Journey into Mastery: The Integrative Wisdom of Suffering and Heartbreak in Advancing Our Soul

Journey into Mastery: The Integrative Wisdom of Suffering and Heartbreak in Advancing Our Soul

We are here to experience suffering, not avoid it. 

Take that sentence into your heart for a moment, and see what it feels like. It’s a big statement that holds great truths and promises filled with paradox, complexity and nuance, ones that may be uncomfortable to integrate into your heart, but that, if you let in, set your soul free.

We do not journey as souls to do everything we can to avoid suffering; to avoid bad and only stay on the side of good; to avoid darkness and stay purely in the light. Suffering is freely chosen as a soul as part of our spiritual evolution through many worlds of form; not as something to escape, but something to experience that serves a larger evolutionary purpose.

As someone who has gone through a great deal of pain and suffering and benefitted from many healers and wise teachers, what I’m sharing with you was once very difficult to understand. In an infinitely loving universe, it was hard to comprehend how a soul could benefit from suffering for long periods of time without having any way out, periods that could transcend lifetimes. As a healer myself, having heard many hours of stories of horrific adversity, I felt strongly that everybody should have some way out of their dark tunnel and into the light; some helpful hand extending itself so that we aren’t agonizing for decades, or our entire life. Otherwise, what is the point of suffering if only to suffer? 

My capacity this lifetime to transcend anxiety, loneliness and a multitude of complex illnesses was dependent on the wise, compassionate, loving and skilled presence of others. Without those powerful mirrors reflecting back the truth of who I am, without healing hands and adept Wayshowers pointing me up higher loving paths, I would never be as empowered, healthy and awake as I am now. I wouldn’t be able to write this article, let alone serve others in my practice.

I spent many hours thinking about people from generations past who did not have access to counsellors and shamans and energy workers; whose only source of emotional support was their doctor who might have played the part of counsellor and objective caring friend. If fortunate, the sad, scared and confused had eight minutes of warmth and kindness from their physician. If not, they were given a pathological diagnostic stare and made to feel like there’s something wrong with them, leaving them feeling even more hopeless and alone. 

What is the redemptive value or purpose of a life where few, if any, can compassionately sense your broken heart, let alone call it forth; let alone have the skills to support the healing of deep trauma and programming? What is the redemptive value or purpose of a life where day in and day out it’s a painful, lonely slog through a dark tunnel; and now you are suffering into your 80th year, and that’s all you know?

I bring you back to my original point, difficult as it may be to let in. 

In certain lifetimes, to varying degrees, we choose to learn and expand through a great deal of suffering rather than through having some suffering and then overcoming it; even if that means many decades or an entire life of being in a dark, traumatic tunnel. From a higher soul perspective, there is no judgement about this path as being good or bad, right or wrong. It is an experience we are curious to learn through that supports our evolution. From a human perspective, however, with our vulnerable emotions, heart and body, it can be incredibly tragic. 

We know as incarnating souls what the probabilities, possibilities and certainties are when incarnating into a dysfunctional / violent home, into a lineage with predispositions for illness, and into a low density or dimension of collective consciousness; all of which have been prevalent on Earth for thousands of years in this long dark age of oppression, corruption, child abuse, disease, rape, torture and murder. We incarnate agreeing to this particular karmic curriculum and testing environment knowing that, constrained or challenging as it may be, we are set up in the perfect situation to support what needs to clear and where we need to open and spiritually mature.

I remember many years ago asking a spiritual teacher and friend of mine, “Why would anyone choose such a difficult journey, such as being born into an abusive home?” She gave me the most wonderful answer that, obviously, I have not forgotten: “You ski, correct Vincent? Well, why do you choose to go down double black diamond runs (extreme difficulty) when you can just go down the green runs instead (easy/beginner)?”

It is the nature of being Soul Warriors — a very appropriate title for all of us courageous ones — that we at certain points in our long ascension journey choose double black diamond lifetimes. There is something for us to experience and learn not to be found if we go on a green, blue or even black diamond soul-path. 

The Wisdom of Suffering
It’s natural as a sensitive, caring person to want to rescue others from their messy heartbreaking experiences; but know that their difficulties may hold the perfect medicine their soul needs, medicine they’ve been preparing to receive for many lifetimes and are now ready for.

Have faith in the darkness. It holds many soul-secrets for you.

We bravely sign up to experience suffering for a number of reasons. 

Pain and suffering are an alchemical fire that burns through karma more quickly, moving us out of longstanding karmic patterns. Difficult experiences help us push through, transmute and transcend patterns that we have been stuck in for many lifetimes, and advance soul evolution. The hotter the fire, the more potential it has to free us into new possibilities.

For example, if one has an old soul pattern going back many lifetimes of pleasing others and putting themselves last, they may choose to incarnate into the perfectly imperfect toxic family setting to activate this pattern into their human consciousness so that they can work through it. An emotionally and physically unsafe family environment, along with the ancestral genetic influence, ignite the karmic pleasing pattern coded in the DNA that the soul has come to work through. They turn those curriculum codes on, and in that, bring to life this old survival adaptation or karmic pattern so that it becomes conscious in the soul-child’s awareness. 

The soul-child begins to experience and identify with being a pleaser partly because it is an old karmic pattern activated into their awareness; but also, from a human/child perspective, it is a normal instinctual survival response to sacrifice authenticity for any semblance of attachment — to be and do what is needed to mitigate suffering and experience love and safety; in this case, please and take care of the environment. Both are interwoven influences bringing this pattern to life.

When early childhood adversity and ancestral trauma are potent in influence, they catalyze a heavier, exhaustive load of that curriculum or karmic identity. Through intense pain and suffering, the old pattern is made stronger in our consciousness, made more real. With this comes a higher possibility that the soul-human eventually becomes so sick and tired of the pleasing pattern, so burdened, bummed and bottomed out by it, that they finally have the capacity to drop it altogether and make new empowering choices. 

This is obviously much different than going to see a therapist at a cozy office every week and safely working through that pattern with them. But again, back then, there weren’t many therapists or healers around. This is how we learned and evolved; and still today, this is so, with most reluctant to visit a healing practitioner. And yes, for those seasoned trauma-informed healers scrutinizing my words, even without the help of healers or mentors, this transformation of consciousness and capacity to choose differently can occur this way, albeit usually at a slower speed. 

This is an important time to remind you what I wrote earlier: that it’s not necessarily about avoiding suffering or escaping it as fast as possible, but experiencing it, and learning through it no matter how long it takes. If a soul is able to transform beyond a karmic pattern, wonderful; if not, if they are not able to fully let go, too attached they are to the survival identity/pattern, then they carry on with that particular karmic curriculum. There is no rush, with each soul having as long as they need to learn through the darkness and open to the light.

It’s worth remembering that though our heroic journeys can feel incredibly dark and lonely, we are never completely alone. We have a higher self influencing us, along with spirit guides and forces of light from higher planes. Despite what some trauma practitioners and authorities believe, a traumatized psychophysiology does have access to heart knowing and higher guidance; to somatic instincts not completely overwhelmed by trauma and program imprints. We as omnipotent beings of light are infinitely more powerful than the shadows in our unconscious, and the shadows of the world. Obvious evidence of this is how many goodhearted people there are around; how kind, warm, caring they are despite holding tremendous wounds in their heart and despite the levels of societal oppression. It’s so important that we remember this — how resilient and powerful we are as beings of light with loving hearts!

I’d also like to highlight those people outside of our difficult circle of influence who see us in our beauty and innocence and love. Who see and hold the truth of who we are from love and compassion. It could be a grandparent, aunt, uncle, schoolteacher, school counsellor, best friend, or a friend’s parent who we seek refuge in, or who, if only, make us giggle. It could also be a stranger we bump into on the street who, in just one momentary glance, we feel staring right into our soul. Perhaps that stranger is an Angel who incarnated just for that particularly difficult moment to give us a merciful glimpse or life-altering sentence, and sacred reminder that there is light and hope in the darkness.

Along with helping us to clear karmic patterns, long dark roads make us acutely aware of the nuances of shadow-scapes. They teach us the variegated manifestations of darkness, its trickery and deceptive screens. We can bring to mind the street person who has walked the alleys for many decades and knows which corners to avoid and how to best interact with others to get what he wants and mitigate negative consequences. This, compared to a new kid on the block or young soul who isn’t aware of how to navigate darkness with adept discernment. 

This redemptive value of dark experiences is what I call dark wisdom. We are less likely to be fooled by dark’s ways. Surrounded by abuse and manipulation from day one, we are trained how to survive the dark allies of our home, workplace and society at large; how to feel into what is there and what is not there; what’s being said and not being said; when to speak and when to shut up; what to say and what to not say. As children especially, it is a difficult course in feeling into darkness that heightens our sensitivity to it in order to survive.

You may now better understand one reason (of many) why people are easily taken advantage of in this world; for example, why they naively believe the official government narrative about the virus/vaccine. Darkness knows darkness, just as light knows light; a dark discernment that comes not just from this lifetime of adversity, but from an accumulation of all our lifetimes.

This redemptive perspective of dark wisdom can help the many who think that they had a horrific childhood because they did something “bad” in a previous life; that they came to be punished. As one who has heard a number of concerned and confused clients share this belief, I’d like to make clear that our adverse childhood experiences have nothing to do with soul punishment. Despite what the church has indoctrinated people into believing, there is no neurotic, punitive (male) God; there is no Cosmic karmic punitive system! All I know is the infinite, non-dual God that does not judge, see things as right or wrong, good or bad, and that does not punish in any way, but whose redemptive “medicine” is always love. 

There are consequences to our choices, which is true at any point in our human journey, right down to what we eat and when we go to sleep. There is karma, which is an energetic, Akashic matrix accumulation of all the choices we have made, their impact, and the lessons we need to learn. But there is no such thing as “good” and “bad” karma. Who decides that fine line? Exactly where is it? There is only karma. There is learning. There is no Cosmic High Judge imposing itself on us with a right-wrong rulebook in hand. 

It is our high responsibility as free-willed souls that we choose to learn through the consequences of our actions and learn to make new decisions based on lifetimes of experience. This is what we agree to as Soul Warriors on a heroic journey that inevitably takes us down long double black diamond runs, ones that are neither good nor bad. This is to be expected, for we are not here simply to explore the “right light”!

Another perspective on suffering I hope is helpful, and that I’m sure you already know, is that dark times are necessary to humble us and invite compassion into our heart and human awareness. I certainly can attest to this. As one who was insensitive, obnoxious and arrogant, I know the value of being brought to my knees, time and again, into newfound edges of vulnerability, into my emotional body that cannot lie and that I was running from. Indeed, pain and suffering serve to break our hearts open so that we can integrate and awaken to wider spectrums of experience and life — so we can feel more alive!

That is one of the paradoxes of the human experience. Darkness births light. Tragedy catalyzes triumph. The grief of heartbreak opens us to the joys of heartfelt living. The depths of pain births depths of beauty. Rock bottom is the stable ground upon which we can finally build anew.

With enough spiritual maturity, we eventually realize that it’s all one — dark and light, day and night, up and down, grief and joy, pain and beauty, fear and love, life and death; we realize that, in our human ascension journey, we cannot experience one without the other. That the more we give ourselves to the shadows, the more we open to de-light!

Evil and Live have the same letters for a reason!

Soul Integration & Expansion
The emotionally deprived are spiritually impoverished. Unable or unwilling to feel, they remain ungraced by the wisdom, depths and joys only found in heartbreak.

Humility, compassion, forgiveness, faith, surrender, acceptance, patience, love, and other divine qualities learned and earned through dark passages, when integrated into the heart, integrate into the soul. They are then held as soul memories, knowing, abilities, gifts and wisdom that incarnate with us in future lifetimes. Along with our karmic curriculum, they too are carried with us in our soul-travelling backpack. 

Feeling, more than thinking or cognitive understanding, is necessary to complete a karmic lesson and integrate its gifts and wisdom. Without reaching new edges of vulnerability and shedding our fair share of tears, there is no awakening to humility, compassion, forgiveness, surrender etc. They do not integrate into the heart, and therefore the soul. In other words, for one of these qualities to become true in our experience, they must become true in our heart. Truth is in the heart, we say. Intuitive lightbulbs go off, there is an aha moment at long last, there is relief and clarity, a deep let-go, often felt through and followed by immense grief. At long last, we feel the truth, we know the truth — in our Sacred Heart. Lessons integrate, karmic patterns or cycles complete, wisdom is carried forward. 

That’s how powerful the heart is! And that is its secret, sacred, alchemizing purpose.

Heart integration is the difference between a father hitting his child and thinking nothing of it, despite pleas from his wife, and the moment he hits him and feels a sudden sense of shame and remorse for what he has done. His abusive actions finally come home to the heart, often like an intense thud! He recognizes the truth of what he has done, the impact it is has had on his vulnerable child. He feels it! Strong and stoic he is, he may not show his emotions in that very moment; but he may as he sulks into his bedroom, closes the door, sits on his bed with his head in his hands, exhaling, “What have I done?”

Hard a lesson as it is for him personally, it is necessary to break ancestral cycles of abuse and the pained heart open from many years and lifetimes of inner resistance. The vulnerability of emotional pain is necessary to surrender his patterns and break his heart open to a dawning of compassion, a dawning of truth — the light of truth that we are compassionate, loving beings, and that our children long for and deserve these higher qualities.

The humbled, heartbroken soul-father, through his tears and vulnerability, has integrated more life into his heart, and thus has more life to give. Much like children are, he is more full of life! He can be with the big-life personality of his child with less resistance, more patience, and possibly even some joy. This expansion of integrated consciousness allows him to hold a wider spectrum of divine qualities / life in his heart, which translates into being able to be with a wider spectrum of possibilities without reacting / resisting. This integrated consciousness advances the soul he is, and carries forward in future lifetimes.

Simply put, suffering breaks us down so that we may finally break open and break free. We are through many lifetimes initiated into our loving power through a diverse range of challenging experiences that help us find light in the depths of darkness, beauty in the depths of pain, joy in the depths of grief. We also open and expand through such experiences as giving birth to and parenting children, or extending ourselves through a life of rewarding service. They too, of course, do wonders to heal our heart and set it free. Yet, to quote Buddha, “Life is suffering”. Archetypally woven into the fabric of the Cosmos, suffering is part of all age-old initiative paths and ancient rites of passage that serve to deepen our roots and extend our branches towards the light. 

Look into the eyes of someone with great depth and wisdom, feeling a resonant stillness that speaks volumes words cannot, and you take in a heroic soul who has travelled many dark roads of suffering, and who has had their heart broken open countless times. They, like our sages and avatars, have earned their wise depth. They have crossed over many edges of vulnerability, expanding their threshold for feeling, and thus feeling alive. They have integrated many lessons that suffering holds, the dark wisdom that dark nights offer to the evolving, maturing soul. 

This is indeed what makes the journey of soul ascension a truly heroic one.

We are here to experience it all, know it all, versus only parts of life, while being afraid of others. In avoiding life, we make only so much of life acceptable and available — what’s “right” and “good”. In sundering life into acceptable parts, we live within the illusion of separation  — as a-part. Turn from life in judgement and resistance, and we continue living in fear. Live in fear, and we continue turning from life in judgement and resistance. Yet turn towards life with growing love, as the father did, integrating more of its divine qualities into our hearts, and we increasingly remember ourselves as unlimited Gods who do not limit life and love. We live full of life.

We soul journey to explore and integrate all “sides” of life so that we are less likely to take sides — just like how God does not take sides. This is our ascension journey from duality and separation into Oneness. 

This lifetime, in particular, with all the chaotic suffering, holds great promise for integrating learning into the heart, ending long karmic cycles, and transforming human consciousness into new dimensional possibilities and depths. The virus/vaccine pressure system is a hot messy alchemical fire burning what’s unresolved, pushing people to new edges of vulnerability, into their neglected emotional body. It’s forcing the masses to surrender and transmute their resistances, ignorance, and sheepy-sleepiness, turn to their wounded hearts, and open to their soul light. 

To deny themselves no more!

From a sensitive human perspective, it is unnecessary suffering caused by draconian measures and abuses of power; or, at minimum, untold suffering caused by a nasty virus. But from a higher perspective, it is a perfect storm, with dark wisdom in the intensifying pressure system designed to transform human consciousness and end addictive spells to pain and suffering. 

Throughout the world it’s not hard to find growing numbers of broken hearts feeling in ways they likely have not their entire lifetime, and many lifetimes prior. As the dark truths become more public and pressure systems increase, these somatic experiences will multiply exponentially, both in duration and intensity. It is when we reach the inevitable breaking point that the heartbreaking emotional storms of outrage, shock, horror, fear and immense grief will finally and fully let lose, setting free old, suppressed patterns going back lifetimes. 

Just like the soul-child whose toxic home environment activates their dormant karmic pleasing patterns from the shadows, the plan-demic will continue to activate what the multitude are here to purge and purify in this soul-chosen initiation. Big truths from the outer world will, when integrated in the heart, serve to transmute painful truths long denied within and complete karmic lessons. 

Dark will no longer be denied, within and without. Wider spectrums of truth and wisdom, dark and light, grief and joy, fear and love — of raw experience, of living free — will be made more possible for the multitude in future incarnations. That is how powerful this lifetime is, and that is the wisdom and promise of this global alchemical fire, this perfect, paradoxical storm. We are being catalyzed towards a personal and collective evolutionary breaking point, the inevitable heart-break of dawn. 

Graduation, Mastery & Service
Evolution is a long journey of moving from resisting life to being (full of) life. This is our gradual liberation into what we long for more than anything, and all we are. 

As we continue through diverse ranges of experience to integrate wider spectrums of life, we build capacity to serve others in their dark periods and ascension journey. With a “street”-wizened soul that has integrated aforementioned divine qualities such as compassion and humility, incarnations gradually shift from simply experiencing life to serving life. 

Much like how someone who has learned enough in school can start mentoring others even though they have not graduated yet, the same is true for us in our evolutionary journey into higher “grades” of consciousness. At some point we get a tap on the shoulder from Angels above telling us we are now ready — have earned the right — to hold higher degrees of responsibility through higher service. 

We have anchored enough of our higher self light into our DNA to be commissioned to serve as light bearers on specific missions. We may find ourselves traveling to various dark parts of the universe, carrying a torch in our hand, offering refuge and light to lost souls who are tired of the shadows and ready to turn to something more. We serve as frequency holders and transmitters of light, as guides, healers and Wayshowers to some or many, often inconspicuously. We serve from the growing, widening power we hold in our hearts and souls — from who we are as Beings of Light, not just from what we do. 

We serve as Lightworkers!

With each journey into service, we continue learning and expanding our consciousness. There are karmic lessons still, and more of the spectrum of dark and light to integrate into our heart and soul. There is more of life to take home to heart, to be filled with. And then the moment comes when we have done enough inner alchemy and learned all our karmic lessons that we graduate completely to the light. 

Imagine the Cosmos as a Great Ellipse, one colossal galaxy, spiralling from the outside towards its centre-point. And, to revisit an earlier sentence, imagine that the soul journey is one of exploring and integrating all “sides” of experience, all aspects of the ellipse, while spiralling closer and closer to its centre upon completion of each karmic lesson. That centre is your Holy Heart, the Cardinal Gateway, the true graduation point, that, when aligned with after many heroic lifetimes of soul integration, you are ready to open and enter, in full.

Heart C-enter!

Un-“sided” by the dualities of fear anymore, transcendent of good/bad polarity consciousness, you have done the integrative, alchemical work. Open and ready, the Gate of your Holy Heart calls you Home. It is time to fully liberate yourself from the false self, the time-bound story, the part of “me”; to have the totality of timeless Cosmic Consciousness integrated into your DNA and human awareness.

You are ready for who you’ve always been — Whole, Holy, Now, One — and fully prepared to serve All as an embodied Master.

The consciousness of this planet is now at an evolutionary tipping point where we are transitioning out of a long Age of Darkness into an Age of Light. With intensifying Cosmic Rays coming into the planet during this new 2000 year transit through the photon belt, and souls awakening at exponential speed, it is a potent time for transformation and transition for a large number of advanced beings who have come to end long karmic cycles and graduate into mastery. 

This is also true for Gaia. She, too, is graduating! Having endured and served humanity’s evolution through such a long, dark age, and though many cataclysmic human-made events going far back into ancient history, She is ready to ascend into new dimensions and densities of consciousness. It’s time for this Earth school to upgrade to a vibrational learning environment where people no longer have to learn through the polarizing story of suffering; and instead they can learn and grow through frequencies / experiences of sovereignty and co-creation, joy and connection, compassion and abundance, love and service — in knowing their divine inheritance as One. 

While this higher learning environment will be available to countless souls, not every soul incarnated here will return, at least not right away. Each being will continue on where they left off, reincarnating in planetary schools congruent with their frequency and lesson plan. Indeed, souls cannot jump ahead and skip steps; nor can they revisit or go to a vibrational field incongruent with their state of consciousness. They cannot spiral further into the ellipse until fully integrated at their current state. 

A simple human example of this is how we continue spending time in toxic relationships until something has shifted enough in our system to up-level us vibrationally, inspiring — in-spiraling — us to leave. Suddenly, we are no longer an energetic fit or match for the consciousness of that person, the relational field, and the chosen activities such as watching violent programming. We now know, in our heart, that we deserve and want more. In this higher, heartfelt frequency, we are ready for and drawn to new people who are in vibrational accord; who we resonate with. They are the right energetic match for who we are now in our elliptical journey. 

Until that time of upgrade, not only are we not yet drawn to those higher-vibe folks, but we may be inclined to criticize people who are of that elevated frequency. We have no tolerance for them because we have yet to integrate that level of consciousness into our heart. (At an extreme level, going back into history, this is why luminaries have been killed. Their light was a threat to the dark “consciousness establishment”, inside and out. Less extreme, we just have to look at the truth-tellers being censored today.) Heal, empower and awaken, and suddenly things change — those higher-vibe folks become a right fit.

Another way of saying this is that souls remain closed to or cannot experience frequencies of consciousness they are not calibrated to. That is why we incarnate in many lifetimes — by integrating wider spectrums of dark and light into our heart and soul we expand our thresholds for consciousness, experience, and thus for a diverse range of sides; we ascend higher up the spiral ladder or towards the Sacred Gateway at the ellipse’s centre, the Holy Whole Heart that transcends all duality, all us-versus-them consciousness.  

While souls cannot ascend into planetary schools outside of their frequency range, advanced souls, on the other hand, can descend into lower dimensions and densities of consciousness to be of service. The multitude of sages and avatars inhabiting this planet, now and historically, demonstrate this. To the newly graduated or soon-to-be Masters on Earth at this time, theses sages and avatars model higher levels of responsibility and leadership in how they serve a pained and awakening people. And they reveal that just because you are fully awake doesn’t mean your work is done in worlds of form. 

Indeed, having integrated divine qualities such as forgiveness, humility, compassion, patience, Masters put those attributes into practice through service in order to master them within that context; and also because service is what love in its manifold expressions longs to do. Though they may serve at any ascension period in a planetary system, their presence is particularly important during times of immense suffering when light is desperately needed; or when a planet is at the end of an Age of Darkness and the dark forces are fighting for their life, as is the case here and now. 

A way of defining the path of service for Masters is learning and giving through spiritual leadership — leading the healing, empowerment and awakening of a collective consciousness. They may lead the building and running of advanced societal systems and structures, such as pyramids and temples for initiation and higher learning that support people to know their multidimensional power and live in diplomatic relationship with their Family of Light; or they may run a simple, indistinct ministry offering teachings and transmissions for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Often ordinary-looking, discreet and surreptitious, they come to advance society on multiple levels of consciousness in manifold ways, sometimes in very oppressive cultures, and often at the cost of their own human life. 

Another way of understanding the journey of a Master is that they continue incarnating to apply their mastery through the complex school of relationship. Just because you are a fully awakened soul doesn’t mean there isn’t learning in this oft-charged arena. Being in a body and in relationship with others, no matter how enlightened you are, means dealing with the pain, vulnerabilities, emotions, preferences, and general messiness that comes with being in a body in relationship with other bodies who may project all over you. To quote the wonderful spiritual teacher Ram Dass: “If you think you are so enlightened, go and spend a week with your parents.” 

It is one thing to lead and teach a throng of students and then afterwards go back to your empty cave; it’s another to share a home with your beloved and wild, screaming children, which masters may choose to do; and/or run an organization that has complex team dynamics and a variety of business demands and objectives. Not all Masters live in austere, monastic seclusion only to distantly appear to devout followers at specific points in time. Those days are changing.

By no means is the path of being a Master easy. Across the dark-light spectrum, their mastery is tested in innumerable ways. Add the fact that they may choose a difficult life path with adverse childhood experiences in order to learn / experience many things before awakening. For example, instead of awakening at a young age and/or being born into a loving family, they may want, at a soul level, to explore the darkness and be asleep to who they are right into their adult years; to walk long through the fire in order to intimately learn the nuanced nature of trauma and human suffering. These experiences more fully prepare them to, upon awakening to the Master they are, wisely and precisely speak about darkness, be compassionate to those they serve, and be more human and relatable. 

When the Master’s learning journey through embodied spiritual leadership and relationship is complete, through however many lifetimes it may take — when they have mastered their “postgraduate” lessons — they are then ready to travel into even higher planes of consciousness to become an Ascended Master. Before explaining this further, I want to make clear that we are all Ascended Masters now. There is no such thing as time in the Spirit World. Like death and separation, time is a great illusion. You already are a Master. You have already graduated into Ascended Mastery. All things happen at once, now. Every lifetime you have experienced is happening within you, now. We are multidimensional beings at one with life, now. No separation. No time. Again, this is the great paradox and illusion of the soul ascension journey — that we are awakening to or ascending into what we already are!

Examples of universally known Ascended Masters include Jesus, Isis, Hathor, Green Tara, Quan Yin, White Buffalo Woman, and Mahavatar Babaji. From what some call the Seventh Plane, and often as part of High Councils filled with many ascended beings, Ascended Masters radiate in all directions their omnipotent, omniscient, and most loving presence. Harmonized fully with the One, they transmit powerful frequencies across the Cosmos, giving those who are open the opportunity to calibrate and up-level their consciousness to higher frequencies of light and non-dual or integrated awareness. They abundantly serve the entirety of the evolutionarily universal system, seen as perfect from their integrated perspective, suffering and all. And though embodied service is no longer required for soul advancement, out of their own free will they may choose to serve in worlds of form if needed, just as Jesus did during a particularly dark period in human history.

Just like the Divine Mother, The Creatrix of All, Ascended Masters have no interest in taking sides or reducing souls to limited expressions of consciousness and thus Truth — to parts, labelling this soul as victim and that as perpetrator, this as good and that as bad. They have fully transcended the dramas of duality they spent many heroic lifetimes integrating, the countless planetary theatres of us-versus-them, side-taking consciousness. One With All, they only see and serve the Truth, holding all souls in their highest light as powerful, loving and one. It is their sacred duty and joy to do so, to transmit a frequency of Unifying Truth that invites souls to calibrate to their absolute divine inheritance and Family of Light.

Having utmost respect for the evolutionarily system they serve, and for the sacredness of all chosen paths, Ascended Masters do not interfere with each soul’s explorations through the infinite spectrum of dark and light, unless guidance is asked for or necessary, and giving only what is needed. With no desire to rescue or save, these radiant beings have full faith in each soul’s heroic journey, in their karmic curriculum, difficult as experiences may be. They know that, though dark periods can be long and arduous, filled with many messy storms transcending multiple lifetimes, these experiences are necessary catalysts for spiritual maturation. Furthermore, Ascended Masters know that these dark passages are ultimately temporary illusions, simulacrums neither good nor bad, right nor wrong; and that all children of God are destined, like the Prodigal Son, to eventually return home to Truth, the One Source All that is Love.

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