Wise Owl Elder Healing & Activation

A transformative online ceremony for initiation into the dark wisdom and eldership of your Owl Soul

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  • Can’t attend?: You can still receive the healing & activation if not on Zoom
  • Cost: $77 CDN
  • Minimum age to receive the healing & activation: 9 years ~ please read the FAQ’s pertaining to children
  • Minimum age to attend on Zoom: The legal age of majority (adulthood) in the country you reside in
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I said to my soul, be still, and let the dark come upon you
Which shall be the darkness of God.
— T. S. Eliot ~ Four Quartets

Look into the eyes of an Owl and you see eldership. There is something old and wise and deep in this soul, a much needed message and medicine for our confusing times, an ancient, calming presence and guide for the lost and awakening.

Owls are the elders of the deep night. They come alive when the sun sets and most fall asleep; when the multitude finally draw inwards into silence, and the busy dreams of this world come to rest. 

In the quiet dim, their eyes shine brightest. They see what humans mostly overlook. They see the wisdom of the dark night. 

Eurasian Pygmy Owl

Owls know. Can you feel that about them? All creatures do; but there is something about Owl, something in the way it knows that we can feel in their still, unassuming presence, the lofty depths of their piercing eyes and quiet observance. Each quality tells of something ancient, a timeless, untroubled wisdom.

From the margins, the solitary outside which darkness represents, Owls hold an atavistic knowing that all elder souls share. Within their primordial being, they house an Akashic field of secrets of the Old Ways, the origins of spirit, the Black Womb of no-thing. They are powerful secret-keepers of the Mysteries, and we can feel that if we feel deeply into this Spirit of the Night. 

Tawny Owl

Owls, like all true elders and master souls, humbly anchor these ancient frequencies of higher wisdom onto Mother Earth for those with inner ears to hear; for the rare travellers willing to slow and turn to the margins of life and gaze into the depths of Owl’s still presence; for the ones who gives themselves to the dark night. 

Owl’s uniquely powerful and distinctly large eyes are an alluring portal to your and Owl’s interwoven Souls. These quiet, incandescent gates are open to all, silently observing and calling out to the passerby who cares to look up and enter. If done, Owl’s gaze can pierce the veil to your forgotten depths and still you into being. 

This is their sacred transmission and purpose, activating a felt-calibration to your unified Soul, a stirring, visceral experience of remembrance. You quiet like them, into them, feeling into the deep night of shared being. Their medicine and message brings you more fully alive to the Ancient you are, the Owl Wisdom of your Elder Soul.

This is their timeless gift as they perch on a high branch or soar above. They wait for you to join them in heart and angelic flight. They wait, as solitary wise teachers do, ready for the student to appear. 

Eurasian Eagle Owl

In this ceremony, the Oversoul of Owl presents itself to those wishing to receive its sacred transmission and elder guiding wisdom. You commune directly with this Spirit Animal, and in doing so, you access its Akashic knowing that also exists in equal measure within your Soul. You ceremonially merge with Owl’s holiness, a rite of passage and beautiful divine union that brings to life the ancient Owl Soul you are.

This embodied awakening occurs through the activation of your crystalline light codes, or Soul Codes. As a perfect holographic mirror of All That Is, you are encoded with the same divine qualities, the same ancient wisdom, encoded within Owl. You are unique on the one hand, an unreplicable fingerprint creation of God; yet you also carry the blueprint for every aspect of life, from stars, to crystals, to fungi, to animals. All that is out there is within you, uniquely coded into your Cosmic Soul. 

Along your biological DNA is where your crystalline light codes lay, with most being dormant at this time. They await activation, their secret gifts and wisdom longing to come alive in angelic flight. By communing with Wise Owl Elder in this ceremony, the codes synonymous with this Spirit Animal — your Owl Codes, birth into your human awareness. Awakened are the divine qualities and ancient wisdom Owl is known for, equally inherent to your Soul. 

These immaculate qualities include dark womb consciousness; wisdom contained in the ancient death-rebirth cycles of Mother Nature and life; living and leading from still presence, deep listening, patient observance, trust, fierceness, strength, tranquility, innocence and feminine mystery. 

Once this ceremonial transmission completes, you are merged with and awakened to the consciousness of Owl more intimately and fully. You are neurologically, psychologically and spiritually harmonized to Owl, empowering you to draw upon its Akashic field of ancient wisdom and feel its holy presence; to know Owl’s unbounded consciousness as your own. 

This at-one-ment with Wise Owl Elder is felt especially in your Holy Heart. Divine union births greater love and appreciation for this beautiful being, for all Owl is and gives, the many subtle, mysterious ways it serves life. With this newfound sacred kinship birthed in your heart, sudden desires may emerge to call upon Owl as a spirit guide, a compassionate elder whose supportive wisdom you need. 

You may be surprised at how Owl suddenly appears to you in form, in your dreamworld, or in spirit while you are awake. You may wonder at how this Spirit Animal miraculously feels you feeling its presence, knows exactly when to show up, and is aware of the perfect guidance you need, even before you ask. 

In divine union, in the harmony of Owl Souls you are, this felt, loving presence and wise leadership is always possible; for you are always together, in Truth. 

Birthing Wise Owl Elder into your heart, mind and body is an initiation into dark wisdom. This is the wisdom of the night, and of Sophia’s Black Womb, our Great Mother. It is the wisdom only found in slowing, ending and stillness, when all that’s been softens and dissolves into empty space. 

Vulnerability is the tender human experience of uncertain space, between what was and what’s possible, between who you’ve known yourself to be and all you’ve ever been. It’s the feeling of life turning its back on you, and being all alone, left in the dark. Vulnerability and uncertainty are the testing crucibles all must pass through if they are to experience death and rebirth, and awaken dark wisdom from the fertile black womb of feminine consciousness. 

Wise Owl Elder is your faithful, loving and experienced guide through these secret, sacred places, into the still, fertile, initiatory chambers of your dark night, the primordial Womb of your Soul. Working with the ancient cycles of time, Nature and Creation, and the holy wisdom of womb consciousness, Wise Owl Elder supports you to slow into the vulnerable space between, and into your forlorn emotional body, your fear, shame, anger and grief. Quieting within, you are guided to embrace the unfelt and remember the forgotten, opening doorways to the shadows of another time, held deep in your psyche. 

As you surrender to your descent into the feminine black womb, down and in, to no longer knowing, holding on and keeping it together, Owl is faithfully present, each moment, for your heroic dissolution. But this wise spirit elder is also there for your inevitable rebirth, lovingly guiding your resurrection into and as the destined dawn. Wise Owl Elder knows that the Light of your Soul will soon rise again, right on time, like the Sun, from the deep dark night. 

Having surrendered to the still black womb of no-thing, you gather its sacred treasures. The ancient wisdom only found in darkness, in surrendering to death and rebirth, comes home to your Holy Heart. No longer do you fear death as you once did, but wisely see and appreciate how it feeds life. 

With dark wisdom, there is less resistance to the great and prophesied ending before us in our world. From On High on your perch and in angelic flight you see the divine plan, the sacred role darkness is playing in rebirthing humanity. You see through the collective dark night. 

Within the uncertain space of no-thing, you also come home to something else — the innocence you are. Sweet innocence is the peace and wonder embraced in the still, ancient depths of Great Mother’s Womb; when you give up needing to know, to make sense of life, to make life work in a particular way other than how life needs to be. Peace is not needing life to be other than it is; yet this peace also carries the divine spark to serve life from the innocence and holiness you are. 

Innocence is the juggler’s hand that remains open, without grasping too long or too tight; it’s the uncertain, empty mind available to all possibilities. Innocence is the curious, wondrous Spirit of the Child who delightfully dances from one idea to another, endlessly exploring without attachment, without overly defining what is truly mysterious and impossible to grasp. 

Innocence is the joy and peace in coming home to who you are in the still depths of Sophia’s Heart Womb. In surrendering to Her unconditionally loving embrace, and resting in peace, you remember how She has always held you as innocent of all things, and always will. For you are no-thing. 

This is your inalienable freedom as a Free Bird, the unwavering Truth of who you are as a Holy Spirit. Despite your difficult human experiences, regretted choices, and the painful stories you hold about yourself, always, in Truth, you are loved, free, pure and innocent. 

Through its wide, ancient soul-lit eyes, Wise Owl Elder sees and holds you in this forever Truth when you have forgotten. That seeing is love — holding you in your highest light, as all elders do as a matter of the Truth they stand for and transmit to the world. Wise Owl Elder sees you, knowing; and stays awake during the night — your dark night, as a vigil for your self-realization, your coming home to the holy black womb, the love and peace you are. 

Wise Owl Elder holds the promise of your Owl Wings spreading open one day, taking flight to new heavenly heights of awareness, love and holy service. Your open wings reveal the earned wisdom and eldership in your Holy Heart from having surrendered to your dark night and its sacred treasures. They reveal the Angel you are whose time has come to transmit love and light, deep knowing and dark wisdom, stillness, purity and innocence — your unique message and medicine. Indeed, the hungry masses need your Wise Owl Soul. 

Initiated and born anew, angel wings open, you naturally invite people into your heart womb to calibrate to the stillness and love you are. In this, you invite them to feel and remember the primordial heart womb of their Soul, and of our Earth and Divine Mothers. 

More than anything you do, as Owl teaches so well, your quiet, sacred presence is the agent of transformation that rebirths the world into the destined Golden Age. Stillness within, when radiated, stills what’s painful for others, but what ultimately doesn’t matter — the stories that capture humanity, the story that never was, the dark story of the world whose time has come. 

Stillness compassionately brings them to a peaceful close. 

Eurasian Pygmy Owl

In this sacred ceremony, Wise Owl Elder initiates you into this divine inheritance, service and wisdom by doing the heavy lifting for you, as elders often do. Its transmission pierces and dissolves the veils concealing your Soul. The shadows and lies of old, the trauma and program imprints spanning lifetimes and generations, come to still silence. To peace. 

Ceremonially offered to Wise Owl Elder can be anything of your choosing that you desire to release. For example, in your intention setting you can ask Owl to heal your fear of not being good enough, smart enough, sharp enough, wise enough. You can ask Owl to help you feel safer and calmer in your body, a hallmark of healthy, empowered living. In neurobiological terms, inner safety and calm is the regulation of your nervous system, which brings stillness to your core, mind and heart, and allows you to surrender to the initiatory chamber of womb consciousness and the loving embrace of our Earth and Divine Mothers. 

One of the hallmarks of trauma, programming and nervous system dysregulation — and truly our society — is the excessive need to control and know. We see this in the impulsive need to control children, even dogs; in the Cult of avoid-bumps-and-bruises Safetyism. And it’s abundantly evidenced in humanity’s fear of risk, change, endings and uncertainty. We experienced this control and need-to-know program as children, when given little room to know for ourselves; to trust our instincts, follow our own heart-felt lead, and not get it “right.” 

Conditioned away from our instinctual inner Truth, and into our calculating, “right-think” hive mind, we grow up projecting “right” onto the world through excessive control and backwards knowledge. We find problems that don’t exist, like “too much” rough and tumble play and has to be a “certain way”; and we make up solutions that are completely unnecessary and inappropriate. 

Barn Owl

In this ceremony, Wise Owl Elder can transmute these unhealthy patterns of control and thinking, returning you to what is naturally yours and you. Again, your intentions are co-creatively important. You can ask Owl, for example, to heal any fears you have that stop you from trusting and bravely acting on your heart’s knowing. Or, you can ask Owl to heal what underlies your impulse to control others, which, at its core, is a survival need for self-control — for being a certain someone you are not and mitigating uncomfortable or overwhelming feelings. 

Transmuting these survival patterns at their quantum roots creates room for trust, flow, acceptance and peace. Space is made in your body, mind and heart to safely rest in stillness, without a need for control, without a need to be a certain someone, without a need for life to be a certain way. In this trusting openness, you feel the dark wisdom found in uncertainty, which empowers you to be receptive to others and life, the infinite abundance you are. 

In your intention setting, you can also ask Owl to heal any beliefs or fears you have regarding being a leader in the world and shining your powerful winged presence. For example, Owl can alchemize the wounds and programming that hold you in false humility, a need to play small, a fear of your voice and power. 

With Wise Owl Elder’s help, you become more confident that your Hoot is worthy of being heard, and you don’t give a Hoot if anyone cares!

Snowy Owl

This ceremony serves to accelerate your empowered eldership awakening at a time when accelerated awakening and elders are most needed. Leadership and Eldership, interestingly, are only one letter apart. The missing “a” stands for awakening. Awaken your inner Owl Elder and your leadership goes to new heavenly winged heights! 

Via the link below, you are guided to set healing empowerment intentions on anything you want. Though I gave you some ideas, know that anything is possible, and nothing is too much to ask from our dear Spirit Animal friend and guide.

Most of all, trust your heart when writing your intentions, and that Owl will know exactly how to serve your descent into darkness and renewed rise as the Wise Night Owl Soul you are, and have always been.      

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Bart Owl