Healing Your Inner Star Child and Liberating the Innocence and Power of Your Soul Star Essence

Healing Your Inner Star Child and Liberating the Innocence and Power of Your Soul Star Essence

“The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff.” ― Carl Sagan, Cosmos

We are all children of God, the Universe, Christ, Buddha Consciousness, Brahman, whatever feels right to you. And each of us has what I call a soul star essence; for, we are, along with everything else, made of stardust! Hydrogen, nitrogen, your computer and clothes, everything is made from this magical and primordial Source!

Knowing, embracing and shining our star nature is essential to our fulfillment, to realizing our soul purpose. And healing our inner star child is a big part of that. 

Disconnection from divinity

The root of all suffering is separation from and denial of our divine origins. It’s what Jesus meant when he said, “If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” (Matthew 3:25). Trauma is the energetic imprint of this division, a split in consciousness arising from adverse and unintegrated experiences, resulting in a fundamental disconnect from who we are, one felt most deeply in the heart. 

When children experience physical / sexual abuse, neglect, abandonment, birth traumas, and other unresolved, unhealed adversity, darkness takes hold. Where there was once abundant beams of light, there are mostly shadows that distort identity and perception. Just as clouds shroud sunlight, the brightness of their soul star essence fades into the background, behind curtains of pain. Forgotten is the heart of who we are and where we come from. We get lost in and deceived by the world of shadows.

Disconnected from our soul star essence, we experience a loss of innocence — in essence. The purity of our nature and the depth of our pain are covered by layers of who we have to be to survive the unbearable and the shadowy landscapes of false appearances seeming real. Innocence is not safe when its vulnerability leaves us prone to all sorts of harm. When the powers that surround us wish to take it from us, twist it and turn it into what it’s not.

This is a profound shock for children who, in their right brain dominance, open-heartedness, and vibrant, bubbling essence, feel so free and at home. It’s a shock to the child who feels at one with strangers passing by, with the krawing crow on the fence, and with her family of stars, smiling and shining down upon her. For now she must contract, close and isolate, a painful experience for one who is most naturally expansive and connected. 

Innocence and power

With loss of innocence comes loss of immanent and sovereign power. Innocence and power are interwoven for the child. As she stands tall in her power, she embodies the purity of her innocence. And as she vulnerably lives as her innocent self, she embraces the wonders and possibilities of her immense creative power. Innocence doesn’t mean wallflower. Children demonstrate well how sweet they can be one moment, and soon after, the fangs come out. Innocence allows for this range of authentic expression, for in the purity of this consciousness there is no judgment; just wild expression! 

Wild and free children are, until trauma forges in the psychophysiology and viral programming engenders poor self-worth and ideas of lack. The identity is disempowered and hardened, making the vulnerability of authenticity unsafe.

Vulnerability is the soft, malleable openness that keeps us connected to the capriciousness of our Universal Nature, of Mystery. Jesus beheld children so highly, as beacons of light: “Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18:3). He also said, “Blessed are the meek (vulnerable), for they will inherit the earth.” (Matthew 5:5).

Heȟáka Sápa, commonly known as Black Elk, and member of the Oglala Lakota (Sioux) tribe, stated beautifully, “Grown men can learn from very little children, for the hearts of little children are pure. Therefore, the Great Spirit may show them many things that older people miss.”

The vulnerability of our innocence is the gateway of our heart that attunes us to who we really are beyond this illusion of form. It’s the fluid grace of being that allows for Life’s (The Kingdom of Heaven’s) fluid grace to touch us, guide us, and bring us home, back to ourselves, to the stars.

Conventional conditioned thinking in the West says that vulnerability weakens power. That they are contradictory. Looking at our newsfeed and patriarchal value systems, we see how abundantly pervasive this ethos is. It’s why I feel so strongly that without the healing and integration of our inner star child in all her innocence, we are blindly susceptible to the corrupt agendas of our time that want us to believe in false power — that rising above pain and “getting over it” is strength, alone; that there is no strength in vulnerability; that knowledge is power, and power is success, and success gives you worth and status. 

For a deeply wounded people that fundamentally believe themselves to be unworthy and powerless, they must compensate through various forms of false power to survive. They must become more of who they are not to make up for and cover the pain of lost innocence, lost power. Nothing is ever enough, of course; hence the rampant addictive behaviours that vigilantly seek “enough”, that seek more. This places us in the waiting hands of oppressive and controlling agendas, as disseminated through the corporate media, that want to distract us into joining, being enamoured by and dependent on the shiny-bit parade that leads us everywhere but inward, into our sovereign soul star essence. 

It’s the great hypnotic spell of these, and times past!

Submission, numbness and in-sentience

It’s true: The impact of childhood adversity and traumatic experiences leave imprints that enspell so many into proclivities for blind submission. There are more nuanced reasons for this.

Submission is the survival intelligence’s way of trying to ensure that there is no further harm from the abuser. If the child doesn’t fight back, the hurt won’t be as bad. It’s also a child’s way of attempting to maintain some semblance of an attachment with her primary caregiver; because children know, instinctually, that they need that person to survive. 

Power is given away, again and again, to “make peace”, which really means, mitigate damage and hold on. The shackles of submission tighten, and patterns of granting power to others through such adaptions as pleasing and accommodating pervert identity and perception, and pave the way for the victim – perpetrator co-constructed culture we live in. 

We lose the purity of our vulnerable power to a victimized powerlessness. 

Adding to this proclivity for blind submission is the disembodied state of being numb to feelings in order to cope and survive — feelings we need to discern truth from fiction. We must remember that to survive certain adversity as children, and also later in life, we disassociate. The extreme overwhelm is outside what Dr. Dan Siegel calls our “window of tolerance”. The only way to cope with such extreme levels of discomfort is to the leave the body, often by entering the mind. We disconnect from not only our emotions, but our once finely tuned felt-sense — what I call our in-sentience. 

Innocence also means in-sentience. It’s what brings us to life — to feel our aliveness, and to know ourselves, through felt-sense, as intelligent beings with self, perceptual and relational awareness that extends beyond the limits of the five senses, and time and space. 

Distorted and denied innocence numbs in-sentience, which then keeps us numb to the game we call “life”. The heart is protected and the enteric nervous system, or gut, is contracted, limiting access to the discerning voice and guiding presence of our higher self that knows what disembodied logic and dysregulated nervous systems cannot feel into. Our in-sentient feeling agents, such as our inner radar and compass, are compromised. Our natural ability to feel when something is off, to read between the lines of the mainstream narrative, and to know when to leave that toxic relationship and where to go, are held at bay by the rigidities of trauma and the mind-centric identity. 

Numbness to wise and attuned perception is clearly dangerous. We are more inclined to run into trouble, to fall prey to consensus thinking and forms of abuse. With our body’s radar and bullshit detector deactivated to various degrees, and in being wired for obedience and “others first”, we become naive and susceptible to manipulation and power-over strategies from friends, lovers, employers, and from those larger forces that hold power, such as our government officials.

Trauma and programming reduce us to a neurobiology wired for threat and response, which is exactly what the nefarious agendas of our time want. Because when we are afraid and live with unresolved shock, we are prone to reactively and blindly endorse their “solutions”, which are often warped and wrapped in self-interest, with a primary focus on accumulating power and wealth. Time and again, we put our power in the hands of others, because we learned to and had to when young. 

Paradoxically, owning the vulnerability of innocence that is our soul star essence makes us less vulnerable and more empowered to break submissive patterns, and to face and call out the false powers that are far from in-essence. The fierce power of our Divine Will shines through, just as we see the indomitable spirit of children shining fearlessly through in their voice and endeavours.

The activism the world needs right now is not an activism of victimhood, but one of empowerment. For when we protest and act from the lack state of victim energy, we only give more power to those oppressing us. Yet when we state clearly what we no longer tolerate from the power and depth of our soul and voice, and yes the pain spanning this and many lifetimes before, when we stand tall in our sovereign Divine Truth, we then be and do what the world needs more of: Boldly naming the intolerable so that it is seen for what it is, and so it no longer has power and control over the masses. 

Our in-sentience — which has the life intelligence and perceptual capacity to feel through the corporate controlled media narrative and the overarching patriarchal ethos — and our power, both arising from our innocence, are thus imperative in these increasingly uncertain and chaotic times. They are the keys to our liberation — in-sentience holding the sword of discernment and innocence being the gateway to our unlimited power. 

Power, then, in its false form, is no longer a threat to our vulnerability. Rather, our soul star vulnerability is a real threat to the shadow landscape of power. 

Inner Star Child Healing & Activation

Inner Star Child Healing & Activation liberates the force of love, creative intelligence and wonder your inner child is. It’s the process of embodying the innocence lost and the purity and power of your Divine Self that knows you are loved without question, that knows you belong as a child of God, a Star Being in the deep benevolent embrace of Great Spirit. 

Inner Star Child Healing & Activation brings the child to life, which then brings the dogmatized adult to life. Healing releases your inner star child from the bondage of this dense, linear, time bound world, to bring her back into her / your boundless multidimensional nature, free to skip from star to star, from moon to planet, riding on the backs of dragons, being held by her larger star family, and shone upon by the Rainbow Kingdom of Divine Light! Dreams of the inner star child are set free, and so are you, as your inner star child can now dream with you, and show you a different way.

Healing your inner star child opens up worlds upon worlds, for that is the expansive reality children dance in. It’s why walking straight is just not enough for these magnificently sinuous beings. Their fluid nature compels them to spiral, cartwheel, twist and turn. And it’s why they doodle in the margins, stare outside the classroom window, and dream of angels and giants! And it’s why Harry Potter is such a big success! This world is not big enough for them. They dream beyond the linear and shadowy norms into the mythical landscape of faeries and elves, castles and kingdoms, and yes, Hogwarts! They dream past the fencing of the linear left brain into the limitless playgrounds of the right brain and heart, because it’s there they remember where they come from.

A liberated inner star child teaches us not to follow the rules so closely, not to be like the multitude who have fallen asleep in the time bound matrix of thought, order and material culture. Through the whispering heart, our bold inner star child urges us to step forward like the blind archetypal Fool, creating without attachment, exploring without a destination, and enjoying without complexity. Her wild and carefree, stomp-on-the-sandcastle attitude is essential for breaking the shackles and rules of submission adults are unconsciously bound by, and for inviting the inner parent to transcend the linear constructs handed down in our collective programming. To come out and play!

With the help of our inner star child, we remember what life is all about. It’s not about getting from A-Z, but rather dreaming beyond both.

And so it goes without saying, that in the same way play is the foundation for academic learning, the inner star child is the foundation from which our adult self grows and returns to life. Indeed, through the doorway of our heart that is she, we reclaim our innocence, sentience and the power and potential of our soul star essence. We remember who we are and why we are here! We finally experience ourselves as a Whole Human Being, forever intimately woven into the mysterious fabric of Life, into our Power, into the Light we are.

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Healing & Activation: My invitation to you is to participate in my online healing and activation ceremonies. Drawing upon the power and mystery of Starlight and its many emanations, transformation takes place at the quantum or cellular level, creating radical changes in health and empowerment.

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  1. Greetings Brother Vince,
    I agree with your humanitarian understandings and sentiments, but disagree with your cosmic structure.
    Firstly, Jesus was an itinerant shaman who worshipped the Buddhist deity known by the ancient name, Foh, from which the word “father” was derived. He did not worship the primitive destructive force known as Yahweh-Jehovah. Constantine’s fictions compiled in the New Testament which is largely Hebrew fiction concocted for Rome, were designed to hijack Jesus’s ministry, and reinvent Jesus as a Roman god.
    When you stop using, supporting, and referring to the All That Is, as the social delusion known as “God”, your astral intellect will seek and find the true source of life and love in the multiverse, yourself. We are the divine source that we seek, even as we hide from it.

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