tests and trials until ready to rise, to choose the light, if only a bit. 

For those ready, those with less resistance and enough curiosity, those perhaps worn out by the travails of dark’s endless season, they can receive the light of God through Its many instruments, such as energy workers, shamans, wise elders, (romantic) “soul mates”, creative teachers, or through sudden Divine Grace. They are open and ready for a new season in their soul journey inaugurated through purification or the alchemical transformation of their shadows into higher states of consciousness. Base metal turns to gold — bad to goodness, worst to worth, hatred to hope, pain to purpose, wounds to wisdom, fear to love. 

Each shadow, a mere illusion veiling the invincible nature of God’s love, is a holy symbol or template carried forth from one lifetime to another through past-life karma. It is also inherited genetically from our ancestors and accumulated as trauma through present-life adversity. Each shadow imprint is a template from which to alchemically re-create ourselves anew as works of soul-art in the making. It’s the material we work with and through to ascend colourfully into fuller, more integrated versions of our full-spectrum numinous nature — into our wholeness (holiness). 

It is why the heroic nature of the human journey, with all its pain and suffering, must not be seen as anything less than sacred. For, just as a flower needs dark soil in order to rise into the sun, so too do we as souls need the holy templates of inner and outer darkness to ascend into the light. 

These holy templates can also be seen as curriculum we learn through, bit-by-bit, lifetime after lifetime. When ready, when we have learned our lessons, these shadow teachers can be purified by the light of God into more refined states of vibration that we carry forth as positive karma, truer teachers. Heretical templates born from the perceived “original sin” of separation are transformed into sacred scripture — forgiveness and humility, compassion and sacrifice, wisdom and faith, to name but a few examples, are impressed upon the soul that we can serve others from. 

Through successive stages of integrating and transcending our inner darkness, traversing hundreds, if not thousands of lifetimes, we graduate into exalted dimensions and densities of soul embodiment and experience, of Cosmic Consciousness. We expand our capacity to live without fear and be with the multifaceted shadows of life without judgment. We ascend further into the Supernal One of all-encompassing Love by sacrificing all that is false, unreal, namely identification with the fear-based ego and limiting ideas about life. This is our heroic, Prodigal-Son-journey home, an alchemical and archetypal journey of re-membering the Christ or Buddha nature of our GodSelf. 

Passing through these evolutionary stages, we are given the opportunity to serve, from higher and higher planes, the ongoing Cosmic Saga of dark and light; to lend a hand to those ready to reach for more; to radiate our love, light and truth. We serve our Family of Beings and God‘s Divine Plan to the degree that we have reduced resistance to and thus integrated the dark within, and thus are open to all possibilities across all planes of existence — unconditionally accepting of the profane and profound, the sinner and the saint, the diabolical and divine, knowing and perceiving, like God, the non-dual, immutable and sacrosanct truth that, despite all outer appearances, there is only love. We serve to the degree that we fear neither polarity and thus resist not life, but embrace and love its sublime totality, its mystery, its Way, as life itself.

*                    *                    *

We do not solve our growing divides, the rising, turbulent darkness encircling our planet, by fighting them. Rather, we become useful agents of transformation by becoming the soul-utions themselves — by recognizing how the dark in our world is a reflection of the unintegrated dark aspects within; and then, ideally with the support of others, by alchemizing the source of those projections held in our DNA. Indeed, it’s not through resisting the coming storms out of fear and anger that we make our most powerful contribution, but rather by embodying our higher self and opening to guiding forces above and the Will of God who can then use us as instruments for global redemption, while leading us to our highest potential as a servants of life. 

Both within, from our holy templates, and without, from the chaos and nefarious agendas at play, darkness calls forth the light. Individually and collectively, it summons us to something greater than we have ever known. We are here at these auspicious, pivotal times to end the story of suffering through the alchemy of all that’s quickly rising to the surface, making itself known, both inside and across the phenomenal plane. We are here to transform our portion of darkness, our holy templates whose time have come, for our own soul advancement and the greater good of all. 

This is our sacred contribution, our holy duty — being a living prayer for humanity and Gaia through inner alchemy and the radiance of our divine light. 

May it be so!

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