Level 3 Healings & Activations

Welcome to my Level 3 Healings & Activations page! 

Inspired by the universally loved ascended master, Quan Yin, (who you see above), I feel so blessed, humbled and excited to offer the first, and presently only, healing and activation from this level. There will be more to follow. 

Also known as She Who Hears the Cries of the World, it is a most treasured experience to allow Quan Yin into your heart; to feel her beauty and love, and allow her to guide, heal and protect you. I feel it to be my purpose, in part, to help connect people to her magnanimous, overlighting presence, and my first offering below is a powerful step in that direction.

To learn more about this compassionate and wise bodhisattva, please click the link further down that leads you to the full description of my first offering. And, just like with level 2, you’ll see that I’ve stated the number of times you need to do each (See “Number required”) before moving to the soon-to-be-announced next session. Until the next healing and activation is listed, you may repeat this or any other L1 and L2 healing and activation as many times as you’d like. 


White Pearl Lotus Healing & Activation

Focus: Connecting you to the pearl seed essence of Kuan Yin and opening your lotus heart
Cost: $130
Number required: 2 sessions

The lotus flower holds the attributes of purity and wisdom, and blooms from the seed essence of the white pearl jewel. That pearl is Quan Yin, who lives inside each of us, especially in our hearts. And that pearl is you! White Pearl Lotus Healing & Activation invokes the radiant pearl, the perfect divine seed essence we are, that opens or activates our lotus heart and awakens our body to new levels of purity, innocence, wisdom and unconditional love. 

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