Helping versus Serving ~ Healing the Roots of Mind Control

Helping versus Serving ~ Healing the Roots of Mind Control

When we think of mind control, we might consider the psychological operations of today and days past. Programs such as the notorious CIA-led MK Ultra (Mind Kontrol) which began in the fifties; or the current regime of machiavellian manipulations fed through our corporate media, the school system, and other avenues of the deep state. 

But there is another kind of mind control less talked about, which lies at the root of all psychological operations — that which occurs inwardly. This is the inner psychological operations that we live with each day — our mind’s need for control.

In coming to this planet, we cannot escape a trauma psychology, if only because of the ancestral imprints inherited and the trauma and programming of the collective field coded in our DNA. This survival psychology loops between fear and control each day. Observe your mind long enough and you’ll see just this. The mind finds unnecessary problems, things to worry about, anticipate, manage, fix; things that should have happened or should not have. It’s obsessive at times, as I know from experience.

The expertise of the trickster mind is to be an expert tease. Its matrix mind-tricks are entangled with those of the world. 

The mind, or more specifically, the imbalanced ego, needs to control to survive. If there is nothing to control, then it has no purpose, no reason to exist. This is why its psychological operations are so persistent, so persuasive.

This need for excessive control points to an existential clue; to the fundamental reason we cling to and hunt for the hopelessly unnecessary each day, if not each hour. It points to the fear beneath all other fears that drives this obsession — loss of self. This is our personal crucifixion, the ego death great luminaries have brought us closer to, and that we avoid by identifying with the psychology of control.

“Every breath is a chance to be reborn spiritually. But to be reborn into a new life, you have to die before dying.” ~ Shams Tabrizi, spiritual teacher of Sufi poet Rumi

The mind controls, as stated, by finding problems and fixing them. It searches for and creates things to take care of, which feeds its insatiable appetite for control. But taking care is not the same as giving care. Taking care is a transactionI give, but take at the same time. As a therapist or nurse, I help you; but this feeds the part of me identified with caretaking (or pleasing), and thus control. It feeds the burnt out one who works 16 hour shifts, who unconsciously and persistently needs validation, and feels guilty when saying No.

I heal / help myself through you. That is our transaction; my take. 

Giving care as a caregiver is something quite different. It comes from the heart and clear thought, not fear, lack, or poor self-worth. It comes not from needing something from another, and thus from a need to control – another; rather, giving care comes from accepting others as they are, without a need, and perhaps even without a care.

This mature and grounded consciousness allows the caregiver to work with another and thus life, versus against. Instead of seeking problems to fix and transact with in order to feed inner lack and appease fear, the caregiver accepts life as it is, messiness, pain and all, and works with what is, as it is now, in its authentic fullness. 

The caretaker operates from a model of the world as problematic, flawed, out of order, deficient; as needing to be a certain way. This is so often fuelled by an unhealed, dysregulated, catastrophizing consciousness that perpetually looks for and finds fires to put out. Easily overlooked is the simple wisdom provided by my old friend Lynda Austin, who once said to me: “What you look for, you find.” She also said, “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you have to.” 

The caregiver operates from faith, acceptance, empowerment, and wholeness; from co-creating with the perfection of things, while fully acknowledging the pain and strife of others, the chaos of the world. The caregiver recognizes the fires, but does not seek them out by default. Even more, she doesn’t jump into them, but rather offers a patient hand for those ready to leave their heated affairs and choose another way. She knows how important it is for people to make the choice if they are to change. Choosing itself is healing and empowering. She thus doesn’t help them out, but serves by lending a hand, and heart.

In this, we now see the difference between helping and serving. 

We help, and impose ourselves onto others and life, to the degree we are under mind control; to the extent we project our unprocessed fear and lack based problematic thoughts, and then chase those thoughts in an addictive loop, into fires, finding / creating endless problems to fix, and pulling others into our drama, our psychological operations — which is exactly how the dark forces — the oligarchs and their operatives — work, such as with their manufactured plandemic and “climate crisis.” 

As it is without, it is within — an inseparable, interwoven matrix of deception and mind control. 

We help to the degree we save others from the very problems we are projecting onto them. Or we save them without giving care to, or nurturing, the qualities they have that allow them to save — empower, themselves. Qualities like intuition, trust, faith, imagination, determination, curiosity, courage and patience. 

Understand this, and you realize why our healthcare system is one of sickcare; and why our “education” system is one of disempowering children. 

Indeed, by helping, we overlook just how capable and resourceful others are, let alone the learning and growth only found through trials and tribulation, through dark nights. We overlook beauty and possibilities, especially in the shadows, what I call beautiful suffering; the Light and Power in the pained individual that shines through and transcends all their worldly problems. We overlook, cannot see, the perfection of this present moment, its hidden paradoxical wisdom. 

And so we help others out.

this is addiction,
this is burnout,
this is (co)dependency,
this is caretaking. 
This is mind control 
unnecessarily controlling others,
like children and dogs,
nature and life.

We serve, however, to the degree we use our mind as a tool — its true function — consciously taking action (control) where necessary, not by unconscious default. We do so as we heal the trauma and program roots, the fear and shame, the secret painful memories spanning lifetimes; the shadows of yesteryear that have us be a certain caretaker, controlling (self-censoring) our emotional body, our wildness, needing things to be a certain way, inside and out. 

We serve as we heal all that has us hide behind this outdated, exhausted helper role, the one tired of being responsible, tired of trying; the one terrified of putting down its sword of control, afraid it is of the vulnerable unknown, of who it is if not a caretaker.

Of losing itself to life.

Healing creates space for this deep let-go of control, of our survival self, of who we are not; for us to claim our worth, set strong boundaries, and say a clear No, as children teach us to do so beautifully, so poignantly. 

Healing regulates our nervous system’s need to be vigilantly on — which is how we needed to be to survive unsafe environments, so we can finally feel safe and know it’s okay to turn off; to walk away, slow down, rest, receive and allow.

To be a nobody.

“If you would swim on the bosom of the ocean of Truth, you must reduce yourself to a zero.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Healing creates quantum space for us to embody the guiding heartfelt presence, wisdom and love of our Higher Self, the Ocean within, that naturally cares and gives, or caregives; that doesn’t need life to be a certain way, aligned it is with the Tao, the Way, the Great River of All Things that knows and trusts the Way, the perfect messiness of it all.

What is there to take 
when we’re already 

In healing, 
we remember this Truth 
in somatic resonance and residence;

that the path of Truth and Love, 
the path most natural 
to our heart and soul, 

is one of giving,
of service.

*                    *                    *

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